The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

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In many ways, The pH Miracle is reminiscent of an earlier generation of diet books. Much of the focus is on an intestinal cleansing program, followed by a diet that is 70 to 80 percent vegetables, coupled with a tremendous selection of supplements that authors Robert and Shelley Young recommend to everyone, no matter what their age, gender, or state of health.

The Youngs point their fingers at candida as a main culprit in the poor health of many people. Unfortunately, they back up their claims with only vague references, such as "a 1991 study" and "a leading cancer researcher." Many readers may wish for more specific evidence, but instead will have to make do with enthusiastic recommendations, alphabetized lists of vegetables, and pleasing chapters with vegetarian recipes that taste good no matter how you feel about the diet as a whole.

Sprinkled throughout the book are short testimonials of people who were able to reverse cancer, improve their digestion, and lower their cholesterol by following these recommendations, and it's hard to argue with the cholesterol-lowering results that a 70 percent vegetable diet will achieve. Still, the medical value of much else in the book remains hotly contested, and as always, it's wise to check with your doctor before starting off in search of miracles. --Jill Lightner

Never count calories, fat grams, or food portions again! Say good-bye to low energy, poor digestion, extra pounds, aches and pains, and disease. Say hello to renewed vigor, mental clarity, better overall health, and a lean, trim body. The key? Your health depends on the pH balance of its blood, striking the optimum 80/20 balance between an alkaline and acidic environment provided by eating certain foods. Now an innovative, proven effective diet program can work with your body chemistry and help revitalize and maintain your health. Rediscover the secrets of: * Breakfast, the low-carb, high-fiber meal that will be the biggest change you'll make; * The cleanse--a liquid detox to reduce your body's impurities and normalize digestion and metabolism; *Ridding your body of harmful bacteria, yeast, and molds; *Alkaline foods--tomatoes, avocados, and green vegetables-and how to mix them with mildly acidic foods like fish, grains, and certain fruits to create tempting and delicious meals; *Supplements--how to select, shop, and calculate the right dosage for you; *Water, the all-important drink-how to make sure yours is safe, pure, and plentiful.

Learn how to balance your live and diet with the incredible halth benefits of thsi revoulationary program... The pH Miracle.

Customer Reviews:

  • Diet Advice for the Gullible
    This authors present many of their personal beliefs about the value of an alkaline diet as fact, when there are no studies referenced that back up their claims. Adverse health conditions can occur from either alkalosis or acidosis. In reality, there are health conditions where acid forming diets are often medically recommended, such as in the case of some types of kidney stones and for people suffering from urinary tract infections. Interestingly, a number of studies in recent years have shown that vinegar and coffee, acid forming foods, may help improve insulin sensitivity and thus help control diabetes, a common health problem in the U.S.

    On page 32 of the copy of the book I have the authors state that acidification and overgrowth of negative microforms are the root cause of "every symptom, illness and disease." This sweeping statement alone should make readers stop and think. What about conditions like scurvy, Down syndrome, rickets or a protein deficiency? While acid-base balance of body fluids has been established as a factor in human health, there are many other factors such as adequate vitamin and mineral intake, exposure to infectious diseases, genetic make-up, getting enough sleep, exposure to too much or too little sunlight, stress levels, exposure to toxins etc. that all impact health. It is overly simplistic and unsupported by research that acid-base balance is the answer to every health problem that happens to people.

    One of the reasons Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine teachings have become popular in the West is that they incorporate the concept of balance. In Eastern medicine if someone's body fluids are too acidic, then they should eat a more alkaline diet to bring things into balance and vice versa. In Eastern medicine there is no single diet that is right for everyone.

    Are most people in the U.S. really suffering from chronic acidosis and almost everyone needs a more alkaline diet? Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. You wouldn't really know from reading this book. There are no studies that I could find specifically referenced in this book to back up this claim. As noted above, there are common health conditions such as some types of kidney stones, urinary tract infections and diabetes where research has shown benefits from consuming acid forming foods. The pH Miracle book does list many studies in its reference section, but they are just a list of studies not tied to any specific sections of the text, and most of the titles of the studies didn't seem to have much to do with acid-base balance. ...more info
  • pH Miracle
    I have to say that this is one of the best books I have ever read. I couldn't hardly put the book down. I was very pleased with the service and the promptness of the delivery. Thank You....more info
  • change your life
    With the changes today in how we view our health, this book is great. The need to understand how we can control our own health is without so many drugs and is within these pages. ...more info
  • It Just makes Since
    We are now going on five weeks on Dr.Young's ph miracle and its awesome. The whole family my children included have adopted Dr. Young's practices and we feel great. We have lost weight and inches off of our waist its truly a great way to live....more info
    I was amazed at how accurately Dr. Young described the symptoms I'd been suffering with for so long. I am 32 years old, and I have been suffering with severe back pain, depression, chronic fatigue, poor concentration, and obesity since I was 19 years old. I had tried so many diets and excercise programs, but none of them worked. I had an extreme amount of water retention and my stomach area swelled as if I was 3 months pregnant. I felt so empowered after reading this book! It gives a solution to all the health problems I had struggled with. After 4 days of the plan, I had lost 3 pounds. Within one week, my eyes looked brighter, my hair was thicker and shinier, I had lots of energy, and in general, I felt GOOD. Honestly, since then, I have noticed that even though Dr. Young's plan is very strict, even if you don't follow it exactly, and you do "cheat" now and then, if you just keep with it, you will lose weight and feel better. I am excited to continue the program for life. I have also recently purchased "The PH Diet for Weightloss" and it is also helpful....more info
  • my lifelong dermatitis - gone
    eczema, dermatitis, neurodermitis, whatever you want to call it. i had it. it was all over my body, my skin was red, dry, shedding, oozing, bleeding. since i was a young kid, i went from one dermatologist to the next trying to find ways to ease my pain.
    the last doctor i visited - just a week before i bought this book - told me i had to learn to live with it. devestating news.

    this book turned not only my skin, but my life around.

    there is some comments here, that i have to agree with reluctantly. if you are looking for bullet proof science with decades of accumulated studies and research by well known institutes, you will not find it here. this theory is proven in practice, not in theory.
    the big pharma industry - which usually backs elaborate "scientifically accepted" studies - has no interest in supporting somebody in claiming, that total health can be achieved without the use of any kind of medication what so ever.

    the knowledge shared in this book has the potential to change your life no matter how sick or old you are.

    so many scientific studies have shown how "great" of a remedy the newest creams and patches, pills and therapies offered by the medical industry supposedly are. to me, they where not worth anything. i tried "them all", none did little more than temporarily releaving my symptoms.

    whoever proves in practice that their system works - wins.

    the informationn this book holds has proven to me to be a winner....more info
  • The PH Miracle is Truly an Eye-Opener
    I've been following the very basic principles of this book for about 7 months now. Over the course of this time, and not following it as closely as I should, thus far I have still shed over 30 pounds with very little effort. I had reached the point where I had tried diet after diet with unsatisfactory results. The PH balance theory, as described by Dr. Young, made a lot of sense to me. I figured at the very least to test the water at home (we have a well system and the PH is now balanced to just above 7) and the water at work (bottled--it tested at 6.0). I use baking powder (one alternative suggested) to raise the PH of the drinking water at work. This simple change has to be credited for a lot of the success I've had.

    Another change I have made is to try to avoid any artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame, suclarose, and nutrisweet. The calories in sugar (yes, an acidic no-no) are still better for you than man-made chemicals which are toxic to your cells, and frankly if you consider a teaspoon of sugar has about 18 calories, if memory serves, it's still a fairly negligible amount of calories versus the questionable alternatives to sugar.

    The PH Miracle book, and the companion books by Dr. Young, is an easy to follow guideline. For me, it certainly has been a miraculous find. I plan to re-read it and incorporate more of the suggested changes into my diet. ...more info
  • What to keep - What to throw away
    Beware any book with "Miracle" in the title. Dr. Young claims that Louis Pasteur and the past 120 years of science are invalid. He seems to want to re-invigorate the "Spontaneous Generation of Life" debate that was put to rest with Pasteur's generation. He claims to have seem the DNA of microbes present within humans change to that of another microbe within the matter of seconds. His entire system of health is based on this one idea: that microforms change from benign to hostile organisms in our body based on whether our system is predominately acidic or basic - our Ph balance. If acid, look out, because even our red blood cells can change into dangerous microbes. Almost any human ailment can be traced to this one source - from headaches to cancer - according to the author. I am skeptical of this idea. What I have found useful in this book are the tables that give the relative values of protein and other nutrients in our diets. Perhaps this material can be found elsewhere? Dr. Young is advocating a vegetarian diet. I do not think his underlying justification is useful. It is difficult to judge what is useful and what is not, when the underling principle being advocated on every page seems so implausible. ...more info
  • Give it a try before making judgement, the results speak for themselves.
    My dad highly recommended this book and the way he has been talking about it to all his friends, made him seem like some kind of cult leader. At the time I had all kinds of health issues and didn't know why I always felt so bloated. I did actually think the things my dad said about the book made sense. I read the book and found that I agreed with most of the things in there. I decided that I had nothing to lose and started doing the diet with my dad's help and encouragement for 2 years. The most amazing thing is that my sinus problem that I had for the last 16 years miraculously went away. I could not believe it. I had been breathing through my mouth for nearly all that time and all of a sudden I could breathe through my nose again. There were other benefits too, my skin was glowing healthily to the point that all my friends asked me what I was doing. I no longer felt bloated, in fact I never had to jump on the scales anymore, I always knew that my weight would be exactly the same, my ideal weight that I'd been striving to achieve unsuccessfully forever. I also have to add, I rarely get sick since I started following this diet. In the last year I haven't been following the book as strictly, I allow myself little evil treats every so often and I know I pay for them.

    Unfortunately, I'm not very good at convincing anyone to follow the facts in this book, only people who are already interested in health and well being. I only want to share this amazing book with anyone who really wants to take a positive and guaranteed step towards better health. There are no secrets to being healthy, it really comes down to what your mother always told you, eat your greens!.. and lots of it. The answers are really often staring us in the face. It really is hard to resist the temptations of modern day processed food, so it's all about mind over matter. This book should not really be seen as a diet, more like a way of life, the healthier life.

    For those of you who do read this book and go on to follow what it suggests, congratulations, on your good health. ...more info
  • A Self Help Book You Can Use
    Dr. Young has put the many pieces of the self-help, health care puzzle together for everyone to understand and use immediately. His facts are simple, when your blood is acid that fosters disease, when your blood is slightly alkaline, health is restored. Dr. Young book basically tells us to eat 70-80% vegetables with 70-80% of those raw. He recommends you clean your system with 4 quarts/liters of pure water per day. Once you are healthy, an ounce of protein at a time would be ok. There is much more to understand and this simple description does not replace reading the wealth of information in his excellent book. I have been a chiropractor for 30 years. I have a PhD in nutrition. Much of this is not new, just put together well. I find this information the most helpful in 40 years of studying (and teaching college level students for 17 years). I only state my background to rebut the detractors who have written reviews against this book. After seeing thousands of patients, I understand first hand what health care poviders know, people will not change their ways unless they think they are dying and then it is hard to get them to take better care of this miracle of a body. I follow Dr. Young's book with excellent results. Family and friends are having excellent results and I am buying more copies to share with yet more family members and friends who have health problems that persists. You only have to look at the current state of health of the American public. Disease is rampat no matter what name you give it. We all know those who have passed-on with dis-ease is many organ systems, why the dis-ease? Restoring alkalinity to the system just makes sense. The bottom line is if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired you could try Dr. Young's plan to see if can restore your health. Do not take my words or the words of anyone else, your health and life may be in the balance. As Dr. Young describes, your urine should be slightly acid or neutral. Buy litmus paper at a drug store and check yourself for acidity. How acid are you? For about the cost of a fast food meal, Dr. Young's book may be the best investment you make in your quality and quantity of life. Three other very self-helpful books I use in conjunction with Dr. Young's book are, Eat Right 4 Your Type by Peter D'Adamo, naturopathic physician, The Pulse Test by Arthur Coca, M.D., and Bloodtypes Bodytypes and You by Joseph Christiano. Only you may be able to discover what helps you if you have a health problem that persists. Hopefully the information in one or more of these books will help you:) ...more info
  • The pH Miracle
    I have spent over 25 years balancing research on and use of integrative or complementary medicine processes to achieve and maintain health. I actually came to the Young's book by accident when I was verifying that I was not at risk for some health issue as a result of drinking our well water which at the time was high alkaline. Amazingly, during that time of high alkaline water, both my husband and I found that health issues we each had had for years were disappearing! I first found the results of the Japanese government into the health benefits of alkaline water and establishing an alkaline environment in the body. Those reviewers who dismiss the Young's work lightly obviiously did not evaluate the pages and pages of references they give to research in this concept. I approached the Young's work with a set of evaluatory criteria and a basic "does it work when I use it" requirement. I am impressed. Even adopting some of the most basic tenets of this approach to nutrition can have a significant effect. And it can happen with just changing basic food and water intake even if you never buy as product from the Youngs or attend a seminar. This is truly self-help at its best and achievable even by folks on a limited income who cannot afford expensive and sometimes less useful supplements. Give it a try if you want to feel real energy and healing with relatively simple self-care!...more info
  • Wonderful book!
    This book is a great reference for those needing to understand the nature of acid/alkaline in the body. The writing is clear and well considered and the case for alkalinity is compelling while never hysterical. The information is presented in a very accessible way and case histories add a valuable experiential dimension. I've recommended the book to many friends, healthy and unwell, I'm totally pleased to have found this book....a true gem. ...more info
  • Everything you eat is bad except vegetables!
    As far as the content of information in this book it is very informative but the diet itself is not realistic. Everything is bad to eat except, vegetables and those for the most part should be eaten raw. Tufo and a little fish are the only other things besides beans and legumes you can eat and they have to be very fresh or their bad. Even most fruits are bad for you. Even condiments like mustard, ketchep, steak sauce, soysauce, salad dressings, pickels, that's all bad!

    After reading this book, I actually was a little depressed. I want to improve my health but not like this. I can't go around chewing raw veggies and maybe getting some fish a couple of times a month. Part of the human experience is enjoying foods and different kinds of them. I think this is more for people that need a drastic life change from a health ailment that they have. The one thing I do believe about this book is that the main course of your meal should be vegetables, then small amounts of meat and starch. Also, I will try to stay away from microwaving foods as much as possible. I think Jorge Cruise has a more sensable diet plan and if your looking to change your diet to a more healthy one you might want to look at some of his books....more info
  • good and bad
    There is great common sense info here. Eat more veggies, i.e.--alkaline YES!! It will make you feel better. I just wish there was more REAL science in this book , and there is a lot of info that is just not true. Acid is not a dirty word. The stomach is acid for a reason! And the skin which he incorrectly asserts should be alkaline--(look at the products on his website) also maintains a slightly acid mantle for a reason---it keeps out bacteria. I am a health freak, so I love it when someone advocates a healthier, vegan, more alkaline lifestyle. But, I also want accurate, scientific, thoroughly researched info without ANY agenda. And, alas, I can't say that is what this book offers....more info
  • Helped change our lives!
    Its not until we changed our diet for at least a month that we realized how so much of our life, happiness, activities, etc are tied to our eating habits.

    We are now on a 80%veggies 20% carbs + proteins diet.
    ...more info
  • information +
    Nicely written. Very informative and with accuracy. A real must for those concerned about good health!...more info
  • My Digestion has IMPROVED almost immediately within 5 Days!!!
    I have tried to do a Raw Food Diet for about 3 months but it was a little too extreme for me to maintain on a regular basis because of society, friends and family.
    When I transitioned off a fast, I started thinking I needed more proteins (eggs/chicken) I fell of the wagon and did a 180 back to overeating and lots of animal meats/fats and started smoking again!

    This book has help get me back in that mindset again.
    I dont think I can live as a vegetarian... however this book provides valuable information for modifying your diet even if you dont want to give up meats.
    For example, he discusses food combinations and suggests that eating meat with starch is bad. Since I've started doing this i noted much better digestion almost immediately. I only eat veggies with meat if I have chicken/beef, but only once in a while can i have a starch with meat but only on rare occasions.

    Dr. Young also suggests getting away from the typical American Breakfast of eggs/bacon and encourages veggies or soup for breakfast. I started doing this and have grown more accustomed to this. I havve sprouted protein tortillas with avocado and olive tapenade with spring greens and cucumber for breakfast. Its very delicious with a cup of black tea in the morning. Its a nice change from oatmeal, butter & sugar in the morning or fatty bagels and eggs or panakes that are too heavy on the stomach after fasting over sleep. The idea is to consume more water-based and alkaline based foods to balance out your Ph Levels.... ie) More Veggies!

    The science behind this is true in many ways from my experience.
    I once suffered from Acid Reflux. When I went Raw Vegan last year my allergies and depression faded, but since that is too extreme for me I can at least follow a Ph Program that can give me similar results and one of the big problems this is targeting for me is Bad Digestion.

    So if youre afraid of being told to go all vegetarian but cant seem to do it, this book will at least open your mind up to making vegetables more as the main course rather than meat for optimizing the alkalinity of your body and improving digestion.

    I havent even finished reading the book but..........
    The bloating, indigestion, gas issues I've had are improving also with probiotics recommended by the author (i didnt buy his products, just had my own probiotic) and elimination isnt a problem any longer. I plan on getting the PH Strips to test my drinking water as well and my levels internally to see where I'm at.

    I notice I eat less now and my cravings for sugar are slowly subsiding. I cant wait for the pounds to drop now.

    Buy the book, take what you can and apply what feels right as long as youre health is improving. ...more info
  • Useful but flawed.
    I have felt some of the benefits of adopting the Young diet - but I do not believe that these results can be ascribed to the causes postulated by his theory. The theory that alkaline means energy (and that acid means energy deficit) is simplistic and is unsupported by credible evidence. I do not believe in the efficacy of Robert Young's patent medicines. I have found that sodium bicarbonate has equally beneficial 'alkalising' effects - at a fraction of the cost. Fundamentally, Robert Young is advocating nothing more than a routine healthy diet. But he tries to disguise this fact with pseudo-scientific jargon, unsupported assertions, a paucity of real evidence and an array of unnecessarily expensive commercial products of doubtful efficacy. Nevertheless, the type of diet which he recommends may well produce some beneficial effects....more info
  • Things we must know and are not being told....
    I loved this book. I learned things that we should all know and are not being told by traditional ways in this modern society. I think everyone should read this book and just become aware of what we need to know to be healthy. It is written in a very understandable way....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    When I bought this book I thought it was going to give recommendations for a balanced diet that is good for your Ph levels. What I got was an all-out assault on meat, dairy, and fruit. Here is a very brief review of this book for anyone who doesn't have the time to fill their head full of garbage. Your diet should basically be nothing but vegatables, grasses, and a small amount of grains. If you eat meat, fruit, or dairy your body will become very acidic and little microorganisms will grow in your body and slowly eat you from the inside out. You shouldn't eat more than 25 grams of protein and you don't need to worry about calcium intake because only meat-eaters need extra calcium.

    This diet is only for strict vegetarians and hypochondriacs who are afraid of being eaten alive by invisible fungi if they eat meat, fruit or dairy. This diet will make you loose weight because you're eating less than 1000 calories a day. It will make you lose muscle mass from lack of protein and you will get the cool side effect of having green poop from all of the chlorophil.

    The purpose of this book is to scare you into buying the author's supplements while taking advatage of the Ph theory and capitalizing on people's fears. Don't be a sucker and fall for an idiotic diet that is one of the hardest diets to follow, very unbalanced, and could potentially be dangerous to your health....more info
  • Acid and alkaline
    I'f you're serious about your health, you will probably be interested in learning about how to balance acid and alkaline in your system for optimum health....more info
  • Valuable Information But Be Careful!!!!!
    I've learned a lot from this book, and it really changed the way I view food. Basically, according to this book, almost all the food I have been eating is bad for me, even fresh organic fruits that contain natural sugar (apples, melons, etc...), because sugar feeds the bad bacteria in our bodies.

    From what I've gathered, the ideal diet would be to eat raw fresh organic green vegetables picked from the garden and consume within a few days. Fortunately, it is okay to cheat and have a treat once in awhile, such as once a month. The "treat" can be fish for dinner or something like that. I was open to the concept, but one thing that I think Dr. Young needs to mention and mention again and again, or maybe he did and I missed it, is that every one of us is different. Our body absorbs food differently.

    Although it did mention to consult my doctor before changing my diet, I completely forgot that I am extremely sensitive to iodine intake. I can't even take the recommended dozage for a healthy person. I have to keep my diet extremely low on iodine, otherwise, my thyroid would become overactive.

    While reading this book, I changed my diet to 70% raw vegetables, did the colon and liver cleansing, and started taking the Garden of Life Perfect Food and Daily Multi Supplement for Women, taking flax seed oil by the tablespoons, and drinking more water. Little did I know, the Perfect Food is FILLED with iodine and the daily multi supplement, too. I got real sick with symptoms of hyperthyroidism and liver dyfunctions.

    I gave the supplements to my acupuncturist who was also taking a different brand of green powder. He took a look at the Perfect Food (the green powder) without reading the label and smelled it. Immediately, he said that I can't take it because it contains too much iodine for me. He took one recommended dozage, and told me that he can taste and feel that this green powder contains a large amount of iodine. I don't believe he is taking it anymore after trying it once. This explains why my hyperthyroidism returned after being in remission for over a year.

    Although I do recommend this book to everyone to read, but if you are going to change your diet, you need to keep in mind that your body is different than everyone you know and don't know. I recommend paying attention to your body and getting to know your body and food. As Dr. Young suggested, consult your doctor - someone who believes in healing through what you eat. Many doctors don't appear to believe in curing illnesses through food and herbal supplements. This is why I consulted my acupuncturist [...].It is always best to get the nutrition you need from eating fresh organic food rather than taking any type of supplements.

    I am really glad that I read this book, and I am doing research to tailor a diet that will work best for me. I believe we all need to find a diet that works best for us as individuals. Good luck.

    This book and recommended supplements worked great for someone who I encountered and his brother. He was the one who recommended the book and the supplements to me. After getting on this diet, his brother was healed from an illness that no doctor could diagnose, and he was healed from his inability to breathe through his nose due to allergy. Unfortunately, I got the negative reaction. I hope sharing my experience will prevent others from experiencing what I have and am. Good Luck....more info
  • WORST book ever!!!
    This is the WORST book that I've ever read!!!
    The authors are COMPLETELY UNEDUCATED in the
    fields of chemistry, science and medicine.
    They advise their readers to DRINK HYDROGEN
    PEROXIDE, which is a POISON and there is
    NO ANTIDOTE for it after ingestion. It
    will KILL the CELLS and lining of one's
    stomach and ALL OTHER ORGANS, just to name
    a few of the serious health problems that
    it will cause. ABSOLUTELY INSANE and totally
    SO-CALLED LOUSY book. It's a BIG WASTE of
    your time and precious money!...more info
  • The hard work does pay off
    This "diet" has really helped my husband. After years of being in pain with gout-like symptoms (he does not have gout but he does get flare ups that are very similar to gout) this book has helped him get to a point where flare ups are about once a month vs several times a week. He does not follow it 100% and he does not take the supplements. He does though follow the 70/30 rule about 98% and he takes his own supplements which work for his body. He has had increased energy and has lost weight without losing muscle mass. I cannot say that this has been easy. Eating that many green leafy veggies is not what most of us are used to. However, if you can really get yourself in the mindset that you are going to do it and be committed - it is well worth the results....more info
  • Essential to your Health!
    You will not regret buying this book -- it is one of the better ones out there. There are "doable" steps to bringing your body into balance, building into a flexible and tasty diet. I had a condition doctors said would never change (in my blood), but through bringing my body into a healthy pH, the condition disappeared. If you really want vibrant health, you must take your body's condition seriously and educate yourself -- start making changes, no matter how small. You will only wonder what took you so long!

    I also recommend, "Your Body's Many Cries for Water."...more info
  • a PH Miracle for life
    I have been following this program for 2 1/2 years. I was dealing with numerous health challenges, some quite serious. I started this, quit drinking coffee, soda, eating meat and have never looked back. My extreme acidreflux was gone in a matter of days. I lost 28 pound in just under 3 months, my rosacea I have suffered with for 5+ years is completely gone. I have strangers tell me how beautiful my skin looks and I no longer have flare ups, I get facials, peels and go in the sun! My liver and digestive system are working again! This program may sound complicated, but it is not. It is the simplicity of it that makes it work. And puts all the responsibility in your hands for your health. I have fired my Doctor!

    Excellent book I would recommend everyone buy it and try it for 12 weeks and see your life change before your eyes!
    ...more info
  • get this book
    if you are serious about being healthy, or just educating yourself about nutrition i can certainly advise that you buy this book. Follow its advice and you will feel and look amazing. i had a friend turn me on to it and we are both loyal followers....more info
  • pH Miracle
    Wow is all I have to say. This book is amazing, and it reads well, too. I love the recipe section in the back as well. Highly recommended!...more info
  • It is a pleasure
    In The pH Miracle, book I have read a good amount of information. Enough to help me make significant changes into my eating habits. The book has a lot more information than I have ever expected to find in an unexpensive source.
    The information was eassy to understand even though I have no medical training nor have I ever taken a biology class.

    The price I got from the vendor was below any one else in the market.

    Thank you....more info
  • Great Results! Doctors don't like him because you can be healthy without raking out the dough!
    What a great program and an interesting book to read! Dr. Young has recently been attacked by many doctors who claim that his educational background is not as strong as theirs. Even if he didn't graduate from Harvard, what separates Dr. Young from the likes of many doctors is that his program actually works! While Doctors continue to prescribe high priced medication whose side effects are often worse than what they are treating, Dr. Young gives you a whole body health plan combined with the science of medicine that produces little unpleasant side effects and at a fraction of the cost. Doctors claims to know it all but medication is constantly being recalled and often medication is only released after 5 years of study. Rarely do doctors actually study the principals of nutrition. So, Dr. Young doesn't have a top degree, but who really cares when his program works! These doctors who criticize him and thumb their noses at natural cures, aren't the ones who are sick. People often turn to natural methods of curing themselves when the medication fails them. People wouldn't stick with it, if it didn't work and it certainly wouldn't have a huge fan base if it didn't. There are a whole bunch of quacks out their and med school students should be cautious as between the good doctors prescribing natural cures, there's many prescribing quackery. Dr. Young is not a quack. If you follow his program, you will likely be much healthier than popping a pill. I ask you, what's quackery:
    1. Doctors prescribing a simple pill or combinations of pills to get better?
    2. Or Dr. Young's method where you actually have to work, and make changes to your lifestyle and eating habits to be healthier?
    Medicine prescribes an easy way of thinking of things (pop a pill) which fits with what consumers wants, however it often makes people sicker than if they would follow a more natural route meaning (change your diet, and lifestyle) but htat's not what someone who goes to Gabby's and buys a $3.99 bucket of fried chicken and two slabs of bacon wants to hear. No, they want to eat their bucket of fried chicken, go home and pop a pill and have all their problems dissapear? Whose the quack now?
    Dr. Young's loyal fans are behind him and they are behind them because they themselves have experienced results that last as opposed to being told (by faulty test studies done by pharmeceutical companies) that they will get better when they in fact do not.
    Follow Dr. Young's method and find yourself feeling, energetic and healthier.
    If you are sick, you should follow his method to getting healthier and by doing that, you have the opportunity to get healthier and be free of some of the health conditions that are effecting your life. ...more info
  • Too drastic
    This book was not helpful to me in balancing my diet. It requires that you completely change your diet to eating grasses and stuff that you cannot find in my little town. I did not find it helpful at all....more info
  • Disappointed
    I read this book with great interest, as I thought the acid/alkaline balance in the body was the answer. But when I tried the supplements, especially the hydrogen peroxide I had problems. When I FINALLY found foodgrade hydrogen peroxide, it said it was for external use only. I still used it as instructed, but I had such severe symptoms that I felt I should discontinue the treatment. I was not sure that it was safe.
    It should not be so hard to find the supplements required for this theory to work. And I wonder why we can't heal ourselves by a healthy diet alone rather than taking a rash of supplements that aren't easy to find?
    I couldn't even find the supplements the author supposedly sells via his website, so I gave up. I am trying The Omega Diet instead. ...more info
  • If only everyone read this book...
    ....America would be a better place to live. Somewhere in history the propaganda machine kicked out important nutrition information that was largely based on private interests. And now, here we are; sick, tired, diseased and frustrated with life.

    This book makes sense. Before reading, however, question your beliefs...and not just the ones you WANT to question...question all of them. Then, you'll find it easy to accept Dr Young's suggestions. The most obvious one to question was that about breakfast....I don't know why breakfast is some over-sugar'ed bowl of cereal or pop-tart in America.

    Start with the cleanse. It'll reset your sugar cravings and help you understand the mental component of food, eating and hunger. You'll find during a cleanse that you have more energy than ever, feel light and free, and yet still, somewhere in the back of your mind, some part of you BEGS for food. It's like a little monster that exists within your mind...but don't worry, after very little time, it is starved to non-existence, along with you belief that eating food is in important part of your every day social life.

    Read this book and then recommend it to others....more info
  • Great info!!
    I read this book and started doing some of the things suggested. I started out the first week dropping soda, then the next week coffee while at the sametime adding a green drink, veggies and less fruit. I felt better. So I started going off of meat this last week, I tried tofu for the first time and its not as bad as i thought it would be if bought flavored, I tried italian blend. Total in 3 weeks I have lost 7 pounds and 2 inches! I dont have very much weight ot loose so that probably all I will lose but the results are impressive. I dont need as much sleep as I used to. I used to fall asleep around 9 while watching tv now its midnight and I am just starting to dose off! I am so not a night owl! I am now! I am up to 2 green drinks a day, have alot more energy that I used to. I really feel that I can stick with this and keep a healthier way of life going. I havent done the cleanse yet but I am soon. The thing I am amazed about is that I am not craving junk food, coffee, tea or soda. I really thought the coffee would be a struggle but I am doing great! He does say that once you get used to the way of eating you will loose your cravings. I will say the only negative that I have had is an increased grocery bill from buying fresh veggies. I can live with that!...more info
  • great product & service
    This is a very good book! The world needs to follow these basic principles for eating better and regaining health. I personally prefer THE pH MIRACLE FOR WEIGHT LOSS version. All the same basic information, however, it goes into more depth in the weight loss version. To your good health....more info
  • Theoretical ideas, impossible life style
    I ordered this book based on a conversation with one of his fanatical devotees who claimed him to be the next Jesus. I tried the diet, but found it to be impossible to do. It is the most draconian diet I've ever seen and I've seen a lot in my 59 years.
    I even agreed to speak to the guru himself, who charges $10.00 a minute for a phone consultation. He must be a very modest guy to charge such inexpensive costs for the privilege of hearing him impart his wisdom.
    While there is some truth to his advice about nutrition, much of it depends on whether you believe what he says. For example, he says to avoid corn because "it has mycotoxins." I read exhaustively on the Internet for information lending credence to this tenet, and found nothing to prove that corn consumption will place the consumer at risk for mycotoxin poisoning. Likewise, his advice on meat consumption, which claims that all meat carries a host of "microforms." Although I am a total propenent of a natural lifestyle consisting of abundant vegetables, Young's theory forbids all fruit, condiments of any type including vinegar, pickled foods, cereals, dairy products of any kind including eggs, meat of any kind, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam. The diet is impossible to follow, I repeat, unless you are a complete fanatic....more info
  • The pH Miracle, Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health
    Dr. Young has raised the bar for eating & reclaiming our health! I now feel I can be in control of my own health & well being! ...more info
  • Changed my life!
    I have been dealing with some health issues for over a year. After reading this book and implemeting the Program, the results have been nothing short of miraculous. I have never been happier, healthier, clearer, or filled with more energy in my entire life. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to understand their health and how it relates to every other area of your life!...more info
  • Impove your health
    I trained under Dr. Young as a microscopist. Part of Dr. Youngs knowledge that is a part of The pH Miracle was his ability to watch as the red and white blood cells improved in quality and function as individuals began to eat healthy foods. As the blood improved in quality and function, health always improves. In "The pH Miracle: Balance Your Health" Dr. Young gives us knowledge that allows us to improve our health if we are strong enough to break away from our bad habits and move to better choices in our diet and lifestyle. My health definitely improved as I followed suggestion from the book....more info
  • A great book!
    I will not write too much about this book. But it is great.
    (If you want to see my full review of the Ph Miracle, look for my book review on the Ph Miracle diet for Weight Loss. I present it all there.)
    This is a fantastic book and program.
    When you see Rob present his findings in person, at one of his retreat conferences, he is quiet fascinating.
    The program works and it changed my life!
    Rob and Shelley are wonderful people that are good friends of mine.
    And this is a great book.
    Five stars!!!
    Thank you so much Rob and Shelley!!...more info
  • Exceptional nutritional advice!
    No one says it better! Dr.Robert O. Young and his beautiful wife, Shelley, not only are perfect examples of this life style, but they dedicated to helping others do the same!...more info
  • Good general nutritional ideas gone amuck
    Contains many well corroborated general guidelines regarding improved diet and nutrition. However, the author often takes these guidelines to the extreme. Discerning readers will carefully consider his recommendations before implementing them. Yes, cooking in microwave ovens probably should be avoided especially by health compromised people but they are very much in use in Russia today- they were reinstated ten years before the copyright date. And I doubt that microwave ovens render meat protein useless. Also, Dr. Young seems to have too many proprietary interests which of course raise questions about potential conflicts of interest and, therefore, the validity of his dietary claims.

    I tried to confirm a few of his stated "facts" by trying them myself;I could not. Use common sense when you read about corn, peanuts, and mushrooms.

    I am juicing green vegetables daily and love it. I expected more from a Ph.D. ...more info
  • LISTEN!!! for anyone who read the reviews about Dr. Young's lack of cred
    This book is full of amazing health advice that, for the most part you already knew (you just didn't know exactly why it was healthy). Yes this diet, if followed word for word is difficult. WHO SAYS YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW ANYTHING WORD FOR WORD. Fundamentalist religious people don't even follow their book of choice word for word. Take what works for you and make it work for you. Super hydration, and green supplements are essential for our malnutritioned society. Eat more green vegetables. Eat higher water rich foods. Lower your intake of refined sugars (and fruit juice that averages 50 grams of sugar per serving!). Are these pieces of advice that need credential backing. Listen, If you asked ten ivy-league educated doctors their opinion on any given health issue, you would get ten different answer, maybe more depending on what drug company they are more closely linked to. BE LOGICAL. The majority of this book is irrefutable. The rest, as with any new theory you'll have to exercise faith. Which, by the way is what you're constantly doing with western medicine....more info
  • excellent information
    there's information here that may seem odd, but it does check out with common sense. I think there are major benefits to trying out the ideas, although can't get myself to go whole hog on all of them...more info
  • The Ph Miracle
    This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their health!...more info


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