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Like Wii games? Are you sweating to Wii Fit but want to take it a step further? Get in shape with your own virtual personal trainer, Maya, in an accessible, convenient and intense fitness program customized to meet your needs.

My Fitness Coach is the latest in Nintendo's impressive line of games that prove video game entertainment can be both healthy and fun. Produced by UbiSoft exclusively for the Wii home game system, My Fitness Coach allows players to create, engage in and even track their very own fitness program.

My Fitness Coach begins by evaluating your current fitness level, and helping you set your fitness goal. View larger.

This game features almost 500 unique exercises so you'll never get bored. View larger.
Live a Healthier Lifestyle
My Fitness Coach begins by evaluating your current fitness level, and helping you set your fitness goal. Whether you strive for weight loss, core body strength, increased flexibility or something else, the Wii's unique interactivity will get you there. A virtual personal trainer named Maya will be on hand to not only give you valuable advice to help you exercise right, but will provide pep talks to help keep you motivated every step of the way. There are even graphical charting displays that allow you to watch yourself making progress as you go.

Enjoy Your Exercise Experience
With My Fitness Coach you can customize your experience by choosing your own exercise environment, and picking your favorite type of workout music. There are eight different environments to choose from, and seven different types of music, such as Hip Hop, 80's, Latin and Dance to name a few. There is even a Meditation Garden feature where you will be guided through stretching and yoga techniques to help keep you limber while you gain strength.

Nearly 500 Workouts Provide Loads of Fun
My Fitness Coach features almost 500 unique exercises to ensure that no two workouts will ever be quite the same. Whether you are in strength training for your upper body or lower body, or are just burning a few extra calories, by choosing your own workout calendar, length of program, and frequency of use you will achieve your goals at the pace that is right for you.

  • Personal virtual trainer demonstrates moves, gives advice, and provides motivation
  • Access almost 500 exercises for flexibility, cardio fitness, strength training and more
  • Personalized goals let you chose length and frequency of program on a calendar
  • Customize your environment and pick your favorite type of workout music
  • Chart your progress with graphs over an extended period of time

Customer Reviews:

  • Great interactive fitness game
    I really like this game and recommend it to all my friends. The only thing I would change is the slight delay where the trainer has to find the beat before beginning the exercises--but this is very trivial info. I am glad I purchased this "game"....more info
  • Lowcountrygirl63
    The product is fantastic, we have enjoyed it, great workout!! Was shipped out fast, no problems. Would buy again from this company.
    ...more info
  • Motivational Workout
    I've been committed to exercise most of my life, but growing tired of the same old routines. The Wii Fit is fun, but My Fitness Coach takes exercise with the Wii to a whole new level. It's individually paced, provides incentives (rewards) for exercise, making it fun, and offers a variety of workouts (cardio, yoga, etc.). There is no way to monitor your exercise (i.e. you're not using the hand controls) and so it's easy to cheat, but why would you? The cardio is excellent, as is the yoga. I haven't had a chance to try the others because I enjoy these two so much. ...more info
  • Great Workout!
    What a great workout! I'm a very fit 25 year old man, so I worried that this wouldn't give me a great workout. I bought it mainly for my wife, but thought that I should give it a try. I also thought it might be a break from my typical running or elliptical.
    I was shocked. After 30 minutes I was completely spent and drenched in sweat. It's mainly an aerobics workout with varying levels of difficulty, but it adds in strength training and flexibility as well.
    I really appreciate that it goes through a fitness test before you start working out to see exactly where you stand and what you need to work on. It sets a long-term goal, such as core strength, cardio, weight loss, or upper or lower body strength. Every workout includes some of these areas, but with some focus on your area of long-term goal. Throughout your workout it asks you whether you are working hard enough or too hard, and will adjust your level of workout appropriately.
    I've never been a big fan of aerobics, and I didn't think this would give me a great workout, but it really does. I highly recommend this game whether you are in shape or looking to lose a couple pounds. It's fun and entertaining, and it will beat the pounds off you!
    ...more info
  • Great workout
    The workout I got with this game was amazing! I am still sore a few days later. It's pretty simple to get started, about 30 minutes of setup time about myself and then off I went on my own regime. I got to pick the length of the workout, the days I want to work out, and what I wanted to focus on. It's not like a video you get from the store that has the same thing every single time. You get a little variety. One thing I was worried about was whether I needed the WII Fit (because I don't have one).. and I did not! I was quite pleased with the first workouts and I look forward to more burning and toning!...more info
  • Not for the non self motivated
    Where do I start? this isn't really a game, but more like a virtual reality excercise tape, and mean that in the best possible way. I gave this four stars because it actually has kept me motivated so far because I want to unlock all of the locations and music, oh and I do sweat. WII Fit was getting boring and I needed to do something, so this has been my diversion for now. I wonder however what will happen when I unlock everything?? The cons are: the exercises are a little repetitive so far, only adding variations. There is also no way to know or measure if you're doing an exercise properly. If you are not already in shape or have a general knowledge of the exercises, it is going to be challenging, but if you're a self motivator(which you'll have to be) you may be okay. Oh, and for those who slammed the music, I like it....more info
  • Better than the gym!
    I've been working out consistently with this game since January and, as a result, have lost a few pounds and inches. The only drawbacks I see (as a former trainer/aerobics instructor) is that Maya is unable to find the beat in the music. It drives me crazy! Also, she'll say " wait, let's find the beat" for something like a stretching exercise. Also, I found the yoga to be too fast. That being said, I continue to enjoy working out with Maya and tracking my progress with this game....more info
  • Not bad, but i'm not jumping off the couch...
    While this game could have been much worse, it wasn't that impressive either. Basically, it's a workout video, only instead of following a real person, you're following a glorified cartoon character. The movements are repetitive and boring, and it lacks the biofeedback aspect that Wii Fit has. In comparison to Wii Fit, I do like that it's one continuous workout. However, I'm not just itching to put this game in the player- I think I'd rather just do an old fashioned workout video....more info
  • Maya kicks butt
    My fitness coach is a very good work out. I highly recommend it if you're not afraid to sweat. Good variety of workout types. This one is worth the money....more info
  • I strongly reccomend this.
    This is awesome. It kicked my butt, and continues to do so. I reccommend it for EVERYONE !...more info
  • Challenge if you use it Right
    I love My Fitness Coach for the Wii. If you set up the game right it will be true to your real fitness level and you can see yourself improve. I have had this game for 30 days and I have lost 8 pounds.

    I cannot wait for EA Sports Active. ...more info
  • what you see is what you get
    its a workout video in game form. You do not need the to use the wii board, which is a plus if you are a large person. It is a good workout.

    ...more info
  • Get in shape with "My Fitness Coach"
    This game is a lot of fun. It mixes up the workouts to keep them challenging and not boring. If you tell the game that your current workout is too hard or too easy, the game will adjust accordingly the next time. I like it a lot and definitely work up a sweat....more info
  • Ouch...
    I bought this game a Wal-Mart yesterday. It's a few dollars more but I didn't have to wait and I didn't have to pay shipping. It takes a few minutes to set up. You'll need to weigh and measure yourself so make sure you have your weight and a tape measure handy. I did the upper body workout in the morning and the yoga routine in the evening.. and I'm sore! But it feels great. I've tried countless videos and I don't think I've had such a good workout in my living room. Worth the price....more info
  • A great work out video
    I have a tendency to buy work out tapes and then to give up on them halfway through. I have stuck to this for a few weeks and I really enjoy it. I feel good after I'm finished and I really like the fact that it's interactive....more info
  • I LOVE THIS!!!!
    My fitness coach is my new friend. I have worked out 31 times. Working out with Mayla has become part of my life. I work out in the morning before I go to work 3 times a week at 45 minutes. I feel the difference. If I miss a morning I feel bad. I am up to a Gold metal. The only excerise I don't like is "roll like a ball". Everything else is good with me. I look forward to Physical Test at the end of every 10 workouts. This was a perfect choice for me....more info
  • My fitness coach
    Love this game, I use to do wii fit everyday, but after I got this I put that up. This game has many of the same exercises and many more. It is a much more intense workout. You can choose the time to workout 15 minutes-75 minutes and what part of your body to workout. So far every workout is a little different so I am not doing the same thing everyday.
    Definitey see a difference in my body after a month of using it 5x a week....more info
  • Good Workout
    I have the WII fit so wanted some more exercises, boy what a work out you get. She really makes you sweat. Good warm up and cool down period and great music to exercise to. Love my personal trainer....more info
  • Not bad but repeticious.
    I'll keep this short and sweet,though this video workout game for wii is not bad, it becomes repeticious, there are 5 different workouts for this game, yoga, strength, arobics, body building and cardio, though each in itself gives you a different workout and a decent workout for that matter, each one goes back into the same routine unless you unlock other workouts and that seems to take awhile to do, like I said it's not bad but I need something more to keep my interest and pace in busy mode....more info
  • What a Workout!
    This "game" is great! I have the Wii fit program, and this far exceeds it. My Fitness Coach does not use the Wii balance board, but in my opinion, it is still a better workout program. I didn't realize I was so out of shape that I couldn't even do two minutes worth of jumping jacks. I was truly pathetic. I purchased this program after giving birth two months ago. I really think that the excersize programs are difficult and challenging. I feel like I have really done something for my self when I am finished. I also like that it tells you how many calories you have burned once you are finished with your workout. It helps me to watch what I eat. When I see that I have only burned 180 calories after all that work, I don't really want to eat the 800 calorie cheeseburger anymore. If you want to really push yourself, this is the "game" for you!...more info
  • Great Workout
    This game is very adaptable to every fitness level, you can modify your settings at any time to target specific areas you want to work on. This is a fun way to work out. ...more info
  • What an excellent option to Wii Fit or Gym Membership -
    I am so glad I bought the Wii Fitness Coach because it has revolutionized my workouts, my health, and my life in general! I have quite a collection of workout videos and DVDs that I've purchased over the years. I thought I was buying Wii Fitness Coach to add to my collection, but it really is in a classification all its own. It is the first time I'm excited to do a workout. I'm excited because I see and feel the results after using it for about a month now. (I'm on workout #50 including some that I did away from the Wii, which you can add).

    The workouts are very challenging. I like that. Things that I couldn't do the first time "Maya" presented them, I am able to do after a month+ using Wii Fitness Coach. There are some routines that I modified, such as the frog jump - my knees said "I don't think so" LOL, but most of the routines I'm able to do and I am not a spring chicken by any stretch!

    I started out doing 15 minutes, and believe me, at 15 minutes I work up a sweat, which is one of the objectives of a good workout. Over time, though, I found I was able to do two 15 minutes segments. I prefer to do it that way - 15 minutes of whatever Maya recommends, then 15 minutes of cardio. If she recommends cardio, then I do that and 15 minutes of one of my other options.

    I like that she incorporates the equipment I own into the workouts. I had a stability ball and a variety of hand weights, but just bought an aerobic step a few days ago, which opened up a whole other variety of workout options.

    I've never seen or used the Wii Fit because I wasn't willing to pay what it sells for not knowing if I'd really use it consistently. I can't compare the Wii Fit to the Wii Fitness Coach, but I can attest that the Wii Fitness Coach is worth way more than the under $30 I paid for it! And I have been sticking to my workout calendar faithfully. In fact, in the beginning when I missed some scheduled workout days, Maya chided me for it the next time I played. I loved that! It actually makes me push myself in case I may not feel like working out on a scheduled day. Plus you can change and rearrange the schedule as you need to.

    I use Wii Fitness Coach for the physical activity part of my Weight Watchers program and in six short weeks of doing both, I've already gone down a pants size. I attribute that moreso to the level of the activities included on Wii Fitness Coach.

    I'm here now to buy one for my daughter's birthday present. Everybody should have one! :-)...more info
  • MY fitness coach!
    I love this product. I bought this because I was looking for something to add to the rest of my workout, I needed something to do in the middle of the week between my treadmill workouts on Mondays and Fridays. At first, I was a bit skeptical because I had bought the Wii Fit, and Golds Gym Cardio Workout that really didn't help me at all, and got too repetitive over time. I would barely break a sweat with those two games. But with My Fitness Coach, there are so many different exercises to do, and a list that you can pick from that it makes you sweat, and the exercise is continuous (there are short rest periods for a sip of water, or to stretch, etc). When the exercise is done, you don't have to use the Wii Remote to pick another routine that you want to do.

    My Fitness Coach has a great selection of routines you can do, and it has over 500 exercises, so the chances of getting bored are slim to none. A few you can choose from are Upper Body, Lower Body, Core Muscles, Yoga.. that I can remember off the top of my head. I'm so glad I bought this!

    This is very fun, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to either get fit, stay in shape, or needs some exercise in their life for whatever reason....more info
  • was sooooooo lost
    NOT FOR BEGINNERS. The trainer was spitting out names of Yoga poses I have never heard of or done before. There was not a step by step instruction to any of the poses just things like mt. pose to down dog to plank to monkey to ect... I have no clue what those things are it would be nice it it had the option for a step by step insturction to each of the poses so you know what the heck you are doing....more info
  • Great product
    This is more of an interactive workout video than a game. But as an enchanced workout video, My Fitness Coach provides more varied workouts and more customization than you can get anywhere else.

    The game is very good at providing total body workouts.

    ...more info
  • OBSESSED with this
    I purchased this a few weeks ago and at first I was being lazy and couldn't get myself into it but now I'm loving it. I've been sticking with my routine and even in the past two weeks (since i got more serious about it) I can see results. I usually buy fitness DVDs and do them a few times, think they're great, then get bored with them since its the same thing over and over, but the variety of exercises on this is great. I'm even thinking about canceling my gym membership because honestly, these workouts are much more intense.

    I agree with another review that said that really my only problem with this has been space. I live in a studio, so I have to move my extremely heavy coffee table back and forth when I work out, which can put a bit of a damper on my motivation (so I'm lazy/easily distracted, what?) but I mean really, if the only criticism I really have is something more to do with my own space rather than the game, thats pretty good.

    I would DEFINITELY recommend this. I don't have the wii fit board, but my sister does and she was the one that recommended this to me instead of buying a wii fit. It gets your heart rate going, makes you sweat, makes you sore and gives you results. What more could you want?...more info
  • Trying to get fit
    I bought this game first before trying the Fit board. I wish I had not spent the money on the Fit! This game gives you a good workout for all levels below advanced.

    One thing I which I could change is the yoga workout, it always starts with 5 minutes of sun salutations and that's just too much of that exercise for me.

    The one thing that would make it better is if it were compatible with the fit board. Maybe they will make an upgrade in the future....more info
  • My Fitness Coach
    I bought this for both my wife and grown daughter who love it. They use it on a regular basis. They say if your a dedicated exerciser then this will work wonders for you. Highly recommended....more info
  • easy to customize the workout routine
    for yoga, i wish they would always say the instruction all the time. it would say it once only while the exercise repeats two more times. it's not always easy to look at the screen to get the timing correct....more info
  • Absolutely LOVE
    This game is awesome. I have seen incredible results. I get up every morning and can't wait to do 45-60 minute workout. This is the first thing I have actually stuck to and looked forward to doing. I use the weights, the step bench and the ball with mine. It gives a great workout. I recommend this to anyone. I started about a two months after having my second child and I am just a few pounds shy of my pre pregnancy weight (He was born in November). I am more toned than before I was pregnant also. The only prob I have is the extra belly skin but we are working on that. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Not as great as led to believe!
    I recently purchased this as a second workout option to the wii fits own workout disc!
    The reviews seemed pretty solid. Plus the only other one i was considering was Jillian Michaels workout, which i heard was very glitchy!!
    So for the price of $20. i thought what the heck!!
    My wife tried it the other week and firstly was suprised to find out it's just an areobics dvd essentially!! i mean it is a game!! But all you do is spend nearly an hour putting in every little detail about yourself! (they ask you to measure all the areas of your body like your being fitted for a suit) then when things get going you just copy what she does on the screen!
    OH YEAH and did i mention also THIS GAME DOESNT USE THE WII FIT BALANCE BOARD!!! I guess it was made before the wii fit perhaps!! If not thats really stupid! especially because just standing on the wii fit board would have taking away a lot of the tedious work you had to do of putting in every little detail!
    So in conclusion!! This game has some great reviews! Plus i'm sure the workouts are good!! So if you dont want to spend money on a wii fit, or dont have one, but want a cheap workout dvd/game THIS IS FOR YOU!!
    If however you have the wii fit, STICK WITH THE WORKOUT GAME IT COMES WITH!! There's nothing currently on the market thats better. Though EA is suppose to be coming out with something soon!!...more info
  • Gr8 Workout I C a difference
    I love this work out. U get a physical challenge 2 see where you are at physically. Jumping Jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, bent stretch. U indicate relaxed hear rate and elevated heart rate.
    I already see a difference, I see my stomach going down.
    The first 15-20 minutes is hard, the warm up really tires you out, (I do 45-60 minutes.)
    You must know what some of the exercises are like A step, V Step, Greatvine. You must have your stepper in front of you because even though you see the stepper coming up on the bottom indicator bar, she will immediately start doing it. This is only in the warm up because you don't get rest time. After the warm up you do get about 10 sec rest time and you can see what your next exersice will be 2 prepare for it, like you need the stepper or ball.
    You do get a 30 sec water breat, believe me you need it. And a cool down.
    With in the work out she will ask you how that particular section of the work out was, if it was challenging, not challenging or too challenging depending on your answer she will adjust or leave your work out as it.
    You get over 450 different work outs.
    Great music, I love the dance, yoga, techno and 80's music. The more you work out the more music you unlock and the more work out sceneries you get to choos from, I love the outside ones.
    I love it so much I bought if for my sister and have a blog on blogger showing my success.
    She gives you great eating advice and little tips on how to get fit....more info
  • Very Motivating... Very Good
    I bought My Fitness Coach about 5 weeks ago and have logged around 20+ workouts. Before I got it, I was running 3 miles 3 times a week and doing some light lifting (e.g. I was in decent shape). Since I've gotten this, I've lost another 5 pounds and decreased my stomach/waist by a couple of inches.

    The program delivers... Its motivating, fun and a REAL workout. For $20, you'd be crazy not to try it....more info
  • Not flashy, but well-designed and effective.
    I bought this just based on the recommendations. I was leaning towards other products that used the WII Fit balance board, but they mostly had horrendous reviews.
    My fitness coach is just a well-designed tool to walk you through a workout based on your goals. It's easy to use, has a wide variety of routines & exercises, and simply focuses on fitness goals as opposed to flash & gimmicks. I can't give it a high 'fun' rating, but it definitely does what is sets out to do....more info
  • Good workout video
    This game is a good workout video - it would be nice if your could see the exercise before the trainer starts. Until you've done the workouts multiple times and remember the moves it can be challanging to switch from one exercise to the next.

    Also, the set up takes a little time and having to re-measure can be tedious but that's how the system gages where you are and how to adjust the program....more info
  • great workout
    Mona puts you through a cardio workout that can really kick your butt..It's like having a video tailored for you...Would highly recommend...more info
  • Great Workout
    To begin, I am not someone who has ever worked out consistently every day or who is in great shape. I have done a 45 min workout almost every single day since purchasing the game about a month ago and that is a really big deal for me. It is more like a workout video than an interactive game like the wii fit but WOW, I am really feeling the results. THIS IS A GREAT WORKOUT! Its not self paced so I'm not choosing the easy excercises. I drip sweat for almost the entire 45 minute workout and I am feeling great! I highly recommend this game for someone who is not self motivated but who really wants to get in shape....more info
  • Complicated
    I put the game in the Wii, started it, realized you need to do alot of things at first to even set up the game. You need a tape measure to measure your body to enter it in the system. I gave up and haven't used it yet. You need to have a lot of time to do this, I didn't have the time. One of these days I will get around to it....more info
  • Lame music, boring workouts.
    Don't get too excited about this game... the reviews hype it way up and it's nothing special. I found the workouts BORING. Too slow. The music was LAME. I guess for [...] tho, you can't expect that they would license any real 80's hits... I was particularly excited for the "80's music".. which was just lame pop music I'd never heard of. The worst part is the music does not have a steady hard beat to step to.. I could hardly find the beat sometimes and it also was not fast enough for proper stepping and aerobics. Also, having no control over the cardio workouts is a pain. To top it off, you have to "earn" the right to other music, you only have three choices to start with. I really hope someone makes a good step workout program for the wii. Until then, I'll just have to get a couple of good videos. Being able to track your progress with the wii doesn't matter if the workouts are so lame and boring you can't bear to do them....more info
  • good workout
    you work as hard as you want, if the workout is to hard for you or to easy you can adjust it either way, the trainer will make you work harder if you tell her that the recent workout you did was "NO SWEAT"...more info
  • Better than I expected!
    I just got this game over the weekend, and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations.

    I'm currently on a quest to lose 100 pounds (74 lost so far), so I've been working out at an advanced level the past few months. I'm used to doing the Jillian Michaels workout DVDs which are total butt-kickers, so I wasn't sure this game would be challenging enough for me. I was also disappointed with Wii Fit, but I read what others had said about this game and decided to give it a shot.

    Well, I've done 2 workouts so far, and it's definitely making me work! The fitness test at the beginning is an awesome feature and it ensures accuracy and progress within your workouts. I like the variety of areas available (cardio, upper body, lower body, yoga, etc.). The cardio really gets you sweating fast!

    The trainer offers suggested workouts each day, depending on what your fitness goal is (for example, mine is set for weight-loss). You can also add any equipment you already have (i.e., hand weights, stability ball, etc.) and the trainer will include those items in your workout.

    So far, I'm feeling the burn in my arms and quads, which are problem areas for me. And I can now do a proper lunge, after not being to do one properly for years.

    As for the cons, there is one (for me, anyway). It seems during the second half of my workouts, the trainer starts to take too many breaks. Like after each move/set of reps. I'm used to taking few to zero breaks during my regular workouts, so I'm having a hard time adjusting to this. I'm still trying to find out if there's a setting to change this, but nothing so far. It's not a bad thing I suppose, but it just screws with my momentum.

    Also, I would recommend doing tutorials of the moves in your first couple of workouts (or all of them). I didn't do this, so I felt very rushed trying to follow along with all of these moves that I had never heard of before.

    If you're looking for a break from the gym and/or want to change up your routine, I would recommend this game. My main reason for giving it 4 stars was because of the frequent breaks. They seem to eat up time that could be used for maximizing calorie burn. Other than that, I love how the trainer checks in with you to see how challenging each set was; it's great how you can make future workouts harder or easier. Definitely satisfied with my purchase!...more info
  • workout
    Come to find out that I can't jump and put so much pressure on my ankles and knees. The workout is okay, but when you don't know how to do something, you have to go to the tutorial and figure it out then go back to the workout, and when I did that the workout had gone on without me, (don't know if I did something wrong). Any way, I can't use this due to my feet....more info
  • Great interactive workout at a great price.
    This is a great addition to Wii. I've had it for 3-4 weeks. The best workout I've had in years. I'm not a fitness fanatic, but have been working out fairly regularly for over 15 years. I'm nearing 50 and don't want to feel old. I also bought the Wii Fit, which has been alot of fun. But even though this does not use a balance board or any other direct feedback device, it's a much better workout, if you want to get and stay fit.

    -It changes the difficulty level based on your feedback. So it can dynamically change as you get stronger.
    -It has several options to choose from - workout length, music type, equipment you have, body focus for workout (cardio, lower body, upper body, etc.).
    -You need alot of space if you're going to use much equipment during your workout.
    -It moves fast between segments, so you have to have all your equipment handy to grab or use.

    I sometimes workout in a small space (an RV), and have found I can get a great workout just using hand weights.

    Yes, it's much like using a workout video. The thing that makes this unique is that it's always changing, which keeps it challenging and interesting. If you're looking for a great, and cheap, workout, this is definitely a great buy....more info
  • it's like going to the gym
    This product is amazing. You feel that you're actually in a gym. There's a choice of music (pop, latino, etc.) and the surroundings (park, gym, etc.)
    The exercises are good too. Although at the beginning I couldn't keep up.

    It's not interactive. It pretty much acts like a DVD rather than a video game. The coach will ask you for feedback after each game to see if you're keeping up or not.
    Also, don't mistake it with WiiFIT because it has nothing to do with it....more info
  • A real workout that works
    This game gives you not only a serious workout that will really get your heart rate up, but one that will give you 140 different excersizes and a lot of variety during each workout session. The benefits over Wii Fit are many. For one thing, the excersizes in Wii Fit are limited and many of them not very effective for someone looking for serious results. Wii Fit is more of a casual experience. Second, the nature of the gameplay in Wii Fit can lead to repetitive motion injuries very easily. I spent a whole week in pain due to one such injury. Didn't even realize what I had done to myself until the next day. I later heard others were having the same problem.

    A lot of people are hung up on the balance board, and I thought I would miss it... but I was wrong. I never felt like I was getting a real workout with the balance board in Wii Fit, but I am definitely getting a workout using my own accessories with this game. The game will incorporate excersizes using the balance ball, hand weights, and step bench if you have them. Adds a lot of diversity to the workouts, and are effective tools. I got my balance ball and 2 hand weights for about $18. This is definitely a superior workout. The workouts are so well tailored to your own needs that you get just the right workout every time, in terms of difficulty and activity level. You feel like you worked hard and feel good about it. You don't feel like it wasn't effective and you don't feel like you killed yourself (and I have not been injured!)

    Now that I've compared the game to Wii Fit some people have made a comparison with workout videos. This does not feel like a workout video to me. It is dynamic and changes based on your progress and what you want to accomplish that day. It also tracks your progress. Workout videos are the same, boring routine every time - and I could never stick with those programs. This is not like that.

    Other good features of the game are the personal trainer and variety of different environments you can select depending on your mood - again mixing things up so you're not looking at the same thing you did yesterday.

    Is there room for improvement? Sure. I would have liked the ability to "ban" certain individual excersizes that I either really hated or had a lot of trouble with. And the graphics are "ok" for this type of game but could have been better. But all in all these drawbacks take away very little from the experience.

    Ubisoft has done a great job here of providing a serious and effective workout that is varied enough to keep you interested, especially if you have one or more of the accessories it supports. I highly recommend this game for anyone who is serious about getting into a regular workout routine and is willing to get off the couch and do it....more info


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