Your Pregnancy Week By Week 5th Edition
Your Pregnancy Week By Week 5th Edition

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When you're pregnant, there is nothing more exciting than keeping up with the drastic changes your body undergoes on a weekly basis. In Your Pregnancy Week by Week, Glade B. Curtis, M.D. (Your Pregnancy Questions and Answers, Your Pregnancy After Thirty) has written a clear, easy to follow guidebook. Each "week" includes information on: How Big Is Your Baby?, How Big Are You?, How Your Baby Is Growing and Developing, Changes in You, How Your Actions Affect Your Baby's Development, You Should Also Know, and a Tip of the Week. With the exception of the You Should Also Know sections (which sometimes focus on rare problems and concerns), the tone of the book is informative, chatty and reassuring. An extensive, excellent glossary adds value. Your Pregnancy Week by Week seems intended to both simplify and expand on the information an inexperienced or first-time mother-to-be receives from her medical provider. It is especially ideal for very young pregnant women seeking to better understand the changes in their bodies. --Ericka Lutz

Doctors refer to pregnancy in increments of weeks, not months or trimesters and expectant mothers look for changes and compare the details of their pregnancies based on the same weekly schedule. One of America's bestselling pregnancy books, Your Pregnancy Week by Week provides focused information in this medically appropriate way, which is why it tops the U.S. lists of pregnancy books recommended by mothers. Almost two million copies of this book have already been sold! Now, Your Pregnancy Week by Week is being adapted to make it suitable for the UK market and expectant mothers here will be able to enjoy and benefit from this highly-acclaimed, practical pregnancy book. The new fifth edition is being expanded and brought completely up to date, to reflect all that's new in obstetric practices.

Customer Reviews:

  • Biased and negative
    Each chapter details the horrible things that can happen to you and your growing baby. Week 40 begins with a lively discussion of jaundice comforting the mother by saying "if the baby survives kernicterus, it may have neurological problems." (pg 572) Nice. Only hospital birth is discussed as an option for delivery. No mention of free standing birth centers or home births - only hospital births. Home birth is mentioned once on page 419. The author states that home birth is not safe, saying "one study showed twice as many infant deaths..." The reader is not given the citation to this study, no does the author mention the countless numbers of other studies that show no difference between the safety of home and hospital births. Some studies (see Kenneth C Johnson and Betty-Anne Daviss BMJ 2005;330:1416, 18 June or see more studies at actually indicate that home birth is safer. The discussion of laboring positions does not clearly state that receiving an epidural will not allow you the ability to choose a laboring position stating rather "if you receive pain medication, you will need to lie down." (pg 578)The explanation for being denied food and drink in the hospital is also misleading (pg579)

    Overall this is the worst book on pregnancy that I have encountered....more info
  • Not that great
    I was disappointed in this book. I did not like the scare tactics, nor did the book offer any details about the symptoms or what you can do to make them better. I only read the part that talks about the babies development and skip the rest, because, I don't need anything more to worry about. I think a good prenatal book should offer answers to common questions, but didn't find any of that in the book and still find myself surfing the internet to get my questions answered. I wouldn't recommend this book....more info
  • great book!
    I used this book with my first son and loved it! I gave my copy to a friend and now am ordering one for my 2nd pregnancy. I used this book along side "What to Expect When You're Expecting". I thought they were nice compliments to each other....more info
  • great book
    this is a great book. i like that it tells you every week what to expect, what will change and how big the baby is. the illustrations are also very helpful. it helped me to really understand what was going on inside of me and how the baby was growing and changing every week. i buy this book for every friend expecting their first baby....more info
  • Pregnancy Book
    I really enjoyed this book. Especially for a first time mom. I really appreciated that there was only a few pages per week, but they included a nice description and drawing of what the baby would look like. I would definitely recommend this book to any expecting mom....more info
  • Below expected
    This book could be 4 times shorter. The same information repeats over and over again, very irritating. The book contains some info you will never need in your life and lacks some that you really need to know. I found out much more useful and interesting information reading magazines than this book. After I made it through first 200 pages, I started reading every 3rd page and guess what, i didnt miss anything, it was everything I already read before. Definitely not a book to read for those who have a tendency to be paranoid about some things. This book will scare the hell out of you for no reason! The only thing I liked in this book (and that's why it earned my 2 stars) is pictures of developing baby with a note how long it is and how much it waits week by week. Lucky, I bought it used and paid only 5$ for it, that's about how much it is really worth. ...more info
  • Dont' buy this book if you're in your first pregnancy!
    I bought this book because it was the thickest book in the store's pregnancy section, and I am an information junkie. This is my first pregnancy, so the week by week analysis was very appealing to me. While this book is helpful in the drawings of the fetus week by week, and nutrition information, I am now scared out of my wits! I lay awake at night fretting about everything that can go wrong. As others have posted, this book focuses on all the bad things that can happen, with very little information for a normal, healthy pregnancy. The information that is in there is poorly organized, and it as it turns out, the book is so thick because it repeats itself frequently. I am already on the lookout for a new book because I am tired, and I need some sleep. Plus my husband is tired of me getting up at one in the morning to google whatever new health scare I have after reading the next chapter....more info
  • great book!
    This is the best book for a new mom! It's concise and very helpful to carry you along this beautiful time. Every week is full of new information and it is presented in format that is interesting and easy to follow. ...more info
  • Can't say I like this book
    I purchased this book when I found out I was pregnant. Most of the weeks I skip half of what they wrote because its "what could go wrong" and I just don't want that on my have enough to worry about right? If my pregancy is normal and healthy (which it has been) then I don't want to read a book weekly about what could go wrong. I haven't really found a great pregnancy book that I like so I can't refer you to anything. I love all of the books by the Sears family and would assume that The Pregnancy Book would be a great bet. I will check that out for my next pregnancy. ...more info
  • Excellent - Informative
    I give this four stars instead of five only because there is information in the later weeks that I wish had been in the beginning weeks. That said, I loved reading about where my baby was in her development each week. Also, this book taught me about pre-eclampsia - I was able to self-diagnose myself, keep my Nurse Practitioner from giving me a "stress test" eight months into the pregnancy (which would have most likely induced seizures), and get into triage right away. I did, in fact, have very severe pre-eclampsia and had to be induced right away with medication to stave off seizures. Five doctors and three nurses later (all in the same room at once) I gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl a month early. I'm not sure I would have known about pre-eclampsia and the warning signs had I not read this book. My daughter is now nearly nine years old - I'm very thankful for this book....more info
  • If you expecting .....THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU....
    Hi....This is a fantastic book ....chalked full of information you need to know as your baby grows and your body keeps you up to goes by weeks , the same way the doctors use , each week you know exactly whats going on....Tips for DAD too..!!!!..I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK......more info
  • Straight to the point..
    I like this book because it's simple and straight to the point. It's a great guide and it doesn't freak you out like some other books. Have fun with your pregnancy !!...more info
  • Inspires fear in the hearts of new mothers....
    I wish I had read some of these reviews before I purchased this book. The prospect of a week by week analysis of my pregnancy seemed very appealing. Since this was my first trip down the gestation highway I thought a week by week roadmap would be nice, and it is. But the chapters are peppered with a million things that can go wrong during pregnancy. As previous reviewers pointed out, no statistical data is given to the frequency of such atrocities. I understand the need to educate myself on all facets of pregnancy, including the downsides. But this book goes about it all wrong. For instance in the 13th week chapter the book tells you by this time sex is physically determinable on your baby. Then it goes on to say that if you miscarried now, you could tell the sex of your baby. No...really Sherlock!!! Thanks for that morbid little tidbit, that really helped. I know there are other pregnancy books that get the points across without the morbidity. If you are a firstime worrysome mom like me...Stay away!!...more info
  • Loved It!
    This is the most informative book I have read so far in my pregnancy. It really covers week by week and even extra concerns....more info
  • Talk about negative!
    This book should be called "You're Pregnancy Week by Week: all of the things that can go horribly wrong and kill you" From the very first page, this book is full of scenarios that will terrify you. I'm getting my money back for this little gem. The only reason I gave it two stars is because it has nice illustrations....more info
  • Wanna worry for nine months?
    Then buy this book. I understand that lots of things can go wrong in a pregnancy, but I really didn't feel like reading about them every week during my first pregnancy. For instance, under 'How Your Baby Is Growing And Developing" in Week 33, all they talk about is placental abruption!
    There is good information here, also; but it's presented in such a voiceless, humorless way that I found it boring. I should be anything but bored with my pregnancy! I much preferred the way "What to Expect" lays out the scary stuff, with a chapter in the back. ...more info
  • Beats a Stephen King book, if you are pregnant
    This book is informative, but is a litany of all things that can go wrong! After reading through this book, I was convinced that no Mom or Child can possibly survive and baby(ies) can be born without defects.

    Look around you and you'd see a world teeming with fairly healthy individuals, so mother nature has more control on things than you give her credit for in this book.

    Spine tingling!!...more info
  • Pregnancy book of horrors
    My husband and I started referring to this as the "pregnancy book of horrors," because each week, in addition to a brief description of our baby's development, dimensions, and what sort of fruit it most resembles, there is a long detailed description of every possible disease or malformation that the baby or I might develop that week. This kind of approach makes women think of pregnancy and birth as a dangerous medical condition, rather than the natural and amazing process that it is.

    The book also includes an awful lot of discussion of "things you might be worried about" that I can't imagine anyone would really worry about it. It had simply never occurred to me to wonder whether it might not be safe to take a bath or drive while pregnant, until reading the long sections of this book dedicated to allaying my fears about such things.

    Perhaps the most disturbing part of the book was one of the later chapters, which lays out the options for getting cosmetic surgery to return your body to its pre-pregnancy shape immediately after your birth or c-section. After all, since you're already in the hospital and probably under anesthesia, why not? The last thing any pregnant woman needs in this image-obsessed society is a medical professional suggesting that we might want to spend the first moments of our baby's life getting cosmetic surgery rather than bonding with that baby!...more info
  • if you want to know about everything that can go wrong with your pregnancy then read this book
    The only cool thing about the book was the actual size pictures of the baby, but those only last until the baby outgrows the page size. I still give it one star because the book is fear mongering,hypochondria inducing and an anxiety attack waiting to happen....more info
  • great book
    I am 19 weeks with my first. My insurance company sent me this book as a thanks for participating in their prenatal program. It is informational for each week, but nothing that will scare you into calling your OB. I actually got a second book as a gift...and I have to share it!...more info
  • Scary Book
    This book is good for telling you where you are in your pregnancy week by week in terms of the baby's size and weight, as well as your size and what you can expect to feel. It also gives weekly exercises, which are nice, and drawing of what the baby looks like and the actual size.

    On the down side, most of the book talks about every possible thing that could go wrong with your pregnancy. I appreciate the information, but that really scares the crap out of me, especially with this being my first pregnancy. If you don't mind or want to know every little or big thing that could go wrong with your pregnancy, then this is the book for you. But if you are like most of us, this might just raise your blood pressure by adding a million more things to worry about. Good luck and congrats to all!...more info
  • Not Bad
    I own this book as well as What To Expect When You're Expecting. I like this book because it breaks it down into weeks versus the other is broken down more by the month. I believe both are helpful in their own way. This book gives you general details but What To Expect When You're Expecting is more practical because the question/answer format is very realistic for a new mom like me. I reference both books regularly. I say buy them both. You can always try to resell on Amazon after you're done with them!...more info
  • D. Braun
    this is THE BEST BOOK to read during pregnancy...I had all the What to Expect series but found this so much easier to read. The Dad tips are a plus and I just saw an revised edition that I picked up to give as a gift that also has different work out moves to do during pregnancy. ...more info
  • Good if you have an extremely complicated pregnancy.
    This book is filled with things that can go wrong throughout your preganacy and barely touches on general information on a healthy pregnancy. If you or your baby have lots of major issues, this book will provide useful explanations of those conditions. This book could definitely make for a very stressful, anxiety ridden pregnancy if taken too seriously! Seems the people who wrote this one really want you to be paranoid. I suggest getting several books and taking it all with one big grain of salt....more info
  • Best Book!!
    This book was amazing, walking through everything week by week including the changes going on with you and the baby. Also, the individual nutrition sections were really helpful! Amazing book, I really felt like I understood what was going on and how to make my pregnancy easy and enjoyable....more info
  • Horrible Amazon Service
    I ordered this product before xmas with multple other items and each of my other items arrived fine, however this book arrived used/damamged. I called Amazon and they happily sent a replacement via two-day so it would arrive before xmas (23rd). The second book also arrived USED/DAMAGED!!! When I called amazon again they didnt offer any reason or apology and just said for me to return the book. I do not think I would order another book from amazon especially since they originally tried to say I destroyed the books and only refunded me 1/2 cost of the book. What an outrage..... ...more info
  • This Book Flat-Out Lies
    This book flat-out lies...about home birth anyway. The doctor claims that homebirth is unsafe and studies show infants and mothers have a higher mortality rate when birthing at home. Actually, the opposite is true. For accurate information on this topic, I suggest watching The Business of Being Born. Also see the World Health Organization's studies and statistics which show the US has some of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world. Other first world countries, where babies are born mostly at home, do not have the rates of the US. The author should be ashamed for outright lying in this manner and the publisher as well for not fact-checking the assertion.

    As for the rest of the book, it includes a lot of information, although some of it is a bit paternalistic (ironic considering it is written mostly for women by a woman). The week by week format is helpful. The drawings are a bit primitive....more info
  • wonderful book
    This book is so much fun. I read it every week with my husband. It tells you how big your baby is every week and how it is developing....more info
  • It's ok as supplement reading.
    It's a good book. I got some good info from it, but it wasn't nearly as helpful or as well-written as "What to Expect When You're Expecting." The boasts all over the book are that it was written by a doctor. Yeah, it reads like it. Kind of all over the place, and you get lots of information, but then you walk away saying, "What" It has father tips in it, but they are rather lame, and seem to be present for the sake of being present, as if the book was written for men too. I like the break down of weeks, but it's not my favorite source of information....more info
  • This is THE book to get you through pregnancy!
    This is a great book! I read it during my first pregnancy and I loved it! Now I'm in my second pregnancy 5 years later and I'm reading it again! It's so much better than What to Expect. This book takes you through each week of pregnancy, gives you illustrations of the baby, tells you what your body and baby are going through, gives nutritional tips, tells you about all the tests and possible complications of pregnancy, and so much more! This book and The Girlfriends' Guide are the only two books any pregnant woman needs to get her through pregnancy. I ended up donating all my other books to goodwill....more info
  • Great Info!
    I have read this book with all 4 of my pregnancy's and it never gets old. I love reading every week to find out what how big the baby is, what is developing, how I am changing. I also love the illustrations. Great book for pregnant mommmy's!...more info
    I love this Book, I am soo glad that I have it. When one of my friends is pregnant, I buy the book for her. It has almost every question you have and shows wonderful pictures. Tells what your baby looks like at that week and how big you might be. BEST PREGNANCY BOOK!!!...more info
  • boring, don't buy
    This is the most boring book about pregnancy. I couldn't even read it for more than 10 min, even though I am so eager to know what going on with the baby....more info
  • Biased and negative
    Each chapter details the horrible things that can happen to you and your growing baby. Week 40 begins with a lively discussion of jaundice comforting the mother by saying "if the baby survives kernicterus, it may have neurological problems." (pg 572) Nice. Only hospital birth is discussed as an option for delivery. No mention of free standing birth centers or home births - only hospital births. Home birth is mentioned once on page 419. The author states that home birth is not safe, saying "one study showed twice as many infant deaths..." The reader is not given the citation to this study, no does the author mention the countless numbers of other studies that show no difference between the safety of home and hospital births. Some studies (see Kenneth C Johnson and Betty-Anne Daviss BMJ 2005;330:1416, 18 June or see more studies at actually indicate that home birth is safer. The discussion of laboring positions does not clearly state that receiving an epidural will not allow you the ability to choose a laboring position stating rather "if you receive pain medication, you will need to lie down." (pg 578)The explanation for being denied food and drink in the hospital is also misleading (pg579)

    Overall this is the worst book on pregnancy that I have encountered....more info
  • The best pregnancy book
    While being pregnant you get so much info (people, books, etc).
    This book is great as it gives you week-by-week updates on the baby's development without being too scary. I really enjoyed reading it and give it as gifts to expecting moms. ...more info
  • Great week by week book!!
    I love this book because it explains things for each week of your pregnancy! It is also written by a doctor so there is a lot of great information. I would recommend this book to everyone expecting a baby!!...more info
  • Useless and Confusing
    like my title says...useless and confusing. I borrowed this book from my local library before actually buying any books and I hated it. It was confusing. I got the 4th edition of "What to Expect" and loved it! Try it instead!...more info
  • Good, Basic Resource
    My friend gave me this book with a recommendation that my husband and I read it together each week and that is why I recommend the book. I have read lots about pregnancy but this is the one I enjoy because each week my husband asks what we get to learn about our son. It is a good amount of info to keep him informed and helpful for me. The format of the book has given us a time that is one of my favorites in my pregnancy.
    This book has less of a bias than others. It is true that the organization of this book is not as helpful as it could be BUT I have not really found one that has a great organization. As for the scare tactics, I am very cautious but this book is a lot less scary than others. As with any book, always check the info with your doctor. ...more info
  • great book!
    i love reading this book! my husband and I read it every week together and learn what's going on in my body! it's amazing!...more info
  • Not for the faint of heart
    This was the first book I bought for my pregnancy, and I love how it covers the progress of the baby each week as well as my bodily changes each week. That being said, I could handle less of the "what could go wrong". I skip over about half of each chapter because the author spends that much time on the horrors of what could go wrong in your pregnancy. I really don't think a soon-to-be mother, especially a first-time mother needs to dwell each week on what might happen to kill her pregnancy!

    The best thing for any mother-to-be is to relax, take things in stride, and keep positive for both her health and her child. While some people may want to have this information, I think it could be limited. I am currently in week 10 of my pregnancy and the section titled "How Big Are You" has one sentence on my bodily change, then goes into four paragraphs on Molar pregnancy (where you grow too fast as a result of an abnormally fertilized egg). The balance of good news vs. bad news is just not proportionate. ...more info
  • Too much fluff, not enough substance
    I am pregnant with my first child and I purchased this book because I liked that it was sectioned into weeks, rather than months like other books. However, after reading the first few chapters, I started to get the impression that this book didn't contain enough specific details about pregnancy itself, but rather focused too much page space on generalities. The tone of the book reads as though it was written for idiots, with short, general points backed up by fluffy "feel good" statements about the wonders of pregnancy. Also, I really didn't appreciate that there are a lot of scare facts in the book that aren't backed up by references to hard data. For example, there is a "Green Tea Warning" in one of the first few chapters that says that the antioxidants in Green Tea prevent the body from absorbing folic acid, which can cause neural tube defects. However, there is no reference to any studies done to back up this conclusion and there are no follow-up points that would prevent the reader from concluding that other substances that contain antioxidants may cause similar harm to the baby (i.e. cranberry juice, tomatoes and strawberries all contain antioxidants - Should we be worried? The book provides no answer.). It also doesn't address the fact that Asians have been drinking Green Tea for thousands of years and, as far as I know, they don't have higher incidences of babies born with neural tube defects.
    Another problem I had with the book is that it had whole sections on the effects that different illegal street drugs have on a fetus. While it's good to point out that pregnant women shouldn't do drugs, I believe it was unnecessary to devote whole sections to each different type of drug. I really don't think that the type of woman, who is dumb enough to smoke crack while pregnant, would be reading this book, or any other pregnancy literature for that matter....more info
  • Helpful
    I got the usual pregnancy book and this one. This one is so much better! I like that it is divided into weeks instead of months. ...more info
  • Huge waste of money!!!
    I am pregnant with my first child, and I bought this book with a few others. I bought it because I liked the in-depth details for every week of your pregnancy. However, when I started reading it at home, I was disgusted. This book is full of unneccessary scare tactics about your pregnancy and what could go wrong.
    In one of the first chapters, the book tells you that you should be taking folic acid long before you get pregnant. It then goes on to say that by the time you find out you are pregnant, it is too late to get much benefit from folic acid if you haven't been taking it before. The next paragraph describes the things that can happen if you haven't been taking folic acid for months, one of which is the possibility of your baby being born without a brain or spinal cord!!! I am not making this up - it is right there on page 69. I immediately started crying and hurled the book across the room. Unfortunately, this bent the cover, and now I cannot return it. Instead, I burned it in the fireplace. If I had the money, I would buy every copy out there & burn them, so that other new moms-to-be would not make the same mistake I did. Before I burned it (and when I was feeling less hormonal), I skimmed through the book to see if this was an isolated incident. It was not. Every chapter is crammed with scary information on how you are a terrible, evil, mother to be, and your baby will be born deformed & mentally retarded. Seriously, new moms, you do not need this stress!!! I am quite happy with "What to Expect When You are Expecting" & "The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy". Very informative & fun reads....more info
  • Great book!
    I've really liked having this book throughout my pregnancy. It's nice to have a chapter to read each week. I like how the book is very medically focused; I love learning about my baby's development. I've also found it reassuring to see that various things I'm experiencing are normal for that stage. And, my husband loves the "Dad tips"!...more info
  • Great for First Pregnancy
    I bought this as a gift for a friend for her pregnancy. She loved it then let me use it during my first pregnancy. I looked forward to reading it every week and my husband would listen very attentively. It does give a lot of medical information about things that could go wrong in pregnancy, but the amount of useful and fascinating information definitely was more memorable. I suppose all information is good to know, but being a avid worrier it was at times more than I need to know. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    This book is so helpful and provides very detailed information that is accessible. It has been my "go-to" book for the entire pregnancy....more info
  • Very medical model
    I found this book to be a good primer on the basics, but it is definitely written from the perspective of a physician. There is very little mention of the wide array of choices women have when it comes to care providers and methods of coping with labor pain (midwives, doulas). It is a book that describes the typical 'cookie cutter' protocol of OB care, and leaves much to be desired for women wishing to be informed of all the options available to them. Very disappointing....more info
  • Excellent pregnancy reference
    I have used this book all along through this pregnancy as this is my first one and I am 36 so I am an older mother. It has helped answer all my questions and helped me develop what I need before my OB visits. I think it would be a great book to have for any mom new or old!...more info
  • do not buy
    I am very disappointed in this book. The first thing it did is scare me, every week there are only 2 paragraphs that are worth reading and they are tiny, the rest of the descriptions is of all the diseases and complications and problems that a woman can have.
    It is also very poorly structured. There is no easy way to refer to anything you've read before. Therefore, a useless book....more info
  • Old fashioned, medicalized and discouraging...
    I was tempted by this books most obvious feature, that is, its week by week format. And indeed it gives valuable information on baby's growth, location of uterus at different stages of pregnancy and so on. However, it is generally the worst breed of old fashioned, highly medicalized and well... chauvinist pregnancy guides I thought no one published anymore.

    Instead of being reassuring and promoting a woman's trust in her pregnancy wisdom it pictures her body as being in an emergency condition, constantly on the verge of crisis and failure. It will give you unbelievable number of situations when, as a reaction to some innocent symptoms, instead of lying down to rest and to listen to your body's needs you should... yes, call your doctor to make sure! I am sure that any pregnancy where tips from this book are followed is awfully distressing and ob / gyns do hardly anything else than answer phonecalls from allarmed patients.

    The book gives very scarce information on natural remedies and approaches to pregnancy and it critisises home birth totally, without honestly discussing its benefits, challenges and when it may be advisable! It calles it dangerous! At the same time it dismisses any doubts about safety of ultrasound (on the ground that nothing suspicious was proved so far). It is clearly designed for women who want medicine to rule their pregnancies and births. And yet it puts "asking your mother about how you are carrying your baby" as a highly ranked method of determinng the sex - I just could not believe I was reading it!

    I regret having bought it, primarilly because of my husband, who already started liking it for all the things he can learn about the development of the baby. And while I am immune to this book's scary stories, he may well get an idea that pregnancy is a hazardous adventure, which would be a real pity. ...more info
  • Only read if you want to worry of what could go wrong instead of learning about your baby's progression
    The earlier editions of this book are wonderful for learning about your baby's development during your pregnancy; however, in this book, the fifth edition, there is very little information about your baby. It is filled page to page with medical problems. As a pregnant mother of four healthy children, I am getting rid of this book because it worries me needlessly whenever I open it up. If you want to scare yourself then this is the book for you. If your doctor diagnoses you with a problem that you want more information on, then get a book that focuses on that problem. If you want to feel a closer bond to the blessing inside you, try an earlier edition and focus on what your new baby is experiencing instead of worrying about the few and far between infinite medical conditions that could be traumatizing for you and your family.
    Best Regards,
    Melissa...more info
  • Useless
    This book contained TOO MUCH information that I felt was intended to scare people. If you are looking for a week-by-week guide to pregnancy, join a website like BabyCenter and read their information. You'll save money and certainly irritation. Especially useless for people who interested in alternatives to the Americanized birthing mindset. ...more info
  • Great book easy read
    This is a great series of books. I recommend all of them. This one in particular I purchased for a friend. I always have used the baby book in my nanny positions. All of the books give a lot of information in just a few pages week by week. It provides you with all the information you need each week, but keeps you from having to worry about everything all at once, which isn't good for the baby. I HIGHLY recommend this book and the rest of the series to anyone looking for baby information....more info
  • limited scope
    This book is helpful when refering to the babies development but does not have a holistic approach to the birthing process, family planning options and child birth and infant care. The good information found in this resource can be found on numerous websites and in many other books that are much better than this. I recommend reading Penny Simkin's Pregnancy Childbirth and the Newborn. ...more info
  • Horribly negative and scary...some misinformation
    Most of the week-by-week's "changes in you" section are so negative and include little gems like depression, varicose veins, urinary tract infections, migraines, mercury poisioning, canavan disease, and the bird flu. No one woman is going to be this unlucky.
    The best part is their little piece on homebirth that states, "...Research has shown that giving birth at home is an extremely risky undertaking." Really? Because the World Health Organization's research shows different results, and in this book they did not cite their "research" anywhere. I highly suspect a bias here towards physicians, NOT mothers and babies.
    I can see why the US has one of the highest maternal/fetal injury and death rates in the developed world. If women are fed this information they are probably terrified and willing to submit to any medical procedures their doctor suggests in order for him/her to cover his/her liability, often creating a cascade of medical interventions that takes birth away from the hands/power of moms and into the hands/power of docs and HMOs. This book made me upset and anxious. STAY AWAY from this book. For most women birth is a natural, healthy, wonderful time. Get a book that supports that. ...more info


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