Liquid Logic Trek Aluminum Water Bottle with Carabiner (28-Ounce)

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  • Liquid Logic bottles
    My grandchildren received these bottles as part of their Christmas presents, they love them. They keep the water cool and look "Cool" too....more info
  • Does anyone know where this bottle was manufactured?
    HI, I am trying to find out where this water bottle was made. Anyone know? thanks...more info
  • Great alternative to plastic bottles!!!
    This is a great alternative to plastic bottles since it can be reusable for a long time. By using one of this you help the environment and you health because plastic bottles contain dangerous chemicals like BPA that could even cause cancer. Plus we all know how plastic pollute our planet. This is a great product, no need to spend $20+ on a sigg bottle....more info
  • Aluminum Water Bottles
    I purchased 2, red and blue. I like them because I don't have to remember to buy bottled water now. I also don't necessarily have to place them in the refrigerator at work. Sometimes I can just sit them on a window ledge or near the air conditioning vents and they are usually cool to enjoy. What I don't like about these bottles is that they are hard to clean inside, so I had to purchase a baby bottle brush. Another thing I don't like is that they seem to dent very easily, (could be because it's aluminum) lol! The paint has not chipped and they both look like new except for a few dents....more info
  • Having Fun Going Green
    I'm using these aluminum bottles to pasteurize water in the event that emergencies should cause drinking water to become scarce. I can set one in a relatively small mirrored compartment, placing it in direct sun, within only a smaller clear plastic container around the bottle. This will either cause the water to boil - or it will at least pasteurize it. I can drink from one while the other one is cooking.

    This is just a small part of my "stay at home solar survival hobby." I'm also designing and building a solar oven, a solar fryer that will also power a simple vegetable steamer, and will even power a solar pressure cooker....more info
  • Drinking paint Chips???
    Well, I ordered this bottle since it had some good reviews. Little did I know that after only using it for four days, the paint would be peeling off. Imagine my suprise when I realized that I was actually drinking paint chips that had peeled off of the neck of the bottle, and fallen into my water. The product was made in China. Should I be worried about lead poisoning at this point?...more info
  • Another Satisfied Customer
    This is a great product. I recently decided to try to abstain from purchasing water in a bottle - to be a little more environmentally friendly (and more economical as well). I thought that I would not be happy with filling my own water bottle and reusing it - but I figured it was worth a try.

    Boy was I wrong...the water tastes better than what comes out of the cheap plastic bottles. Also, I can place it on my cold windowsill and keep the water cool. It is very easy to open and carry along. I have fully converted....something that I thought would never happen. ...more info
  • Nice and light weight
    Liquid Logic Trek Aluminum Water Bottle with Carabiner (28-Ounce)

    These are very nice bottles. I was disappointed when I seen the exact same bottle at CVS for $3.00.

    ...more info
  • aluminum water bottle
    keeps water cold enough but not for long and it can be dented easily so you can't drop it or step on it. for the price, it works well, but not heavy duty....more info
  • Great Aluminum Bottle
    This bottle is great! It holds more than your usual 600 ml bottles hold and is of high quality. The color I have is blue and it is sharp. The cap seals tightly and no leaks. Great for hiking or camping or just to get the water out of plastic. Stays cooler longer too! Also great price and shipping!...more info


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