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  • Indeed, Hope does Float
    Having had a loss of my closest and dearest through cancer, this movie really touched me, even to the point of tears. But it was well acted, and the story was good...more info
  • Very nice romantic drama.
    I origionaly didn't want to watch this film I mean come on a film starring Sandra Bullock but it was my girlfriend who suggested that I watch this film and said that I might like it and now I admit it was pretty good. Sandra Bullock plays a woman named Birdee Pruitt who believes to be happy with a perfect life until she appears on national television and hears her best friend confessing to an affair with her husband. She then leaves her married home and travels to her birth place in Texas where she begins to rebuild her life and relationships especialy with her mother and young daughter who hates Birdee. I was surprised that the film didn't have any cliche Hollywood moments and it dealt with human emotions and was realistic, Birdee has to overcome the humiliation and public betrayal she obviously has a lot of problems but soon Harry Connick jr.'s character comes along to hopefully win Birdee's heart since they knew each other from Highschool. The film was very uplifting and in a way it is a serious romantic drama with a bit of humor so I enjoyed this film alot and I didn't hesitate the fact that I like Sandy in these roles and everybody else gave a great performance and I hope that she stars in more films like this instead of those awful comedies, I highly recomend this film....more info
  • A beautiful drama
    Sandra Bullock ("Lake House") stars as Birdiee Pruitt, a beauty queen and former cheerleader who has to move back to her small town in rural Texas with her young daughter after her loser husband Bill reveals that he cheated on her on a TV show. Birdie, sad and broken hearted, leaves Chicago with 8-year-old Bernice (Mae Whitman, "Jungle Book 2") and returns to the town she's always tried to escape from. Once there, she moves back in with her eccentric mother Ramona (Gena Rowlands, "The Notebook") and has deal with her old high school friends again and also must find the inner strength to move on. She does find love again, however, with her childhood friend Justin. My favorite parts of the movie are between Birdie and Bernice. I liked that Sandra Bullock actually had a daughter in this movie. Bernice is a cute little girl, and is lonely and wants her Daddy back. Sandra is probably the best actor in the whole film, and gives a stellar performance as a young mother and Southeran belle who must find the courage to move on from her past. It's a heartwarming and funny movie, and I think it's for people of any age....more info
  • True Texas
    I usually hate movies about Texas because they always portray as a bunch of hicks and we're not. I commend this movie (cause both Sandra and Harry are Texans) for FINALLY portraying Texas as it truly is. It's about damn time. I think Harry and Sandra work amazingly well together in this movie and that shows. The movie teaches society a lot in 2 short hours, none of which I'm gonna go into but you'll just have to see it to believe it. Twinkles....more info
  • Harry Connick Jr. is reason enough to see this movie
    OK, this will be short and sweet. I realize that this movie isn't an Oscar winner but it's not a bad little flick either.
    If for no other reason, you should see it because of Harry Connick Jr. Whoever says he can't act obviously doesn't understand the art. He plays the role of a gentle, confident (and dead sexy) cowboy with perfect charm and grace. He makes you want to swoon just by walking in the room.
    A cowboy was the LAST thing I ever thought I could go for, but if I could find one like "Justin Matisse," I wouldn't hesitate!!...more info
  • Sandra Bullock Does It Again!
    Sandra Bullock does it again, without nudity or graphic scenes. This is one of the few movies out there that is entertaining the first time you watch it, and the 10th time you watch it. "Hope Floats" is a story about having courage to rebuild life and dream new dreams with what you've got. Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. have great chemistry together, and he held his own in the spotlight with a great performance of love and patience. Everyone can relate to this story....more info
  • Hope Floats
    This is a great movie, one of my all time favorites. It has a great cast and wonderful music....more info
  • deeply connected to this movie..
    I saw Hope Floats when it was released in theaters back in 98(?) I deeply connected to this movie because I was in a very unhappy first marriage to my high school sweetheart, i was 25 and had a young daughter. This movie made me realize that I could NOT be the only one in my marriage to make it work. I realized that it was unhealthy, and it was time for me to move on with my life, and that wasnt a bad thing. So basically, this movie gave me the strength and insight to move on. I think this movie depicted very acurately the stages of grief that i went through while my marriage was breaking apart. I still think this is one of Sandra Bullock's best films. I loved every actor in this movie. Harry Connick was sensational, Gena Rowland is perfect, and the little girl who played Bernice did exceptionally well. The scene where she wants to go with her dad was sooo well acted, I couldnt believe this was a child acting.
    This will forever be one of my favorite movies because it paralled my life when it came out. And a year after watching this movie, I met MY Justin Matice(Harry Connick)! The soundtrack is great too, by the way....more info
  • Hope Floats Review
    Hope Floats is an good ole fashioned love story that touches your heart. It addresses the age old issues of how to truly love someone, what it means, and even what it looks like. Make sure you have tissues close, this is a tear jerker!...more info
  • Very Emotional
    This is as close to real life as it gets , like the saying "when it rains it pours" Well Birdie suffered from a cheating husband, depression, jobless,"matchmaking mother" and a daughter who blamed it all on her Mom and then BAM !!! Her mother passes away and her cheating husband has the nerve to show up with divorce papers ???? That poor girl . It was like what Birdies Mother said to Bernice . ' My birdie has more strength than she has ever known . I admired "Birdie" in this movie , not only did she go on with life but it is true that "Hope Floats" and you "just have to move on with it"( Gena Rowlands)(Miss Romana) . I cryed , I smiled , I got angry and last I cryed with happy tears . My all time favorite movie . Thank you .....more info
  • One of my favorites
    I purchased it because every time it's on one of the chick stations, I have to tune in. The soundtrack is great, performances are great, and it just makes my hope float right on up.......more info
  • Hope Floats
    I have to tell you that I'm not pleased---I have ordered this DvD twice now and I still haven't received it, I'm always notified that there will be a delay, although when placing the order it's always ready to ship! The first time I ordered it I got so fed up with waiting that I canceled it, and this time It was ordered Jan. 6 and l have not received it. If you can't ship it, please notify your customers instead of spreading the ship date out. Lorelei Hauer 530-241-7446 mousekavitz@yahoo.com ...more info
  • One Of Sandras Best Roles
    I truly love Hope Floats. It's a heartwarming and heartwrenching film that truly delivers! Hope is sideswipped by her best friend's love affair with her husband. Her daughter resents her for deciding to leave her father. And the only option she has left is to return to a town she'd run away from and a home that needed repairing of it's own. But as the show progresses, we discover that Hope's self-worth died the day she married her daughter's father, and that a mother's love--no matter how we perceive it as children--is truly a blessing in our lives. In the ends, there's much healing, a new romance, and a new lease on life. Guys...if you want to impress your woman...this is a chick flick to rent!...more info
    I know it seems like this movie can be cheesy at times but Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. just seem to have a unique spark in between them and the story is really a tear jerker. I loved this movie from the time it was released in the theaters and watching it a second and third time has just renewed my appreciation for it!!! ...more info
  • One of the best movies ever!!!
    Have watched this movie no less than 20 times. Love it everytime I watch it....just love Sandra Bullock, and when you mix it with Harry Conack you can't beat it. You will love it if you are romantic at heart!!!...more info
  • You CAN Go Home Again.....
    This review refers to the 20th Century Fox DVD edition of "Hope Floats".....

    Forest Whitaker gives us a nice taste of his behind the camera talents with his direction of this touching and romantic feel good film. He has assembled a terrific cast including the charming Sandra Bullock,the irresistable Harry Connick Jr.,and the always wonderful Gena Rowlands. Add to that a story that will touch you with it's character's strength, humor and loving bonds of family by Steven Rogers, a soundtrack you'll want to hear over and over and terrific photogrpahy and you've got yourself a great recipe for a delightful movie break.

    Birdie Pruitt(Bullock)was the sweetheart of her hometown, Smithville, Texas. She had it all..beauty queen, cheerleader,married to her high school sweetheart,a daughter who is the apple of her eye, and living the good life now in Chicago. But Birdie's perfect life is about to unravel. After appearing on one of those afternoon talk shows for what she thinks will be a make-over, she is hit with the awful truth that her best friend and husband are having an affair.

    Devasted, humiliated on national T.V., and feeling all is lost, she packs up herself and her daughter and beats a retreat back to Smithville. The road back to self-esteem is a long one for Birdie, as she shuts herself off from life and love and must deal with readjusting to a new life.

    Sandra Bullock will warm your heart as she learns to open hers again. Harry Connick Jr. will keep you smiling, as the childhood friend who has always loved her, and tries to breakdown Birdie's walls. And Gena Rowlands is perfect as the mother who won't let her child give up. Bernice, Birdie's young daughter is played brillantly by the young Mae Whitman and will evoke a lump in your throat as the child of divorce. Lots of great music including songs by Sheryl Crow, Bryan Adams and a beautiful rendition of "Smile" by Charles Chaplin, added to a moving score by Dave Grusin,are all just the right touches to this heartwarming story.

    The DVD is an excellent presentation. The picture in widescreen(1.85:1)is very good with nice colors.The Sound in Dolby Dig 5.1 surrounds the room nicely.It may be viewed in French(stereo) and has subtitles in English and Spanish for those needing them. There are no other special features though.

    If you're in need of a little pick-me-up, this is the film to do it. A feel good movie that's romantic, poignant and humorous, will leave you appreciating all that you already have, and with a smile as well.

    enjoy.....Laurie...more info

  • Hope floats, viewer sinks
    In the 1998 summer season, "Hope Floats" was one of the romantic or dramatic pictures released as an antidote to the usual adrenaline junkie fare. Because of its cast and its advance publicity, it was a movie I really wanted to like....

    While the framework of romantic movies may be small, there are still standards we expect them to meet. While "Hope Floats", it often comes dangerously close to capsizing. It is below par in almost every area.

    One always elusive element is chemistry between the two main characters. Bogart and Becall had it, as did Tracy and Hepburn. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks had it in "Sleepless in Seattle". Sandra Bullock and Harry ConnickJr., don't have it. In part, this may be because Connick, with his New Orleans musician background, is fundamentally too sophisticated for Bullock, who was one of the film's producers. The rest of the problem is script related. Bullock's character has a lot of excess baggage, which interferes too often with the love affair. Connick plays a man that Bullock went to high school with. He was the first boy to kiss her. As written, she had almost no interest in him then. Since there seems to be nothing special about him now, he comes off as more of a last resort than as her one true love.

    In today's society, the majority of people have gone through a divorce. Small children are increasingly included in romantic films. In "Hope Floats" Bullock has a daughter. When they go back to her home town to live with her mother, played by Gena Rowlands, we discover a little boy. He has been dumped there by Bullock's screen sister. This arrangement seems to be permanent. I have no problem with the inclusion of children in such a movie. In this case, we find ourselves focused on the lives of the children. Again, this is something caused by the unfocused script.

    How fragmented is the story line? The answer is that the only way they could tie up all the loose ends was to end most dramatic scenes in ...[low cost] hackneyed music video fashion.

    There are some good things about "Hope Floats". As the children, Mae Whitman and Cameron Finley give sterling performances. While both have had substantial acting experience, neither are old enough to know they are in a love story that doesn't work. Fort Smith, Texas, the setting for the movie, is a real town. It is handsomely photographed. Best of all, the picture runs less than two hours....more info

  • Cry every time
    As a child of divorce I know how it feel to hate the one person that you should love the most! Thinking to one that broke the marriage is the hero while the one that is in pain is the villian. This movie brings me back every time. I wish so much that my mother has a much strength as Berdie did in this film. I can watch this movie over and over just to listen to the music it contains. The soundtrack is one in a million. You can play it through and through and enjoy every song on it! I would recommend this movie for any woman that has every had her heart broken, ever been a child of divorce, or ever wants inspiration to move on in life and accomplish great things when they seem most impossible!!!!...more info
  • Romance
    The movie is nicely paced and there are a few good lines. It is about the Mother-Daughter relationship and also divorce recovery. Unfortunately there is limited time in the screen play for character development. The movie moves along though and the acting is first rate. Sandra Bullock plays her role well and has a fine supporting cast....more info
  • You Will Float From Crying
    Hope Floats has a lot of sadness, but also a lot of humor and warmth. It has too much drama to be put in the romance genre. Sandra Bullock should have gotten an Oscar for her portrayal as Birdie, a former prom queen from a small Texas town whose marriage falls apart on national television. Her range and depth of emotion are phenomenal. Her young daughter is also an astonishing actress. One scene in the film with her will absolutely break your heart.

    Birdie returns to Texas to live with her mother and deal with the aftermath. Her daughter Beatrice blames Birdie for her father leaving. Birdie's old friend (Harry Connick Jr.) tries to coax her out of her depression and into a state where she can find some hope. Birdie's mother is raising her grandson.

    My husband even liked this movie, and pronounced it "good." Pretty good for what I thought would be a chick flick....more info
  • Hopeless Romantics
    My Spouse and I both have enjoyed this movie many times over. When we made the purchase, it was fully intended to be one of those nice relaxing evenings, fireplace, movie, candles, and a nice bottle of wine....kids away for the night. Yeah, we both enjoyed the whole movie and will watch it again and again.
    ...more info
  • My cup runneth over
    Mae Whitman plays the adorable, if not bratty, daughter in this, Bernice. If you happen to come across a recent photo of her, my, hasn't she grown up?

    Yet again, Sandra Bullock exectutive produces, and stars in, a film that she's done a million times over. She's got herself into a rut with the kind of roles she can play, and nothing can save her now. She's teamed up with yet another hunky man, this time Harry Connick Jnr, and although they hardly spend any 'quality' time together in the movie, there is one great scene where they dance together.

    I hope soon that Sandra Bullock will shock us all with a role in a movie that isn't something she normally does. She's approaching 40 now, and should be expanding her horizons, so she can stay in the movie business once her pretty looks have gone. But nope, she churns out film after film, swapping guys and trying to make out she's still as popular. I'm holding out for the Miss Congeniality sequel - still one of my all time favourite films starring her.

    Don't get me wrong, I love her films. The only one that's surprised me was Murder By Numbers, and that's probably cos I still can't understand it to this day. But if you've seen one, you've seen them all. Still a good film though, with Kathy Najimy playing the role of Toni Post, the Ricki Lake style chatshow host at the very start of the film.

    Mae Whitman is terrific in this, and hopefully, she'll appear in loads more movies, now she's getting a bit older, and has got rid of those horrid glasses....more info

  • Didn't this happen in a lake house?
    You know it's a pity that someone as good as Sandra Bullock makes so many slushy movies. Can't she get a good story? ...more info
  • Hope Floats
    Title: Hope Floats
    Producer: Lynda Obst
    Released: 1998
    Length: 114 min.
    Rating: pg 13

    "Sandra Bullock gives her most critically acclaimed performance in this touching and heart warming story about following your heart and finding yourself. Birdee Pruitt {Bullock} has a life most people would envy. But when her cheating husband infidelity to her on a national television show, then her perfect life comes crashing down. Devastated Birdee, and her young daughter head home to the small town she left behind. As mother, and daughter struggle to adjust to their new lives, Birdee slowly gains strength to open up her heart, and find hope again.

    "Hope Floats" is just like my life. My dad cheats on my mom, we move in with our grandma and grandpa, and then we struggle to fit into our new environment.
    For instance, I think it is a good movie because it is sad, and it is just like my life. Like when my Barents split, my mom went on a date and I didn't like the guy she was with, and I didn't want her to talk to him. In the movie the little girl felt the same way I did when my parents broke up.

    Next, I thought it was very sad, because of what the little girl had to go through, and how she always felt.

    Finally, I can tell you that I thought it was funny. If you're the type that likes a mixture of things, like humor, sad, witty, etc... Than this is your kind of movie.

    It is such a realistic movie. Everything that happens in real life happens in the movie. I highly recommend this movie for the ages 11-99 should see this movie.

    I'm not telling you what happens in the end of the movie. So if you want to know what happens, than go rent it.
    By: Shelby Selig
    ...more info
  • Good, but cheesy
    "Hope Floats" is a typical family drama. A young woman, played by Sandra Bullock, finds out that her husband is in love with her best friend...on a nationwide TV show. As a result, takes her daughter and moves back to her hometown, a small place in Texas, called Smithville. Living at her mother's house, she soon loses her nerves. Right at this moment, the attractive cowboy Justin comes along to win her heart.
    What can I say about this movie? It's definitely entertaining and very well acted. Especially Gena Rowlands (as mother) and Mae Whitman (as daughter) are over the top.
    But somehow something is missing in "Hope Floats"...maybe it's just a bit too American for the taste of an average European.
    Nevertheless...if you like this kind of movies, you should take a look at it. It's no mistake....more info
  • Real nice movie.
    Ok, It's gonna be short: this is one of my favorite movie!
    Great Sandra Bullock, great country music, and a nice story. The story is also taking place where real life is: nice country town, my way of seeing the real America.
    I'd rather see this kind of movie than stupid action-gun type of films. Too bad, it's rare to see that in the movies theatres, so you should see it if it's not already done....more info
  • A wonderful journey.
    A classic real life story with a personal connection for every human.
    Sensitive, to volatile, to hilarious - the interaction is entertaining, uplifting, and extremely believeable.
    Love a story with a moral? This picture is one of the finest. Excellant acting, very nice music, and really great casting!...more info
  • Hope Floats
    Great Chick Flick. The best part was how fast this tape was shipped. This was a great experience. :)...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    This movie is one of my all-time favorites.
    It could happen to any of us....more info
  • Not a bad movie!
    If you're at home on a lazy Saturday and need something to watch, put in this movie. While the actors do not command an Oscar performance it was a good story with a good ending. This was the first movie I saw with Sandra Bullock and I've been a fan ever sense....more info
  • a movie filled with heart and hope!
    This is a movie that will make you cry, and you will certainly get touched by the relationship between the family. I love the scene where Birdee was crying inside the bathroom with her mother there listening to her. I agree that family relationship is trouble, but they fill with love, and it is everlasting. All roles are incredible especially the younger daughter and the grandmother. Surely Sandra performed amazingly in her role and I would say this is by far her best movie....more info
  • inbetween
    Sandra Bullock turns in a textured, nuanced performance in this bittersweet tale of loss, closure, and new beginnings. After learning in a brutal fashion that her husband and her best friend have become lovers, Bullock returns to her small hometown in Texas, son in tow. She "goes home to Mother", re-instating a relationship that is close but with its share of the usual troubles and flaws.

    She finds that her high school boyfriend still retains strong feelings for her. Slowly, she learns to trust again, as the two draw close. The movie is saved from mediocrity by the strong performances of the three major characters who are able to convey feelings beyond what is spoken. That said, I have taken from this movie a marvelous set of words in the following quotation:

    "Beginnings are scary, and endings are generally sad, but it's what happens in the middle that matters."...more info

  • A Charmingly Bad Movie
    I really shouldn't like this movie but I do. However, I gave it four stars SOLELY because of the acting and soundtrack. Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. were fantastic to watch and the music was a delight to listen to if you like pop-country. If the director had casted any other actors for the roles, it definitely would have flopped. Bullock and Connick have such an irrisistable charm about them that you can't help but love to watch them act.

    On the other hand, albeit a wonderful actress, Bullock's daughter in this movie was so irritating and unlikeable she spoiled the magic of the moment for me every time she appeared on screen. I cringed when she opened her mouth. I could see why her father didn't want her (just kidding...not really). If I had been like her growing up my father would have driven off leaving me on the side of a road too. The only redeeming aspect of the daughter's role was to show how difficult a divorce is on a child and how a mother's love will get them through. In spite of unfairly being bombarded with insults and rejection (annoyingly throughout the ENTIRE movie) from her daughter, we saw a mother who will love and support her child no matter what. Sorry fathers, the movie didn't portray you very well.

    On another sour note, this movie lacked direction, character development, continuity, and any kind of substantial plot to follow. Viewers are just along for the ride without one scene having much to do with another. Characters and scenes were thrown together with no rhyme or reason--seemingly, just to move the movie along to the end. I found myself saying, "Huh?" a lot to aspects of the story that just didn't make sense. Perhaps I blinked and missed something that provided a rational explanation.

    There aren't enough bad things to say about this movie. It is supposed to be a love story but all we see of the true romance is in the few remaining minutes of the movie. Forget this being a "love" story; it is more like a "reject" story: Husband rejects wife. Daughter rejects mother. Father rejects daughter. Woman rejects man. Town rejects man. Town rejects woman. Daughter rejects man. Mother rejects son, etc.... With all this rejecting going on it's no wonder that the actual love part doesn't come out until the very end.

    Director, Forrest Whitaker, ought to be ashamed of himself for dropping the ball on this one. Although to be fair, I now understand that the studio pulled support during production and several key scenes weren't filmed. After Bullock put in her own money to get the film finished, they shot a make-shift ending and edited together the footage they had already filmed. Unfortunately, knowing why a movie is a mess doesn't make it any easier to watch.

    In spite of itself, this movie is as charming as it is horrifically directed and edited. For some reason (i.e., Bullock and Connick) it works. I have watched this movie many times over and never tire of it. You'll enjoy it too if you can suspend the movie critic within you and overlook the glaringly obvious megaholes in the storyline. Just sit back and enjoy the sweet simplicity of this movie. It's a 155-minute bumby ride but the 2-minute heartfelt emotional ending will definitely leave you emotionally fulfilled. ...more info
  • Just okay
    I'm a huge fan of HC, but he just looked awkward and amateur. To me, this movie lacked focus. Are we dealing with the divorce, or the parent-child relationships, or mom's death, or new love, or I can't even recall the other things that go on.

    Is Birdee really stupid enough to bring lunch to school in her nightgown and skimpy robe? That just did not play off as realistic, along with the ex-husband's mannerisms.

    However, kudos to Mae Whitman, who will someday be one formidable actress....more info
  • Your First Marriage may not be what You think it is..Your 2nd Marriage may be better :)
    Ah..beautiful movie. It still takes my breath away every time I thik of Birdie (Sandra Bullock) in this movie. Birdie thought she was happy..she was wrong. Her husband cheats on her with her best friend, and Birdie packs her backs to move back home to mom with her daughter Berniece.
    Back home Birdie and Berniece pick up the pieces of their life and Birdie finds that she can fall in love again, only 2nd time around..she falls in love with someone who has always loved her.. :)...more info
  • The two things that held, and hold this movie down greatness
    This is a good movie. As a guy it takes alot to say that about a romance movie, but it could be better. The first thing is to get rid of the bratty kid who doesn't know what she has in a wonderful mom played by Sandara Bullock, but I guess that's because she's a kid who is an exception where most accept divorce as a way of life she's holding the mother accountable for the breakdown of the marriage, but she comes to her senses at the end when she sees the father is apologizing for nothing. It's her crying at the end that is fraying on the nerves though. The other thing is the fact that they omitted Live's "Lightning Crashes" from the movie soundtrack, and the movie itself. It's done in the preview, so why keep it out of the movie? As I said it's a good movie, but it could've been better. ...more info
  • Great movie!
    Just like the title-this movie is about hope and optimism, and how things DO get better. It's also funny. ...more info
  • Great Purchase
    I have not yet viewed the DVD, however, it came when expected and what is great condition. Thanks!!!...more info
  • No Collection Complete Wihtout This Video or DVD
    I rarely watch a film more than once - unless it is so uplifting that no assistance from 'the human sector" would help those deeply felt blues. This film is a work of art - and there is nothing left out including: spectacular performances by Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick, Jr. & most especially one of the greatest actors of our time (or any time)- Gena Rowlands. This is not just "a story" of hard times for a young wife (with a young daughter) who finds herself rejected by the husband she believed loved her or the best female friend who deceived her. This is about illusions we hold close sometimes for decades that have the potential to literally take us down unless we have the encouragement and true love from those rare individuals in life who would sacrifice anything to help us up-and-out. It's tough right now, and frankly I haven't a clue. But instead of ingesting food or drink to drown one's cares, take in this masterpiece of a film. Oh - and the Soundtrack? Unless you have lots of money, it's virtually unobtainable. So you can have the complete package - the Soundtrack and this magnficient movie. Thank goodness, films like this are still being made and are available online at Amazon.com. ...more info
  • Fantastic Movie
    Great story line. Music is very good. As usual Sandra Bullock gives a great performance....more info
  • Hope Floats
    Great movie!! Tear-jerker, but awesome movie. Harry Connick, Jr is hot in this movie!...more info
    This is a very charming southern romantic dramedy (drama/comedy). Sandra Bullock is so under-rated her performances in "While you were Sleeping", "A Time to Kill" and Last years " Crash" are not overwhelming but are stellar in its own right. Hope Floats is by Far her best dramatic role and was completely overlooked. The supporting cast is great, Gena Rowlands and Harry Connick Jr. filling in perfectly on the movies course....more info
  • This movie is terrific! A total chick Flick
    I Liked this movie its one of my fav Chick flicks. I was babysittin yesturday and I watched it. Its so true and real. BE AWARE! it will make you really emotional. But this was a great great well thought out movie. Forrest Whitacker Directed it and he did it beautifully....more info
  • Different Zone Coding a problem
    I did wonder if we'd be able to play and view these two DVDs, which we sure wanted to have for ourselves.

    But being in a different Zone Code in Australia, we are having a problem viewing them!!!

    We had no problem, with all of those "Deadliest Catch" series, so expected the some run with these!!!!

    But that wasn't to be, obviously!!!!

    We may have to look at buying another DVD Player, that will accept your different Zone code!!!!

    So there you have it!!!!! But your service, was "next to none" and we won't hesitate to acquire your services along the way, but will need to be more careful, of what DVDs we order, in the future!!!!!

    We could be interested in the "Ice Truckers" series, but it depends on the Zone coding!!!

    Your sincerely, Louis Jones............... ...more info
  • ...
    ..."Hope Floats" may not be the world's deepest and greatest movie of all time, but it certainly deserves your attention. Maybe Connick and Rowland seem a little different from other film stars, but it is only because their characters demand it. These are NOT cookie-cutter characters! They depict real and flawed humans - in other words, they could be you or me! The little boy is funny and fun to watch from start to finish, while the little girl is on-target and heart-wrenching (if you lived through your parents' divorce, there is simply NO WAY that you cannot cry when her father leaves right after the funeral.) "Hope Floats" underscores the fact that hope does indeed spring eternal. Birdie recovers from the biggest devastation of her life by slowly discovering that her ex-husband did NOT define her. She also comes through the (figurative and literal) loss of her parents by discovering that she too has the inclination to secure the family unit, regardless of life's natural tragedies. Connick's character proves that true love CAN come through in the long run. The little girl proves that bullies, while a normal part of everyone's life, are simply hurdles that must be overcome if one is to succeed in this thing we call life...SEE THIS MOVIE for yourself....more info
  • Happy Customer
    I was EXTREMELY happy with my movie. It was shipped very quickly, was wrapped securely, and was in exactly the condition it's description said it was. All in all, I would absolutely order from these guys again....more info
  • One of my favorites
    I am a fan of Sandra Bullock. This movie reminded me how important it is to remember where we came from and even though things don't go the way we hope, we always have family to remind us that it's our strength that gets us by. I know I sound all mushy but when I feel down, I watch this movie, Two 1/2 weeks, 28 days. Yes, I like chick flicks....more info
  • one of my all time faves...
    Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actors and she shines in Hope Floats. I think it's an ideal movie for anyone with a heart not because of Sandra's awe-inspiring talent, but because of the theme behind the movie. The movie stars a mother, Sandra, who has just leaned, on national television no less, that her husband's been cheating on her. She leaves him and takes her young daughter, played by Mae Whitman, to live with her mother in her small hometown. She comes in contact, more often than she wants, with someone from her past. A guy to be exact. I won't ruin the ending, but overall she learns the hard way to overcome her fears and let go of the past hurts. Little Mae Whitman is adorable in this movie. While both stars were excellent, the reason I gave the movie a five-star rating was because of how close the plot comes to reality. Watch it, I assure you it'll bring tears to your eyes and leave you wanting to watch it a second, or maybe even a third time....more info
  • Blah
    Horrible! Absolutly horrible! The whiny, insufferably annoying little girl in this wretched film is enough make a strong argument for birth control....more info
  • Too cliche
    Too sterotype: teenage girl weds at eighteen, has happy family until later in life when he cheats on her, a typical sterotype of a child torn apart by her parent's divorce because most children are happy to see their parents seprate or at least they accept it they don't wish for them to get back together, teenage girl was popular cheerleader in high school and mean to classmates who grow up to hate her guts, woman needing man in her life to live, horribly old-fashioned because most women don't need men to live, and former friend who wants a romantic realionship with old childhood friend. It's eye-rolling cliches. Harry Connick Jr. is a hick, Gena Rowlands is too sterotype Southeran woman, Mae Whitman is Ok she's a wonderful actress but still kind of annoying, and Sandra Bullock is fine. My point is that nothing that goes on in this film could actually happen in real life. It's impossible. It's just a sterotype....more info
  • Real Life Drama
    Birdie Pruitt(Sandra Bullock)is shocked out of her complacency with the, so called, perfect life when her husband admits, on a public television talk show, that he has been unfaithful. Totally devastated, she and her daughter pack up and leave to go to her hometown, a small town that she thought that she had left behind. As they attempt to adjust to their new lives, Birdie slowly gains the strength to allow someone else into her heart and she once again regains the hope of a perfect life. You cannot but help to see the change in Birdie as she considers achieving this goal with a whole new perspective....more info


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