Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier

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Product Description

* ENERGY STAR Qualified * 2 fan speeds and adjustable humidity control can be set to match your comfort level * LED humidity display for easy monitoring * Bucket-full indicator light alerts you when its time to empty the reservoir * Permanent washable filter * Low temperature operation to 40 for use in a variety of room conditions * Auto shutoff

  • Dehumidifies 70 pints per day in medium size area
  • Continuous operation is possible when unit is located near a suitable drain
  • Easily accessible collection container for complete portability. Level indicator signals when container is full
  • Washable filter removes both moisture and airborne particulates
  • Fully portable with casters

Customer Reviews:

  • I'm likin' it
    Installed the unit in the basement. It's quiet and does the job nicely. I especially appreciated the handle on the bucket. Made it so much easier to empty. I like too that I can hook up a hose and bypass the bucket....more info
  • Frigidair 70 pint dehumidifer
    We were very surprise with how quickly this pulls the moisture out of the room. It was a great investment....more info
  • My Favorite Dehumidifier So Far
    I've had many over the years, lately the LG-made units (Goldstar/LG/Sears). This seems better designed than all earlier ones I've owned. Very attractive. Nice fit and finish. Lots of plastic but seems solid. Larger than it appears in the picture. Heavy. No vibrations. Controls are simple and effective, with the humidistat displaying your selected setting as you're changing it, then reverting to real-time readout of ambient humidity after a second or two. The compressor is very quiet; you can hear it when you're standing next to the unit, but not from upstairs as was my experience with the LGs. The fan is as quiet as it can be given the amount of air it's moving, I think. I have mine set to High in the first few days as it's bringing the humidity down, and will probably leave it there for best efficiency unless spending significant time in the basement, then will switch it to Low to reduce noise. You can hear the fan through a wall or two on High, perhaps through one wall on Low, but it's moving a significant amount of air. The fan noise is simply a clean swishing sound, essentially white noise, not objectionable at all. I think on Low fan speed, we could tolerate this upstairs too, but it's absolutely perfect for the basement. I have a hose hooked up for continuous draining into a floor drain. The hose connection is a nice design. There's a little door flap on the side. The hose goes through and screws onto a nipple just above the water bucket. If the hose isn't there, the water comes through the nipple and falls into the bucket; very simple, effective, no adapters. Overall, this unit seems really well made; confidence inspiring. Hope it lasts some years. As I'm near Chicago, I bought mine at Abt who offers a local 4yr warranty for $29. Very happy!...more info
  • Intermittent operation
    We had ours for 6 days and had to take it back because it won't run right on anything but continuous operation. After 2 days we switched from continous operation to % humidity settings just like the manual recommends and here is what happened. The unit came on for about 10 seconds, off for about 15 seconds and back on again, off again, on again over and over....... and about drove us nuts. We left if turned off for a day and tried again with the same results. What made the rapid on-off operation more annoying is that fact that the unit is rather noisy to begin with. Our basment is @ about 65 degrees and the humidity dropped from 72% to 60% when this started happening. After doing some research on line we discovered that we weren't the only ones having problems with this model. The moral of the story is to do the research before you buy, not afterwards! Hope this helps. RC...more info
  • It's Dry!
    What I like:

    +Good size for large basement.
    +Works well.
    +It is no louder than any other dehumidifier I have owned. As a background noise it is fairly sedative.
    +No rattling!

    +The built in clear plastic lid prevents water from sloshing out while carrying.


    -The bucket is difficult to remove.
    -It fills so high you have to be careful not to splash water out.
    -It is awkward to carry, seems slightly out of balance.
    -Messy to empty, there is no clearly defined pour spout, and any openings are small.


    *The appliance will not turn off if the bucket is full, until you empty the bucket.

    *The appliance will not turn off without the bucket in place.

    All said... it is well worth the investment. Less noisy than other units and is doing its job.

    It does have a hose attachment nozzle....more info
  • Great Price
    This Frigidaire model offers 20 more pints than any other dehumidifier than I could find at the price of $200, so it's a great value. I've only had it now for a month, but so far I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Happy so far
    Quick delivery and once set up notice a big difference in the basement, the older dehumidifier worked three times longer and it still smell musty. I haven't hooked up the hose yet, and have heard that the motors have issues after a year of use - will update after the summer. Very happy so far - also fyi - the air vents on the right side, not the back like some....more info


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