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Set In A Stunning Open-world Environment The Godfather Ii

Inspired by the events of the classic film of the same name, in The Godfather II players take on the role of Dominic Corleone, a little-known member of the Corleone crime family tasked with rebuilding the once dominant, but now faltering mafia empire. Set in an open-world gameplay universe full of dangers and opportunities, players must maintain and develop the Corleone crime family's resources using every and all means available if they hope in the end to prevail in the ultimate challenge, to act like a mobster, but think like a Don.

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Commanding a crew of three in 'The Godfather II'
Command a crew of three as Dominic Corleone.
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A view of your family's empire using the Don's View in 'The Godfather II'
Analyze your empire with 'The Don's View' .
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Open-world gameplay in 'The Godfather II'
Enjoy open-world gameplay.
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Multiplayer action online in 'The Godfather II'
Take your family online.
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On the eve of the Cuban revolution, a major mob meeting in Havana takes a bloody turn. The Don of your family is killed in Cuba, leaving it to you to take the reigns and lead your battered organization and reestablish the Corleone powerbase in Queens. Success breeds opportunity: after you've proven you have the chops to run a top-tier crime organization, Hyman Roth invites you to expand and support him in South Florida. Do you accept his offer or do you remain loyal to the Corleones? Things get even more complicated when Michael Corleone comes under investigation by a Senate Committee on Organized Crime, and you're tapped to run the Family with support from Tom Hagen. Whatever decisions you make, you must build up your arsenal, command your crew, and establish and maintain power... or face the consequences. Stack your pockets with favors from those in positions of influence as you fight off attacks and strike back at your rivals. As the Godfather there will be a price on your head and a target on your back, but don't take it personally. After all, it's only business.

The Don's View
Be a true Don as you coordinate all the action using a 3D world map: survey your turf, place defenses on businesses, analyze crime patterns, identify new illicit rackets, and choose the target of your next attack. As the Don of a family, there are a ton of strategic choices to make in The Godfather 2. Just one example are Monopolies. Monopolies are groupings of rackets that "run" the same criminal activity. Controlling, and defending a monopoly comes with both a monetary bonus and game perk benefits making them key to owning the map, gaining wealth and amassing power. Monopolies can be local to one city or span across the cities. Larger monopolies made up of many targets, spanning multiple cities are obviously more difficult but offer greater rewards. Other in-game rackets include: Fronts - extortable legitimate businesses of the game that provide payouts as well as money laundering opportunities; and Small, Medium and Large Rackets - venues containing an illegal criminal activity and usually disguised as legitimate businesses. These three require various degrees of muscle to defend and keep under your control.

Key Game Features:

  • Build Your Family - Recruit, develop, and promote members of your crime family.
  • Command a Crew - Bring up to three crew members along on jobs, including an arsonist, demolitions expert, safecracker, and more. Command their actions in battle and unleash their specialties on your enemies.
  • The Don's View - Be a true Don as you coordinate all the action using a 3D world map: survey your turf, place defenses on businesses, analyze crime patterns, identify new illicit racket monopolies, and choose the target of your next attack.
  • Blackhand Brutality - Act like a mobster to command respect, intimidating and extorting business owners and rival families with devastating new attacks and executions.
  • Bring Your Family Online - Recruit your friends to join your family and take them into battle online to find out who is the Don of Dons.
  • 'It's Only Business' - Relive the greatest moments from The Godfather II in an open-world action experience inspired by the movie.
Commanding Your Crew
There are six ranks within each family, starting with the Don. As the Don you will have a right hand man, your Consigliere Tom Hagen, who will teach you the ropes and advise you on how to take down the other families. The rest of your family is comprised of an Underboss, Capos, Soldiers and Associates. These are the men who guard your interests and follow your orders without question. Members of your family within these ranks, known as Made Men, possess exclusive skills and specialties that can be taken into battle. Direct them wisely and upgrade them to develop their specialties and increase the power of your organization. But beware. Each rival family has it’s own family tree as well. Learning how to hunt down and permanently eliminate their Made Men will be critical to your success.

Take Your Family Online in Multiplayer Modes
Play The Godfather II online multiplayer modes and become the true Don of Dons. Take your money, weapons, and crew from your singleplayer experience online and wage mob warfare against players around the world. Play as one of your family’s Made Men and put your best strategies to the test as you battle for riches and honors that transfer back and forth between your singleplayer campaign. Some available modes include:

Fire Starter Game Mode - Arsonist crew members attempt to destroy as much as possible in a race to reach the scoring limit.

Safe Cracker Mode - Safe cracker crew members attempt to find safes throughout the map. Cracking them earns your team points and money.

Demolition Assault Mode - Use your demolitions specialty to destroy the enemy’s three assault points.

Team Deathmatch - The bloodiest mode and so not for the squeamish. Team with most kills wins.

  • Relive the greatest moments from "The Godfather II" in an open-world action experience inspired by the movie.
  • Act like a mobster to command respect, intimidating and extorting business owners and rival families with devastating new attacks and executions.
  • Recruit, develop, and promote members of your crime family. Recruit your friends to join your family and take them into battle online to find out who is the Don of Dons.
  • Bring up to three crew members along on jobs, including an arsonist, demolitions expert, safecracker, and more. Command their actions in battle and unleash their specialties on your enemies.
  • Be a true Don as you coordinate all the action using a 3D world map: survey your turf, place defenses on businesses, analyze crime patterns, identify new illicit racket monopolies, and choose the target of your next attack.

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome
    Now, I really had high expectations for this game at the start because I was so addicted to the first one. This game is just as good if not better than the first one. The added ability to send your family members to carry out tasks for you makes the game just that much easier and not as repetitive. There's a good targeting system and weapon selection is a sinch. I highly recommend this game if you're a grand theft auto type gamer. There's a very interesting story line, and cool cities representing new york (small), florida, and cuba. I know if you liked the first Godfather game then you will absolutely love this one. I cannot stop playing it....more info
  • It's Got The Potential But...
    Though I love me some 3rd-person shooter action, the original Godfather game bored me to tears. I just couldn't get into it! I know I know, some of you out there really enjoyed this game quite a bit--and I respect that--but it never struck a chord with me despite my several attempts at playing it.

    I'm happy to say that The Godfather II is a little bit of a different story...for the most part. To be frank, it's not much to look at, but I found the overall game engaging enough that I was compelled to play it all the way through to the end in roughly 10 hours.

    Initially the experience didn't feel much different from the first as the game (slowly!) introduced all the gameplay mechanics, but in about an hour or so the game began to hit its stride and everything sank in. It turned out this game was deeper--gameplay-wise--than some most other open world games and I found that refreshing as it was unexpected.

    The Don View (initiated by hitting the Start button) essentially pulls the game out to a 3D map of the mob world you're trying to take over. Here you will be able to control your game in much greater detail. You'll find yourself inviting people into your family for their beneficial abilities (like lock picking or demolitions), promoting them up the chain (which in-turn grants them additional skills), upgrading their abilities (there are roughly 15 abilities per character ranging from increased health to better aiming), purchase them new weapons and more.

    The Don View also offers the ability to delegate tasks for your family by send some of your men to assist in defending a business of yours that's under attack, or bomb an enemies business to cripple a crime ring, or even to attempt to take over another business making it your own. It's a cool system that wasn't as buggy as I was expecting it to be.

    In one instance I was attacking a much needed trucking depot to complete a crime ring that would have added bullet proof vests to my crew. While I was waging war the game notified me that one of my other businesses--a bar--was under attack (the notification helpfully offers to take you to the action via the Don View at a press of a button). No problem--I simply instructed 4 of my thugs to help fortify the defenses at the bar. Once I was done taking over the trucking depo I quickly drove over to the bar to assist and as I arrived I could see my guys laying waste to the other family as they finished up the last few guys. It's a rewarding system that works really well and is easily one of the highlights of the game.

    Initially I was worried that I was going to spend more time in the Don View than actually playing the game because I was under the impression that this game might have been part 3rd-person shooter and part RTS--but that was not the case at all. Though you do spend a decent amount of time in the Don View, you really spend the majority of your time running around and attacking other families. Also, it's worth mentioning that the Don View might offer enough options to make some peoples head spin at first as it has a plethora of options. I do feel like it could have been organized a little better or at least consolidated in some ways to make it a little more approachable.

    There are three cities throughout the game: New York, Cuba and Florida. You can (and will) visit back and forth by visiting the airport in each city. It sounds like a pain, but the maps are small enough that I found it painless.

    Without a doubt the most fun I had with the game was when I was attacking other families businesses cannibalizing them into my own crime rings. These rackets--which normally consist of several businesses--have additional benefits that are exclusive to that string of businesses. For instance one racket will grant you larger ammo clips for your crew. One of the bigger ones spans several cities and offers incendiary bullets doubling the damage of your bullets. It's a nice carrot-on-a-stick until the end of the game.

    There are some annoyances in the game worth mentioning (some minor but I'll let you be the judge). You will use the thumbsticks to navigate the world, but as soon as you enter any menu system--including the Don View--you must switch over to the D-pad--its inconsistence is an annoyance, and what's further frustrating is that it doesn't even offer the option to do so. Also, the game expects you to interact with the world by talking with people on the streets who need favors (and boy there are a lot of them), but there isn't enough variation on the NPCs, their voices and the environment to keep in very interesting. The graphics never go beyond mediocre and are never impressive.

    But I think the biggest gripe I have with the game is the severe lack of side missions or alternate activities to participate in. The whole idea of an open world game is to offer the player choice. In Saint's Row 2 or GTAIV you have so many different activities or side missions at your disposal one could get lost for hours! You can (and in some cases are encouraged) to stray from the main story and get completely lost. That's the joy of an open world game--you make it your own! Yes I understand that there is a specific story to tell here with The Godfather 2, but the other games I mentioned do as well. I just feel like there was a huge opportunity here to move this game into a more interesting experience than it is and in the end we get a game whose world is nothing more than an empty shell. Perhaps EA is hoping people will get lost in the multiplayer experience? Personally I have no interest in that portion of the game.

    For more info visit my blog: info
  • Godfather: Mob Wars redux
    Combine Risk and GTA IV set in the world of Godfather II and you pretty much have the premise of this game. This approach was already covered by the "turn-based, territory control strategy game" from 2006's Godfather: Mob Wars for the PSP. The similarities leave the game seeming some uninspired.

    Another persistant annoyance is the lackluster voice acting and the inabilty of the game's developers to secure the likenesses of key characters/actors from the Godfather franchise. The biggest offender is Michael Corleone who looks and sounds nothing like Al Pacino.

    Definitely worth renting for the weekend from your favorite video store, but when it comes to purchasing the game, I say skip it....more info
  • Great single player; terrible multiplayer
    Let me start off by saying I am obsessed with the Mafia, so I'm biased. This game, however, doesn't require you to be obsessed with the mafia, or even with video games. Godfather II is actually VERY similar to Grand Theft Auto in my opinion. The game is very fun to play if you liked the original Godfather or Grand Theft Auto. It's the single-player that makes the game fun to play. The multi-player is horrible. All you do in the multi-player is sit in a small area and shoot other people in order to gain gun experience (which you need for the single player). Godfather II essentially forces you to play their boring multiplayer in order to get the full single-player experience.

    Fun single-player
    Improved family controls from original Godfather
    Benefits for controlling rackets
    graphics (obviously) better than previous Godfather

    Pre-determined story line, no room to deviate
    Rivals don't attack you specifically, only your rackets

    Bottom line: Buy this game if you enjoyed Grand Theft Auto or liked the original Godfather or Scareface games. Otherwise, you may be better off waiting for Mafia II, which is expected to come out in Fall 2009....more info
  • Saint's Row Lite
    The reason why i would call this game Saint's Row lite is that EA took a lot of things that worked well with that game and the first Godfather and incorporated in here but on a much smaller level.

    While I cringe at how the orginal movie was butchered to make into this game, I do however how what happens in this game drives youalong to your path as the ultimate Don.

    As others have pointed out however is that the AI is mostly a pushover and even in my eyes when you go to take out someone's business, you could have overwheliming odds against you and still come out on top.

    Another issue I have had is when members of my crew fire at EVERYONE. It means you have to be careful when taking them with you when going to execute a Don because these trigger happy mofos will kill them before you get to do your killing move.

    I also agree that the money earned in this game is almost useless because there is nothing to really spend it on but upgrades however it does give you a chance to upgrade your soldiers.

    It is a fun game if not a deep one strategically.

    Enjoy it for what it's worth and who knows...maybe they can get Rockstar or THQ involved next go 'round....hehe fat chance...more info
  • A Cheap GTA
    If you're thinking about purchasing this game, your time and money can be better spent somewhere else....more info
  • The Greatest Game of ALL TIME!
    This is up with the best. Gears of war, Halo, watch out because The Godfather 2 has risen. First lets talk graphics, THEY ARE THE GREATEST! The characters are not stiff and look lifelike. There are at least 650 hours of gameplay here. The AI is so smart and you really have to be at the top of your game mentally to win. Also, there is already 4 downloadable Items to buy that are definately worth your money. Overall I think this game is a WINNER! Thanks EA....more info
  • Satisfying sequel
    I purchased this as a gift for my adult son & daughter. They both enjoy it and like the challenges it presents and the unique aspects of the game play. Although I don't personally play the game, I do find myself caught up in the story & the game play and end up watching them. I especially like the design & visual appeal of the different cities depicted in the game. I am impressed with the skill & imagination of the people who build these "worlds". Well worth the $60 investment!...more info
  • A good game after all
    Luis Mejia - Considering the flaws the first Godfather had (the repetetive locals, the amount of cars, the appearence of buildings and such) I consider The Godfather 2 a well polished game. It summarizes you the important plot of the second movie, gives you a compelling and limited liberty and provides you an intensive and enjoyable gameplay. That's what an average game is supposed to offer, although no one wants to buy a flat average game if that's the case. I was pleased by the corrections applied to this sequel game, specially if you were addicted with the first game, you get a nice variety of cars with their radio stations, a well designed group of buildings, landmarks with plants and decorative touches, and a nice character customization (if you consider the horrible human prototypes you could create in The Godfather I). Then you can be satisfied but just if you really liked the first game. Apart of the external aspects, the game has an average gameplay.

    It is a very short game, and not only short but definitive, this means you finish the game and you'll find yourself with nothing to do. The story is well developed; although the game should've started long before the Cuban revolution and you should've met Tom Hagen at first. Instead, you get the whole game was chopped by half; specially when you find such a small New York, a stereotyped Cuba and the most acceptable Florida. At the end of the storyline I was dissapointed, it's not the bombastic finishing mision of the first game.

    Now I'll get to the new features the game provides; the don view. In this 3D map aspect of the game you can plan anything you need: you can check the locals around, defend your posessions, attack other businesses (although I highly do not recommend anyone to do this it's a waste of time), improve your skills, your crew skills, manage defending guards in local and check other points of interest. This feature is very well done and easy to learn, so there's no complication in understanding the gameplay. When it comes to your crew, it's a delight to find out how useful this group of people you hire are, almost each hability is needed. Of course these people will become your family, which you can upgrade and manage as you find better crew to carry better weapons. From demolitions to bruisers, your crew is far better improved than the babysitting system of the first game.

    When it comes to the locals, they are more entretaining to conquer as there are fewer and harder. They do not get repetitive, but there's something really frustating about getting to search a long time for the owner. They are also easier to persuade. The crime rings are bonuses you get when attacking a certain group of rackets, although useful you don't get to use these bonuses near the end as other crime rings are hidden in other cities and when you get to Cuba the game is nearly finished. This gets bothersome.

    Along with the Corleones, you find 5 different families along the way. I believe the Carmine Rosato family counts as a "training family", as it is to easy to wipe out. When you get to Florida and Cuba you get to the real action, as these families come out taking out your businesses and locals, and you'll need to defend them with made men or personally. When you get Tom as your advisor is easier to plot if a defense will succeed. The only way to stop the others families from attacking you is to kill their family men, whom which you can get to kill after doing favors to people; although this is painfully repetitive. Also you must kill the specifically or they won't go away.

    The game easy difficulty is also frustating; getting you or your crew killed is difficult, and with your medics is nearly impossible to fail. But this doesn't mean is not an enjoyable game. At last, the game has very good features, but it desperatesly compacts the whole game in a half done, hurried up format; as if they would've made the game in the last days of the deathline. But it is very addictive and fun but all in all The Godfathr franchise is an acquired taste. (PS: does anybody noticed the armor or the ammo belts cannot be removed? this results to me far unprofessional)....more info
  • wow really cool game
    I loved the first godfather game for the xbox 360. The godfather 2 seems to take a little different direction but in a good way . you are already don but the game is really fun. You are in cuba, florida and new york the game is really huge. very cool gun play and i love the finishing moves. Extortions are really fun too. The story line is really fun and great. If you are a fan of the first game you will love this one. ...more info
  • amazing
    This game is so much more fun than the 1st godfather game. The new Dons View thing is absolutely amazing it is so helpful and just adds to the overall fun of the game.
    Sure the story isnt exactly like the movie like the assassination attempt of Fidel Castro (which was a pretty good level by the way) but that just adds to the fun. I think that is why the first game failed because you could always see what was coming.
    Me and my friend have had countless hours playing this game and it is defenitily worth a buy. Two Thumbs up!!!...more info
  • I like it...
    ...don't know if it's worth damn near $60.00, though.
    Maybe $30.00

    Haven't read the other reviews. This are just my thoughts.
    There are things that I like about the game:
    1. The look and feel of the game, i.e., graphics and music. The game has improved in appearance.
    2. The storyline (of course). I like the way they integrated the story with the character 'Dominic'.
    3. The concept of creating a 'family'.
    4. You get into the action really fairly quickly.
    5. I like that crew members have specialties.
    6. It's somewhat unpredicatable--> there are various routes into a building that you can take. You have to figure out the best ways to utilize your men.
    7. I like that each business has special perks.
    8. I like that you can get favors and perks from officials
    9. I like the Don's view screen where you manage finances and businesses and such.

    But (and here we go with the negatives):
    1. It's not like you're buying property or cars and clothes with it. You don't really use the money for anything besides purchasing guards to protect your businesses and upgrading your crew members, so... this function lost it's appeal rather quickly, for me.
    2. I wish I could recruit crew members more frequently. Seems to be a slow-moving process.
    3. Crew members...? They have their uses. They're a great addition...just have to be careful when it comes to your mob 'hits'. Their trigger happy ***es are guaranteed to just screw it up. I usually take one (the demo expert--the most reliable one) and have him post in close area as a precaution.
    3. I think this game is easier than the original, imo.
    WAYYYY easier. I just defeated the first family and was like, "That's it?" In the first Godfather, a horde of mobsters were coming out of nowhere to fight me tooth and nail. In this one...I think I could have singlehandely taken out that house. Maybe it gets harder with each family, I dunno... If you can esacoe the scene of the crime then you'll have no issue with cops. They pretty much leave you alone...
    4. I'm under the impression that I either have to kill my crew memebers or setup a wireless connection to upgrade the weapons qual. of my crew members in Xbox live. Not interested in going through a 'process' to play a stupid game...I suppose I'll just keep whacking them. (laugh)

    I like the game alright.
    There's been some great improvements. The new concepts just need to be better developed, imo.
    3rd times the charm...(wink, 'Godfather 3')
    ...more info
  • A let down, but tolerable
    Godfather 2 follows off of the first installment, following closely with the plot of the movie. You are Dominic, pupil of Aldo Tripani, the main character of the first movie. After Aldo is killed in the Cuban Revolution, Dominic takes over the Florida business interests, while Michael, who is strangely voiced by a George Clooney impersonator, watches from the shadows as you wipe out the rival southern families.

    Rather than be a one man army, you're required to take on a crew of specialists that perform the acts that you were capable of in the first game. Aside from changes in driving, with every car handling like an 18 wheeler, and weapon upgrades being random finds rather than purchases, the play is virtually the same. There are some new bells and whistles, with interactable items and a variety of venues, but the premise is still to fire more bullets than the enemy.

    The movie inspired missions and scenes feel more stapled on. Rather than being integral to the ascension of the Corleone family, you are more a passer in the night, and the scenes try to bleed out slowly to expand the gameplay, but only makes it rather frustrating. The voice acting is tolerable, and the face creation is rather impressively varied. Graphics are nice, but the range is so short than driving at higher than 40 gives the impression that cars and buildings are warping in from another dimension, and text requires that you have macronocular vision or an impressive 5 figure TV.

    Had this game been longer or more varied, it would've held up better. AS it stands, it doesn't have enough improvements to make up for the solid material that was removed from the first game. No more hit missions apart from bizarre grinding favors, no intelligent leveling, text thats impossible to read and watered down, subordinates that're useful, but cookie cutter to the point that I have a set of identical triplets in my family. The shortness of the game knocks it down further, making this a solid rent...more info
  • Disappointed
    I loved Godfather 1 and have replayed it several times. I received Godfather 2 on 4/13 and have already finished it. Didn't enjoy it much. Missed the detail of NYC found in the first Godfather. Was not invested in my character like I was in the first one. Sorry I bought it. Should have rented it....more info
  • Just Average.
    The following is for the single player aspect of the game. While this game does have an on-line component, the SP is the primary reason for me purchasing most any game that is not an FPS (and some that are).

    First the good.

    The game starts off well and the overall story is not bad. You begin in Cuba, just before the revolution, moving from there to NY, to Miami, and eventually a bit back to Cuba, so there is a lot of opportunity to create a detailed and different game than GTA or the like. In addition, the Don's View is interesting and is quite nice visually, separating it from the pack a bit. The team system developed here is very good as well. Your NPC associates are actually somewhat useful (more than just a bullet shield at least) and it is nice that you don't have to worry about losing them, if you drive off they will just appear with you later, eliminating an annoyance from games such as Saint's Row. The hand-to-hand and gunplay is fun and the aiming system works well for a third-person game. The graphics for the characters are actually surprisingly good for a game of this type, but there are a lot of "clones" around.

    There are also some very innovative game play elements that bring this game up a notch as well. The ability to eliminate the members of a rival family one-by-one, thus weakening the family's attacks, is a nice touch. Also, the rackets and associated bonuses are nice to have, reminding me of an real-time strategy (RTS) game. Each racket you control gives bonuses, both to the player and to the computer. When you first start, the computer has BP vests, extra ammo, etc. and you have almost noting. To even the score you can bomb one of the enemy's locations, disrupting a racket, and making them lose the bonus, making it easier for you to take over another location you may want. The computer can do the same to you as your rackets grow, so defense becomes important.

    Now at this point you might be wondering why I would give a game like this an average rating. The reason is that while the above innovations are quite impressive, they are not followed through on and instead of a deep, interesting game, you are left with a quick, repetitive, standard third-person shooter (yes this is where the cons begin).

    The story. While overall it is engaging and a nice, if clich¨¦d, mob tale, the character development for the main character is almost nonexistent. You just don't care about the man you are supposed to be playing, this takes away too much from the game.

    The locations. I think the designers got a little too ambitious here and spread things too thin. All the levels are tiny by today's standards, as noted by a previous poster, and the level of detail is sub-par. I would have liked to have seen a larger emphasis on one area, letting the designers focus on this would have made a world of difference and create a better overall look.

    The team. While the team members are mostly a help, you just do not need them for this game. Sure you will need their skills for some quests, as you have none of your own, but in taking over rackets, just you and a gun can do this with no problems. In fact, as with most games, the team can get in the way, causing you to have to repeat a level if they accidentally kill someone you needed. Go on your own for the hitman targets, as they will just end up blowing up a nearby car, killing your target and not letting you get the required condition for a permanent kill. I would have liked to see more controls for them than just commanding them to follow, use a skill, or sit in one place.

    The above are annoyances, but ones I could live with, what keeps this game from being great is two things, both related to game play. First, the game is just too dang repetitive. Secondly, the AI is a bad joke. The combination of these two factors is what makes the game clock in at about 10 hrs of real gaming and makes this one of the easiest games I have ever played.

    I think the designers got a bit too ambitious once again with the RTS elements they added. They did not create a playing field where it really matters if you lose any of the bonuses the rackets create, so they are useless. While the computer usually bombs a good location, taking a bonus for a bit, it doesn't matter as it is still easy to defend against the resulting attack, provided you stationed enough guards there. The only reason to obtain the rackets is really so the enemy compound opens and lets you attack. You end up doing the exact same things over and over until suddenly the game is done. First, attack a racket location (again you can do this by yourself, with no bonuses, with no problem). Second, torture the shopkeeper and grab the business. Third, set up guards (you will always be able to afford what you need). After that, all you do is defend, sending a made man or two if the other side really gets ambitious, until you get all the businesses. Any differences only arise in the main quest and it is just a variation of the above theme, again, very easy to complete. The side missions are nothing more than completing favors for people, sometimes gaining semi-useful ones in return (mostly just the ability to call off the cops). You only have a few things to do though, beat someone up, kill someone, crack a safe, or vandalize a location, all things you do over and over again in taking over the rackets.

    One note on the Don's View. While this is a good concept, they need to work on the controls for the next one. It would have been easier to have all your options available on the screen as pop-up (or drop-down) menu system, instead of having to go into each, one-by-one. It gets too tedious when you want to do something quickly and click the wrong button. Also what is with having to use the + pad and not the analog sticks for menu selection??? Not an intuitive control scheme at all.

    To sum up, if you are a fan of the GTA or SR-type games, you will like this to an extent. There are some interesting RTS elements that warrant fuller exploration, but the combination of a poorly programmed AI and the repetitive game play overshadows any gains from the innovations. This is a game one should rent or borrow from a friend, but definitely not a must-have purchase.

    My 2¡é...more info
  • Truly Be The Don...
    mix all the Racket Taking and Gunplay Goodness of Godfather 1, Scarface the movie/game and Saints Row...and this is what Godfather 2 is. i absolutely Loved the system of extorting shops/businesses/hotels for profit in the first installment...and this game add's on to that system in every way. its Exactly like Godfather 1 but now, you have guys invade territory/buildings and shoot with or without you. you can terrorize other businesses and the competition will attack your businesses as well. you can customize your team from outfits to which weapons they use and send them to do whatever you desire...or invade enemy territory with them co-op style. the Don view really keeps all the action in control for you as so many things will happen at once when you start to tackle businesses. this truly is a Beautiful strategy game and is Complimented by that Awesomely Violent combat system that any Godfather fan has to love.

    there is a Limited Online mode that is Fun when its 2 vs. 2, 3 on 3. but the fun is in the Career of the Single Player experience. the extorting of shops may keep you busy but once you have all the businesses (which shouldnt take more than 10 hours), theres Nothing left to do..but KEEPING your competition around and being Selective about which properties are worth taking and which are not..Defending businesses while sabatoging other gangs businesses...selecting which men will defend which turf and which men to send to sabatoge someone elses racket based on each mans special skills ie: really Thinking like a what makes this game GREAT. its an ongoing Chessmatch that can literally Never end. its amazing how many people will Completely miss that because they RUSH through the game. THIS is the strategy Godfather game youv been waiting for...this is The Godfather...

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  • Disappointingly shallow...
    Don't get me wrong, Godfather was my favorite Xbox 360 game hands down, so as you can imagine I took the day off in eager anticipation of its sequel. Little Did I know that after 10 hours I'd be finished with the game!

    There are some vast improvements on the control of your Family in this version of Godfather and I love how you can hire men, promote them and upgrade their skills and weapons. Don's view is a nice quick way to order men to help protect your investments. The developers were also nice enough to provide us with the locations of any missing safes, finishing moves, etc. for your achievement hunting.

    The sad thing is that's about where the game's improvements ends and the bad points begin. While very fun to play in single player, the game's AI strategy is very poor. Outside of the occasional random bombing or attack, the AI posed little to no threat as my empire grew.

    For a game that claims to be open-world it's frustratingly closed.

    There are three city maps to compete on including NY, or what amounts to about 3 city blocks of NY, Florida (the largest city) and Cuba. In each city the number of buildings you can take control of was considerably lower than in the original game and outside of Florida the maps are really small. Each building is part of a racket which expands your family with upgrades such as additional ammo and eventually armored cars. Sadly the AI families don't appear to use or gain any benefit from holding onto rackets and many of them you cannot control until you unlock the next map. By the time I unlocked Armored Cars the game was well in the bag with about 30 minutes left of game play.

    Gone from the original game:
    - Don't expect drivebys. Not once did the AI Families chase me down with a vehicle.
    - Armored Truck robberies (Not a part of this version at all!)
    - Long in depth story in which you feel your weaving together events that shape the Corleone family.

    I wish that the developers would have given us a game with the depth of the original Godfather with the control improvements of this game. While the racket bonuses are a nice touch, taking over businesses just didn't have the same feel as its predecessor. It would have been nice if each racket you controlled reduced the cost to purchase weapons, cars or incrementally increased capacity instead of the all or nothing bonus

    The game engine is so much fun to play with, I wish there was a random map generator or something to give this game some replay value. As it stands now there is zero replayability.

    Multiplayer could have been extremely cool if it had been built as a strategic RTS with each player controlling a family in Don view and using their single player resources (family, weapons, money) to battle with or against friends across the games city maps. It would have been awesome to team up with a buddy and ally against NPC families of varying AI strength. Instead it's yet another frag fest 3d shooter thrown in using its own maps and some of the game engine mechanics. Sure you get to `use' your single player family members while running around fragging each other but in name and abilities only. My made men lost all of their uniqueness in multiplayer in exchange for a lovely blue or red suit and the same face as the next guy. I'm guessing the developers thought they would bring you to multiplayer mode with the lure of unlocking level 4 weapon licenses but after a couple of hours finding out that my made men earned nothing was a huge disappointment. A nice touch in theory, but certainly not enough to keep me playing Godfather 2.

    I highly recommend renting this game over a weekend as you can beat it easily in 10-12 hours and if you haven't played Godfather it's worth your money instead of this one.
    The Godfather the Game
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