Hancock (Single-Disc Unrated Edition)
Hancock (Single-Disc Unrated Edition)

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A hard-living superhero who has fallen out of favor with the public enters into a questionable relationship with the wife of the public relations professional whos trying to repair his image. Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 11/25/2008 Starring: Will Smith Charlize Theron Run time: 102 minutes Rating: Ur

Hancock turns the standard superhero movie inside-out: The title character (Will Smith) can fly, has superstrength, and is invulnerable, but he's also a sloppy, alcoholic jerk who causes millions of dollars in property damage whenever he bothers to fight crime. When he saves the life of a public-relations agent named Ray (Jason Bateman, Arrested Development), Ray decides to improve Hancock's image--starting by having Hancock surrender himself to the authorities and go to prison for his lawless behavior. The idea is that once he's in prison, the crime rate will go up, and people will start to realize Hancock might be of value after all. This is only the first act of Hancock--from there, the movie takes several clever turns that shouldn't be revealed. Hancock isn't a great movie (among other things, director Peter Berg overuses close-ups with a hand-held camera to a degree that may cause motion sickness), but it is an extremely entertaining one. The script, which holds together far better than most superhero movies, has a propulsive plot, good dialogue, some compassion for its characters, and even an actual idea or two. The spectacular action at least gestures towards obeying the laws of physics, which actually makes the special effects more vivid. The three leads (Smith, Bateman, and Charlize Theron as Ray's wife, Mary) deftly balance the movie's mixture of comedy, action, and drama. All in all, a smart subversive twist on a genre that all too often takes itself all too seriously. --Bret Fetzer

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Customer Reviews:

  • Not funny + Lots of sentences with "a..hole" + incoherent story line
    This movie has very few funny scenes. Most them are in the first 30 minutes. The rest are not humorous at all. There are a lot of sentences with "a..hole". The plot is incoherent. The special effects are OK but they and Will Smith can't save the film....more info
  • Will Smith Gets Into Superhero Groove
    Hancock is an interesting film with a cool premise: what if superheroes were people with problems? Well that's a theme that's been explored before with movies like Mystery Men and even Spider Man. The key difference is that Hancock does his job with a huge amount of collateral damage around him that becomes his signature style (providing great fun for the audience). And unlike other hero flicks, director Peter Berg serves up Hancock with a great dose of realism and empathy. He doesn't have the legacy or luggage of Spider Man or the Watchmen and he isn't hokey either.

    Two thirds of the film is visually impressive and brilliant - and the cast has great chemistry. Will Smith is always enjoyable, and Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron are great in the film. Past the midway point though, the film takes off on a slightly different tangent as we explore Hancock's origins. I'm of two minds here and feel that the film could've stayed on track in a better way somehow. Some reviewers say that the end of the movie tends to feel rushed and I agree. It's a film that could easily have added 15 minutes and a lot more development to the story. I was enjoying it so what was the rush anyway?

    Without adding too much of a spoiler, the show ends in Highlander territory (hint hint) and loses some of the verve which gets it there in the first place. So slightly mixed results for Hancock at the end, but overall, there are some nice nuances here that make this a lot less stereotypical superhero flicks, and yes, better than the Watchmen. This would actually be a great TV series....more info
  • Alcoholic makes good
    Now here's a real twist on the super-hero theme. Hancock (Will Smith) drinks and wrecks havoc when ever he does his "super hero thing."

    He drinks, it turns out, largely because he cannot remember who he is, and needs an anchor to repair himself.

    He gets that anchor only after he stops a speeding train barreling down the tracks into a traffic jam. Without him, the train would have killed failed PR man Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman). Naturally Ray appreciates Hancock, even if all the owners of other wrecked cars, and the engineer of the over-turned train do not.

    Jason sets about repairing Hancock's reputation by suggesting he do some time, taking responsibility for the massive damage caused by his previous heroics. While he is an inmate, Hancock is suddenly missed. Crime begins to spike. He's needed.

    Meanwhile, although Jason's son Aaron (Jae Head) takes a keen liking to Hancock, his wife, Mary (Charlize Theron) deeply suspects him. She seems to know something about Hancock is not right.

    Don't see this movie if you want the usual Superman or Batman fare. Hancock is not that---although there is plenty of action.

    This film has originality, characterizations and a plot that ropes viewers in, no matter how unbelievable. But it's also a nice family flick with a healthy subtext: Identity, family, love, personal attachments and self-respect are all-important....more info
  • An Action Hero With Serious Attitude
    It's hard to write a long review about Hancock without giving too much of it away. The last thing I want to be is a spoiler. So......I'll give you as much as I think is enough for you to want to go out and rent this DVD. Fist of all, Will Smith is in it. That should be almost enough. He shares the spotlight with Charlize Theron and there is good chemistry there.

    Will Smith is an action hero who is booed by the public. He creates chaos every time he tries to save a situation. This is most likely because he drinks too much and is drunk or else he has a hangover and can barely function. On top of that, he doesn't really give a darn what the public thinks.

    Smith saves a man from catastrophe and this man turns out to be a public relations expert. He decides to give Smith the gift of a new image. Here the fun begin. Will gets a new costume, is taught how to be gracious and how to save situations without causing more problems.

    The movie has lots of good action sequences and is funny. How often do we see homeless action heroes with alcohol problems? This is the perfect role for Smith. I just wish the movie had been a bit longer and the characters fleshed out a bit more.

    It's a great escape movie and I recommend it for anyone who's an action fan and likes to look at either Will Smith or Charlize Theron....more info
  • Missed the mark
    The character development was really poor in this film and so was the plot. The acting and special effects were great and I think it was cast just right. However, instead of letting us get to know the characters or expanding on the plot they wasted valuable minuets on crude humor and ridiculous scenarios. I'm not sure what the difference between the unrated and the rated versions are but Netflix sent us the unrated. I hope some of the scenes were taken out for the PG13 version otherwise it is to inappropriate for kids under 17. It could have been a great movie with a little more effort put into the plot. If your home sick with the flu you may as well give it a try, but don't purposefully waste two hours of your time on it. ...more info
    This is one of my favorite movies by Will Smith.. it's great for active and comedy.. and once again will smith out did himself! awesome job!! We laughed thru the movie but yet was in shock when the ending came.. Awesome Must watch and you will want to watch it again!!...more info
  • No! The Storyline Does Fall Into Place!
    When John Hancock meets Ray Embrey, then Mary the other super-women realizes who Hancock really is but does not tell Ray about it until almost at the end of the film. Hancock is one of those movies that you NEED to see twice. Especially if you are one of those people who like to set your expectations on a extremely high level.

    Hancock does start off as a comedy/super-hero film but it later has its serious moments. The first half is about Hancock fighting crime but is also lazy and drinks a lot even when he was trying to nagotiate with the criminals while driving on the freeway. Later Hancock saves a public relations spokesman, Ray Embrey but he saves Ray in a unpleasent way that is also a funny moment. Everyone is argueing at Hancock and they all want to sue him but Hancock says something more hilarious at them saying "well you should sue McDonalds because they f**ked you up" (best line in the movie! lol). Later Ray wants to help Hancock get back to normal so Hancock is sent to prison to do time. After Hancock gets out of prison and is appluaded for handling a bank robbery is when things get a little more serious. Hancock later goes to dinner with Ray and Mary (his wife) and Ray is cerious about Hancock's past life but Hancock does not remember it very well. All he knows is that he does not age, and is very strong and all he can remember is having 2 tickets to a movie called "Frankenstien" 80 years ago. After Hancock tucks in a drunken Ray in bed he discovers that Mary has super-women powers and forces Mary to meet with him at his place to talk about his real pass. Mary explains at his place that they have lived 3,000 years with their powers and has been called "Gods" or "Angals" and now today "Super-heros." Others with the same super-strengths paired up and died because love weakens them. Mary does not explain everything to Hancock until at the very end.

    Overall, Hancock was a great film and it DOES fall into place, because Mary knew something about John Hancock in the beginning of the film when Ray introduced Hancock to Mary and their son Jacob. People expected this movie to just be a comedy movie. You should know that this is a Will Smith movie so he is usually a half comedian and half serious actor. Not everyone will understand this movie and thats fine. But if you do want to understand it, you have to see it at least 2 times. ...more info
  • Great film!
    I am a big Will Smith fan, so I may be bias. I recommend this film hightly....more info
  • hancock
    great super heroe movie. me and my family love to watch this movie all the time. ...more info
    A big surprise is the only way I can describe this movie. I never bothered to pay attention to it when it first came out. After all, Will Smith an action super hero? Men in Black, okay; I Robot, okay; I am Legend, okay too; but super hero? However, my wife's sister rented it for us to watch during the Christmas holiday. I was amazed at the great job Smith and Theron did in this movie. This is a great super hero acton movie with an intelligent plot. Yes, you heard me, an intelligent plot. Not just a bunch of gratuitous action thrown together, but a well thought out and creative story. A crime fighting super hero with strange super powers and a twist. In addition, let's just say he is challenged by a bottle with a cork. It is not my intention to summarize the plot of this movie and I will not do it here. Many reviewers have already done so. Suffice it to say, it is well worth watching, and adding to one's DVD collection. ...more info
  • 2.5 Stars
    A different take on the superhero movie with Will Smith in the leading role - you wouldn't have thought it could fail. Sadly it does as Smith seems to sleepwalk through this movie. Where he can normally make an ordinary movie into a good movie and so on, here he makes no difference, and I don't think the problem is down to Will Smith. The script woefully lets his talents down. He doesn't have much to say, and when he does his delivery his flat and uninteresting.

    The CGI is impressive but good CGI alone cannot make a good movie. I'd recommend caution before buying this as it may not be what you are expecting....more info
  • Hancock:Will Smith at his best
    Who's drunk, a slob, and has an attitude? Hancock, the most reluctant of all Super Heroes. Not to be missed is the Unrated edition of this very funny DVD. I waited for the DVD because after all of the changes in the number of trailers, I did not want to view this film, until I had the unrated edition. I was not disapointed, and neither will you. ...more info
  • So much potential...
    I wanted to like this movie. I really, really did. The plot was as creative and unique as any to come out of Hollywood in a long time. The awe-inspiring special effects (which looked much better than the typical CGI garbage) lended great support to the story rather than having it the other way around.

    My problem with HANCOCK was that although it was largely marketed as a semi-family summer blockbuster popcorn flick, the language and sexual content proved totally incompatible with such a film. HANCOCK boasts two uses of the F-word, 18 uses of the word "[...]" (the majority of these spoken by young kids), and explicit sexual content such as when Hancock explains how dangerous his [...] can be.

    Many may think I'm overreacting, but I can't help compare this to another super-hero film from last year: THE DARK KNIGHT. THE DARK KNIGHT had almost no language, no sexually explicit scenes, and yet still brought in more money than any super-hero film prior. The box office will show what people want to see....more info
  • More value for my dollar!
    This DVD was a used purchase and it was in great quality! I payed 6 dollars when purchased new it would have been 20 dollars. I recomend this movie and the seller it came from!...more info
  • Why Hollywood Just doesn't Get It.
    This was potentially a very funny movie. Unfortunately I had to keep a barf bag handy while watching it to protect the rug from reactions to the inane sub-plot.

    The principle is that the title character is a super-hero, but a bit rough around the edges with his inter-personal skills. Then he has the good luck of saving the life of a public relations guy, who happens to be married to the only other (but incognito) superhero in the world. This victim/secondary protagonist is somehow not only going to work on Hancock's PR problem, he's going to change his personality. Here's where the nausea comes in.

    The PR guy is portrayed as some kind of hero in his own right because he goes around trying to convince the boards of evil greedy corporations that they should give away their goods and services for free to the needy. This public relations guru is obviously doing alright for himself as evidenced by his nice home and BMW with personalised plates that read GREEN 44. All the while we never see a hint that this well to do secondary hero has ever given a thought to the idea that he should maybe give some of his own wealth to charity. Instead he just shows how evil corporations are unwilling to pony up to the bogus charity that he's created to plunder their profits for the sake of who he deems worthy.

    It's typical left wing do-goodism that charity is what you do with other people's money that makes this otherwise entertaining plot too painful to watch. It's sure to give dry heaves to anyone who actually has to work for a living. ...more info
  • Superhero Supermovie!
    Will Smith once again shows us that his potential as an actor and basically anything beyond rapping is a reality. So many of these rapper guys and gals are trying their hands at acting and failing miserably, not so with Will. He literally commands the screen.
    As far as the movie goes, it has everything you could ask for...comedy, drama, action, over-the-top special effects, passion, compassion, and a fluidity unmatched in most superhero flicks. Jason Bateman is fantastic and very charming as Hancock's PR man, and the always strikingly beautiful Charlize Theron is at the top of her game here. This is one I could watch over and over again.
    Thank you for another great flick Will. Keep 'em comin'! ...more info
  • very good
    I got hancock pretty fast i'm in iraq and it takes most 8 day and he did a great job gettin it to me...more info
  • Superhero with Superhuman Attitude
    The one thing that stands out about this movie is the story-line. We have gotten used to the superhero story-lines; every superhero is lonely and has a weakness, the twist in this movie is Hancock's weakness. I will not give away the movie but his weakness is unlike any of the other superheros.
    The special effects are not great and lack creativity. The acting is good, Will Smith does his thing and although i had no idea that Charlize Theron was even involved in this, her brilliance comes up in her subtlety, not to mention she looks absolutely stunning.

    All in all good movie and fun to watch. ...more info
  • A drunk superhero....count me in!
    I have watched all the recent superhero movies and must say that I was most impressed with Hancock. First of all he does not have a dark side, he is just a drunk. He does not avoid the confortain just the limelight. I laughed when he saved the day but caused millions in damage, wow a superhero who does not care. Hancock understands he is different and does not go out of his way to change, until he saves a PR rep who takes Hancock on as a client to revamp his image.

    Half way through I was getting bummed out that Hancock never explores how he came to be. Just as I was getting to the point of being bored there was a major plot twist and lets just say we get the a very detailed back story.

    I liked Hancock because it was well written, well acted and pretty entertaining. I would rather see Hancock 2 than the next installment of Spiderman. ...more info
  • Thought Provoking Fun
    This original twist on a classic concept brings the dark and tragic side of super-hero life out into the open. (Now that everyone in Hollywood has for decades had a therapist *and a PR consultant* it had to happen.) A good balance between provoking us to reflect on the emotional trials of life and our counter-balancing inner hero with sufficient craziness to make it to go down easy. The characters and twists and turns in the story do not allow the special effects to dominate, making all the essential flying, crashing and smashing part of a well-played concert. It seems unnecessary to mention the acting is great since the movie stars Will Smith, and redundant to mention there's a love story involved - it's a movie....more info
  • Hancock
    It is an "okay" movie. Actually there are other Will Smith movies I liked better. But I would say that it was an okay movie....more info
  • Hancock
    Fun movie to watch. Funny super hero type movie that is entertaining and futuristic. Single disk set is nice, but we got a second copy for Christmas and it was the 2 disk set. We kept the 2 disk set as it had the digital media file with it so we could use it on an iPod as well....more info
  • Average
    Just saw the movie, I was entertained, however the movie is not that good. It seems like it was made to keep you occupied. No substance of how the characters came to be; just keeps you busy for the 2 hrs as it plays. You will not have the inclination to recommend. ...more info
  • What a stupid movie
    This movie is so utterly stupid that I didn't even finish it. I can't believe that Will Smith and Charlize Theron agreed to acting in it. ...more info
  • not worth your time
    not a good picture. some of the action was good but nothing you haven't seen before. the plot development was completely absurd. the high point of the movie is when someone gets their head shoved into someone's rectum. not award winning stuff. absolutely do not waste your time. there are millions of good movies and this ain't one. actually the premise seemed interesting -- consider a super-hero who's a drunk and a jerk but the writers obviously dropped the ball on the first down and were completely unable to breath life into the character and the film. ...more info
  • Poor Black Super Hero
    Ok I liked the movie, but why do the black heroes have to be so negative to start with, why did a white man have to step in so the poor black super hero could make something of himself.
    I had a problem with that. As I do with all the white men and women who have to go to the black inner city school to pull the poor black kids back from the brink. I have never seen that really happen.
    I love Will Smith, but I think he could have pulled himself, out of his slump. So of course in steps Mr White Guy and makes everything ok.
    Another thing I didn't understand was how Mr White Guy and his (already married) lady lived in White suburb on the money he wasn't making.
    Oh, and how concerned Mrs (Hancock)white lady was about the world and the troubles of the world, but she didn't do anything to help anyone until Hancock showed up. She made a big thing of her being stronger than Hancock. Yet he was trying to help when he could, although it is understandable, with his inferior black mind he didn't know how to help without making a mess of things.
    Well I hope Obama has a better grip on things....more info
  • Hancock
    The movie came n a few days and was really pleased with that. The movie was n great condition it was money well spent.
    ...more info
  • hancock? who came up with that name anyway?
    At first I thought this movie was called handcock for some reason I missed pronounced it anyway I don't understand why anyone would show an interest in this movie still don't to this day. The famous Will Smith becomes a superhero sounds interesting but how many superheros have you heard of as being a fall down drunk? I couldn't see past all the uneccessary profanity this movie had to offer what ever happened to the Will Smith who claimed he didn't curse because he thought it would break his grandmother's heart? the idea itself was ok until there was a female that he was paired up with from a distant planet or something the movie really trailed off from any kind of point after the first half hour. I was wrong however when I told people that I thought this movie would be a stump in Smith's acting career but I guess he's too big of an actor for people to stop enjoying his movie's even when they are low rate quality needless to say this movie will make me second guess the next one Will Smith stars in....more info
  • Entertaining, but not fabulous
    I enjoyed this movie. I'll admit that I have a soft spot for Will Smith movies so I saw this one despite the bad reviews. Yes, there is way too much cursing. And lots of drinking. This is not a movie for your children. The story line was interesting, but not stellar. The special effects were awesome!

    One reviewer has said that this was a "white hate" movie, portraying whites as weak and wimpy, and blacks as strong and cool. I am white and did not pick up on that. I don't think that element is there at all, but you can decide for yourself.

    All in all, this was not Will Smith's best movie, but it was a fun ride anyway. I'm glad I saw it, and I'll probably be watching it again....more info
  • OK but could have been so much better
    Hancock is not the typical superhero film that's for sure but where it has it's greatest fault is that it ignores its own potential. Most films featuring superheros focus on the conflict between doing a solo job and trying to be an average person. Hancock does this which of course makes it an average film. Where the movie falls apart is that it misses the chance to focus on the public's fickle approach with celebrity and how we tend to build up a celebrity only to tear them down when they first fall.

    That concept seems to simmer just under the surface with Hancock but is never explored or engaged as anything other than a hit or miss idea. Jason Bateman was great as the PR hack trying to get Hancock to reform and change his behavior and turn him into something almost marketable. Sadly the film does not go down this interesting path and chooses to instead be a run of the mill superhero film with lots of car crashes, explosions and so on. I enjoyed Hancock but believe it to be a great deal of wasted potential. ...more info
  • Hancock Is a 4 Star DVD Go Buy It Now
    Hancock Review
    Well if 2008 was any year for super hero movies there is no way you can count out Hancock. When I first heard of this movie it was getting mixed reviews but I feel it delivered on all levels. First off one thing that I like about it that is different from the dark knight is there is a fair amount of comedy in this movie. It fits will smiths role perfect because he can put on a good action movie but at the same time he can be a very funny actor. Hancock is a great family movie I believe. While there are some unrealistic parts how can he do that its not humanly possible you don't really notice it when you're watching the movie. Hancock was in my top 10 movies of 2008 and a great 4 star movie that everyone should pick up on DVD.
    ...more info
  • Good start, good ending ... pity about the middle.
    Hancock is two good movies that, unfortunately, are joined together so poorly, it drags both of them down as a result.

    Interesting for superhero fans, but probably only worth a rental....more info
  • Will Smith Worst film
    This has to one of Will Smith's worst films. His acting was poor, the story line inconsistent. Directing second rate at best. The only good thing about the movie was when it was over....more info
  • Entertaining...just don't think about it too much.
    The title of my review says it all.

    Hancock was a good movie. I watched it in HD and it has some truly cool special effects. Will Smith was pretty cool too. He portrays a Superman-ish character, but in a way that shows us how Superman would be if he were a drunk with a sorted history. Hancock genuinely tries to do good, but his alcoholism, and personal demons usually screw things up and his good deeds come with steep collateral damages.

    The twist is pretty cool, I think they could have explored it much better though.
    For me, they revealed the twist and I kept waiting for more back story which never came.
    That's what kept me from giving it a 4th star.
    Good movie, could've been much better. ...more info
  • not your average superhero
    Hancock is not your usual superhero flick. Hancock for most of this movie wants to be anything but a superhero. He trys to help but does things his own way and doesnt care about any damage he may cause. He save the life of Jason Batmenas character and in return wants to help change not only hancocks image but hancock himself. the story takes a strange turn when you find out the his character is attracted to batmans wife the hot hot charlize theron. her secret is the answer hancock is searching for. now hancock has choice to make not only for himself but others. not a great movie but very entertaining at points. the prison scene when hancock is confronted by other prisoners is very funny...more info
  • Hancock is great entertainment
    Hancock is a fun and thoroughly entertaining movie. Loaded with great special effects, some extremely funny lines and characters, and definintely adult oriented too given that this movie falls mostly under the fantasy catagory. I always enjoy Will Smith in movies and he delivers wonderfully in and as Hancock. ...more info
  • Don't be fooled...
    This film is NOT about the Easter Bunny.


    It isn't....more info
  • SuperZero
    When was last time WS made a good movie? Where is Carlton? Save some money, rent it, or rent Ironman. Damn!...more info
  • Great $1 Rental. 2.5 Stars
    It is entertaining, but having a weak storyline makes it not worth owning. Good action and production, but an uneven plot and story that sometimes stalls or makes little sense.
    ...more info
  • Backstory ruined it
    Will Smith is great at comedy-adventure (think 'Independence Day'). He was well-cast in Hancock, a rather original if pretty one-note movie about a superhero with 'issues' of anger management. He drinks--heavily--feels unappreciated--and can't abide being called an a**hole.

    While he finishes off the bad guys and keeps the crime rate down, Hancock also creates a lot of unintended consequences, from destruction of property to lawsuits and subpoenas galore.

    You have right there the makings of a nice, 3-star comedy-drama, especially when a PR guy is saved and decides to make cleaning up Hancock's act his raison d'etre. He even convinces the errant flying good guy to do some hard time to make a point!

    Alas that someone in the production chain, scriptwriter, director, who knows, decided to toss in an unfortunate back-story. Hancock, the only superhero, finds out there is one other (Charlize Theron), that he's an amnesiac, and a whole lot of Highlander-type semi-mystic bologna about an immortal race doomed to pair and die. This part is not only silly, it's muddled and without clear rules.

    In short, this isn't a bad film for a boring rainy night when you've got a free movie coupon your cable company sent you for screwing up the Superbowl broadcast yet again. But, at least for my money, it wasn't worth the purchase price....more info
  • My favorite superhero movie......for now.
    This has to be my favorite superhero movie i've seen so far. Hancock has all the qualities i've been waiting for in a superhero. A careless, S.O.B who doesn't really care about anything or one but saves them anyway. That all changes in the film though but im not gonna ruin it for ya. Alot of twists and turn's in this one though. Overall pretty nice movie in my opinion....more info
  • Starts off promisingly, but loses itself in its own ambition
    Will Smith's jaded superhero vehicle Hancock starts out well enough - albeit with a premise not a million miles away from Pixar's The Incredibles, but the screenplay leaks coherence as it goes on, and by its conclusion has virtually none left.

    There was just too much in the plot arc for it to have much hope of hanging together: the plot twists significantly and starts off in quite different directions on more than one occasion, and in its final act where you might expect some resolution, the (poorly drawn) villain characters and their motivations were too flimsily expounded, and the uncomfortable relationship between the three leading characters - a superhero love triangle, of sorts - was not satisfactorily resolved but instead just found an improbable equilibrium.

    There are some great comedy moments - as you would expect, Will Smith has some great lines and he delivers them with his characteristic panache - and Jason Bateman is - well, Jason Bateman - a likeable everyman who injects warmth into the screenplay. But as it goes on Hancock veers uneasily between comedy and edgy thriller, finally (and to my mind unwisely) settling for the latter - there are some harrowing moments right at the end - when the film's loopy superhero premise denied just the kind of credibility needed to carry that off, and had more than enough acting and comedy talent to ensure the former would be a banker.

    Like many films of this type there is some over-use of the (undeniably impressive) CGI, and the film, though starting off promisingly enough, winds up being no more than a watchable, if confusing film.

    Olly Buxton...more info
  • Certainly not your usual SuperHero movie
    There are so many SuperHero movies out there that to stand out you really need a unique and unusual story. That way Hancock clearly fits the bill. The special effects are good, interesting and funny too. However a lot of time particularly in the early part of the movie focusses on fewer stunts and tricks from our Hero who by that time is getting more intriguing as to whether he is actually going to be the good guy. The nice little romantic story subtly creeps in without giving away any clues of the suspense.

    Not exactly a superhero movie for kids.

    The music in the scenes, particularly when Will Smith looks at his only possessions, the movie tickets he had whenever he wakes up is beautiful.

    Four stars for the unusual story, concept and the effects.

    ...more info
  • The anti-hero
    For an actor that loves playing in action movies, it took a long time for Will Smith to play a superhero movie; and being Will Smith, he took an unorthodox role. Hancock is about a drunk, sloven man named Hancock who, when sober, goes about Los Angeles attempting to do superhuman tasks, though often with tragicomic results that usually destroys money, and occasionally takes innocent lives. His life changes unexpectedly when he meets a P.R. agent determined to help him improve his image, and the agent's wife, who has suprises of her own.

    As a movie, it has some bad language that makes it PG-13, along with the final climax which shows some blood. And there is a lot of crude humor, especially regarding our anti-hero's least favorite phrase, a-----le. The storyline itself is almost original. Overall, worth the time to watch it....more info
  • A Fun Superhero Flick That Takes Itself Seriously
    "Hancock" is an oddity, both the title character and the film as a whole. Instead of a typical superhero story that includes an origin story, a sinister villain and a love interest, we are given a tale of a lonely man looking for his place in this world (as well as an origin story, sinister villain and love interest).

    Will Smith portrays the title hero (anti-hero) who drinks, swears and does more damage to the city than the criminals he's after. He simply doesn't want to be a hero. When called upon, he takes his time getting to the scene, usually botches his landing and aggravates more than he impresses. He's also terribly lonely, and wonders if there is anyone else like him.

    When he saves a kind-hearted publicist, Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), he accepts the man's offer of "image" help. Soon enough, Hancock finds himself in favor with the masses, but does he truly find what he longs for: an equal?

    All of the key elements of a superhero tale are present, just not in the order (or method of delivery) that you'd expect. We do eventually learn Hancock's past, but from an unlikely source. There's also a love interest, albeit a very unique one. And, of course, we do get a very sinister villain, but even this villain finds justice at the hands of an unlikely source.

    Overall, this film is one part comedy, one part action and two parts drama. The language in this unrated version is very strong, even an "F" bomb gets dropped. The action is fast but suffers from poor CGI once in awhile. All of the cast, from Smith to Bateman to Charlize Theron, give solid performances. Peter Berg's direction can be erratic at times and does have a somewhat gimmicky feel to it, but it is sufficient.

    The unrated single-disc DVD has a few special features, and all of them are worth a look. I especially enjoyed the "Building a Better Hero" and "Bumps and Bruises" featurettes. "Mere Mortals" is okay, but Peter Berg does grate the nerves a bit.

    In summary, I give three and two-thirds stars (I round up) to "Hancock." The story is very good but would have been even better with more solid direction and a stronger script overall. Keep the young'uns away if strong language bothers you. Also, there's a bit of a love triangle that some parents might feel is too hard to explain to younger children.

    Recommended....more info


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