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  • Another great tribute to Nat "King" Cole
    With yet another duet on this recording with her father, Natalie Cole has brought forth another great music collection of standards with an excellent band backing her. The producers of these recordings do such a great job of mixing the old vocal masters with a present day orchestra really bring this great music back to life....more info
  • Entirely wonderful, except...
    The orchestrations on these recordings are wonderful. Listen, especially, to the bass on "Coffee Time" and the piano on "Come Rain or Come Shine." That our Miss Cole is a wonderful singer cannot be disputed; her diction and nuance are perfect. My only complaint -- and it's a small one -- is that there are too few "up-tempo" songs. I'd love the collection even more if there were a little more pep to it. I'll admit I was on the prowl for such because I'm biased -- my favorite song on the Unforgettable album is "Avalon," a perfect example of what Miss Cole can do with quick lyrics and a faster beat....more info
  • One of her best
    This is a wonderful collection of Natalie Cole. It includes some new and some old, including some songs mixed like she did "Unforgettable" with her father's voice.
    One of her best!...more info
  • Still Unforgettable/Natalie Cole
    As always believe Natalie Cole was great,but bought CD onmp3
    download thinking I was getting all songs shown.It would not
    send me Song Walkin' My Baby Back Home .Very unhappy with Amazon...more info
  • Delightfully jazzy
    I purchased this album after hearing Natalie's performance of Nice and Easy on Dr. Phil recently. This is an outstanding album. An additional standout track is Coffee Time....more info
  • for a jazzy friend
    Person I gave this to was very happy. Quality material, good service and fast delivery at a good price....more info
  • Natalie Cole great voice
    Natalie is blessed with great voice her songs are so soothing to listen and reminds of the old classics. Though the album doesn't match up to her previous album "Unforgettable" the songs in this album are still good to listen. ...more info
  • Can't forget "Unforgettable"
    Great selection of songs like "Coffee time". She seems a little burned out. She is trying to make an album like the one she made 20 years ago....more info
  • Nice 'N' Easy
    There are already some very detailed reviews for this CD, so I'll keep this short.
    Natalie Cole's "Still Unforgettable" is a very nice Jazz and Swing album with a mostly rather relaxed approach. Cole has a beautiful voice and a remarkable technique and she shows both off, not by belting out songs like "Come rain or come shine" but by giving toughtful, often gentle interpretations of standards and not-so-well-known songs (when have you last heard Peggy Lee's "Why don't you do right"? One of the highlights of this album, by the way...). The musicians are very good, too and the result is a pleasant, well-rounded album that's perhaps not as brilliant as Cole's "Take a look" but still a real joy to listen to.
    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Maestro's Thoughts
    Although "Still Unforgettable" is not quite as good as the original "Unforgettable," it is excellent! Ms. Cole's innate musicality is profoundly abundant; her styling and time are top notch. I especially enjoyed the arrangements of Alan Broadbent on "But Beautiful", Pat Williams' "Until the Real Thing Comes Along, and of course "Something's Gotta Give" by Bill Holman....more info
  • As Good as Unforgettable
    Unforgettable was awarded 7 Grammys. Still Unforgettable should do the same. Cole sounds as good as ever as she croons with her Dad on the opening song. If you like Natalie you will love this CD....more info
  • WOW !!!
    Who knew that music like this was still being recorded, this is an awesome album, Natalie sounds especially good, considering all of her recent health problems

    This is the perfect album to escape all the pressures of the day, after coming home from work, it definitely puts you in a better mood...more info
  • for a jazzy friend
    Person I gave this to was very happy. Quality material, good service and fast delivery at a good price....more info
  • Natalie, I Love Ya,But...
    Natalie Cole continues to be one of my favorite artists. She is an amazing talent, with an amazingly clear voice and pitch, and her choice of material has always been impeccable. I was looking forward to this new album of standards, since I was such a fan of her other "Unforgettable' album. This album, as well, is well-put-together, and is pleasing to listen to. But, I have two problems with this album--one is in the engineering, particularly of the tracks with big band backgrounds. If the effect of same is supposed to be that Natalie is singing in front of a big band, it doesn't sound like it is, since, for some reason, the band sounds canned. I realize that the way records are done is where a singer sings her tracks separate from the band, but they're supposed to sing together, right? Not on this one. Also, in "Something's Gotta Give," Natalie sings, "warms an old implay-cable heart", which, I wonder, if anyone heard. The song is an icon, and it seems someone should have heard the lyric and gotten it right. Otherwise, the album is a winner. We love you, Natalie, keep up the good work....more info
  • Darn good collection of standards
    Natalie Cole's voice is flawless on this collection of American Standards. Just like UNFORGETTABLE her emotive yet perfectly controlled vocals seemlessly plays with the lush orchestration. The clarity of her voice reminds one of the great Ella Fitzgerald.

    It's fun to hear her have fun with the uptempo songs, even inject a bit of soulfulness (remember the power-house voice from the 70's?), but it is on the ballards where one feels the full range and color of her deceptively simple vocal style. This is highlighted in "You Go To My Head", "Here's That Rainy Day" and "Lollipops and Roses", where she pulls every bit of emotion out of the lyrics.

    The songs are possibly the lesser known or remembered standards - the kind of songs that makes the listener initially scratch the brow but then go "oh yeah - I remember this". Orchestration is sometimes a bit expected but nonetheless perfect for Cole's voice.

    This collection is a great way to introduce young children to great music and wonderful singing. My kids are amazed to hear that the person singing is the same on the 70's classics "This Will Be - An Everlasting" and "I've Got Love". It just goes to show that a great singer can sing anything....more info
  • What a Gifted Artist
    I love Natalie's latest CD. The music choices are wonderful and her voice has such a beautiful quality. The arrangements on this CD are very exciting. I was fortunate to see Ms. Cole in Houston, Texas. She sings with such ease. This CD is a must have for everyone who enjoys jazz music!...more info
  • Still smooth as ever
    Once again Natalie Cole has proven she has the same smooth pipes of her late father. Silky, smoky and extremely easy to listen to....more info
  • Selection of Songs Not Great
    I actually downloaded only three of these songs. I wish she'd have picked a better grouping of songs. My major complaint is on "Here's That Rainy Day." That is my favorite song of all time. I think she did not do the song justice at all. She should have done it along the same lines as "Until the Real Thing Comes Along" - nice and mellow. Kenny Rankin and Stan Getz did great versions of this song....just sing the song the way it was written, this is why it is a classic - stop trying to put your own spin on it. Although Rankin did put his spin on it, he's good at it. I was so disappointed with this standard, I thought she would have knocked this one out of the ballpark because she has the perfect voice for this song but it was just the opposite....more info
  • Beautiful Music
    "There's no song like an old song" and Natilie Cole's renditions are priceless. The duet with her father is also a treasure to the senses. Its a great addition to one's music collection. ...more info
  • graceful, romantic ballads that will stand the test of time
    Still Unforgettable is a type of "sequel" to Natalie Cole's album called Unforgettable from 1991; and it proves that Natalie Cole is still quite talented as the years go by! The artwork is much like the artwork from the CD entitled Unforgettable so that's somewhat of a minor disappointment; but the quality of the sound is excellent and of course that's what really counts. What's more, if you order this through this website you get an added bonus track and that's a pretty good incentive to buy this album here.

    "Walkin' My Baby Back Home (Duet with Nat King Cole)" has been digitally remastered and treated to simulate a duet between the grown up Natalie and her late father Nat "King" Cole. It all works very well and "Walkin' My Baby Back Home" is a solid first number with which to start this CD. Excellent! "Come Rain Or Come Shine" gets a slightly jazzy arrangement and Natalie handles the subtle key modulations and tempo changes like the pro she always was! Natalie's voice is clear as a bell and she sounds just as wonderful as ever. "Somewhere Along The Way" gives us Natalie performing a more melancholy ballad but it's every bit as beautiful as "Somewhere Along The Way" or the "duet" Natalie sings with her father at the beginning of this album.

    "You Go To My Head" has a lounge music flavor to it that enhances the natural beauty of the classic tune; Natalie never misses a beat and I'm very impressed. "Nice 'N' Easy" showcases Natalie singing so well as if it really were "nice and easy" to sing quite this well; and listen for Natalie to do a sublime job on "Why Don't You Do Right?" I first heard "Why Don't You Do Right?" performed by the great Peggy Lee but Natalie takes this ballad and she makes it her own with her incredible sense of timing. Good job, Natalie!

    "Lollipops And Roses" reminds me of a tune from the late 1950s but I can't quite place it--anyhow, Natalie scores a hit with this. In particular, I really like "Something's Gotta Give" and "It's All Right With Me." These songs have plenty of pep and sparkle; this adds to the CD and proves Natalie can sing along with the best of them any day!

    The CD ends strong with Natalie Cole performing "How Do You Keep The Music Playing?" which is an exclusive Amazon bonus track. "How Do You Keep The Music Playing?" strikes me with its elegant arrangement and it's a wonderful conclusion to this album.

    Overall, Natalie Cole fans and fans of classic pop vocals will want this album for their collections. Fans of classic jazz vocals will also want this CD.
    ...more info
  • all of motown
    more motown thank you - john...more info
  • Sweet and Mellow
    Relaxing and mellow. Reminds us what a great voice Natalie Cole still has. Would have liked more "Duets" with Dad, though....more info
  • Not as good as her first, but "Still Unforgettable"
    I purchased "Unforgettable -- With Love" 17 years ago, and it has been one of my favorite albums -- and one which developed my love for old 40's & 50's standards, as well as those that Nat King Cole made famous. With that in mind, I eagerly purchased her "Still Unforgettable" album.

    While her singing is still as good as ever, I was a little disappointed that "Still Unforgettable" didn't grip me as much as her original "Unforgettable" album. There are some "unforgettable" tracks, such as "Walking My Baby Back Home" (the most upbeat duet with her late father to date), as well as "Why Don't You Do Right," "Somewhere Along the Way" and "The Best Is Yet To Come." The rest of the CD consists of up-tempo Big Band arrangements (i.e.,"Nice 'n' Easy"), toe-tapping jazz arrangements ("Rain or Shine" and "It's All Right With Me"), and slow, lushly-orchestrated pieces (i.e., "You Go To My Head," "How's That Rainy Day," "But Beautiful" and "Until the Real Thing Comes Along"), as well as easy listening tracks, such as "Lollipops and Roses." The only track that I felt was really weak was "Something's Gotta Give," which was a bit too repetitive for my tastes.

    If you purchase this CD through, you get a bonus track, "How Do You Keep the Music Playing," which is also very good.

    In general, this is a very good CD and one I would highly recommend -- especially if you purchase it with "Unforgettable -- With Love."...more info
  • THE BEST.....
  • Natalie is a winner
    Although I don't think this is the best CD Natalie Cole has ever done, it is still very good and pleasant to listen to. I like it better each time I listen to it. She certainly is a credit to the legacy of her father and continues to reach for better performances all the time. May she sing for a long time to come....more info
  • Dullsville
    This is not Natalie Cole at her best.
    She's in pretty good voice, but her singing lacks spark and energy (maybe it has to do with her illness), but Ms. Cole has certainly sounded more lively and sassier on other recordings.
    This is a throwback to those easy listening albums of the 1950s and 1960s. I was expecting Natalie to take the genre forward.
    The arrangements are dull rather than lively and some of these arrangements tend to sound the same. What happened to the swing of a song "The Best Is Yet To Come?" Natalie's version is just average.
    To have made Still Unforgettable truly great, Natalie Cole could have used the services of veteran producer and big band arranger Quincy Jones....more info
  • Still Unforgettable, still brilliant
    Like her albums "Unforgettable w/ Love" and "Take a Look" from 1991 and 1993 respectively, Natalie Cole takes on the classic American songbook. The results are again breathtaking. Lush, exquisite arrangements and outstanding production complement Miss Cole, who's in fine voice as much as ever. If you buy just one album this year, make it this one.
    *wolf7*...more info


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