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  • Interesting story, kinda reminds me of A catcher in the rye
    This is an interesting tail of a guy, billy brown, that has been in jail for 5 years, and somehow managed to hide it from his parents. He now finds himself released and returning home to visit the parent. He's told them hes making great money, and he has a wife. Now, how does he find a wife in the matter of a few minutes...oh yeah, kidnap one (christina ricci). Soon we find out that Billy has grown up in a unique household, and also that he went to jail under unique circumstances. Finally, how does he reconcile his mind from what he has obsessed about for 5 years with what actually is occuring today. A decent story, and some good performances, but now that I really objectivly look at it, so much like a film version of a catcher in the rye, but modified a bit, but essentially the same. Substitute Christina ricci's character for Holden's sister, and Billy being Holden Caufield, and walla, a catcher in the rye. Check it out anyway....more info
  • Unique!
    Buffalo 66 is one of those rare movies that you can't quite compare to any others. It is the story of a man who just gets out of jail and is eager to see and please his parents so much, that he goes as far as kidnapping a young woman on the way, to pose as his storybook wife, and play the part in what he elaborates is a storybook romance and marriage. This woman, played quite well by Christina Ricci, is completely willing to cooperate, and begins to see things from his point of view once the wheels are totally in motion. Pretending to be the wife of Billy, played just as well by Vincent Gallo, she sees that his parents are disattached, disinterested, and, to put it nicely, lousy. She begins to see why he wanted to impress them so much -- so that he would actually have their attention for once. She does her best at posing as the love of his life, and acting as if he is hers.. but, as the movie goes on, you realize that he just might be. After lying to his parents and telling them that he's in the CIA and was gone for years on business (remember, he just got out of jail), they hit the road and the story continues.

    At first, you are bothered, angered, and disgusted by Gallo's character. One of the biggest signs of a good movie is getting you to change such strong opinions towards a character, whether you love them, then hate them, or vice versa (as is the case here). This movie really makes you think and glow with empathy towards those of us who haven't had the greatest of childhoods, and the fact that maybe we really did, compared to the hidden evils of parents and people around us that we've no idea of. Scenes of recollection are beautifully done, but are brief and to the point, so as not to get off track and distract you.

    Buffalo 66 makes it's point, but doesn't drill it in. Rather, it lets you absorb it on your own.. and you will....more info

  • The World of Billy Brown
    I admit to originally renting this movie because of Christina Ricci during her fuller-figured days. Aside from Ricci, I did not expect much else from this movie, but what I did get during the process was a lot more than I ever thought. I will delve a bit deeper but first I want to cover a few of the basics.

    This is pretty much a bare-bones DVD with just the movie itself and little else in the way of special-features. The few extra things you do get include: English and Spanish subtitles as well as a handful of trailers semi-hidden as easter-eggs. The trailers you get are Buffalo 66, The Big Kahuna(Danny Devito), and Confidence(Dustin Hoffman). The movie runs 109 minutes.

    For starters, obviously, this movie is not for everyone. Those who dislike it, dislike it tremendously. They'll find it senseless and will never ever like it. But so what..this movie was obviously not intended for everyone; and so for those that this movie did touch, you're guaranteed a unique and transformational experience.

    From the first time I've seen Buffalo 66 on a VHS copy in 2002 till now, I must have watched this movie at least a dozen times, it never gets old. And each time I watch it, I get something new from it. From the moment that Billy leaves prison and lays on that snowy bench by himself, I begin to feel his angst. His world is dark and dreary with more than a hint of misery.

    But, right underneath these somber circumstances, I could sense a need to push beyond it and a need to transform all of it. Billy's obsessed goal is to kill the Buffalo Bills kicker for doing him wrong. Along the way, Billy kidnaps Layla(Ricci). Then he uses her as a prop in order to decieve his aloof parents whom he has not seen in years, since before he went to prison.

    For me, this movie fits with the old adage of something being indescribable. You just gotta experience it. The process and the journey is what this movie is all about. There is plenty of black humor and some subtle sweet moments along the way, it's all part of the adventure. All the other characters add their little spice to Billy Brown's world. So if you are adventurous enough, come take a journey to the world of Buffalo 66.

    ...more info
  • Buffalo '66 = Absilutly, Positivly Fantastic
    one of my favorite movies ever. the idea is wonderful, the music is awesome, and the ending hopfull. gallo is one of the best modern directors along with wes anderson, and richard linklater. i can't wait to see "The Brown Bunny."...more info
  • A reflective ride!
    This is one of the most intelligent, provocative and lucid films of the Indenpendient film genre in years. Two very lonely human beings meet one each one another. The revenge for him will be a powerful spring to keep going ahead.

    A slow moving picture that defines certain emotional coordinates, told with a minimum of resources but with firm pulse.

    A valuable gem, a genuine and emblematic work of the IFC.

    ...more info
  • Well Made Painful but Happy-End Story
    The film starts with abusiveness of a disturbed mind, but it gradually turns into a delicate quietness as the stories goes. There are some cheeseyness, but I think the dysfunction of parenting and the pain associated with its dysfunction or invalidating envornment of up-bringing of the main character was well described there. I expected the violent end, but unlike other films I know of, it ended with a quietness with some hope. Not very relaxing film for me as mental pain was easily related not because of my own up-bringing but because it was expressed and acted quite well. ...more info
  • Vincent Does it All!
    Vincent Gallo can be off putting to some, But he is a uniquely Multi-talented Artist. He Starred, Wrote, Directed, Scored and Even designed some of the Costumes for this Epic Portrait of a Damaged Soul. You'll never forget this simple tale of Love and Life gone wrong, or right. Choices over your lot in life are often difficult but Try doing it with disinterested parents, Loser Friends, and a Kidnapped "girlfriend" The Ending with it's YES musical accompaniment will BLOW You Away! Always go Back to Buffalo!...more info
  • Vincent Gallo should be a household name
    When a friend of mine brought over Buffalo '66 and asked if I had watched it, I thought it sounded familiar but couldn't remember where I had heard of it. From the time the opening preview that was on the VHS ran through, I knew I would fall in love with it. The trailer alone was just incredible!

    You can tell that this movie was Gallo's passion. The story is one that no one can say they have lived but everyone can relate to. The chemistry between Ricci and Gallo is akward but perfect, and Ricci's performance is almost too good. You'll want to "span time" with her too.

    You find yourself laughing at the parts where you don't know if the scene was supposed to be funny or if you should feel sorry for him. I'm not sure if ANYTHING was "supposed" to be comedic.

    Anyway you can't tell someone how good this movie is. They have to see it for themselves. But, I swear, it moves me every time.

    P.S.- Don't touch me!...more info

  • An Indie Gem
    Few films will survive the weight of time and technology... This will certainly be one!!...more info
  • Do yourself a favor, see any movie you can but this.
    The first twenty minutes of this film is about a guy trying to find somewhere to take a piss, seriously, enjoy. The next seventy or so minutes is about Vincent Gallo being an aggressive, nuerotic pootard. If you love Vincent Gallo, because he is so individual and alternative, then there is a good chance this film will echo some idiotic film idea of your own you once had while chinking latte glasses with your other loser friends.

    If like me you think Vincent Gallo is a self-indulgent, no talent rim job then you will find yourself at the end of this turgid, vacuous dog turd of a movie wishing you had drained the fluid from you eyes with a ball point pen instead of wasting real actual proper money that you could've used for something, anything else. The only upside is that even now he looks very unhealthy and may soon die....more info
  • Make it a good one!
    A film that doesn't overexplain-that's not easy to find. Almost all film and stories always tell you exactly what the person is thinking. Stories always have the main characters verbalize how they're feeling about the stuff that's happening to them. The way they verbalize it always seems to be so smart and poignant. This always irritates me. People aren't that smooth. People aren't normally so aware. This film is so powerful because it throws that very traditional and common theory right out the door. Gallo's character of Billy is not the type of person to express what he's feeling in endless monologues about life. He simply yells and awkwardly apologizes. Does he explain what he feels about Ricci's character? He doesn't have to. His willingness to lay on a hotel bed in the most uncomfortable position imaginable (next to her, but not touching) tells her. His character is possibly the most realistic portrayal of a human I have ever seen. I may be dramatic at times, but I sincerely mean this. This film does everything right. The ending is the most hopeful and tender you'll see, but that doesn't mean there isn't enough grit to get you there....more info
  • great!
    It was difficult to find this dvd at stores
    and i needed it as a christmas gift for my
    best friend because she loves this movie
    and didnt have it. The dvd was brand new
    and i payed less than [...] bucks for it!...more info
    This was by far the most boring movie I have ever seen in my entire life. From the first five minutes you can tell how the rest of the film will be, SLOW. The only redeeming quality is the good-looking chick. But the main character, Billy, treats her like garbage the entire movie and towards the end you are hoping he'll get killed. But no! It just suddenly says, the end, and shows him and the girl lying on a bed. The acting is awful, the music sucks, and the story is about as interesting as reading a dictionary from cover to cover. If it comes to this movie or staring into the sun for two hours, pick the sun!
    Imagine you are sitting in a waiting room somewhere for two hours. That's basically it....more info
  • Memorable Movie
    Ever since I saw this movie the first time on the Sundance Channel on cable TV, it has been in my mind. The strong willed yet mentally troubled protagonist Billy Brown seeks revenge against a man that he has never met, yet discovers unexpected forks in the road that leads him to discover revenge comes at a high cost, and may not allways be the correct path to follow. His life long friend who prefers to be called Rocky attempts to talk Billy down, but it will take more than that to persuade him from his destiny. There is also a very tasteful and touching love story inter-twined into the drama, adding color and hope to a movie based around a sinester plot.

    The acting in the movie is raw and authentic, I wish more movies had this caliber of realism and witty dialog. I am glad to own this on DVD now so when I feel frustrated with the world I can hang out with my "Best friend in the whole wide world" Billy Brown....more info
  • Don't Miss this one!
    Not too many people know about this movie, probably because it was an indie film. However, this movie was brilliant and no one should go without seeing this! The story follows the character, Billy Brown (Vincent Gallo), an ex-con. He was jailed for a couple years for betting money that he didn't have, on a football game. Before he went to jail, he told his parents that he was working for the govenment, so they never knew he was arrested. Anyway, on the first day he is released from jail, he temporarily kidnaps a dancer, Layla (Christina Ricci), and presents her to his parents as his wife. Soon, Layla and Billy fall inlove. I, perosnally, thought this film was a masterpiece and very entertaining. I highly reccomend this one!...more info
  • A tortered soul
    This movie was an odd and interesting one. It is a story of a man that is incarcerated for a crime of not paying his bookie and then planning his revenge on the football player that lost the superbowl in prison. He is released from prison and it is the next 24 hours after his release is what the movie consists of. He kidnaps a girl, sees his dysfunctional mother and father, talks to his "slow" friend, goes bowling and then gets a motel room with the girl across from the strip club that the football player owns. The reason that I am giving this movie 5 stars is for the acting and the story of a "deteriating mind" of the main character and return back to reality and what he really has. I do highly recommend this movie to anyone that likes the "down hill and up hill climbs" of humanity....more info
  • Make it good, good one
    Hello. While this film may be labelled as pretentious or as an overly self-indulgent trip to the center of Vincent Gallo, I, to use a Herzog phrase, truly like that one. Alternately hilarious, touching and cinematically inventive, Buffalo '66 stands as one of the truly unique films of the last decade. This film speaks to me on a certain level and for that I am relieved to be able to watch the films of such directors. Admittedly Gallo is no Fellini or Kubrick or Bergman, but he represents the canon of a gritty new American cinema which is certainly a welcome change to the doodoo we are force fed in the US....more info
  • A Good, Different Film
    This is my first review here on Amazon, so what does that tell you? This is one of my favourite films. I first watched Buffalo '66 having no idea what it was about, or what genre of movie it belonged to. I've seen this movie around 15 times, and I can't decide whether it is a comedy, drama, romance, all three? Anyways, it is one of those movies with a great twist in the end and many quotable lines. I can't say enough about this film. Just check it out, it is different. We all need different. Good different, too....more info
  • I still remember scenes seven years later
    Vincent Gallo's "Buffalo '66" is a minor classic that sticks with you. The story itself is relatively implausible (e.g., Christina Ricci's character seems blithely unconcerned about her kidnapping by Gallo's Billy Brown), but these leaps of faith required by the viewer don't deter from the train wreck-like fascination of watching the tale unfold.

    The standout scenes by far are those with Billy's parents, portrayed indelibly by Ben Gazzara and Anjelica Huston. Huston is particularly noteworthy - in a dysfunctional family (one can only imagine this is very close to home for writer/director Gallo), she's the most dysfunctional - she's invented a completely unique character that words can't describe. Her compelling, fascinating performance will lodge itself in your brain for a long time - you'll not see another one like it....more info
  • Buffalo 69
    Excellent...really nice, sweet, ugly, beautiful,clever & dumb all in one movie.

    Ms R is beautiful...and in this movie Mr G is very cool...his music sucks..really, it's crap...pretentious drivel, people only listen to it on the strength of this wonderful movie.

    Why oh why does this DVD have no extras?
    That should be illeagle....more info
  • A Trainspotting/Ikiru Hybrid
    For the most part this is a frustrating film. Characters talk but don't communicate. Billy Brown has led a thoroughly miserable life that the viewer endures through the majority of the film. There are some glorious moments of wry humour that act as brief sun breaks, but a concentrated uneasiness provides a bleak febuary afternoon atmosphere for the most part.

    Where the film gets 5 stars is in the transformation that takes place in the last 20 minutes. Billy Brown chooses life. He can redeem himself and his failures and vendettas. He can find a meaning and a purpose to carry on and not give up. And he does this in such a pure, simple and genuine way. His two phone conversations with his best mate, before and after he goes to the club to confront his main grievance, and the donut shop scene are magnificently restrained and anticlimatic. But equally they convey a huge revolution for Billy so that the overall effect is immensely positive and satisfying....more info
  • Funny and Serious!
    The opening scenes of this film are PRICELESS! I'll never forget the opening scenes.....I won't tell you what they are but you'll identify with them! The rest of the film is also very good---perhaps alittle variable----but heart-warming none the less. Don't miss this film! Email: boland7214@aol.co...more info
  • Short, but sweet.
    People call this film pretentious because it is better than anything they have done...or will do. ...more info
  • Great Independent Film
    This is one of the better indi films that a lot of people missed. Vincent Gallo did a great job directing, writing, producing, and starring in it. He plays Billy Brown, a lonely man who was just recently released from jail, who's visiting home for the first time in years. Before he was locked up, he told his estranged parents a pack of lies so they would never know he was in jail, one of those lies was that he married his "high school sweetheart, Wendy". His parent's acceptance is very important to him, so he kidnaps a dancer, Layla (Christina Ricci), to pretend to be his wife Wendy. Their reunion is full of awkward, sad, and funny moments.
    As the film progresses, more and more about Billy Brown's life is revealed, and you really start to sympathize with him. He and Christina Ricci, both kind of outcasts, fall in love. I don't want to give anything away because it's really interesting to find out about Gallo's mysterious character Billy through the course of the film. Everyone was perfectly cast, Angelica Houston was almost unrecognizeable as Billy's mother and Rosanna Arquette's cameo was great. See this movie if you're looking for a unique black-comedy with a great cast....more info
  • A man adrift; an unexpected touching turn
    This is a movie about a man, a loser, adrift after getting out of prison. The cinematagraphy perfectly captures upstate New York of an indeterminate but depressed time period, the world of repeated screw-up Billy Brown. The story and the movie are gritty and realistic. Through flashbacks, director/star Vincent Gallo shows us the tragedy and misfortune which shaped Billy into the lying, emotionally unstable, islated man he was upon his release from prison.

    Gallo and Christina Ricci both shine as they play off each other as Billy and his kidnapee/confidante Layla. Their relationship grows increasingly complex as the movie progresses, and the acting is superb. Of course a movie like this can't end with everyone lying in a bed of roses, but there is an unepected turn that touches the viewers heart without seeming out of place.

    Angelica Huston is outstanding as Billy's mother. She creates a character the audience will love to hate, a woman so subtly wretched that she makes the woman Billy kidnapped want to be nice to him.

    Gallo has gotten recent press for his latest movie, The Brown Bunny. It is similarly gritty and bleak, focusing on a man adrift, but overall it fails while Bufflo '66 succeeds, mostly due to its overly snail-like pace. Buffalo '66 is a shining star for director and actor Vincent Gallo....more info
  • "married couple spanning time..DO'NT TOUCH ME!"
    Anomie.. a word I learned from a review of Stranger than Paradise, another favorite of mine with similar cadence.
    This is a great love story for all of us who are disfuntional in society, (and who is'nt in some way?) This is a marvelous story of the human psyche, our cages and our keys....more info
  • Dark, but good.
    This was a very strange movie which featured Vincent Gallo as Billy Brown. He is released from jail as the movie opens and then we go on a pretty wild ride as he kidnaps a girl who he needs to pose as his wife when he goes to visit his mother before his later plans to find the Buffalo Bills kicker and shoot him. Billy has no direction and he plans to take no responsibility for what happens after this night, until the woman he kidnapped says that she has fallen in love with him. I know what you are thinking, but no, this was not a Disney movie.

    In my research on the film, many people seem to focus their reviews on how well Gallo captured the essence of life in Buffalo. I have never been to Buffalo, so I will have to find some other angle.

    My story is a strange one. I came by this movie through a conversation that went something like this:

    "...What about Mickey Rourke, do you like him?"
    "Well, I can't say that I have seen him in much that I remember. I thought he was good in Sin City."
    "Wow. Come on, he's great. Ummm...have you ever seen Buffalo '66?"
    "Do it."

    And so I did. And as The Bookie, Mickey Rourke has about 60 seconds of on-screen time. And while I agree that he was awesome for that one minute, I will have to find yet another angle.

    I guess my focus will be on Vincent Gallo, which is mildly appropriate since he wrote, directed, starred in and composed (at least some of) the music for this movie. I thought he was brilliant in this role as he was held captive inside such a tormented mind. There were some incredibly deeply rooted problems from Billy's past to which were became privy one-by-one. At each confrontation with his parents a short flash-back clip is inserted to show us what happened and essentially how neglected Billy went as a child (I really enjoyed how this was done). He yells at everyone because that is the only way he saw his parents interact, with each other or with him. At the beginning of the movie Billy is a hollow soul full of anger and slowly over the course of the movie the perfect depth is added to his character. And while it doesn't make for the most heart-warming love story, it was somewhat endearing to see that Billy kidnapped the only person who may be crazier than he is.

    We are given no indication about who Layla is; she was forcefully removed from her tap dancing class against her will by a man with whom she falls in love over a very short period of time. From what we know all they have is each other, but maybe that is enough for them to be happy.

    Buffalo '66 is a movie I recommend, but not to everyone. If you are a student of film, either professionally or recreationally, I believe there was some impressive writing, organization and direction. This is also the type of movie I would recommend to my brother, but add the caveat that perhaps he should watch it one night when his wife has something else to do. There is very little harsh language, but there is a very negative cloud that hangs over this movie making it not attractive the optimists in the audience.
    ...more info
  • Happy to have
    This was a gift for my brother in law who was extremely excited to receive this as a gift......they actually still made it? He LOVED it so there ya go? ...more info
  • Disappointing!
    This film is an awful mess! Vincent Gallo directs as well as stars in this indie production about a released convict who looks for revenge against the man who put him in prison. Though Ben Gazzara is great as the father, I honestly though the story was pretty stupid! Gallo's characters are total "nymcompoops". Could have been better!...more info
  • What a movie!
    This is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. The acting is absolutely amazing and the film and editing work is incredible. This is one of the best scripts ever written and deserves to be acknowledged a lot more. Viewers never get to see the better movies in life because we are all hocked up on mainstream films....more info
  • Very Humble Film
    Don't know why it took me so long to view this, after all the hype it recieved. Just want to let everyone who, like me, has waited until now to see this, how much of a joy it was to watch.

    This charcter study follows a man who has just been released from prison after 5 years. He has told his parents that he works for the government and is required to travel. They think that he is married, and that he is flying in to see them.

    After spending what must've been about an hour of trying to pee, he kidnaps a tap dancer and tells her that she has to pose as his wife.

    Meanwhile a subplot unfolds, as the viewer finds out why was sent to prison in the first place, and how he plans to avenge his downfall.

    Excellent film! Great chemistry between the charcters, unique execution, and a perfect ending. There is a certain humble quality about this film, I was left with a feeling of wanting to just live a self-less life...hard to explain, just see this film. ...more info
    How my ratings work:
    5 - I really liked/loved it
    4 - I liked it
    3 - Could've been better/worth a look
    2 - Just didn't live up to the potential
    1 - Simply aweful

    I first saw Buffalo 66 on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) and at fisrt it confused me, but as I started getting more into the fim I started liking it more and more. Billy Brown (Vincent Gallo in an excellent performance) gets out of jail after 5 years with plans of murdering the guy he believes is responsible for hs life being so terrible. First he has to itroduce his parents (Anjelica Huston and Ben Gazarra)to his "wife". Billy told is parents years ago that he was working for the CIA so wold be gone a lot. Needing a wife he kdnaps Layla (Christina Ricci) at a dance studio (she pretty much let him kidnap her) and she agrees to pose as his wife. At first you don't feal sorry for Billy, until you meet his family and see flashacks to his childhood and you begin to see why he is so messed up. What imprssed me the most s that Gallo drected, co-wrote, and scored the music. The camera work is cool and te cinematograhy is out of this world. I reccomend this to anyone who is a true fan of movies....more info
  • Buffalo 66
    The city of buffalo, New York is of little intrest to most americans. Most think it a cold, run down place near canada. Vuncent Gallo filmed his first film "Buffalo 66" on site in buffalo. The movie shares one commonality with his other movies. the theme of REDEMPTION! Billy cant feel intimicy because his mother never loved him. Good Movie!!!!...more info
  • Buffalo 66 one of the worst movies
    Mike Crossley
    English 11
    December 4, 2005
    Buffalo 66

    Buffalo 66 is a bad scripted movie. It lacks a lot of things to make a movie good. They only have one good actor, they have bad characters and writers. To want to watch a movie it has to be interesting, this was just about a guy's bad life and love story. A lot of students in a class will most likely not like this and would rather leave or do school work than watch Buffalo 66.
    Throughout the film it is a little funny, but a lot of it is pathetic. This man Billy is just out of prison, lying to his family, and falls in love with a woman he kidnapped that looks like a hooker. "Wendy" is a tap dancer that is in a small dress that shows off her breasts. It is a poorly written movie that mainly deals with Billy's bad life. He never had a girlfriend, his family never liked him or wanted him, he did not have friends, and he was a prick.
    In this movie, a man has a bad life. It all begins with his parents not liking him. Billy's Mother wishes she did not even give him birth. He is a prick that does not really like anyone. He went to prison due to a bet on the Buffalo Bills to make his parents like him. He could not pay $10,000 for the loss of the bet. He uses people that do not like him that much to send mail to his parents that are all lies. When he is finally out of prison he kidnaps a girl and makes her pretend to be his wife. That is how low this person is.
    When Wendy and Billy are at his parent's house I did not like how the father acted. He was mean to his son, he did not believe anything he said, and he hit on to his son's "wife". Twice while at the house he hugs her with his face in her breasts. Then he brings her into a room and starts singing a love song- he wrote a long time ago -to her. Even if Wendy was his real wife it is wrong that her "father-in-law" would be hitting on her.
    This film is not recommended. Adults will like it, but not completely. Adults always are more experienced than anyone and they will understand all of the jokes and anything that dealt with the 80s. This movie should not be recommended due to it is just another love story, and also a movie about a man's bad life. It is not well scripted. It is only about him, it shows how Billy is just a prick and that he will not get far in life. This movie is unique in its own way because the director shows it in a very visual way to make it understandable. But it only becomes understandable once the movie has been playing for over thirty minutes. ...more info
  • Make it a good one!
    A film that doesn't overexplain-that's not easy to find. Almost all film and stories always tell you exactly what the person is thinking. Stories always have the main characters verbalize how they're feeling about the stuff that's happening to them. The way they verbalize it always seems to be so smart and poignant. This always irritates me. People aren't that smooth. People aren't normally so aware. This film is so powerful because it throws that very traditional and common theory right out the door. Gallo's character of Billy is not the type of person to express what he's feeling in endless monologues about life. He simply yells and awkwardly apologizes. Does he explain what he feels about Ricci's character? He doesn't have to. His willingness to lay on a hotel bed in the most uncomfortable position imaginable (next to her, but not touching) tells her. His character is possibly the most realistic portrayal of a human I have ever seen. I may be dramatic at times, but I sincerely mean this. This film does everything right. The ending is the most hopeful and tender you'll see, but that doesn't mean there isn't enough grit to get you there....more info
  • Weird Movie Lovers Need This
    If your into really strange directionless independent films you'll love this. I guess someone might consider this a love story. It starts with Gallos character getting out of jail on the pursuit of killing the man who landed him there. And from then on its a very wordy and chaotic film and all the characters are absolutely miserable and dark. Its typical Gallo. A girl who adores him, him brooding throughout the film never finding joy until he decides its time and always some obscure reference to the grandure of his private parts. The man clearly has an enormous ego. The moments of fantasy mixed in with the tradgic reality kept me compelled and it gets so ridiculous at times it becomes funny. I loved it but I'm all for a strange film every now and then. ...more info
  • Best of the nineties
    Vincent Gallo's fingerprints are all over this character driven film. And as he is a fascinating and openly flawed character himself, I would have it no other way. 66 is a quirky film that makes its own rules and moves at its own pace. Some of the shots and editing are so odd that you may wonder if it's true creative merrit of born of necessity. For example, the painfully long close up of Christina Ricci's character as she listens to Billy Brown rant. We beg to cut to Billy Brown but are forced to watch Ricci, for what seems like forever, as she looks into the camera and- listens. Creative choice? If so, very creative. Or did Gallo lack the necessary coverage and just have nothing to cut to. Either way it worked and I loved it. Remember penicillin? Discovered by accident. Buffalo 66 is a modern existential masterpiece, think The Graduate meets Five Easy Pieces, that is all the more impressive when you consider that Gallo wrote, directed, stared in, and scored it. A true Auteur....more info
  • One of the best indie films I've ever seen.
    This movie is a wonderful work of art completely without pretensions. It is both humorous and somber all at once. As sad as it is to see how uncaring Billy's parents are, it's also rather funny. The bleak Buffalo locale works well in contrast to this movie's subtle humor.

    My favorite -- and I thought the funniest -- scene was when Layla and Billy are in the photo booth and he emphasized the importance of "spanning time". This is one of my favorite movie moments! If you've never seen an indie movie before, BUFFALO 66 will make you fan of the genre. Next to SLACKER, this is my favorite indie move and one of the best indie movies of all time....more info

  • Classic Gallo film
    Buy this ,im not telling you about it just buy Bufallo 66....more info
  • Rent. Watch. Sob. Repeat.
    I've gotten used to seeing Gallo depicted as a scumbag. In every movie I've seen in which he was a principal (Palookaville, Arizona Dream), his characters, always executed to perfection, are nonetheless always the oily type, the kind that skulk around outside convenience stores hoping someone will throw away a cigarette pouch with a few smokes left. As I said, always performed to perfection.

    This movie presents a different kind of sleazebag. Really a message movie, there are several motifs and themes here: Childhood trauma, debilitating mental illness, low self-esteem, revenge, ostracism, loneliness, et al. With this thematic pedigree, it would be easy to write this off as another Loser-Find-Redemption movie. But, the presentation, and the two stars prevent that.

    I said it was essentially a message movie. The most obvious message (and the most fallacious) being that love, when strong and spontaneous enough, can level all bad memories. Billy Brown is a completely unloved, miserable loner until Layla, a beautiful but equally detached young lady, first plays his wife for Billy's indifferent parents, then guides Billy through a brief but harrowing near-breakdown, while Billy blames a field-kicker for his five year imprisonment, shamefully broken-backed with loneliness, desperate for love, desperately sick. Layla finally prevails upon him to tell her his story, and promises her love, unwittingly preventing Billy from murdering his scapegoat.

    The message I see can only be understood after you digest the visuals. Billy, for instance, is a very symbol himself, a medley of motifs of Americana. He leaves jail, bound for his hometown of Buffalo (working class city, couldn't be more American) wearing red leather cowboy boots, speaking with a patent New York drawl. When he kidnaps Layla and finds that her car is stick, he launches a harangue about "luxury", projecting an accurate, and thus distorted picture of what American's dream. His mother is obsessed with football, his lounge-singer father patriotically horny. Billy's favorite sport, and only talent is for bowling. All this adds up to a stark value judgement, made even more apparent by the locality: America is a land in which, however "all American" a person seems, however much his dreams of conformity weigh on him, said person is nine times out of ten cast off for doing the very thing American's are best at, and make a taboo of: Showing frailty. Salvation comes only when a frail human tiredly realizes, as Billy does, that the only savior in this world is companionship. More importantly, he learns that the most crippling memories may chip away at, but can never shatter our spirit.

    Mental illness seems overwhelming in this film, but one wonders if Billy is truly ill, or simply angry and irrational. To give this effect color, Gallo employs many techniques to give the film a singular feel: Slow motion, montage, still-frame, etc. When Billy is shown towards the end in an alternate destiny, his brains flying out with the bullet, the question of insanity, but also family trauma seems to be answered. Even if Billy were to die, his illness (if he has one) would persist in the parents who raised him to face the world portionless and alone. Layla, herself alone, saves Billy by doing what Billy most wants but also most avoids: She links him by however stringy a lifeline, and brings color to a world in which parents, friends, and love
    were wanting.

    The scenes that work best (the home scene, the love offerings in the hotel, the still-fame homicide), give great peaks to an always lofty film. A deranged but rewarding trip....more info

  • Loser cool with a heart. . .
    Actor/Director/Writer Vincent Gallo's Buffalo 66 is, on a superficial level, almost irritatingly 'indie' (i.e. that which seethes with artistic reaching and uses gritty film stock to prove it). Characters wear clothes best suited to an old Blind Melon video, dialogue is pungent and ironically repetitive, and gloomy weather endlessly hangs over everything, in what at first glance appears to be yet another entry into the 'loser chic' school of cinema.

    But wait. . .

    Instead of wearing its disaffected stance as a badge of credibility, Buffalo 66 uses it as a springboard to a far deeper, and very affecting, exploration of the psyche of human failure. Using Buffalo (and its poor, woeful Bills) as a backdrop and rather hilarious metaphor for missed opportunities and blown chances, Gallo picks at the protective, pseudo-celebratory scab that was Beck's 'Loser', and exposes the real pain of the loser.

    Gallo is terrific as Billy, just released from a five-year prison stint after a 10,000 bet with a loanshark (played by that perennial loser Mickey Rourke, in fine scuzzy form) and a missed fieldgoal kick force him to take the fall for a crime to pay back his debt. Jimmy's first move is to kidnap a cherub named Layla (Christina Ricci, in an inspired performance), only to convince his parents, who've never known he was in jail, that he's married.

    Angelica Huston and Ben Gazzara play Billy's unbalanced parents in a reunion scene which is at once uproariously funny and horrifyingly telling (they have exactly one childhood picture of Billy). Slowly, Buffalo 66 reveals itself to be a tragi-comic parade through an agonizing childhood and adolescence, one that still vividly and actively haunts Billy's present.

    As a director, Gallo brilliantly employs his quirky visual playfulness to compliment the plot's unfolding, while never overstating his ideas (Oliver Stone, take heed). There is much that is funny, tragic, and startlingly beautiful in Buffalo 66, and it ranks as one of 1998's finest films....more info
  • It Spans Time
    "We're husband and wife spanning time!" are the harsh words quoted by Billie Brown (Vincet Gallo). This, I believe, is romance in it's true form. Born out of greed love suffers through constant fights and bickering between the two. Though I suppose this movie better describes Billie Brown as a person. I enjoy this movie because I can relate to this individual. An individual not so smart, not to lucky, and pretty pathedic. Yet he can't be all that pathedic if he wins the heart of Lela (Christina Ricci).

    The craft of this film is done so well to illustrate Billie's obsession with looking decent to the outside world and Lela's need to be free of comformities. And yet these two characters are perfect for each other, at least for the moment, despite their opposing passions. This movie is hilarious and emotional and just really good....more info
  • More sad than funny
    I found this movie sad and poignant. This guy gets out of prison due to betting on the Buffalo Bills to win and loses. Betting $10,000 he never had. This guy is a loser in life with horribly self-absorbed parents. I'm sure he was unwanted and definitely unloved. He wants to mean something to them. Vincent Gallo forces Christina Ricci into his life. She's just as lost as he is and reaches out to Gallo. The more you know about this guy, the more you feel sorry for the poor schmuck.

    I found myself feeling sorry for the two of them but starting losing interest in them half way through the movie. You know these two pathetic people will either end up together in a bad marriage or will drift apart. They're probably incapable of having a real relationship with others because they don't know how to make it work. On the cover the movie is called hilarious but I didn't laugh once. It just made me feel downhearted.
    ...more info
  • Can't give it zero stars!
    This is such a dumb movie. Right off the bat, you're supposed to believe that some skinny puke jerk that has just walked out of prison would actually walk around for over an hour trying to find somewhere to pee in a rather desolate part of town. The film went downhill from there.

    I can't even describe anymore of this film's absurdity. It totally ignores the first rule of a "character-driven" story, and that's "believable" characters. After 20 minutes, I was so bored that I felt angry that I had put this disc in my precious DVD player; that's how much the characters involved me. The pathetic writing expects you to believe that these two lost souls come together by means that any breathing sentient with an iq over 52 could avoid - with multiple opportunities.

    Be Kind to your DVD player and avoid this movie like the plague....more info
  • Isn't it nice when movies don't suck
    Where do I begin, oh at the begining I guess. This film Buffalo 66 starts out as our buddy Billy gets bounced from the slammer and tries tie up some loose ends of his life from before he was incarsorated. He deals with things as intense as settling old scores, family, bowling, girls and simple tasks as trying to find a spot to take a leak. We meet Billys family, buddys and a girl he meets just after we met him. Sound all right but shown and heard with the just the right score and songs used so well you won't be able to hear them again without your mind returning to Buffalo. Vincent Gallo nailes this movie to your heart. With cast members including Anjelica Houston, Mickey Rourke, Cristina Ricci to name a few this film moved me in ways few films ever do. Give it a shot, like it or not the finale is executed with skill and ease and makes you feel. Gallo puts the move back in movies. ...more info
  • My thoughts on Buffalo '66 by Nina Percopo
    Nina Percopo
    Eng, Movie Review

    Vincent Gallo Christina Ricci
    Criminal find redemption on the road to hell and back. Billy, the main character that has just been released from five-year sentence in jail, slowly opens his heart to a girl he kidnaps. The scene that I believe depicts its slow change in him is the bathtub scene. Billy briskly walks into the hotel's bathroom and slams the door and begins to gee the bath ready.Layla, the kidnapped girl who is beginning to have feelings for Billy, asks t come in the bathroom because she's cold. Billy yells back at her not to come in. The next scene she is in the bathroom with him. Layla then asks to come in with him and he replies, :I'm taking a bath, I don't take baths with other people!" Next, she is in the tub with him, he seems uncomfortable, but he les this happen. One may believe this is the first example of Billy opening his heart to Layla, or anyone for that matter.
    Lion Gates Films presents, Buffalo'66 directed by Vincent Gallo himself, who also plays Billy, starring Christina Ricci, as the young tap dancer who's kidnapped by Billy, and his parents played by, Anjelica Huston, and Ben Gazzara, and produced in 1997. Vincent Gallo not only is the main character but also directs and produces the whole movie, and although it is not quite mainstream, it's worth viewing.
    This autobiographical account of Billy is his journey after being in jail for five years because of a bet of 10,000 dollars, on a Buffalo Bills, football game. They lost because of a lousy field goal kick. In jail he find out that the field goal was rigged and the player was paid to throw the game. When he leaves jail he decides he's going to kill the player, then kill himself. Layla, played by Ricci, steals Billy's heart, and things take a big turn in his new free life.
    One can believe that the way the parents acted their roles was very important to the movie. The film is not long at all and there is a short period of time to figure out why Billy is so violent, vicious, cruel, and hard headed. The view learns why, when we meet his parents. They don't pay any attention to Billy when he arrives with his, "wife", Layla. Another example is when he calls beforehand, they don't even know who he is, their own son. Billy's mother is a fanatic of the Buffalo Bills football team; she missed a very important game in the season. She missed this game because she was giving birth to Billy, and she's watching a recording of that game, she whimpers, " I wish I never had him". This is one of the reason's Billy feels like he has no reason to live anymore, which he even state's in a bathroom scene at a Denny's. Billy's never been told he was loved by someone until Layla says it; this idea is very well portrayed in the movie, and his journey with opening up to love is very touching.
    Not only dose his film keep you hooked to the plot, and on the edge of your seat, but also it's a movie that hit's home. The viewer becomes very involved with Billy from the very first scene, you wish to learn everything about him. In the end you feel as if you know him a bit more, and are proud of Layla's courage to stick with her gut feelings about Billy. I very much recommend this film to young adults and older.
    ...more info
  • Buffalo 66 is a top pick

    Vincent Gallo, director of the movie Buffalo 66, claims to have based the movie on parts of his childhood. Gallo, who was kicked out of his house by his father at age 16, even used his childhood home in Buffalo to film most of the scenes in the movie.
    Buffalo 66 (R), released in 1998, is an independent film directed by Vincent Gallo who also plays the main character, Billy Brown. The cast also includes Christina Ricci (Layla), Ben Gazzara and Anjelica Huston who play Billy's parents, as well as Mickey Rourke, Jan-Michael Vincent, and Kevin Corrigan. The movie follows Brown after he is released from prison and goes on a quest to impress his parents.
    When Brown is released from prison, his strong need to go to the bathroom brings him to a nearby dance studio where he meets Layla (Ricci). He then proceeds to kidnap her and use her as part of his plan to impress his parents. He instructs Layla to tell his parents that they are happily married and living together which she agrees to do. We then meet Billy's parents who are- surprisingly enough- stranger than Billy himself. As parts of Billy's childhood unfold, we begin to learn why Billy is the way he is. We also learn that the reason he had been locked up was that he placed a bet on a Buffalo Bills game which he lost and was not able to pay off. Furthermore, what begins as make-believe starts to become real. Layla begins to see the kindness in Billy and is very drawn to him, though he seems to show no feelings towards her. The only thing Billy seems to want to do is kill the man who lost the football game that he bet on.
    Something I found very interesting about the movie was Billy's parents' reaction when he came home with Layla. Since they had not seen Billy for quite sometime, one would think that they would be happy to see him; however, his parents seem to take much more interest in his "wife." In fact, when Layla asks his parents about Billy, the mother looks at Layla strangely and says, "Billy who?" She even offers her son chocolate donuts, which he rejects reminding his mother that he is allergic to chocolate. The mother seems very puzzled and is quite convinced that Billy ate chocolate all the time as a child. We then are taken back to when Billy is younger and breaks out in hives from eating chocolate. When we are brought back to the present, Billy's mother is still quite convinced that Billy is not allergic to chocolate.
    Although the purpose of the movie may be unclear to some, its oddness and uniqueness is quite captivating. The interaction between Gallo as Billy and Ricci as Layla is indescribable, but makes you want to keep watching. I would recommend this movie to anybody over 17 who is looking for something out of the ordinary.
    ...more info
  • Wicked Black Humor!!!
    "30 years I haven't missed a game." says Billys mother. Buffalo has just missed a field goal on TV. "They haven't won the championships since 1966, and I missed that game 'cause that's the day I had Billy.."

    Billy went to prison. The movie starts with him just getting out. Why was he in prison, you may ask.. Well, Billy bet $10,000 one year that the Buffalo Bills would win the superbowl, which he loses of course. The gangster bookie (Mickey Rourke) tells Billy that instead of doing really bad to things to him for not being able to pay off his huge bet, he can take the fall for another guy in relation to some crime concerning one of the bookie's friends.

    There's something pretty weird about this movie that had me laughing over the most horrible things.. His family life for one.. Christina Ricci's story to his parents about how she and he first met - Billy being an FBI agent and she a lowly typist (all the while, his father rolling his eyes and his mother glued to the Bills game on TV).

    Billy's a considerate son to his parents, and an excellent bowler. Christina Ricci, his kidnapped girlfriend, is a tap dancer and as patient as any kidnapping victim could be. The bleak shots of a dreary Buffalo (contrasting nicely with Billy's red platform shoes and Ricci's low-cut baby blue tu-tu) are a nice backdrop to the story.

    Vincent Gallo, who I've never seen before, is fantastic as Billy. His performance is so wrought with angst, passion and conflict, it's hard to beleive the movie was so hilarious! Christina Ricci is a perfect complement as "Wendy Balsam", also the name of the grade school girl Billy had a crush on, and who makes a short appearance in the film (Rosanne Arquette). This is a real character driven movie, though a lot of creative camera work, and a mad music track - 70's Yes in the final strip club scenes??!! - also help bring this wicked, yet poigniant love story to life. ...more info
  • This One Really Got Me!
    Like many other reviewers of this movie, I was totally captivated by how untraditional and original this little gem is. Instead of telling each other how they feel about each other, Gallo and Ricci use body language, awkward pauses, and goofy expressions to convey their emotions.

    It's not that there's not dialogue--in fact, Gallo's character can't seem to stop talking--but what is spoken is not what is being implied. A great deal of the tension in this film is the inability of these characters to express themselves in any coherent manner.

    I'd like to go on, but it would just be a rehash of the other positive reviews! Just let me add that this is one of the the very few movies I have watched more than twice, and lots of people I know share the same sentiment....more info
  • You have to watch the whole thing
    This movie, like its main character, takes time to warm up to people. Another reviewer, who didn't finish watching the movie, would have completely missed the point had he watched the whole thing. To be honest, the first time I rented the film, I got distracted ten or fifteen minutes through, and didn't get back to it until many months later. But when I finally did make a commitment to the Buffalo 66, to watch and just let the movie reveal itself, I was completely blown away. What's so satisfying about watching this movie is that, like Christina Ricci's character, the audience also has to play along with a story that we have no control of (most people find it an amusing, if sometimes tiresome ride). But, if you have faith, you'll be rewarded....more info
    I heard this movie was going to be good. But within minutes of renting it and putting it in the player (please don't waste money and actually buy this tripe) I found it to be a two hour study of a guy who shot a movie - simply so he could look at himself. The saddest thing is, that he's just not as sexy as he, or the semi-retarded housewives who think he's sexy, think. The movie has no purpose other than ego and it's amazing we even know this bums name. Can;t wait until it's forgotten either, because since seeing it, I've seen so many articles on his NEW MOVIE, suckering people into watching what I'm sure amounts to more of the same. The only thing Gallo is actually talented at, is getting more press. And that's something that any pathetic, souless, brown noser can do....more info
  • A great film by Vincent Gallo.
    Buffalo 66 is both a woderfull and very compeling film to watch, it stars Vincent Gallo and was also written and directed by him. The film starts when Vincent's character Billy Brown is released from prison after five years he soon ends up in a dance class where he kidnaps a blond girl named Layla played by the very talanted Christina Ricci and he tells her to lie to his parents who they soon meet up with. His parents seem to be cold and heartless but also funny at the same time, Layla does not seem to have a problem with this and tells them that she met Billy at his work in the C.I.A. and that she was working as a secretery. I think what Vincent has done with this film is that he provided us with some realistic characters and that a difficult person like Billy has some qualities that we can relate to, so some viewers might not like it but I thought it was interesting like how the revenge plot seemed to change at the end....more info
    The only word that can describe this film is "masterpiece." Vincent Gallo wrote, directed starred, and composed the music for this movie.
    Gallo and fellow cast members shine in their performances. An honest love story written and performed with such raw emotion one has to be dead not to become involved in the storyline.
    No one, who is an honest and bright individual, will question Gallo's brilliance after watching this film.
    Billy Brown(Gallo), an innocent prisoner just released from prison, kidnaps Layla (Ricci) in an attempt to impress his evil parents. While watching the movie one will experience the horrible childhood that permanetly victimized Billy and see the one hope of salvation in Layla.
    This summary is lacking in describing the impact that this movie will make, but only watching the film can adequately express its intelligence and show how deep the great Gallo really is....more info
  • I liked it
    This is a good movie to watch when it's 3 AM and you can't sleep. It's thoroughly entertaining, I wish there were more movies like it....more info
  • Gallo Rocks
    Brilliant, oddball indie film. Gallo adds touches of stylistic beauty to this dark story of a young man released from prison who goes home to visit his parents. During this visit Ben Gazzara lip-synchs to a "Nelson Riddle arrangement" in his bedroom. Later Christina Ricci does a weirdly beautiful tap dance under a soft spotlight at the bowling alley. BUFFALO 66 is a bit like another indie small masterpiece, TREES LOUNGE (which Steve Buscemi worte and directed) in that both films capture the dreary, quitodian rhythm of everyday smalltown living, but perfectly so (and both movies are impecabbly acted with stellar casts). The brilliance of BUFFALO 66 makes BROWN BUNNY, Gallo's latest film, even more disappointing. I, for one, am waiting for Gallo to return to form with his next film, if it is indeed coming......more info
  • Gallo tells us whats real
    This is the one of the movies which has changed my life and ive watched it over and over again.

    In every details:scenario, you can feel Gallo's sensitive and dedicative passion and his perspective to the life as well as movies.

    He pours all his soul and sorrow into the movie with some association of his own childhood in the movie. Christina Ricci plays a great role in this movie and apparently amplify the fascination of the movie. She does such simple act in the movie such as puting and silent,however those attract us miraclly in that way and express far more deep feelings than speaking many words.

    Overall the scenario is somehow a little awkward and unrealistic. However, i guess maybe it should not be so realistic since it is a movie and it can be any ways as long as it tells us art and the producer's thought.

    In many many meanings, it is one of the best movies i ever watched....more info
  • good but not great
    I have to disagree with "an instant classic". I enjoyed it because of the two main characters. Will they, won't they get together? question always asked throughout the movie. Billy Brown was an excellent character study. You really felt for him.
    I couldn't quite get into the film though. Very interesting, especially the solo dance by Ricci, and the imagination Billy had when killing Woods,but the movie was slow and frustrating to watch. Still, a good movie....more info
  • An Instant Classic
    This is one of my favorite independent movies. Vincent Gallo writes, directs, and stars in this film. He plays Billy Brown, a young man recently released from prison who has a plan to get revenge on the kick of the the Buffalo Bills who lost the game on which he had bet a large sum of money. While in prison, he didn't tell his parents that he was in prison. Instead, he told them that he was married and working in another city far away. After being released from prison, he decides to visit his family. His mother insists that he bring his wife along. In desperation, Billy kidnaps Leila, a tap dance student played by Christina Ricci. Billy makes Leila play the part of his wife. The visit is a total disaster and we learn that Billy has the worst family in the world. Billy then focuses on his plan to get revenge.

    This movie has a strong charcter driven plot. Even though Billy is a terribly unlikable in the beginning, you grow to pity him as secrets about his childhood are revealed. He becomes a hurt child lashing out at everyone. Leila also has strong emotional needs, which in some strange way, Billy fulfills. She becomes a sort of mother figure which tries to bring Billy back from the brink of his abyss. This has to be the most unromantic love story, but in it's own way, it shows that even just a seed of love can grow on the most infertile soil. This movie is definitely worth checking out....more info
  • a must have
    Buffalo 66 is a touching creation that moves me every time I watch it. From start to finish it is brilliantly filmed and directed. Vincent Gallo's performance is gripping yet hilarious, and his role as Billy Brown is interesting throughout. I have never seen such a serious movie be so funny. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a story with profound meaning. A low budget film though it may be, the onscreen performances are priceless. Buffalo 66 is one of my favorite movies and definitely the best independent film I have ever seen.....A MUST HAVE!...more info
  • Perhaps the worst movie in ten years
    I do not think the producer's mother could sit through this all the way to the end. I managed 65 minutes. I have not seen a movie this bad in over 10 years. The plot is so disjointed and contradictory I assume they made up the dialog while filming. The characters are so absolutely ridiculous that stupidity is their only believable trait. They are ALL very unintelligent, but even that is not done in a believable way. The cameraman tripped while filming. There are numerous blank spots which may be intended as artsy but have no discernable meaning; I think it is just bad editing. Lighting and sound, to say nothing of any other technical aspects, are worse than a home video. If they paid Christini Ricci (which I doubt) to be in this movie that, along with gas for the moving vehicles, and the blank video tape had to be the only production costs. Other reviewers have mentioned Rosanna Arquette's performance, but she is not in the first 2/3 of the movie so I missed it. The other actors seemed to be stopping to think before they said their stilted lines, and what they said generally made little if any sense. The overall story and plot events might be funny in a college improv class. Unfortunately the movie is intended to be taken seriously (I think). The totally illogical events are full of holes and missing exposition (more bad editing) and your chin must actually drop as you attempt to reason why any people anywhere would do these things. My subconscious literally made me forget the movie for over 24 hours after I turned it off, and then like seasickness, it crossed over into my memory. My first thought was to find a website which would allow me to review the movie as warning to others. Be warned!...more info


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