George Foreman Next Grilleration 4-Burger Grills with Removable Plates

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George Foreman's The Next Grilleration Grill with Removalbe Non-Stick plates.

Customer Reviews:

    We loved our old Foreman grill, but our only complaint was washing the grill plates by hand without getting the grill itself wet. This grill has removable plates that you can wash in the sink or pop into the dishwasher. Fantastic product, no complaints at all!...more info
  • George Foreman grill
    This was a gift for my son in law. He has used a George Foreman grill for years, but this one has removable plates and makes clean up so much easier. He really likes it....more info
  • Easy to use and clean
    This is a good counter-top grill. It's good for things like pre-formed burgers, hot dogs, thin pork chops, small steaks, and fish fillets. I also tried to make a panini with it, but that didn't do as well as the other food items. The cooking plates are easily removed for cleaning. The unit heats up quickly, but lacks a temperature control so everything cooks at the same temperature. You have to watch thicker food items as they could burn and not cook evenly. These type grills are great for convenience sake, and are nice in the fact that grease drains away from the food into a collector tray that sits in front of the grill. My son loves this thing and I kind of like it too. It has a limited scope, but what it does, it does pretty well....more info
  • Better than some of the others
    This grill is much better than the ones without removeable plates. It's perfect for 4 burgers or two steaks, chicken breasts, pork chops. Easy cleanup and heats up quickly....more info
  • Good grill
    Although it took a while to get 'cause it was first delivered to the wrong address, I am satisfied with the purchase of this grill. It takes 5 minutes to properly warm up, but after that is fast and up to the task.
    And cleans nice and easy with them removable plates. A good buy....more info
  • Small
    This was a gift. Recipient said it only holds 3 burgers, not 4. Smaller than aniticipated....more info
  • How did we ever live without it?
    I've had the GRP4P for over a year now, got it from Macy's on sale. What can I say about this grill that hasn't been said before?! Just fabulous! After a 2-hr commute back from work, all I do is switch it on, let it heat up, simply spray a bit of olive oil on the surface and lay my marinated, defrosted (sometimes not) chicken or steak or fish or burgers on it, and ---walk----a----way. 20 minutes (and 40 winks) later...dinner! Some of the nonstick has worn off at the edges of the bottom plate, but the Grill works as great as ever. Am deciding whether to give the old girl some rest and buy the bigger one with the 5 interchangeable plates. Have read some negative reviews on that on a home shopping site, regrding the fit of the top plate. But I'll probably buy from Macy's or Fortunoff again. How did we live before it?...more info
  • What a great appliance!
    We bought this as a gift for our son, and are totally happy with it. Frozen chicken breast to totally cooked, juicy and delicious, in minutes!
    I couldn't believe how much fat was coming out of the burgers, yet leaving them tasty. We're going to buy one for ourselves!...more info
  • Easy to use ~ Easy to clean!
    I owned the original Foreman Grill for about a year and completely wore it out! This grill is the BEST replacement ever! Although the grill plates wiggle when they are in place, this does not hamper how hot they get or how well they work. There are NO PROBLEMS with this grill, the plates come out and snap back in easily, they clean by hand or in the dishwasher (lower rack) easily, and they cook burgers and shrimp (FROM FROZEN) with ease. This grill is most definitely NOT a 'family sized' grill unless your family is 1-3 people. You truly cannot cook more than 2 regular sized burgers at a time. Other than that, this grill is wonderful!...more info
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Clean!
    Yep, trying to eat healthier! This grill is great for cooking lots of yummy, healthy foods. White fish tastes soo yummy when cooked with this! Wow.. Soooo easy to clean too. Love that the plates come off for cleaning.

    Couple things though:

    1. The cord is really really really SHORT. You'd have to be right next to the outlet. Don't know about any of you but my kitchen space doesn't allow for much of that...I made it happen but still it's too close for comfort in it's new home. The cord really really needs to be longer. :-(

    2. The drip tray is so easily moved... wish it could have some sort of way to attach it to the grill? Annoying...

    but all in all it's a great little grill! Plus it cooks the food so fast. I really love that part. ;-)

    Have Fun cookin'!
    ...more info
  • Needs to be MUCH Hotter
    I owned a first generation GF Grill... although it was a PAIN to clean, it cooked reasonably well - top and botom. Once it broke, I bought a GF Next Grilleration model with removable grilling plates. The first time we used it, it was an extreme disappointment. Fearing that we had not done something right, we read the 'book' and tried it a few times more - same results... the grill does NOT get hot and any food cooked on it .. is terrible, to be kind. The bottom gets hotter, but still not enough and the top NEVER gets anything but luke at best... constant turning to get a bad result - DON't BUY! .. or you can have mine for the shipping cost....more info
  • Much more handy!!
    We have used the George Foreman for years - but hated the fact that the plates couldn't be removed for cleaning. We LOVE this one!!...more info
  • Great device
    I love my grilling machine. When I'm done I can take both grills of easily and toss it in the dishwasher. Cooks well and has the perfect angle to drainthe fat/grease. I would have given it 5 stars but I can't help but wish it had a on/off switch....more info
  • Removable Grill - Easy to clean now!!
    George Foreman grills have been such a wonderful experience through the years to be able to cook healthier and relatively quick! My only problem all these years was the clean up, but now they have figured that kink out and make the grill removable and dishwasher safe!! How's that for thinking! Great item. Great idea and improvement to an already awesome product! Wonder what they'll think of next :)...more info
  • Doesn't get very hot
    Unlike other contact grills, this one does not seem to get very hot. The removable plates may be a factor. The wattage also seems low to heat such a large surface area. I returned this for the 1400 watt version with non-removable plates and it does a better job heating up and grilling good nice and brown. That model is GRV120b....more info
  • Easy to clean, BUT...
    Love the removal grill plates, but--veggies don't get grilled and stay mushy; don't get that nice grilled-onion-type flavor. Fish, etc. grills OK on the top, but not the bottom. Reheated a waffle from a restaurant and the top side got crispy but the bottom was still mushy. Also noticed that some spots seem to get more well done than others due to uneven temp on the same side. Really was looking forward to a grill with removal plates but unfortunately this is not the upgrade I was hoping for....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    After reading the previous reviews of this product I wasn't sure I was going to love it. My last George Foreman grill was fantastic, but I hated cleaning it because I had the older version with the non-detachable plates. This new version is perfect! It heats up quick, cooks my food evenly, and is blissfully simple to clean. Anyone who is looking for a simple, quick, healthy, and yummy way to cook should buy this grille and enjoy!...more info
  • Grrrrrrrreat Product, Highly recommend, especially for single guys.
    This thing is completely awesome. It is simple to use, food doesn't stick, and it's so easy to clean. You don't even have to clean it every time, just use a paper towel to wipe it out good if you plan on using it again soon....more info
  • Clean up is so much easier!
    I have owned Foreman grills in the past and the cleanup method for this model is so much better than the previous models! The removable grill plates are dishwasher safe, so I never avoid grilling because of the cleanup anymore! I bought this grill for my husband at X-mas and we use it once a week at least, every week!

    The size is about medium. On our grill we can fit 4 small burgers or 2 large ones. Everything comes out well and you should see the amount of fat that drains!

    ...more info
  • Love IT!!!
    Gave this as gifts to my sister and sister in law...they both love it! Not only does it grill meats works great grilling fresh veggies...drizzling EVOO and seasonings.Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm!!!The removable plates make clean up is a breeze! ...more info
  • Disappointing:
    The concept of this product is great, but, the performance isn't. The top plate does not heat equal to the bottom and neither heat as well as the older models. Unless you are wanting one just for cleaning ease, I wouldn't recommend the one....more info
  • Good concept, but not hot enough
    The removable plates are nice for cleaning convenience, but they don't get anywhere near as hot as the old, standard George Foreman. The top plate seems to steam meat more than grill it. I only use this device occasionally -- if it was my only grilling option, I'd probably rate it lower....more info
  • george Forman grill
    I love almost everything about it . all but one small thing it was damaged when we got it. not bad enough to send it back. just a small peace broke off the back

    ~Richard~...more info
  • Great Grillin'! Easy to clean!
    I upgraded from the smaller version to be able to cook more meat simultaneously and since this one had removable plates. That is the best part-the removable plates. Just pop 'em in the dishwasher and they're clean!...more info
  • Horrible-Does Not Get Hot Enough, Creates Rubbery Food
    I have no idea why people like this grill. It does not get hot enough and it wrecks your food by making it rubbery and boiled tasting. I have tried to use it 3 times and everytime the food came out bad. Last night I cooked filet mignon - - a cut of meat hard to ruin - - and it was not the appropriate temperature. It does not even create the illusion of being grilled as it didn't even leave grill marks. I have tried boneless chicken and burgers and all would have been a million times tastier cooked in a pan on the stove. I am throwing my grill away, unless I can get the manufacturer or Amazon to take it back....more info
  • Great grill for the money
    I had owned the first generation Foreman grill for a long time and used it sparingly. It was just too hard to clean, primarily because it couldn't be submerged in water. I did much research and purchased this grill as a Valentine's gift to myself (husband bought himself golf shoes). Romantic, huh? I really like this grill. It is compact, does a great job grilling all sorts of food and - best of all - the plates are easily removed and easy to clean. I use it MUCH more often than the old one, which was given to charity. Enjoy!...more info
  • Don't waste a good steak in it!!!
    This product is a big disappointment. The other reviewer hit the nail when they said it does not get hot enough to sear meat. It's a trade-off for sure -- you better decide whether you want "easy to clean" or "good to eat".
    ...more info
  • Not as good as the original model - uneven heating
    Being able to remove the grill plates and put them in the dishwasher is a great convenience, but the upper grill does not reach as high a temperature as the lower, so cooking is uneven. I find I have to turn the item half way through cooking or one side is burned and the other does not even brown. The basic original model was much better in regards to the final cooked product, but cleaning was awkward. I would not recommend this particular GRP4 model....more info
  • George Forman Grill is the Knockout!
    They Finally fixed the George Foreman grill! The removable plates are great!
    I have had a Foreman grill before and hated it because it was so hard to clean and really just a big mess.
    The new Next Grilleration grill is so easy to clean and easy to use we may never use anything else.
    It cooks good with no mess and is super easy to clean. Just pop the grills out and give them a quick wash and you are done....more info
  • Where have you been all my (adult) life?
    I haven't eaten this good since I left home. The fat drips off the grill while I make hamburgers. I store the fat in a plastic cup, and when it gets full I look at it and am grateful to have a grill like this, knowing I haven't put all that slimy fat into my body. I use my GF grill every morning and night, and the removable grill plates make it easy to clean....more info
  • I'm liking this more than I thought I would
    I wasn't happy that it doesn't have a timer built in like my old Hamilton Beach, but that has been a minor consideration. I like the way the plates come off and underneath stays clean - unlike the HB, which was getting pretty gooky under the plates towards the end. The GF also has a bit more surface area than the HB and the plates seem to clean up better and more easily than the HB....more info
  • The removable plates make all the difference
    Like others who have reviewed this product, I stopped using my old GFG quite some time ago because it was a pain-in-the-(insert body part here)!

    The removable cooking plates truly do make all the difference in the world! It's been used 2-3 times a week since its arrival and occupies a prominent spot on the kitchen counter.

    ...more info
  • This Forman Grill is even better!
    Our George Forman 2 burger grill finally wore out and it was time to shop for a new one. I hoped that by now there would be an upgrade to the product that would have removable grills for easier cleaning, and was I one happy camper that this GRP4 model had just that. At first we balked that it was bigger than our other grill for just us two, but it worked out perfect as we also like grilled veggies and now all can be done in one batch with this model. The removable grill plates just took a couple tries to figure out how to seat them so they'll lock in correctly. We discovered with our first couple of uses that you have to let the grill heat up completely (wait for the indicator light to go out) or the top grill will not be as hot as the bottom and so of course will not grill as well as it is supposed to. But it is working great so far plus with easier clean-up of removable plates this grill is being used even more than the old one....more info
  • Decent buy
    The reason I have given 4 stars and not 5 is because I compared this unit to the older Jumbo model I owned. This is a jumbo model too, but comparitively, this has lesser surface area, is slower to heat up, is a little clumsy in design. The only reason I still prefer this new model over my previous older one is that this has detachable plates which are way too easy to clean than my previous one, which was quite a chore. We use the grill every day, whether its to cook frozen chicken strips/tater tots/frozen naans/grill veggies/fish etc etc....more info
  • A knock out!
    We needed to be able to make small meals for the two of us. My daughter recommended the Foreman grill and we love it! It heats fast, cooks fast and cleans up fast and easy. From the first time to the latest time George cooks!...more info
  • its good
    everything you expect from a forman grill. straight forward easy to use.
    one tiny issue, FOUR burger? better cooking two at a time, or four very small ones at once. other than that, perfect...more info
  • Best grill for the money!
    I love this grill. I got it to replace same model that I ruined by putting the grill plates in my dishwasher too many times. The best thing to do is wash the grill plates by hand in the sink after removing them. Dishwashers are hard on the non-stick surface. Anyway, it works great and I highly recommend it for burgers, hotdogs and turkey burgers :-)...more info
    I have had previous generations of this grill and love how they grill for indoors....more info
  • Makes Cooking Easy!
    I have had this grill for over two years. It has served me well during that time. I regularly use it to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken breast. The best aspect of this grill is that it is very easy to use. No more flipping hamburgers to turn it over. And the non-stick cooking surface is very easy to clean with the included spatula.

    Do you hate cleaning up after cooking? Do you just loathe having to clean and dispose the grease and fat? The Foreman grill can make all of that easier on you. All of the fat melts off as the food is cooking and drains into a small plastic pan. All you have to do is empty out the pan at the end of your cooking. The cooking sufaces, top and bottom, will come off the grill for easier cleaning.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Gets the job done
    I read a lot of reviews on Amazon before buying this unit. My first time using it went fine. I cooked up some thick chicken breasts, and they came out really juicy and cooked through.

    I know some of you are looking to sear things, but I don't believe this unit gets hot enough to do that. It does cook really, really hot, but you'll put brown grill marks across your chicken, not black.

    People say the Teflon comes off really easy, especially when you use any metal utensils. So when you can, use a paper towel or dish cloth to wash the grill plates.

    If you're looking for a convenient way to grill up meats and vegetables, then I'd say go for it. It will definitely grill your food well....more info
  • Convenient, but can't replace a true grill
    This grill is great for its convenience, but at least for me the results are never as good as with a real grill. All of the listed cooking times in the included instruction manual are anywhere from 25-50% too long from my experiences, so it took some time to figure out the best cooking times. The finished products seem to be fairly dry; for items such as burgers this isn't a big problem but I wouldn't recommend throwing expensive steaks on this thing. I use it about once or twice a week to throw a quick dinner together for myself, but if I'm trying to impress someone with a meal this thing gets hidden in the back of the cabinet. Great for apartments and college students. I don't have any experience with other electric grills so I can't compare it to them, I do wish it had some way to adjust the temperature. ...more info
  • It's okay but not as great as everyone else says!
    The grill heats up quickly and cooks well; the grill plates come out easily but go back in with difficulty. They don't seem to want to stay put when I place them back. And yes, I'm using the release clips. They clean easily. It's okay but not as great as I thought it would be. ...more info
  • Uneven Cooking
    I bought this to cook sandwiches, chops and steaks. I've made several sandwiches on it and it's just too hot. The bread burns and the insides do not heat up well. The bread also burns unevenly.

    I also threw some chops on there and the plates were not hot enough! It did not sear and my chops came out a pasty color. It also cooked it unevenly--half the chop was well done and the other half was medium. The chops were also dry. Not good at all.

    The floating hinge is nice. But, I think it still pressed on one side too tightly, which contributed to the uneven cooking.

    It is, however VERY easy to clean. But, I think the trade-off with the removable plates is the uneven cooking.

    Good: It was cheap and easy to clean.
    Bad: No temperature setting and extremely uneven cooking....more info
  • Wow the next Grilleration!!!
    I bought this grill from Amazon for $24.99 and it's just amazing. It will cook anything within minutes without the greasy mess (and no specific temperature settings!). The removable plates are amazing and immediately disappear in your dishwasher. The grill is heavy an durable. A+...more info
  • George Forman Grill
    The grill is fine and works well. I was replacing an old grill and thought this was larger. It's much smaller than my old grill and I was a little disappointed. Otherwise it works great and is really easy to clean....more info
  • It's Great
    It is wonderful. It cooks everything to perfection and the removable heating plates make clean up a breeze. Just the right size for two or for one big steak like a porterhouse. I just love it!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • My favorite George Forman Grill
    I have owned 3 George Foreman grills and this is my favorite one because it has the removable grill for cleaning. Makes it so easy to clean up....more info


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