George Foreman GRP106QPGR 360 Electric Nonstick Round-Shaped Grill with 5 Interchangeable Grill Plates, Red

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Indoor grilling is now bigger, better, and more practical than ever. Introducing the biggest, most versatile, removable plate grill ever! With 106 square inches of round cooking surface, the new George Foreman 360 Grill is a deep-dish pizza oven, quesadilla press, omelet maker, or pancake griddle all in one stylish package. And with our patented angled cooking surface, you can still enjoy succulent steaks, chops, seafood, and burgers while leaving the fat behind. This is a great way to take ordinary food and jazz it up with flavor. And, possibly, healthier too. With the George Foreman GRP106QPGR 360 Electric Grill, there's no need to wait for that special day for grilling. You can enjoy grilled food 360 days a year. Metal extended loop handle is ergonomic & durable George Tough - Triple non-stick coating is durable & eliminates need for oil Patented sloped grill design knocks out the fat 1 ? floating hinge works to accommodate thick cuts of meat Embedded heat elements provide consistent heat & rapid recovery time 5 Plates included - 2 ribbed grill plates, 2 quesadilla plates, 1 deep dish pizza / pan / griddle / bake plate 2 drip trays catch run off liquids for no-mess clean up 110V AC Power Cord

  • Round-shaped electric grill with 106-square-inch cooking surface
  • 5 removable dishwasher-safe cooking plates; triple nonstick coating
  • Flat or angled cooking surface; 1-1/2-inch floating hinge for thicker items
  • Adjustable temperature control; "ready" indicator light; spatula included
  • Measures 17-1/2 by 15 by 5-7/8 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great, but I'll wait for adjustments to the latches.
    When I saw this grill, I bought it immediately, thinking it would work great for most of our cooking. We planned to bring it along in our camper, and I immediately started trying different things. But, each time we used it, we found it difficult to get the different plates to latch securely into place. At first, I thought it was just "user error," so we kept working to be very careful latching the plates in and testing to make sure they were gripping. But the problem kept recurring. Last night, while grilling chicken, the top grill plate came came loose twice. The first time, we put it back in and made sure it was tight, but the second time it happened it slipped off entirely. Had my husband not been wearing thick jeans, he would have been seriously burned in a VERY sensitive place.

    We used it to make scrambled eggs, pizza, burgers, and to grill chicken and steak. I was really looking forward to trying the quesadilla plates next, but decided to return it to the store. I'll keep an eye on this, and if the latching mechanism improves in an updated version, I'll be sure to buy it again. It just wasn't worth the risk of serious burns or damage to my countertop if hot plates fell off again....more info
  • Good Product Lousy Crafsmenship
    Got the grill and the first thing I had to do was fix the top grill. It kept falling out and I wasn't about to pay the freight to send it back so I took the grill out to my shop and repaired it myself. I'm an engineer and have a full model shop so it wasn't a very large chore but one that really ticked me off.....MADE IN CHINA AND REPAIRED TO WORK BY AN AMERICAN........more info
  • George Forman GRP 5 grill
    Cooks quickly. When open it does not fit under the kitchen cabinets. Would be nice if it came with moore recipes....more info
  • So far So Good
    This is my third George Foreman Grill. Had the first one he put out and then got the G5. I wore out the G5 grills, and could not find a place to buy just them, so decided to get this new one. I have used all the grill pans so far, and I have been happy with them, but unlike the G5, I will not wash them in the dishwasher. That is what I feel shortened the life of the other grill pans. This grill takes up more room on the counter top, and have to have it in a place that you can fully extend the top also.
    It is a bit more flimsy than the G5, but if one is careful with it, it will last I am sure. It is slower cooking than I am used to also, so have to add a minute or two to things I used to cook in a shorter time....more info
  • The Best Yet
    This grill is awesome. Very easy too use and way healthy..very little mess and the food taste great..truly an A+ from us.....more info
  • George Foreman GRP
    Product arrive quickly...cooks great,best Foreman Grill I have had...really great at getting the fat from the meats...plates come off easily to change and clean. Enjoy the ability to cook so many different things on this grill....more info
  • Excellent Upgrade
    We've had several versions of the George Foreman Grill, but this is the first with removable plates. No more balancing acts over the sink. The removable plates are easy to clean. Note: you can put the plate in the dishwasher. However, the back of the plates will discolor. No harm done, but it's dull. The cooking is also superior to other grills we've had. BTW: It takes a long time to cool down....more info
  • Grill works great.
    This grill work's pretty much as described, and I use it almost everyday. As some other reviewers mentioned, the label did appear to be stuck on their with some sort of Airplane glue, and took A LOT of work to remove. Someone mentioned that they thought it may have been stuck from being in the heat, but mine was stuck after sitting outside when the temperature was below freezing, so I'm sure that wasn't the case.

    At first I tried just pealing the sticker off, and it ripped from every side I tried taking it off. I ended up loosing the sticker with a heat gun that is used to remove decals from cars, similar to a hair dryer, and that was successful in getting all of the paper off. There was still a good amount of glue stuck on the grill after removing the sticker. I tried cleaning it off with just soap and water, and that didn't do a very good job. I got the remaining glue off with WD-40.

    If it weren't for the label being infused to the product, I would have given it 5 stars. I don't see any reason for putting a label on the grill when you won't be able to even see it until after removing it from the sealed box. Why put a sticker on the product when no one who hasn't already purchased it is going to see it?...more info
  • Amaon is the Best!
    I was completely satisfied with! I ordered the George Foreman 360 for a Christmas gift. Because of sickness in the family, it was weeks after I received the grill from Amazon before my grill was actually opened. It was badly damaged. I called the customer service 800 number for Amazon, thinking after this late date they would never do anything about it. Boy was I surprised! After explaining the situation to the customer service representative, he told me that they would send me another George Foreman 360 and for me to send the damaged grill back at their expense. That is true service. I highly recommend to everyone. I love my new George Foreman 360! ...more info
  • Bigley Family
    The larger grill is wonderful for "family" dinners. Great versatility and easy clean up....more info
  • Fast and Easy
    The cooking time is cut in half from regular grilling or broiling and the food tastes great. Also, it is so helpful to be able to remove the grill pans for cleaning purposes. We love it!...more info
  • grill
    I like this very much - The plates aren't as thick as I would like, but they work. I was hoping to use it for pancakes - not good-terrible actually. Other than that it is nice...more info
  • a step up
    This is a definite improvement from the old version I used to have. It cooks faster and more evenly, and the non-stick surface hasn't scratched off. The biggest improvement is the removeable plates which saves me the hassle and mess of trying to wash the grill outside the sink because you can't submerge the whole piece in water. Now I just throw the plates in the dishwasher....more info
  • amazing
    I have owned two other George Foreman Grills. This one is especially nice because of the clean up.

    Since we are retired if we want a chicken breast or hamburger during the day, we can fix it in a hurry. It has to be better for us than lunch meat.

    I feel that this is well worth the money....more info
  • It's Just OK
    I have used several George Foreman grills over the past few years and have been generally pleased with the results and the product. However, the 360 grill is expensive and the performance feels cheap, like it is going to fall apart at any time. The grill plates do not attach easily and too much time is spent trying to line up the grill plates with the upper and lower grills. The actual grilling turned out well, as did the quesadillas I made. But, overall, the design and operation is overdone. ...more info
  • Another problem with the top grill
    I read the directions, and I still can't get the top grill to stay in. I've turned it 180 degrees as one reviewer recommended, and thought it was secure, but it fell off onto my pizza several times before I finally took the pizza out and put it in the oven to finish it. Even being very careful, I burned my finger trying to get it to stay on. It's not just the grill top, I have the same trouble with the quesadilla top, too. I think I would love it, if it just worked. Too, it takes up so much of my limited counter space, I don't have room for food prep because I have to pull it out so far to get it out from under the cabinet. It's terribly expensive to have so many problems. I would certainly not buy it again, and I had been thinking about buying the deep fryer, but won't because of the problems I've had with the 360. ...more info
  • Great George Foreman Product with Easy Clean Plates
    I had the George Foreman George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Removable-Plate Grill with 5 Plates, Red and wanted to do a comparison with the Round shaped version of the grill -- the newer one.

    I liked using the product and found that it cooked in the normal George Foreman fashion draining the grease (and juices) off of chicken breasts and hamburgers (what I have used this grill for so far.

    The removable plates are an absolute plus and although they are dishwasher safe, the manual states that if you clean them by hand, they will look "more attractive". Whatever .... I like the idea that I can pop them in the dishwasher and clean them that way.

    If you like George Foreman products and understand the basic concept behind them (draining of grease & juices) than this is a great product. The chicken I cooked according to the manual was a bit dryer than I would have liked it, as was the hamburger. Experimentation is best I suppose.

    I give it 5 stars because I think for a George Foreman grill--it is top notch. I like this one better than the other mentioned in the link above because of the round shape and the overall stability of the unit.

    Very nice....more info
  • safety hazard
    The latch on the top plate is poorly designed and unexpectedly detaches from the grill when the grill is opened. When the grill has been heated, the loose plate is very hot and quite a safety hazard. I'm getting rid of mine after the hot grill plate fell from the grill and almost burned me. ...more info
  • Love it
    I love this grill. We had been thinking about it for a long time but couldn't find one with removeable plates and different options. I absolutely love the quesadilla press. I probably use this one the most. The 360 grill as a whole is a great addition to any kitchen!!! :)...more info
  • Love my George Foreman 360 grill!
    I just received my George Foreman grill and am so happy with it! It's easy to use and clean up....the only problem I have is with it's size, especially when the top is lifted... you'll need a fairly large area of countertop on which to use it. Additionally, some foods really steam, so you would want to avoid using it near your cabinets. And, the electrical cord is very short so your grilling area has to be very close to an electrical outlet.

    Be sure to buy one of the George Foreman grill cookbooks too, as they are full of great ideas and heathy suggestions. You can make quesadillas to die for in about 10 minutes.
    ...more info
  • Great product!
    Really enjoy useing the George Forman 360. Does a good job and is very handy for most every thing. I do think the cord should be longer, since I had to buy an extension cord so I can use it where I need to. It is really easy to clean....more info
  • Excellent, But Could Be Even Better
    Excellent product, highly-recommended. Cooks to perfection, easily-cleaned, and attractive.

    Here are some details & pointers. Platinum color always looks clean. Top sticker removes easily, if it's pulled off slowly. Original grill plates are so effective, that extra specialty grill plates might be unneeded. Perfect & easy cleanup takes about 1 minute - detach grill plates with with simple finger push, briefly wash grill plates with spray hose in sink, do 5-second scrub with nylon brush, do 2-second rinse with spray hose, and finish with 5-second drydown with paper towell. Reattaching grill plates is easy, if you're careful to install them rightside-up. Heat-up to top setting takes 8 minutes. Well-done perfect grilling of average-size steak takes another 8 minutes.

    Improvements could be made. Audible timer would help - something that sounded when grill plates reached desired heat setting, and also sounded after preset passage of time. Handle should be smaller, so appliance takes up less space and swings open more freely below cabinets overhanging kitchen counter.
    ...more info
  • Love it!
    We finally got to use it, and we love it!!! It's a bit bulky but if you have the cabinet space for storage it is definately worth the investment. Plus, clean-up is a snap, which was not the case with the traditional george foremans. We set it up to cook on the stovetop (the burners weren't on, of course) so that we could use the fan to pull the smoke up so we didn't smoke up the kitchen. And it cooks like you wouldn't believe! Perfect for those snowy winters when using the outside grill is not an option, but you still crave those grilled steaks....more info
  • Nice product....$135 best price around!!
    Thanks to all the prior reviewers who gave advice about getting the large sticker off the top of the grill. I heated the grill on high for about 7 minutes and the sticker came right off. Amazon has matched the best price around at $135, but only on the red one. That's okay with me though. No tax or shipping makes it a better deal. Just cooked 4 turkey burgers in about 7 minutes and they turned out great! I plan to use the heck out of this thing for the Super Bowl next weekend. All in all, a nice product that will become better as the price drops....more info
  • Grillin' n chillin'
    This George Foreman 360 grill has moved into my kitchen taking the place of the 2 smaller grills I have. This is fantastic....versatile, easy to clean and looks great on my countertop.

    I only wish it hadn't
    gone on sale the week AFTER I purchased mine....more info
  • Love it!
    We love this product. We use it daily. It is easy to use. Clean up is easy, changing the plates is easy, and cooking is easy. It has a much larger grilling surface than the other George Foreman grills. It makes the best quesadillas you've ever had, and it really saves time since you don't have to flip anything as it cooks both sides at once. The non-stick surface and the fat dripping feature really provide a healthier way to cook. Also, it's great for grilling skinless chicken without drying it out. You basically don't need your stove anymore once you get this product because its possibilities are endless....more info
  • George Foreman 360 Grill
    First thanks to everyone for their posts and suggestions about getting the label off the grill. It worked very well.

    We are very much enjoying the use of our 360 grill. In the past we had one of the grills where the plates did not come out and was much smaller without temp control.

    We have found the grill very easy to use and very flexible. My husband and family are enjoying the ability to easily make Quesedea's and I am appreciating the convenience of grilling chicken, fish, etc. indoors.

    The biggest challenge is to find a place to keep it so we do not have to take couter space. But we will work that out.

    ...more info
  • George Foreman 360 Grill
    My husband and I used to own the family size George Foreman grill, but it was such a pain to wash it after using and to also control the temperature of the cooking time. But with the new George Foreman GRP106QPGR 360 Grill, it has made indoor grilling a lot easier. With the temperature control settings, and the easily removable grill plates, it has made indoor grilling so much easier and convienient. We love our George Foreman 360 grill for hamburgers, sausage patties, quesadillas, and bacon. The fats from the meats, run off into the tray provided, making our foods healthier and more figure friendly. Excellent product!...more info
  • Great for STEAKS, quesadillas & burgers. but NOT MUCH MORE
    Works great for steaks and burgers and my quesadillas, came out okay after a long time. But it does NOT cook pancakes or eggs at all...I give this item a very big thumbs down for poor false advertising showing that you can cook breakfast , when there is no recipes and the grill does not get hot enough for pancakes or eggs..IF THIS ITEM WAS NOT A GIFT I WOULD OF RETURNED IT.....more info
  • Upper Grill plate falls off
    First, I love GF grills. I have been using them for years. Recently I purchased the 360. I loved the idea of interchangeable plates and the versatility it brought. BUT there is a serious problem with the 360.

    The upper grill plate falls off very easily. Every 2nd or 3rd time I open the lid it pops off. I have managed to jump out of the way but now have a few dents in my kitchen floor. I have now taken to using oven gloves when opening and closing the grill.

    I have been in touch with the manufacturer and they are sending me a replacement grill. She said it won't be the 360, as this is a known problem that they are working on. She said they will figure out what is going on and moving forward she is confident the problem will be corrected. Not sure what the replacement model will be but I am impressed with the customer service.

    I cautiously recommend this product. The lid popping off is a serious issue and I know I am not alone in this. The women at customer service said a few have been returned. Not sure what "a few" means but she was very aware of the issue. So if you have one of these and you have problems with the upper grill plate, go to their website and email customer service. It may take 2-3 weeks before they respond but they will.

    They are sending a replacement and instructions and packing material/labels to return the old one. They are making it easy to deal with. I love the idea of the 360 so when they sort this problem out I will be in the market to get one then.

    I also noticed that the heat control seems to stick and you need to slide it back and forth a few times to get it right. Otherwise it seems to run at a low temperature. Hopefully they can work these kinks out because as I have said, it is a great product and a wonderful idea. For now I guess I go back to rectangular pizza!...more info
  • This thing is the best!
    My grill arrived two days ago, and we've used it for every meal since. We've made burgers (oh, the grease that came out of those), grilled cheese sandwiches, grilled chicken breast, and even meatballs! My daughter decided to make a giant patty of meatball on it last night. It cooked in only a few minutes, and she chopped it right up into meat-squares.

    I can't wait to get to the store to pick up stuff for quesadillas!

    Also, my sticker came off easily, and the top plate attaches just fine. Perhaps the people having problems with the top grill plate didn't read the directions? It comes with a paper that says the top plate only goes on one way. If you turn it 180 it won't attach correctly.

    I initially balked at the price tag, but I'm really glad I decided to get this anyway. I hope they start selling accessory plates for this. If they do, I'm getting those, too. ...more info
  • Excellent choice!
    They are serious when they say "Nonstick". After cooking on it for the first time it would appear that I had a messy long-soaking clean up. Don't let that fool you. The removable Nonstick plates did not have to soak at all and were easily cleaned with liquid dishwashing soap and a dishrag. No soaking, no scrubbing. I mostly cook boneless beef steaks on high with the lid closed for 10 minutes and they ALWAYS turn out perfect. I do not check on the steaks or lift the lid. I have total confidence all is well under there!...more info
  • Love my Foreman Grill!
    I love my Foreman Grill with 5 interchageable grill plates.
    Suggestions for improvements: Why the hell did they insist on gluing a large sticker across the whole top of grill? It took me days to get it off before I could use the grill! Secondly, The electric cord is very short so you have to cook right up against the wall socket unless you get an extension cord. Why skimp on this feature?...more info
  • Grills great
    This is a great grill for the kitchen counter but someone has to tell the manufacturer to put on an easier removable label on the product top....more info
  • Love this grill
    My wife is a meat eater, I a vegetarian. The 360 grill is great for both of us. Grilling veggies, salmon, pizza, veggie burgers, chops and quesidillas are an easy task. The quick change plates are very easy to use and the clean up because they are non stick and detachable is simple. We use this grill about 3 times a week. It's easy to store and a snap to set up. We highly recommend this product....more info
  • Well used able grill
    I got this for the wife and she does love it.It does almost every thing she thought it would. It list the it has 5 interchangeable grills but it is miss leading as it only has 3 grill types that will remove,As they are used in pairs. It states on the box that it has 2 round grills(One Pair) 2 Quesadilla (one Pair)1 pizza/bake Plate. Where are the other grill types plates? What are they? We thought there might be a waffle grill.
    Other wise she loves it!...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I love that the plates on this remove very easy to clean! You can fit more than you think on the 360. I have a family of four; two diabetics and one with high blood pressure this grill has been used every night since we got it. I would recommend this product to anyone....more info


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