The Waltons: The Complete Ninth Season

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The final season of The Waltons is notable for the ever-changing number of people sitting at the family's long dinner table. Early in the season, with all four boys at war in Europe and Japan, plates are set for John Sr. (Ralph Waite), cousin Rose (Peggy Rea)--the de facto woman of the house with matriarch Olivia (Michael Learned) gone away--and sisters Mary Ellen (Judy Norton-Taylor), Erin (Mary Beth McDonough), and Elizabeth (Kami Cotler), plus brother Ben's wife Cindy (Leslie Winston). Once the war is over and Ben, Jim-Bob (David W. Harper), Jason (Jon Walmsley) and John-Boy (Robert Wightman, replacing Richard Thomas) are back home, the number of people seated at that table still continues to go up and down for all kinds of reasons. That fluctuation says much about the state of the family and of The Waltons itself, long past the era when all those kids were still in school and regularly eating with a full complement of parents and grandparents. With both of the latter gone and even John Sr. disappearing halfway through the season to help ailing Olivia move to Arizona, it's the young people ruling the roost now.

Things start off powerfully with the two-part "The Outrage," in which John Sr. leaps to the defense of an African-American employee, Harley (Hal Foster), who has been living under an assumed name since escaping a chain gang years before. Never a show to back off from issues of discrimination, The Waltons: The Complete Ninth Season, tackles gender bias (Mary Ellen is turned down for admission to medical school, while Erin is one of many women on Walton's Mountain who lose their jobs to returning veterans) and anti-Semitism (Jason's wonderful girlfriend Toni, played by Lisa Harrison, causes a stir when everyone discovers she's a Jew). Meanwhile, John-Boy falls in love with a Parisian bookseller who encourages him to write an article about stray land mines, though his true destiny as a writer leads him back to his roots. Ben, too, is full of ambition following the war, eager to attend engineering college but needed at the family mill after John Sr. leaves. Jason takes over the Dew Drop Inn and finds a way to make a go of it with Toni's help. Rose rediscovers love again when her dance partner, Stanley (William Schallert), returns, albeit as an emotional wreck. (The Rose-Stanley storylines in season nine are among the sweetest episodes.) In a strange development, Mary Ellen's allegedly late husband turns up, a very different and darker personality than he was before. Other new and recurring characters continue to add color and texture to the show, most notably Ike (Joe Conley) and Corabeth Godsey (Ronnie Claire Edwards), the Baldwin sisters (Helen Kleeb, Mary Jackson), and newcomer Rev. Tom Marshall (Kip Niven), who starts off a firebrand and ends up a civilizing influence over the aforementioned anti-Semitic tensions. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • The Waltons: The Complete Ninth Season
    This completes the collection of The Waltons series and is greatly enjoyed for its family values....more info
  • Waltons Season 9
    The Waltons was and is my favorite TV show of all time. It is great to relive the memories of Season 9. Peggy Rea is wonderful as Rose and we get to some more character development of Ike and Corabeth and all the Walton children as well. Great!! Better than any of the drivvle we get on TV today.
    Thanks! ...more info
  • Great Service as usual
    I've always had good service and everything i order comes on time with nothing wrong....more info
  • The Waltons-9th Season
    If you like something besides "Law and Order", the CSI shows or one of the reality shows this show is a wonderful change. It was fun to follow the lives of the Walton family to see how the kids matured and the way they handled problems both individually and as a family. The wholesomeness of the show takes you back to a simpler era when we weren't so caught up in consumerism or solving murders. "Good night John-boy, good night Mary-Ellen thank you for sharing your home and lives with us." It's been real!! ...more info
  • Waltons Movies
    I love this show. I have all the seasons and I am glad that season 9 is coming out in a few months. I just hope that you have all the movies come out just as quick. I can watch and rewatch this show. I am a big fan. I have even visited the museam....more info
  • Yahoo! I have all the seasons!
    I am delighted that season 9 is out so quickly. I, too, want all the movies on DVD - I have all but one on VHS (my own tapes). There will never be a show as great as this - my favorite - followed very closely by Magnum P.I. ...more info
  • Please Please Release All the Walton Movies
    Please Please Release all the Walton Movies
    Having purchased all the seasons so far and pre order season nine
    Please from an Aussie Walton Fan...more info
  • Disappointment
    Season 9 of the Waltons is a big disappointment. I have the entire series on DVD and enjoyed watching this show growing up. However, after reviewing season 9 DVD, I have to say that it is a disappointment. Season 9 has gotten away from the family themed show that dominated the previous 8 seasons. From Ike's infidelity, to Mary Ellen's presumed dead husband wanting nothing to do with her to the unmarried young lady claming Jim Bob is the father of her unborn child--season 9 seems to be an attempt by the producers, writers, etc.. to liberalize the show. The absence of Ralph Waite and Michael Learned for the majority of the season adds to the disappointment. The recasting of John Boy was poor. The bright point of Season 9 is the presence of Peggy Rea as Rose and the continued presence of Ronnie Claire Edwards as Corabeth. ...more info
  • Great old series, getting a bit frayed at the edges
    A must for Waltons fans. Episodes uneven, sometimes a little out of focus, but it's extraordinary they were able to keep so many key characters together for 9 years....more info
  • The Waltons Season 9--"Goodnight Mama, Daddy, Mary Ellen, John-Boy."
    The final season of The Waltons finds Michael Learned (Olivia Walton) no longer a cast member, while Robert Wightman has now officially joined the cast as John-Boy. Although this is the greatest weakness of the season, The Waltons still delivered intersting, and some exciting, episodes.

    The season begins in the spring of 1945, and all the Walton men--save John--are fighting the war. Ben is captured by the Japanese forces, Jason has to deal with the question of killing another man, and John-Boy (played by Robert Wightman) falls in love with a French girl.

    Back at home, Mary Ellen discovers a need for a doctor on the mountain and is determined to become one, while facing a great deal of opposition. Ike and Corabeth are investigated by the rations board, and a new minister comes to the mountain. Jim-Bob is frantic when a girl back home claims to have his baby, Cidny finds that she has been adopted, and the series ends with John-Boy going back to New York.

    The following is an epidode list for this final season:

    1. The Outrage (1)
    2. The Outrage (2)
    3. The Pledge
    4. The Triumph
    5. The Premonition
    6. The Pursuit
    7. The Last Ten Days
    8. The Move
    9. The Whirlwind
    10. The Tempest
    11. The Carousel
    12. The Hot Rod
    13. The Gold Watch
    14. The Beginning
    15. The Pearls
    16. The Victims
    17. The Threshold
    18. The Indiscretion
    19. The Heartache
    20. The Lumberjack
    21. The Hostage
    22. The Revel

    While the show ended in 1981, it would continue in 6 made-for-TV-movies from 1982-1997, moving from the characters from the forties and into the sixties. In these TV movies, Richard Thomas returns as John-Boy and Michael Learned is back as Olivia, while Ellen Corby makes a few appearances as Grandma. Hopefully, Warner Brothers will release these 6 TV movies, as it would be great to own the entire Walton legacy on DVD....more info
  • Wish the Series Didn't End
    We have all 9 seasons of The Waltons and love it. Only wish that they didn't stop doing the series and that some of the main characters didn't leave (John, Olivia, Original John Boy)....more info
  • The Waltons
    Heart felt series that teaches good morals. My daughter-In-Law loves the Waltons. It's wonderful to be able to add to her collection....more info


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