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Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 12/30/2008

The second season of Kyle XY begins with an episode called "The Prophet" and ends with Kyle's high school prom. Clearly, the sci-fi drama shares as much an affinity with The X-Files as it does Gossip Girl. Last season, Kyle (Matt Dallas) learned how to fit in with human beings. Never mind that he doesn't have a belly button or, theoretically, a soul. Thanks to his quick learning skills and his ability to read others, he molded himself into an average 16-year-old high-school student. In the followup year, Kyle experiences love and loss. He finds himself separated from his adoptive parents, reunites with Adam (J. Eddie Peck)--who literally created Kyle from his own genetic material--and the back again with his adoptive family, the Tragers. Kyle also finds he's not quite unique, when Jessi XX (Jaimie Alexander) is introduced. Unlike Kyle, whose transition was relatively seamless, Jessi has issues. Whereas Kyle intuitively knew how to act like a human, Jessi--it seems--can only do what she's programmed. Madacorp--a diabolical entity that wants to know how Kyle is the way he is--sends Emily (Leah Cairns) to convince Jessi that they are sisters, and that Jessi should should help her get intel from Kyle. The company's goal is for Jessi to become Kyle's frenemy and ultimately retrieve important data that's stored in Kyle's head. Is it a coincidence that Kyle's adoptive dad ends up working for Madacorp? That will be revealed by the season's end. While the show definitely has a sci-fi lite touch to it, it really is about Kyle and his relationships. Like every other kid his age, he just wants to belong. Some of the sweetest moments are between him and Amanda (Kristen Prout), the girl next door whom he adores. In those vignettes it's obvious that he is very much an all American teenage boy, regardless of how he came to be. --Jae-Ha Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • Kyle XY is Great!
    This show is one of the more less known gems on the ABC Family Channel. It mixes Sci-fi really well with the everyday life of being a teenager and living with a family, but the teenager is anything but ordinary. The cast is so amazing, especially Marguerite MacIntyre, who does an incredibly great job as Nicole Trager the mother figure of the whole show. Her performance is so moving and even the most subtle facial expressions convey so much meaning in their execution. The rest of the cast is amazing as well and it is one of the few shows on anymore that I actually look forward to watching every week. Sadly it seems that ABC Family is contemplating canceling the show, though it is unofficial, we will know for sure the 1st of February. I cannot stress enough how at this stage of the game it is important to support the show by buying these DVDs. I promise it will be entertaining for all people of all ages! ...more info
  • Kyle XY
    This T.V. series is great. Its a great family show and its something that the whole family can enjoy....more info
  • Visually good but sound quality very poor
    Received in good time. Had to play dvd on computer as region was not set up for uk. Quality of dvd for visual was good but sound very poor. All I can hear is the music and the speaking too low. Needs addressing for next purchaser in the UK. Difficult to watch as it is....more info
  • Family tv
    This is a great show with some great family values, even if the people concerned are not 'the same'. Its about nurture and caring for individuals to create a healthy family ambience. Thumbs up for Jessi as even after being repeatedly abused, tries to be a better person,,, We need to learn not to judge people at a glance, but to see what's inside them,,,,good lesson,,,thanks,,,Its a great pity that its cancelled after just 3 seasons....more info
  • Whole Series
    This product is as described unlike many of the Region 2 versions out there. Purchased "Series 2" region 2 DVD in France & discovered it is only the first 13 episodes of series 2. In France series 2 has been split into two "Series" so other people buying R2 version probably need to watch out for this. This R1 version is full 23 episodes as expected....more info
  • Old Geezer Enjoys Youthful Show
    I purchased this TV series on DVD as a birthday gift for my 13yr old daughter. My daughter and I have a love of movies & TV shows but I had no interest in this series until she hounded me to watch it with her. Man, was I surprised at how good it was! Great concept along with the writing, fine casting, holds your interest like you wouldn't believe, and if you're not careful, it'll really hook you. I found myself addicted and couldn't wait to get into each new episode. The set was offered at a very good price, transaction was smoothe & was received quick. I recommend this 3 season series very highly if your a sci-fi fan, like mysteries, covert operations themes, and stories involving genetic engineering. Matt Dallas' portrayal of Kyle is superb. You really feel his frustration as he tries desperately to solve the puzzle of who he is and where he came from. You also experience his awe as he discovers things about everyday life that we take for granted. I'm so thankful that my daughter hung in there and got me to watch this with her. Thanks Kat!...more info
  • Amazing Series!
    Each disc has about 2-4 or more episodes , each episode keeps you hungry for the next one. It is a very addicting series with great moral lessons at the end of each episode. I love it. I got this 2nd season as a birthday gift and I love it. Each episode was like a movie. The actors are incredible and really bring you into the home, at some point you feel like a part of the family. That is what makes it so hard to pull away from. If you watched the first season of Kyle XY you will not regret getting this, I definitely didn't regret it. Hope this helps...more info
  • Disappointed
    I was eagerly looking forward to the 2nd season of this tv series but was utterly disappointed with the series' development. I expected more "action" but the series, half way thru, went out of steam. It looked more and more like a family drama series than a sci-fi, suspense sort of drama. It lacked momentum like its first season....more info
  • Kyle XY Season 2 - The long-awaited set is here!
    For those who so thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 of Kyle XY, Season 2 continues the story with some new twists and new characters, while wrapping up loose threads from Season 1. After the death of his mentor, Adam Baylin, Kyle returns to the Trager family, who keenly felt his absence.

    Kyle continues to work on developing his abilities under the tutelage of Tom Foss (Nicholas Lea, Alex Krycek on "The X-Files"), while keeping his activities secret, which strains his relationship with his newly adopted family. He also pursues a relationship with Amanda, the neighbor girl he doted on in Season 1.

    However, in Season 2, Kyle is no longer the only one of his kind. Shortly before a bomb takes out the laboratory where Kyle was created, a female like him emerges from her pod and runs wild in Seattle, until the company that created her reprograms her into Jessi, Kyle's friend/enemy. She is almost his complete opposite, unafraid to even kill.

    The Trager family's lives remain interesting as well, as Steven is hired by the very company controlling Jessi, Lori and Declan's relationship is strained by Declan's keeping Kyle's secrets, Nicole provides therapy to Jessi, and Josh reaches the age of 16, and gets a girlfriend named Andy (yes, she's a girl!) who is suffering from a serious illness, which inspires Josh to do a lot of growing up in this season, while still maintaining his singular wit.

    The longer season allows for more dramatic storytelling, leading up to a startling cliffhanger, which begins on TV in January. Interesting timing for the release, eh?

    But for all that Kyle learns in this season, it seems clear that he has barely begun to scratch the surface, and may always be attempting to answer the tagline question: Who is Kyle XY?...more info
  • Matt Dallas is awesome
    Matt Dallas is such an awesome actor and I love kyle xy the show. I was shocked when the 2nd season turned out to be better then the first when the first was awesome. This was worth my money. I kind of feel bad because I don't really like Jesse I want more Kyle and less Jesse...more info
  • This DVD is EXCELLENT!
    I purchased this DVD on line last week via Amazon and it arrived at my door on December 30th - the actual release date. I am the Mom of Jaimie Alexander who plays Jessi XX - and in my opinion this DVD is just excellent. Besides all of the great episodes from Season 2, the bonus features ABC selected to include are just fantastic and really bring through who these actors all are as individuals. Very proud to see how it turned out! Season 3 Premiere is January 12th!! Tune in!--lots of surprises this season!...more info
  • Even Better
    This is even better then the first ... and wait till you see season 3!!We get to see Kyle at his best and Jessie at her most lost .The Family works as always,but alot changes .And poor Josh .You gotts watch this season !!AAAA++++ !Lets keep TV real without Reality shows !!


    Bryan...more info
  • Absolutely Fantastic! Packed with a lot of bonus features!
    When the first season of "KYLE XY" appeared on television, what a refreshing and unique sci-fi drama series that features a young man who wakes up in the middle of the forest and is taken in by the Trager family despite the guy have no knowledge of his past or who he is. What is known is that he may be special and the fact that he has no belly button, even makes things a bit more interesting. Is Kyle an alien? Why does have this abilities?

    The first season ended with Kyle leaving with his parents and leaving the Trager family, the only family that has taught him love and made him feel like's he's part of the family.

    With the second season of "KYLE XY", because of the series becoming ABC Family's highest rated show, the second season jumps from the first season's ten episodes to a total of 23 episodes. And what an exciting season it was with the introduction of Jessi XX, Kyle getting to know the secrets of his past and who he is, Josh gets a girlfriend, Kyle and Andi get closer and so much more.

    One of the strengths of "KYLE XY" are the characters. In fact, I was saying to myself how this series has that bond of friends that reminded me of series like the Scoobie Gang of the popular "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" series and sure enough, the "KYLE XY" gang are talking about them being the Scoobie Gang and which character would they be? So, that was quite ironic but at the same time, the character dynamics and the time put into developing the characters of the Trager family, KYLE, Jessi and friends is well done.

    I was quite impressed with each episode which season 2, there were no clunky/boring episodes and found each of the 23 episodes were well done. Each episode had a good balance of sci-fi drama, teen drama and witty humor and the episodes were well-written as well.


    Video is featured in Widescreen (1:78:1), enhanced for 169 televisions. There are a lot of outdoor and indoor shots with typical cloudiness that you would see from a television series. Audio is featured in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, the show is mostly dialogue-based but there are quite a bit of music featured in the episodes, which actually comes clear through your front speakers.


    I was quite surprised with the amount of special features included on this DVD set. There are a lot! In fact, nearly each disc contains special features. Here is what you can find on each of the discs:

    * Disc 1: Audio commentary by Supervising Producer Julie Plec and Executive Producer Eruc Tuchman for "The Prophet" and audio commentary by Producers Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux for "The Homecoming". Four deleted scenes with optional commentary plus sneak peeks.
    * Disc 2: Audio commentary for "Ghost in the Machine" with actor Matt Dallas, Supervising Producers Julie Plec, Chris Hollier and Rudy Gaborno. Six deleted scenes with optional commentary.
    * Disc 3: Features a good number of special features. This disc contains a 12-minute featurette titled "Livin' with the X's". This was an interesting featurette as it shows both Matt Dallas and Jaime Alexander waking up early in the morning and the things they do before they get to the set and a very amusing timeline of how the two get ready from the morning at home, getting makeup and then shooting their scenes. And how busy their schedule is throughout the day.

    The second feature is "Facing the Future" which is a 7-minute featurette which includes interviews with the producers and the talent in regards to the second season.

    Along with these two featurettes are two commentaries, "Leap of Faith" with commentary by actor Matt Dallas, Executive Producer Eric Tuchman and Supervising Producer Julie Plec. "House of Cards" features commentary by Producers Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux. Plus two deleted scenes with optional commentary.

    Also, featured is an alternate ending to one of the episodes. A surprising alternate ending that would have changed the relationship dynamics of the whole series between the Kyle and the people very close to him.

    * Disc 4: This disc features two audio commentaries for "To C.I.R., With Love" with Producers Julie Plec, Eric Tuchman and writer Bryan Holdman. Also, commentary for "Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades" with writers Steven Lilien, Bryan Wynbrandt and director Chris Grismer.
    * Disc 6: This disc features 14 deleted scenes with optional commentary by producer Julie Plec, audio commentary by Producer Julie Plec, writers Chris Hollier and Rudy Gaborno for "I've Had the Time of My Life". Also, a featurette in regards to "The Science of KYLE XY" which comes from Albert Einstein's gestation in the womb may have led to him being a genius, so the concept of what if a person gestated for 16 years rather than nine months?

    "KYLE: XY" is a fantastic series and I was very impressed by the second season from the characters to the enjoyable storylines but most importantly, how much they included on the DVD set.

    It's one thing to get a television series box set with commentary but for this second season, they really go all out with commentary by actor Matt Dallas, the producers, the writers and you learn so much about the shows filming process through the commentary. From awkward scenes and even some talent disagreements, the producers were very straightforward in their commentary and know what they wanted to accomplish in each episode.

    And the deleted scenes, of course, so much is filmed each episode and scenes longer than the 40 minutes allowed, thus it was good to hear the commentary of why certain things were cut out and not included in the final cut. And of course, additional featurettes that really go into the series and the talent behind the series which was great to see.

    As mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed the character dynamics and how everyone just really works well with each other. I don't think I've been this giddy by a youthful sci-fi drama series since "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and it was one of those series on which I couldn't stop watching each episode on DVD one after the other. It's that good!

    Overall, a fantastic series on DVD. This DVD set of "KYLE XY" is loaded with special features that I'm sure fans of the series will definitely be thrilled about. Highly recommended!...more info


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