Milton's Secret: An Adventure of Discovery through Then, When, and The Power of Now

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For the first time ever, bestselling author Eckhart Tolle brings the core of his teachings to children, ages 7 to 100. Beautifully illustrated and artfully expressed, this charming story will bring joy to children and their parents for decades to come.

Milton, who is about eight years old, is experiencing bullying on the school playground at the hands of a boy named Carter.

Because he is being picked on, Milton no longer enjoys going to school. In fact, he dreads each morning because of his fear of Carter.

By discovering the difference between Then, When, and the Now, Milton is able to shed his fear of being bullied. Living in the Now, he no longer dreads encountering Carter¡ªand this changes everything.

Milton's Secret will not only appeal to the millions of adult readers of Tolle's other books, but also to any parent who wants to introduce their children to the core of Tolle's teachings: Living in the Now is the quickest path to ending fear and suffering.

Customer Reviews:

  • Review provided by Australian Publisher of Children's Spiritual Books
    Milton Secret - Book Review
    We were provided with an advance copy of Milton's Secret and here is our review (as provided to the publisher, Namaste Publishing).

    As an Australian publisher of children's spiritual books we receive an abundance of questions from parents, retail outlets, spiritual teachers etc from all over the world. The number one question is ...have we published or do we know of any childrens' books that reflect Eckhart Tolle's wisdom? We can now assure them, `To Look No Further'.

    Perhaps once in a decade a book like The Power of Now comes along. The author Eckhart Tolle, now brings the philosophy in that book to a young audience with Hampton Roads co-founder Robert S Friedman. It is truly wonderful that the message is now readily available to children through Milton's Secret: An adventure of discovery `through Then, When, and the Power of Now'.

    Eckhart Tolle has a simple message for everyone--"Living in the Now is the truest path to happiness and enlightenment". Milton's Secret brilliantly reflects the teachings of The Power of Now, in a language and storyline suitable for young children and is enhanced with the visionary art of Frank Riccio, illustrator of The Little Soul and the Sun.
    The setting and mood for the story is familiar to many children who have experienced or seen bullying. When Milton is bullied at school he retreats into himself, worrying his family. Milton's grandfather patiently convinces the boy not to dwell on the past (Then) or the future (When) but on the present (Wherever you are, that's the Now). The story doesn't end there, it skillfully presents new characters whilst validating the Now such as the cat Snuggles or the ice-cream lady who shows Milton how to feel the Light (The inside of the Now).
    As children follow Milton's adventure they see first hand how he learns to stop projecting his past fears into the future--and live simply and happily in the moment. What a golden opportunity to demonstrate to children that there is no such thing as `What If?' - there is only Now!
    Congratulations, authors Eckhart Tolle, Robert S Friedman and illustrator Frank Riccio, you have brought the message of The Power of Now to children worldwide - what a wonderful gift you've given.
    Milton's Secret - I believe the best secret about this book is that it's going to be a hit with adults, too!

    Review By: Julie-Ann Harper
    Pick-a-Woo Woo
    Publishers of Children's Spiritual Books
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  • Great Intro to the Power of Now, But a Bit Wordy
    Eckhart and friends deserve credit for creating one of the few non-denominational spiritual books out there for children. Anyone interested in mindfulness, and OK with discussions of 'light' as opposed 'God', will appreciate this book. I did find it a bit wordy and overly philosophical/intellectual at points - trying too hard perhaps to be true to Eckhart's adult teachings - but that is a minor flaw.

    My only other comment is that it is classified for 4-8 year olds, but I would say it is best for the upper end of that age range, probably 7-10. My four-year old is pretty mature, but this was a bit too wordy for her to follow, the plot required a lot of explanation (she doesn't know what a bully is, or a sixth-grader for that matter), and the concepts of When, Then, and Now were difficult. It did engender discussion of what it means to be 'in the now' however, and I look forward to reading it to her more when she is older....more info
  • Perfect for kids!!!
    My 7 year old daughter really loves this book. It does a great job of explaining the power of now so that children can understand. It has a really neat story that captures the imagination. Excellent! Parents need more books like this!...more info
  • A children's picturebook that teaches a basic yet invaluable lesson from Buddhism
    Milton's Secret: An Adventure of Discovery through Then, When, and the Power of Now is a children's picturebook that teaches a basic yet invaluable lesson from Buddhism - that rather than stress out or obsess over what has happened or what will happen, there is value in living in the moment. Young Milton is an ordinary boy who loves his pet cat, but he is plagued with worry over a school bully and other problems. 'If he ever tries to hurt you again, promise me you'll tell your mom or dad at once, and you should also tell your teacher.' 'Okay, I promise.' 'When did this happen?' 'Yesterday.' 'I see, yesterday. That was When it happened. But it's not happening now, is it?' 'Of course it's not happening now. But I'm worried he'll try to do it again.' 'If he does, it will be Then, won't it? You're worrying about Then and thinking about When. Aren't you forgetting something? Then and When are in your head. They are not here Now, are they?'" The colorful illustrations bring this thoughtful parable to life, and help communicate an insight that readers age eight to eighty and beyond can benefit from. Highly recommended.
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  • I returned this book
    Although we have great appreciation of Eckart's work and have read most of his books, this book and its theme was a great disappointment. We also shared it with a friend who is a native German and she felt the same way. My wife's father was also born in Germany. Their opinion was that Eckhart came from a German background and this book reflects an (hopefully) old paradigm of German attitudes toward childrearing that does not reflect Eckart's current approach to life, but has an underlying basis of hostility towards children acting as children. Our friend's 21 year old daughter also read it an also felt it inappropriate for children.

    Secrets, not sharing problems with parents and magical thinking are not healthy approaches to anything for children.

    We were all appalled with its content, and recommend the Sarah Series by Esther Hicks as much more useful and appropriate for children. We could never in good conscience give this book to our grandchildren....more info
  • The Power of Now for Kids
    This is a great book for anyone who has been moved by Tolle's philosophy of living in the now and escaping the trap of obsessing on the past and the future and wants to introduce this simple concept to their children. For any parents there,like myself, who have been transformed by this idea and wanted to get their kids onto this path early on, this is the book to get started. Loved it....more info
  • Not exactly as expected, but...
    To create an awareness in youngsters regarding influences coming from the outside, I feel this is a beneficial read. I had read a review from elsewhere, however, and my expectations were not quite met but only because I expected it for a little bit older child. Graphics are good. The message is important. ...more info


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