AeroGarden Salad Chef and Herb Chef Seed Kits

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Product Description

Say goodbye to wilted store-bought produce with this simple, no-hassle way to fresh lettuce, salad greens and herbs all year-round. Because you care about what you eat, enjoy fresh, tasty and healthy salad greens and herbs. Continually harvest what you need, when you need it. No gardening experience is needed to grow these lush, delicious plants in your own kitchen with little effort and no soil. Each seed kit comes with a variety of pre-seeded pods for quick planting in your AeroGarden mini greenhouse. Produces a full 8 months of harvest, 2 full seasons of culinary herbs.

Product Features
• 100% natural herbs make every meal more deliciously nutritious
• Easy soil-free gardening is backed by NASA-tested aeroponic technology
• Seeds are 100% guaranteed to grow with no gardening experience needed
• Herbs grow anywhere in your home, any time of year
• The herbs are an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamins A, C, K, B6 and folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper and manganese
• Nutrient tablets contain an organic-based mix of nitrogen, phosphate and potash
• Kits include 14 herb seed pods with plant nutrients
• Planting, Tending & Harvesting Guide
• Recipes and cooking tips

Customer Reviews:

  • Only 3 months??
    Almost to the day, this salad greens garden only lasted 3 months... I thought it would last 6 !! It was good stuff, healthy, produced good for the first couple of months especially. I was just sorry to see it end so soon, made the salad greens quite expensive. We eat a big salad just about every day with dinner. The greens available at any given time was never enough for us both. I'd rather see them do away with the mixture and offer the best leafy one for the whole seven holes in the Aerogarden. The "spring mix" and another one (I forget it's name at the moment) did not produce quickly or enough. I will look for those generic refills so I can make up my own salad greens garden the next time around. This was just too expensive for what it produced....more info
  • Great to have fresh lettuce
    I love my Aerogarden and with exception of snow peas (which never flowered), I've had good luck with all of the kits I've tried. I usually have a large outside garden in the summer, but during the winter, and late summer, I really miss having fresh lettuce around all the time. The thing I like best about the Aerogarden was being able to pick a few leaves for sandwiches or snacking and not needing to keep a whole head of lettuce around. I even bought extra nutrient tablets and kept this one going a while longer....more info
  • Wow! See it grow before your eyes!
    Got this salad packet since one of my New Year's resolution was to make more healthy/organic green stuff for the family (loose weight).

    In one day, it started to grow. Seems like each time I go by & look, it's growing. I can't wait to taste it. Will update once I eat the first salad from it.
    ...more info
  • Salad Chef Pack
    I planted the first mixed set two weeks ago, and so far everything is coming up well except for the arugula which is kind of stunted. The salad greens, mesclun,and romaine are all doing great. I think that the arugula might still catch up. So far I would recommend the set.

    ...more info
  • 2 for 7 so far.. NOT GOOD!!
    So far we used 7 pods in the AeroGarden and only two have come up. Honestly those two are doing really well, but the rest are DOA!!!...more info
  • This Makes a great gift!
    I bought this for my son and daughter in law for christmas and they just love it! They said it was so easy to use and they love seeing the growing plants in the dead of winter and can't wait to start tasting......more info
  • Fresh Salad Greens
    I started my salad pack approximately 3 weeks ago and have just started to harvest. The kit includes 5 different kinds of greens. I mixed it up so I have several of each kind. Everything is growing nicely except for the baby greens. The one seed pod I planted hasn't grown as well the others. The only thing that would make this better is to be able to grow the tomatoes and the greens together but according to the directions you're not supposed to do that. Its so nice to have fresh salad greens in the middle of the winter! ...more info
  • Nice to have fresh greens in the winter
    The 4 stars is so you are not disappointed with the lettuce, it's pretty soft and limp although tasty!...more info
  • One of the better Aero Garden Kits
    One of the easiest of the kits to grow. The herb kits are also good....more info
  • Absolutely as advertised
    The seeds sprouted in two days -- all of them -- and I had harvestable greens in two weeks, though not enough for a whole salad. Now, at three weeks, I'm able to pick enough greens to make salad for two every couple of days....more info