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The Clique

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Claire Lyons, the new girl from Orland(ew), Florida, has the nerve to show up at Octavian Country Day school (OCD) wearing Keds and two-year-old GAP overalls. She is clearly not top Clique (aka the Pretty Committee) material and Massie, Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen have no problem letting everyone know it. Unfortunately, Claires family is staying in the guest house on Massies familys huge estate and the girls are stuck with each other. Claires future looks worse than a Prada knockoff. But with a little luck and a lot of scheming, she might just stand a chance.

Based on the popular The Clique Book series by Lisi Harrison, The Clique is an entertaining, if somewhat familiar film about a 12-year-old girl whose need to fit in threatens to overshadow her inherent sense of self. Massie (Elizabeth McLaughlin) is the undisputed leader of a clique dubbed "The Pretty Committee" and she and her fellow clique-mates Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen are completely obsessed by high fashion and being the most popular girls in the exclusive Octavian Country Day School for girls. Florida transplant Claire Lyons (Ellen Marlow) is the ultimate in fashion don'ts and when she moves into Massie's guest house and enrolls in her school, it quickly becomes apparent that Massie will stop at nothing to prove her own superiority and make Claire's life miserable. Claire wants nothing more than to fit in and be accepted at her new school, so when befriending Massie doesn't work, she turns to scheming and playing the four friends against one another in an effort to supersede Massie as the queen of popularity. The problem is, Claire's efforts to displace Massie have some very negative effects on Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, her relationship with her mother, and even Claire's ability to like herself. In the end, Claire realizes the importance of being true to oneself and there's the slightest glimmer of hope that even Massie might just consider changing her ways--or not. Something of a The Devil Wears Prada for kids meets Mean Girls, The Clique is a surprisingly likeable film that features a scrumptious palate of tween-sized high couture; healthy doses of insecurity, attitude, and angst; good acting; and an important message about believing in oneself. Bonus features include a featurette on casting the movie with executive producer Tyra Banks and director Michael Lembeck, interviews with the main characters and author Lisi Harrison, a 9-minute exploration of tween couture with Tyra Banks, casting contest winners, gag reel, and Clique Girlz in the studio recording "Here With Me Now." (Ages 7 to 14) --Tami Horiuchi

Product Description
Claire Lyons, the new girl from Orland(ew), Florida, has the nerve to show up at Octavian Country Day school (OCD) wearing Keds and two-year-old GAP overalls. She is clearly not top Clique (aka the Pretty Committee) material and Massie, Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen have no problem letting everyone know it. Unfortunately, Claire¡¯s family is staying in the guest house on Massie¡¯s familys huge estate and the girls are stuck with each other. Claire¡¯s future looks worse than a Prada knockoff. But with a little luck and a lot of scheming, she might just stand a chance. DVD features:

  • Widescreen (1.78) and full-screen (1.33)
  • Digital copy of the movie
  • The Search for the Real-Life Pretty Committee: The nationwide casting call for the lead roles
  • Ehmagawd! We're Rolling: Stars on the set
  • The Clique Movie: Tween Couture: Focus on fashion
  • The Clique Movie Casting Contest Winners: Meet the five finalists who came to Hollywood, met The Clique's author, and auditioned for the movie
  • Gag reel
  • Clique Girz in the Studio: Recording the movie's theme song, "Here with Me Now"
  • DVD-ROM features
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Customer Reviews:

    Bought this for my 13 year old daughter who loved the book series. I'm getting rid of this movie though. Obnoxious girls, OMG said way too many times, not the kind of values I want in my house. I should have read the books before I let her. My mistake.
    Don't waste your money....more info
  • I enjoyed it, I would have liked it more, had I not read the books.
    I think the movie was very similar to the book, right down to the quotes. Massie was the PERFECT character in the movie, insecure, yet comes off as confident. She seemed even meaner in the movie than the books.

    Alicia wasn't mean enough, and she didn't have black hair, but that's okay, she's still the prettiest. Massie's hair should have been lighter if you ask me. They didn't have Alicia mean enouh, so the comment about her boobs didn't work, they had no mention of them before then.

    Dylan was perfect, with even more insecurity about her weight than in the books. However they failed to mention who her mother was.

    Layne was SO ANNOYING. I guess that fit, because I disliked her in the books as well.
    Claire also annoyed me. I think she played her part well, but the actress just didn't work.

    Kristen was great in it too, but I always pictured her with brown hair...

    They picked an ugly guy for Chris Abeley too. Todd wasn't witty enough.
    Adding a bit with massie and the cake was brilliant. Much better than the ending in the book if you ask me. Massie totally makes herself more deep at the end.

    I liked it, but it could be better I suppose. Layne irritated me so much I couldn't stand it. Her voice was annoying....more info
  • The Pretty Commitee is More Real than Ever!
    I was excited to here that the Pretty Commitee (the main charactors) was finally going to be a movie. I was worried though that the character descriptions in the book would be totally different in the movie (you know how directors change that) and it wouldnt follow closely to the story line. But it did do a fantastic job on both. But i gave it a four star just because it wasnt exactly the way i thought it would be. This movie is a good watch for a teens and if you read the books you really should get the movie just to see the differences and similaritie ( more similarities) or just for fun, but your sure not to be dissappointed i know i wasnt! ...more info
  • I surprisingly liked it!
    I loved it! I really hope that they continue to make more movies out of this series. I'm OBSESSED with this series, and I feel a bit ashamed since I'm almost 18 and these girls are still in 7th grade! I remember reading this book when I was in 7th grade.

    This movie was very refreshing and the only bad thing about it was that the acting was kind of unnatural and forced at times. But unlike most movies based on books, the plot actual flowed nicely and didn't get stuck on irrelevant things.

    The book was well-adapted into a movie, even though there were some things that happened in the movie that didn't happen in the book. Which was kind of cool, because copying the book word for word would've made it an epic fail. This movie was anything but an epic fail. It wasn't super-duper-amazing, but it was amazing enough to make me create an amazon account to make a review about it!...more info
  • Parents BEWARE
    Like another mother reviewing this DVD who didn't read the Clique books before her tween daughter read them, I didn't properly vet this movie before I let my girls watch it. I'd never heard of the Clique books, so I had no frame of reference and boy, was that ever a HUGE mistake.

    We watched it and I hoped all the way through this dismal mess that there would be some redemption in the end, but there really wasn't. It was one long horrific bore about girls out-meaning each other to see which one could be the queen bee.

    I found this movie to be anti-family and celebrative of a values system that I support in no way whatsoever. Clueless, hyper-indulgent parents and vicious, shallow kids, along with a school system in which even the teachers are hateful jerks make for a movie that is not even rentable from your local video store, let alone buyable.

    Treat this nasty DVD the way you'd treat a puddle of toxic waste. Oh, for a zero stars option! I can't believe this is the kind of garbage being produced for our girls today....more info
  • Surprisingly good
    Because this movie was direct-to-video, I thought it would be unwatchable and a complete misrepresentation of the books. The movie used actual lines from the book, which definietly scored high with me because I hate book-to-movies that don't translate. The adaptation put the Clique in a different light than I was used to. It showed Massie as someone everyone hated but bowed down to anyways for reasons not explained. I was happily surprised to see that parts of it were quite good and actually touching.

    That said, the non-quite good parts varied from being watchable to hilariously bad. Other than that, it actually wasn't that funny unless you're making fun of it so it's not really a comedy. Or a drama. I'm not sure how the critics reacted to the movie, or even that they reviewed it, but it's sad to see that this movie didn't get a chance to go to theaters. Maybe the sequel...?...more info
  • Pretty good portrayal from book to movie
    To the people who bought "The Clique" from Amazon, read the first review 'cause there are faulty batches!

    Anyway, back to the movie.
    Okay, I started reading the Clique when I was 12 and that was 4 years ago. Now I'm 16 and the Clique girls are still 12 in the very first movie.

    Remembering back to the very first book and watching this movie is surreal. The movie is almost nothing how I pictured the book in my mind, but they do a very nice, accurate portrayal of the book.

    The movie follows the basic plot line, includes many of the characters, ha very interesting fashion, actually has the IMing and State of the Union parts, and quoted many of the funny lines from the book.

    Although there were parts of the book that I missed (like the whole tights trend and the Massie insights), the most obvious jump from book to movie were the main characters. Alicia wasn't busty enough, but the whole "rubbing boobs together" part took on a whole new meaning. Massie acted a little too forced sometimes. Kristen wasn't sporty enough. However, this are minute details.

    I definitely recommend this to all Clique fans because while it may be very different from what we saw in our minds, it still tells the timeless tale of fitting-in and insecurities with the "loveable" characters and their lines that we know!
    ...more info
  • Pretty good movie
    I wish this movie was longer, considering how many books are in the series. I really enjoyed it though to be perfectly honest. I hope they make a sequel. ...more info
  • A good movie
    I had very little hope for this when I sat down with my daughters to watch it. By the end of the movie it was clear that they all enjoyed it and so did I. One of my girls has read the books and said it was very close to it. Lets hope there are more of these.
    ...more info
  • Uh-Mazing!
    From the second i turned the movie on I was hooked! it was so awsome! I ordered 3 copies! if your looking for an un-dorable movie... THIS IS THE ONE!!...more info


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