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One Greenie dental chew wach day helps conrol plaque and tartar build up and can freshen your pets breath. Greenies are filled with a blend of high quality protiens that start to break down as soon as they enter the animals mouth. There are 5 distinct sizes and textures to match natural chewing motion for various pets.

Customer Reviews:

  • deadly

    1.0 out of 5 stars Dangerous and Deadly, May 25, 2006

    I have two beagles who love to chew, and greenies are highly compressed which woule make it a good optionfor my dogs. However because they are so highly compressed they are deadly. There is an overwhelming amount of research that proves they are not digestible, and do not break down. Numerous dogs have died from chocking and internal blockages. Luckily this was brought to my attention before I purchased any.

    It really doesn't matter how much your dogs like them, statistically you dog would have an excellent chance of becoming seriously injured or worse.

    If keeping your dog busy is the goal try a kong or a "busy ball". My dogs play with their kong and similar toys for hours or until they are too tired to play anymore. Additionally some busy balls let you record a message that is played when the ball is moved, even slightly, which also helps with separation anxiety.

    If you want to treat your dog to something in the way of food, almost anything you can think of is safer than a greenie.

    Also please note....there are many greenie knockoffs. If the treat is shaped and molded or looks like plastic, has fine details showing the company name or other designs, it is in fact a molded treat. Anything this highly compressed is absolutely deadly.

    While even rawhide carries some of the same risks because it is so is a MUCH safer alternative to greenies.

    I am actually surprised amazon even sells this product, and would go as far as suggesting to amazon users to petition them to stop selling it....more info
  • Doggie Crack
    I bought a single Greenies Tennie for my puppy, just to see if she likes it. Surprisingly enough, she loves it. At first she just licks it curiously, then she started to grab it and take it to a corner and start licking and chewing on it. It keeps her busy for a long time. It's good for her teeth and make her have a better chewing habbit than chewing table legs and my fingers. I went out to my local pet stores to get this big pack. They price is actually the same as Amazon, I wish amazon would have this product for cheaper though.
    But if you want your dog to be busy, help them to have better teeth, curing chewing habbit and ease seperation anxiety, you need to give this a try.

    But of course you need to becareful choosing the right size. If the treat is too small, when they woof it down, they might get chocked. The teenie is right size for my Mini American Eskimo puppy because she is really small now. When she is older I will switch to a size bigger. ...more info
  • I'm a loyal customer
    My dog loves it and it's good for him. So, I keep buying this stuff....more info
  • Tartar Reducing Dog Treat
    One of my favorite aisles in the grocery store is the pet aisle. Shopping for healthy treats for my pets is something I do almost every trip to the store.

    Recently I've been giving these healthier treats to my Shih-Tzu puppy. He takes off with them, usually to his bed where he can relish them all by himself. And he does relish them.

    When I sniffed one, they smell minty and meaty at the same time. I worried at first that he might get confused by the smell and not like them. I was wrong, he loves them!

    They help scrape off tartar build up too. So why not make fewer vet appointments for teeth cleaning?

    I recommend this nutritious treat highly....more info
  • Dogs love greenies
    Dogs love Greenies. They do a fair job of teeth cleaning, though not as good as brushing your dog's teeth. Buy Greenies in bulk to save money as they are expensive....more info
  • Great product
    Greenies are great. Our greyhound loves all of the products and promptly eats them up. Other treats he may play with or leave on his bed, but not a Greenies Treat!...more info
  • throw up every time
    I bought these as a treat for my dog and he started vomiting about an hour later. I thought it was something specific to that dog but when I tried giving them to my other two dogs- they both got sick too. I think they eat them like a treat rather than chewing on them and then they block their digestive tract. Whatever is going on, I wouldn't purchase them unless you don't mind dog vomit.

    ...more info


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