Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online

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NO RULES The revolution is underway. The power of social media lies with the people who use tools like You decide how to use your power. Our goal is not to create rules to follow on Twitter. We simply want to give you the best tips, resources and strategies to guide your success on Twitter at an accelerated pace. Our mission is to help you avoid trial and error as early adopters were forced to endure, and help you participate in one of the greatest communication revolution of our time. This book was designed to help show everyone from the small business owner to the CEO of a large corporation; from work at home moms to politicians in Washington, DC how they can participate in the fastest growing social network and micro-blogging revolution taking place right now. Join us on Twitter!

Customer Reviews:

  • Twitter Bible
    I knew next to nothing about Twitter before I read this book. I wondered what all the buzz was about. I was pleased to find a comprehensive book that covered not just the "how" of Twitter, but the "why", for both personal and business use, the lines between which are being blurred more and more daily.

    When you first hear about Twitter, it probably sounds like a huge waste of time, more stuff to do and keep up with, and more things to check on and reply to. This book helped me to see how it could actually simplify some of the other things I do and help me to stay in touch with people better.

    It is an excellent reference manual as well, with innumerable links, additional resources via Internet chapters, a glossary of Twitter, and much, much more. A bible.

    If you can only buy one book, or only want to have to read one book about Twitter, let it be this one. I read it in about 5 hours, was informed, entertained, and signed up today. Doing something is different than reading about it, of course, and there will still be a learning curve, but the authors give you the confidence to venture out there into the world of Twitter, feeling as though you're equipped enough to jump right in.

    Highly recommended.
    *****...more info
  • Tweetup is a Twitter Meeting. Lynn Give Away A Copy of Twitter Revolution
    Watch Video Here: Lynn Terry, Internet marketing adviser, held a Tweetup in Atlanta and gave away a copy of Twitter Revolution by Warren Whitlock and Deb Micek.

    These tweetups are informal meetings where users meet in real life....more info
  • Understanding the Twitterverse
    Random thoughts and concepts about how people are using Twitter. Not so much a "how-to" book as a book that spurs thinking and ideas. Lots of useful links included....more info
  • Build Your Brand In 140 Characters or Less
    As a former journalist and current copywriter, I know the value of saying much in a few words. But only now has something opened up to us all that allows us to gradually brand ourselves and get business in bites of 140 characters or less.

    Deborah Micek and Warren Whitlock have created a helpful book for all those who are using Twitter, plan to use it, or wonder if they should. It's not a rule book. There are no rules on Twitter. But it is an easy-to-read, well-written map about how to get people to follow you, who you should follow and how to build your brand in a safe and effective way.

    You can avoid many of the mistakes people have made in tweeting by reading this fast read. What you put on Tweeter, stays on Tweeter --- forever. It also gets in many corners of the net. It never dies. So, one does have to be a bit smart in what one says.

    You'll find lots of really great tips in the book that you won't hear elsewhere. At least, I hadn't heard them or read them. I'd call this book a must-read.

    I didn't like the fact that it doesn't have an index. Books DO need an index. I also had a bit of a problem knowing if the voice was Deborah's or Warren's. I think it was pretty much Micek.

    There are many resources in the book that you'll fine quite useful.

    Highly recommended.

    - Susanna K. Hutcheson...more info
  • On Twitter? Buy the book!
    The Twitter Revolution is the definitive "missing manual" for the application. It's a must read for serious Twitter Users. ...more info
  • How to use part of the social media revolution
    I orrigionally bought this book for my mom and a little for myself. For my mother it was bought becasue she keeps asking what twitter is and how to use it. The book is easier to give her than to answer all of her questions. For myself I was looking for some business uses to gain advantage and relevance in my marketplace not just regionally but nationally. This book gave me some ideas to use as strategies against my competitors who are unwilling to join the new media.
    Twitter has become a social media phenomenon as of late. Deb and Warren do a great job of explaining what twitter is and the many uses for it. The book explains the origins and how the microblog works there is also some strategies for promoting business and personal ideas. Overall an excellent and easy read.
    If you do not understand what twitter is this book is a great resource....more info
  • very cute, written on twitter, not that readable
    My health center is looking into social networking to it's primary population, college students. I bought this book to explore Twitter as a resource.

    It reads like a stream of consciousness between a personal coach and a marketing professional. I found that interesting but less than informative for someone trying to understand this medium. I did find a couple obvious good ideas - like their suggestion to secure your brand or name as a Twitter account. So there. you have it without buying the book!...more info
  • If you're entering the Twitterverse you NEED this book!
    @WarrenWhitlock and @CoachDeb (the authors' Twitter IDs) have written THE definitive "how to" guide for the hottest social networking tool today.

    Written in an easy-to-read format, the Twitter Revolution guides readers through the wonderful world of Twitter, called by those of us who use the micro blog platform, the Twitterverse (you'll also see Twitterville). Both Warren & Deb are expert communicators and use Twitter effectively to build relationships with people from around the globe. If you are looking to understand and use Twitter to build your business or simply to connect with people on the Internet, get this book now!

    ...more info
  • Excellent resource for Newbie and Vet Tweeters
    Clever and insightful. This a great "how to" about Twitter,New Media and the impact it is having on our lives. info
  • Not Just Marketing
    This is not just a marketing book.

    The information presented in "The Twitter Revolution" is useful for anyone who wants to use social media successfully.

    Twitter is an extension of your social self. Twitter is for you if you are about making friends, teaching, preaching, dating, marketing, volunteering, campaigning or any social endeavor. The ideas in this book are expressed in marketing terms but are easily translated to use for your purposes....more info
  • How the Twitter Revolution is Impacting My Life
    Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online

    I am a former IT Professional, now working exclusively from home.

    I am new to Social Media and totally excited about the new way of connecting with people and the possibilities that brings.

    My passion is to be a Go-GIVER, making a difference in other people's lives and making this a better world.

    Thank you Warren and Deb for authoring the Twitter Revolution.

    You are helping me live my passion.

    Together we are changing the world for the better, one person at a time.
    ...more info
  • Warren Whitlock hits a homerun with "twitter Revolution"
    Warren Whitlock's "twitter Revolution" is a must for anyone wishing to fully understand and exploit this remarkable new social networking tool. Warren explains the nuances, the ins and the outs, and the fundamentals everyone should know to get the most out of their Twitter experience.

    Well worth the time and the price, I would have paid many times to get the information made available in "twitter Revolution!"

    Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr....more info
  • Unbelievable!
    Micek and Warren show you that illiteracy is no reason not to self publish. The power of their book lies is the profound points that it makes over and over again. This book has two earthshaking things to say. 1) People using Twitter knew minutes before the rest of the world that there had been a major earthquate in China. 2) You can outmaneuver the corporate world by starting conversations on Twitter and finishing them on the telephone (or some other medium).

    These authors are well equipped to see both sides of a contradiction. For example, talk radio was an early tremor of the New Media Revolution, because it was "participatory." On the other hand, radio is a controlled medium that silences the people. (p. 13) But Twitter takes us beyond both.

    The authors bring the prosaic within reach. They tell us that Twitter is, "an unprecedented growth opportunity like never before in history." Their insights have eluded many intelligent people. For example, corporations, including even "Internet industries" are fighting against the New Media Revolution, and "didn't think about people participating." And there's proof. Upload speeds are not as fast as download speeds. (p. 15)

    The authors unleash the power of unbounded creativity. Warren advertizes that he is a best-selling author, while Micek tells us she has run and sold several multi-million dollar companies. She understands that the new media are all about participation, because she has created a system that puts it on "auto pilot." (p. 255)

    Be prepared for the revolution. The authors make the hard-to-believe claim that they used Twitter to write the book. Once this book is resting on your bookshelf, you will believe. They say, "This book is as revolutionary as the social media revolution," because it is full of Twitter posts that use "creative spelling," like "e.e. cummings, the poet who rebelled against the rules." They even provide a special interview with a man who single-handedly created a Twitter app that is, "definitely lacking a definitive usefulness." (p. 110)

    I don't want to give too much away. That would be far too easy. But here are the top three resons (p. 100) for using Twitter: 1) To combat loneliness, 2) To kill boredom when you stand in lines, 3) To connect with people by mobile phone, without calling them. This same chapter serves to "demonstrate the power of Twitter" by calling itself 101 Reasons to Use Twitter, and offering fifteen reasons. This liberates Twitterers to provide the remaining 86. Revolutionary? Yes! They tell us that this, "is a new way of writing a chapter," and tout the green benefit of saving paper. (p. 100) I'm looking forward to seeing how much paper they can save next time. This is one of the most eye-openingly obvious and painstakingly redundant books of our time. I believed that hype was, by definition, beyond the bounds of credibility. This book has proven my wrong, by stretching the bounds even farther....more info
  • twitter Revolution : The earthquake that starts a twitter Tsunami
    Deb and Warren write that twitter is the ripple that has become a Tsunami. They are right. But this book is truly the earthquake which can start the momentum getting the Tsunami started.

    The Twitter Revolution gives the reader the knowledge and ability to participate in the "new media" known as twitter. Twitter is a fast paced method of communicating and interacting with those you follow and who follow you. It shows you how you can step right into the twitter world and interact and learn from those you are following and who follow you.

    Early in the book we learn why we should even give a darn about twitter. And than we get a clear and concise explanation of what twitter is. And that is not an easy task. Best of all, the Twitter Revolution is true to form and says exactly what twitter is, "it turned into SO much more than that." What is really cool about this chapter as with a lot of the book, Deb and Warren take advantage of their own followers to aid in defining what twitter is. So instead of just getting a book full of the ideas and thinking of the writers alone, we get the input of some of the thought leaders who are actually using what the book is talking about. Hat tip to Deb and Warren for getting twitter itself involved in the process.

    The Twitter Revolution is a complete start to finish on what it is and how to use it. And, it gives you the tools both in the book and in what applications it mentions to truly take advantage of what twitter is and what it can do for you.

    If there is one chapter that makes this book worth whatever it cost, it would be "ten steps to attract a flood of followers." If you don't have followers, your conversations are going to be real lonely.

    Get the book and get a jump start on how to use twitter and use it right....more info
  • What IS IT with Twitter? What It Is Actually All About and How ON EARTH to Leverage it
    I first heard of twitter like for texting between Millenials in Silicon Valley.

    Then I heard Dave Lakhani who is absolutely all business extol its virtues at Kevin Hogan's Influence Bootcamp in 2008.

    I started seriously using twitter then in March 2008, but it was not until I read Twitter Revolution that I started to grasp what on earth it was really useful for related to my business and social media influence.

    Twitter Revolution also makes all the IN things within Twitter (yes, it IS ever-changing, still, 98% of it is evergreen) accessible and Deb Micek and Warren Whitlock provide excellent glossaries and tools. They also provide so super helpful warnings about bots and trolls so you can protect yourself at Twitter. And who better to learn from than @CoachDeb, the Twitter expert?

    Twitter Revolution while a fast read on my trip home from Boise, don't be deceived about the IMPACT your leveraging it can have for you, your online influence, and your business....more info


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