The Secret of Letting Go

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Llewellyn is proud to present the revised and expanded edition of our best-selling self-help book, The Secret of Letting Go by Guy Finley. Featuring an attractive new cover and fresh material, this Finley classic has been updated inside and out.

With more than 200,000 copies sold, Guy Finley's message of self-liberation has touched people around the world. Discover how to extinguish self-defeating thoughts and habits that undermine true happiness. Exploring relationships, depression, and stress, his inspiring words can help you let go of debilitating anxiety, unnecessary anger, paralyzing guilt, and painful heartache. True stories, revealing dialogues, and thought-provoking questions will guide you toward the endless source of inner strength and emotional freedom that resides within us all.

"There is something profoundly healing in the way Guy Finley talks to us, as if he understands what we have gone through and what we are now capable of."
°™Hugh Prather, author of Notes to Myself

"Guy Finley is one of the most respected people in self-development because he guides the seeker's soul with common sense, humor, and ultimate spirituality."
°™Linda Mackenzie, general manager,

Customer Reviews:

  • Entertaining, Inspiring and Enlightening
    Guy Finley's book was a pleasant surprise. He has created an entertaining book, by sharing stories that lead to personal enlightenment. More important than anything, The Secret of Letting Go provides powerful observations, suggestions, and exercises that can help release emotions that weigh heavy on one's life. My expectation is that anyone reading Guy's book will walk away feeling happier and more peaceful and be better equipped to deal with the challenge of negativity (in a much more productive manner) -- ultimately experiencing lasting change. Peggy McColl, author of the New York Times Best Seller Your Destiny Switch

    ...more info
  • Gave up two-thirds the way through.
    This is the most horrific self-help book I have ever ran across. The writing style is difficult to even read. Seemingly insiteful sentences and paragraphs are nothing but gibberish. It is like listening to a bhuddist monk that has had way too much to drink. There is no logic in the progression, interjections and points seem tangential. The stories he uses as analogy are pointless, far-fetched, and nonsensical. I kept returning to the book in the hopes that it would start making sense, or even become readable, and I made a concerted effort to 'stay with it', but eventually just tossed it into the Goodwill pile, saying 'enough is enough'....more info
  • Letting Go!
    I have read many books on the subject of letting go, but this book has helped so much in understanding what it is to let go and be free of. I must confess it took me quite a while to work through this book. It is so thought provoking that I could only take in short pieces at a time in order to absorb them, but it was well worth the effort. When I open it at random now, there isn't a single page that doesn't offer a profound truth that is worth reading and absorbing all over again. In fact that's exactly what the author suggests: to pick out ideas and work with them. I do, and perhaps the biggest recommendation is that, every time I do, I am tempted to start reading the book all over again. Another book I found just as profound but much easier to read and understand is Understanding: Train of Thought....more info
  • Great ideas, but unreadable
    After trying to read this book for the last 3 years and not being able to get through one chapter, I am forced to say that the ideas are wonderful, but to be honest, it's very hard to focus on! I found the question/answer parts of the book annoying. This is sad, because these are great ideas, they just don't translate well in his books. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of As A Man Thinketh or A Rich Man's Secret - you'll do much better and you won't need the asprin!!...more info
  • My review
    I am almost finished with the book and am feeling a little perplexed.It can be somewhat hard to follow for a novice like myself and sometimes I feel like I have to have the consciousness of a zen monk to understand certain parts of it. Parts of it go way over my head in understanding.I have a whole library of self help books and find this one to be inspiring and uplifting, but it leaves me wishing I could understand it more because I feel the power of the message meant to be displayed is immeasurable.There are little stories throughout the book that help the reader to understand the message more and these are the only things helping me stay interested. I have never been able to release even after trying the Sedona method and the release technique and was hoping this book would finally help me to understand how to do so.I feel I am no closer to understanding how to release now than I was before I started reading this book.I still have a few chapters left and hope by the end I can gain some sort of an understanding....more info
  • Great book
    Guy Finley's THE SECRET OF LETTING GO is one of my all time favorite books...more info
  • Letting Go
    Secret of Letting Go
    A good read with plenty of ideas and suggestions for moving forward....more info
  • A Life Changer!
    I thought this was an amazing book. Here we are running around this planet looking to satisfy some kind of constant disatisfaction that we all have and Guy shows us how to instantly dissolve all of our inner discontent. He shows us to the path of instant peace. Most other self-help materials try this round-about approach to happiness but it's just more confusing and frustrating. Guy's techniques are very straight-forward and instantly usable through his no b.s. approach. If you're looking to finally get rid of that internal nagging that you should be doing something, you should be trying to get something, or that you're just plain miserable...Get this book and it will change everything...Instantly!...more info
  • Not enough info
    I bought this book on the recommendation of a friend and I have not read it yet....more info
  • HUH?
    I must be a simpleton. I have a masters degree and I found this book to be so twisting on the mind. How many times does one have to read this book to understand what can be in my opinion expressed in a much simpler and easily digestible way. Best I go back for my PHD. The secret to my letting go is letting go of this book. Apparently others think so because you can buy it at used prices starting at 50 cents....more info
  • Not enough info
    I bought this book on the recommendation of a friend and I have not read it yet....more info
  • Somewhat useful
    .... The subject content is simple and straightforward enough: Let go of self-defeat and release your inner strength. What really annoys me to no end about this book, and why the book wasn't very helpful at all, is primarily his obnoxious writing style. He writes like this throughout the book: to NOT be aware of what you DON'T want is in truth what you CAN'T change. And you're shaking your head, what did he just say there? So, you spend more time than you should translating these ridiculous double-negative inverted statements into something simple, as they should be, that makes sense. I am currently re-reading the book to try and understand what he's really saying. I found Anthony Robbins book, 'Unlimited Power' to be clearly written without all the verbal game-playing, and much more helpful in content....more info
  • Clear, Authentic Teachings, Appreciated by the Millions Who Decided to leave their Past Behind
    This Book has been a Miracle for myself and so many of my loved ones.

    It provides the One Answer that will always change your inner (spiritual) conditions for the better. You can always Let Go, and let silence show you a new life without it.

    In a world of Hype, Pop-Psychology, and Spiritual Sensationalism, It is a breath of fresh air.

    If you are tired of Spiritual Entertainment, Promises and Crowd-Pleasing Hypnosis - This book teaches you how not waste your life, and also how to Work. Spiritually. Productively.

    I hope you are one of the lucky ones, that is starting to suspect that the real "secret" is to not NEED any form of control, to be at peace with your life.

    Everything else that can come, will come, naturally.

    I wish you good fortune on your true path. Get started today....more info
  • Not helpful at all
    I have had this book for a little more than two months and am not even half way through it. I was hoping for council and advice but if it's in this book, I can't find it. The book is so difficult to follow because it is so poorly written. I have had to re-read sections because I couldn't figure out what the author was saying. He uses very obscure similes and metaphors to compare things which caught me off guard and caused me to take extra time away from the reading so that I could figure out how the ideas were related. It is very difficult to follow his writing style. It was a complete waste of money and I'm sorry I didn't read the other one star reviews before I purchased this book. Their information was very truthful....more info
  • Peace and Enlightenment
    First of all, if you have not yet read this book, Please Disregard the negative reviews. I can speak from my own personal experience that this book provides one with enlightenment and peace needed in any life-changing situation. At the time that I purchased this book, I was suffering very deeply from a painful relationship that I had just ended. It was a case in which you know that it's good that the person is out of your life but a part of you is afraid to continue life without them and the cold touch of loneliness is unbearable. Your inner self is wrapped up in this stronghold that causes you to dwell on the hurt and disappointment, replay the negative thoughts,and be afraid to face another day because the pain overwhelms you (yes, I was feeling that low). In spite of my circumstance, however, Immediately after I began to read this book, what I was experiencing began to make sense. I was able to 'see myself' in Guy Finley's words, and then I began to truly understand that all of my fears were false. Finley makes you Understand your emotions and that "Letting Go" is a Choice that one makes. Guy Finley's purpose throughout this book is to help the reader to understand the power of the mind and adapt the successful way of thinking and analyzing one's self and one's reactions. The author's style of writing is very simplistic and has a spiritual basis. Before reading The Secret of Letting Go, I was always skeptical of self-help books, but now I must say that this book will truly help you free yourself of any unwanted situation and progress towards greatness in life....more info
  • Heavy, but hard to read
    Some great thoughts and truths. GOood stories as examples, but it was way too abstract for most readers, certainly for this reader....more info
  • Great positive book
    This is a great positive book for anyone who is hanging on to troubles, problems or the past. Guy Finley shares the secrets of moving on and living in the present. The benefits of the repetition in this book are many. If someone reads a passage and doesn't relate to it, they may relate more closely with the next story in the book. By story, I mean factual cases where people have improved their lives by letting go of past angers, problems, mistaken beliefs, superstitions, etc. and learned the value of "living in the now".

    I bought three more copies to give to family members and friends, but may need more, as I find many people living in the past, or hanging on to unhealthy patterns in their lives.
    ...more info
  • Excellent book for a "letting go" era + moving on
    Guy Finley's strategies for coming into present time are so very welcome in these most turbulent economic times. He shows us how to identify and release fear and our false selves, those mental constructs that can keep us running in place, afraid to go forward while knowing there is no going back. His exercises show the reader how to make wanted changes....more info
  • I LOVE THIS BOOK - it's so helpful!
    I bought this book a week ago and just cannot put it down. A good friend recommended Guy Finley's work and it is changing my life. I can't believe I finally stumbled upon someone who truly "gets it." The ideas he talks about are so simple and deep at the same where you laugh out loud and say "of course!" to yourself and then reach for the highlighter. Like this -- "Anything that you have to control, controls you." How's that for honest wisdom. I'm determined to really take my time as I go through this book because these are not just quick fix, feel good ideas where you get pumped up as you're reading the book but then have no idea how to make it a reality in your life -- I'm so tired of that. Every page I read is helping me to see how I've been a co-conspirator with my pain, which in a weird way is such a relief, because I'm starting to see the possibility of not being dependent on anyone or anything to make me happy. Here's another great Guy Finley-ism -- "The inner determines the outer." I'm really enjoying thinking through what the author is saying and have yet to come across anything that doesn't ring true. The book is opening up a whole new door in my awareness of myself and I'm just so grateful to have come across this treasure trove....more info
  • A Powerful Timeless Message.
    The Secret of Letting Go is one of those great works that becomes an instant classic. It has not only withstood the test of time, but it has helped inspire and elevate the consciousness of all who have experienced its timeless message....more info
  • Wonderful Book!
    What an amazing book! All I can say is everyone should have a copy, it's definitely a MUST read!!!...more info
  • Gentle Introduction to Timeless Principles...
    "The Secret of Letting Go" is a gentle introduction to mysticism, nonduality or "The Perennial Philosophy." Finley is an expert at avoiding confusing terminology and new-age pap and gently introducing timeless and true spiritual principles to the beginner. Yet it is not without value to those who have had some experience with the nondual perspective. Of all Finley's books, this is probably the best....more info
    I wasn't happy with Mr. Somewhat Useful's comment. How he can compare Guy Finley to Anthony Robbins is beyond me. They are in completely different leagues and shouldn't be compared at all.

    Guy Finley digs deeper into the hows and whys of life rather than pumping people up in a short-lived motivational fashion (like Anthony Robbins). Guy gets you to really see yourself and understand why you should let go. He talks about HOW to let go and this is one of the only books out there that has given me several "Ah-Ha" moments.

    Mr. Somewhat Useful also didn't understand the concepts in the book (nor can he write) so it's no wonder that he couldn't read it. Maybe "Hooked on Phonics" would be best suited for him (and others like him) before he would be ready for something like what Guy Finley has to offer....more info
  • Excellent
    I really enjoyed this book and I would Highly recommend it along with FREE YOUR MIND by Anthony Stultz. I think the make a good team for learning to let go....more info
  • Letting Go Review
    This book is not easy to follow a definite scheme of things and while it is full of useful information, I did not find it a clear step by step approach to implementing theories. It may have more appeal to a definitely more intellectual person, but for the average person's use, it is not an easy read....more info
  • Simply Brilliant
    I have read hundreds if books in a similar vein over the past few decades, thought I'd heard it all...but Guy Finley has truly surprised this jaded New Yorker with his simple yet to-the-point ways of expressing these not-so-simple truths. Love his stories, his analogies, his metaphors, so much so that I have ordered all his other books for myself and friends. What a treat, just when you think there is nothing new under the sun on this topic, Voila, it appears...why didn't I find him sooner? I would have saved lots of money on other books to say nothing of my aging eyesight! ...more info
    One of my all time favorites.
    As a seeker of Wisdom and Truth, I've read many books and this one sits at the top of the list. Please don't miss it. It will change your life in ways you never imagined....more info
    It is one of the best books I have ever read. I recommend that everyone who is interested in changing their lives for the better to read it. ...more info
  • Amazing and life-transforming. Really!
    With simple stories that have deep impact and insightful lists for self-improvement, Guy Finley has helped me find my higher self indeed, and to release old thought patterns that were weighing me down (usually without my own knowledge even!). Well-written with great wit and charm, this book should be required reading for ANYONE who is SERIOUS about self-improvement! Thank you, Guy!...more info
  • Wordy yes....useful yes
    This book is one of many I've read that is based on the Zen principle of seeing our attitudes and projections clearly. "Letting GO" does go on for far too long about the topics discussed. And it won't tell you how to change your life in ways that are objective...How to tell your boss you want a raise isn't covered, nor is how to know when to cut your romantic ties. What it does tell you is how to rest a lot easier in your own skin. The lengthy approah allows for a bit of introspection to take place. This will frustrate the person who expects to be cured of their insecurities just by reading the pages and repeating their jargon to the right people. It is however more accessable for the average person who would rather contemplate a simple fable than a Zen Koan. Buy the book and read it slowly. Living each chapter is harder than it looks but an intriguing exercise in observing how you really live your life. If you like the book's basic premise but would like to move up to something that engages the intellect a little more, try Pema Chodron's "When Things Fall Apart"....more info
  • Practical advice that's changed my life
    I have read many books claiming to have to ability to change my life. Well this book didn't claim it, but that is exactly what it did. And the true reason this book changed my life is because it pointed out the one simple fact that many other authors fail to state and demonstrate as clearly as Mr. Finley -- any change that I want to see in my life has to come from me. This change of focus meant the difference between wishing I had a different life and actually experiencing a different life by simply letting go of what I couldn't see was holding me back....more info
  • Guy is a clone of Vernon Howard.....not the real thing!
    Letting Go was ok, but lets face it sports fans, how can you let go when you are still reading mind monkey books that tell you to let go? Guy was a student of the late great Vernon Howard. Guy should just sit back and enjoy his green without trying to posterboy the wisdom of vernon....more info
  • Relax and let go.
    Finley describes a problem that has always cut me down; no matter what how I tried to "fix" certain areas of my life, the problem remained. Gradually I decided to basically give up, it was just my nature. Letting Go is such a relief, and "smacks" of the truth, that there is a higher level to our existence that is accessed by letting go. Simply put, we may regain this part of our true nature by paying conscience attention to our thoughts and weeding out the negative and impractical ones. Letting go means rising above your thoughts, watching them from your true essence. Living in the present moment, above fear, remorse, resentment, etc., is how we are meant to live....more info
  • Helpful, enlighening and inspiring...
    This book is fresh with insight into daily stress. It has helped me to better understand my negativity-- which is the first step in beginning to live a free and happy life. Guy Finley eloquently and thoroughly explains why we suffer and what we need to do to free ourselves from it. I recommend this book to anyone who truly wants a peaceful, happy life....more info
  • The Secret of Letting Go
    Guy Finley filled his book, The Secret of Letting Go, with examples and stories that illustrate his concepts of how to let go of all the emotional baggage that drags down our spirits and often makes life a painful journey.

    Finley says that we "don't need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding; and that's how this book will help you accomplish your lifelong dreams of being truly strong and independent." He explains that our inner selves are like hot air balloons, always trying to soar, and we hold them down by not letting go of the "angry attitudes, wasteful wishes, [and] harmful habits" that offer false promises of strength.

    The book includes nine chapters, with titles like "How to Defeat What's Defeating You" and "Dare to Let Go and Live As You Please." Finley starts most chapters with a story, then uses the story to help explain his general philosophy. Further explanations are offered in the form of specific questions and answers, some of which are drawn from workshops he has conducted. Each chapter contains a list "special insights" to help readers apply what they have learned to their own lives.

    Readers are also given questions that will help them understand the messages their inner selves have for them.

    In his forward to the book, Desi Arnaz, Jr. writes that "Guy Finley takes the Wisdom of the Ages and uses it to gently coach his readers to heal the places in their own minds where psychological problems originate." He adds that "It equips a human being with an entirely different set of qualities that transforms stress to serenity, anxiety to assurance, and doubt to decisiveness."

    Finley emphasizes throughout the book that we are not what we think we are, that we are in reality someone far greater than we have so far imagined. The answers to what keeps us holding on to self-defeating attitudes lie within us. The Secret of Letting Go is for everyone interested in understanding how they can free themselves from all that keeps their lives tethered in unhappiness and defeat....more info

  • The Premise is Assuring
    To be honest with you, I didn't really understand the parable in the beginning and the book really didn't stick through all of the cobwebs upstairs (maybe too much salt water), so I had to re-read it again. But I wouldn't hesitate to suggest it for reading, because I think that just the premise will be re-assuring to those in any barefooted search for truth or escape from fear or whatever it is that's tripping your lights man. He has a very crystal clear vision and that's why I am currently re-reading it. I suggest you read it a few times until it sinks in. Big Guy's got it going on man. also has a web-site and gathering in Oregon. BY-JOVEY, THIS MAN IS ON A POSITIVE MISSION....more info
  • Surprise! Surprise!
    I originally bought this book when it came out in 1990 thinking it would help me let go of a relationship. My heart was broken. To my surprise, it not only helped me with letting go of the relationship, it helped me to let go of lots of other "stuff" that was keeping me S-T-U-C-K!! I refer to it often. Bless you, Guy Finley. Your insight is invaluable. This book is a perfect "10." HIGHLY RECOMMENDED....more info
  • Ask and it is Given...if you Let Go
    I'm a voracious reader of books about manifesting our desires: Ask and it is Given, The Secret, I'm Rich beyond my wildest dreams, and so on. I believe Christ saying that if you command a mountain to jump to the sea, and you believe in your heart you will see your command manifested. But how could I know that my faith is real? How could I know that I believe in my heart? By... letting go! If I let go and let God, then I believe. Letting go is the proof that I believe I have received what I asked. If I hold my concerns about my desires, if I don't let go, that holding is an indication of my desbelief. Why this is so? Because the Father is Who does the works....more info
  • Help for life
    We all have things in our lives that we wish we could get rid of. Guilt, stress, anger, loneliness, defeat and many other things huddle around us daily.

    But how to replace these emotions with the good stuff, the good feelings --- that's the hard part. And that's where this book will help.

    It's written in an easy-to-grasp style and with understanding and compassion.

    Unless your life is perfect, you can benefit from reading this book. It's unique in the way it's presented. Even if you only discover how to replace one bad, painful emotion with one good one, it's worth the price.

    Recommended....more info
  • Wisdom of the Ages, condensed and readable
    I loved this book. If you've ever wondered why you're depressed, angry, worried, stressed, and you're not even out of bed yet, Guy Finley tells you why. He gently leads the reader through a growing understanding of how your own mind is playing tricks on you, actually betraying you, and how you can finally call its bluff. If you make this book a matter of serious study, it can completely change your life for the better.

    Highly recommended!!...more info
  • The Secret of Letting Go
    Guy Finley's "Secret of Letting Go" is an invaluable resource for anyone who longs for inner peace in a stressful world. The author writes in clear, accessible prose, including parable-like stories to illustrate his points. Guy Finley is a beacon of light in what can sometimes appear a dark and inhospitable world.

    Sara Robinson, Founder info
  • Let Go
    Even though I have read many books on the subject of letting go and letting God, I didn't fully understand how to let go and of what. This book has helped so much in understanding what it is to let go and be free. A very good book, I will refer to many times....more info
  • Helpful recommended reading
    I wish to retract my completely inaccurate poor rating of February 19, 1999. Yes, reading the Bible still stands, but I have read "The Secret Of Letting Go" to understand and it is a useful and helpful book. Start with simple awareness. Just be aware. This will make more sense as you begin to read. I'm glad I bought this book because it is practical and it is the truth. There is a highest spiritual level in man. The Bible calls it the "spirit" of man. He does repeat things, but this is for emphasis and to make sure it's clear to you....more info
  • Simply Magnificient
    This is one of my favorite books of all time because the information in this book when applied really works. If you are looking for guidance to learn to let go of the stuff in your life that is bothering you, this is just the material you are looking for. I can't rave enough about it. It will change the way you look at life and give you the need relief you are looking for....more info
  • my favourite book
    this book made me realize that there really is more to life that it seems. thank you, guy - a grateful reader...more info
  • Finally practical applications of esoteric concepts
    I have read several books by Eckhart Tolle and found the thinking almost too etherial to be of practical use. Guy Finley has taken the very valuable concepts of Tolle and made them accessible to those of us who want to rise above our current level of existance. I look forward to reading the rest of Guy's books....more info
  • Eye Opening Show Stopper
    What a clear understanding of what we are unaware of. This book started me on the path of questioning what was running my life and showed me the steps to take to see it and look for something higher. My thanks to Guy for the clarity of his understanding....more info
  • One of the most helpful books I've ever read...
    I wish I could convey how much I've been helped by this book. The first time I saw "The Secret of Letting Go" (the first edition) I remember thinking, "Hmm... this sounds good, lots of useful information that'll help tidy-up and improve my life." Boy, talk about an understatement... this one little book answered questions and problems that'd been hounding me my entire life... things that I thought for sure were unanswerable. Remember the movie Contact with Jodie Foster? Remember the part where she's traveling through a "worm hole" in space and suddenly comes upon that stunning view of an immense galaxy... and all she can do is whisper to herself... "I had no idea.... I had no idea...!" I know it sounds crazy, but THAT is how you'll feel as you read this book....more info
  • Fantastic book, change your life today!
    From the first words to the end of the book you will be spellbound. The Secret of Letting Go will teach you to reach another level in your life that you didn't know you could. What are you afraid of - get this book, and begin the journey to a new you!...more info
  • Clear, Authentic Teachings, Appreciated by the Millions Who Decided to leave their Past Behind
    This Book has been a Miracle for myself and so many of my loved ones.

    It provides the One Answer that will always change your inner (spiritual) conditions for the better. You can always Let Go, and let silence show you a new life without it.

    In a world of Hype, Pop-Psychology, and Spiritual Sensationalism, It is a breath of fresh air.

    If you are tired of Spiritual Entertainment, Promises and Crowd-Pleasing Hypnosis - This book teaches you how not waste your life, and also how to Work. Spiritually. Productively.

    I hope you are one of the lucky ones, that is starting to suspect that the real "secret" is to not NEED any form of control, to be at peace with your life.

    Everything else that can come, will come, naturally.

    I wish you good fortune on your true path. Get started today....more info
  • Not as good as Vernon Howard
    I agree with the other reviewers who point out that, while the ideas in Finley's book are good, they are derived from those of his teacher, Vernon Howard. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. Howard drew on many earlier writers himself. Unfortunately, this book is nowhere near as clear as Howard's writing, and, well, it's kind of longwinded. If you find Finley's book helpful - great! But if, like me, you were frustrated by a sense that there's something true in there and you can't quite get at it... go to the source and read Vernon Howard....more info
  • Life changing
    A life changing book. A most practical guide to awakened consciousness. It works !...more info


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