GoWear fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System
GoWear fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System

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Product Description

Do you ever wonder how many calories you burn playing with the kids? Or how many steps you take on the way to work? GoWear fit is a clinically proven system that turns your body's everyday information into a tool to help you manage a healthy lifestyle. The GoWear fit armband measures how many calories you burn, how many steps you take, how physically active you are, and how much sleep you're getting.

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Simply wear it during the course of your regular day, then plug it into your computer and upload your data to your personal GoWear fit Online Activity Manager. The Manager will help you establish your goals, track your progress, and give you tools to help you know how many calories you're eating, on average, per day.

Want to know how you're doing right now? Purchase the optional GoWear fit display and clip it onto your shirt, pants, or bag. It'll give you minute-to-minute updates on your data--all day, every day! The GoWear fit Online Activity Manager is FREE for three months with Amazon purchase. A small subscription fee applies thereafter: $6.95 per month with a 12-month commitment, $9.95 per month for a six-month commitment, or $12.95 per month with no commitment.

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The System
The GoWear fit system is different from all other performance monitors on the market. It's not a heart-rate monitor, a GPS device, or a simple pedometer. Instead, it's a system that includes:
  • GoWear fit multi-sensor armband
  • GoWear fit Online Activity Manager (subscription based)
  • GoWear fit minute-to-minute display (optional)

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Multi-Sensor Armband
Your armband is a small computer that measures a variety of physical characteristics, including motion, steps, galvanic skin response, skin temperature, and heat flux. It's the only multi-sensor monitor that can accurately track:
  • Calorie burn
  • Physical activity
  • Steps taken
  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep efficiency
Your GoWear fit has multiple sensors. Those innovative sensors take five different "views" of your life:

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GoWear fit Online Activity Manager
Your Online Activity Manager is a personalized Web page that helps you see the information collected by your armband, including:
  • Daily caloric expenditure
  • Daily caloric intake based on a nutritional tool with more than 30,000 foods to choose from
  • Calorie balance
  • Total physical activity (sedentary, moderate, and vigorous)
  • Total steps taken
  • Sleep duration and efficiency

The Manager is what makes it possible for you to view your data. It also features tools that allow you to set goals, record your weight and waist circumference, assess your average daily caloric intake, print reports for later review, and monitor your body's progress over time.

Your monthly subscription gives you unlimited access to your data, the nutritional assessment tool, printable reports, and the ability to see your trends up to 90 days at a time.

  • Clinically proven to accurately track calories, steps, physical activity levels and sleep efficiency
  • Helps you set healthy weight loss goals – and reach them
  • Easy-to-use Online Activity Manager helps you monitor your progress over time
  • Optional Display gives you minute-to-minute updates

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    This product does exactly what it claims to, in my opinion. It has given me the motivation to get moving again because it takes the guess work out of figuring out if one is working out enough. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a "cheat sheet" view into what thieir body is doing. ...more info
  • GoWear Fit
    I started wearing it as soon as I got it and charged it up. It is very interesting to have everything you do monitored. My sleep efficiency has been the most interestng.

    It is motivational to be able to reach your targets and then increase them to get you moving more and more. It is very easy and comfortable to wear. Using the program helps you keep track of all the info....more info
  • Wonderful Product
    OK, so I have been thinking about buying this product for a few months now. A few of my co-workers have the BodyBugg brand, and I have to admit I was very critical of them at the beginning, but after watching them drop a lot of weight I decided I wanted one.

    In my opinion after seeing the BodyBugg and the GoWear, I am glad I went with the GoWear, the web interface is laid out a little better for me and it has a few more measurements and calculations than the BodyBugg. Not to mention that it is cheaper too. Although the BodyBugg does graph your weight loss a little better.

    Yes, the GoWear does have a daily food log just like the BodyBugg, but you can also do a 3 day food assessment if you would like.

    I was a little disappointed that it does have the ability to communicate wirelessly, and that GoWear does not include or sell the "Wireless Communicator." I tested the BodyBugg "Wireless communicator" and it connected just fine and uploaded my data. I am actually thinking of ordering that piece from apex.(What do you expect a bunch of tech guys to do when customer support says it isn't available!)

    I have been wearing it for 1 week today and I have dropped almost 10 pounds in my first week. This thing really opens your eyes to the amount of food that you consume. This is absolutely the most success that I have ever had, and I actually think it is rather fun and very interactive.

    I also ordered the Display watch along with this, I like the fact that I can see my progress minute by minute. And it allows me to test the calorie calculations that exercise equipment has. I have found that exercise equipment is way off in some cases....more info
  • GoWear Arm & Wrist Band
    An article in our local newspaper prompted me to purchase this product. In less than one month I lost 10lbs and am halfway to my goal.

    Weight loss is simple. You must take in less calories than you need or in other words burn more calories than you consume. The GoWear calculates the amount of calories you burn and you can track how many you eat. Thru the website you imput what you eat over a three day period and it uses this data for your caloric consumption.

    It is like wearing a personal trainer. You set a goal of how many calories you want to burn thru physical activity and it keeps track of how many calories you are burning, the number of steps you have taken, your exercise time as well as your sleep time.

    I am happy with my purchase and would recommend it to a friend....more info
  • I love the Go Wear System
    I have had this for a week now and I love it. It is so easy to use. I just charged it, down loaded the program to my computer and put it on. I also have the clip so I can view through out the day my calories burned and the steps I've taken without haveing to look at the computer. I walk a lot throughout the day and its nice to know exactly where I'm at so I know if I need to take an extra run after work. Its also nice that you don't have to put every days meals into the program. I would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Healthy living must have!
    GoWear fit it's that simple. A must have for someone who really wants to live a healthy life. This will keep you on track for weight loss and for those who are looking to be active. I have had such positive results already and encourage anyone who is serious about their health to add this to their lifestyle. This will give you the tool to make a positive lifestyle change. A must have! ...more info
  • Keeps you moving!
    I love what this product does for me. It keeps me informed and motivated to keep moving. It makes me feel guilty when I don't meet my goals. I now know how many calories each of my workouts burn, and I can choose my activities based on that. I also appreciate the other info it provides...steps, activity levels and sleep efficiency, but the calories burned would be enough to make me happy with this product.

    I do have some negatives... First off, the website and program did not work with my Internet Explorer due to some kind of Java issue. Customer service was useless and I had to solve this problem on my own. I now use Firefox to get to the website and download my data. This seems to have solved the problem, but I am still waiting for customer service to acknowledge my request for help! Also, I am having an issue with the armband breaking out my arm. I have been using it for a week, and have had to move it all over my arms and legs to avoid major outbreaks. I can tell you that it works on any appendage, regardless of what the website says. But anyway, once I start wearing short sleeved shirts I don't know what I will do, because I have an obvious rash that doesn't seem to be going away. Maybe someone else has had this issue and has a solution?

    I will keep using this product as long as my body will tolerate it. It has definitely given me a new approach to weight loss and it is working. ...more info
  • It Works
    I have been using it for three weeks. I have lost weight. I didn't realize how powerful the information would be for me. I have learned just how inactive I am on some days. I have learned that I have to stay active daily. I would recommend this to someone who needs the reality of the numbers to help them lose weight. I am committed to using this for one year. So far so good. One warning, before committing to the service first make sure you are not allergic to the plates that monitor your activity. I have to remember to move the accelometer to different sites everyday. If I put it in the same spot I got a dermatitis. Since changing the site no problem....more info
  • getting fit
    I had hit a platuea and could not get past. This has helped me get beyond this and I find I will keep walking or moving to make sure I hit my goals. ...more info
  • i love this
    I did some research before I bought it, and I am so glad I did. It holds you so accountable of your activity. Features that I didn't realize I'd like so much are analysis of your sleep (very informative), steps taken, calories burned per minute, etc. It really takes the guesswork out of weight loss. I have found the arm band to be completely comfortable and the website is really easy. It is a tad pricey, but I think it's worth it. I am impressed at the accuracy of the graphs. I find it fascinating to see exactly how many calories I burned (or didn't burn) cleaning the house, or running 3 miles. I use sparkpeople to count my calories and if I create a deficit using both the go fit and SP I lose weight. If the programs show I haven't made a deficit, when I go to the scale- surprise I haven't lost weight. Overall- this isn't magic- but if you are serious about losing weight and are willing to count calories as well, I think it motivates and enlightens. FWIW- I lost 2 pounds in the first 2 weeks. ...more info
  • Product has too many problems
    Bought the armband and wrist display at a retailer. Got home and tried to download the software and it refused to load on my computer. Next, I tried to take the arm monitor from the armband to charge it. I followed the directions on where to "press down" but the monitor would not budge. Called customer help only to be put on a looooooooooong hold, then told to leave a message after a looooooooooooong wait. Returning the product today.......more info
  • It is fantastic!
    I have wanted this is I saw it on the Biggest Loser. It helps me push myself to be active. It has changed my life. I went to the gym 13 straight days without missing a day. I am so in competition with myself. Pushing myself harder and longer breaking previous goals. ...more info
  • This Has Made Me More Active!
    I ran across this while browsing popular items on Amazon (one of my new favorite guilty pleasures). I am always looking for a way to motivate myself to get more active. I seem to have a short attention span so I need something that grabs me and keeps me interested.
    I am happy to say - this has done the trick. I really enjoy tracking all the info and it has helped me lose 6# in the past four weeks. I have been reading a lot of the reviews and I would just like to offer my perspective on some of the issues.
    The description on Amazon clearly states that the monitoring is web-based and that it has a monthly fee. It goes over the different costs and committments so I am not sure why that would be perceived as deceptive.
    It also goes over in detail what the monitor is going to measure for you. I can't find any reference to tracking your vitamins or water intake and I wasn't looking for that anyway.
    Yes the directions in the box are brief and could have been more user friendly.
    The food log definitely needs to be improved, but I like to eat the same thing so I have been loading my favorites in myself and then I am good to go. That is not a big issue for me, but I have seen better.
    I have not had any problems loading the program onto my computer or its on-going use. I have never had it freeze up or the armband not download.
    The amount of sleep reporting has been an eye opener for me and is one of my favorite things - I was assuming I was getting a lot more sleep than I was.
    I haven't had any issues wearing the armband. I move it around my arm during the day if I feel I need to. I wear it pretty much all the time and I haven't noticed it cutting off my circulation or hampering my arm while I exercise. I do a lot of walking, some running and resistance band exercising and it hasn't bothered me.
    I am reviewing an item not telling you how to exercise, but in my mind I get a lot of great information and motivation to stick to my exercising that no gym membership ever gave me. I think that exercising is a personal thing and that you need to find what works for you.
    I feel that this is the definition of "knowledge is power". I am so much more aware of the ins and outs of my calories each day and it has changed my eating and exercise routine.
    ...more info
  • BodyBug has good uses
    I purchased the body bug to get information I could not get from a heart rate monitor. It tallies your daily energy burn and sleep time quite well. Those are very useful and positive. The down side is the subscription you need to upload the information is lacking in the nutrition area. Very limited and/or unclear when logging the meals. For instance, a hamburger is listed several ways, hamburger with vegetables (guessing tomato, lettuce, etc) or hamburger with cheese (what no toppings if you have cheese), or just hamburger, but does it mean it includes the bun, when the bun can also be added separately. The point of this rant is that unless I have a package with the nutritional data to enter myself, I am at a loss as to know my true calorie intake, which effects how I manage my diet and excercise balance. So it is a good product, but is companion needs a lot of work....more info
  • awsome
    This armband is awsome. it helps not only with how many calories I am burning but I now also know how many steps I am taking, how well I am sleeping when I am most active. This is so useful I don't know how I managed my weight or activity without it. It is great. My mom and three sisters are going to get one they liked it so much. You don't have to get the display piece (sold separately) but I recommend it, it is very encouraging to look down and see how you are doing at any moment. I can't say enough about this try it you won't be sorry I know I wasn't....more info
  • Worth it!
    I have always been a gadget freak and when I saw a device similar to this on The Biggest Loser, I had to investigate.
    I have been wearing it just about every day & love the graphs & reports the program generates. I find the data to be very motivating and makes me more conscious of my daily activity.
    I haven't used the daily food logging the program now offers but will look into it soon. I use the Daily Plate right now since all my recipes and favorite foods are saved over there.
    I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get serious about their fitness!...more info
  • SUBSCRIPTION BASED for an already purchased davice
    Okay, this is kind of ludicrious! you purchase the device, there is no indication anywhere that in order for your device to be active, you have to pay a monthly subscription. it is like buying a watch and say, in order to use it you have to pay a monthly fee, which is actually pretty steep; over $70 a year! that is obsurd; unfortnately, I cant return it now; as I have thrown away the box; I have had a polar watch and heart monitor for a long time.
    it seems like there is NO indication anywhere to say, you need to pay montly in order for your device to work on top of what you already paid.
    THAT IS A RIP OFF!!!!!...more info
  • Biomedical Engineering for Consumers!
    This is one of the greatest products to date for weight management. Many weight management systems require counting calories as a way of losing weight, but without information about how many calories I was burning, I was only working with half of the equation. I have lost 11 pounds in two months and it was easy. One of the things that I learned from my GoWearFit was that I wasn't burning as many calories during my work day as I thought. With that information, I have found that if I do 15 minutes on my rebounder before work and then a 10 minute walk at lunch, I'm able to reach my calories-burned goal on those days. The system is not really a diet, I'm able to eat what I want, I just watch portions and adjust my activity level to keep myself in a 500 calorie deficit every day. The system does require that I stay focused and log my calories consumed, and while GoWearFit now provides calorie consumption software, it is not as robust as Sparkpeople.com. I have found that the best way to track my calories is to log them on Sparkpeople and then transfer them over to the GoWearFit site. This takes a little more time, but it works best for me. I have about seven more pounds to go to reach my ideal weight, and then I'll continue to use GoWearFit to maintain it. For the first time in many years, I feel in control of my weight thanks to GoWearFit!...more info
  • Gimick
    This is a fantastic waste of money. The arm band is uncomfortable and downright painful if you do any exercise that pumps blood into your arms (pumping arms while running, on the elliptical, weight training, power yoga, etc). So you have to estimate for those activites, plus swimming and outdoor biking, which also don't track accurately (skin tempurature isn't exactly a great way to track calories burned when you are outside biking and a breeze is cooling your skin as you go). The step-counter isn't accurate (they will say it is in their 90% accuracy range, but I think it should be better). The user interface that is downloaded from the website is not particularly user-firendly, I had to delete and download everytime I wanted to update my stats to get it work properly, which compromises the tracking...which makes the whole exercise even more useless...I work with computers for a living, so I do know what I am doing, it is just that their program kind of stinks.

    Seriously, save your money and invest in a good pair of running shoes, a new gym membership, or some comfy exercise clothes. I won't say it is a scam, because I guess it kinda sorta does what it says it does, but it is a huge gimick that provides no useful information. ...more info
  • Horrible data handling - expensive and cumbersome
    I bought the gowear fit and display and it works well (mostly) although you must be warned that 1) you can't see data on the armband, you need to buy the display and even then it doesn't show all the data, and 2) YOU CANNOT DOWNLOAD DATA WITHOUT A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION to their clunky online software!! The memory gets full after 14 days, so there's no getting around the subscription that I know of. You simply can't use it unless you fork out $7/month, which gets expensive if you use it for more than a couple of months. If someone has a hack for it, please let me know!

    You can export data and reports and save them locally. However, it doesn't export all of the data. So if you drop your subscription, you can't see your old data either. I print out each page as a pdf, but that's a pain.

    Also annoying because you can't turn the beeps off the armband, so if you're at work your arm may make noises at an innopportune time.

    I hope this helps....more info
  • Super Easy, Awesome tool.
    I bought this item after researching both the Bodybugg and Gowear fit. Gowear is the same model as the body bugg, it is just cheaper. The only difference is that you do not get a telephone counseling session. You do have to sign up with them for the upload of and translation of the gathered data. So far, I have tried both the options of three day food assessment and logging food every day, and found the daily logging gives you a more accurate picture. I really like it, it is super easy to navigate all the screens, and the sleep monitor/efficiency tool is very cool. I have only had it a week, so I will post a follow up as I use it longer, but as of now- it is super easy and a real eye opener!...more info
  • Fit for GoWeat Fit
    Very easy to use and love it! I highly recommend this product. It makes it better to keep track of calories in v.s. calories out. And as a bonus, it monitors your sleep efficiency too.

    ...more info
  • a very useful tool.
    I think that this product is a great way to keep track of what you are eating and control yourself more effectively. I bought the display along with the bodybugg and it lets you see how active you are and you can respond by eating more sensibly. I love it, I am consistly wearing it and I can see the results that I wanted. It allows you to set goals and monitor them throughout the day, so if you are short on one of your goals you know that you need to get off the couch and go for a walk. This product is great. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take control of thier weight....more info
  • Daily Food Logging Now Available
    I just got my product yesterday, so I haven't really been able to test it out much (will update), but I do want to address some of the negative reviews I saw here when I was considering purchasing this item. I noticed some reviews that said daily food logging was not available with this product. Well, it is now. This wasn't a huge deal breaker for me as I prefer to write down my food in my food journal, but if you want to be able to track calories in and calories out in the same place, this product will do it. As for the hardware issues, I haven't had any; my GWf charged up in about 3 hours as it said, held its charge all through the night, and only took about five minutes to fully charge again this morning. As for the amazon code issue, I thought I wouldn't be able to use my Amazon code, but you actually enter it on the second page of the billing info, not the first, and I suspect that may have been the issue with the one reviewer (it was actually a little confusing, and I purchase crap on the internet all the time). Further, GWf has right on its website that you can purchase the unit from amazon.com, so I find it doubtful that they wouldn't provide technical support for units purchased there, although I've had no occasion to call technical support.

    Once again, I'll update my review when I have more info on how the GWf actually works, but my first impression is that a lot of the negative reviews (which actually delayed my decision to purchase) have been addressed by the company or weren't applicable in my case.

    P.S. Just for all the mac people out there, the GoWear fit is mac compatible, and I've had no issues with syncing whatsoever. ...more info
  • bodybugg
    I love this thing. It is accurate. I have not had any problems with the battery charging - it seems that I charge it about every 4 days....more info
  • Amazing!!! A must have.
    I went looking for the Bodybugg and found Gowear instead..the selling point for me was the sleep feature..I have had my armband and monitor for a week and can honestly say I am so excited..I have lost 7 pounds!! I get so excited seeing my steps that I take even more than my goal..I love knowing calories out vs. calories in...and I am shocked at how much better I am eating and thrilled with the nutritional pie and charts..I am seeping better and overall I think the creators of this are genious!!!Seriously for anyone who has weight issues this is the magic bullet..wear it for a few days to see what your normal steps are and calories in and out..then set your goals and your off..Truly remarkable..and I have had no technical issues.....more info
  • Body Bugg & GoWear Fit
    When I read about this item, I was so excited... but here are the facts. There are so many programs out there like Diet Power that are a lot less expensive and show your progress better. FIRST you have to subscribe to the GoWear Fit website (3 months free) THEN they will charge you monthly. Your body bugg is pretty much useless without it. It gets VERY annoying having to wear it all the time and does cause some irritation when you work up a sweat if you have sensitive skin. You do not want to wear this to bed, it is very uncomfortable to wear all the time. Think hard before sinking a lot of money into something that is NOT worth it!...more info
  • Great for weight loss!!1
    After wearing the system for four weeks now I can honestly say this product is fantastic. Not only does it tell me how many steps I took, how many calories I burned and consumed, BUT best of all was the info it dumped out on my sleep. I have known for ages that I have very poor sleep but this thing told it all. You see every day you upload the device on the computer and all the info is revealed. You can click on each sections arrow and see in graph detail when you consumed the most calories and burned the most, etc... this is especially cool on the sleep section as the graph shows when you were asleep and awake, when you get the best sleep and worst. I learned that in any given night I get just over four hours of sleep and it isn't solid, it is all broken and disrupted, in fact there are times where I am awake for long periods at a shot. So this has helped me make changes to the comfort of my bed and pillow. Anyway I absolutely love the GoWear fit system and highly recommend it. If you are a person that loves to see your day in detail like I do you will love it too. I have lost 5 lbs. With all the info at your access you can lose weight because you know whether you burned more than you consumed. It is cool. Oh and in the calories consumed arrow down section it gives a pie chart and break-down of how much you ate was fat, carb, protein etc... The amount of knowledge I have gained by using this system is beyond what I expected. ...more info
  • I LOVE THIS THING. That is all. :)
    I initially looked at the GoWearFit (GWF) as a calculator only for the workout activity I try to do every day - I use an online database to track my hikes, bike rides and etc. and its automatic caloric calculator hasn't seemed very accurate. I planned to only wear the device for a couple hours a day to track my exertion, but upon receiving and using it I've been having trouble making myself take it off! I'm pleased to report that I've had it for about ten days now and literally couldn't be happier with it.

    Like others, I was skeptical when I first purchased the product. Would it be bulky and uncomfortable? Would it track activity properly? And most pressing, in my world - would it connect to and upload to my Macintosh computer without problems?

    When I first got the box from Amazon, I was alarmed to notice the "system requirements" printed on top of the box talked about Windows 2000 with various RAM configurations, etc. I unwrapped it and tried to keep all the packaging in pristine condition since I figured I'd have to return it - I'm a hardcore Macphile and simply won't use anything that requires me to install Windows of any flavor. However, I noticed upon unpacking the box that it came with a standard mini-USB to USB connector, which is good news when connecting to Mac - usually the device shows up right on the desktop and isn't a pain to configure, so I crossed my fingers.

    As others have mentioned you do have to sign up at GoWearFit.com to even get the device to turn on and to collect data. Using Safari, I had no problems creating an account whatsoever, and - the best part - the device powered up like a champ, connected to my COM port right away and the software installation completed without incident. (It's not Firefox-compatible, which is strange, but as I routinely use both browsers it's not a problem for me.) Others have reported trouble with the Java applet interface GWF uses, but Apple system updates seem to have furnished the correct, updated version on my machine.

    So I started wearing the armband. As others here have mentioned, it's almost spooky how well the GWF will calculate your activities. One afternoon I was sitting around the house knitting and at one point I got up to get a drink of water - later the spike of activity for my walking to the sink showed up in my GWF activity monitor. Imagine my joy upon discovering that moving some boxes in the garage burned up 300 calories!

    Honestly, even after so little time I'm just not sure how I lived without this wondrous gizmo. Some information I realized early on that made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning: The website I use to track my workouts and other activities was UNDERestimating the calories I was burning on the elliptical and similar by as much as 200 kcal!!! This means I'm actually doing much better than I had realized, and only a few tweaks to my calorie count and diet are already showing results.

    As others have mentioned, the GWF really does make you think up ways to burn more calories each day, especially if you're trying to hit daily caloric and activity targets. Since its timeline is so specific, this is easy to do - once you've walked up a certain set of stairs, say, and learned how many calories that burns, you can mix and match that with another activity to consume however many calories you like for that day. Earlier this week I realized some yard work and light chores around the house I'd been doing sporadically could easily add up to the extra 150 calories that let me eat an evening ice-cream treat without gaining weight.

    As a final note, I'll add that I, like millions of Americans, suffer from ADHD - attention deficit disorder. I have a hard time remembering what activities I've done and what things I've eaten, and I tend to overconsume caffeine and most especially sugar - which has previously contributed to an unhealthy weight gain. Wearing the GWF has been a real "eureka!" experience - getting the exact number of calories I've burned and on what day (the GWF has been estimated to about 90% accuracy) has allowed me to target caloric intake vs. activity in a way I simply wouldn't have been able to accomplish on my own. While using the GWF along with another calorie-tracking program released for the IPhone, I honestly think I have a real shot at dropping the 30 pounds that have been dogging me for the past dozen years.

    I'll revise the review later on as I have more information, but at this point I think the GWF system is going to result in real life changes for me.

    The one and only downside has been that the unit isn't waterproof, so you can't use it to track calorie use during swimming or (my favorite athletic pursuit) scuba diving. I'm looking into getting a Polar heart rate wristwatch to monitor those activities. Also, if I don't move the GWF onto the back of my arm before I go to sleep I can wake up lying on it, which isn't very comfortable...luckily the fix is as simple as remembering to adjust it a little before bed.

    My particular unit will go for five or six days before I have to recharge it. I have a little alarm set in my copy of ICal to remind me to leave it plugged in overnight every so often.

    In short, this item is WELL worth the investment. As others have said, don't test fate - buy GWF and lose that weight! Good luck!...more info
  • BodyBug has good uses
    I purchased the body bug to get information I could not get from a heart rate monitor. It tallies your daily energy burn and sleep time quite well. Those are very useful and positive. The down side is the subscription you need to upload the information is lacking in the nutrition area. Very limited and/or unclear when logging the meals. For instance, a hamburger is listed several ways, hamburger with vegetables (guessing tomato, lettuce, etc) or hamburger with cheese (what no toppings if you have cheese), or just hamburger, but does it mean it includes the bun, when the bun can also be added separately. The point of this rant is that unless I have a package with the nutritional data to enter myself, I am at a loss as to know my true calorie intake, which effects how I manage my diet and excercise balance. So it is a good product, but is companion needs a lot of work....more info
  • Poor Service and Technical Support
    Bodybugg is the same as GoWear by the same makers. Last week the company performed a system maintenance that has not only thrown off their system but my program as well.

    Knowing that the system was going to be down I made sure to upload my data at the latest possible time I was going to be available on a PC and that happened to be on a Thursday afternoon. On Monday I tried to upload my data and encountered problems (the error message reflected server issues) so I called the Technical Support line like instructed. I waited for 15 minutes and hung up because I had to get back to work. I called again on Tuesday, waited 10 minutes and spoke to a representative who said that the issue is due to problems with the maintenance update. He did not know when the issue would be resolved and did not offer anything else other than to keep trying or calling back.

    By Friday morning I was worried because this had been the longest I had gone without an upload and began getting frustrated that I did not know where I was with my program. I tried uploading again and received the same error. I called Technical Support again and was on hold for 45 minutes on my cell phone which is the only line I have during peak hours. I was told that the issue had been resolved and the fact that my bodybugg was still not working meant that data had been corrupted. He walked me through resetting the data and asked me to upload again. Unfortunately, the worst that could happen happened. All my data from my last upload which is over a week ago had been lost. He asked that I manually enter the data as best as I can remember.

    Now, I cannot tell you what I ate for dinner last night, how am I supposed to remember what activity I did on Thursday afternoon of last week???

    I am frustrated with the poor service this company has given me. I sure hope this is not all they are capable of. I would like one-week added to my service. Even at that, I am still at a loss with the total one hour and 10 minutes I had to wait on hold.

    The product is great but with poor service and technical support, the system better be glitch-free. I am just hoping that no other technical issues occur because this company does not know what to do when it happens. Poor poor service....more info
  • Better than I could ever anticipate
    Have had the monitor and display for around a month. I also looked at the new bodybugg (same as the gowear fit). I was concerned about the lack of daily nutrition tracking for the gowear fit(although an upgrade to the software recently corrected this). I really didnt feel that the phone consultation with a trainer which came with the bodybugg would be worth anything to me, and had read that the bodybugg software program was slow and antiquated. So far I have been extremely pleased with the gowear fit; I have always worked out but it has been difficult to gauge my calorie burn. I have only two issues: I very quickly developed a sensitivity to the sensors on the monitor itself, so I sometimes have to give it a days rest, and the velcro came off of the tab on the armband after about a week, probably from it catching on longsleeved shirts. I superglued the velcro back on to the tab and it has been fine since then....more info
  • Love It!!
    I have had the Go Wear Fit for almost a week and love it! I was hesitant to spend so much but I am so glad I did. This really helps keep me on track by seeing exactly how many calories I am burning. It was very easy to set up and use, although the food log on the website took me a few days to figure out, I am now a pro at it. The band doesn't usually bother me, I mostly forget its there. I would advise you to also buy the display unit. It is so easy to see how many calories you are burning by using it and you avoid having to take the time to plug into a computer. I don't know how much weight I have lost yet as I am still 2 days from my weigh in, but it looks as though I am on target to lose 2 lbs this week and that was my goal. ...more info
  • I don't know how I lived without it
    A friend of mine told me about this and I am so glad she did. First of all, it is super easy to use and wear. I forget I have it on. The software and interface on the website is very easy to use and access. The wealth of information is priceless. I had NO idea I was burning so few calories. For a workout that according to the charts should have burned 450 calories, I was in fact burning 215! Which completely explains why when I was dieting I wasn't losing weight, and when I was eating normally I would just gain. I am a graduate student in Nutrition, so I know how to eat. I was starting to think I was a freak of nature, it turned out my metabolism was just a lot lower than anyone thought.

    I've been using it for a month and I've been doing weight training too. I have been able to see a small rise in my basal rate, and when I get into marathon training later this season I will use it to make sure I am fueling ENOUGH.

    I am tempted to get one for everyone I know.

    I did buy the watch too, which is a nice thing, but to be honest, if you're budget conscious, you could do without.

    I did sign up for the year membership, and I will use it since I train for races, but if your goal is to lose weight I would sign up for three months or maybe 6. During that time you can retrain your sense of what your appropriate eating levels/activity levels should be. I think it would be plenty of time.

    btw- in the past 4.5 weeks I've lost 8# thanks to this thing. I just love it....more info
  • Everything I expected!
    It truly works. so far with it I have lost more than 12 lbs and its only been a month. Im losing exactly what I want to lose and I eat 6-7 times a day. Just know appro how many calories you eat and you'll be set to lose fat. =)

    BUY IT you wont be sorry!...more info
  • Gowear
    Well I just got my gowear yesterday charged it up put it on this morning. The download was fast and easy to do. The daily food chat is great you can go to facts and put it in right from the lable of food that you are going to eat. It's very light weight does not bug me to have it on at all. I will write a new review in one month on how I like it and how I did on it. Good luck to everyone else.. as of today no problems with it....more info
  • same product as the bodybugg v3 but for less than 1/2 the price!!!!!!
    I love it!!! With this device there is no reason to put on weight! You know exactly what your body is doing!! Buy this instead of a bodybugg and save yourself 300$!!! love it. oh, the website is a bit annoying, I don't know if it is my computer but it always freezes up on me when I take a long time to log my meals....more info
  • GoWear Fit Device
    I purchased the GoWear Fit armband in mid-March and began using it March 26th. Since then I have lost 10.5 lbs. The whole system of the armband keeping track of calories burned, steps taken, activity measurement, and the online logging of food intake is great. It has made me more aware of what I am consuming and that exercise is the key to sustaining weightloss and a healthier lifestyle. I am the type of person who needs a little structure for weightloss and this system definitely does the job. The armband took a little getting used to, but now I don't even notice it is on. I did not purchase the display unit due to its high price tag. I thought I would first try the armband and see if I would want to later purchase the display unit and try to see if the price would go down. Now having used the armband for 2 months, I really do not find the need to purchase the display unit. I plug in the armband to upload the data to the computer before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning. I can however see the benefit of the display unit if one needs even more structure and motivation to keep exercising. Amazon has great customer service and shipped promptly. ...more info
  • Overcharge for accessories
    This is a great product. It works good and I like it. However, when I decided I needed to order a larger sized arm band, I found that although the replacement band was only 8 dollars, I had no other option but to pay over 10 dollars for shipping. I absolutely hate having to pay more for shipping than for the product I am ordering. Haven't they ever heard of the United States Postal Service? They only offer UPS, which is really overkill for a replacement arm band....more info
  • Almost perfect
    Tracking what you eat and the calories you burn can be fun and great motivation to get more exercise and drop some pounds. I love gadgets, and this is one of my favorites.

    My only reason for giving 4 stars instead of 5 is that the software must be installed on a PC even if you just want to just view your charts or enter meals. I would love to be able to add meals from my mobile device. ...more info


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