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  • Not all that bad
    This movie wasn't all that bad. Sure it was popcorn fluff, and it was somewhat predictable, but it was still a sweet story line and escapism.

    This movie takes place over the period of 3 weeks. Paige is continuing her education in Denmark while taking on her duties as Crown Queen and preparing for her wedding. Edvard is busy being King. Fun insues when a former childhood playmate, Princess Kirsten, and her father come to visit, bringing to light a little known law. Trouble insues over the remaining time before the wedding.

    At first the change of actors was very off - putting, but soon I didn't notice it any longer. Jonathan Firth was very good, Kam Heskin, while no Julia Stiles, still pulled her role off well. Luke was charming as Edvard. Mayrim D'Abo became a believable queen towards the end, bringing glimpses of Queen Rosalind from the first movie.

    The only thing I couldn't get around was why King Haarald wasn't still King. In the first movie, he was very ill. You could understand why he turned the throne over. But in part two, he was a healthy man in his prime.

    If you want to escape back into the world of the Prince and Me, this is a nice diversion and gives some closure. Take it as popcorn fluff, but it wasn't all that bad....more info
  • What a disappointment!
    Why the producer even made this sequel is beyond anything I can guess. If you're not using the same actors and actresses, don't make it! The movie starts out real slow and about midway picks up some. Prince Edvard (Luke Mably) and Paige (Kam Heskin) just don't have the same chemistry together that Paige (Julia Stiles) and Prince Edvard (Luke Mably) had in The Prince and Me. They are in love and getting married but they act more like strangers to one another. Yes, you can see where Prince Edvard has matured and is acting more as a King but there certainly is no chemistry between the two of them. The ending of this movie was a big joke. Overall, this movie was like putting stripes and spots togeter mismatched! I would recommend that if you must see this movie, rent it but don't buy it....more info
  • Very disappointed
    It's hard to like a second movie like this one... Only 1 actor returned out of the big characters in the 1st movie. That is what really disappointed me. Julia really made the character in the 1st movie, and would have really made a huge difference in this film....more info
  • Boring, disappointing and did I mention boring?
    Loved the first movie, hated the second one! No charisma, no charm, no chemistry, just a lot of badly cast actors going through the motions with little to no interest in their jobs, mouthing bland, predictable dialogue guaranteed to put you to sleep.

    Hard to blame them, though, when the writers didn't even seem to know what they were doing. The Prince is now the King, yet his father (who died in the first movie) is right there next to his mother in several scenes, the kid sister seems to have disappeared, etc.

    The 1 rating is only because of the eye candy...the castle interior scenes were at least visually interesting. Other than that, this movie is a complete bust. It adds NOTHING to the first movie but a waste of your time. Others recommend renting rather than buying....I say why bother?...more info
  • Very disappointing
    I can't believe that they did not have Julia Stiles play Paige. That would have made the movie. Eddie didn't even look good, he looked fake. The story line was horrible nothing like the first movie where you just fell in love. It was a smooth movie all the way through for the first one, this sequel was not good at all. Very hard to stay interested. I couldn't wait for the sequel to come out especially since I have watched The Prince and Me so many times that I know it all by heart, but now I am very disappointed....more info
  • It was very enjoyable
    If you saw Prince me, you have to see Prince and Me 2 to see what happened to Eddie and Paige.I didn't expect the movie to change the world and it didn't. But it lived up to what I expected, a sweet love story. Yes it was a bit corny, but you expect this when dealing with fairytales. Yes, It was disappointing that everyone except Edvard (Luke Mably) was gone, but after a while I forgot that most of the original cast members were missing. Kam Heskin did a good job as Paige Morgan. Both leads had great chemistry, and played off each other well.I would recommend this movie....more info
  • Fairly entertaining......
    I loved the first "Prince and Me" and was sad to see that Julia Stiles did not return for the sequel. I didn't expect much from the movie after having read some of the reviews but "Prince and Me 2" really isn't as bad as it is made out to be. You cannot compare it to the first film because the first film did have more going for it - a bigger budget, more experienced director and screenwriters, more talented cast (Julia, James Fox, Miranda Richardson and Ben Miles sadly do not return), better script and higher production values.

    "Prince and Me 2", however, isn't totally devoid of charm. Luke Mably is back and still as handsome as ever. His character IS more serious and more grown up - after all, he is king now. Kam Heskin (who I did like in the modern day "Pride & Prejudice") replaces Julia as Paige Morgan and does what the script demands of her. The always likeable Jonathan Firth (Colin's brother) is a fair replacement for Ben Miles as Soren eventhough his role is fairly small. Clemency Burton-Hill is quite good as the conniving Princess Kirsten and the majority of locations from the first film are back in the sequel.

    Instead of the romantic drama that "Prince & Me" was, this version is more of a romantic comedy. In fact, I couldn't help comparing it to "The Princess Diaries 2" somehow. After all, this film is about a nobleman relative who introduces a 'complication' to the royal succession and brings forward his younger relative (his daughter) as a more suitable wife to the prince. "TPD 2" is very similar except that the nobleman puts forward his younger relative (his nephew) as a more suitable successor to the throne.

    This film has its faults, of course. There are a few scenes that are a tad silly or corny (several comedies are guilty of this, unfortunately). The actors in this film simply do not have the experience and talent that the first film had. The screenplay could use some work. I also agree that though Kam Heskin's Paige is not bad, this Paige is just not the same intelligent, ambitious, down-to-earth and no-nonsense Paige that we fell in love with in the first film. I really wish the filmmakers made more of an effort to follow the story thread and characterizations of the first film.

    All this aside, I still liked this sequel to "Prince and Me." It was nice to see Paige and Prince Edvard's relationship reach its conclusion and Luke Mably is always a pleasure to watch. If you like romantic comedies with the sort of slapstick humor that "Princess Diaries 2" or "Ella Enchanted" have, for instance, then this movie is worth a watch. Lower your expectations and don't expect it to be exactly like the first "Prince and Me" and you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Watch it if you must, but be prepared for the worst
    I hadn't even realized that there were plans to make a sequal, I happened to stumble acrossed this film while purchasing another movie. At first I was excieted because I am a self proclaimed royalty acholic and I enjoy finding any film or show royalty related. This however was the biggest disappointment since the last Princess Diaries book came out. It was more like a satire of the first film than a sequal, resorting to slap stick acting and totally unrealistic scenario's. Worst of all, the wedding dress and tiara, they looked like she ran to the local mall and picked them out. Last time I checked Denmark had a nice jewelry collection, they weren't going to let the future queen wear something at least real? There are some Danish fashion houses I'm sure who would have made that poor girl an original dress so she wasn't stuck with one right off the rack. Utterly disappointing at best....more info
  • WTF
    what is with these producers!? when you produce an excellent movie such as The Prince and Me, and then do a sequel with different actors/actress' it totally SUCKS. i am so sick and tired of this crap! for example fast and the furious, the prince and me, XXX...people need to reconsider whether or not to make a sequel with different actors/actress'. as far as i am concerned, from now on i am going to check each sequel i watch and if it doesn't have the same. well guess what producers, you just lost a sell!...more info
  • not as bad as people say it is
    I think people are being a little too harsh about the sequal. I agree, it would've been better with Julia Stiles but Kam wasn't awful. Luke Mably was as hansome and talented as ever. He held this movie very well. From a girl's standpoint, I wish he was in it more but it was still pretty good. Is it me or does Kam have a weird body? I dont know. I mean, she's thin and all but her upper body is a bit to wide. Maybe it was the clothes that didn't fit her body type. Anyway, I don't regret buying this movie at all because I found myself watching it over and over again and I'm 23 years old. Give this movie a chance! Don't base your decision on other what other people think. After all, everyone is different....more info
  • The Prince & Me 2
    I like the first one, but they change the actress and it is not the same. I rate it fair and got it to go with the first one....more info
  • Not as Good as the Original but not Bad either!!
    I enjoyed watching The Prince & Me 2.
    Not as good as the original but it's not that bad as some reviews are making out that it is.
    Okay, none of the original cast came back to the sequel, other than Luke Mably but Kam Heskin played a nice Paige and Joathan Fith performance as Soren was very good.
    The Prince & me 2 isn't a five star production BUT if you watch the sequel for what it is you will find that it is a nice clean romantic comedy. Give this movie a go!! ...more info
  • Bloody Awful!!
    As a fan of the original Prince & Me this sequel has to be one of the worst ever made. Aside from the talented Luke Mably (who clearly looks uncomfortable in his reprised role as Prince Edvard of Denmark) the rest of the cast and the whole plot of the film is hideous. The actress portraying Paige (Kam Hesketh)lacks any depth and refinement that Julia Stiles brought to the role in the first film. In this sequel some ancient law prohibits Edvard from marrying Paige. Enter some poor Norwegian royal and his ditzy daughter Princess Kirsten who wants to marry Edvard and become Queen of Denmark. In the role of Zoren (The Prince's assistant) Jonathan Firth manages to retain some of the dignity that Ben Miller created, but Maryam D'Abo's Queen Rosalind looks more like a well worn socialite from the Cape and the King has suddenly transformed into a bald and bearded old man. There is no Arabella (Edvard's sister)and Paige's parents are totally miscast. I cannot understand why this follow-up was ever made since Luke Mably is the only returning cast member. This film went straight to DVD so the studio will never recoupe their losses for this turkey....more info
  • the wedding of a prince and his commoner bride
    a chance meeting of two college students who find themselves in a completely different kind of situation. both growing up much faster than each expecting , but making the goals in their new life together come true
    A+++++...more info
  • she's no Julia Stiles
    This movie has to be one of the worst sequels I've ever seen. I am a big fan of The Prince and Me, but as soon as I started watching this one, I knew it could never stand up to the original. Prince Edvard (Luke Mably) is the only returning character, some characters are missing completely, and most of who was cast...has little to no ability in portraying their character. Did they even watch/study the original movie? Terrible acting. Soren (Jonathan Firth) was decent. Paige (Kam Heskin) was ok, but definitely no Julia Stiles. Very disappointed, but glad I only rented it....more info
  • Not even filmed in Denmark
    Firstly, being a dane - I would have hoped that at least 1/4 of the scenes actually were filmed in Denmark - but no!

    Secondly, the "supposed" Danish they are speaking is SO bad, that they shouldn't even have tried - it's just painful to watch.

    I have to agree with some of the other reviewers as well - the theatricals at the end are too much and really does nothing to bring this movie up to par with the first movie....more info
  • The Prince & Me 2 - The Roy Wedding
    A fine, light romance movie, have enjoyed watching it several times. The only thing that would have made this movie better would have been to have the original cast members from "The Prince and Me" movie. But still a very fine movie and beautiful scenery....more info
  • One of the worst movies ever
    I loved the first The Prince and Me and was excited that a sequel was being made. Unfortunately, the sequel falls far, far short of the the first movie.

    The first problem I noticed was that the entire film is just slightly out of focus. I didn't see a single crystal clear shot in the whole film. In addition the lighting was such that it seems as if no one gave lighting any consideration. All in all, very sub-par photography.

    The next problem was the script. The actors lines seemed very stilted almost as if the script writer was a beginner. It was almost as if the shooting script was first draft. There were a number of places in the movie where the writer could have inserted really good lines for the actors ... but didn't ... for whatever reason.

    There was also a problem with continuity; things would change from shot to shot and it seemed as if no one was paying any attention to detail. A lot of things changed from the first movie; Paige is now blonde, Edvard's father is healthy again, no mention is made of his sister Arabella, Paiges parents look as if someone grabbed them right off the street. The list goes on and on.

    The climax of the movie, the wedding scene, was truly disappointing. This was a "royal" wedding? Mt brothers wedding was better than this and it certainly wasn't royal!

    The DVD itself is also disappointing. Amazon lists the DVD as wide screen. The printed DVD front and back also indicate that it is wide screen. They are both mistaken. What the movie actually is is a wide screen movie letter boxed into full screen. It WILL NOT play in wide screen.

    In summation, this movie fits right in along with Plan 9 From Outer Space and The Robot Monster. It is almost as if a couple of would-be film makers got a couple of hundred dollars together and decided to make a movie. Save your money for something worthwhile. It ain't it!...more info
  • Yes, it is that bad.
    I finally watched this movie on the Disney channel the other night. Well really I can only say I watched half of the movie. I just couldn't take it anymore. If you liked the first one, DO NOT WATCH THIS! The actress that took over for Julia is much more better suited for the evil Norwegian princess role than Paige Morgan. Luke Mably is the only redeeming actor in the movie and even he feels like he is just there for the paycheck. It's a real turd....more info
  • The Prince and Me 2 - A Little Disappointing
    I liked the story, but wished that the actors had been the same. The only one that was the same as the original Prince and Me movie was Luke Mably (the Prince). The chemistry between Luke Mably and Kam Heskin was not the same as it was between Luke Mably and Julia Stiles. It was not as close a relationship this time around. With all of the characters being different actors, I felt like I was looking in on some sort of alternate Earth. The only actors which looked like they could have been the same as the first movie was the crowd - which should have been different....more info
  • The Prince & Me 2
    What most people are forgetting is that this is (yes, though a sequel) also a movie of its own. If you don't compare the two movies, what you get is not too bad. The acting is... decent, the set is still rather beautiful, and you also get a bit of laugh out of it.

    When you compare the first and the second though, of course, the first one is going to be better. The cast in the first one is more ably than the second.

    In the first movie, you have Julia Stiles and Miranda Richardson. They alone ably moved the movie right along. In the second one, you have a completely new cast, and every actor has a certain way in which they see their character; so, you mustn't be too harsh when you've seen the differentiation.

    What I consider to be the downfall of the movie is the presentation of the characters and even the actors they chose, because it is the actors that brings a certain something to a film.

    Paige's look in this movie is prissy. I thought the actress, Kam Heskin, is better fitted in a movie such as Mean Girls or something of the like. She also doesn't hold onto the portrayal very well. She seems to lose grasp on the concept of Paige's character every now and then (And she pouts too much).

    Luke Mably seems lost and uncomfortable in the film. During the first movie, his performance isn't bad. It is actually quite good. I think he gets a bit lost in this movie because he doesn't have a compatible actor to work against as in the first one with Julia Stiles.

    What is also disappointing is the lack of depth in the plot. The plot seems almost silly and childish. There's a lacking of character development in the script (which may have also caused the actors to fail a bit in this department).

    If you really want to watch this film, I highly suggest that you rent it first.
    ...more info
  • Not bad
    I thought this sequel was actually nice. It has a good plot line and brings to a close the courtship of Paige and Eddie. In spite of the film's low budget (which is probably why none on the big stars are in the sequel), it moves right along and is fun to watch. Granted, the computerized butterflies are a bit strange, but overall, is a well put together flick. ...more info
  • Another movie that doesnt fit the first movie
    It's sad to say that the movie is a waste of talent, Although I was a big fan of Eddie and Paige in the orginal movie Eddie's role was extremely boring and not as charming. Paige I have seen her in better movies, such as pride and prejudice the comedy. The plot of the movie was boring.... very disappointing to all....more info
  • The Prince and Me 2
    The Prince & Me 2 - The Royal Wedding The Prince and Me 2 was a ok, the first one was better with Julia Stiles. Luke Mably was a stud, a true prince charming. If you love romance movies like I do, this will be a good one to view....more info
  • A Great love story:
    It was a great romantic,idealistic,warm hearted love story.Free spirited,level headed, American, Paige, and Prince Edvard love was
    put to the test.
    The Danish Prince kingship was in jeopardy when an old law stating that an unmarried heir to the throne can only marry a woman of noble blood, or else relinquish the throne.
    The Monarch Prince, had to find a loop hole,or relinquish the crown for
    Enjoyable, funny, keep you on the edge of your seat love story.
    A must see!

    ...more info
  • it could had been better
    prince edvard is very handsome like always but his face got a little older and the hair is different i like his hair on the first movie. and i like paige morgan the original one the second paige morgan doesnt really act the same she is much to soft to look at, she doesnt fill and act like she is in the movie she doesnt fit like a princess. while julia is innocent but more like she knows how to act a lot better.. you go girl...more info
  • My 8 year old daughter even thought it was terrible!
    What a disappointment! What a terrible sequel! True, most sequels can't hold a candle to the original but they are at least enjoyable to watch. The whole time I watched this movie I stayed confused. You would think the writers would stay true to the original but they did not. First off, "Paige" was not even "Paige." This Kem girl was not down to earth and practical like Julia Stiles was in the first one. Julia brought this "simple" yet beautiful look to the role of Paige - easy to see her become queen. The new Paige was just plain ditzy! Second, the king seemed to be knocking on deaths door in the first movie, but was miraculously healed in this one! The queen wasn't regal, Edvard's sister was non existent - along with Paige's bothers, and when Paige's parents came to the wedding they weren't even right. What a terrible movie!! My daughter and I loved the first one - this one was just plain awful! Don't waste your money or time! This movie was a whole spin off of Princess Diaries II - but at least that movie was entertaining, as this one was not!!! ...more info
  • Why Did They Bother To Make It???
    The only original cast member present is the Prince (Luke Mably) and while he is enjoyable to watch, the chemistry isn't there with this "Kam" person. Julia Stiles brought a down to earth quality to the role, which was what it was meant to be. This new girl is a terrible actress and on top of that, she has this prissy looking curly do throughout the film. Paige is supposed to be a down to earth, no nonsense girl, who is a med student and would never wear such a prissy hairstyle. The Prince's sister is completely absent in the family. The mother doesn't have the same regalness about her as the original actress and the father is looking in top shape when supposedly he stepped down due to health reasons, so Edvard could take the throne. This is just awful. Don't waste your money....more info
  • A new low in sequels
    I loved the first, felt ripped off by the second. It looks like the owners decided to go super-cheap in this production and just cash in on the reputation of the first movie.

    None of the original cast is here except Edvard (Luke Mably), and apart from Mably, the casting here is atrocious. Our perky, smart, independent Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles) who really deserved to marry a King has become an almost ditzy blonde who gets by mostly on her looks and doesn't deserve even to be in med school. The acting (apart from Luke Mably) is amateurish. The story line is predictable, boring and trite.

    The interesting question raised by the ending of the first about how it could work for Paige to fulfill her dreams *and* be queen is just totally glossed over. The new air-head Paige doesn't even see the problem.

    Don't waste good money and time on even renting this DVD.

    ...more info
  • Defnitely one to skip
    This was terrible...I like cutesy movies, but this was just bad. First of all, they only had like one repeat actor and all the new replacments were NOT as good. The plot wasn't that bad, but they played it out all for comedic effect and it was not enjoyable. I fast forwarded through many parts. There were lots of slap-stick comedy moments and none of them were really worth it. This movie could have been good...the plot wasn't that bad, but the actors were not up the movie, the script was trite and they went for every bad joke and pun. So I definitely recommend skipping this movie. I should have known it was bad when I hadn't seen anything about it before seeing it in the video store....more info
  • So bad, it's almost funny
    I saw the first Prince and Me movie and loved it, so I decided to give this one a try. Julia Stiles did not return, so they got this girl who looks a little like her, but they want you to think it is her. They also use lame special effects; there is one scene where Paige walks in a room full of computerized butterflies and you can really tell they are fake. This movie was a waste of time, even if you are the biggest Prince and Me fan....more info
  • Run, Don't Walk Away From this One
    You just saw the Prince and Me, and with magic in your eyes you want more, well, you are not going to find it here in this straight to video horror.

    The scene where the Prince's future wife walks into a room of the worst computer animated butterflies should have been hint enough but there is more...

    First you wonder where the rest of the cast has gone, not even the minor, minor characters have returned for a reprise (except the poor Prince).

    The plot is not worthy of a movie of the week. It is the typical "We must prevent a commoner from ascending to throne."

    Trust me, put the first one back in the DVD player and lets pretend it just did not happen. Watch it and you will be royally sore....more info
  • not as bad as all that
    Even though this sequel didn't include any of the orignal cast except for Luke Mably, it wasn't as bad as some of the previous reviews make it out to be. I have definitely seen some worse sequels than this.
    Though Julia Stiles would have been better than Kam Heskin, it is a sequel worth watching. Just because other people don't like that doesn't mean you won't; just rent it from a local video store and if you like it enough to want to buy it then go ahead....more info
  • Why make a movie if you have to change actors?
    What happened to Julie Stiles and Ben Miller? Other actors have been changed also. Why bother making this a sequel if you don't have the same people? If they wanted to make this movie, it should have just been a stand alone instead of tying it to a previous movie.

    I didn't care for the change of actors. I also can't imagine a girl who would go through all that and still hang around a while after he would not answer that he would not give her up for the throne and immediately make plans to marry someone else. Get real! She found the loop hole after all that! It wasn't until the last minute that he decided he loved her more than the throne but she had been working all that time to find the loophole. Instead of just having someone tell the "wicked" girl that they weren't getting married, they tried to make something comical by locking her in a room and having her ride a horse, fall in the mud and run in the church. I'm sure that was supposed to be funny but it was just stupid. The change in actors, the bad acting and the attempts at humor in this movie actually made it just sad. A movie with the theme of prince and "norm" could have been pulled off with a re-write, not being tied to another movie as a sequel, break-up with the "princess" and a prince who showed his loved instead of getting immediately engaged to another woman....more info
  • Not as bad as I thought
    The Prince and Me 2 is a sequel to The Prince and Me.

    Luke Mably is the only actor that was actually in the original and while it takes a little to get past the differences the movie is not too bad.

    Paige Morgan and Prince Edvard of Denmark are engaged to be married. That is until Edvard's distant cousin finds a law that states that The King has to marry a royal from Denmark and trys to get his daughter Kirsten to break up the engagment.

    Soon it looks like Edvard and Paige are history and that he will marry Kirsten. Paige doesnt give up though and goes looking for a loophole so that she and Edvard can get married.

    What happens next? Watch Prince and Me 2...more info


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