Seventh Generation 2x Liquid Laundry Detergent, 32-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)

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  • Awesome, multi-purpose product
    Earlier this year, I decided to try to move our household away from toxic chemical cleaners, who wants to inhale that stuff? One of my go-to products now is 7th Gen's Free& Clear Laundry Detergent. Not only does it do a great job on our clothes, I dilute it with water to spot clean my light beige wall to wall carpeting and car upholstery. Puppy accidents, coffee stains, and even wayward spaghetti sauce have come out, without scrubbing or discoloring the fabric. Love it....more info
  • The best detergent I have used to date!
    Often, when one goes green, efficiency and effectiveness both are sacrificed. Not with this product! One of my kiddoes developed an allergy to the detergents we were buying in the store. I tried several brands with no success (serious contact dermatitis). Finally, I came across 7th generation on Amazon. Man, what a difference. The detergent is high efficiency (which can still be hard to find at the supermarket, gets the clothes super clean and leaves no fragrance, film, or any sign that it did not completely rinse out. My boy's reaction is gone completely! This will be my fourth order - I am hooked. Next step is to try their paper products... :)

    All the best,

    Jay...more info
  • Great product and lasts a long time!
    I ordered this product about 5 months ago, and we still have a couple of bottles left of it. We do about a load of laundry per day in our extra large front loading machine and I love this detergent. I use it on all our clothes and this is the only detergent that has not bothered either of my sons' sensitive skin (they seem to be triggered by different things and I could never find one that worked for both of them). I love the smell of the lavender and everyone I have asked is impressed by the small amount needed to clean a large amount of clothes. My clothes are clean and smelling good, we are helping the environment and everyones' skin is clear! I love this detergent!...more info
  • Seemed to work alright as detergent, but badly damaged some colored items
    Before it ruined a couple of brightly colored linen shirts, I was reasonably happy with this detergent. It's fairly expensive, but allegedly "green" and worked pretty well. (It's hard to really compare the details of detergent efficiency. They either basically work, or fail to work.)

    But then it faded the colors of a pair of shirt. And it did so quite oddly, given then a tie-dyed look. Faded in places, not in others. Those shirts had been fine in other detergent washings previously....more info
  • Great HE Laundry Detergent for the Chemically Sensitive, the Environmentally Conscious, and Those Who Love Clean Clothes
    This is Seventh Generation's newest laundry detergent, made for high efficiency washers. It works well in standard washers as well, though, and you don't have to lug around all of the extra weight due to added water.

    I have tried both the Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender scent and the White Flower & Bergamot Citrus Scent. I love both, but especially the White Flower & Bergamot Citrus, but I think that the Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender will be more popular. I have seen reviews in which many people dislike the bergamot is very bergamot-y, so if you're not sure you'd like that, I'd go with the more conventional eucalyptus-lavender scent. Both work equally well in getting your clothes clean!

    The 32 ounce bottle size is perfect, lasts a long time, for an HE washer 32 loads and for a standard washer, about 21 loads.

    This product is free of dyes and scented with essential oils and botanical extracts! That is one of my favorite features---goodbye to nasty, fake, chemical smells; hello to subtly scented clean clothes!

    The detergent is non-toxic, biodegradable, contains no optical brighteners or petroleum-based cleaners or phosphates. It is safe for septic tanks and gray water systems. It fights stains with non-animal-derived enzymes. It leaves no residues that could irritate sensitive skin. It works in water at temperatures from 45 degrees to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The amount of suds this detergent produces is very low (just be aware), but it works GREAT!

    You can find out more about Seventh Generation at their web site, They are the nation's leading brand of non-toxic and environmentally safe household products.
    *****...more info
  • don't buy it
    I bought this in bulk online, and now I'm saving it for my not-so-dirty clothes. It doesn't clean anything! I'm all for green products, but I prefer it when they somewhat work....more info
  • good for the earth and you
    this detergent gets the job done! i have two boys, one being 4 months old. our laundry gets pretty dirty and seventh generation, free and clear, gets it all clean without the harsh chemicals. i used it on all my babby's clothes too!...more info
  • WARNING: Definitely RUINS Certain Colored Items
    This detergent performs great in terms of cleaning, leaving no scent/residue, and of course for benefiting the environment. Unfortunately, it also has a terrible side affect on certain colored items -- it ruins them!

    I ran 3-4 loads of colored items before I realized the pattern of ruined items was due to the detergent. Many colored items are just fine, but 1-2 items per load were being ruined -- colors severely faded and streaked -- literally creating a "tye-died" look on what had previously been solid colors.

    So, now I am using this detergent only on whites, and will definitely not be ordering again. I honestly find it just unacceptable that a company would market a product with clear eveidence that it ruins customers' clothes. (Also, after I saw this problem, I checked the reviews on [...], and customers there also reported this problem!)...more info
  • Horrible...chemical soup.
    There is nothing I hate more than deception and lies. It is amazing that this company has been getting away with this whole image of natural, safe and healthy products. I have never seen so much pure marketing baloney coming from one company before. This company obviously cares only about one thing - sales. Just jump on that "green" money train.

    This is portrayed to be something entirely different than it really is. At least Tide has some integrity (not that I use it). They are what they are - and they don't try to deceive you. I can respect that. I agree totally with the previous reviewer. Clever how the ingredients are made difficult to get to. Even more clever is how they make a big deal about disclosure. Doesn't that make you ASSUME they have nothing to hide? Probably most people never even look beyond what they want you to look at. Well, I did - in absolute horror. I FEEL SO VIOLATED!

    I also concur with the previous reviewer regarding service. I called them, too. The person I spoke with was completely ignorant about their products. Companies like this are why we need to be skeptical. You can't trust a single word from them.

    One last thing (I'm just so appalled by all this I had to dig a little): I went online to read about their baby detergents. (I don't use them for I am years beyond those days.) I thought that maybe this company would show some conscience since these product were for defenseless babies. I thought it would be better. I was wrong. It was EQUALLY as horrific!

    Seventh Generation should stand as a quintessential wake-up call to all of us that can still think for ourselves. Buyer beware! Better yet - speak up. Do your own research and share what you learn. We need to stop this blatant disregard for human life and our environment - particularly when it is presented under the guise of caring for us (I'm feeling nauseous). There are FAR more important things than profits for companies to look at. Us being one for example....more info
  • Works Great.
    I was surprised to see the the super negative comments over a laundry detergent. So, I decided to speak up and let you guys know what I see.

    I have a front loader machine that uses HE soap. I am looking at my early empty HE CHEER bottle at this moment. Absolutely NO specific ingredients at all. It states in one line on the back of the bottle "Includes biodegradable surfactants (anionic and nonionic) and enzymes." I mention this because some reviewers are upset about the label on the 7th Generation bottle. Let's now look at that one...

    First off, the bottle of 2X 7th Gen is 1/3 the size and so the label area is considerable smaller. The larger CHEER bottle did not bother to tell us what things are inside but the little 7th Gen. bottle took the time to inform us consumers. It is NOT difficult to get to. Turn the bottle over, look at the back of it. The lower left side has an arrow and states to PEEL BACK LABEL, which it peels quite easily. It has a nice, easy to read list of ingredients for you to scrutinize over; feel free to Google away.

    The concern over the "sodium laureth sulfate" should be researched if you are concerned that you are going to eat the soap. The ingredient is used to make the bubbles. The warnings I found for this ingredient were ALL for ingesting or long exposure from cosmetics and shampoos. I saw no warnings if used in laundry detergent and even if used in shampoo, there is no evidence to support that the trace amount will harm you. There are warning to discontinue using toothpastes that contain it may be ingesting the substance and the last I checked... it is not wise to ingest ANY toothpastes or soaps for that matter.

    The label is clear on how to use the product; it is easy to read and large enough print to read without strain. They pack a lot of data on the little bottle compared to the 100fl oz bottle of CHEER I have sitting next to it.

    I have washed all colors and different degrees of dirtiness...not yet have I seen any tainting of colors or dirt left behind! I chose the Free & Clear as I am sensitive to some smells.

    At this point in time I have to wonder what is going on with the other users?? It may be something in their water is reacting to the ingredients? Water Temperature? Mixed colors in the same load and did not notice that one would fade? Maybe someone added bleach to that load???

    There are lots of reason a product may not work. I really do not understand all the low ratings and comments as I have not seen anything that they are. I wash everything on Cold water with the exception of whites but I think I will give that a try too and see if there really is a difference using hot or cold water. Maybe that is another myth I have been clinging too. I will give it test next load of white socks with the 7th Generation here and see what happens!

    I am very pleased with the product. If I remember I will let you know what happens with the soap, no bleach, cold water, and dirty whites....more info
  • Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry
    This product seems to work comparable to other products on the market for similar intended use. I like the idea of buying earth-friendly products, so I'll continue to use. The only complaint I have is that one of the bottles leaked during transit, so either the transport company is not handling the box with care, or the packing that Seventh Generation does is not robust enough for transit. ...more info


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