The Schwarzbein Principle: The Truth about Losing Weight, Being Healthy and Feeling Younger

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From her work with insulin-resistant patients with Type II diabetes, Dr. Schwarzbein concludes that low-fat diets cause heart attacks, eating fat makes you lose body fat, and it's important to eat high-cholesterol foods every day. Picture cardiologists and dieticians tearing their hair out and overweight people cheering as they dive into Eggs Benedict with sausage.

According to Schwarzbein, the high-carbohydrate, low-fat, moderate-protein diet that most dieticians and disease-prevention organizations recommend is the culprit that turns people into diabetics, makes them age faster and get degenerative diseases, and keeps them fat and unhealthy. She supports her theory with case studies of people who were sick and miserable on high-carbo, low-fat diets and who sprang to life when they "balanced" their diets with more fat and protein. Schwarzbein recommends avoiding "man-made carbohydrates"--processed carbs--in favor of those you could "pick, gather or milk." She instructs patients to eat "as much good fat as their body needs": eggs, avocados, flaxseed oil, butter, mayonnaise, and olive oil. Sorry, but fried foods and hydrogenated fats are "bad fats," or "damaged fats," as Schwarzbein calls them. You can eat as many eggs a day as you want on this plan, plus meat (even sausage--as long as it's nitrate-free--and pat®¶), saturated fat, cream, and nonstarchy vegetables. The book includes a four-week meal plan and about 15 recipes.

The latest evolution in health and fitness, the unique, proven "Schwarzbein Principle" will revolutionalize the way millions of people look at eating, losing weight, and maintaining optimal health.

Customer Reviews:

  • So many myths dispelled about the way we've been told to eat
    This book is incredible! As a result, I've completely changed the eating habits of my family. We've only been doing this a week, but already feel more energized and rested. More importantly, my eyes were opened to what was happening inside my body with all the junk I was feeding it. I realized what a victim I had been to treating symptoms of wacked hormones, high insulin and low seratonin levels with prescription drugs that only masks the problem, while potentially causing further damage. I've been on antidepressants and thyroid medication for years and have been taking a prescription appetite suppressant to lose weight for the last 3. Additionally, I suffer (I say this in the present tense as I'm only in my 1st week and not completely healed) from ensomnia, acne, low energy, blurred vision -- you name it! I'm a mess. As I read this book, I got chills (did Dr. Schwarzbein write this for me?) -- I suffer from a poor diet!!! I have never been disciplined enough to follow someone's diet program, but the beauty is this isn't a diet program. It's education on what our bodies need and detailed explanations are provided on why we need it. It also explains, in detail, why we thought low fat foods were healthy and the opposite effects they actually have. As a result, I'm waving "good bye" to my prescriptions (obviously, not recommended for everyone). As someone who historically lacks self discipline with my eating habits, I've refreshingly found that I no longer desire sweets and other high carb foods. I now "get it!" I've been spreading the news to my friends and family who are now going out to buy the book for themselves (I won't part with mine). It's revolutionary!...more info
  • I was mislead and gained weight
    Many of the principles of this book sounded so good and right to me when I first read it. However, i can contribute my weight gain of 15 to 20 lbs the "facts" I learned in this book. I started eating more butter and mayonaisse and eggs and cheese. The insulin info was helpful, but I do not endorse her dietary recommendations....more info
  • I couldn't put it down
    Let me start out by saying I haven't tried the program yet, I'm phasing it in. So this review will be about the book and its message, not about results. It was hard for me to put down. In the past two years I have read a lot books on health and the human body, my favorite being "The Savvy Woman's Guide to PCOS." Of course, if you don't have PCOS then you won't really care about that book. However, The Schwarzbein Principle is accessible to everyone and has a message that everyone needs to read, even those who are underweight. I found that I could only read a couple of chapters at a time, and then digest them for the evening (no pun intended) before continuing. However, there were several chapters that weren't applicable to me (eg drug addiction and being underweight), and the message did at times get extremely repetitive and I skipped some pages here and there. Although it can get technical, on the whole the book is extremely readable for everyone. The language used is mostly 'everyday' conversational.

    The message is one we've heard before... eat fewer carbs. However, this book expands on that topic and explains why you need to, going down to a cellular and even molecular level to explain why high-carb foods and modified/man-made foods need to be minimized in your diet, and that fat in food is not the enemy, it is in fact your friend. It goes beyond Atkins and is much more moderate in its carb allowances, being more like South Beach. However, unlike South Beach and many other diets, it implores you not to turn to prepackaged foods and fake sugars to feed your sweet tooth. Instead, you are told to stick to only foods that you can grow, hunt, or milk in the environment, and eventually your body will stop craving sugar.

    The book is reassuring in that it uses many testimonials of her patients, presented in a conversation-like format. It also uses case studies and scientific reasoning to make its point. I do feel that at times she oversimplified some points, and painted her brush too broadly when declaring that all disease and aging are due to nutrition and not dysfunction within the body. I think there are people out there who cannot be treated nutritionally for their conditions; however, I do feel that a greater majority of people can be treated or even cured by going back to a more natural and balanced way of eating.

    What caught me most about this book was the way her patients' stories and other evidence clearly paralleled many of my own problems and experiences. Particularly, how my low-fat low-cal dieting days at Weight Watchers were initially successfully, but I eventually found myself on a 3-month plateau, struggling to reach that 20 pound mark. I was eating according to the plan. I introduced exercise, I flipped from their Points system to the Core system, I ate more, I ate less... nothing was working and I finally quit because they were not real nutritionists or trainers, and I needed more help than they could give. Even the nutritionist I saw told me that my caloric intake was fine and my eating habits were good, and she could not give me any further advice. The Schwarzbein Principle expanded on some of the too-brief principles in my PCOS books -- eat fewer carbs, don't eat fake food. It repeated those lessons, and explained them fully. And it explained in detail why my low-cal low-fat diet just wasn't working.

    However, I don't think that this will be an easy road to go down. The diet, to both lifelong prepackaged dieters and to lifelong convenience-food-eaters (I've been both), can seem extremely restrictive. No prepackaged food. Nothing that came from a factory (with a few exceptions). No fried foods, no fast foods. No desserts (other than berries and cream). No fruit juice. No skim milk. No coffee. Nothing that contains added sugar (ketchup! bottled salsa!). Fruit gets restricted to a half-fruit for snacks (who eats only half an apple?). And the hardest for me: No breakfast cereal. I LOVE my All-Bran and I'm afraid that I will whither and die without it. The thought of eggs and/or sausage for breakfast every single morning makes me queasy. I can't eat that kind of food until at least 8:30, and I'm at work by then. Am I supposed to get one of those little pocket griddles that you can buy on TV and keep it in my office to cook an omelet every morning?

    But the stories of people like me in her book are too good to not try. Reading the experiences of other Schwarzbein followers on the Internet, if you work out regularly you can indulge in a dessert a week and still see good results. So I'm going to phase into the program as I use up the groceries in my house that are verboten (cooked carrots in my frozen veggie mix!). Any book like this that warns "hey, you'll probably gain a couple pounds in the beginning" seems to have the ring of truth to me. And of course my husband is all about the reintroduction of butter and breakfast meats.. although he is not so happy about the loss of sandwich bread. The fact is, conventional thinking on how to diet has failed me repeatedly. So what's left to try other than something that goes outside conventional thinking?...more info
  • This eating plan is great for PCOS women
    This book makes a lot of sense! Even though she disagrees with many of her contemporaries, Dr. Schwarzbein explains how high-carb, low-fat diets really affect our metabolism. Frankly, everything she says makes a lot of sense. This isn't a fad - it's balanced, healthy eating. I have PCOS, and I think this is perfect for a person like me, who is Insulin Resistant. I felt a difference almost immediately after giving up sugar. I'm looking forward to feeling better, and being more healthy, the longer I follow this eating plan!...more info
    After steadfastly following the Scwarzbein Principle for one year and two months, with ever worsening symptoms and weight gain, the final result for me is a diagnosis of "fatty liver", a condition that leads to cirrhosis and ultimately death. The book, "The Amazing Liver Flush", by Andreas Moritz, explains in depth why a high animal protein/fat diet caused this to happen to me. Please read the Moritz book before embarking on your path to destruction....more info
  • The Schwarzbein Principle
    Over the past couple of years, I have little by little put on 25-30 pounds. I always have struggled with weight and have been a dieter that ate as little fat as possible. About five weeks ago, a friend recommended Dr. Schwarzbein's book. It has changed my life completely. I can't explain it. I always ate low fat and was always hungry for more. I would binge on chips and sweets and be sick with guilt and even sicker when I stepped on the scales. PMS, depression, adult acne were making me a real mess...I felt awful about myself. Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. It was written for me!!! I also took the doctor's advice about the vitamin supplements...they do make a difference. I have lost 7 pounds in 5 weeks and I feel SOOO good. I am walking every day, have no hunger and have gotten through PMS with no problem...maybe a little more protein and carbs but not a dozen donuts or big bag of chips. I am more relaxed, my mood swings are few and far between. I can actually say I am feeling great inside and out!! I have tried all diets and this is the one for me. My husband can't believe I eat eggs and steak. I don't think I ever really have in my adult life!! I have much more energy and rarely snack between meals. If I do, it's cheese and some veggies. Food tastes so good with butter and mayo!! I would agree with other reviewers...if this is all of the weight I lose, that's okay...this has changed my life for the better. It's much more than a weight loss program, it has changed my life. The only negative comment I can say is that my acne has not cleared up as quickly as I would like...maybe a few more weeks!...more info
  • False Information
    I borrowed this book from a friend of mine who said I might find it interesting.

    First Sentence:
    "We are all going to age and die, because it is impossible to stop normal aging."

    What is normal aging? Already this lady is making unfounded claims that any true health seeker would be wise to question. It's been proven many times over that the aging process can be slowed down and even reversed.

    Schawarzbein seems to believe that to build adequate hormones a person needs massive amounts of animal fat and protein. This is never proven nor demonstrated.

    "Chapter Six : Why you must eat Cholesterol"
    Pure propaganda. Completely false. Makes me wonder if she owns some slaughterhouses or something. There are millions thruout the world (vegans) who will never eat any cholesterol for the rest of our lives and I'd be willing to bet that most of us (in the 1st world anyway) will live longer than this lady. Here's one for example :

    This book is not science, it's not intelligent and it does not hold water. If you must satisfy your curiosity, borrow it and read it and use your own critical thinking. But don't waste your money, I'm glad I didn't!...more info
  • Schwarzbein Principle
    Food for thought to review the way we eat, and the impact of our
    eating habits on our general health. This book really made me
    working on changing my eating habits.
    proud mum of a US Soldier - Spec4 Rafael Marcial...more info
  • A common sense approach to nutrition
    What impresses me so much about this book is how much sense it makes. The author's clear reasoning, scientific basis for what she says, and clear writing is what made me change my diet.

    The author is an M.D. who formulated this program based on her experience in treating diabetics. She also had her own history in her youth of eating a lot of candy, which caused her many problems - she devotes a chapter to describing that experience.

    It is obvious from her writing that she is not against carbohydrates, just that they should be eaten in moderation and that they should come from "real" sources, like vegetables. They should not be consumed from man-made sources such as donuts and ice cream.

    She also states very convincingly that stimulants, like coffee, should also be left alone because they cause insulin levels to spike.

    The author is in favor of a balanced diet of proteins, fats, and, in moderation, carbohydrates. This is what make sense to me. That is the way man ate before so many foods were overly processed, and before our country had such a problem with obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. Eating too many carbohydrates, as the author shows, causes insulin resistance, which in turn contributes to these problems and more....more info
  • Your personal owner's manual.
    This book is an excellent owner's manual to keep the body functioning at peak levels. It doesn't take long to realize how what you eat effects the way you look, think and feel. ...more info
  • This book, not the others
    I actually got this for a friend - I wouldn't part with mine. What I like about this is that there's no counting. You look at your plate and understand what your body will do when you eat it. While I don't agree with everything (good luck taking away my coffee and beer), the principle is sound. Like all diet plans, take what works for you and merge it with the rest of your knowledge to create a balanced diet that works for you.

    I did get a few of the later books, and got the feeling that the publisher found out there was money to be made. Not much new in the cookbooks....more info
  • My defining moment
    As a person who reads over 100 books a year, I can comfortably say that this one was one of the best books I have ever read regardless of the topics. It is such a comprehensive elaboration of "what healthy living" is that I only regret for my years passed on very wrong eating and living habits. No diet book ever made so much sense to me before. I have become a convert right after reading the first two chapters of the book. I read it cover to cover, trying not to skip even a word so that I get all there was to be learned. Even though my initial reason for getting the book was weight loss, I ended up learning that weight loss is only one aspect of being healthy. Even though I lost 11 kg.s in a matter of two months following the basic argument of the book, I no longer see weight loss as an end in itself, thanks to Dr. Schwarzbein. This book was indeed my defining moment: my approach to many things in life changed radically and I am happy for that. Many thanks....more info
  • It all makes sense now
    After years of being insulin resistant, taking medications, etc., I now understand how it happens and what to do. This book is an easy read for the lay person, without being condescending. It confirms what I have felt for years: very sick when I eat the typical recommended low-fat, high-carb diet, and great when I eat as much "real" food as I want. Her emphasis on real food is something anyone can understand, and is easy to follow....more info
  • Schwarzbein Message Board
    The one thing that I found lacking in following the Schwarzbein Principle was not being able to have the support from an on-line support group, such as a message board. I kept hoping to find one on Dr. Schwarzbein's website, to no avail.

    I finally found a good Schwarzbein support group at the following link. Hope to see you there.

    Under the "Daily Low-Carb Support" area, you will find the Schwarzbein Principle option. ...more info
  • You must read this book
    I started the 'eating program' (just can't call it a diet...) while also attending Weight Watcher's. On average, I had been loosing .6 pounds per week with Weight Watcher's. Not shabby, but I still had the afternoon sluggishness, felt bloated at times, didn't have the energy I expected with the weight loss...etc. After a week on this new program I had lost 3.5 pounds! No effort, no starving, no doing without anything AND eating forbidden things I never would have had before. But, better than loosing the weight...I feel like 2 million bucks. I have so much energy I can hardly figure out what to do with it all. I feel almost euphoric now. You can't go wrong just reading this book and try it...give it one week and see if you don't feel better!...more info
  • Setting the record straight
    Several reviews back, a reviewer claimed that Dr. Schwarzbein is a quack and not board certified in internal medicine or endocrinology. I did a search, and web site for the American Board of Medical Specialties (the umbrella organization for the 24 approved medical specialty boards in the United States) states that she is indeed board certified. She is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, with a general certificate in internal medicine and a subspecialty certificate in endocrinology as well as diabetes and metabolism. Check your facts before making false accusations!...more info
  • Not a diet - a way to eat for the rest of your (healthy!) life!
    This book changed my life. It was given to me free when I bought some vitamins, and I am so glad it fell in my hands! All the things Dr. Schwartzbein says have made sense to me for a long time - I never did jump on the low fat bandwagon and knew that natural was always better than man-made (butter vs. margarine). What I didn't know was WHY I felt so bad when I ate sugar or how harmful damaged fats were. Just cutting out damaged fats alone has caused my chronic stomach aches to cease! I will follow this plan for the rest of my life, and encourage everyone I know to do so, too!...more info
  • This Book Works!
    I have seen this book do incredible things. It really works! I feel better. I would even use the word "invigorated". Having come from a general lack of health, low immune system, and general fatigue to the point I just didn't have as much stamina as everyone else did, this is saying lots. I have friends who look incredible and tell me they feel much better (no headaches or afternoon slump or excessive fatigue) after applying Diana Schwarzbein's information. She explains her ideas clearly and specifically so that they make sense to the nonmedical population. I'm a big "cheater", and it still works for me. I can clearly see the difference when I follow her advice and when I don't. The results have been so outstanding for myself and my friends that have taken her advice that I am encouraged to adhere more strictly and see what else will come of it. I recommend this book to any and everyone. I've purchased it for several of my friends already....more info
  • The Bible of Nutrition and Diet
    Someone recommended this book to me. The book is an absolute eye-opener. I have pushed everyone around me to read this book. So much so, it should be a recommended reading in High Schools to ensure that the next generations are healthy ones with no misconceptions about diet and nutrition. A must-read. I haven't found any other book written so well and supported so adequately with research and real-life trials. A well done job....more info
  • The Schwarzbein Principle
    After following Dr. Schwarzbein's diet religiously for 3 months, my blood test results showed the following: Cholesterol remained just below 200, about the same as before. My triglycerides dropped from 248 to 80. My good cholesterol doubled from 25 to 50, and my LDL (bad cholesterol) remained the same, below 100. In addition, I met my goal by losing 16 pounds, and my waist size dropped from 34 to 32. I imagine that the results would have been better if I had exercised regularly.

    I enjoyed eating a balanced diet that included eggs, butter, heavy whipped cream, red meat, and cheese. My wife's physician was familiar with Dr. Schwarzbein's book, so I had no fear.

    A recent article in JAMA, Vol. 287, No. 18, May 8, 2002 by Dr. David S. Ludwig, M.D., PhD, THE GLYCEMIC INDEX, Physiological Mechanisms Relating to Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease, appears to support Dr. Schwarzbein's program.

    Dr. Ludwig's study was supported by grants from the National Institutue of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases....more info

  • Very straightforward message
    This book has a very straightforward message. The message essentially is that too much carbohydrates, refined sugar, gluten and alcohol is the real culprits in terms of poor health/disease and weight gain and not so much meat and fat. The second message is that you need oils and that meat and fat are good sources of oil. Main idea is that man-made carbohydrates like artifical sweetners, wheat and gluten cause elevated insulin reactions and low glucagon levels which lead to storage of fat and will over time will result in insulin resistance, inflammatory reactions and autoimune disease. The book basically recommends that you eliminate refined sugar and man-made sweetners and carbohydrates and that you should increase your intake of essential oils. I am a vegetarian and lost 18 kg in 4 months essentaily following the advice in this book namely eliminating all bread, strarch, gluten, alcohol and refined sugar in my diet. I eat meat once a week but do eat lots of seeds, flaxeed oil and, tofu. The book in my opinion overemphasize the idea that you should eat animal fat and meat but do state that meat eating is not the only way to ensure adequate intake of fats, protein and oils. ...more info
  • best way of eating for my money
    i think diana explains her points well. i think she knows what she's talking about and that she is careful to protect her patients, and help them from destroying their health.

    i can see from personal experience that she's right about healthy fats and dietary cholesterol being necessary. before i heard about that, the first time as part of her forward in suzanne somers' book, i had tried all the natural remedies for depression and rage, but none of them worked all the time. turns out, my problem was that i wasn't getting what i needed from my diet; i wasn't eating enough healthy fats and cholesterol! once i beefed up on those, my depression melted away! i realised after a few months that i hadn't had a rage since i had changed the way i ate. my heart is just as healthy, my cholesterol level is just fine, and now i'm emotionally healthy as well!

    i think she may be going overboard about never eating sugar again (don't worry, she doesn't say 'get off everything harmful right now!'). i think she's overly prejudiced about it, and you'll understand that after reading her story. but i definitely think she's right about cutting out white sugar, white flour, and damaged fats. i believe her conclusion that we must eat a healthy balance, every time we eat, is the right stuff. it's not how much you eat, it's what you eat. if the "what" is healthy, the "how much" will adjust to the right amount for you. you can eat too little, but if you stay balanced, you can't eat too much!...more info
  • Being taken in by a quack???
    Diana Schwarbein is not a board certified physician. She is not board certified in either internal medicine or endocrinology. Her claims of being an expert are suspect. Beware of quackery!!...more info
  • Don't read this book if you want to be a Sumo Wrestler
    Dr. Schwarzbien - if you're reading this, would you slap your monitor? . . . it's the best I can do to give you a long-distance "High 5" for this "out of the box" book of yours!

    The Schwarzbein Principle reminds me of a story about a man who runs into Death. Frightened by the encounter, he goes to his master and begs for the fastest horse so he can get away to Tehran that night. The master agreed and soon the only evidence of the man was a cloud of dust. That evening, the master himself met Death. "Why did you frighten my servant so? asked the master. "I wasn't trying to frighten him," said Death, "I only expressed surprise to see him still here when our appointment was in Tehran tonight.

    Now, substitute "Death" with "Fat." It seems we've run right to being fat by trying to avoid it, as well as protein, on the horse of "Low-Fat, Complex Carb" diets.

    I've not been perfect, but after 2 1/2 months I can now add my voice to the Amazon choir and report an inch lost everywhere except my hips/waist - and they've gone down 1 1/2 inches. I know the tape measure doesn't lie, but sometimes it can have an imagination. But, it can't fake 1 1/2 inches no matter how much I inhale and try to "puff up." The first month was scary and I actually thought I was gaining. Glad I stuck it out.

    I'll be ordering your next book as soon as it hits the virtual shelves!...more info

  • If you only get one book on eating, this should be it!
    This book has been a tremendous help to me. It does not focus on weight loss, but instead focuses on what food does to our bodies on a cellular level, and how food either builds our body or damages it. Eating properly according to this book will reverse many of the diseases that plague our modern times and help us achieve our ideal body weight and composition. If you suffer from diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol, other illness, or are overweight, it would be worth your while to read this book. It is written in a simple to understand manner, with concrete information that is hard to dispute. This is the book that has taken me off of the diet roller coater and put me back on the path to health. Weight loss is just the "icing on the cake"....more info
  • The "stars" have it!
    I bought this book BEFORE checking out Amazon's customer reviews, which is not something I normally do. I thought the book was very well written and logical. Since I have tried Atkin's and it worked, I saw, while reading The Schwarzbein Principle, no reason why it should not work as well. I decided to check out the reviews just to see what others thought.

    I must say something I find rather interesting about the reviews: those very few who panned it obviously (1) did not read the book closely enough (she SAYS be careful about sausages, bacon and prepared meats, for Pete's sake!); (2) did not really follow the diet (Cheerios??!! Come on!) or (3) made a blatantly false statement (Yes, Dr. Schwarzbein is a medical doctor. Another reader pointed this out, but I would like to add that making false statements in print about someone is libelous.)

    The one thing about Atkins I think is a little bizarre, is the induction phase is so limiting regarding carbohydrates. He only wants you to eat about three cups of veggies, if it is salad, but if you substitute broccoli for salad, you can have only 1/2 cup (instead of a cup). This seems pretty limited for a food that is so nutritious, particularly since a cup of lettuce has, on average, only about 2 grams of carbs and not much nutritive value.

    Dr. Schwarzbein, on the other hand, does caution about types of fats plus encourages more good vegetable consumption.

    The overwhelming positive statements about the book have really provided additional motivation to try this lifestyle. I can't wait to see the results!...more info

  • Best balanced advice ever
    No hype. No extremes. A refreshing balanced approach to improving health and metabolism, and "dieting" that actually works! A good basic lesson in biochemistry that makes sense of why we (Americans) have been gaining weight and getting sick on low-fat, high-carb diets. Case studies are insightful and at times shocking in their extremes. Highly recommend reading....more info
  • Extremely Accurate & Well Written
    I own a meal program delivery business. Diane's book is dead on. I tried various weight loss programs for years then 'luckily' discovered the low refined carb method of eating. I also discovered that fat is okay, cholesterol is okay and calorie counting is a myth. When I read Diane's book, it confirmed what I had learned over 8 years of trial & error. She is dead on and her theory is based on biochemistry...not opinion. If you follow her methods, you will feel better than you have in 20 years (and look better!). I am a 45 year old father of 3. My body fat is about 7-8% and I simply walk every day and do inclined pushups. I follow Diane's eating lifestyle and it works very well....more info
  • Dr. Schwarzbein's Principle's are changing my life
    I have purchased all of Dr. Schwarbein's books related to her Schwarzbein Principle Program (SPP), each one of them giving me knowledge and encouragement that I can achieve good health of body, mind and spirit by following the simple, common-sense approach to nutrition and stress management. It is the only book of this kind that I feel makes such PERFECT SENSE. This book is not only for weight-loss, it is for every living human being who wants to be healthy. It is for you and every family member, friend and acquaintance you can recommend it to. I can't stop talking about it and I gave several books as Christmas presents this year!!
    Ormond Beach, FL...more info
  • Accelerated Metabolic aging,,,,blah blah blah
    Don't get turned off by my title. I think this is one of the best health/nutritional books out there because it does not start with the typical " have you tried so many diets and failed, well this is the diet for you ". Diana's book was very straight forward and easy to understand. She follows each chapter with someone's real life experience which I found to be encouraging. However, my husband (who also read the book)and I felt that Diana talked too much about accelerated metabolic aging to the point where it turned us off. She also wrote about how medications will eventually kill -- so get off medication. I don't agree with her on that point because there are many people out there who are on medication for serious illnesses and unless she can come up with a specific cure for strokes, diabetes, depression, cancer then she should lighten up on the topic. Having said that, most of her book was on target, providing the one useful fact that everyone should know, if you can't grow it or pick it then don't eat it. In other words, there is lots of healthy food out there to choose from instead of stopping at the nearest Burger King for cheeseburger, fries and shakes. She has guidelines that a normal person such as myself can live with, unlike Dr. Atkins who says no carbohydrates for the first two weeks. Both my husband and I read her book and followed her guidelines and we both were losing weight and feeling good. I must admit that I do have a sweet tooth and salty fingers so I have "fallen" off the wagon but I plan on watching what I eat so I will pick up my copy Schwarzbein Principle to give myself a refresher course. I did buy her second book but I would have to agree with one of the reviewers of this book, it is similar to the first book (like a movie sequel). The first book is the best so don't bother to waste your money....more info
  • Needs much more explanation
    I bought this book and the vegetarian cookbook that goes with it. I was very excited about the idea of the book. I read it all, but was very disappointed in her explanation of how to actually do the nutrition plan. She is very general, so that I had many questions after I finished reading. For example, she says to make sure each meal is balanced, but never says what she means. i.e., equal grams of each of the four groups (protein, carbs, veg, fat)? or some other measure? She doesn't want people to focus on numbers, but she doesn't give enough info to actually follow the plan. I am a vegetarian, so for protein I eat tofu, soy products and cheeses. She does not explain whether or not to count the carbs in tofu, soy or cottage cheese (they are all predominantly protein but have some carb). Does she want the carbs included in the allowable amount per meal? In her recipes with tofu, she does NOT count the carb grams in tofu at all, but in her recipes with ricotta she DOES count the carbs. So I was left to try to figure out what that means. She doesn't have recipes with cottage cheese, so I have no idea what to do with that. Unfortunately I came to the conclusion that I am unable to follow this plan, because the discrepancy is too big. For example, for dinner if I have a cup of tofu mixed with vegetables and a third cup of brown rice, if I don't include the tofu than I have had my exact amount of carbs for the meal (15), but if I do count the carbs in tofu I am at 30, which is DOUBLE my allowed carbs. I am certainly not willing to have that much ambiguity in an eating plan, since it may mean whether it is successful or not. I have health reasons for choosing this so I would like to know I am doing it right. I checked her website as well and she has no information on this and no place to ask questions.

    I would say that if you are interested in doing a balanced eating plan (I think that her information on why they are very important for everyone is great and sounds right on) you might consider looking elsewhere, to a plan that has more details on how to follow the plan successfully.

    I gave this book a 2 because although her information about why to do the plan is great, her information about HOW to do the plan is quite inadequate, so much so that the plan can't be followed (which is the whole point of the book)....more info

  • Sounds like a good plan for optimal health!
    Schwarzbein Principle-The Program is the first book of the three that I picked up and I later found that it is a summation of both books one and two. I believe that, although this is her third book, it was for the best that I read this one first since I was then able to decide whether the approach as a whole suited me. I decided that I very much want to change my lifestyle including my eating habits, exercise, stress and hormone levels.

    This was not a new decision; I have tried several diets over the last 21 years (low fat and calorie, high protein and low carb, and variations of the two, as well as just eating when I feel hungry). On two I lost more than 25 pounds and on two I lost more than 50 pounds but none kept the weight off for more than 2 to 6 years. I gained back the weight plus more when I went off the diet because I could not sustain the diet. During the diets I had cravings, felt tired, felt deprived and depressed and kept it up anyway until it was obvious (contrary to what professionals said) that it was not getting better. I have several health problems that did not change when I lost weight including rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. The doctors said that they would improve significantly with exercise and weight loss but they did not.

    I went through bariatric surgery five years ago and slowly lost 60 pounds over one year. My body was resistant at first, which the doctor said was rare and so I was told that I would need to exercise and try to eat protein more. I was very tired at first but kept up with walking and stretching and eventually the endorphin rush that I had never heard of before felt good and I thought, "Wow, I must be doing it right this time!" But I had to exercise more and more to reach my goal weight because it wasn't coming off anymore. The weight didn't go down and neither did my dress sizes. I was still overweight but an average size 14 and pretty content with that. So a trainer started me on weight lifting (with the reason that more muscle means more energy your body burns) and it was cool, felt achy at first then the burn was good and my weight shifted to muscle and dress size to 12 then stopped. However, I had to exercise more and lift more to keep getting that endorphin rush until I hit a plateau and couldn't figure out how to turn it around. Then I started falling down the hill; no more energetic feeling, just more tired feelings.

    After two years of regular exercise I was just as tired, if not more so than before I started exercising. Various health pros advised me to exercise more (I was finally up to 2 hours a day of cardio and weight lifting) but I became more tired and mentally foggy. Other pros said to cut back on exercise, so I did but my body did not recover. Various health professionals advised me to eat more protein, drink more water, take some anti-depressants, take some stimulants, and take anti-anxiety meds and sleeping pills to help with coming down. It did not help. Over a 6 month period I gave up again on what I thought was my most successful attempt (this was two years ago) because I was somewhat toned and an average size after a lifetime of morbid obesity. I was in more pain and self-medicated with alcohol and prescription drugs that did not help. I gained 50 pounds in the next 4 months, an unprecedented experience for me. I was so disappointed and no one could explain it to me.

    Seven months ago I went to try another diet, a popular, somewhat balanced "calories in have to equal calories out" plan to lose weight because the weight gain scared me. But for the first time in my life, I did not lose anything at all (during 6 weeks on the plan) even with the gastric bypass surgery. My body had apparently become so imbalanced or immune or something that I could not seem to lose weight and continued to gain it. Last month I weighed 20 pounds more than before my surgery. Now, I just try to eat balanced meals and I am looking to return my health to me. Doctors still cannot seem to help my fatigue, fibromyalgia, flare up of arthritis, flare-up of asthma or my mental fog. Nothing works and they cannot even explain why.

    Then the other day I picked up Schwarzbein's Program and it explained how dieting damages your metabolism. It proposed an explanation for why my body reacted the way it did and continues to do. I knew that dieting damages your metabolism but I did not know that it could potentially account for all of my other health problems. (I also had no idea how to fix it and neither did any health professional I've come into contact with, they all seem to be advising me to continue to damage it.) The Schwarzbein Principle offers a plan to repair my metabolism and hormonal imbalances. This is more important to me right now than weight loss. This plan does not promise quick and easy weight loss, it promises to promote overall health. Any weight loss is secondary but very possible if the body needs this to become healthy.

    At this point, if being healthy and feeling good or just normal physically means gaining a few pounds first, I would gladly bear it. I would rather be morbidly obese than continue to feel like a zombie that has constant low-level pain and irritability. My concern is wasting hundreds to thousands of dollars yet again and returning to worse health than before, but I feel I have to keep trying because I want to feel good. I am not doing this to look like a model but to feel healthy and really live like a normal person---sleep through the night, feel enough energy to easily get out of bed, eat because I like food, feel excited about the day ahead of me, have enough energy and optimism to meet the challenges of my work and be able to walk around without aches in my joints, pain in my fingers, and so much more.

    I do not want to leap into another diet without believing in it and believing that it will work. I have trusted health professionals too many times because I wanted to believe that they were right. However, it turned out that they did not know what they were talking about. They do not seem to know how to have a healthy body and lose weight through food. The U.S. guidelines for eating just changed again, you know.

    But I do want to be healthy and so I will take a chance but I want it to be a calculated risk and be a good consumer. That means reading up on a plan and seeing if it makes sense, which is difficult to do even if you are a health professional because, overall, they still don't know how to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle. I have decided do my best and so I started investigating Schwarzbein's plan by reading her third book first, The Program.

    Schwarzbein's plan has five steps for a healthy life and does NOT focus on quick weight loss. You may not lose weight at all on this diet, may even gain it, especially if you are the body composition you should be. If, however, your hormones are imbalanced then some weight gain is likely to occur (i.e. with thinner chronic dieters) but it will be followed by loss if your body needs it. Schwarzbein feels that quick weight loss is dangerous and will not support it (I admire her for not selling out her patients for money when the general public thinks thin means healthy and it does not). She advocates a five step plan for overall health and wellness:

    1) Addresses nutrition in the form of balanced meals
    2) Manages stress and sleep
    3) Avoiding toxic chemicals (e.g. nicotine and sugar and additives)
    4) Sensible exercise
    5) Hormone replacement therapy (to help repair damaged metabolism)

    This book (The Schwarzbein Principle: The Program) condenses what is in books two and three and offers the materials together here. Book one (The Schwarzbein Principle) explains more in detail about the carbohydrate-insulin connection and the rationale underlying a diet balancing protein first, followed by complex carbohydrates, non-starchy vegetables and good fats. I have been overexposed to this, personally, and so this book added little to my knowledge in that regard. I felt I had heard enough about insulin and carbohydrates, especially since my family has diabetics who have shared this information with me. Book two (The Transition) goes into more details about the 5-step plan itself and the connection between hormones and metabolism. This is the reason I decided to buy book two but not book one. This information, this theory for explaining my health problems, is what I have been looking for, hoping to find for years.

    I read book two to find out more about the premises underlying the plan regarding repairing the metabolism because I believe this is the cornerstone of her program. (And it is obvious to me that mine is damaged.) Yes, as another reviewer complained, the details can become technical and confusing for anyone without a basic familiarity with the physiology of the human body, particularly the endocrine system. I have that basic knowledge from classes completed during my education, working toward a doctorate in psychology. However, even if you find it difficult, I do believe it is important to slog through it. It also helps that summaries are provided at the end of each chapter. It is of paramount importance that consumers have access to this information so that fitness gurus like Schwarzbein can be held accountable for offering diet plans and lifestyle plans that actually going to promote health to the public. It is also important that people like you and me can make informed decisions about which health plan to follow. It often seems to me like it's about choosing the lesser of certain evils since I haven't met a single plan that worked long-term for health or weight loss. Maybe this one will.

    So, with that in 2 goes into detail about how hormones regulate the metabolic system and how those hormones are made from protein and "good" fats. (Remember, complex carbohydrates ARE necessary in this diet, but in balance as they are needed to energize the body and brain). Therefore, proteins, certain fats and complex carbs are necessary (not a certain number of calories) for the production of hormones, which affect processes including thinking, using up/building fats, building/breaking down muscle, sleeping, moods and much more. They mediate the immune system too. Reading this book is building my confidence in the validity and integrity of the Schwarzbein plan as a whole and the nutrition plan in particular. However, it seems that the hormones and vitamins are expensive and that they may require seeing a health professional who is knowledgeable about such things. An endocrinologist who is open to new ideas would be good.

    Schwarzbein's web site is set up and seems pretty good. However, the test offered for checking some hormone levels is apparently not available now or in the foreseeable future. That's lame! However, you can guess based on your symptoms which of four metabolism styles you have and this indicates which vitamins you should take to help repair your metabolism/hormonal imbalance. If you suspect that you have any other deficiencies such as thyroid problems, sex hormone imbalances or similar conditions that require prescriptions then you should see an endocrinologist or gynecologist who is patient-friendly, I plan to do this. Schwarzbein's site offers referrals to health professionals who are familiar with her program but do not endorse any of these persons. I contacted a nutritionist who wanted to charge me $3 per minute for a four hour phone call where he would provide me with advice about nutrition and supplements. (Isn't that what I read in the book?) I would still need to pay for vitamins and see one of the above doctors anyway. I was at once irate and amazed that he actually thought I would pay for such a service. It sounds like a rip-off to me! I think that Schwarzbein's people should be more careful about the providers they promote/refer and they should offer patients the opportunity to give feedback about the providers.

    I would love to visit a bulletin, chat room or listserv on the Schwarzbein Principle. I feel I need support, answers to questions and more feedback about the pitfalls and successes. I like hearing about other people's stories toward becoming more healthy (some of these are in book 2), both successes and setbacks. I would like a forum for advice. For instance, I don't like to cook and I miss carbs. Any ideas out there for such a thing?

    In conclusion, I would definitely recommend reading the Schwarzbein Principle: The Program first to get the basics. If you want to find out more and believe you have an insulin-carbohydrate problem such as diabetes or sugar addictions then read book one entitled, Schwarzbein Principle, to find out more about this component. If, like me, you want to find out more about the premises underlying the claims that this plan repairs your endocrine system and related metabolism, read book two entitled, The Schwarzbein Principle II: The Transition. The first half shares such information and the second half shares more details about how to change your habits gradually through the five step program. In one section she offers 4 general plans which correspond with four different types of metabolic systems (This is dependent upon the amount of damage you have already done to your body.) and breaks down the five steps (e.g. nutrition, stress, exercise, toxins and hormones) further.

    Balance in life sounds logical to me and so does this plan so far. I am crossing my fingers that this plan will truly repair my damaged metabolism and endocrine system overall. Luck to you! I hope this information helps someone with his or her decision. Also, I would love to hear stories about successes or setbacks from people on this program so please, send me an e-mail.
    ...more info
  • The Diet That Isn't
    Schwarzbein goes against all the current thinking on dieting. Exercise and balanced diet are good words that all doctors will tell you. From there Schwarzbein goes in a completely different direction. Count carbohydrates, not calories. Eat as much good fat and protein as your body needs. Eat 'real' food, not the processed and chemical-filled food that lines the grocery shelves. Stay away from the low-fat foods that make you feel hungry and contribute to hormonal imbalance.

    After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my doctor gave me a 1500-calorie diet. That wasn't enough food to live on. I was lucky enough to have someone recommend the Schwarzbein book. In the past eight months I have lost over 50lbs, eating food I enjoy and feeling good about it. My doctor said to keep up what ever I am doing. He was happy when I said I was eating the number of carbohydrates listed in the 1500-calorie diet. I am sleeping the entire night. My blood pressure is at 125/72, down from 149/100. I had to buy new cloths, down from size 48 pants to size 44. Hopefully I will have to buy a smaller size in the next 6 months.

    Steak, bratwurst, bacon, butter, eggs, mayonnaise, and whole milk are all part of my normal diet, along with generous portions of salads. I can eat as much of these as my body wants. I make sure that I eat potatoes, bread, and whole grain cereal, but in limited portions. My blood glucose readings are in the normal range, and they agree with Schwarzbein's findings in her patient studies.

    The main emphasis of the book is not on losing weight. It is about becoming healthy, enjoying eating, and enjoying a long life. It isn't necessary to immediately make all the changes listed in the book. The goal is to gradually make the changes and enjoy life....more info

  • The Schwartzbein Principle
    Three months ago I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance, High Blood Pressure and Enlarged/Fatty Liver. Having been under stress continuously over the last decade caring for two elderly family memembers with numerous health problems - I had not taken care of myself ..
    Well, after reading and applying the 'Principle' to my own life, I feel as tho' I have been re-born - at age 66! I lost 20 pounds without even trying ... my blood pressure is now consistently within normal range, my blood work is perfect and I have more energy than I've had since I was in my 30s! I am not constantly thinking of food - satisfied after every meal and no longer have cravings for sweets -
    It's (as they say) A Miracle!
    I highly recommend this book - the testimonies of some of her patients will inspire you -
    I'm another sucess sory - I would hope everyone interested in regaining their health and control of their life, give this sensible, no nonsense way a chance - you may very well (like me) be able to correct some of your health problems without becoming a slave to prescription drugs the RX ...prescription drugs. My physician and his wife a registered nurse were amazed at my progress and told me they wish all of their patients would be able to have the incentive and desire to take control of their life - I had to admit, I couldn't have done it on my own. I owe it to Dr. Diana Schwartzbein! I highly recommend this book. ...more info
  • schwarzbein principal
    The book presents a lot of info but for the person looking to change eating style there is no clear IE table style presentation of how to follow the plan. The individual must read take notes and make their own which seems very cumbersome....more info
  • It works! It really, really works!
    I have been joking with my friends for the last three years that I should write a "diet" book based on my great experiences with a diet I was forced to adopt due to numerous food allergies. Little did I know that that book already exists! I had been diagnosed with 33 allergies and once I removed those foods from my diet, my body changed dramatically! Not only did I lose 20 pounds, I cleared up my acne and gained so much energy that I became somewhat of an athlete. To top it all off I am constantly being asked for my ID when I go out and at the age of 32 am being mistaken for a woman in her early twenties by twenty-somethings themselves! I had attributed all of this to removing the allergenic foods and, though that is most certainly a part of it, after having read this book I can now see WHY I've found such success. I have had to remove all processed foods, stimulants and sugars due to my allergies and what's left is exactly what Dr. Schwarzbein recommends! I have unwittingly been following this whole foods diet (protein and fat included) for the last three years. So, buy this book, give the diet a month with NO CHEATING and you will be amazed! You will no longer have cravings PERIOD (I find it takes about 2-3 days to get rid of the actual physical cravings and then you have to deal with the mental part of it) and your body will thank you. I guarantee that in a year's time you will reap all of the benefits she touts in her book! Thank you Doctor!...more info
  • Can't stop talking about this book
    This book has seriously changed my life. A friend recommended this book to me, I actually wasn't interested in reading it, but thought I'd give it a chance. Since reading the book, I can't stop recommending it. I have lost about 12 pounds, but the weight isn't what matters to me anymore! I have stopped obsessing about my weight and now focus on my HEALTH. The book is written in a way that complicated medical terminology is broken down into easy-to-understand english. It focuses on everything being connected in a way I never even thought about before - for example - I am sleeping better than ever in my life (for those of you who have trouble sleeping, I never even concidered sleep to be an issue when reading this book, it just so happens to be an added bonus! - I have always had trouble sleeping - not anymore!!!)
    This is a great gift for those in your life who are looking for the answer like the rest of us WERE!...more info
  • Verging on Quackery
    I was not impressed with this book, to say the least. First, I'm a type 1 diabetic, and the authors don't even deign to admit that folks like me exist. More important, though, is their dangerous advice to avoid all prescription drugs! Many of us depend on prescription drugs for our very lives; I use insulin, lovastatin for elevated cholesterol and lisinopril to arrest diabetic kidney complications. Reader beware!...more info
  • It works
    This eating plan works, not only to lose weight safely, but to lose unwanted medical or metabolic problems as well. With this plan, I don't just look better; I feel better. A lot better. Fatigue and lack of mental alertness are 90% better. Libido, which had all but disappeared, is back to normal. Mood is soooo much better. Anxiety gone. The book is well written, very well organized and clear, in laymen's terms but not simplistic by any means....more info
  • Excellent Introduction to Insulin Resistance and Other Issue
    I've bought and read at least 6 books (Eades, Heller, Sears, etc.)on insulin resistance, low carbohydrate eating and related topics. I've also done some research on the Web. I found this book to be the clearest and easiest to read of all. I highly recommend it.

    Yes, it can be a bit simplistic at times. But there's a lot of information to convey here, and it's done clearly. Getting more technical would overwhelm the reader, which is what happens with some of the other books on this topic. I'm a pretty bright person who's used to reading articles on science, but I found some of the other books WAY too technical. (Eicosanoids? What are those and why should I care? I can't even pronounce it!) Schwarzbein keeps it all simple and straightforward. I was able to go back to some of the other books with a clear sense of the overall picture, which had eluded me. I'd been too bogged down with details. She pulls a lot of highly technical info together into a neat package that's easy to grasp and remember. Her guidelines for eating and lifestyle are also simple (I'm sorry, but the Zone is way too complicated for me. I eat real food, not blocks. Trying to stay in the Zone made me obsessive and crazy for about 2 days, trying to figure it all out, so I gave it up. Good science, maybe, but not so hot in a real person's kitchen or a real person's life)

    In my view, this is information that needs to get out to the public. But we've had so many years of the low-fat gospel that anything that sounds different seems nutty and faddish. So the very people who should not be eating starchy foods will go on using "low-fat" salad dressing and no-fat yogurt, thinking it's the best thing for them (read the labels! Don't you wonder how they make them low-fat and still taste palatable? It's SUGAR, by many different names, the last thing Type Two diabetics or people with insulin resistance should be eating in large doses. One brand of salad dressing I checked had twice as much sugar in its low-fat version as in its regular version. Add up all the low-fat products you pay extra for, because they're supposedly healthier for you, and then ask yourself why you can't lose weight or get your pre-breakfast glucose levels down to normal! It's not your fault). And those of us whose bodies tell the story of insulin resistance will continue to get blamed for eating too much, not enough willpower, blah blah. (News flash: "Obesity is the cause of millions of dollars per year of extra health-care costs, so fat people should lose weight." Oh, thank you so much for this piece of wisdom. Precisely how do these experts suggest we do that? And what makes them think we haven't tried, repeatedly, over the years?) Meanwhile, that telltale "spare tire" gets bigger and bigger as we eat all that healthy low-fat high-carb food we're supposed to eat, we get insatiable cravings, and we get heartburn from those healthy potatoes and rice. By the time I heard about insulin resistance and low carb eating, it was no sacrifice for me to give up starchy foods, because they gave me a literal pain when I ate them. And reading the books I've read explained why.

    All of the books I've read on this topic have included some pretty convincing science. I speak as a layman, mind you, but I can also see the evidence in my own weight loss and improved health. This book gave me the clearest and most comprehensive understanding of what was happening and why. I highly recommend it for anyone just starting out into the maze of information about low-carb/insulin resistance/Syndrome X....more info

  • eat naturally
    This book has lots of good information. I plan to try the suggestions and see how it works. The book is in good conditon....more info
  • my last review
    I wrote the 2-star review about the lack of explanation. I just wanted to let people know that you are welcome to contact me about my opinion on this book, or if you have more information. My 'about you' page has my email address.

    p.s. I had to put a stars on this 'review', and I did not want to sway the average by putting another 2, so I just put a 4 randomly (no connection to my opinion of the book, which is still a 2)....more info

  • So, what was that "principle" again?
    Free radicals are bad for you because they are molecules that destroy your cellas and promote ageing and sickness. Wow.

    Unfortunately it would seem the evil stuff is everywhere so there is no real escaping our sad certainity of ageing and decay.

    Mostly it goes like that. One actually useful bit of info: avoid salami, sausages and the like.

    We get more substance once one reaches the inevitable My Recipies part. Let's see. OK, you are supposed to eat a little salad for lunch, a small piece of chicken for lunch with some veggies, and so on.

    Yeah right. You probably will lose some weight.

    Yawn....more info
  • VERY INSIGHTFUL, an education on cellular biology

    So I read this book and The Thin Commandments and have to say that for the first time in my life I feel like I have a chance to repair my shot metabolism from dieting in college and eating too much sugar and refined carbohydrates.

    Turns out a calorie isn't just a calorie and different calories throw different switches in your system. It seems pretty obvious that eating diet cupcakes are not good for you, but this book explains exactly why by giving you the knowledge of what you body does with those calories. It is a great companion to The Thin Commandments because it talks about the behavior while this books covers the science.

    This book is well put together and VERY informative. I highly recommend!...more info
  • The Schwarzbein Principle"
    With so much error in what is a truly healthy diet, especially for diabetics, this author, a doctor, has discovered proven dietary changes that will help those who are looking for real help in the area of food and drink. An easy read, with input from those who corrected their diets and were greatly helped by following these guidelines of Dr. Diana Schwarzbein....more info
  • It's a miracle
    After years of low fat/high carb, my husband and I have been eating this way for two months, and we cannot get over the change it's had on our lives. Better sleep, greatly reduced digestive problems, less PMS, no more indigestion, weight loss (9 pounds each), no more non-stop hunger, more energy, etc. The book is clear and easy to read, and while it isn't perfect (the plan can be vague, and there are some errors) we've figured out what to do. We work 50 hour weeks and find no problem making fresh food every day - it's all a matter of organization and experience. Further, this book has given me the freedom to cook from my favorite French cookbooks! Diana, we love you!

    Update - One year later: we still love this way of eating. My husband lost (and has kept off) 15 pounds, while I - with less willpower - have kept off my weight loss (9 pounds) but have lost no more. I am now trying to bring more exercise into the mix. But we continue to eat this way 90% of the time and continue to feel the benefits. When I don't eat this way, I usually end up feeling yucky and can't wait to go back....more info

  • This book changed my life
    By making just a few minor shifts in my eating practices for the first time in my life, I have no constant cravings for food. I've spent most of my life either being highly disciplined, while craving food or worrying about craving food. It has been like finally casting out a life-long demon. I've been a Weight Watcher for many years and what I realized is that the basics that Dr. Schwarzbein suggests are the basics I was taught in my first Weight Watcher class about eating a balanced meal 30 years ago. Dr. Schwarbein's book came at a great time for me and it has updated, refreshed and renewed my knowledge while drastically improving my well-being ... it has raised my consciousness to a new level. I am MOST grateful! An easy read....more info
  • Don't read this book if you want to be a Sumo Wrestler
    Dr. Schwarzbien - if you're reading this, would you slap your monitor? . . . it's the best I can do to give you a long-distance "High 5" for this "out of the box" book of yours!

    The Schwarzbein Principle reminds me of a story about a man who runs into Death. Frightened by the encounter, he goes to his master and begs for the fastest horse so he can get away to Tehran that night. The master agreed and soon the man was gone in a boiling cloud of dust. That evening, the master himself met Death. "Why did you frighten my servant so? asked the master. "I wasn't trying to frighten him," said Death, "I only expressed surprise to see him still here when our appointment was in Tehran tonight.

    Now I can, substitute "Death" with "Fat." It seems you're saying that we've run right to being fat by trying to avoid it, as well as protein, on the horse of "Low-Fat, Complex Carb" diets.

    I've not been perfect, but after 2 1/2 months I can now add my voice to the Amazon choir and report an inch lost everywhere except my hips/waist - and they've gone down 1 1/2 inches. I know the tape measure doesn't lie, but sometimes it can have an imagination. But, it can't fake 1 1/2 inches no matter how much I inhale and try to "puff up." The first month was scary and I actually thought I was gaining. Glad I stuck it out.

    I'll be ordering your next book as soon as it hits the virtual shelves!...more info

  • The book to start with; Easy to follow!
    This is an excellent program and has helped me to feel better and lose weight on a diet I can maintain. It combines the best of low carb diets with lots of vegetables and some healthy carbs like fruits and grains. This book explains her program in a clear and concise way unlike its successors. I highly recommend The Schwarzbein Principle Cookbook as well....more info
  • Try it. It works!
    My husband and I, 54 and 53, have been using the meals from The Schwarzbein Principle book for just one week. We are delighted with the menu. We do not feeling deprived. I purchased the book after seeing the wonderful results a friend of mine had by using the book. She had a weight problem and tried many diets. She looked as good as I did in high school. After reading the book I knew this was the answer for me. Just changing your thinking on good fats will add flavor to your foods. We love what we have experienced so far. Thanks Diana Schwarzbein....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I was happy with my purchase an it end up being cheaper by purchasing on this wed...more info
  • Solid Information
    This work is well worth reading for everyone intrested in good health. So much mis-information is heaped upon us; saturated, unsaturated, calories, etc. with little or no information on nutrition. Thanks to the good doctor, after only two weeks of close attention to the guidelines I feel stronger, healthier, more energenic (without any stimulants!) and mentally at peace-an amazing side benifit....more info
  • All Schwarzbein titles
    My wife was so impressed with the first title that she had me order the others by Schwarzbein for her and for our family. Thank You for this interesting new look at ways to eat healthy food....more info
  • This is the bible for right nutrition.
    The book is great and the concept presented in it should be applied by people who want to be healthy and happy. You don't have to do all she says, but at least read to know what to do and what not to do to improve your health and longeivity....more info
  • Interesting reading but be careful
    After 4 month of limiting carbs to 100g per day, eggs every day, etc. I found I felt good, dropped a few pounds around my waist and lowered my blood pressure while eating all kinds of fat... but as I am 5-10 158lbs and work out 5 times a week, I did this to lower my cholesterol and not to really lose weight... my cholesterol went from 215 total with HDL 46, to 355 with HDL of 61 and LDL of 280 (recommended level less than 130). Not exactly what I was looking for. At least my triglycerides were good....more info
  • Best explanation of the effect of food on our bodies.
    I don't think that diet is quite the word to use in discussing this book: It's more than a diet. I follow most of the recommendations in this book most of the time: I have not yet been able to let go of coffee, and I also have a desert once a week. As a result, my weight has varied over three years, at the most, by 5 lbs.
    I have spent most of my life yo-yoing back and forth from somewhere between 210 and 301 lbs. At the moment, I am about 192 lbs on a 6ft 3in frame. I am never hungry. My last blood test, about four months ago, was normal.
    I liked the book because it explained why the "diet" worked in a clear easy-to-understand way. She also explains why fat got such a bad reputation from the original studies. I look forward to reading her forthcoming book....more info
  • The Zone without the hype:)
    A clear explanation of why low fat makes you fat. It IS the trend right now--but this author seemed to be one of the ones with the science to start the trend.

    I have adhered to these principles before the book just explained why i feel better at 40 than i did at 20. And my kids don't have the sugar cravings of their friends!...more info

  • College Girl Approves
    As a college freshman at an all girl's school, I have seen my share of eating disorders, from those who skimp on calories to prevent weight-gain to those who eat chips and waffles for sustinence. I myself have struggled with eating over the past two years, wondering how I could maintain an athletic figure and eat healthy, balanced, tasty meals at the same time.

    Now that I am planning to study to become a nutritionist, I have been reading more and more articles and books on the "diet" industry and so far, Dr. Swcharzbein's book has made the most sense to me. I have decided to try this eating pattern for a month, and now, after the first week, I already feel better about myself and my eating habits, and people are already telling me that I look great! Plus, I don't get those carb/sugar craving at 1 in the morning, and I don' t have that "noise" in my head that Dr. Schwarzbein mentions as a drive for many dieters to cheat. Not having to count calories is the best part and it makes me feel so good to know that I am eating natural foods and as a side benefit, losing weight and maintaining a healthy figure at the same time.

    I wish that all the girls at my school could be as "health-educated" as I by this book. Give the meal plan a try, but be sure to really read the book first so that you understand why you're suddenly "allowed" to have butter and oils on a regular basis. Otherwise, you're liable to slip back into cutting good fats like these out of your diet when you continue to hear about the low-fat diet rage in magazines and on TV. Even knowing the reasoning behind this diet still makes it mentally difficult for me sometimes to justify eating a sausage and cheese omlette, something I never would have done in the past.

    It can't hurt to give this eating plan (NOT a diet) a try, and if after a month you feel good internally and externally, stick with it! I'll let you know how I did in a month:)...more info

  • Liked this helpful book
    Easy to read, easy to follow advice. Really did help with some of my perimenopausal symptoms including lack of energy, depression, night anxiety. In fact, once I started following this style of eating, period became regular again. Only problem is that more recipes would be helpful but those are in the cookbook....more info
  • Phenomenal
    If you really want to understand how the body processes carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, as well as Endocrinology 101, this book is a very good investment. Even for people who do not need to lose weight, I would highly recommend it, because it explains the basics about how the foods we eat affect all of our hormone levels, thus, all of the processes of our body. The book has further convinced me that processed food and refined carbohydrates are POISON. A very, very good read-- I was able to follow and not bored at all!...more info
  • No more guilt about food!
    I love what Dr. Scwarzbein has done for people like me who have had a weight problem all their lives. I have been on every diet ever invented for 40-odd years. They only wrecked my metabolism and made me feel guilty that I could not control my weight. Now after reading Schwarzbein's book, I understand why I've had such a big problem. Best of all, though, I now know I can heal my metabolism and achieve an ideal body weight. Everything that didn't make sense on other diets (including hi protein, low carb) now makes perfect sense. Don't skip any of the chapters. This book and the data it so easily explains could turn around the deplorable state of health in this country alone. Our kids today are the saddest cases of all. Do anyone you know with kids, especially teen girls, a big favor, and get them to read this book. One chapter in particular covers this issue, how vital it is for teen girls to eat right, and include the correct fats in their diets. I could go on and on about this book and Dr. S's wonderful gift to us, and I have gone on and on to my friends about it. I did lose 15 lbs. and didn't even try. I now eat more butter (YES!) and oil than I did before, and I finally, without having to be a biochemist, do understand very simply what fats are good and which are bad, and why. I eat plenty of food, never go hungry (and must not!) and enjoy a real sense of freedom for the first time in my life about food and what I "can" eat and what I shouldn't eat. I no longer crave sweets. This is a miracle in itself. After entering menopause and gaining 20+ pounds in what seemed like seconds, I know that sticking to this (which is easy, it's now a lifestyle for me) I will be able to gradually (the only way to go) get rid of the unhealthy weight and get down to a really healthy ideal, for me. I only wish I had had this book back years ago, and before menopause, and, what the heck, before puberty! Yes, if I could have ever designed the perfect meals for myself, years ago, I would have exactly designed what Schwarzbein has described! Hey, the recipe books are fabulous, too. It really works!...more info
  • The Schwarzbein Principle
    Despite this book covering a 'scientific' subject, I found it surprisingly easy to follow. The case histories were very interesting and helped a lot towards understanding the principle itself. For anyone wanting to shed fat and get healthier, simply by changing their eating habits, I would highly recommend this book....more info
  • Schwarzbein tells it like it is!
    I was sceptical, like everyone else. But, the author does an outstanding job of explaining how the human body works. She is a doctor, who questions the Doctor Associations!

    She gives reports from everyday people, and then checks back to make sure they are still following a recovery path. I have bought over 12 copies myself, and handed them out to ALL my friends and family. They have in turn bought many copies and handed them out as well. She makes SENSE! This is the overwelming cause for our enthusiasm. Following her WAY of EATING (not diet) my family has lost weight w/o ANY gains. I will continue to recommend her book and the wonderful cookbook too....more info

  • The most important book I have ever read
    If you read this book you may never be the same again. I bought this because my friend lost 31lbs in the first year, and another 21 pounds by June the following year. When I saw her this Christmas she was gorgeous, svelte, glowing with health, full of energy. It seemed incongruous to see her tucking into hearty meals while I was starving on a lettuce leaf and losing nothing!

    It is early days for me, but after only five weeks I have lost nine pounds. That is nothing! In those weeks I have been feeling well for the first time in many years. I don't fall asleep the whole time. I can run after my small toddler, even though I don't weigh that much less. I seem to have become fitter. I can breathe. I have almost stopped using my asthma inhaler, no longer need my stomach coating tablets, have had no twinge from my gallbladder (which I was expecting to explode), and have been free of headaches (the bane of my life!) What IS going on? To be able to give up so many prescription medicines so quickly? Even if I never lose another pound, this will be worth it.

    I have bought five copies of this book for other people - people I love who might be in the same damaging low fat trap I was. I am astonished that doctors do not mention this diet - even when it is patently clear that a patient is faring badly on all the usual regimes.

    Did I mention the food is wonderful? It's everything you fantasised about when you were on a low fat diet, and more. I am NEVER hungry. I am NEVER bored with the food. I can ALWAYS find something to eat in restaurants. Only YOU can tell you are eating diet food - it looks like a regular meal to other people, in fact a rich meal!

    Whether you adopt this way of life or not, the book is invaluable for its clear description of how the body works, and what happens when it goes wrong. I feel much more confident now in discussing things with my doctor, and challenging her preconceptions.

    Thank you Ms Schwarzbein!...more info

  • The best "diet" book on the market
    This "diet" book is a practical, logical way to look at food. Having been on the yo-yo dieting cycle since high school (over 25 years), I can truly say that I was sceptical at first. My sister followed the healing plan and convinced me to try it.

    After several months I feel healthier and have more energy than I can remember since being a teenager. At first, I felt that I would gain weight; the plan calls for so much food, especially when you're used to low fat, essentially starvation diets. After a few weeks, I was used to the amounts and no longer have cravings for all the poisons that I used to eat.

    I still have a glass of wine now and then and love grocery shopping without feeling guilty about what I eat or buy. My stamina during workouts has increased, and I am (slowly) loosing inches (I refuse to weigh myself, prefering to use my clothes as a measure). My trainer even says she has noticed the difference. BUY THIS BOOK; IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE (and maybe make it longer)....more info


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