Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers
Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers

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  • Iraq For Sale
    I saw this show on The History Channel and made it a mission to get this on DVD. What this DVD shows is how the Americans are being treated, both military and civilian. IT IS DISGUSTING. All the wasted tax money I saw in the show made me SICK. A lot of the money President Bush wants and got I feel is going to made the subcontractors richer at the cost of American lives. The money needs to stop going there. They don't need more to waste. Definitely recommend this DVD to see where your tax money is going. ...more info
  • Informative
    I had no idea this was going on, found this video very educational and informative - a video that definately needs to be passed around to educate our people....more info
  • sickening
    it's disgusting what contractors and our government is doing in iraq. i tivo'ed this on cable and it took me two weeks to watch it because i was getting so pissed. take this in small doses. you might break something. ...more info
    Everything stated within this documentary can be substantiated online if you want to take the time to research it. I wish I had the money to send this documentary to Vice President Cheney, Bill O'Reilly & President Bush and the powere to make them each respond to it....more info
  • Please Watch This Film
    This is a must see film. This documentary allows the viewer to see things that the American news industry is withholding from the American public. I am a Viet Nam Vet and to see extent that civilian "security" forces are being used in the Iraqi war is a crime against the world and a waste of the US tax payers' money. Please watch this film. ...more info
  • Every American MUST see
    I saw Iraq for Sale on Encore, I think it was, on TV. I liked it so much, and thought it SO important that everyone see it, that I bought a copy and bought 100 dvds so I can burn copies and give them out. To people in the grocery store, to the guys at the firestation, to the teachers in my son's high school. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS FILM!! Its outrageous what Cheney has accomplished and gotten away with. He must be stopped, and until a true outrage from the American people is heard up there on Capitol Hill, nothing will change. Please, see the film, see the others that are recommended like, the 9/11 truth one, and America Freedom to Facism, see them all. Google like crazy, learn what is really going on. You can find a lot on Youtube. We need to stand together as one nation before we lose ALL our civil liberties. Oh, and checkout Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. The only 2 who tell the truth. ...more info
  • "The TRUTH" most Americans can not accept...(Southern Christian Reich)
    This documentary explains in thorough detail why this particular war was waged and how the Bush regime disguised it as a retaliation for the 2001 World Trade Center attacks. The Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Delay, Ridge & Libby regime will be remembered as the true "Mass Weapon of Destruction" in American history. It is more clear to me than ever before that Democracy is no longer being practiced in this country by its citizens. We have become more like a Republic to the power of corporations. The only requirement for membership to the Fourth Christian Reich of the New Republic of America is capitalistic greed.....Now let us bow our heads and pray to the corporations that rule us.
    Oh, btw, I live in a small world..."The South". ...more info
  • A Must See
    This is a must see. Our government contracts out the interrogation and torture of Iraqi civilians to private companies which are not subjected to any sort of supervision, so that the U.S. government can wash itself clean of any ethical misconduct.

    This movie also addresses the tremendous financial gains that are made by several private companies that are essentially stealing money from taxpayers and care nothing for the health and well being of the militia they are contracted to protect....more info
  • inquiring minds will get answers not available through corporate media
    If you look at what is going on in the world today and consistantly ask "why"? If you are curious at all the secrecy in the name of "national security" makes you question even more! Here are some of the answers. Billions of $'s in profits often creates an environment that condones the worst inhumane acts even though the truth is often hanging in the hearts of those that condone it. This movie is for you. I am a truth seeker and this makes sense. We are not supporting our troops. We are supporting the slaughter of a nation and mass murder of thousands of innocents to increase the wealth and power of a handful that are too clouded in greed and hunger for power to pay attention to consequences. The consequences affect all of us and is destroying our democracy. A good documentary for anyone who does not want to live with their heads in the sand. ...more info
  • Iraq for Sale:
    This is a must see and hopefully before this administration gets us involved in Iran. As long as we keep sending our sons and daughters into war as canon fodder and keep throwing money into the pockets of big corporations, we'll continue to be at war. After all, it's profitable....more info
  • Further confirms my suspicions
    I really knew beforehand a lot of what was going on and this film just confirmed many of my unproven theories. I am sharing this film with many others to help spread the information. This is a Must See Video.

    It is time for Americans to wake up and see what our country is really all about, and say "NO MORE!" This movie is an eye opener for the masses that think our presence in Iraq is admirable and patriotic. It is no wonder we have become the most hated nation in the world.

    It is requested on the back cover to "share this film" which I regard as permission to make copies and distribute not for profit. I wish more documentary producers would give this permission. These types of videos I always purchase an original if I can find it. It helps the maker re-coup some of their expenses, and produce more valuable information....more info
  • Definately Worth Watching
    It is a very interesting perspective on Western Governments. In fact, it is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. Every American citizen should watch this and then form their own opinion on what is really going on!...more info
  • You'll Want To Take Action After Seeing This Film
    A friend of mine recently communicated the need to watch this new documentary by Robert Greenwald entitled Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers. If you've ever been curious on where our tax dollars are going, and why the cost is so dramatically high to fund the war in Iraq, then you need to see this film. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Did you know that our tax dollars are going to large corporations such as Halliburton, KBR (a subsidiary of Halliburton), CACI, and Titan? The reason for this is to outsource jobs to contractors in Iraq to handle many of the daily tasks that our military men and women can handle at a fraction of the cost. Many of these contractors are employed as military intelligence officials such as interrogators and interpreters for the United States that may have no patriotic tie to our country! And many of these contractors lack the skills necessary to fulfill their job duties. Not only have lobbyists helped solidify multi-million dollar deals with the government for these large corporate entities, but they do so at the cost of civilian lives.

    These corporations are sending unprotected contractors out into a war zone where many stay. One example of many is how Halliburton sent a group of truckers towards Baghdad to deliver supplies to U.S. troops. They encountered what appeared to be a deadly ambush where some of the men were killed. The atrocity here is that some of the trucks were empty so that Halliburton could overcharge the government on deliveries that didn't exist. And all of this at the cost of human lives in exchange for corporate greed and back door deals with our administration.

    After watching this documentary, you may wonder why the situation in Iraq remains stagnant, and why there are so many billions of dollars poured into Iraq. The administration is using U.S. tax dollars to fund their contract agreements. This makes both elected officials and the corporations they work with very rich while draining the life from our own economy, and raising the deficit to unprecedented levels. For a little perspective, we borrow approximately three billion dollars a day from China and other foreign countries just to stay above water.

    I've been in numerous conversations with friends and family regarding government corruption, corporate greed, and the lobbying that occurs behind closed doors. I'll often get angry and say, "Most Americans blindly follow like sheep. They believe whatever they're told by the media or government. Why don't they open their eyes?" But then I thought for a moment about the action I've taken. I haven't taken any action. I've complained about others, but sit around doing nothing. I'm more guilty then Americans that lack the truth to take action. But just as an outraged Peter Finch yelled in Network, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" It's time to get the word out there. It's time to start questioning the government, educating people about the truth, and demanding that our government and the corporations that they protect take accountability for their actions.

    I think every political party has good and bad ideas, but it's important to remain a skeptic when it involves politics. Don't simply believe everything you're told--especially if told by a member of your own party affiliation, because you'll have to overcome your own subjectivity. Research the truth, question our elected officials, and demand change. You may sit comfortably in your home with a nicely cut lawn, but that could change. And looking back 15 or 20 years from now, you may wonder why you sat back and let things crumble without so much as raising your voice.

    What you read above were the exact words that I communicated to every last person I know in a formal email. I essentially copied and pasted it here as a review to demonstrate the sheer power that this film holds, and the actions that you'll likely take as a result of viewing it. It pushes you into action, because by doing nothing, you'll feel an extreme amount of guilt.

    I think that sums up my thoughts on Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers....more info
  • fabulous Iraqi facts
    Iraq for Sale: The War ProfiteersThis film is amazing! I had a slap in the face wake up call. I know that I must work even harder to help stop what is happening in Iraq and stop the hemorrhaging of our military budjet and our American way of life from being funneled to the "WAR PROFITIEERS". Brilliant and concise detail. Our soliders deserve better. Diana Harden...Livermore, Ca....more info
  • Good documentary about contractor dominated war
    Good feature on the colossal wasteful expenditure on part of the government, the obscene profits generated by contractors (e.g., $80 can of coke, manufactured locally in Iraq), and in general the pre-ponderance of the contractors in all facets of the war. There are more private contractors than government personnel in Iraq - and the documentary shows the immense allure of the goverment personnel to switch sides and join contractors to get paid as much as 6-times of what the government pays (for the same dangers). And it works from the government perspective also since they don't have to account for private contractors killed to the American people.

    However, I do realize that like anything pertaining to the government, a war should never be expected to be run efficiently. Some of the basic war requirements like feeding the troops, and taking care of their water supplies and safety should never be handed to non-government agencies.

    The only reason to give this documentary a 4-star is that it seems to be out too late in the game. Most viewers may already be aware of the ravaging of the tax-payer by government's war contractors....more info
  • Emotion reigns in this ranting film
    [I am in the US Army.]
    This is not a documentary. It is made up of interspersed interviews with people who fit into four categories: families of civilian contractors who died, civilian contractors who survived an attack, eyewitnesses of wasteful spending by companies with government contracts, and former Soldiers of unknown character complaining about the use of civilian contractors in Iraq. Wrongdoing should be punished. This film never clears up whether it is against wasteful spending or against the use of civilian contractors altogether. The film's arguments are too broad and, sometimes, random and confusing. Several times, the statement is made that "this war has been privatized to a greater extent than any other war in history." This is an asinine comment. With a new type of war being fought over the course of almost a decade, now, of course private companies will be employed more than before. Statements like these are devoid of value in the greater debate of how to regulate wasteful spending by these large corporations. Another frustrating element of this film is that the images from Iraq are not related to the story being told at that time. It's confusing for the viewer. Interviews with people who had first-hand knowledge of the wasteful spending were effective, but few, and as a result, the filmmaker spread them throughout the film, which watered down the effectiveness of their accounts. Unfortunate.
    As a Soldier, I found the complaints about contractors living in better quarters than tent-bound Soldiers ridiculous. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen have given their lives to their Country and are willing to sleep in muck and grime for the sake of the cause. Civilians, brave and heroic them all, need a softer touch. The men and women of the U.S. Military are happy to sleep wherever the mission takes us. Keep your pity to yourself. Of course Soldiers are going to living in the suck, suffer, bleed, and die; that's our calling. We love it! We're here, on the wall, so you don't have to be. Just say thank you and move on.
    The emotional outcry against Halliburton as a demonic overlord is very compelling; however, not backed by enough evidence to be completely persuasive. The speakers are mostly just making accusations that sound reasonable, but are not substantiated within the film itself. (This only makes the fact that there is a special feature on the DVD aimed at organizing protesters more laughable. Is it possible to organize protesters based solely on unsubstantiated claims, reasonable or not?) Someone is going to make money on the privatization of jobs by the U.S. Government. The American economy is built on the concept of companies doing what they can, within ethical boundaries, to make money. That shouldn't be discouraged. Only wrongful profiteering should be punished. This film does not clearly delineate between the two, so the viewer is never sure which is under attack.
    There are two redeeming qualities in the film: First, the opening story of the Blackwater employee, who died in an ambush, was touching. The family's argument that an ambush, by definition a surprise attack, could have been avoided was heart-wrenchingly na?ve. The second redeeming comment was the argument that more Iraqi civilians should have been hired, thereby getting them off the street and winning a PR battle, was very enlightening. (This approach worked in Germany and Korea.) Too bad the rest of the film is simply an emotional debate and not one backed up by actual evidence, but rather logical assumptions on the part of the individual interviewees. Pass this one up....more info
  • Just so/so
    I was really looking forward to this movie but I found it bland and unconvincing. Really disappointed. There was alot of personal anectdotes and accusations but little hard facts are damning evidence. The producers should take a cue from Al Gore's "Global Warning". That was well presented and convincing. A short summary of the movie could be put like this, "Companies are making a profit, the government is wasteful, the employees are good ol Joe Average, the politicians and company management are sinister." I agree, the war sucks, but that doesn't make this a good movie. I also felt it was an inaccurate representation of the way things are "here". I've been here for three years, as military and civilian and I'm amazed at the LOW number of civilian casualities. And sure we all complain about KBR but ask anyone if they'd rather have the GI's preparing their chow or the civilians and suddenly a new appreciation for KBR is found. I've been with the military in several countries in this area over the past ten years and living WITHOUT KBR is infintely more miserable. As a side note, if you're offered 150k a year to perform manual labour, it's not because of your good looks! There is danger! It's a risk and some people lose but we all CHOSE the job and you're free to quit if you don't like the odds. Don't blame the company when you roll the dice and lose....more info
  • U.S. Democracy: The Best Democracy MONEY CAN BUY!
    In short: absolutly shocking! ... and also very informative.

    Beside the fact that all pieces of evidence shows that the Iraq war was based on fallacious arguments, you will see in this documentary how the US government distributes mandates (2 examples below) amounting billions of dollars, financed from tax payers, to US private firms in order to:
    - take over the military logistics and charge soldiers ridiculously higher prices for water, coke or any other food. Food that was cheap or even for free under military hands. Thank you Halliburton!
    - run "intelligence" on Iraq soil. What does it mean? To torture, yes, to torture any person that "might" have information. Who had this "privilege"? Blackwater is the US private firm that has been awarded the billion dollar contract whereby Iraqis were tortured in the Abu Ghraib prison (under military supervision, of course). What is more astonishing is that the Congress (under Republican hands by that time) voted a law that protects Blackwater (and alike private "suppliers") against any prosecution.

    Unfortunately, we know that War is a profitable "business" for the US military-industrial-congressional complex, as predicted by the 34th U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower. Once seen as heroes and worshiped 60 years ago, the Military of the United States is now feared or despised. A military that serves only one value, the dollar, and not freedom as alleged. As the investigative journalist Greg Palast titled his book: The U.S. Democracy, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy....more info
  • Only 3 stars
    I don't understand why there was so much focus on those two families. The title is "Iraq for Sale" and it should read "Iraq for Sale along with two angry families" The story leads into a truck driver who was making $40k a year and realized he can make $140k a year trucking overseas. He didn't understand that this extra $100k was a risk premium the job demanded. His family didn't understand this extra $100k was risk premium for the job description. They were ignorant, period. Accidents happen, deadlines must be met, decisions are made in split seconds in the business word. Not all decisions are correct....more info
  • Good but not Perfect
    This film is an expose on wasteful spending and lack of accountability of private contractors in Iraq. It raises several good questions about the way private companies conduct business during war time. Is there room for profit when people's lives are concerned? Is our current system which gives allows a percentage of profit for everything they bill encourage wasteful spending? What's to stop companies from cutting corners to increase their profit margins at the cost of people's lives?

    The film lacked narration and interviews with prominent dissident individuals who have some expertise that may have pulled the film together better. It has a lot of interviews with former employees of contractors in Iraq who are upset and disgruntled about how things were being handled and families who have lost loved ones, combined with people making critical commentary about the situation. Also excerpts from news broadcasts talking about the very issues the film is talking about. These provide a kind of evidence and give the films arguments more credibility.

    Because the film relies on non-expert interviews, again and again the great crime is that companies are making profits. Making profits is not a crime per se. We have to give companies incentive to help over there; otherwise they would just conduct business as usual and make more money doing something else. The real crime is what companies are willing to do for a higher profit margin and what the human costs are. This is addressed in the film, but people might get the impression that the film is saying the profits are bad and immoral.

    For something that came out in 2006, I thought maybe there would be some discussion about how private contractors might be playing a role in us still being in Iraq. There are alternative ways to influence politics in Iraq other than direct military presence, through the foreign aid programs and military support. We overthrew the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, using this type of low intensity conflict. It's possible that such a campaign might have success in Iraq, but the administration might have some vested interest in a military campaign because of the lucrative contracts it provides for private interests.

    Worth seeing. Recommended.
    ...more info
  • Crime pays
    As people looted in the streets of Iraq following the 2003 United States invasion, U.S. Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld said, "Freedom's untidy, and free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things."

    Perhaps the free-for-all Rumsfeld referenced wasn't Iraq citizens stealing television sets from bombed-out retail stores. As the documentary IRAQ FOR SALE details, those feeling free to commit crimes and do bad things in U.S.-occupied Iraq are Halliburton, Titan, Blackwater and other contractors with friends in high places, namely the halls of the George W. Bush White House.

    Privately-contracted interrogators abuse Iraqi citizens without being subject to laws that would call for a court martial were they U.S. military personnel. Kellogg Brown & Root supplies contaminated water to American soldiers. Halliburton charges $45 for a six-pack of soda pop. In IRAQ FOR SALE we see the contractors' disregard for anything except profits includes the lives of their own employees, most noteworthy the four Blackwater security personnel who die because the company sends them ill-equipped and under-manned on a dangerous mission.

    IRAQ FOR SALE presents a press conference clip where George W. Bush laughs off a reporter's question about military contractor corruption. Rather than follow up with Bush, the reporter laughs, too, and lets him off the hook. Of all the accomplices Bush had in his illegal invasion of Iraq, the corporate media are among those with the dirtiest hands.

    See IRAQ FOR SALE....more info
  • A disturbing tale
    The video presents the privatization of support in Iraq in a very disturbing light. If accurate, it raises the question "Why isn't our House/Senate doing MORE about it?" "Why isn't the cry across the land to strip Halliburton and others mentioned of all contracts due to dishonesty?"

    The general silence level relative to this film disturbs me most. They present a compelling arguement against Halliburton Corp. et. al., supposedly gave the subjects of the film 31 opportunities to comment and refute it, they didn't respond and then NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED.

    Why then, haven't the Democrats grabbed hold and used this against the Republicans, and the Bush administration? ARE THEY ALL GETTING BENEFITS FROM HALLIBURTON'S GREED, or IS THIS JUST A MYTH that plays well on the screen? I still don't know......more info
  • Iraq for Sale - biiiiiiiiig cash for the biiiiiiiiig boys!
    I watched this movie to pursue a line of personal 'interest' on the depth of corruption and hypocrisy of Governments, having spent many years investigating similar topics on many governments around the globe - not just the US.

    This video was pretty slick and well presented, and was slightly different to the 'Loose Change' and 'Terrorstorm' style of presentation of these conspiracy-revealing DVD offerings. In fact it offered a closer, more personal view of the victims (and their families) of the big Mega-Corps like Halliburton and Kellogg, Brown and Root, speaking to many of the civilians who were caught up in the carnage of Iraq working on the big, juicy contracts of these mega-Corps, and investigating the horror they went through.

    Whilst I'm pretty sure I wouldn't sign a contract to go to war-torn Iraq and not expect to find death, destruction and carnage all around me, it's pretty impressive to see just how both innocent civilians and the government alike are lied to in order to do two things - i) get the job done, and ii) earn a stack of greenbacks in the process for the big boys.

    The depth of corruption and 'couldn't care less' attitude of the faceless office execs who draw human lives into the risky theater of war, offering them lies about their safety, never ceases to amaze me. The whole blurring of the line between civilians and the military in these combat-hot regions was pretty eye-opening I must admit, but most astonishing is the fact that EVERY American taxpayer is also being heavily ripped-off by the invisible CEOs who deny all accountability or even knowledge of what is going on. It actually makes me wonder just why it is allowed to carry on unabated, until I remember that people with this level of absolute power are corrupted absolutely... The age-old adage wins out again.

    Still, I must admit that by the end of the DVD, I had a slightly different, more informed view of what is going on between the big Corps and the US government. The extra footage of various (Democratic...obviously) congressmen trying to expose the greed of these corporations to the American public - and being defeated every time by a Republican majority, makes an absolute mockery of the whole American system of freedom, justice and honesty. If I lived in America, I'd surely want to know just how my dollars were being swindled by the big boys with the big connections, but to be honest I think the rabbit hole runs so deep that most people just turn that other cheek as long as they have their dinner on the table and gas for their car. And that's sad.

    The DVD was very enlightening in a 'new' way, and once more hammers a nail into the coffin that bears the reviled name of "Bush's America" upon it around the rest of the world. I only offered it 4 stars however, as I felt that there was certainly a some room for more detailed evidence, supporting facts and related stories. There was considerable time spent on emotional depth to each story, and although loss of life is undoubtably not a trivial matter, I feel that the message of the producers would have been stronger and clearer by offering more evidence and variation - of which I know there exists a veritable mountain.

    Watch this if you want to see that extra objective and yet emotional dimension, and hear the facts and evidence straight from the horse's mouth...and then make your own decision.

    This DVD will leave you feeling lied to. If it doesn't, then you must be driving today to your plush office at Halliburton, KBR, any of the other mega Corps covered in this great offering - or maybe Washington DC...
    ...more info
  • Enough to make any service member's blood boil
    Howdy folks. I am a two time Iraq veteran. In fact I;m typing this from Al Asad, Iraq right now aboard Camp Ripper. Everything this film says is true and it's not even the tip of the iceburg. Everyday I see the Blackwater mercenaries, the KBR crooks, and contractors doing half the work I am for 10 times the pay. Contractors will tell you they love America, they support the troops, and just want to do their part. They are full of bull. They are out here for a year to make $100,000 tax free, then go home to buy a house in cash.

    Operation Iraqi Freedom has nothing to do with freedom. This war is all about the almighty dollar and everyone involved is making out like bandits. It is almost to the point where military personnel here are second class citizens while the contractors are VIPs. I have always been against this war and I am sick of this war. This isn't even a war anymore, it's a huge cluster-frig. We're over here dying and away from our loved ones for 12 to 15 months at a time while fat pigs sit back with their cigars and champagne watching their stocks go up.

    In all of American history, this is our saddest moment as Americans. Future generations will look back at our time period and shake their heads in disbelief. My only question is how much more money can be paid to these contractors and for this 'war' before we are completely bankrupt?

    And if any of you think that one Iraqi is thankful or even wants us here, you're smoking crack. There is a saying they have here in the Middle East and the Iraqi's quote it often, "We would rather have 1000 years of tyranny than one day of chaos."...more info
  • Just goes to Show
    We Are All SHEEP! Watch this, then do nothing!. Its unfortunately the American way these days. We complain, and we vote and nothing comes from it. You can even try to pretend its over stated and made up. But where are the billions $$$$$ spent each month going in Iraq? Why did the Towers fall perfect when they collapsed? Why did they find melted steel? Why are we in Iraq? Why doesnt the president answer the questions? Why doesnt congress really do anything about this mess? NON BINDING Oh please!!!!!! Why did we let the election be stolen twice? WHY??? WHY??? Do we not have any power left as Americans, or is it that we are all sitting on our thumbs acting like the president is maybe handicapped, disabled, or homeless and we just want to look the other way instead of getting involved????? It's INSANE!!!!!!!!! Watch this movie. Watch and then research it! dont rely on CNN or Fox for the news, come on America GET INVOLVED!!!!!!!! What is wrong with you????? The world is watching. And for a nation that claims to be Christian, Thou Shalt Not Kill, Love they Neighbor, and GOD is Watching you..... I am just mad and Wish I knew what to do with it. This movie will get you fired up. its in your face and really something to WAKE US UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Applaud the director!...more info
  • A must purchase!
    Everyone should see this. In every house. In every classroom. In every church. In every city center. People should be marching in the streets, but instead hundreds of thousands of people are dying in the name of corporate profiteering to the tune of hundreds of BILLIONS and no one is saying a word... just the way they like it....more info
  • The bottomless pit of sanctioned American greed
    A news report today states that the Iraq war will eventually cost the US $2.7 TRILLION. If you are wondering how even a rich a nation can manage to spend so much money in such as small corner of the world, "Iraq for Sale" will provide a few answers.

    The Iraq War seems tailor-made for profiteering, with its no-bid contracts, cost plus arrangements and obvious conflict of interest between the companies involved and the executive branch prosecuting the war. The film focuses on the involvement of companies like CACI, Halliburton and Titan in providing contractors for the war effort. The film describes contact language experts who can barely speak English. This makes them useless for translating during interrogations, and positively dangerous if they misunderstand what is being said. The Abu Ghraib scandal seems at least partly due to unaccountable contractors calling the shots in a military situation. Shockingly, Brigadier General Janis Karpinski is interviewed in support of the film's premise that contractors contributed to the scandal.

    Iraq for Sale shows contractors literally taking work away from US soldiers. The GIs, many who joined the military to learn technical skills, are required instead to train the contractors, who make many times the wage provided to the soldiers. Cost overruns and predatory charging are rife. Empty trucks drive back and forth on Iraqi roads, racking up profits for every useless mile they drive. Because they refuse to run more expensive 24-hours operations, contractors running mess operations deliberately understaff, exposing the resulting long lines of hungry GIs to insurgents who know just when the largest numbers of soldiers will gather. Equipment that is only slightly damaged is destroyed -- literally burned in pits so that brand new replacements can be ordered, increasing costs to the taxpayer and profits to the contractors. The focus on profits may have cost soldiers their lives. Truck convoys run into ambushes for want of decent military debriefs; contractors (like the 4 killed and burned in Fallujah) die when their escorts are taken away to save money.

    Iraq for Sale is a powerful indictment of the treasonous, immoral profiteering that masquerades as the US war on terror. It's hard to believe that this stuff goes on, never mind that it is done intentionally. Never mind that it is done with the blessing of our government....more info
  • Sad!!!
    We are too lazy, naive, afraid and stupefied to even comprehend what is happening around the globe. If it doesn't affect us directly it's not our problem!! Right? Right!! Anyway people get too stressed when they see and or hear about extremely disturbing things, such as this DVD's context -Economical Racketeering By Big Business!!

    Quick Summary:

    Impartial governments around the globe look the other way while companies run amuck making ungodly profits from Tax-Payers. Did I mention all whom are ironically friends of government(s) and or were once government officials themselves?

    The list of neglect (cutting corners; over charging) for the almighty dollar are endless; atrocities that are absolutely prevalent simply go unchecked.

    Worry about that? Not Me [Joe FreeWorld] we/I cant change anything anyway ...were helpless!!!

    Sadly, all of the people/families interviewed in this DVD were uneducated or unaware themselves ~UNTIL~ family members ended up dead or they themselves saw [BIG BUSINESS] up-close and personal.

    These factions run along side our governments (some never even bid for the job; it's simply given to them) - all involved willing to put [you] in harms way for "PROFITABILITY"!!!

    These companies spoke about in this program will never be held accountable for their over spending and or the death-toll to regular Joe's ...not until its too late; then [maybe] a few patsy's will be thrown in jail.

    This is the [Zeitgeist] of our times ...this is our legacy!!! ...more info
  • Hurray for this film--the truth of the mistakes made in Iraq
    This video contains the truth of the huge mistakes made in Iraq that has caused the debacle that is there now. The first-hand accounts are from those who Bush and Cheney sent to Iraq after "Mission Accomplished."

    These brave people are speaking out and correcting the misstatements that we've heard in the media and governmental statements.

    A must-see....more info
  • Accurate, Memorable, Scary, Necessary!
    This movie should be seen by every politician, and everyone who votes. It tells the sad and scary story of how private companies are ripping off the American people with their warmongering, and their illegally charging for activities they do not perform. For example, a subsidiary of Haliburton, that drives trucks in Iraq, charges for trips it forces its employees to take with empty trucks between cities in Iraq, simply because they charge by the mile traveled. This creates tremendous life threatening risk for the employees, but gets great profits for the company, and does not serve American interests. They frequently do this with empty trucks, and are not transporting empty trucks to the destination because they are needed there, but simply to accumulate the mileage. This situation is attested to by both soldiers, private employees in Iraq, and ones who did work in Iraq and are now back in America....more info
  • Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers
    I have a better idea of why certain people want war. Its time for our voices to be heard. ...more info
  • Truth
    Having served over in the Middle East, I can safely say that this documentary is accurate. It's ridiculous how civilians are doing the same job that the military was doing a decade ago, and they are getting paid 5 times as much. Everyone is losing when companies like Haliburton over charge the government...well, everyone except people like Cheney....more info
  • Government Contractor / Retired Military
    Excellent Documentary!!! However whomever wrote it CLEARLY went straight after the Government Contractor's! I am retired military and I am currently a Government Contractor and I can tell you from being on both sides this ENTIRE show is no more than the military being jealous of what contractors are getting PAID!!! Bottomline is if soldiers don't like their jobs or PAY then they need to be ADULTS and not WHINERS and simply leave the military and be a contractor!!! Bunch of silly Azz-Hater's!!! I love the video though--very ENTERTAINING!!!...more info
  • A real ey opener.
    This eye opening video really shows just why the Bush Presidency and policies should be voted out. Every one running the companies that are running this "war for profit" is a croney of Bush's or a high ranking political/military person that is in it just for the money. They could care less for what happens to our men and women in combat. This video alone is justification for pulling out of Iraq let alone the loss of the lives of thousands of our young men and women....more info
  • The war Profiteers
    After seeing Iraq for Sale I believe everyone should contact their representative in Washington and let him know if you are proud of him or asahamed of his preformance. Tax payers money is being thrown hand over fist to only a few contractors in Iraq. This CD went to any lengths to show the extreme profits that are being taken from Iraq and what a handful of our leaders tried to do to stop or slow down the drain on us. America knows how to make war, but nothing about how to make peace. It is my opinion that Iraq will be left worse off than when we started this mess. A few American companies will profit beond their wildest dreams....more info
  • America's Shame
    I was shocked and outraged that this has been and continues to be happening in our country without knowledge or approval of American citizens. This is a film that transends politics. I believe every American MUST see this film....more info
  • A Slam Dunk Against the War Profiteering Contractors in Iraq
    Truly mind-blowing, this film shows how the taxpayer is being ripped off by the contractors like Halliburton, how government officials collude with the profiteers, and how the soldiers and contract employees suffer because the profiteers are doing everything to cut corners and maximize profits.

    Charging $99 to do a load of laundry that comes back grimey? Orders from on high that a soldier is not permitted to wash his own clothes in the sink but instead must send them out to be laundered?

    This is beyond corruption. This is pure evil greed....more info
  • business is always bigger than war, war means new business
    this film has shown how corrupt our government is-the current president and the vice president sitting in the white house, members of the congress in the senate & the house as well as the military pentagon. never thought the iraqi war is such a dirty business behind the scene. those profiteers scamming our tax payers' money like no tomorrow. my god, how the heck the america has become since 9/11? the picture has also become more and more clear that the 9/11 incident was indeed an inside covert job conspired by these people who created an inhuman tragedy as an excuse to make a war for profit, they've found a disgusting way to claim the so-called war on terror to profit themselves by ripping off and gutting the america inside out. by watching this movie, my patriotism has totally turned cold and died. these people privatized the war and asked the american people to sacrifice the lives of their sons and daughters for their own selfish gains. how stupid we are, being constantly fooled, [...] and still support such evil regime.
    for all the scenes and contents in this documentary, there's only one small part that i didn't quite agree to: those hired hands and families blamed the deaths of their friends and husbands on the companies were too one-sided. they admitted that the main purpose of seeking employment and going to iraq was for the MONEY. these people surely had signed a waiver when signed up. they knew the risk and danger they were gonna face. before their husbands died, the risky money they made from their risky jobs must be huge and they must be very grateful to those companies that gave their husbands such outrageously profitable jobs. THEY KNEW WAHT THE RISK THEY'D TAKE BEFORE GOING TO IRAQ. but once their husbands were killed in the war zone, they turned around, hired lawyers to blame and sue the employers. for what purpose? you know, i know and everybody knows it. why these profiteering companies would pay you 100 times higher to drive a truck in iraq? if it's just milk runs, why they have to pay you so much? why you go there? because the money is too good to be true. don't point the fingers to those shameless companies when things didn't go your way, okay? you people are also so disgustingly shameless, trying to use the patriotism big word to conceal the real purpose of seeking employments from these profiteering companies, because you're also the profiteers of this iraqi war, only the sudden deaths of your husbands and sons cut short your profiteering time, that's all. now, you people are trying to sue those companies, even they have to pay you some money outside of the court, what they pay you are still coming from we american tax payers' pockets, because no matter what, these companies won't pay you off out of their own earnings, because by paying you off, it only gives them another opportunity to charge back to their american government, the pentagon. the cost plus trick will never end. so give it a rest, if you guys really love your country. and the majority taxpayers really need a break here. ...more info
  • On Target
    Clear, convincing and supported by evidence, "Iraq For Sale" is well organized and well presented.

    I think most Americans have already heard a lot of the information presented and have accepted the national news reports as true. This film exposes the enormity of the profiteering and outright fraud associated with the military/industrial complex. Of course this is not new. The same was done during the Viet Nam war. Where there is war there is profiteering for the few and calamity for the many.

    I hope something can be done to stop this evil process. I have heard that other countries, such as China and Russia, are upgrading their forces to protect themselves from expected United States aggression. Much of the world thinks America is planning to rule over the whole earth using the same excuse as did the ancient Roman Empire (PAX ROMANA or Roman Peace). This means peace by destroying all opposition.

    What a waste of human resources - even if another world war does not follow as a result.
    ...more info
  • get shocked, out outraged
    As with any made documentary, it generally portrays a point of view, and comes up with thin slices that support that. This documentary does does present a point of view : of how the Iraq war is being turned in to mind boggling profits for mighty corporations who are sleeping in bed with republicans. And it presents a lot of facts to support that. Testimony of how Halliburton was running empty trucks, endangering the lives of its employees (who are not entirely blameless) to bill the US government (you and me). Of how Halliburton would blow up a brand new 100K truck with a flat just so that they could buy a new one.
    There are lots of things happening in Iraq that are illegal. But what shocked me most is the use of private contractors for Military Intelligence gathering. So you are putting a person (Contractor whose primary motive is profit) in charge of a job that affects the lives of American Soldiers, you are essentially endangering American lives. And the blame lays squarely on the Repbulican Leadership and their friends in Halliburton, KBR, CACI etc.
    I hope, now that both the House and Senate is controlled by Democrats, that an investigation is launched, and the crooks running these companies are brought to book, prosecuted, sent to jail and the companies are forced to shut down.
    I was left with the feeling that I have blood on my hands. Of Iraqis civilians and American soldiers, because for so long we chose to be hoodwinked by the crooks now running this country....more info
  • An eye opener
    This DVD is very informative and shocking. A must see. Very well documented. ...more info
  • Iraq for sale: The war profitters
    Excellent documentary !!!! I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in how our goverment is corrupt . Its all about making money at the tax payers expense. ...more info
  • If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!
    First off, this isn't a film that denigrates our armed forces. Nor does it get into a discussion as to whether our invasion of Iraq was justified. The point is very simple, the war in Iraq has been outsourced in the most callous and greedy fashion imaginable; generating billions of dollars in revenue for a number of corporate contractors; while putting American civilians and soldiers at risk.

    Many documentaries tend to pile on, making point after point until the viewer wants to cry out "enough already, I'm convinced!!!" (for example "The Corporation", which would have been a much better film had it been 20 minutes shorter). But Iraq for Sale presents its witnesses and facts with such clarity that you can't help but want more.

    Active duty and retired soldiers (from all levels of the chain of command), civilian contract employees and surviving family members provide the most compelling voices for the filmmakers; along with the usual think tank representatives and business execs. And then there are the statistics. Sure, you can bend numbers to make your point, but some numbers are more compelling than others. Consider for example the fact that in the last four years, the price of Halliburton's stock has quadrupled. Could the billions of dollars in Iraq-related contracts have anything to do with that?

    What so many people seem to forget is the fact that the corporate/government cooperation model does not always balance well. What's good for government is not always conducive to profit generation. And on the other hand, what might be good, solid management and cost control for a corporation could have disastrous ramifications for government. Take for example a field cafeteria for troops in Iraq. Good business suggests that it's more economical to serve meals at set times. But that creates a situation where soldiers are waiting in long lines at regular intervals in the day. How long do you think it takes for an insurgent with a mortar to figure out when is the best time to attack a base like that?

    But if only it were that simple! Factor in the $45 cans of Coke, the $99 bags of laundry, the lives put at risk by sending trucks on dangerous routes with minimal security and you have the makings of a true scandal. And did I mention the bacteria-infested water provided to our troops by Halliburton? Is it right to risk lives to cut costs?

    Watch it, buy it and loan it out to your friends! This is a scandal that has not been discussed nearly enough. "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers" may be one of the most important films of the decade....more info
  • Pretty Good
    Actually, this film was not bad at all and I am glad I purchased it. Originally I thought the film would be confusing given the nature of its topic, but I was pleasantly surprised. The director did an excellent job of connecting the dots in a reasonable amount of time - about 1 hr and 10 minutes. There is also information in the film on how to take action so one is not feeling angry and helpless at the end. Definitely worth the $19 dollars all together. ...more info
  • A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This movie should be seen by everyone, everywhere, NOW. You will never look at government and war in the same light. But you will definitely understand why we are at war, why we will continue to be at war, who benefits financially from the war, the enormous ties that corporations have with the government, and why the military is getting the SHAFT. This movie is fabulously truthful, enlightening and brave! WATCH IT and then tell everyone you know watch it. If you're not used to the kinds of "non-conformist" information in this type of movie, make sure you open your eyes, ears, and mind before viewing. ...more info
  • Didn't realize I had only one day to view this movie
    I rented a download of this movie to watch and record on my Tivo with the understanding that I had 30 days in which to view it, but that once I began viewing it, it would "disappear" from my Tivo current listings in 24 hours. I noticed it on my Now Playing list the first day but didn't have time to watch it. The second day, it was gone. I was very disappointed and apparently didn't understand all the conditions. Won't do that again. I have no idea about the movie since I didn't get to see it and don't want to pay for it again. ...more info
  • Good
    Good product and delivery, but the actual DVD story is quite boring and disappointing really...........more info
  • War profiteering gone wild
    For all Americans to see, especially those who are still supportive of the war. People are dying. The cause is not just. The only ones benefitting are the war profiteers. America has got to wake up, seek truth, and respond accordingly.
    The film should be seen by all. If it were, maybe we could prevent
    the needless death of additional Americans and Iraqis.
    ...more info
  • Greenwald is a moron, but better than Moore
    First of all, if you have not been to Iraq, you have no idea what is really going on there. Sadly, Greenwald went to Iraq and some how got the idea there were unhappy contractors and soldiers there.
    Gee, that's not what I saw and I just got back Feb 08. When I saw this film, I was hoping for something a little more along the lines of "Why We Fight", more info on "shooter" type contractors such as Blackwater USA, and more of an expose of PMC scams such as the Custer Battles deal and more.
    What I saw was a great deal of boring dialogue about a single KBR truck convoy incident. Again, Greenwald missed the intended mark. As if those guys thought Iraq was going to be a pic-nic, it's a war zone for Pete's sake.
    Again, Greenwald takes a topic the public should know more about (waste and fraud and such in Iraq), and cleverly disguises it with a smoke screen of a film that bores you to tears with stuff you already knew if you watched the news. Big hit, Greenwald.
    I saw happy soldiers, contractors and Iraqis where I was. There are some things going on out there not in the news that Greenwald could have easily uncovered. Obviously, that was not his intent. Clearly, his intent with the films I've seen has been to muddle and confuse issues. Truth be told, we're probably not going to see a real expose of stuff going on in the GWOT, and Greenwald is playing his role as a (mis)information operation agent....more info
  • Cronies of war
    This Robert Greenwald documenatary shows the results of military privatization and the experience of this war for regular Americans. Not surprisingly, it's not a pretty picture. 1 star deduction for OK production quality (but heck, the guy works on a budget)5 stars for content. With these popular and widely acclaimed documentaries Greenwald is clearly providing the American public with what it wants and needs but does not get enough of from it's major media institutions. In recent years the documentary format has become an invaluable counterbalance to a cowed and subservient corporate media fearful of ever present charges of a mythical liberal bias and commited as ever to not really rocking the boat.

    In addition to Greenwald's good work, there have indeed been many excellent films made on this war as well as important issues directly related to it. Some highly recommended include:
    -FRONTLINE: THE DARK SIDE...more info
  • Actually it's America for sale and it's a no-bid contract
    The war dribbles on, hundreds of billions of dollars dumped into the Iraqi sand, over a hundred thousand people dead, millions made homeless, Halliburton stock triples, Bush has his hair styled, Cheney shoots caged birds thrown from the bed of a pickup truck, heroically I guess or ain't it fun to watch the bird bodies splatter? Meanwhile, somebody somewhere has that "Mission Accomplished" banner. It should go for some serious bucks on Ebay someday. Karl Rove is writing his memoirs: "There's a new reality, the reality of power. Power makes its own reality. (And I--I!--was at the pinnacle: indeed I was the Power and the Glory. Myself. Me.)" Rumsfeld ditto. But Rummy writes of "shock and awe" and how the generals in the field bungled his best laid plans. And soon George W. himself will be writing his memoirs. The advance will be several million. The lies will probably not exceed that number.

    Of course there is no way that I at my computer can find the words to really make clear the stupefying waste and the horrific immorality of what the Bush administration has done in the name that was once America. Robert Greenwald's documentary does it better, much better by focusing on the profiteering by KBR, Halliburton, Blackwater et al. He uses the camera to show the images of human carnage, of the weighty mass of trucks and equipment, of Bush administration officials lying through their teeth on TV, of Bush himself strutting, waving, smiling. There are graphs of profits going up, up, up, street level shots of the stately office buildings of the profiteering companies, silver and glass, sunlight on well-tended lawns. Condi and Rummy, and Dick and Bush lying, lying, and lying some more. And for what? Cheney will be dead soon himself. Bush will be bored (perhaps to drink), their ill-gotten millions of no value to their dying souls.

    I liked the way Greenwald predicted the Blackwater scandal, more or less with his focus. (You should check it out.) All those macho guys with their military pensions in their back pockets finding Soldier of Fortune jobs at Blackwater, toting their guns, shooting the enemy in self-defense, making an additional six figures a year. Pallets of hundred dollar bills forklifted off of military transport planes...

    Well, Greenwald didn't get THAT shot (too bad), but he did show EMPTY trucks, a convoy, on an Iraqi highway (paid for as LOADED according to the contract). The contract of America with Halliburton. Halliburton with America. What's good for Halliburton is good for America. He shows the hundred dollar a meal meals contracted for those inside the Green Zone. It's surreal and then some. We airlift the PX, the movie theaters, the gym equipment, the computers, the TVs, the Pepsi Cola--well, actually Halliburton was able to substitute some local Iraqi cola at a fraction of the cost. We create a virtual reality army base inside Baghdad where our forces can hang out in safety. Who gains? Those doing the transporting.

    More than any war in history, this documentary shows the influence of privatization. With no-bid contracts, of course. Bush hates big government. The way to reduce government is to make it go broke. How do you do that? You create a useless war and sell the contracts to your buds at inflated prices. It's amazing but this is what has happened. And Greenwald documents it.

    Problem is, this fine documentary will be lost in the vast sea of information that we ourselves are lost in. Hide in plain sight is what the profiteers have been able to do. Your stock triples, it's reported on the five o'clock news and in the pages of the New York Times ("our paper, man") but who can see it amid the myriad details of other stock prices or of the endless parade of other numbers, and words, words, words. A billion dollars lost here and there. Pentagon accountants clueless. Just another story on CNN, spun out of sight by Fox News.

    You can watch this without the sound. The images tell the story.

    This is another fine piece of work by Greenwald. He also directed Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War (2003) and Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (2004). He does a great job with the visuals, the interviews, and the narrative.

    I have one tiny criticism. No captions. No English subtitles. Every film and documentary on DVD should have subtitles. That way we can be sure of the exact phrasing of the lies....more info
  • the end should have begun
    The end would have fit better at the beginning of the film and,
    the filmakers should have gone straight into cost-plus contracting right off that bat and given a bit of historical perspective on how cost-plus is NOT the way things have been done with DOD contracting, as a soft and slow rule, untill just recently. The "crazies" have given the store away to a bunch of subcontractors and all they are obligated to show is the receipts.
    This must come from so much pork, for so long, that people smart enough to grown rich off this porcine tradecraft begin to beleive they are rich because they are smart. And dangerous the dim mind be, in group think such a 'thing' takes on a life of its own, moving of its own volition.
    For every dollar spent is a dollar borrowed, at interest.
    For this I give it 4 stars, whereas the content, in its sleepy order, deserves a 5.

    For a well hydrated Double Feature Made In Heaven this should be taken with Why We Fight and a large glass of water....more info
  • Truly eye opening...
    While I didn't believe the reasons for "war", it was truly eye opening to see WHAT REALLY goes on, and who IS profiting from it all...all at the expense of American, Iraqi, and lives of many other innocent people from all over the world. Let the TRUTH be known, and spread throughout the world, that this "war" was all based on LIES!...more info
  • It's like the best and worst of America went to Iraq.
    I was very impressed by this documentary. I expected another low budget agitprop hit piece with a lot of grainy video, growling synthesizers, and the interviews bouncing between the same three people over and over again. This documentary actually gives liberals, conservatives, and everyone in between something to really think about without insulting anyone.

    So, I was surprised at just how professionally this film was done in all respects, from the editing to the interview subjects and the story that was told. It was ironic to me that almost to the day I recieve this DVD another major incident involving contractors in Iraq hit the news.

    What I appreciated the most was the calmness (for lack of a better word) with which the story was told. I didn't feel like I was being manipulated by stupid video effects or other propaganda techniques. Also, this wasn't some knee-jerk hit piece on the Iraq war itself or on President Bush. It was a detailed and almost horrifying look at perhaps the one aspect of the Iraq war that makes in unique in American military history, and that is the extensive use of contractors hired to work in conjunction with the military.

    Furthermore, it wasn't even knee-jerk in respect to contractors in general, but rather picked its battles very carefully with certain contracting companies in certain contexts and situations.

    The lessons I took away from this documentary are as follows.

    First, multiple chains of command don't work.

    Second, there are certain things contractor/mercenaries should never be allowed to do.

    Third, if we had a larger military, and could send more military people to Iraq, a lot of the bad stuff in this documentary never would have needed to happen.

    Fourth, it's like the Iraqis got to see the best and worst of America at the same time: the heroic soldiers who really belive in their mission, and the "war profiteers" who in the worst case seem to care about nothing more than grabbing as much money as possible.

    Fifth, if I had to go to Iraq, I'd likely be safer in a military unit than with a contracting company.

    Sixth, war is too important to not be left to the generals, generals with enough troops that is.

    My only disagreement was with the emphasis on no-bid contracts. I understand that when an enemy army is defeated and our troops first roll in to hopefully restore order, there just isn't time for the painfully slow formal bidding process that is typically followed when the government awards contracts. In this situation, if I were the president I'd call my trusty cronies, give them money, and get them to work as fast as I could. But then of course, there must still me mechanisms to hold contractors accountable regardless of how the contacts were awarded.

    All in all, one of the best political type documentaries I've seen.
    ...more info
  • Must see "Iraq for Sale"
    If you believe everything you hear from the media about your government, then you need to see "Iraq For Sale." It is obvious that America has been yet duped once again to do the dirty work so that the rich and those to aspire to be, can further line their pockets. It is shameful that our military people have sacrificed life and limb to help make others rich. We should be outraged!...more info
  • Let the truth be known!
    This movie clearly demonstrates the terrible actions of corporate and governmental American with regard to our soldiers (who they claim to support) and civilian personnel in the war zone. In previous 'wars' it was illegal to make obscene profit from war and in WWII the people at home actually had to make changes in their lifestyles to provide raw materials for the armed forces. See the tragedy in progress, be mad as hell, and help do something about!...more info
  • Everyone on Earth should watch this
    Everyone on Earth should watch this. It's very enlightening, showing you the profit driven nature of the war in Iraq. Anyone who supports the war MUST see this, yet unfortunately, they probably won't. I showed it to my mom, who is an avid Bush fan, and she shrugged it off saying, "That happens in every war. Corruption is always present." One thing she obviously failed to realize is that corruption is not acceptable, and if she supports Bush and the war, then she shouldn't want the corruption....more info
  • Everyone and their mother is a war critic. We went to IRAQ for WMD and to free its people, not for OIL OR PROFIT!
    The Iraq war is the most controversial debate of the 2000s. Some say we went to free its people , some say it was for Oil, some say it was for Halliburton... whatever your stance is just remember that Iraq is now free and liberated.

    Back in 2001 the Iraqis stole 2 planes and attacked the twin towers in New York because they hate our way of life, DICK CHENEY said so! And why would Mr. Cheney lie to us? He's an honest man with good intentions. But anyways, CNN and Fox told us how Iraqis used box cutters to hijack planes and kill innocent people. So a few months later we went into Iraq to catch the bad guys and stop Sadaam Bin Laden from planning more attacks on the Americas!!

    Anyone who says Iraq is just for profit or for oil is just a conspiracy nut that listens to Alex Jones!! Pres. Bush and VP. Cheney had us invade Iraq for only good reasons! WMD and to free its people.

    Plus, we didn't sacrifice much after 9/11! I mean look at all the positives the War has brought us!:
    Warrant less Wiretapping
    Bankrupted our nation
    4,500 dead US Soldiers
    millions of dead Iraqis
    Blank Checks for Halliburton
    8 Year of the Bush Administration
    No WMD

    For good politics avoid Alex Jones and watch CNN or listen to anyone who speaks positively towards Mr. Bush and Pres Obama!...more info
  • How to get rich in Iraq at the expense (and misery) of others
    What's the war in Iraq really about? Is it about helping a country recover from an oppressive regime? Maybe it's to help establish a new sensible government. Or could it be about making huge amounts of money no matter what the consequences? Well, when it comes to private contractors working in Iraq, Kuwait, and other nearby areas, it is definitely all about the money and nothing else.

    Just some of the companies getting rich off of the war on terror include Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR (Kellogg, Brown, & Root), Parsons, DynCorp International, Translantic Traders, Blackwater, CACI and Titan. All of the above contractors bill our government to the tune of over 25 billion dollars and American taxpayers are getting financially hammered for a lot of this cost.

    When looked at closely, it is easy to see why the giants like Halliburton get the contracts so easily. First of all, the higher echelon of company management and ownership is amazingly political and powerful and they seem to be connected with everyone in Washington. Secondly, there seems to be no competitive bidding (at all) with other companies and Halliburton's business strategies look suspiciously like a monopoly. Thirdly, when it comes under fire for anything remotely inappropriate, no investigation of any substance is carried out or it is brushed under the carpet. The program does show some testimony from rare congressional hearings on many questionable issues regarding Halliburton and KBR but absolutely nothing is resolved in any way.

    While operating in country in Iraq, as explained in this documentary, there is little if any accountability or oversight concerning company practices of private contractors. There is a surprising (or maybe not so surprising) amount of fraud, waste, corruption, and abuse that goes on as a normal way of doing business in the war theatre. There is evidence to suggest that contractors even have a low regard for the safety and well being of their own employees while in Iraq and surrounding areas. To compound an already detrimental situation, some contractors are there to help support and sustain U.S. troops but the services rendered are inadequate or just plain deplorable.

    `Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers', in my opinion, is a well produced documentary that basically sends a message that war is privatized or is becoming that way quickly. Supporting and strengthening the bulk of this documentary comes from testimony of former private contractor employees, eyewitness accounts of wrongdoing, classified documentation, and video evidence. I believe that all Americans should see this program to see and understand the darker side of the war in Iraq and I recommend this documentary to everyone.
    ...more info
  • Detailed
    I bought it to show in my cloass but it is too much detailed. May get boring sometimes. Not suitable to show in class....more info


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