The Love Dare

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Unconditional love is eagerly promised at weddings, but rarely practiced in real life. As a result, romantic hopes are often replaced with disappointment in the home. But it doesn-t have to stay that way.

The Love Dare, as featured in the popular new movie Fireproof (from the makers of Facing the Giants), is a 40-day challenge for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love. Whether your marriage is hanging by a thread or healthy and strong, The Love Dare is a journey you need to take. It-s time to learn the keys to finding true intimacy and developing a dynamic marriage. Take the dare!

Customer Reviews:

  • Truth about Marriage!
    If God gave you the second perfect gift, His Son being first, you would do everything to protect it and nurture it. This gift is your spouse. If you give everything you have to your spouse, your reward in you marriage will be incalculable!!! Live this book!!!...more info
  • Just like the movie!
    I was a little afraid that this wouldn't look like the one in the movie, but rest assured it is exactly like that & good quality too....more info
  • The Love Dare
    This is an excellent resource to help individuals learn how to take the focus off themselves and redirect it toward meeting the needs of the one to whom they have committed the rest of their lives. This tool, if applied, will help couples experience a renewal of vibrancy in their marriage....more info
  • Love Dave
    This book is probably the best marriage advice I have ever heard. If both of you are willing to put this effort into each other, you will have the best relationship you could imagine. This book reminds us to remember why we fall in love and how to keep those feelings alive all through our marriage. If you are having troubles or just want to fall in love again, read this and follow it! The book truly is awesome!...more info
  • Good book for all relationships
    I am still going through the book now. I first saw it on the fire proof movie and ordered it shortly after watching the movie. I am finding that it is not only applicable to my relationship with my wife but also with my kids as well....more info
  • Single or Married...Read it!!
    If you are serious about your current relationship or ever having a serious relationship...this is the book for everyone to read. The movie (look past the bad acting) is a blessing. It touched the father of my children so much he's starting to get himself in order....more info
  • Excellent resource!
    My wife and I have been together for 21 years and although we never stopped loving one another, our marriage had gotten a little boring and stale. Too many other irons in the fire such as kids sports, jobs, different schedules. I bought a copy of this book after watching Fireproof with my wife and she and I are reading it together and going through the dares together. I can already tell that she and I have both realized how we had taken the other for granted and had not made time for each other in a long time. It will definitely make you appreciate your spouse and want to do the little things that were so important in the beginning of your relationship.

    I recommend doing the dares together. If you don't, your spouse might not truly realize what you're doing as you go through the dares and you could wind up with hurt feelings.

    Buy the book for your special someone, read the book together, do the dares together, and allow yourself to fall in love with that person all over again. I have fallen in love with my beautiful wife again and can't wait until I see her each afternoon after work so I can hug her and tell her how much I love her, each day and every day.

    The book is an excellent resource for couples. I rate it very highly! ...more info
  • Love Dare
    Sought this book after seeing the movie, "FIREPROOF" which uses this book as the basis of the movie. A simple, practical guide that can be applied to all aspects of life, not just marriage - with regards to handling individuals and relationships with respect, consideration and love.

    Easy reading, you can skip around or read straight through. Have since bought several copies to pass along to friends and family.

    A must have for everyone!...more info
  • I Dare you to read this book! :)
    What do you have to lose? In 30 days you could have a better, more fulfilling marriage. If you are like me, I am always looking for ways to fine tune my marriage. I believe in the old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

    Don't let your marriage get to the point of no return. - I dare you to do something now!...more info
  • Love dare
    This is an awesome way to get closer to your spouse as well as God. Nothing better than a closer relationship with both...more info
  • the love dare
    have not read the book. lent it to a friend. the brief look looked interesting. delivery was timely....more info
  • A must have for any married couple!
    The book is a great follow up to the movie Fireproof. I love each daily piece of advice. It'll help you work towards a better marriage for you & your spouse...what could be better?...more info
  • Love Dare Review
    The movie "Fireproof" is a really great movie. The church in Georgia that did this movie along with the other two movies is really blessed and is making great use of the talents God has blessed them with. I like the book "Love Dare" but find it difficult to do the daily dares without my wife wondering and asking if I am doing the things simply because the book said to do them. If you can keep this book a secret from your spouse and be disciplined enough to keep it from them, you might have better results than I did. But good book....more info
  • The Love Dare
    My wife and I both got the book and we read it each day and try to follow it in our marrage. I think that it has really helped out a lot....more info
  • The Love Dare
    I am still reading this book and it's harder than I thought it would be - challenging and fun. It is thought provoking and a daily reminder of the blessings I have in my marriage. I would recommend it to anyone. It's really for you to work on yourself. :) Enjoy....more info
  • If your marriage is in trouble, this won't help.
    Sorry, but if you are bordering on divorce, save your money for your lawyer!
    This book follows the theme of "If your spouse doesn't give a crap, YOU have to try harder", which is frustrating, as well as psychologically damaging.
    If your marriage is already fundamentally 'good', then you really don't need the book in the first place!...more info
  • THE LOve Dare
  • The Love Dare
    This was a life changing book for my marriage and myself. If you take it seriously, it will change your life too....more info
  • Definitely worth it
    I purchased this book after viewing the movie "Fireproof". My Husband and I had been on the verge of separating for quite some time. 4 children from teenage to toddler can take a toll on you. Add the stresses of everyday life, and... Well, you get the picture.

    I spent the majority of my days thinking about things he had done or didn't do and should have, things he had said- passing by me in the hall with no acknowledgement, not even something simple as eye contact.

    Reading the daily words, and putting the dares into place; I realized, what's going on in my home is just as much a result of my behaviors as it is of his... I am a believer, he on the other hand gets prayed for A LOT. Nonetheless, this book has already brought us closer together.

    Transformation has taken place in our home and it's because of this book. All of the things the Bible has taught us about marriage we stuff into the back of our mind when things go south... This book honestly helps you to put everything back into place. It opens your eyes to what you have, what changes to make, and how to start over-

    Divorce is not an option... ...more info
  • great book
    this is a great book. good for every day use and it helps the reader to acknowlege their own issues they bring to the relationship. this is a book you can use over and over it never gets old. It dares you to love in a way,that most people have never dream of loving another person. ...more info
  • Some people need instructions.
    I haven't read this book. My husband has. He's the kind of guy who needs specific instructions & doesn't just pick up on my moods or notice things around the house that need to be done. That's how most men seem to be. He's been kinder & more helpful since reading this, noticing when I need help and volunteering to do nice things and jumping in without being told to. Now I don't feel like I'm giving him instructions like I have to do with the kids.
    You don't have to see the movie for the book to help. Whether you're a spouse like my husband just trying to be even better, or you're trying this as a last-ditch effort to save your marriage like Caleb in the movie; this book will help you to show your spouse love & open your eyes to where you need improvement.
    I also recommend "For Women Only," and "For Men Only," which uses survey results to explain how the opposite sex thinks. It's very enlightening!
    Also, "The Five Love Languages," to make sure you're expressing love in a way that your spouse (or kids or anyone you love) receives it best....more info
  • Love Dare Book
    The book Love Dare was in excellent shape. I am thoroughly enjoying it's challenge to love unconditionally and demonstratively.!...more info
  • For All Couples - This is a must!
    This is an excellent program that gives you so much insight into your relationship and your own self. It is a challenge, but a worth while one for all couples in a committed relationship. ...more info
  • Makes you think!!
    This book is like the movie it comes from, it really makes you think. It gets you to look at love and marriage in a whole new perspective. You learn alot about yourself and your spouse and how to be better to each other. It teaches understanding and how to grow together versus apart. I would recommend this book to any couple needing advice or just to stregnthen an already good relationship. This book will help you to realize weaknesses and stregnth you didn't even know you had. Amazing! Bravo to the writer....more info
  • Best Marriage Tool Ever
    This is truly the best marriage tool I have ever seen. It allows you to go one day at a time and give you do-able things each day. You don't even have to get your spouse to agree to do it if they don't want to because you can do it on your own. You journal each day about what you are doing and I just love it. It's an AWESOME book!...more info
  • Great Book, Greater Message
    Wow, a must -read! You've got to see the corresponding movie "FIREPROOF". This book/movie combo can change your marriage and your life (: ...more info
  • Marriage Booster
    If your marriage needs a life line, here it is. Even if it doesn't this can make it better. Give it a chance.
    ...more info
  • if you are not ready dont try it
    I got this book because I was inspired by the movie and book read of fireproof. Since I am in realtionship that is where marriage is the ongoing topic, I thought this would help. WOW to know what you are made of..... this books make you see yourself in a different light. but I am truly greatlful that the book found me. I am still working in it and have not reached the 40 day march. But it is the best thing ever in regards to wanting to know what love is aside from the bible of course. So if you cant read the bible everyday... read this. You will love it.. if you are truly willing to change....more info
  • I love this book!
    This book is awesome. Whether your relationships need help or not, it is so good to remember how you should be treating your loved ones. A great wake up call. I am not a religious type of person. And you don't have to be to enjoy this book. I highly recommend this book! This is also a great hand-me-down book. You can share it with pride!...more info
  • Dare to Love
    I loved this book. I thought it was going to be just another one of those couples books but it's far more than that. Love Dare makes you examine yourself as a person and child of God. If you truely apply the lesson each day you start to see a change in yourself. This in turn changes your partner and changes your marriage.

    If you think you're going to just speed reader through this book, you're not. It actually challenges you. Day 5 for me felt like I was 20 days into the book but it truely changed me as a person.

    I recommend that couples read it together. If your spouse doesn't want to then don't force it. Don't read this book trying to change your spouse, read it because your want to change yourself....more info
  • Awesome Book
    I'm not the reader type but so far I'm still reading it and its helping me become a better man...more info
  • More than expected
    I was pleasantly surprised to receive my book days before I expected it, in excellent condition as described. I will definitely use this distributor again!...more info
  • Love Dare
    Would greatly recommend this for all married couples! It makes a great wedding/anniversary gift for friends and family....more info
  • Take "The Love Dare!"
    I got this book because my wife and I saw the movie, "Fireproof." At first, I thought it would be some hastily-thrown-together fluff to take advantage of the movie's story line. Not so. This is a real self-study program, a scripture-based tuneup, not just for marriage but for life. If you are serious about improving your own approach to the two most important relationships in your life (with God and with your spouse), get this book and do the exercises. Take them seriously, and make the commitments, and I promise you great blessings. After my wife began to notice a change in me, I confessed that I was taking the "Love Dare." A couple of weeks later, I found out she had gotten her own copy and was also taking the dare. This has been a tremendous blessing in our marriage. Thanks to the authors, and thanks to Heavenly Father....more info
  • great book
    i saw this in the movie fireproof and had to have it. i ordered 3... one for my husband, one for myself, and one for my mother-in-law....more info
  • the love dare
    this book along with the movie is wonderful. it is for anyone who has the perfect marriage, a good marriage, or one in trouble. see the movie and then commit to do the book. ...more info
  • Fireproof - Book and Movie
    This book and movie are Christian oriented. If you are not comfortable watching a man get down on his knees to pray for his marriage to be saved, it is not for you. If you are in need of good advice on how to save your marriage or make it more fulfilling, look past the man on his knees and pay close attention. I suggest couples watch the movie together, then work from the book separately. It can't, however, be approached on a "what will you do for me, today?" method. It must be based on "what can I do to make life better for my spouse." Marriage is difficult, and if both people aren't willing to give of themselves 100%, it's even more-so. I attended a non-denominational gathering recently, and saw the movie. It helped me see that no matter what I could have done, my first marriage could not have been saved. And, it helped me recognize why my second marriage is so successful. After the movie, each person was given the book. I've purchased the movie, and I will make sure all of my adult children see it, and each couple will get the book as a gift....more info
  • Great for Marriages
    A great book with easy steps to renew the health of any married couple. My wife and I both enjoyed working through it! I am glad for the support that the author provided, strengthening the shelter that we are both working to build. Amen! ...more info
  • Love Dare
    Excellent book. Bought it for a graduation gift for my brother in law who is being ordained to use at his new church assignment....more info
  • Only for the serious
    I'm up to day 21. This book is no joke. I personally recommend it for those going through a storm with their spouse, because when things are "good" your motivated to do "good". Loving your spouse unconditionally is impossible on your own strength, only God can show you that(as the book says). This book will also deepen your relationship with Christ, as you are changing. Bottom line, you must be consistent. Not easy,trust me I know, just take one day at a time, and continue to ask God to see you through it.
    Roadblock ...more info
  • The Love Dare
    Wonderful movie - all marriages can use this advice! I would recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • Great book if you put it to use
    I got this because my marriage is falling apart and I saw it in the movie "Fireproof" but if your husband doesn't read it or put it to use, it's really redundant. The times he does read it, it helps....more info
  • Best Marriage Counseling Ever!
    I purchased two books, one for myself and husband, we took the steps in this book seriously and found ways to improve our marriage. Although we were not having any problems, it improved our marriage and made us more stronger. We bought two more books for another couple and they enjoyed it as well and their marriage is also successful. We all did not need to pay to go see a marriage counselor, this book can help anyone!!!...more info
  • Great book
    This book and the movie Fireproof of which it was taken from, are something every marriage should have. Its based on Biblical truths and teaches us how we should treat each other. Great for those troubled times all marriages go through. I recommend it highly!!!...more info
  • Good marriage/Bad marriage- All will benefit from this book!
    Great book full of advice and help to either enhance your already great relationship/marriage or to help make it better -you cannot go wrong with this one IF you follow advice to a "T"....more info
  • Breathtaking
    This book is so amazing. I have a completely different aspect on my life and the life between me and my family. It is without question the best book I've ever read. It's a renewal of faith, love, and compassion. ...more info
  • Just what I needed!
    The book arrived before it was expected and in perfect condition. The book is written as if someone was speaking directly to you.
    The insights into relationships are "right on". I am very happy I purchased this book....more info
  • Service was on the ball.
    I was really surprised how fast I got my book. The book was used but it was in excellant condition when I received it. I certainly appreciated the truthfulness of the seller, because sometimes I order books and send to family and friends; so you want them to arrive in good order. Thank You!

    The Love Dare...more info
  • I dare you to LOVE!
    Nice, quick and easy read. If you do the dare, I truly believe it will help in your relationship. I read it after seeing the movie 'Fireproof' which this book is based from and loved it. You will be reminded of what love truly is.

    Enjoy and take the dare!...more info
  • Self reflection helps your marriage.
    I was amazed when I started reading this book. I was so focused on what was wrong in my marriage that I didn't think about what was wrong with me. This book has taught me a lot about myself. I realized that by working on myself I was actually helping my marriage. I really recomend this book to every married couple. I think every married couple can benefit from this book no matter how long you've been married. This book not only makes you a better spouse but it makes you a better person. My husband has seen such changes in me that he is now reading this book. I would like to say that the dares are not always easy. Some days are harder than others but the reward is worth it....more info
  • This is an excelant purchase
    This book gets to the heart of how to grow a marriage. It gives good ideas that can be followed; and are based on the Bible. The writer gives thought provoking readings. Although the daily tasks are not easy; they make changes in the relationship. A good tool....more info
  • If your marriage is in trouble, this won't help.
    Sorry, but if you are bordering on divorce, save your money for your lawyer!
    This book follows the theme of "If your spouse doesn't give a crap, YOU have to try harder", which is frustrating, as well as psychologically damaging.
    If your marriage is already fundamentally 'good', then you really don't need the book in the first place!...more info


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