TurboTax Home & Business Federal + State + eFile 2008

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Product Description

TurboTax Home & Business was designed to help you take full advantage of your personal and business deductions so you get the biggest tax refund possible.

Shows you which expenses you can deduct for your vehicle, supplies, utilities, home office expenses, and more, so you get every business deduction you deserve. Saves time by automatically importing your investment information directly from your financial institution. Asks simple questions about your income, family situation and changes in your tax situation. Then, based on your answers, searches for more than 350 deductions to get you the biggest tax refund. Audit Risk Meter checks your tax return for common audit triggers. Shows whether your risk is high or low. And provides tips to help you reduce your chance of an audit. Guides you step by step through your tax return and puts your answers on the right tax forms for you. Skips interview questions that don't apply to you, so you can finish your return faster. Double-checks your return for errors, so you can be confident your taxes are done right. Dual Refund Monitor constantly displays and updates both your federal and state refunds (or taxes due) as you complete your federal return. Get your refund in as few as 8 days with efile and direct deposit. Shows Your Tax Refund in Real Time Federal Efile Included System Requirements - Windows or Mac OS X 10.4+

TurboTax Home & Business includes everything taxpayers need for self-employment and personal income taxes. Designed for taxpayers who have their own business, TurboTax Home & Business includes everything in TurboTax Premier plus an expanded interview that guides customers step-by-step through Schedule C, categorizing business expenses, maximizing home office deductions and calculating and reporting depreciation.

Asks easy questions about your business
Asks you questions in plain English, then puts your info on the right business tax forms for you. Click to enlarge.

Maximizes personal and business deductions
We search for more than 350 personal and self-employment deductions to get you the biggest tax refund possible--guaranteed. Click to enlarge.

Efile for a fast refund
Efile with direct deposit to get your refund in as few as 8 days. Federal efile included.

Everything you need to easily do your personal and business taxes.

Provides Guidance for Self-Employment Income and Deductions

New easier interview customizes questions based on your business profile (sole-proprietor, consultant, 1099 contractor, and single-owner LLC) and gives you step-by-step guidance for entering income and expenses.

Helps Find Small-Business Tax Deductions
Shows you which expenses you can deduct for your vehicle, supplies, utilities, home office expenses, and more, so you get every business deduction you deserve.

Identifies Industry-Specific Deductions
Walks you through tax write-offs by industry to help you spot commonly overlooked deductions.

Gets You the Biggest Vehicle Deduction
Shows you whether you'll get a bigger deduction using actual expenses or the standard mileage rate. Provides extra help for splitting vehicle expenses between business and personal use.

Makes Entering Income Easier
Shows all business income types on a single page so you know you've covered all sources of business income.

Creates W-2 and 1099 Forms
Helps you prepare unlimited forms for employees and contractors. Does all calculations and prints on plain paper. No special forms needed.

Improved--Simplifies Asset Depreciation
Helps you determine which depreciation method will get you the biggest deduction, then guides you through calculating and reporting depreciation.

Streamlines Expense Entry
Walks you through all expense categories and provides additional tax deduction suggestions along the way so you can maximize your savings.

Offers Extra Guidance for New Businesses
Shows the startup deductions new businesses can take.

Filing Multiple Returns? It’s Easy with TurboTax
You can prepare and print unlimited federal and state returns and e-file up to five federal returns (per IRS guidelines) with TurboTax at no additional charge. You get all the features and benefits of TurboTax, like year-over-year transfer and audit support tools.

Federal e-filing is easy, fast and more accurate than paper filing and eliminates paperwork hassles. You'll receive IRS confirmation your return has been received and best of all, you'll get a faster refund°™in as little as 8 days.* And you can start and work on as many returns as you like and still use all the tax planning features (scenario and alternative planning) you've come to value without having to pay extra.

*IRS typically estimates 8-15 days for efile with direct deposit.

Helps You Get the Most from Your Investments

Exclusive--Imports Your Investment Info
Saves time by automatically importing your investment info directly from your financial institution.

Helps You Accurately Report Investment Sales
Walks you through reporting sales of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Automatically calculates capital gains/losses and keeps track of those that carry over to future tax returns.

Determines Your Cost Basis
Finds your accurate purchase price for stock sales, in three easy steps.

Helps with Employee Stock Plans
Guides you through reporting sales and automatically determines your correct basis for selling shares purchased at different times or different prices.

Speeds Up Multiple Investment Entry
Short-cut interview lets you quickly enter multiple investments and provides extra help and guidance if you need it.

401(k) Maximizer
Shows you how to increase your 401(k) contribution without decreasing your take-home pay.

Exclusive--Helps You Find Every Rental Deduction
Finds over 20 deductions for landlords, from travel to advertising to repairs to insurance.

Exclusive--Shows Your Best Rental Depreciation Method
Simplifies reporting rental property depreciation and shows which depreciation method will get you the biggest tax deduction.

Simplifies Reporting Multiple Properties
Short-cut interview speeds you through entering multiple rental properties and provides extra help and guidance if you need it.

Maximizes Refinancing Deductions
Guides you through deducting points, appraisal fees, recording costs, and more so you don't miss a single chance to save.

Handles Supplemental Partnership Expenses
Guides you through deducting your out-of-pocket partnership expenses.

Helps with New Rental Properties
Shows you step by step how to set up new rental properties.

Finds All the Deductions You Deserve

Maximizes Your Tax Deductions
Asks simple questions about your income, family situation and changes in your tax situation. Then, based on your answers, searches for more than 350 deductions to get you the biggest tax refund?guaranteed.

Looks for Deduction Opportunities as You Go
Shows you which deductions you've taken. Which deductions you haven't. And tells you how to qualify for just about any deduction, so you don't miss any opportunities to save.

Gets You the Maximum Deduction for Donations
ItsDeductible (included) helps you accurately value items you donate to charity--no more guessing. Plus, it tracks other donations such as cash, mileage and stocks, to help you get every charitable deduction you're entitled to.

Improved--Handles Your Life Changes
Changed jobs? Got married? Bought a home? Had a baby? TurboTax guides you through common life changes, explains how the changes will impact your taxes, and tells you what you can deduct.

Helps with Medical Expenses
Does all the math and tells you if you qualify to deduct your medical expenses for maximum tax savings.

Helps You Reduce Audit Risk

New--Tracks Your Audit Risk
Audit Risk Meter checks your tax return for common audit triggers. Shows whether your risk is high or low. And provides tips to help you reduce your chance of an audit.

Includes Downloadable Audit Support Center
Gives you step-by-step guidance on everything you need to know and do if the IRS contacts you.

Alerts You to Audit Red Flags
Compares your deductions to national averages for your income bracket so you can quickly see if your deductions fall outside the norm and could possibly trigger an audit.

Also Available: Audit Defense
Provides full-service representation by a trained tax professional. You will never have to meet with the IRS, unless you want to.

Why TurboTax Home & Business is the easiest choice for you...

TurboTax Home & Business was designed to help you take full advantage of your personal and business deductions so you get the biggest tax refund possible.

Choose TurboTax Home & Business if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are a sole proprietor, consultant, 1099 contractor, or single-owner LLC

  • You receive income from a side job or self-employment

  • You prepare W-2 and 1099-MISC forms for employees or contractors

  • You file your personal and business taxes together

If you own an S Corp, partnership, C Corp, or multiple-owner LLC, choose TurboTax Business.

Does the Hard Work for You

Asks Easy Questions, Tailored to You
Guides you step by step through your tax return and puts your answers on the right tax forms for you. Skips interview questions that don't apply to you, so you can finish your return faster.

Improved--Automatically Fills in W-2 and 1099 Info
Gets your W-2 and 1099 data directly from over 100,000 participating employers and financial institutions and automatically puts it in the right tax forms. A brief summary lets you review and edit downloaded information if necessary.

Transfers Last Year's Tax Info
No retyping necessary. Fills in information from your previous year's return to save time and increase accuracy. Shows you what you're importing and where it goes in your return. You can also import from other tax software including TaxACT and H&R Block's TaxCut.

Imports Your Financial Data
Imports information from your financial software (including Quicken, QuickBooks 2007 and higher, and Microsoft Money) so you can skip the cut and paste this year.

Provides Help and Advice When You Need It

Live Tax Answers
Get live answers online from TurboTax experts and other TurboTax users in our Live Community. Plus you'll have instant access to answers to commonly asked tax questions on every screen.

Straightforward Guidance & Advice
Find help on any tax topic from anywhere within TurboTax. Get plain-English explanations of specific tax areas and helpful examples when you need them.

New--Guide Me
Not sure how to answer a tax question? We'll guide you to the right answer, making your taxes even easier.

New--Explains Your Return
Shows you a summary of your return, including income, tax, credits and payments so you know your taxes are accurate. Provides recommendations to help you get an even bigger refund next year.

FREE Technical Support
Got a software question? No problem! Get answers from a TurboTax expert via e-mail, phone, or live chat.

Spots Errors and Shows How to Fix Them

Checks for Mistakes
Double-checks your return for errors, so you can be confident your taxes are done right.

Guaranteed Accurate Calculations
If you should get hit with an IRS or state penalty or interest due to a TurboTax calculation error, we'll pay you the penalty and interest.

Keeps You Up-to-Date with the Latest Tax Laws
With a single click you can check for updates each time you start to ensure your return includes the latest IRS and state tax forms. No more disruptions while you work on your return.

Get Your Refund Faster with Included Federal Efile

Improved--Shows Your Tax Refund in Real Time
Watch your refund add up as you complete your return. Our improved Dual Refund Monitor constantly displays and updates both your federal and state refunds (or taxes due) as you complete your federal return.

New--Federal Efile Included
Get your refund in as few as 8 days with efile and direct deposit. Five federal efiles are now included with TurboTax at no extra charge. If you're a returning user, we'll automatically transfer your efile information from your previous year's return to save you even more time.

Compare TurboTax Software

Choose the tax preparation solution that best suits your needs:

  • Prepare and print unlimited federal and state returns; e-file up to five federal returns (per IRS guidelines) at no additional charge
  • Includes free federal efile -- receive IRS confirmation and get your refund in as few as 8 days
  • Tailors questions for sole proprietors, consultants, 1099 contractors, and single-owner LLCs and gives step-by-step guidance for entering income and expense
  • Expanded Schedule C guidance shows which expenses you can deduct for your vehicle, supplies, home office expenses and more to maximize your business deductions
  • Create W-2 and 1099-MISC forms for your employees and contractors (Windows only)

Customer Reviews:

  • Seems different this year
    I've been a Turbo Tax user for a number of years, always raved about it however this years edition does not seem as easy to navigate. Found it more challenging to use. Not sure why....more info
  • A lot of complaints about some Great Software!
    This was the first time doing my own taxes in 10 years. After my CPA charged me $500 last year, I thought it was time to look in to doing my own. Most reviews gave the 2007 version 1 or 2 stars. The complaints were varied, but most had to do with a feature that was included before wasn't available in 2007 and/ or had an additional charge (1 e-file). Intuit heard you and for 2008 the software is awesome. I live in Florida, so no state tax, but it was include in the version I bought. I guess I could complain that I paid for something that I couldn't use, but I won't. I bought the most expensive version because we have had a small capital gain and some self-employment income. Both we covered easily by TurboTax Home & Business. Most of the negative comments from 2007 had to do with the amount of e-files allowed and printings. The 2008 version allows 5 e-files. I went over my taxes with a fine tooth comb and questioned every line against my 2007 return prepared by a CPA and they checked out perfectly. When there was something I didn't understand, I submitted a question and got multiple answers that I would research. Even with what I would consider moderately complicated taxes, I was done in 3 hours and received my refund electronically in my bank account in 8 business days. All for 1/5th the cost. I'm using it again next year....more info
  • Turbo Tax
    I have used Turbo Tax for several years and find it to be a great product. The price at Amazon was the lowest I could find. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to do their taxes. It is very simple to use....more info
  • TurboTax Home & Bus Review
    I've used TurboTax for years and still find the tax software to be excellent. The price that I purchased it at was the great and delivery was prompt....more info
  • State verifies TurboTax reliability
    I got a letter from my state's department of taxation with a card in it that said I had not paid my taxes and was going to be subject to penalty, etc., I checked my bank statement and saw where they had been paid, so I looked further into the papers included to see what it was all about. Although it did not specifically say so, apparently I had been randomly chosen as a candidate for the state to run an automatic simple audit to see if they could catch errors and suck some more money out of me, and the paper enclosed said they had adjusted my tax liability as follows: Then every line showed the exact same figures for my TurboTax return and the state's figures, with no additional tax liability. It was yet another example of how the state wastes money but a good endorsement for TurboTax!...more info
  • Best Price
    The title says it all. Turbo Tax is a known product. I found the best price via Amazon....more info
  • Beware When Buying This Product!
    This product will NOT WORK with .NET 3.0 or .NET 3.5 and a person must have .NET 2.0 [ONLY!!!] installed to make TT work. What's up with that Intuit? Apparently, Intuit is only two software versions behind for creating a viable useable product that people can use.

    ALSO, it seems a person cannot install .NET 2.0 on their computer to make the software work if they already have .NET 3.x already installed. What's up with that Microsoft?

    PLUS, try finding anywhere on the Amazon site in the software description where it states that the TT H&B F+S+eFile requires .NET 2.0 before the software will even load. You know, just to warn the user and make life a bit simpler for a regular Amazon customer! What's up with that Amazon?

    Sadly I bought the software expecting no problems installing TT on a new computer. However I discovered I am unlucky enough to have up-to-date .NET 3.5 installed and so I got a failed install with this obscure message that related to a problem with Intuit. Finally, I discover I'm in somekind of obscure software hell where there is no help and no sensible solution.

    What ever happened to pride in one's business you guys? This is not the way to build user trust. Why do you guys think the end-user is going to tolerate such poor products and services? I feel like I am dealing with AIG excutives here.

    As for my solution, I'm going for my money back and let Amazon worry about dealing with the complaints about Intuit products.

    User-Guys, check your computer's .NET 2.0 status before you give Amazon money for this software!!!...more info
  • Don't be fooled -- state forms are NOT included
    I bought this program only to find that you either have to download the software for state returns online or wait a week for them to mail you a disk!!!!!

    Completely deceptive packaging, don't be fooled into thinking you get everything the box says you do. ...more info
  • TurboTax is Awesome.
    I 've been using TT for 3 years now. No problem. Price is the only obstacle....more info
  • doesn't really do business taxes
    If you want to do anything more than very simple home based business taxes, you need to get the regular Business Tax version. This will let you create a 1099, but is not set up to handles expenses. Basically useless for business purposes. ...more info
  • clay
    I have used Turbo Tax for over ten years. This year is no different from previous years. It is very good software for doing your taxes.
    My order from Amazon arrived in two days as promised and was not damaged due to excellent packaging. ...more info
  • Turbo Tax-Please Help!
    Hello, I bought a Turbo Tax Home and Business 2008 version in order to make the 2008 tax return on 2009. Now, I have a question because I am confused: Do I have to buy each year a Turbo Tax version???, that means: Do I have to buy on 2010 the turbo tax Home and Business 2009?

    Please Help!

    Thank you ...more info
  • Great as always!
    I've been using Turbo Tax for years... it gets better every year. One thing I'd like for them to make available is to have my returns stored/backed up online when using the installed software version....more info
  • Good stuff
    the TurboTax Home & Business Federal + State + eFile 2008 is good stuff thanks...more info
  • Mailed software
    If you have the time to wait a week for your software you can save a bundle. I ordered this product to be mailed to me and saved 60% over the download version of the same product....more info
  • Great product as usual
    I have used TurboTax since back in the early 1990's and as always this version is great. Makes taxes a job, (well, almost). ...more info
  • Excellent
    The product was shipped in the original packaging. NEW Condition. And FAST! Thank you. ...more info
  • Great to do taxes by yourself.
    If you are in business for yourself or at home business, use this poduct to do the taxes yourself....more info
  • Mixed Thoughts
    H&R Block wanted $300 for a simple personal income tax with 1099s, trying it manually left me with forms all over the table and floor, and erasing holes into the papers. Eventually Turbo-tax Home/Business did the job, but not before considerable aggravation.

    Specifically, I wanted to enter mileage for job searches, and the program wouldn't let me. Tried phoning for help, and was notified there was a 45-minute wait-time; alternative was to appeal to a users' group. (No offense intended, but the idea of asking others who may or may not be knowledgeable seems like Turbo-Tax is pawning off their responsibilities to help users to others.) Finally ended up stuffing the mileage into another area - hope I don't get audited. On the plus side, really appreciated TurboTax's ability to immediately make revisions (including on state tax forms), and the ability to e-file the federal forms.

    Finally, charging extra to e-file state forms just seems like unjustified chiseling....more info
  • Taxes...
    Turbo Tax was easy to install and use. This is our first year to use Turbo Tax so I'm expecting it to be even easier next year with the ability to import information....more info
  • Not for complex tax returns
    Daytraders or active traders beware: this product cannot import more than 3,000 trades for the schedule D detail. The best you can do if you have more than 3,000 trades is to use another software like TradeLog to create the detailed Scedule D and then manually override the Turbotax form to enter the summary numbers from the TradeLog bottom line.

    As a corollary problem, Quicken or Quickbooks are also very poor in handling high volume trading, usually throwing up a large volume of errors in unmatched transactions if you are a momentum day trader who makes a lot of buy/sell short/cover trades in short periods of time. Even if you manage to get Quicken straightened out in these errors, TurboTax will still NOT import more than 3000 trades from Quicken nor from a third party TXF file.

    And by the way - for 2007 tax year I sold a rental house, under $250K that I had lived in for 3 out of the prior 5 years so should have had no capital gains, but TurboTax couldn't handle the situation and showed $12,000 in taxes. Had to go to an accountant to handle the tax return properly.

    Finally, both Turbotax and Quicken don't handle self employed health insurance correctly. Neither one has a category for it, although there is a specific line on the tax return for it. Years of complaining by many different users on the Intuit forums have not generated a change from Intuit.

    All in all, I've used TurboTax successfully in past years where my tax situation was fairly standard, I was not self-employed and I had no real estate transactions, which is probably true for 90% of buyers, but if your situation is complex with self-employment or real estate transactions, TurboTax probably can't handle the whole job.

    ...more info
  • Awesome, works great, fast ship
    Great product for less. Just like the ones at the store at a fraction of the cost....more info
  • Turbo Tax
    I love this product. I have used it for years and wouldn't use any other. It's easy and clear in it's instructions....more info
  • Could do my taxes without Turbotax
    It really does everything they say it does. It is the most complete and user friendly software I have used. I stopped using a CPA and started using Turbotax for our small business. I like Turbotax better....more info
  • Turbo refund
    Moderately easy to operate. Generated return for combined business personal filing. Electronically filed return and refund arrived in less than 2 weeks. TurboTax might make the navigation capabilities a bit better, otherwise, quite satisfied with product....more info
  • Great service and savings
    I was very please to save money and time. I also did our small business taxes quickly and easily....more info
  • Good
    Good product. The only negative is that it is very hard to find allowed contributions to business retirement plans....more info
  • Don't count on e-filing with this product
    Pretty good product overall, but here's a big problem: It wouldn't accept my checking account number for e-filing, which means I have to wait an extra 3 weeks or so to get my refund mailed to me--that's a real drag. There's absolutely no support for this sort of problem, which other people are experiencing, and in general the support looks pretty terrible. (Believe me, the problem wasn't that I was plugging in the wrong account or routing number, I verified it with the bank and have been using those numbers for direct deposit for years.)...more info
  • If Turbotax says you owe a penalty, don't believe it
    Is Turbotax in bed with the IRS? It does not include a way to accurately figure a tax withholding penalty. It assumes the simplest method applies to everyone. This is certainly a plus for the IRS. If Turbotax says you owe a penalty, manually add form 2210 (which Turbotax fills out, but doesnt include it with your saved forms unless you manually add it). There are many exceptions that you may qualify for, and there are alternative ways to figure a penalty. Turbotax said I owed $86 penalty, but I actually owed no penalty. When I searched Turbotax for additional tax penalty information, it refers you to Form 2210 and only says, "it's complicated." Too complicated for Intuit software engineers to write an algorithm to solve this discrepancy?

    I wonder how many other exceptions that Turbotax glosses over with a generic approach? You'd think with such a cash cow as Turbotax, Intuit would feel they could devote some resources to this.
    ...more info
  • Bloated, increasingly difficult to use. too much advertising. Poor help system.
    I've been using TurboTax and Quicken for many years and with each new version I buy, I edge closer to looking at the competition. This year's TurboTax is probably pushing me over the line.

    First, I truly hate the endless in-your-face advertising for other Intuit products. I am buying a software product and paying a healthy price for the usability of the software - not to have an endless stream of ads for other Intuit products shoved in my face.

    Secondly, TurboTax's help system is just plain awful. This is the first year I received Social Security payments - and I had questions about their taxability. I had to go through three layers of help menus before winding up with an official IRS publication. Why have three layers of superfluous inapplicable information?

    Intuit pushes a lot of the burden online for help, which is not the most efficient - or helpful - facility to use.

    Picking up your last year's tax return as a starting point for the current year is not a wise move. Better to start from scratch.

    The "guided interview" is ridiculous. A one size fits all approach wastes a lot of your time.

    Overall, I think this is my last year of not considering alternatives to TurboTax. Intuit has done a lot of rotten things to its customers. A few years back, they implemented a copy protection scheme that could cripple your computer. This year they implemented an outlandish charge for printing alternate returns. On both occasions, Intuit backed down with an explanation that they "blundered" - but not before trying to rip off their customers.

    Hopefully there is an equivalent or better product out there because I am fed up with TurboTax and its arrogance toward its customers.


    ...more info
  • My Quick Books 2006 doesn't transfer over
    The main problem was that my Quick Books 2006 was too early a version to transfer its balance sheet with all my information to Turbo Tax so everything had to be done manually. The response time for any unique question NOT related to any tax advice came days too late and was boilerplate (which I didn't realize).
    Other than that, I guess it was satisfactory and certainly cheaper than my accountant who wanted to charge me at least $1200 for a simple return. I was thankful that Turbotax was able to tell me that it looked correct, and I felt confident that I would not get rejected by the State or the Federal for a clerical or inadvertent error....more info
  • Good program with a few kinks
    My husband and I have been using Turbotax for home and business for a number of years and noticed a marked improvement in the product -- although some of that might be we have become more familiar with the program! It is helpful to be able to download the previous year's return and update the information rather than starting from scratch each year. The kinks in the program relate to finding certain information -- the "route" is not necessarily intuitive. ...more info
  • Better then last year
    It's easier to use this year then last year. Finally! I was ready to switch to another Tax software....more info
  • TurboTax
    Still stepping through TurboTax with my taxes but as always TT makes doing my taxes a breeze.

    Can't wait till the Tax code is simple where we don't need the sophisticated software though....more info
  • Don't gamble on any state e-filing with TurboTax!
    The product itself is not terrible but THE REAL RIP-OFF came when I decided to e-file the state return. Since the free federal filing got rejected (who knows why -- something to do with my husband's social security data that has never caused the slightest issue with paper filing), the state filing automatically also was rejected -- but TurboTax still charged me $19.95 for this completely useless service. They aren't interested in reducing the charge, either. SO WHY GAMBLE? If you pay TurboTax for this you could end up just being out money for NOTHING, when you could have mailed the thing in for much less (and not had to print the whole freaking thing out again either). Next year, I won't bother e-filing at all, but if you do ... WAIT before paying for any state return to make sure the federal return was accepted. This company has lost a tremendous amount of goodwill from me. I will certainly be looking for alternatives next year....more info
  • Audit protection not all that hot?
    This really refers to the 2007 audit review insurance provided by Tax Resources Inc. I purchased it thorough TurboTax for my 2007 taxes and now I'm being audited - a comprehensive, all inclusive, no stone left unturned audit..... The audit is scheduled for April 22, 2008 and I won't get to meet the tax accountant assigned to my case until the day before the audit. I'm feeling that's a little late....how do you "strategize"?? I have two schedule C's and a lot of complicated stuff going on. Anyway, this is my first audit so I don't really know what to expect. Also, I understand the accountant is paid a lump sum, so I have to question his motive for spending time on my case, or giving me good representation. I'm not expecting a lot, I guess. I really wonder if I shouldn't just represent myself! If anyone has any input, please, I'd love to hear it!...more info
  • Tax Relief
    This is a great product for the home tax enthusiast. We use it year after year....more info
  • Turbo Tax 2008
    The program has always worked for me both as a personal and business tax preparer software. I have tried others but Turbo Tax still seems to be the easiest to work. ...more info
  • Fifty doloars cheaper
    Because it was $50 cheaper than everywhere else, I was wary that it would not work. It worked perfectly. As with other times I have purchased things from Amazon, the quality has been the same but the price has been better. The only thing I could fault it for, is that I was led to believe that I could e-file both State and Federal 1040s. They asked for another $20 to e-file State so I printed the forms and sent them off myself. I received verification of the Federal filing and overall, am very pleased....more info
  • Amazingly easy
    This is the third year I've used Turbo Tax for Home and Business and it is amazingly easy to use. I do mine and my daughter's, even though she does not have a business. I listen to my friends talk about paying an accountant to do theirs when I know their taxes are no more complicated than mine. The great thing too, is that it will automatically import your info from last year, saving time with duplication of info as well as giving you instant comparisons. Great product - don't know what I would do without it now....more info
  • Turbo Tax Home and Business
    I can't say much about it yet as we are still in the middle of using the software. It was reccomended by a friend who is a retired CFO. So far it has helped a lot used in conjunction with Quicken. Looks like a big refund! Also saved money by doing our taxes ourselves....more info
  • You need to get used to it
    TurboTax contains now one free state return. It is free to fill out, however they charge you $16 if you want to e-file it. This is ridiculous since some of the States like Maryland offer free e-filing right from their website. The software itself is seems to be complicated to me since I have always filed taxes manually and it seems to me to be more transparent and understandable when you file it manually. With this software you are being asked a million of questions and you do not really know or understand what is going on in the background until you see the final forms. Beware of making an entry error into some parts of it, like the business income section. It does not want to revert your initial entries so you have to delete the entire section and start over. When you want to report the interest income of your children with you tax return, good luck looking for it. It is tough sometimes to find things in this software that are on paper very easy to take care of....more info


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