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Includes bottom compartment, two side containers, removable ice pack and lids

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  • Great purchase!
    I'm very happy with the quality of this product, as well as the design. I would definitely recommend purchasing this product if you're in the market for a lunch container....more info
  • Wonderful Lunch Option
    I bought three of these at Target and love them. I bought one for myself and two for my daughters for daycare. We just finished a long road trip from PA to IN and they worked great. I packed a sandwich in the bottom portion for myself and some rolled up turkey for my daughters. I put some chips and goldfish in one small compartment and oreo's in the other. These boxes fit very well into our L.L. bean Lunchboxes. We traveled for about 5.5 or 6 hours before stopping for lunch. Everything was fresh and still cold!

    I only handwash these items. I rarely use my dishwasher. I find it easier just to give it a quick wash and put it in the dish strainer. I plan on getting the cereal one.

    I think this would be plenty big enough for a salad. How big do you need it? Put the dressing in one of the small containers and add some protein in the other, such as chicken or something.


    I freeze my ice packs horizontally. If you do them vertically they may bulge out making it harder to close, but i have had no problems. ...more info
  • Wonderfully convenient
    This company is just ingenious! This is one of their many great products. It's perfect if you want to store a sandwich or salad with 2 little sides. Plus, it stays cool all day so you don't have to risk putting it in a community fridge....more info
  • Not perfect, but much better than alternatives
    Part of the purpose of this product is to fit a hole in the food carrying market. As a constant lunch packer, I was sick of having to take 5 containers with me to bring my lunch, plus an ice pack. The containers I had, though good for storage in the fridge, were not really travel containers either - so I'd have to be constantly vigilant about not letting them tip or tumble.

    The Fit & Fresh container did away with some of the mess and hassle of bringing a packed lunch. Not only does it all neatly fit together, but if I want to pack something a bit messy (like yogurt), I can easily seal it in the little container, which will then be sealed in the bigger container, which, even when flipped around, does not leak. The built in ice pack is incredibly handy. I also found the container sizes to be too big for me (I'm 5'2" and a light eater - I graze all day basically) so I started packing my lunch and snack in it to save even more bringing food to work hassles.

    This product isn't perfect though. As others have mentioned, the top lid is thin and warps. Even just washing my lid in hot water by hand it warped a bit. But it hasn't stopped me from being able to snap it back into place on the container. A sturdier lid would be nice, especially considering part of the appeal of the product is keeping your food temperature stable. Still, I'm much happier using this container than I was prior to having it. It has eliminated a lot of packing my lunch hassle, allows me to not worry so much if I can't get my food right to the fridge when I get to work, and has allowed me to monitor my portion control more closely. My only complaint really is I wish the plastics used were a bit thicker and sturdier. Using some TLC, and hand washing, my Fit & Fresh hasn't broken, or leaked, and I would definitely try out other Fit & Fresh products based on my experience with this one....more info
  • Don't bother
    I bought two for the kids for summer camp because it had the ice pack. Your sandwich, which goes in the bottom, can't have lettuce or anything that will give it any bit of height because it will get "smooshed" by the ice pack. The bottom really doesn't allow for enough salad either. Small space. I have never put them in the dishwasher but the lids never go back on and if by chance you get them on (the little compartments) you break your fingernails trying to pry them off again. The outer lid has never gone back on again. The elastic method, mentioned earlier, works well. The ice pack, however, works well in keeping things cold. It would be worth it to spend a little more on a better product. ...more info
  • Economical option for "bento style" lunch boxes
    I have been packing a cold lunch for my husband for the past 5 years and about 2 years ago I first heard about the "waste free lunch" concept. I was THRILLED because I was spending a small fortune on plastic bags for all of the different components of his lunch each day, not to mention the guilt over the environmental impact of all of those bags! When I first heard of this concept I started using some lunch sized ziploc and gladware containers and they were great, but they took up a lot of space in my husband's lunch bag and there wasn't as much room for the ice packs that I had to also include. I have been using something that I found at the Dollar Tree store for the past couple of years, but it is beginning to break and not latch closed. About a month ago I found the Fit & Fresh lunch kit at Target and bought it. It is fun to pack, and my husband likes having the individual containers all built into one container with the ice pack contained to keep his veggies extra cold and crispy. What I really love about this unit is that it is dishwasher safe and cleans up very easily and nicely. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants a compact and efficient system for taking lunch to school or work each day. ...more info
  • Exellent Box with Separated Subboxs
    Just bought 5 for myself and some friends of mine, they saw I use it and immediately fall in love with it. 5 stars!!!!!

    Pros. Separated boxs ensure fresh and no interference between different dishes; Iced plate keeps food cold and fresh; All the caps seal perfectly without leakage;

    Cons. Minor things like no choice in size; No place for fork, spoon and chopsticks; Hard to wash because so many parts; No handle for carrying;...more info
  • Fit and Fresh easy as can be
    I was given this item for a birthday present a few months ago. I love it, its so easy to pack my lunch now and just the right porportion sizes. I bought another one to pack my breakfast in, I get everything ready the night before and in the morning all I have to do is slip the ice pack in and I'm ready to go. I highly recomment all the Fit and Fresh products for packing meals that we eat away from home....more info
  • Disappointing quality; tops rendered useless after a single washing
    I've now bought and used practically every Fit & Fresh food storage item, including this one, and can back the claims about the tops becoming warped and unusable after a single run through the dishwasher (top rack). This line held such great promise, but really fell down where it counted. The only Fit 'n Fresh product I've not experienced this problem with is the Healthy Food Snacker, and that's because that lid screws on. I've resigned myself to going back to Lock n' Lock containers, which don't feature the built-in coolers but which at least feature flawless sealing and locking capabilities, no matter how many times you run them through the dishwasher, on ANY rack. I'll go back to throwing them in a Built NY neoprene bag, with standalone cooling insert. I wish I could find a manufacturer who could get this one right....more info
  • Love it...
    This lunch box is wonderful. It keeps everything very organized, and it keeps everything seperate so nothing makes an uncomfortable mess. It also helps you keep your portions in control becuase you have to optimze they amount of space you have. Definatley one of the better lunch boxes. ...more info
  • Love this product!
    Not much to say except that it serves the purpose intended well. I can pack up a sandwich or leftovers in the bottom, add two sides and the freezer insert and everything stays cold until lunch time. It also allows for portion control, so I don't pack more than I need. I purchased 2 other products from Fit & Fresh, with the same results....more info
  • All In One
    If you are watching your portions, this is the ideal product. I like the idea that you can pack all of your daily lunch intake into one container. The ice pack that comes with this container will keep your food at the right temperature until mealtime. It may be a little large, but with the right size carrying case it won't be a problem. I would recommend this container to all that would like to control their portions without thinking if they over did it or not....more info
  • perfect for lunch
    I bought a couple of these and will buy a few more. They are perfect for my lunch that I take to work. The freezer block is awesome!...more info
  • Convenient Bento Alternative
    I got this after seeing it in my local supermarket. I wanted to use this as a substitute bento box and it has worked as advertised! I like how you have the separate containers which gives you more options for packing your lunch. I have had no issues with warping but then again, I don't have a dishwasher. Everything locks up tight and food stays cool and fresh....more info
  • If you want your dressing all over the place
    I like packing my lunch and I was really in the market for a product like this. To my disappointment this product does not live up to minimal expectations. Right out of the box the container feels cheap and one can tell that it is not air tight. Bottom line is if you want something that will not leek, this is not the product for you. If you want something that will last, try something else. It is too bad really. But compare this to some other brands and you can tell a difference right away....more info
  • Great
    I use this product daily and love it. Only knock is that I thought it could be a little bigger, but it fits in lunch bags great!...more info
  • From a teacher
    Okay, so I'm not a teacher yet, but I'm student teaching. My mother (a substitute teacher) recommended this box to me, and I love it. It makes it so much easier to take *just* the right amount of food for me for lunches, and it's a hit with the other teachers and American Sign Language interpreters in the class I'm doing my student teaching.

    The only major disadvantage to this product is its claim of being top-rack dishwasher safe. I decided to wash it before using, and now the top of the box and the sidecars are a little warped. So I've learned my lesson and now wash them by hand.

    Otherwise, this is a great product for being on-the-go. To add a little more personality, I wrap it in a furoshiki, or a Japanese bento box scarf, to make it easier to carry around....more info
  • Won't recommend buying
    The containers can't be sealed after a few times' use. I only used it for a very short while, now I'm shopping for some better quality lunch box. ...more info
  • Good but a small design flaw
    I bought two of these containers for my kids to take lunches to school. The size is perfect for my middle school and high school age children. The one design flaw is that once the freezer pack is frozen it has expanded just enough to make it impossible for the lid on the larger container to fit tightly once the smaller containers are in place. I wonder if this is not the real problem of the people who have commented about warped lids not fitting.

    I packed my daughter's lunch this morning, the first day of school, and could not fit the lid on with everything in it. So I tested a couple of things out and found that the lid fit tightly without the small containers in it but with the freezer pack. The lid also fit tightly with the small containers and an unfrozen freezer pack.

    My solution will be to either use a rubber band to keep the top on or make a small strap with velcro to wrap around the container to keep the top on. I find this very disappointing in a product that I would otherwise like very much....more info
  • Snacking size only
    I bought this for my husband trying to encourage him in healthy eating habits. Now I'm half the weight of my husband and clearly not a big eater, but I think anyone would find it hard to pack any amount of much in this. I'd have to give this a "no". Probably a great choice if you're looking for something for your toddler or younger child. ...more info
  • Toss Up
    I don't use this container as much as I thought I would, but when I do use it, it is exactly what I need. Example: bringing taco salad for lunch, I was able to separate the salad, meat, and chips so nothing got gross. Works well when you need to separate things until lunchtime, but not my everyday lunch container....more info
  • Cheap Plastic
    I was looking for a lunch box to take to class and found this product. This containers are the perfect size and everything fits into one box. However, after its first washing in the dish washer (top rack of course) the plastic warped. I have to struggle to get the lids on and I secure the lid of the large container with a rubber band so it doesn't pop off in my bag. I suggest to all who buy this to hand wash the containers whenever possible....more info
  • Innovative Design Poor Execution
    The design of the Fit&Fresh Lunch on the Go is excellent. It is very convenient to have everything all in one chilled container. However they could have executed it in a bit heavier plastic and maybe gave you a half inch more space between compartments. I can't even fit a sandwich in the bottom compartment without it pushing the ice pack up. It is very difficult to close with a sandwich and the two containers and ice pack in place. Even after hand washing the container it is already showing signs of warping. I am hesitant to actually run it throw the dishwasher even on the top shelf. Maybe if Fit & Fresh 2.0 comes out I would consider buying it but otherwise I would look elsewhere or by some of the disposable gladware containers, an icepack and an insulated lunch box. It would probably be cheaper and last longer. ...more info
  • Tweet
    I was discusted, I purchased Mr. Bento. Have fun????? I will use it for the kids puzzle pieces or to place crayons in.
    ...more info
  • Lid problems
    I bought this to bring my lunches. I love the portion control, cause you can only fit so much into the smaller containers. However, I have noticed that it's not very good for soups. The smaller containers leak. I have not put these into the dishwasher. I am definitely looking at getting another lunch box....more info
  • Great value
    There are lots of lunch boxes out there, and all I needed was something simple that it won't matter if I stain or otherwise destroy through repeated use. Highly recommend if you are trying to keep something fresh for the day and aren't trying to impress anyone. A teenager might not care for it much for the same reasons I really like it....more info
  • Great lunch box - needs a color option
    What a great little lunch box this is! I find the size to be perfect, and being able to separate the various items is such a good idea! Couple that with an included ice pack to keep everything cool, and you have got yourself a winner!

    I have been using this everyday since i bought it, works great for every type of lunch i have thrown at it. The little containers are just the right size for one portion or meat or a side dish. i really like the size of this unit, it works perfect for me.

    I have not had many problems with the lids that the other reviewers have mentioned. I will say, though, that there is a certain technique to get them on. You kind of have to line up one of the corners, and then glide your fingers around the perimeter to get it to seal. This is because the manufacturer made really small connecting rails for the lid to snap onto. There have been no problems with the material after many cycles in the dishwasher, though i do not use Heat dry because i like save energy. So maybe that is the root of alot of problems.

    Other than the lids requiring a special technique, the only other thing i can complain about is the color. I am a guy and carrying around a purple box looks a little feminine. Not that i care, i am more concerned with utility and functionality over looks, but they should offer some other color options. ...more info
  • Not bad.
    I like it. Like the convenience and the ice tray insert. Although, it was cheaper at Bed,Bath,& Beyond....more info
  • Not a keeper!
    I bought this thinking I could use it for sending a salad and some sides with my husband to work. It's just not large enough for much of a salad in the bottom compartment. Also, I don't like the fact that if I pre-dress the salad for him, the oil gets all over the ice pack, which is only hand-washable.

    Also, after ONE washing in the top rack of the dishwasher, the top lid does not seal completely. So now the whole thing is more or less useless. I'm probably donating it to the thrift shop.

    Not a bad idea, but it wasn't large enough or durable. Pity. I love their drink shaker bottles and plan to order more of those....more info
  • Fantastic Item for Packing Lunch
    Due to weight concerns and high cholesterol I was put on a portion controlled diet. I have used my Fit and Fresh Lunch on the Go for 2 months and love it! The two small containers are perfect for fruit and vegetables and the bottom is just the right size for a two cup salad. It keeps food contained and is neat and compact and can fit in a bag or lunch bag fairly easily. My 7th grade daughter noticed the weight I was dropping and asked for one to take to school for a healthier lunch than what the school offers. She has used hers for a month and puts yogurt or a snack in the smaller containers. When we pack a sandwich in the bottom I put it in a ziplock just to keep it from touching the freezer pack during the day and getting soggy from condensation. One of my favorite snacks is 2 tbsp of low fat or natural peanut butter with cut apple slices and that fits perfectly in one of the smaller containers. I have hand-washed and dishwasher washed the unit, but only hand-washed the freezer pack and after two months my lids still fit great. This has been a fantastic tool to keep me from over eating or eating bad choices. I clean and repack it when I get home each day and pack my daughter's at the same time. I refreeze the freezer packs horizontally to prevent bulging. I am buying one for my best friend's birthday and for my older daughter too! ...more info


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