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Product Description

The GoWear fit display gives you convenient access to your data – allowing you to track your progress minute-to-minute, day to day! It can be worn as a watch, or clipped to your shirt, pants or bag. Simply sync your GoWear fit armband with the Display and go about your day. It’ll help motivate you to take the stairs, park your car in the furthest spot, or walk your dog the extra block to meet your daily goals!

  • View minute-to-minute updates on how many calories you're burning or how many steps you're taking
  • Includes different modes that allow you to view your results for today and yesterday, plus a trip-o-meter so you can measure your activity from a given start point
  • Receive alerts when you’ve reached your daily goals
  • To be used in conjunction with the GoWear fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System Armband

Customer Reviews:

  • Love it!
    This item is a great way to make yourself aware of the activity level and calorie intake on a day to day basis. It isnt a miracle worker- it doesn't make you lose weight by wearing it, but I have lost 2 lbs in 2 weeks because of the fact that I am now aware of my activity vs. my daily calorie intake. I love this device- it is amazing!! I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in losing weight the healthy way....more info
  • Helpful
    I like using this with the armband. When I am at work, it helps me stay mindful of what I am doing during the day. I didn't give it 5 stars like the armband because it loses the sync capability often. It has crashed twice but I could fix it easily with the trouble shooting guide on the gowear fit website....more info
  • Helpful
    I like using this with the armband. When I am at work, it helps me stay mindful of what I am doing during the day. I didn't give it 5 stars like the armband because it loses the sync capability often. It has crashed twice but I could fix it easily with the trouble shooting guide on the gowear fit website....more info
  • A MUST have if you purchase the armband
    I've had my armband and monitor for a little over a week now. I dare say I'm addicted to seeing how much activity I am getting as opposed to how much I *thought* I was getting.

    It's been very reinforcing for me to be able to check my progress throughout the day without having to upload the armband to the website.

    As far as sync-ing the two devices, I initially had trouble and got pretty frustrated. I got back on the website and was able to get it to work by using the troubleshooting guide. We have MANY wireless devices in our house and our neighborhood and I really haven't had trouble since. Of course everytime you remove the armband or have the monitor away from it for any length of time you have to re-sync it. But again, I haven't had any trouble since the initial syncronization.

    I'm now looking into buying both for my husband. So I'll have to update when I find out if there is a problem with two of us having each having our own in the same house! ...more info
  • Lovin' it!!
    I have been using the GoWear Fit for four weeks now and I am lovin'it! I have lost 5lbs. The knowing is the answer. I know how many calories I consumed and burned each day. That info keeps me on track for weight loss. Obviously I see if I have not burned enough calories that day and I can then make sure I get more exercise in to ensure a loss at the end of the week. The display is essential as it gives minute by minute updates for me to look at which encourages me to keep moving. My fitness goals have been entered and I want to reach them. When I reach my step or exercise goals for the day the display sounds off with a message to let me know I have achieved those goals. Very cool....more info
  • Best product I ever splurged on!!
    I bought this in conjunction with the GoWear Fit Armband. These two devices are the best things I've ever splurged on. The best part of the display is that you can see in real time where you are at while working out and very often I have found that it makes me work out harder and longer to reach the specific goals I have in mind. I felt since I couldn't afford a trainer on a weekly basis that this would be the thing that will push me the extra mile and it really has. In 3 weeks I've lost 7lbs so far. Its awesome to be able to track what you are eating on the website and see exactly how many calories you are burning. I hesitated before buying this and it was because of the reviews on Amazon that I decided to make my purchase. If you are struggling with weight loss then do this for yourself, you can really track your progress. Good luck!

    The only critique I have is that the plastic on the display gets scratched very easily...I've worn watches before and have never scratched up a watch as quickly as I've scratched up the face on this display so it could definitely use to be made with a better material....more info
  • does not work
    This item required an arm strap to calibrate it, and it does not come with the product. Therefore it can not be used or calabrated without the arm band. We would like the arm band or instructions on how to return it....more info
  • Great- as long as you don't lose it
    I had wanted to get the gowear fit for quite some time, since I expected the constant display of information would greatly help me to be motivated. It certainly has, and I've been able to get myself to make a million little choices that have added up to a lot of success. So far, I've lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks, just through the constant feedback of this display device. I have been psyched, and able to picture this taking me all the way to my goal of losing about 100 pounds.
    The display device beeps reminders when I meet my daily goals for steps, calories burned, moderate activity, and vigorous activity. This adds a simple reminder to my day-to work a little harder, cut out calories, and add a little exercise. For me, this whole program isn't too much effort, and it's fun to see each goal reached throughout the day. The constant, small reminders based on information that I see as quite accurate are the best motivator I've found.
    Now, the one problem- the display device is a separate piece from the "watchband". It twists into place, and is clearly supposed to lock with a slight "snap" in its final position. In the two weeks I've owned this, it has fallen out of the band three times. Since you still feel the band, you don't feel it fall- you only discover that it has fallen out when you happen to look down. That moment is pretty scary, since it could be anywhere, and it's $80 to replace. The first time it fell out, I thought that I must not have locked it in place properly. I decided to be extremely careful, and start checking that it was fully rotated into place every time I look at it. Look at the display, grab it and rotate to the fully-locked position, again and again. I noticed that it often was slightly twisted towards the "unlocked" position, and thought that my constant re-locking of it every time I looked at it would take care of that. The second time it fell out, I figured out that it was going to be an ongoing problem. I decided to be even more careful while I figured out how to "glue" it into place in a non-destructive way. It fell out again before I could achieve that. This time, I couldn't find it. So now, I have a system that is not nearly as useful, and I need to buy another $80 display device. I would suggest that if you purchase this device, work out a way to "glue" this in place that won't cause harm- I was thinking a little bit of silicon seal might be strong enough, but removable. I've yet to verify this with GoWear.
    Overall, the GoWear system can be very effective, especially when combined with this display device. Be careful to do something to insure you don't lose the display, and go get healthy!
    I got ahold of GoWear, and they said it seemed likely that it was a defect, and gave me a return label to return the "watch band" part-and they will ship me a new display device and band. Outrageously good customer service form the manufacturer, effective ongoing reminders- if you want to improve your fitness, go get this system now. If you're having any problem, call GoWear and give them a chance to fix it....more info
  • Great but I have lost it 6 times
    I LOVE this product - for me, the display makes using the armband the most fun. Very motivating to see in real time the fruits of your labor. The ONLY complaint I have is a big one. The dial has fallen out about 6-7 times in spite of my efforts to get it to lock in. Finally, yesterday I lost it permanently because I didn't feel it fall out. Seems that they should either make it a watch or a pedometer style -not both - trying to do both jeopardizes the quality. Am now faced with the dilemma of whether or not to spend another $80 to replace this if the same thing is going to happen

    UPDATE 5/28/09 - Contacted the GoGear Customer Service department and they immediately agreed to replace the display device. Just received it in the mail - only took 5 days to get it replaced. Excellent customer service! ...more info
  • GoWear Fit is a winner
    You have probably seen the GoWear Fit (aka "Body Bug") device on the "Biggest Loser" program (people wear it on the upper part of their left arm. I began wearing mine during a weight loss contest at our local Fitness Center. The information that this device provides is amazing and it is worth far more than the purchase price.

    The GoWear Fit records the calories burned during each 24 hour period. It records the minutes of both moderate and physical activity as well as your sleep patterns. Using their online application (which costs an additional $6.95 per month), you can record your calories consumed and design your weight loss program.

    1. Easy to use.
    2. Generates easy to understand reports
    3. Helps you stay on track on your weight goals

    1. Expensive. The basic unit retails for $200. The optional display retails for $100.
    2. On-going cost: You need to subscribe to their online tracking service at a cost of $6.95 per month.
    3. One User Only: You must register the unit to yourself because it does calculations based on your personal profile. Another user would not be able to get accurate readings.
    ...more info


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