Bit-O-Luv Bistro Beef Recipe Dog Treats, 4.0-Ounce Pouch (Pack of 6)
Bit-O-Luv Bistro Beef Recipe Dog Treats, 4.0-Ounce Pouch (Pack of 6)

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  • Made in the U.S.A. with USDA inspected beef
  • Gluten/Wheat Free
  • Made with real beef
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors or by-products

Customer Reviews:

  • Great!
    Fantastic snacks my dog just loves. My dog is not really picky, but still she really seems to enjoy these snacks. They are a good size for a medium size dog....more info
  • They all liked them!
    I have to admit up front that I did not personally taste these treats. My pack of dogs, however, all endorse them. The two puppies will eat just about anything, so I don't know how to count their opinions, but the elderly girl is very picky, and she ate these right up, so I'm thinking they must be GOOD!...more info
  • Great Treat
    These soft treats come in a bag you can reseal. Each treat is about 2 inches long and about a half and inch in width. The smell isn't too bad if you don't stick your head in the bag and sniff.

    Most Important Info: My dog loved them. She gobbled them down in a happy fashion that is usually reserved for truly indulgent treats like bacon or slices of ham. 5 stars....more info
  • Popular item
    I offered this product to my panel of independent testers, a Golden Retriever, a Jack Russell/Lab mix and a cat. All three gave the treats enthusiastic praise, although to be fair the two dogs are quite easy to please. They are though, so taken with these treats that they will come tearing into the house as soon as they hear the bag open which indicates a higher than usual approval rating. Incidentally the cat usually materializes at the same time - high praise indeed.

    From my human point of view this is a great product. The packaging is easy to open and close, and seals to keep the treats fresh (and keeps the cat out). The individual treats are moist but not sticky or messy to handle, like some pet treats. They appear very much like beef jerky. The individual treats are a generous size and easy to tear into two or more pieces so I have been feeding my two or three testers smaller bites which they have not seemed to notice. Although the product is labeled 'dog treat' my feline tester seemed to enjoy his samples, and in fact was discovered conducting his own independent test on the packaging (the seal seems to be cat resistant).

    Overall this is an excellent product, one that will be stocked in this household if for no other purpose that convincing the canine panel members to come into the house when called....more info
  • Tasty!! (or so I think)
    These treats smelled so good I was tempted to eat them myself. My dog loves them and cant get enough. The stay fresh pouch helps to keep everything moist and tender....more info
  • Both my dogs love these treats!!!
    We have two dogs, a younger black lab and a older chihuahua who has lost most of his teeth. Both dogs love these treats. They are soft enough for my old dog (the one who has very few teeth left). And the younger lab? She usually takes treats ever-so-gently from my fingers (no risk of bites with this gal). However, she gets so excited about these Bit-O-Luv treats that she nearly takes my fingers off! I'll definitely have to be more careful when giving these to her. But, to see the look of appreciation on her face -- it's worth risking life and limb to give these to her.

    These cost a bit more than the other treats I've purchased. However, because both my dogs love them so much, I'll definitely keep a supply on hand.

    An added benefit is that "they're made in the USA without any by-products, wheat gluten, artificial colors or flavors." The package states that "we even have our beef and chicken inspected by the USDA."...more info
  • good dog treat
    I have a small dog, 8lb malt about 9 years old. He most recently became very finicky about what he eats. Some treats he'll try and then turn his nose to them, never to touch them again. This is not the case with Bit-O-Luv. My dog loves these treats. I can get him to do things he would never do on his own, just by waving one of these in front of him. Now no more strugling to get him to go into his kennel when I leave for work. They have a good, but strong beef smell. You can't hide them once you open them. Keep them in a tightly closed container and/or out of reach of your pup or it will have tunnel vision till he reaches them....more info
  • Tasty, All-Natural Treats Dogs Love
    My dogs love these treats! They are pugs, so they go crazy for anything that is food or could be construed as food, but they went especially nuts for these.

    The treats are small, half-inch to inch-long beef jerky pieces. The smell is high-quality and appetizing to dogs, and the pieces are slightly juicy and moist, but not messy. I didn't have to break them up for my pugs, but they did have to chew slightly. For smaller dogs, they could be good to chew on, and they might be good training treats for large dogs.

    I also really liked that the treats are all-natural and are made in the U.S. I try to feed my dogs natural food and treats, especially after the food recall scare a while ago, and this was a definite plus. The treats are also gluten-free, and I loved that they said that a portion of their proceeds to go animals in need!

    The package doesn't say that they are organic or made from cruelty-free beef, and those are the only things that I think would make them better.

    I think any dog would be grateful to receive these to enjoy!...more info
  • Labs don't care what they eat
    and mine didn't, she gobbled them right down. Of course it doesn't matter what it is she never is a lady about food. The problem I had was they are Bistro sized, very small and my dog just took a moment to swallow on the way down. No doubt they taste good, to a dog anyway, and they smell like food. The additional ingredients are minor to the beef so my dogs will be eating them in smaller quantities....more info
  • If my dogs could type ...
    ... they would tell you how much they love these treats! Between four big dogs, this little pack went fast. Down to business - they look like soft little beef jerky rectangles, about an inch long, 3/4 inch wide, and very thin.

    Pros: dogs loved them, they smell good, they were very soft and fresh, yet seemed chewy. The zip lock bag actually sealed after use. Top notch ingredients ease my guilt complex from spoiling my babies.

    Cons: expensive. Very small size. They would be great for dogs 15 lbs and under, but for my 55, 65, 80, and 85 lbs puppies, they were a tease and gone in two sittings. They swallowed them whole. For one or two small dogs, the pack could last several days, depending on how much you spoil your babies. :o)

    Overall impression: great product that dogs love but costs a lot. I only wish they made these in big-dog size. They are too small for me to buy for my pups....more info
  • Little dogs love it
    I have thrown away so many packages of treats that my pomeranians don't like so I was pleasantly surprised when they loved this product and didn't turn their small expensive noses up to even after the second, third, or fourth time. They really enjoyed it and begged for more. I will be buying some for them. Very neat and clean,
    not a messy treat. Doesn't crumble....more info
  • My dog loves them
    It's hard for a human to review a dog treat aside from gauging your dog's response to them. My dog really went for these and I'm going to buy them for her again. Most of the treats I've bought for her in the past were buried first and dug up later when she was hungry. She ate these right away.

    The treats are a little unusual in that they resemble beef jerky rather than being a soft, rubbery treat. Despite this, my old dog had no trouble chewing them. ...more info
  • Gobbled up!
    These treats with gobbled up immediately and the package sniffed for more! I'd have to say these are a winner. The package is a nice smaller size so you're not giving too much at one time, definitely worth it here....more info
  • The pugs approve!
    Given what has happened in the recent past with dog food, even "premium" dog food that turned out to be toxic, I have become increasingly wary of giving my pugs mass-produced treats or kibble. Bit-O-Luv Dog Treats are an exception to the generally awful grade of dog food products available for purchase by pet "parents." These treats are made in the USA of generally high quality ingredients:

    USDA inspected beef, chicken, dextrose (sugar), water, corn syrup, soy protein isolate, natural smoke flavor, salt, potassium sorbate (a preservative), paprika and sodium nitrite (another preservative).

    The pugs LOVE these, but please note the sugar/syrup and salt ingredients -- also the sodium nitrite. Think of these as little jerky-type treats for your dogs. This is "high value" food -- that is, your dogs will compete to get it if they are food-motivated. We find them very useful for training as our pugs will do literally anything for a little morsel of the Bit-O-Luvs. So, an excellent treat, but use sparingly (just good common sense). We will definitely purchase again....more info
  • Dog loves 'em, but I still prefer Oberto...
    My cocker spaniel absolutely loves these. When she sees I have the bag she refuses to leave my side.

    The main ingredients in the treats are beef, chicken, dextrose, water, corn syrup, soy protein, and salt. Although I enjoy many of these ingredients in human jerky, I am not sure of how they are needed in dog treats in order to make them more palatable to dogs. Bit o' Luv is a dog treat however, and the jerky similarities are fun for both dog and human. I tried some and found it somewhat bland and flakey, so I'll stick with my Oberto brand.

    The spaniel's opinion of the Bit o' Luv treats is utterly positive. The treats are fun, appealing, made in the USA in Oregon, and the maker donates a percentage of proceeds to canine non-profit organizations....more info
  • The dogs gobbled them up
    At the time of this review, Amazon offers a multibag pack that comes out to a bit under $5 per bag. If you have a smaller dog and you use the treats as just that (limiting the number they get a day) it seems like that's not a bad deal to me.

    The short version of this review is that the treats look and smell like beef jerky and your dogs will gobble them up. The ingredients appear to be of above average quality though there are some sweeteners and preservatives that might make some raw (pet) food diet fans look a bit askance or might not be good for pets with certain health issues such as diabetes. (Talk to your vet about it.) Ultimately, the treats appear to be just fine for a reasonably healthy animal even if they're on a raw food diet.

    The Long Version:
    I tried the treats out with three different animals all of whom are on raw or partially raw diets. Two very different breeds of dog and a cat. (Yes, I know they're dog treats but I didn't see anything on the list that made me think it would be bad for cats.) The cat sniffed at it and walked away, coming back later and eating it when he thought I wasn't looking. (Typical for a cat.) He didn't get sick and he didn't smell bad later.

    The two dogs were an English Bull Mastiff and a Pomeranian. For those not familiar with the breads we're talking about a dog the size of a person and a dog the size of a bread box. The Mastiff was very excited about whatever was in the bag as soon as it was opened. Ultimately, one treat (or two) isn't even barely a mouthful for this breed. And while she really seemed to enjoy them, you would go through the bag much faster with such a large dog.

    The Pomeranian also gobbled up the treat, and with a smaller dog you could probably make the bags last longer.

    The Ingredient list is as follows:
    Beef, chicken, dextrose, water, corn syrup, soy protein isolate, natural smoke flavor, salt, potassium sorbate (preservative), paprika oleoresin, and sodium nitrite (preservative).

    The higher up an ingredient is on the list the more of that item there is in a serving. Dextrose seems like a strange thing to have in there but what little I've discovered in researching it says that it's easily broken down and used as energy by the body. The down side is that if you have an older pet who is diabetic, this is NOT the treat for your pet.

    The other possible downside is that the treats are essentially identical to beef jerky. So if you yourself are inclined to eat jerky, your pets might confuse your treats with theirs and become bothersome when you're trying to have a snack.
    ...more info
  • Dogs love 'em (at least mine did)
    Originally I wanted to do a video review for the Bit-O-Luv treats that showcased the tests that I did with my dogs, but alas it was not to be as my daughter proceeded to disperse them all before I could get to it...lucky dogs.

    Having said that, here's what I have: Border Collie, Japanese Chin and a Miniature Datsun/Terrier mix.

    All of my dogs loved the treats; in this case the Bistro Beef Recipe. Personally though I believe all dogs will enjoy anything out of the ordinary and eat it eagerly too, so I decided to do a test.

    I took three different treats (names omitted to protect the and then lined them up in a row, spaced apart about two feet. I then let the dogs free to see which one they'd run to first. I did this three times. Each time the dogs ran to the Bistro treat first, however, they didn't run to the other treats after as I'd expected them to, instead they came to me looking for more -- well, that's what I assume anyways, I'm far from a Dog Whisperer.

    All in all, the treats were good and the dogs enjoyed them and at roughly about four-dollars a piece through Amazon, they're comparable in price to your local store....more info
  • Jerky for dogs
    So, my Norwegian Elkhound likes most treats - some more than others. I have used a variety of treats to work on training with her as well. Things from yogurt drops, milkbones, and pupcorn.

    I knew these were a hit when I opened the bag, turned around, and when I looked back at her she was drooling. She will do pretty much anything for these treats.

    These are basically mini-beef jerky strips for dogs. There are quite a few in a 4 oz package (more than I actually thought there would be). There is a little bit of an odor, but I have ran across other treats that have a more offensive odor than these.

    All in all a good treat, and Elkhound approved!...more info
  • Praise, But No Euphoria
    These treats are about 2.5" by 1" rectangles of beef jerky. They looked tempting to me when I received them - but I didn't actually try them myself. Here are the dog's ratings:

    Simon, a Covelo hound (a pit, lab?, Australian shepard?, ?, mix) who eats pretty much anything he is given, gave these treats a 7.5 out of 10.

    Rajah, a Tibetan Terrier and a notoriously picky eater, gave them an encouraging 6 out of 10.
    ...more info
  • Dogs Like it
    Our five dogs wouldn't write this so I did. The dogs seem to like them, but lets be honest they will eat anything I drop on the floor from hotdogs to lettuce to stuffed animals.

    What I do like is the meat is USDA inspected and the product is made in the USA, it makes me nervous if the product is from China, Thailand, etc. The setback is they are small and if you have big dogs they don't last too long and are fairly expensive.

    A percentage of the proceeds go to charities according to the bag but they do not say which ones. Just local ones according to their website. Does that mean local to them or me? I cannot find out on the their website which is pretty basic....more info
  • A puppy pleaser for sure............
    Our 10 year old mixed breed loves these treats. She begins performing her tricks without any prompting when she sees I have the bag. If I delay in giving them to her she begins to wimper for them.
    I like the fact that the first two ingredients are chicken and beef which means I am giving her a high quality treat that she loves.
    Oh did I mention that she is very particular about what she eats? She is not an eat everything in sight dog and is very choosy about what she its.
    Let your dog try them,I think your dog will love this treats as much as my dog does. ...more info
  • Our dog loved them as well, also good value
    These treats were a big hit with our dog. If I can read dog body language one of his favorite treats I have yet to give him. Tail wags just a bit more vigorously when he sees this bag. The treats also, frankly, smell pretty good to me.

    As others have mentioned they look, feel, and smell like beef jerky. I like the size they are, a size any dog could eat although bigger dogs will probably need at least a few pieces per treat (there is a serving recommendation versus dog size printed on the bag). They are a perfect size for our Shih Tzu. At 4 ounces per bag they are a pretty good value for a quality dog treat. For our Shih Tzu who weighs about 20lbs (big) one bag can last a couple of weeks easily if we ration them out.

    Overall, I was also impressed with the ingredient list and no artificial colors or additives and real beef. As others pointed out dogs probably would have liked them just as much without the corn syrup though. I will be buying these again as our canine loves them, the size lets you ration them however you would like (just a little or a lot per serving), and they are a good value.
    ...more info
  • Winner here
    Our dog loves these things and she hates most all dog food and snack items....more info
  • Gormet treats any dog would love
    Obviously my dog loves these but he loves milk bones too. If you are concerned with your pet having a more natural diet these would be a step in the right direction. They smell very tempting but I guess that is my problem with them. It seems like they are making a product targeted for the pet owner more than the pet. Dogs really love old road kill. Why not sell that? What cold be more natural? Of course I'm being sarcastic. I have enough problems keeping my dog from dragging his "treasures" in.
    My point is why put a sugar sweet barbecued taste to a pet treat? I will only help to decay his teeth and I spend enough money on his teeth. Once or twice a year my dog needs a anesthetized descaling and cleaning. Why feed him a product with sugar? As I said, my dog loves milk bones and dental rawhide chews as much as these, so I guess I will stick with them. I gave 4 stars because they make what they claim, but they need to leave out the things that are targeted for the owner rather than a dog....more info
  • Rolly gives it two paws up
    This package of Bit O Luv Bistro Beef Dog Treats contains 38 treats that look and smell like beef jerky measuring about 3/4 by 1 1/2 inches each.

    It's safe. The package states that this product is "made in the USA without any by-products, wheat gluten, artificial flavors or colors". This apparently is in response to last year's pet food fiasco where tainted wheat gluten from China added to pet foods resulted wide-spread recalls, near panic and the unfortunate death of cats and dogs.

    It's tasty. The package also states that it is "slow roasted to mouthwatering perfection". Despite the yummy, beef jerky aroma, I can only relate my dog's reaction: Rolly loved it! He wagged his tail the entire time as I fed him several pieces, one at a time. I then handed him one of his favorite biscuits, but snubbing that he wanted more of Bit O Luv treats.

    It's kind. Also stated on the package is "a percentage of our proceeds go to help four legged friends at local charities".

    Everyone's happy! You'll feel good giving your dog a safe, well balanced treat, your pooch will be happy with the enticing aroma and obviously delicious treat, and other critters will be happy when they receive benefits through local charities.

    ...more info
  • Healthier for your four-legged friend!
    I started feeding my dog a healthier diet without meat by-products, wheat, and artificial colors and flavors several years ago and was rewarded with a happier, healthier dog. I had not come across BitOLuv products before but was glad to try one to see how she liked it. We tried Bistro Beef treats, and once I smelled them I guessed that she wouldn't be interested in them. She had never liked spicy, pepperoni-ish treats before, and this one seemed similar. It has a smoky, slightly spicy smell.

    Boy, was I wrong! She was very excited by them and enjoyed them very much. They are very moist and tender, not tough like run-of-the-mill snacks. They make my dog very happy.

    ...more info
  • My pooch isn't excited about these
    My dog isn't overly picky about treats, but she won't eat anything put in front of her. There are some treats that I buy that she just can't wait for the next one to come out of the bag. These don't fall into that category. She eventually ate a couple, but it took a little while for her to do it, and she didn't seem very excited about these treats at all. If these were a health food, I'd give them at least three stars because she will eat them - but as a treat, I'm giving them two stars because she doesn't seem to like them. I figure that a treat should be, well, a treat - and she should be excited to get them.

    This might be a great product, but my only experience with it is through my dog, and she seemed indifferent at best....more info
  • junk food for dogs
    These bite-sized strips smell plasticky and gross, and the ingredients include corn syrup and smoke flavoring, but dogs absolutely love them. Even right after a meal these get an enthusiastic response. As an occasional treat they work well, and the format and ziploc bag are practical. ...more info
  • Bit-o-Luv is a resounding hit with my canine friends
    First of all, I no longer own a dog. However, I have a very eager pack of dog friends who expect that I pay them my respects in the form of treats as I ride my electric scooter around the retirement community we live in.

    To satisfy this following I have tried at least half-a-dozen different dog treats. Beggin Strips was by far the favorite until Bit-o-Luv came to me via the vine system.

    Mitzie was a bit put off when she noticed that something other than the Beggin Strip was coming out of the package. She turned away and seemed to do a bit of pouting, and really let me know that I had diminished greatly in her estimation. But, she relented and took the offering and since then I can do no wrong with Mitzie.

    Siggie wasn't nearly so hard to sell, but I fear he will be very disapointed if I don't get an abundant supply of Bit-o-Luv very soon.

    Foo Foo, who rides majestically in a basket behind her master's bicycle seat, didn't hesitate a bit. She recognizes a good thing when she sees or smells it.

    Red Ruffus was the most circumspect of the lot, but has become a dedicated Bit-o-Luv follower.

    Rusty makes a great fuss if he doesn't recieve all three of his Luv bits quite as soon as he expects them.

    There are others that I am not yet on a first-name basis with who have now decided that the old coot on his red run-about is a person who rates consideration.

    Indeed, Bit-o-Luv has elevated me to a position of unexpected popularity, and has put me in a position I dare not retreat from. My order for a case of this stuff will follow as soon as I find where Amazon has it listed,
    ,...more info
  • My dogs can't wait
    My two pugs LOVE this product...they try to be patient and sit for me, but the second they hear the crinckle or smell the treats - they get SO excited they can hardly sit still. Thank you for bringing a healthy and tasty treat to market for my babies!...more info
  • Yummy!
    I have an old 18 year old Yorkie who is a choosy diner. He loves these beef treats-makes happy grunting sounds when he wolfs these down. No problem for little dogs with weak/bad teeth. These are pretty tiny strips-about 1cmx5cm long, so it would be too little for big dogs to enjoy. Recommended for your little dog! These would make great training treats.
    ...more info
  • Premium Dog Treats has the dog begging
    These are high grade dog treats and could pass for human food. I was going to try one but didn't. The dog loved them and enjoyed chewing them for a few seconds until she could swallow them. These might be a bit expensive, but if you want to feed your dog like you would eat yourself, these are a good bet....more info
  • GREAT treats for your four legged friends
    These Bistro Beef treats remind me of beef jerky. but for dogs! Heck, it even smells like beef jerky. The ingredients are very healthy and it's actually made with real beef.

    My dogs go crazy every time they see the bag with the funny looking dog taken out. They are willing to do almost anything for it and they try to steal it from each other. Each piece is a pretty decent size and I have medium-sized dogs. One of them has to chew at it a little bit before he's able to take it down. The pieces may be a little bit big for smaller dogs but as long as they don't gulp it all at once, it should be OK.

    I have a black lab mix and a border collie mix and both enjoy it immensely. They have forgotten about their other treats.

    ...more info
  • Maggie Loves Them!
    The reviewing options are limited for dog treats. All I know is my dog, Maggie, finished off the bag over a period of weeks (they're treats, not gorge-fest meals). Maggie was just as enthused about the last one as she was about the first one. The reclosable bag seemed to keep them fresh. Some treats don't go over with her, but these are winners....more info
  • What a Lucky Dog
    This is a wonderful product. Following the problems associated with dog and cat foods last year we have been hesitant in buying a lot of the treats we previously bought for our animals because we haven't been convinced they were altogether safe. When this product says it's good enough for human consumption but made for our pet we gave it a try. It's all that and more... our dog loves these treats. Our dog is a well trained and wonderful pet, truly one of the family. I actually placed one of these treats on the floor along with three other kinds of treats she really likes. I told her she could have one. She sniffed each of them and when I told her to "go ahead and take one.... just one", she returned her attention to the Bit-O-Luv Bistro Beef treat and took it over the others. Just to ensure it wasn't an uneducated selection I repeated this "game" three more times over the next couple of days and the results were always the same. I'm convinced... she really likes these treats. Last night I opened her treat bin and selected another treat for her. She nudged past the treat in my hand and went for the bag containing the Bit-O-Luv treats. These are the perfect size for training or reward treats even thought they seem somewhat small for our 95 pound adopted German Shepard mix. It seems size doesn't matter when they like them.... I'm thinking I will be able to get her to do some chores around the house if I promise her these treats as a reward. I don't think anyone will be disappointed in this quality product....more info
  • dog goodies-dog biscuits
    I can't tell you how much the dogs LOVE these biscuits-
    They are "listening" to me - providing I have one of these biscuits ready- They are not that attentive with others on the market - These biscuits are good for them also - Thanx...more info
  • Ripley and Daisy love these!
    These a little jerky bites, about 1 1/2" x 3/4". They are chewy and smell really good, very smoky. They are thankfully made in the USA. Both of my dogs love these....more info
  • Luv 'Em, but can't Afford 'Em
    I feed a home prepared diet to my dogs, so treats made in the USA with high quality standards caught my attention. The Bit-O-Luv beef treats are fabulous; in fact my husband thought they were for him when I 1st opened the package. Needless to say, my dogs do luv 'em. I also like that the company supports 2 charities (I checked their web site to find out more).

    Alas, the down-side is price, price, price. If I did my math right, the cost per pound is nearly $16.00 when ordering the box of six 4 ounce pouches through That's a deal breaker for me for routine use.

    I did buy them for this year's Christmas gifts for my 4-legged, tail-wagging friends. And I'm sure the company set the most reasonable price they could, so if you can afford them, go for it ... your pups will adore you! ...more info
  • Tails Wagging!
    We have 2 Labradors, both hunting dogs, one yellow, short & a bit heavy, the other black, tall and lean. They are both very good dogs and are house trained. They both are able to sit, shake, lay down, roll over ... and BEG! Boy are they good at that last one!!

    I opened the back of Bit-O-Luv Bistro Beef Recipe Dog Treats and both dogs were instantly very attentive to me, sitting up nice and pretty, and sweeping the floor with their tails! Then they tried the treat that looks just like beef jerky ... whoa! You want me to shake? Can I roll over for you? Anything - just give me another one!!!

    They were a hit! Both dogs go crazy any time we go near that bag!! Now, they are used to getting treats at least once a day ... but this bag is a different color than the ones they are used to - and they KNOW it!!

    Highly recommended for dog owners everywhere!

    -1smileycat :-) ...more info
  • The only picky eater dog in the house gobbled this up
    The other dogs did too, but then they love Beggin strips which my youngest dog will play with, but not eat. He loved this though. Very good product and very helpful for training. ...more info
  • A Soft Slim Jim for the Dogs
    In addition to our cats, we have a fussy chihuahua who is generally not very food motivated. That is, she'll go nuts for breakfast and dinner, but isn't much into treats. In fact, she walks away from roughly 9 out of 10 treats that we've tried.

    When it comes to Bit-O-Luv, she takes a mild interest in it. That's not a slam against Bit-O-Luv, it's just the way Bettie is. Point is, the fact she paid attention at all is pretty great!

    Each piece is a soft, 1 inch strip that looks and smells like a flat slim jim or some other type of jerky. There's enough toughness to make it a good chew for dogs, but not tough enough probably for teeth cleaning. There are probably better options out there.

    All in all, a quality dog treat and good value for the price, but probably best for medium or large dogs. Would love something like this to use for training, that is if my own dog *wanted* to be trained....more info
  • Not much to say... the dog ate it
    I got these for my coworker's skittish dog. The dog was a bit wary of this new treat at first and tore it to smaller bits before eating it. He wasn't as suspicious towards the second one and ate it pretty quickly. Sudden changes to his diet has been troublesome in the past, but these treats haven't caused any problems....more info
  • Dog loved them
    I handed out samples to my parents toy poodles and my Newfoundland and they all thoroughly enjoyed them. The size of the treat is more appropriate for a small to medium dog than my large Newf, though that didn't stop her from wanting one when I picked up the bag.

    The ingredient list is pretty basic, which is good. Preservatives always make me a little uneasy, but the list is much better than the typical grocery store brand. If they were a snack for me, I'd say they went a little too heavy on the smoke flavor. The dogs didn't mind, and the smell didn't seem to stay on my hands for too long.

    I won't be buying them again, but primarily because of my dog's size, and because she would much rather have a piece of broccoli or some beans than something out of a plastic bag (odd, I know)....more info
  • Just the right size for my little guy & almost natural
    I have a little Boston Terrier mix (rescue) who is a more like a CHOW HOUND than a terrier! We walk 5-7 miles a day and my spoiled monster (gotta love him, he's SO cute!) likes to get a treat every 20 minutes or so on a walk (he'd LOVE to get one every minute, but it's not always a dog's life, hehe).

    When I give him these jerky treats, I tear them into little bits, so he really only gets 1 per trip (he hasn't learned to count or weigh out food yet, lol!).

    The dog is 6 1/2 now & is of course perfect weight and health due to all that exercise (hasn't hurt me a bit, either).

    I only feed him natural foods & treats, he's on a holistic, though not raw, diet. If I had the time & storage space, I would feed him what I fed my previous dogs, chicken, broth and brown rice made at home. My 90 pound Weimaraner lived to be 14 1/2 on that diet.

    I am a major fan of Cesar Millan and after reading Member of the Family I will NEVER feed anything with 'meat byproducts' to my dog again (read it, by law in 20 states it's LEGAL to include euthanized DOGS in dogfood as a meat byproduct (gag!!!)).

    As another reviewer stated, yes, there is dextrose in the treats, but my dog isn't diabetic and isn't overweight, so I have no problem with it.

    Is it identical to beef jerky? Probably. I know that I don't eat as healthily as my dog does, though I try.

    Does my dog bother me when *I* eat beef jerky because I've given him these treats? Nope. Why? Because I never feed my dog from 'my' food, so he doesn't beg at all, ever. That's just a matter of proper training..dogs don't beg from 'the pack leaders'. Although we regularly invite the dog onto the bed, he never even looks at our food if we are snacking in bed.

    Anyway, back to the treats. Of course, he adores them. I don't know that I would pay this much for them, I also give him Chicken Chips made by another company that cost $9.99 for a huge bag. The ingredients in that one? Chicken. Period. They also make Banana Chicken and Duck Sweet Potato, etc...with no preservatives at all.

    I got one bag free (thanks Amazon) and I still have most of it because I only give him 1 or 2 max per day. I might buy them again, haven't checked the price for them in Petsmart yet..though I suspect that Amazon is probably a bit cheaper.

    Be sure to limit treats for any dog who is not regularly exercised. The vast majority of pet owners do not exercise their dogs anywhere near enough (and no, throwing the ball around the yard doesn't count).

    I would have given 5 stars if there had not been any preservatives in them and if they were a little less expensive....more info
  • Bit-O-Luv? Bit-O-Wonder say the dogs
    Now, admittedly, my dog would eat uranium waste liberally doused in used motor oil, so how can I judge (or my dog more accurately) the quality of these dog treats? The blind taste-test was the method o' choice. Three bowls - once containing Bit-O-Luv dog treats, one containing his usual Brand-X, and the final bowl containing left-over vegetarian chili (don't ask). Since he's a bit short sighted anyway I dispensed with the blindfold (he'd only pull it off and chew it to death) and let him loose. Like a laser guided smart bomb he immediately took off outside to relieve himself and bark at the trash can. Following that brief sojourn, he sniffed all three bowls and settled down to consume, yes, you guessed it, the Bit-O-Luv Bistro Beef Dog Treats. (Swiftly followed by Brand-X the Chili and the innards of a stuffed toy that he'd been working on liberating for the past few days). So the results are in. Bit-O-Luv Dog Treats are loved more by one dog out of, well, one......more info
  • The dogs and I vote it a 5!
    To keep this short, I'll present it as a two-part review:
    My two fox terriers vote 5 stars for taste. They absolutely love the idea of having their own jerky treats, instead of needing to beg little pieces of my beef jerky from me.

    The other part of the review is from me. I'd give it 4 stars, because I think the price is a bit steep. At close to $4.00 per 4 ounce bag it's nearly as expensive as beef jerky I buy for myself. But the ingredients minimize fillers and preservatives, and the treats come in small enough pieces that Bit O Luv is really not as expensive as it looks at first.
    OK, I'll make that 5 stars from me too....more info
  • Wish I could provide a video review
    We have three dogs, all of whom expect their morning treat. They all love these. I wish I could video them and show you all the video of how excited they get when I pull the bag off the shelf.

    All our children are grown and gone. Our dogs and our birds are our kids now. If they're happy we're happy. They all love the Bit-O-Luv treats. Buy with confidence...more info
  • Dog learned a new trick!
    These treats are like small soft versions of human beef jerky and my dog LOVED them! We had been working on learning a new trick for about two weeks, and he just was not getting it...until I opened this pack of treats! Suddenly he was doing the trick and begging for more!...more info
  • Great size for little dogs
    My dogs (chihuahua mix and toy fox terrier) love them and they are the perfect size to be a good chew snack for them.

    I also love the fact that they are made in the US and that some of the profits go to animal charities....more info
  • You better hide the bag!
    The dogs went crazy when they got a nose full of these smokey, meaty little treats! They begged for more and would have eaten the whole bag if I didn't hide it in a safe place.

    These are nice little jerky-like treats made mostly of real meat so you don't feel bad giving them out. My dogs love them and they are easier to train with a treat they really respond too. Great treat for training incentive! ...more info


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