Path of Empowerment

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The Pleiadians, a collective of multidimensional beings from the Pleiades star system, have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since 1988. This long-awaited book shares new inspiration from over nine years of previously unpublished Pleiadian wisdom, and Marciniak offers innovative ideas for changing beliefs, reclaiming one's power, and creating a world of unlimited possibilities. She also presents critical new material on how to deal with the world's increasing chaos and the accelerated pace of life. Consisting of profound new insights on power, fear, love, desire, health, sexual intimacy, energy, and creativity, this timely text is for those ready and willing to embrace self-empowerment, seek the truth, broaden awareness, and meet the challenges of a world on the brink of major change. Individual chapters include Energy and Frequency - A New Playground of the Mind, Accelerated Energy and Stretching Your Mind in the Nanosecond of Time, and The Intimate Dance of Beliefs and Emotions.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Must Read for Serious Seekers
    This book is packed with information and great guidance for those on the "path." It really tells it like it is and I strongly recommend this for those who are looking for answers. The Pleiadians never pull any punches. This is by far the best in the series and the information is very helpful to those working to achive empowerment. Of all of the books I have read on spiritual enlightenment, this is by far the most profound and the most comprehensive....more info
  • A positive vision
    I have read many 2012 prophecies, and this one, which says the future is ours to create, is uplifting. There are suggestions, meditations, and even a game, to help move in good directions. It is helpful advice. ...more info
  • If you have questions about what's happenning in 2012, read this book
    THis is an interesting book that talks about the energetic/spiritual change happening on earth that started in 1987 and will culminate in 2012. These new, heightened energies that are hitting the planet now are requiring all humans to re-evaluate our lives and the organizational structures (business, government, stock market, churches, etc.) that we have in place now. These structures, along with humanity, are in the process of dramatic and exciting transformation and how we see and experience these changes will be up to each of us--the old half empty, half full perpectives will apply. I found the discussion of the importance of the human body and how it functions (or not) in the midst of all this change to be the most helpful. It has inspired me to go on a diet and exercise for the first time in several years and I fully intend to get my body healed and working/playing to it's full capacity. The book also talks a LOT about all the fear based programing that comes at us each day of which I am fully aware already-news on TV is always bad news and many TV shows are filled with violence that does create fear in our bodies even though people have grown so numb to it that they don't even think it has an impact on them. The same with chuches and goverment officials--they stress all the horrible things going on in the world and imply that only they can keep us safe. Such safety lives only within each of us, not outside of us. I found that this book, ironically, also had too much of a negative, fear-based message in it, hence I only gave it 3 stars. I liked her earlier books much more.

    M.E.M. Belchertown, MA...more info
  • Marciniak tying it all together
    Thank you to Barbara Marciniak for making it possible for us to understand what is going on. If her other channellings resonated with you, this one ties it all together. Many 'universal' items discussed.... if you have read any Jose Arguelles books, both authors/channellers are giving us guidepaths. This book also gets into and reminds one to breath, meditate, etc... with good advice for us all. Many ideas are reiterated in many different ways, and I think that repetition is good teaching. This book is a great service....more info
  • how to love yourself
    Do you want to know how to accept and love yourself in a world that is filled with insecurities and upheavals. How to handle difficulties when confronting others and most importantly understanding why they are behaving this way. This book will assist you in bringing a better understanding about who you are and how to achieve positive outcomes for yourself and others. I recommend that you read and take in what will help you to achieve the best kind of life you want. I also believe the consequences will help us all to achieve a positive world around us....more info
  • Path of Empowerment
    All of Barbara Marciniak's books are great and full of information about
    the things we need to know "Now"....more info
  • An absolute must read!
    I just finished this book and it truly meets its claim of empowerment. It is well written, makes complete sense and left me feeling very empowered. Thank you Barbara Marciniak for bringing forth this wisdom....more info
  • Validation for what many are saying
    The Alchemical Woman A Handbook for Everyday Soulwork
    This is yet another validation of what so many are telling us about the changes and transformation of the planet and the people residing here. The perspective from the future and from afar is valuable as all new perspectives are to old questions. The answer yet again is that we are ONE and when we really know that, we'll change in fundamental ways ~ in how we think, behave and communicate.

    I am deeply grateful to Barbara and her sister and friends and colleagues for the extraordinary effort they put forth to bring these insights to us. They add the wisdom of the Pleiadians to the many other voices speaking to us of transformation throughout the decades....more info
  • this book was important for me
    This was an important book for me. It helps to clarify for me about what it means to be a conscious participant - a contributor to the energy of the omniverse. As for the source, the idea of the Pleidians is no more strange than Abraham or Seth; the important thing is the content. I don't accept everything in this book as absolute gospel - there is no such book. But I've taken much from this one. My hilighter is worn out and I've scrawled in many of the margins. Thank you, Ms. Marciniak....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I bought this book hoping for a little insight. What I got was a book filled with FILLER. She tells us to juice vegetables and eat raw (wow, what a revelation). And then spends much of the book discussing the extra terrestrial take on human sexuality. Hey Barbara, I know where babies come from! And I also know eating vegetables is good for me. I didn't need to buy a book on extraterrestrial intelligence to tell me all of this. I threw the book in the garbage where it belongs. Thanks for wasting my $10. I would have returned the useless book if I hadn't already opened it up....more info
  • Totally awesome
    It's packed with wonderful positive messages and an amazing depth of information.
    I started to say more, but I think you'd have to read it to appreciate it.
    It might be my all-time favorite book.

    ...more info
  • Best so far from Author
    Path of Empowerment was the latest and best so far from this author. I have read all her previous books more than once because I find them dense with information, and because as the reader develops, the reading gets even better. This latest book was clearer and easier to follow. Especially for people who might have any difficulty with Pleadian origins or plural dimensions, this book keeps a mention of those things more in the background thus making the material more accessible. Ann C....more info


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