Power Juices, Super Drinks: Quick, Delicious Recipes to Prevent & Reverse Disease
Power Juices, Super Drinks: Quick, Delicious Recipes to Prevent & Reverse Disease

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  • make it a double
    This is one of the best juice books I've come across in my thirty years of juicing. The recipes are innovative, easy and delicious. If you are planning any kind of cleanse (fast) get this book first. It will make the process more enjoyable and productive....more info
  • Cute book, not very helpful
    The folksy advice and complicated concoctions in this book seem to be more fantasy than reality. They call for more ingredients than you'd find in any grocery store, and in order to make these juicy refreshments, you have to have a wide variety of juices on hand. Not to mention a dozen appliances for blending, chopping, squeezing and processing the ingredients they way the book describes.

    I was hoping for something that said "juice 2 apples, a stalk of celery and a bannana." But this book says something like, "blend 1.5 oz. apple juice, 3/4 oz. of celery juice, and 3/4 oz of banana juice." It doesn't suggest how much of each fruit you need on hand to make the desired amount. It doesn't even focus on Juicing, which is why I bought it.

    Looks cute on the bookshelf, and that's where it will stay. UN-USED....more info
  • So glad we got it!
    It is a wonderful book. Full of excellent information relating to good health and nutrition. Book consists of a lot more than just juice recipes - nutritional information and recommendations....more info
  • Not what I expected
    Overall it's an okay book, but not quite what I expected. The recipes require not only a juicer, but a blender as well, and more time than I think most people are willing to give.

    The author also recommends using only organic produce and distilling or purifying your own water. Where does this guy live, and on what budget? Produce is expensive enough, let alone organic vegetables -- 99 cents for a regular cucumber or $3.00 for an organic one. Which would you rather buy for a juicer?

    I think the author's recommendations are idealistic, unrealistic, and not for people who don't have an unlimited budget and tons of time on their hands.

    There are plenty of other books out there. I wouldn't get this one again....more info

  • Power Juices, Super Drinks
    Nothing at all what I had expected, hard to follow, wasn't pleased with it, and I sent it back ...more info
  • Great gift for my health conscious friend!
    My health conscious friend who knows alot about everything health related learned new stuff so I earned health cred thanks to this insightful book....more info
  • Excellent choice for the big and quick jobs
    This is unit is the ideal machine for really big and quick jobs. Its powerfull motor can handle just about anything you toss in there. A bit on the noisy side, but well worth it because of the speed....more info
  • Utterly useless book
    I have to agree with an earlier review by Giancarlo Croce about this book's usefulness...it really has none. The dietary advice is way out of date and there are no real practical recipes. I will just toss this book....more info
  • Lots to Learn
    Learned some very important tips about cleaning my fruits and vegetables, but I have so much fun just putting things together as I feel like that I haven't used it for prevent and reverse yet....more info
  • Not So Great
    I was only able to view a brief insert of the book online and wasn't able to get the full prospective until it arrived. It wasn't the simple vegetable/fruit recipe book I was looking for....more info
  • Very Tasty Book
    I like all of Steve Meyerowitz' books so of course I like this one too. Good info, but I wish there had been more info, and many very tasty juice combos....more info
  • The only book you need
    After three years of steroid shots, epidurals, drugs, stress, and surgeries, I was feeling the need for a natural intervention of some sort. I went to the Berkeley library, which has a huge collection on natural healing, with many books on nutrition and herbs. I chose four that seemed to be good, and read them. I decided to buy a juicer, and got this book mainly to have some recipes to follow. It turned out to have all the information I found in all the other books, and MORE! Plus, it's much easier to read and follow. I just started this, so can't report on results, but this is a great resource, even for people whose health hasn't taken a pounding....more info
  • Great and Informative Book
    I really like this volume. It is informative and easy to read.
    A real must for anyone who wishes to change their eating habits and get healthy....more info
  • 2 Green Drinks and Juices perday will make your day
    This book is a wonderful collection of healing
    drinks and energizing fuel for the body.
    It specifically outlines drinks for each particular
    ailment and juice recipes to remedy the problem.
    Why pop a pill you cannot digest like eating a rock
    when you can enjoy a fresh homemade juice drink to
    awaken your soul and tantalize your tastebuds.
    This is an excellent book which I have recommended
    to several people who juice for their health and
    enjoyment. Enjoy life....a pill is no fun....more info
  • great
    Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain

    Great product, easy to use, easy to clean. Recommend without hesitation....more info


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