The Life Of A Song
The Life Of A Song

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  • Great Music
    Joey and Rory are a great all American couple that sings inspiring and fun country songs....more info
  • One of the best I have ever heard
    First, let me say that I am 65 years old and have been listening to mostly country music for as long as I can remember. Joey and Rory have to be one of the best I have ever heard.
    Joey`s vocals are absolutely amazing and when mixed with Rory`s harmonies and the traditional sound of country music, it just lifts you right out of your chair.
    If you are not sure about buying this, you can go to You Tube and watch a lot of different videos that will certainly help you make a decision.
    I certainly hope that they go on to be one of the next set of superstars. Their music, the obvious love that they have for each other and great chemistry make this a must have item for anyone who loves country music. It will get your toes tapping, your heart racing and the tears flowing.
    Just buy it and spread the word. Your friends and relatives will LOVE you for it....more info
  • Real Country!
    My fiance and I watched Joey + Rory from the beginning on "Can You Duet" and fell in love from the start! They are a couple that isn't afraid to be country and we love that! We only wished they would have included more of their songs from the show. ...more info
  • Shoulda won the whole dang thang
    My wife and i love you all, and we could'nt wish for more success to you if we had a dump truck load! Don't let fame go to your head, keep your marriage and family number one, and the music sweet and life and God will be good to you. Peace to you and the happiness you bring to people. love ya, rory and joey from bren and dave in indiana....more info
  • Excellent musicians, harmonies, great lyrics
    I've never heard this duo on the radio but they definitely are worth a listen. Great lyrics, musicality and harmonies. And some of the songs have excellent beat for west coast swing or western waltz or two step. Every song is good!...more info
  • joey + rory .... where have you been all my life? :o)
    I like gettin' dOwN n RoWdY with the best of 'em, but sometimes, I find, especially in the fall when the world slows down, I just want to hear some good music. Music so good it hurts, but in a good way. =)

    Enter Joey+Rory.

    I completely fell in love with them on CMT's 'Can You Duet?' And even more so when I saw their submission video. (check youtube!) Phew. Move over Tim and Faith! ;o) Thankfully, even though the couple did not win the contest, they landed a deal with Sugar Hill Records.

    The other week I saw two commercial featuring the married couple. Never in my life did I not want a commercial to end. (Again, check youtube.)

    Track 1: Play The Song - I soooo could have heard The Judds singing this back in the day. This song simply talk about how folks {mainly mainstream radio} are bound and determined to put music into a box. Good Lord, country radio, enough's enough ... just play the dang song!

    "It's too bad they just don't play the song, play the song/Turn it up loud enough we can all sing along/And let the people decide if the music is right or it's wrong/Man, it's a shame instead of playing the game/Play the song, play the song!"

    Track 2: Sweet Emmy Lou - I did not grow up listening to Emmy Lou Harris. But by the grace of my online subscription service, little by little, I am catching up. It's overwhelming, 'cause good Lord, that woman has a catalog! So I'll gladly except any recommendations. ;o) Anyway, Joey's vocals shine on this track. She's a true songbird.

    "Sweet Emmy Lou/As the needle runs through you/The way the pain shines through/Well, I know you've been there to/Those sad melodies/Oh, how they comfort me/Sweet Emmy Lou."

    Track 3: Tonight Cowboy You're Mine - I could only listen to a 30 second clip of this one. It's a "turn down the lights" kind of song. *hint hint wink wink* Very pretty.

    Track 4: Cheater, Cheater - Can we say "white trash hoe" in country? We can now. LOL This song was featured on CMT's 'Can You Duet'. You can view the video on youtube.

    Track 5: Rodeo - Any song that involves the rodeo hold a special place in my heart. My best friend in high school was a bull rider, so I always find myself thinking of him when I hear one. About a girl who just wants the rodeo to let her cowboy go. :o/

    Track 6: Heart Of The Wood - The first thing I notice was how stripped down this track was; just Rory playing his acoustic guitar and Joey on vocals. A story song about the character's relationship to wood. By no means, boring. Wrapped up with a beautiful spiritual ending. ;o)

    Track 7: Tune Of A Twenty Dollar Bill - You'll have a toe-tappin' good time listening to this tune. Makes ya wanna roll back the rug and cut lose. Why thank you, I think I will. *wink*

    Track 8:Loved The Hell - As a young girl I always seem to take a likin' to the bad boys. (How I end up with my husband I have no idea!) Anyway, I remember thinking how I could love the hell out those boys. @@ Boy was I wrong! Haha! Joey's character in the song does exactly that. And the song has a surprising ending for what started off as a melancholy country song. It will leave you smiling, trust me.

    Track 9: Free Bird - You've never heard 'Free Song' performed this way. Joey + Rory make it sound like it was meant to be a lullaby. Personally, the song takes on a whole new meaning. I never thought of singing this song to my girls as they fall asleep. But you can guarantee after hearing this version, I will. They'll be driftin' off to dreamland in no time flat. *smile* Again, Joey's vocal shine on this track.

    Track 10: Boots - Another song I could only listen to a 30 second clip. Great beat. Simply seems to discuss what a good pair of boots are for. ;o)

    Track 11: To Say Goodbye - A love story. A real tear-jerker, so have the tissues handy. If you love a good song about a unconditional love and don't mind being left bawling by the end from it's beauty, this song's for you.

    Track 12: The Life Of A Song - The lyrics speak for itself.

    "A song lives forever/It never ever dies/It sings enemies together/And touches so many lives/Words and melody will always be long after we are gone/Oh, how I wish I could live the life of a song ..."

    If you love tradition country music, this is an album for you. It's feel good music. Music that'll put a quiet smile on your face....more info
  • fantastic
    we saw rory and joey on overstock commercial. I got the cd as a Christmas Gift for my husband. Rory & Joey are super. Their music is true country. They will definitely be going up the ladder of success....more info
  • WOW best cd in years. I LOVE ALL THE SONGS
    WOW This has to be the best cd i have heard in years. Every song is Great. These two are a HIT. I received it todaya nd I have played it about 5 times already. Even My husband loves it and he is not that much into Country Music. ACDC is his thing. LOVE IT 5 STARS...more info
  • Reality TV produces something REAL
    The success of "American Idol" spawned numerous talent show imitators, including CMT's "Can You Duet." Despite the ratings success of several of these shows, few of the winners have actually gone on to great success in the music industry. Knowing that the husband-wife duo of Joey and Rory earned their recording deal from such a show - which they did not even win - I was skeptical.

    By midway through the album's first cut, I was hooked.

    Joey Martin, whose first (solo) effort was never widely released, has a natural, pleasant voice, which is reminiscent less of her own idol (Dolly Parton,) than of country icon Loretta Lynn. Martin does not display a wide vocal range (though I suspect she could,) but instead manages an emotional range that pulls the listener in without overpowering the lyrics, or forcing the sort of pop-influenced histrionics that have so polluted Nashville in recent years. It is a rare vocal talent that can be, on its face, so understated, yet at the same time, so unique and so utterly captivating.

    Husband Rory Feek, while capable with his harmonies, is, more importantly, the (co)writer of the majority of the album's tracks. Already an accomplished writer, having penned such chart-toppers as Blake Shelton's "Some Beach," Clay Walker's "Chain of Love," and Jimmy Wayne's "I Will," Feek's strengths, beyond catchy melodies, are his story-telling and his humor. The album's first single, "Cheater, Cheater," makes it clear that he knows both his audience and his wife. The crisp chords and clever lyrics work as well as they do mostly due to Joey's unforced charm and likeability. A woman wronged should not make us smile, but she does.

    Covers are usually safe choices to fill in an album, but Joey and Rory jump right into the deep end of the pool, taking on the classic rock anthem "Free Bird." Having grown up in an era where there was hardly a party not highlighted by teenaged boys playing air guitar to Lynyrd Skynyrd's ode to youthful wanderlust, it is difficult to imagine the song performed any other way. Yet, to borrow a cliche, they "make it their own," turning 1970s stadium rock self-actualization into a more timeless and introspective song about a wandering soul. It has to be heard to be believed - and Joey and Rory will make you believe.

    If I were to note any negative at all, it would be the studio chatter included on "Heart of the Wood." Although interesting, it was also a little distracting on what was otherwise one of the album's strongest tracks. However, on a debut effort like this one, pointing this out is really just nitpicking.

    Reality TV gets a well-deserved rap for being mostly fake, but there can be no doubt that Joey and Rory are for real....more info
  • Great new country duo
    There isn't really a bad song on this CD - and, refreshingly, nearly every song is new. Over half the songs were penned (or partially so) by Rory. Don't miss "Sweet Emmylou" and get out your box of Kleenex for "To Say Goodbye." Joey and Rory are a great new talent and I sincerely hope to see more of this same type of excellence from them in the future....more info
  • Awesome!
    They are the best new thing to hit country music. I LOVE them! They will be on the CMAs next year. Stay strong and stick to your sound. Go Joey + Rory!...more info
  • Beach Babe enjoying country.
    I heard these two on the TV commercial. I googled them and ordered this CD. I enjoy their music immensely... and I am not even a country music fan. The harmony is incredible!...more info
  • Country PERFECTION
    Absolutely one of the best acts to hit country in a long time. I LOVE this album and every song on it!!!!!!!...more info
  • Very Good, But Hopefully Even Better The Next Time Around
    Like almost everyone who has reviewed this CD, I also had the pleasure of seeing Joey and Rory on CMT and was blown away by the ease, comfort and honesty in not only what they were singing, but their chemistry as a couple (which helps if you're married to each other, I suppose!) :-)

    Theirs is a rare gift that doesn't come along often in ANY type of music, and I loved their duets on CMT as well as the Overstock commercial snippets. Both left me wanting more. Which is why I was very disappointed with this debut CD. I found only glimpses of those special qualities on this CD, other than their having excellent voices, of course. I had no preconceptions, but with only a few exceptions ("Play The Song," "Rodeo," "Tune Of A Twenty Dollar Bill" and "To Say Goodbye"), I don't believe that they came close to fulfilling their potential even on those songs as well as the rest of the album.

    This is a remarkably talented couple that can make you feel their exuberance "Tune Of A Twenty Dollar Bill," or tear you apart with their emotional honesty as they do in "To Say Goodbye," especially after reading Rory's liner notes. And when Joey and Rory are singing about what they love, as in "Rodeo," that love in their voices comes through as well. Those three songs all succeed, but once again, only left me wanting more... think of Vince Gill's "Whenver You Come Around" with Trisha Yearwood, "There's Not Much Love Here Anymore," with Shelby Lynne, "The Reason Why," with Alison Krauss; Raul Malo and Trisha Yearwood on "Neon Blue," "Killing The Blues," with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss or the inspired, upbeat Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt duets, to name only a few as to what this debut could have been throughout.

    Maybe these songs will grow on me the more I listen to them, but nothing moved me (even after a few listenings), or left me amazed as some of Joey and Rory's duets in "Can You Duet?" or the duets by the other artists mentioned above. Granted, this is a very good and heartfelt debut, but with their remarkable chemistry and amazing gift of harmony, I was expecting more. Here's hoping their next CD will be nothing short of spectacular, which is exactly what they are and with talent like theirs, this entire CD could have been. 3 1/2 stars....more info
  • Step back in time
    I have always enjoyed listening to a bit of the old country and western stuff. I was brought back to a time years ago when I listened to Joey and Rory. What a sweet, and sincere voice she has. Every song on this cd has a real story and I enjoyed the hell out of it! I have lent it to both my mom and dad to listen to. I will buy them a copy if they enjoy it as much as I do....more info
  • Very good all around country CD!
    This CD couples simple instruments with Joey's amazing voice and Rory's incredible lyrics. There is a great country feel, which incorporates both fast and slow songs too keep the listener interested throughout the whole CD. There is also a 4 minute rendition of Free Bird, which is a good remake on a timeless classic. It is a good all around country CD that has tracks which will appeal to all types of country music listeners. ...more info
  • The best country out there
    GREAT GREAT music. If you like this style of music and I do go their web site and buy Joey Martin's CD it is just as good as Life Of A Song....more info
  • Good stuff.
    Great new country act here. I like songs 1 through 7 and especially 11. The remake of Freebird is ok....more info
  • one of the best
    This is one of the best traditional country music CDs to be released this year. Joey has a voice like Emmylou Harris. Rory writes with the best of any songwriters in Nashville.
    The Heart of the Wood is also one of my personal favorites, as well as Sweet Emmylou.
    FYI, Joey and Rory were on the Grand Ole Opry a couple of weeks ago.

    Just to let you know, Joey and Rory sound just as good in person as they do on the CD.
    ...more info
  • WOW just WOW
    This is what country has been missing. The true heart and sole that pours out of these two is enough to make the hardest heart fill with emotion. All I can say is, "I want more." Keep it coming guys....more info
  • Cheater
    LOVE THIS ALBUM. Original songs with tell it like it is lerics. Down home country with little twang....more info
  • Country Music
    This cd was good. Service was great and was received just like they said it would be. ...more info
  • Great Edgy Kickin Cheatin Song
    I heard this song for the first time today and had to have it immediately. I love a great kick but cheating song. I like edgy, and non traditional country music and this fits. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Cant wait to hear more from this duo. ...more info
  • Joey and Rory are awesome
    I absolutely love every song on the cd. I saw their live show and it absolutely rocked! I highly recommend that everyone have a copy of this c.d. especially if you like old fashioned country music....more info
    This is such a great album. Their music was good on Country, but this is wonderful. I hope they do more....more info
  • A Fresh and Welcome Recording
    Joey and Rory are an interesting and talented husband and wife duo who have come from out of Tennessee to claim an upper rung on the country music ladder. Their CD offers an interesting blend of traditional country plus just enough contemporary edge to make it commercially viable. But the music is theirs and the production is handled with integrity.

    Joey's beautiful lead singing and Rory's original songs cover a nice range of sounds including tasteful ballads and waltzes, acoustic singer-songwriter genre, bluegrass, country shuffles, and as I mentioned a hint or two of contemporary country. The vocal harmonies are well-rendered, and despite the impressive variety of moods displayed here, everything sounds natural with no hint or strain that affectsw some artists who try to "cover all the bases."

    This is a fresh and welcome recording from two dedicated country musicians who are doing things their own way. I look forward to following their musical journey and wish them continued success....more info
  • Great debut...
    Every now and again a piece of music just captures you... it was like this when I heard the TV ad, I then had to find out who those two were and then find the CD. What a great sound, wonderful music, incredible voices. Thank you to these two for their music and the producer of the TV video for giving them the chance. I have since found out that they were on the G.O.O. but the TV Ad' was my first time....
    Again thanks....more info
  • Neo-classical classic
    The life of a song is a well named title for this CD. If you have seen their video and you are either turned on by the good looking and sassy wit of Joey or the real deal guitar picken overall clad Rory then you know what to expect. If you were tooling around the streets of Nashville on a Saturday night and happened to stumble into either Tootsies Orchad Lounge or Roberts Western Wear bar then you just might see this duo tapping their toes to a harmonious beat as they belted out their sounds of today which are totally reminisent of good days gone by. From the opening melody entitled "Play the Song" where Joey and Rory implore Music Row promotional executives, Country station Program Directors and on-air DJs to check their not so hidden agendas at the door you get the impression that these artists play what they want regardless of whether its going to appeal to mainstream neophites so taken by the likes of Jason Aldean and Taylor Swift. Joey and Rory are refreshingly beautiful and this CD is worth listening to over and over again. Is it worth having in your collection? Only if you've watched "Coal Miners Daughter" at least three times and think that the Grand Ole Opry provides that last prime time connection to the roots of Country Music.

    Cowboy Mark from New Jersey ...more info
  • WOW!!!
    Having missed Can You Duet - I didn't know about Joey + Rory until I saw the commercial. THANK YOU!!! These two are absolutely great together!! As soon as I found out they had a CD, I bought it. It did NOT disappoint! I just received it and am playing it now - I've already gone back on Amazon this morning and ordered another copy. Their blend of voices is seamless and a pleasure to hear. I love all the songs but Play the Song is my favorite (at least for now) - the sentiment is exactly right - just play the music and let us-the listening audience-decide if we like it. Stop telling us what you think we should want and not want in a song. Take my word for it as a music lover - we'll like what we like without your "help" in deciding. I saw Garth Brooks in Nashville at the Country Music Festival the first time he was there - basically unknown. The county DJ that went along on the trip was singing the praises of Clint Black on the way to Nashvill and he asked me what I thought. I told him Black was good but I liked Garth Brooks a whole lot better - his response was Garth who? Imagine my delight when the next year I saw the same DJ at another festival (Garth had really taken off by then) - I got to say to him - remember when you said Garth who? last year? Long story short - we, the listeners, just want to judge for ourselves if the music is good and we like it - don't tell us what we should enjoy!

    I have around a thousand CD's in my collection - from Joe Cocker to Rod McKuen to Carlos Nakai and many other different kinds of music in between, but this is one of the select bunch I'll be playing over and over. Thanks to Joey and Rory for such beautiful music. Also, I want to thank the reviewer who steered me to You Tube so I could see and enjoy their Can You Duet application video. It was great! I hope there will be many more Joey + Rory CD's to come!...more info


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