The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide to a Healthy Vegetarian Diet
The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide to a Healthy Vegetarian Diet

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Comprehensive and well-researched, this new edition provides everything you need to know about making a healthy transition to a vegetarian diet or maximizing its benefits if already a vegetarian.

Updated with the latest recommendations for intakes of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats, the authors show how to achieve optimal nutrition for all stages of life. Easy-to-read tables, figures, menus, and food guides help you determine how to meet your nutritional requirements. You'll also learn what plant-based dietary components and factors play active roles in both the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses.

And for practical application, over 50 new and easy recipes show how to incorporate highly nutritious ingredients - some of which may be unfamiliar. These delicious meals include contributions from chefs Joseph Forest, Ron Pickarski, Joanne Stepaniak, and Yves Potvin (Yves Veggie Cuisine) as well as favorites of the authors.

Customer Reviews:

  • information, not judgement
    if your interested in a healthy diet, of any type, this book is a MUST. for those already or considering vegetarianism, i have not yet found anything that compares.

    this book focuses on the "How to be healthy" and leaves preaching (in things one may or may not agree with) aside, so it is an awesome source for everyone. omnivores and veggie/vegans (health, AR, environmentalist or any mix) will feel comfortable reading and reaping the benefits from this book.

    in depth but easy to understand explanations of basic dietary needs, info from many studies, and how to make the most of this info in one's everyday eating habits.

    it takes time to explain the macronutrients (to include protein requirements and essential amino acid intake), individual minerals and vitamins, essential fatty acids and more.

    a book that i'm extremely pleased to have come across and to have in my library....more info
  • Great for the beginner or long-time vegetarian
    I bought this book when I first decided to become vegetarian when my chemistry professor recommended it to me, and I could not be more relieved that I had this book for the first months of vegetarianism. This book tackles common myths associated with being vegetarian (like you won't get enough protein or iron), hits on every essential nutrient and how to incorporate it into your diet and why each nutrient/vitamin is so important, tells you how to handle those awkward social moments of first announcing, "I'm a vegararian!", has a nutritional needs analysis for every stage of life (from pregnancy, infancy, teens, and senior years), and even includes a few great and simple recipes designed by the same nutritionists that write the book (the banana-walnut pancakes are my absolute favorite!). This book is a must-have for any vegetarian who wants to be well-nformed about the vegetarian decission, and for those who want to develope or fine-tune a healthy diet....more info
  • Absoulutely wonderful and necessary for new vegetarians
    This book is fantastic, it goes over many vegetarian issues and teaches you how to eat to get the maximum benefit from your food....more info
  • Excellent Book
    I think this book is a must for anyone that is considering becoming a vegetarian. It is not something that you just jump into without researching. This book explains vegetarianism from a nutritional perspective, without being to preachy. Even if you're not thinking of becoming a vegetarian, the health information in this book is very easy to understand, and a definate eye opener. ...more info
  • EVERYTHING You Need to Know
    This book has so much information about converting to a plant based diet. It had all the info about the nutrition of vegetarians including what vegetarian diets tend to lack. It dispels all the nutritional rumors and has a handy guide on how to switch and how to deal with those who may chastize you. It even has recepies and cooking tips for the new vegetarian chef.

    Whether you do it for your health, for your love of animals, or because you want something new, Becoming Vegetarian is definitly what I would recommend for those new to the switch....more info
  • Great guide
    -easy to understand - helps make transition smooth. I recommend this to anyone wanting to become a vegetarian or just wants to eat healthy....more info
  • Great nutritional info
    I have not finished reading this book, however I am about halfway through it and I must say I am quite impressed. I put this book on my wish list a year or two ago and my husband purchased this for me without me knowing so it had been awhile since I had read what this book was about. It is a lot more then I thought it was. Instead of it just being a bunch of recipes with a paragraph here and there of nutritional info, this book really gets into it. It talks about calcium, vitamin D, fiber, zinc etc. In detail. Well worth the buy even if you plan on continuing the consumption of animals. Very educational. There are some recipes in the back, but recipes is not what the book is entirely made of. Good book, I'm going to buy one for my Mom....more info
  • highly recommended
    This book is extremely comprehensive. It is the first book about becoming vegetarian that I have read but I am completely satisfied that it covers all the requirements of a vegetarian diet. I would also recommend this book to non-vegetarians, particularly those seeking to reduce meat intake and increase nutrition from plant foods. ...more info
  • Great Introduction
    Easy reading and great guide to becoming vegetarian and even vegan. Highly recommend for those just beginning. Also recommend as a refresher for nutritional needs. ...more info
  • The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide To A Healthy Vegetarian Diet
    Granddaughter's present -- a little too much for her at this time...more info
  • Definitly recomend
    This was an extremely informative book. I would recomend it to anyone who wants to learn about becoming a vegetarian....more info
  • Very informative, Perfect all around book
    This book has everything you could ever want to know, weather you are becoming a vegetarian or already are it will help you choose the right foods to be healthier....more info
  • vegan "yes"
    This is an excellent book for anyone wanting to change their eating habits and improve their health. highly recommend this book...more info
  • Mine of information
    An accurate and practical guide to vegan and vegetarian eating that is a mine of information written in a non-judgemental tone....more info
  • A must have!
    This book covers all the bases of becoming a vegetarian..even the ones you may have not thought of! I was especially concerned with iron consumption and absorption...COVERED! The authors obviously have first hand knowledge of what new vegetarians go through, from the psychology of "coming out" to friends and family to nutritional concerns. I have had many questions already and the book hasn't let me down yet....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for!
    When I first realized that I no longer enjoyed eating meat, I immediately thought that I would need some kind of guide to help me get a healthy and balanced vegetarian diet. I began searching and asking around, and "The New Becoming Vegetarian" was reccomended to me. I'm so happy I bought it. The very first thing that surprised me was how easy it was to read. I was afraid that it be very dry, but it wasn't. It's probably the single most important and informative book I've ever read. I have learned so much from this book. With it, I realized that even when I was eating meat, my diet wasn't necessarily healthy, because I wasn't balancing nutrients correctly. I'm also fueled with so much information, that I can intelligently respond to almost every question or concern that I've been faced with so far. In fact, this book is so full of information that I will definitly have to read it again!
    I now know how and where to get every nutrient I need, without eating any meat. I now know how to lower my risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. And I now have a very solid foundation of knowledge on which I can build a vegetarian lifestyle. Now, if only I could actually cook...
    My only complaint about the book is Chapter 10: Vegetarian for Life. The chapter gives insite on how to construct a healthy vegetarian diet no matter if you're pregnant or if you're feeding children, or very elderly. However, there is no section for people 19 to 54. The Table of Contents says that "Part 4" of the chapter is for people "13 and over," but when you flip to the section it's really only for teenagers 13-18. Then "Part 5" jumps straight to people 55+. I can't find a section anywhere in the book that's for people in my age group. Ah well, despite that one flaw, it's a very great book overall. I fully reccomend it to anyone!...more info
  • Very helpful book
    You can never have too many books on health, and this is a great one to add to your library....more info
  • Fantastic, well-researched, the only book you need!
    I can't praise this book enough in terms of its accuracy, density of valuable information and practicality. It says everything that needs to be said concisely and addresses the "gotchas" of going vegan.

    I was educated as a biochemist and taught Physiology in a university at one time. This book is accurate and addresses potential problems such as not getting certain essential amino acids and fatty acids. This material is presented in just enough detail for layman and without extraneous content.

    I also found the book an enjoyable read and the authors kept me engaged all the way through. The organization was well thought out and they make a very compelling argument for a vegetarian diet based on sound information. The tone is also balanced and I didn't find the book dogmatic although they do argue their point well.

    An added bonus is that this book contains some recipes a good nutritional recommendations including for children. They do not take a fanatical approach and their section on shopping.

    You really can't go wrong adding this book to your library. If you are only going to buy one that covers everything that is important, this is a great choice.
    ...more info
  • A *lot* of information!
    I have read "nutritional" books before - including some that are quite good. I was surprised, however, at the depth of the information in this book. If you are totally new to nutritional concepts, it might take you a while to read and "digest" this book - but it should prove worthwhile. I have not regretted purchasing it....more info
  • excellent resource!
    this is an awesome book and resource for anyone interested in vegetarianism, new veggies, experienced ones... encouragement, practical information and reliable resources, detailed scientific nutritional stuff, you name it, it's here for you, for life. it also includes info. and data so you can compare/contrast the vegetarian diet to that of omnivores, vegans, every shade in between. i highly recommend this book....more info
  • straightforward, easy to understand nutritional advice
    When I decided to become vegetarian I knew I wanted to do it in a healthy way and this book helped me do it. It provides all the information you need on how to create a balanced diet for yourself, and it breaks it down very simply so that you can understand what your body needs and what foods you need to be eating to meet those needs. It is not a cookbook, it's a nutrition book, but I have found it invaluable in planning this new way of eating. I eat much better now than I did before and that is largely due to the fact that I now understand what I need to be eating. The chapter I found most helpful was the one on the vegetarian food guide pyramid. It shows you all the categories and how many of each you should eat, and gives you a scoresheet so you can check to make sure you are eating enough of everything. The authors also give helpful advice on how to deal with some of the social aspects of being vegetarian, which to my surprise came in handy as a couple of weeks ago a co-worker said to me, "Well, that goes against my Christianity--God told us to rule the animals"--even this sort of thing is addressed in this book! ...more info
  • Excellent introduction to vegetarianism
    This is a very well-written, easy to follow book for people who are beginning their journey into the land of vegetarianism. Not only is it informative, but the author does not condemn meat-eaters. Instead, she talks about all aspects of vegetarianism vs. non-vegetarianism, the good points and the bad. There are several sections for different topics, including nutrition, disease prevention, weight loss, and how to deal with different social and family situations when confronted about your lifestyle choice. It is obvious that the author is a kind and compassionate person who truly cares about vegetarianism and wishes to promote the lifestyle in a non-threatening manner....more info
  • Becoming a Bad Vegetarian
    I stopped eating meat about 5 years ago after reading a horrific story about a cow that was left to die on the side of the road because it's legs were broken. It was too heavy for the slaughter house truck drivers to move, so they tied a rope around it, tied the other end to a tree, and drove off, throwing the cow from the back of the truck. When I first became a vegetarian, I was eating pretty healthy. Then I got into a mindset where I just assumed I was healthy because I was a "vegetarian." Then I found out that I had high cholesterol, and I realized I was actually a "processed-crap-etarian." I bought this book, and it has been very helpful in getting me back on the right track. The vegetarian food pyramid was very helpful. With this book, I was able to redesign my diet quickly and easily....more info
  • A necessary guide for vegetarians and vegans
    This is book is absolutely necessary for anyone transitioning into a vegetarian or vegan diet and a great reference for those of us already there. It goes through all of the nutrients that vegetarians and vegans might have trouble getting enough of and explain why it's important and the best ways to incorporate that nutrient into your diet. It also gives dietary advice for prenanct women, children, and the elderly. There is so much information, I find myself constantly referring to this book as a reference guide.

    Many other reviwers have noted that this book is objective and not "preachy." I agree. It points out honestly what's wrong with and what's good about omnivorous, vegetarian, and vegan diets and then shows how to improve in each case. It does address reasons for veganism, but this book is in no way dogmatic. There's also an entire section on "diplomacy," that is how to resolve issues between ominvores and vegetarians.

    One of my favorite parts of this book is the latter half, in which advice is given on transitioning to vegetarianism or veganism. To often the changes that need to be made in lifestyle aren't addressed, in favor of reasons for going vegan or recipes. Here, however, they provide advice on mundane but necesary topics like meal planning and grocery shopping.

    This is definitly not a recipe book by nature, by several recipes are provided in the back. These are not gourmet or experimental recipes. Rather they are recipes that the authors themselves eat on a regular basis and which new vegetarians can realisticly incorporate into their menus. The recipes were also all chosen with nutrition as well as taste in mind, so they contribute to learning how to plan well-rounded vegan meals. My favorite, for instance, is a traditional marinara pasta with lentils dissolved in the sauce to make it creamier and add protein. In addition, instead of meatballs, a variety of vegetables are added to make it chunky. I've tried several of the other recipes as well, and have been pleased with them all.

    I really can't stress how amazing and necessary this book is. I find myself returning to it over and over again, so it was definitly worth buying....more info
  • All the starting essentials
    Lots of great information for beginning vegetarians like myself. A few sample recipies but definitely not a cook book. Great resource....more info
    This is a good book with a lot of good information. The problem with the book is that it has an agenda. If I didn't know any better I would have to think that the author was a member of PETA. Keep the politics out of the book! ...more info
  • The only vegetarian book needed!
    This book is excellent. Before I purchased this book, I had no clue about being vegetarian. This book contains essential information to properly maintain a well balanced diet. It teaches you how to substitute for vitamins and minerals that you would normally need from meat. And the recipes in the back of the book are delicious!!! I love this book and refer to it often. This book is the only book you will need to inform yourself of proper vegetarian eating habits....more info
  • Great Book
    I am a new Lacto-ovo-vegetarian and this book was exactly what I was looking for with simple basics to get me started. It was easy to read, not complicated. I actually, found it to be a source of encouragment and motivation as I begin this new phase in my life. I would highly recommend it!...more info
  • More than just a cookbook
    If you're just starting out with your new vegetarianism, this book is your guide. If you aren't vegetarian yet, this book will tell you how and why to do it. But it won't shove a veggie agenda down your throat; it presents the positive and negative aspects of carnivorous, vegetarian and vegan diets fairly. If you're a vegetarian gone astray -- you don't eat meat, you just eat chips and junk instead -- this book will get you back on track.

    It doesn't just tell you how to avoid meat. It tells you how to be as healthy as possible within the vegetarian and vegan diets. It's not just a vegetarian guide, it's a diet plan as well. The authors tell you exactly what you need to get the nutrients you need, and how to get it.

    There are some recipes at the back, but this goes beyond the average cookbook. It helps you learn the vegetarian philosophy, the vegetarian lifestyle. Which products to buy. Where to look for them. Why you need them. Interestingly, it also includes a social guide to being vegetarian, advising you on how to deal with people opposed to your diet, how to deal with eating as a guest, and so on.

    A great book at a great price. When vegetarianism was just starting to gain popularity so rapidly, this was one of the first and best books out there. In its new edition it includes all the scientific research since completed, making it the obvious choice for any longstanding or soon-to-be vegetarian....more info
  • Great Book pacted with important info
    This book covered everything. Written by a nutritionalist, it describes in detail everything that may be lacking in a typical vegetarian diet (B-12, Iron), and what foods to eat to avoid any deficiencies. It devotes an entire chapter on protein and which amino acids can be found in which non-meat sources. It also includes many tables of the nutritional content of various foods. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is a vegetarian or is cutting back on their meat intake. I refer to it frequently. This book explains how to make sure your vegetarian diet is healthy. However, the book does go into quite a bit of detail, making it almost like a nutrition book. If you are looking for a simplistic, nontechnical book, than this may not be for you. But, it you want a more comprehensive book that actually explains the "why" and "how" of vegetarian diets, than this is definitely for you. I really don't feel the need to buy another book about vegetarian diets because this one was so inclusive. Go for it... you really will learn a lot by buying this book! ...more info


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