The pH Miracle for Weight Loss: Balance Your Body Chemistry, Achieve Your Ideal Weight
The pH Miracle for Weight Loss: Balance Your Body Chemistry, Achieve Your Ideal Weight

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Building on the success of their first book, the best-selling The pH Miracle, in this book Dr. Young and his wife turn their attention to what is considered by many health experts as America?s number one health crisis?the growing numbers of people who are seriously overweight or obese. Contrary to other popular weight loss books, most notably those, such as The Atkins? Diet and The South Beach Diet, that tout a low-carbohydrate approach to achieving weight loss, the Youngs maintain that the primary culprit behind excessive weight gain, as well as many other health problems, is a chronic state of acidity in the body (a pH value below 7.1). Shifting the body?s chemistry to a more alkaline pH, they maintain, will quickly and easily result in the loss of excess weight and the buildup of more lean muscle tissue.

The goal outlined by the Youngs in this book is to replace dieting with a 12-week, seven-step program that is intended to not only rejuvenate the entire body by replacing current blood cells with blood cells "at the peak of health," but also to create an ongoing lifestyle that will permanently keep off the pounds that were shed during the 12-week period. In addition to a rich section on eating tips to create more alkalinity in the body (complete with an extensive list of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus), the book also covers the importance of adequate water drinking, proper exercise, important nutritional supplements, learning how to manage thoughts and emotions that can contribute to acidity, goal-setting, and, for optimum results, a two-week cleansing program. In support of the program, the book also includes a collection of testimonials from people who have achieved significant weight loss on the program?further backed up by before-and-after photographs. With an increasing number of health professionals now emphasizing the importance of proper pH to overall health, the information this book presents is both timely and fairly easy to implement. Larry Trivieri Jr.

Weight loss is not about fat; it's about acid. So forget fat grams, cholesterol, carbs, and calories: reaching your ideal weight is simply a matter of maintaining the delicate pH balance of the blood. And with his 7-step diet and exercise plan, Dr. Young will help you change your shape and shed those pounds once and for all. How- ever many pounds you need to lose before you reach your ideal, healthy weight--10, 30, 100--multiply it by two. That's the maximum number of days it will take to reach your goal with the plan. This revolutionary program explains which foods will help you obtain the best results and how the right type of water can make a big difference. Including a specific exercise plan and menus with delicious recipes, readers will balance their body chemistry and lose those extra pounds for good.

Customer Reviews:

  • Wish I Could Give It Less Than One Star!
    I cannot believe how gullible I was to buy this book. It's nothing but one long sales pitch to buy products from these two jokers. The authors recommend an initial liquid fast that would take you weeks to even prepare for and the last 1/2 of the book is dedicated to recipes with disgusting ingredients that require hours of preparation. A normal person with a family will not have time or money to buy all the organic food and prepare it to be eaten. There is little science in the book and the actual information only takes up less than 1/2 of the book. If you are a vegan or into organic, hard to prepare food then you will love this book. I'm returning it tomorrow....more info
  • If it works for you that 's great.
    I read through this book even though there were many times I disagreed with it. Having a strong science/medical background I find it hard to believe that blood cells 'turn into' other cells and that they are made 'in the intestines'.(Blood is made from stem cells in the bone marrow-and once a cell differentiates from it's stem cell it grows up to be what it is supposed to be-not change.) He also tells his readers that birds reabsorb their urine into their bodies instead of eliminating it. Again, not true.
    Anyway, I do believe in most of the nutritional foundation for this diet (which is the same for other diets)-americans in general eat way too many processed foods made from food with little life left in it. And I can agree that this trend would lead us to become on the acidic side. On a whole, people do need to stop the soda, sweets, etc... and start eating more fats and fresh vegetables from good sources. I also have faith in following a more alkaline diet from previous experience-not from this author. The recipes seem sound and healthy. I'm not sold on 'needing' all of those nutrients. (That did come across as a strong sales pitch.)
    Like other diet books out there, there are exercises and a diet to follow. I think the liquid portion in the beginning of the diet will be very hard for people to follow especially if they go cold-turkey into this diet, from the detox standpoint alone, not to mention that if you have the typical busy stressful american life-you won't be able to 'do' your diet on the hour every hour during the day. I will use some of the recipes. ...more info
  • The pH Miracles Principles Work
    If you want to drop a few pounds and gain better health in the process, read this book. Dr Robert and Shelley Young do an excellent job of teaching the why and the what and the how in an engaging book with plenty of real life examples. Then read a few more books about Alkaline water and pH Balance since you'll need to know more than this to lead a balanced life for the rest of your life.
    ...more info
  • For anyone looking for changes
    I want to clear up several things that I've seen in the other reviews:

    1. Robert Young does *not* own InnerLight. He developed the products and sold the company some years ago. I've been to see him speak, and during that presentation he told us how to skip the supplements, like he does in the book, and mix baking soda in water and make sure that 90% of what we're eating is alkaline. In the book he even tells you how to choose a supplement or how to mix your own.

    2. No one *has* to do the 3-week fast. He shows you the rapid way (3-week fast) but also how to make gradual changes to your everyday lifestyle. He presents a plan for those that are looking to change their lives slowly and those that are looking to change their lives drastically. Both are in the book.

    3. And it is a lifestyle, this is not a diet. This is showing you how to change your life style.

    4. He does *not* advocate staying away from all fats, or fatty acids. In fact, he proposes that we don't get enough of the right fats (omegas, cold pressed oils, etc.) and we eat all of the wrong ones (trans fats).

    5. Robert Young got his degree from the Clayton College of Natural Health, yet he was able to work as a microbiologist for many years. I do not liken his degree to a person who got a degree in Wicker Basket Weaving and is now purporting to be an expert on home repair, or someone who got some other useless degree, hasn't worked in the field, yet continues to refer to themselves as an expert on the subject.

    6. If the idea that alkalinizing is so goofy, how is it that other people are also publishing books on the same topic?

    Having said all that, it's clear to me that there are people looking to make a change and looking to apply effort, and there are those who want to continue to make excuses and complain about how they feel and look. The former can do nothing about the latter.

    I am on the greeny supplements. I know they aren't cheap, but since I stopped eating at McDonalds and Wendy's, I don't notice the cost at all. In fact, my body no longer wants many things it used to gorge on when it was acidic, and buying green things at the grocery store is usually much cheaper than going out for cheeseburgers and sub sandwiches.

    My first six months on the greens led to a 10-inch loss around my waistline. I lost the taste for sugars, junky sweets, crap from the vending machine. I lost these 10 inches, but only 20 pounds. And I hadn't exercised, yet my muscles got bigger. I shrank out of all my clothes! Now that I've read this book, I am ready to implement the other lifestyle changes that are recommended (i.e. exercise and EFAs). I am not as concerned about my weight as I am concerned about feeling good, but if that means I look good too, I'm not going to turn it down.

    There are numerous sources for these supplements; I happen to like InnerLight for the greens, but seems to have good drops, and I've seen other products in the health food stores. For people who don't have money for supplements, remember that, in the book, it says to do as much as you can. Using the cost of supplements as a way to completely dismiss the book reeks of "excuses" to me, and maybe some people just aren't ready to make changes....more info
  • Wake up and smell the Guacamole!
    Do yourself a favor. Buy this book, and read it as though your life depended on it. Guess what? It does! You're not overweight, you're over acid. If that isn't bad enough, your acidic body is now prone to disease. The Young's explain this in a way that everyone can understand. I love the pictures on Pg. 51 that show what happens to our blood when we eat one meal of bacon and eggs. The book is so well written. You'll feel as though the Young's are standing in the room talking directly to you.

    Dr. Young shows that best selling diets like Weight Watchers, Atkins, and South Beach make you acidic and can actually cause you to GAIN unwanted weight because your body produces fat to protect itself from the acid. (I don't imagine they made many friends in the diet industry). The book explains which foods are acidic and alkalizing and emphasizes the importance of hydrating, supplementing and exercising.

    I thought I knew all about exercising until I read this book. Did you know that improper exercise can make you more acidic, thus make you MORE fat. Their exercise program is totally different than any I have seen before. It is amazingly simple and anyone can do it in 15 minutes a day. The old "no pain, no gain" is thankfully taboo.

    The recipes range from simple to complicated with great variety and taste. Try to incorporate as much as you can into your daily life. Select the easy recipes in the beginning. Allow yourself the time to transition to a more alkalizing life style. There are great testimonials and real stories throughout the book. I found these to be very motivating.

    For the first time, I understand why I am overweight, sick and tired. It finally makes sense. I am grateful for the information in this book. The rest is up to me. ...more info
  • Amazing Book, Amazing Insights
    This is a book that will save your health and your life.

    It is easy to see why some say Dr. Young is the Martin Luther King of health.

    The recipes are delicious. Results came for me within days.

    If you don't have time to follow this approach, at least read the book. There are many tips and facts that will change the way you think about food....more info
  • Is Acid Really the Cause of Our Problems?
    I have read this book and I do not agree with it. Certainly eating vegetables is a good way to go and will help you lose weight- no doubt about it!
    However, the author cites acid as the cause of all of our ills and diseases. Let us take a good look at that. Ascorbic Acid, you know Vitamin C, which is said to be the closest thing to cure the common cold. Guess what that is an acid.
    Linaus Pauling, a real doctor, not one that got his degree online at some school that he can not reveal, used to take up to 15,000 mgs a day of ascorbic acid (over 200 times what Centrum has). Did it kill him, no he lived into his nineties, over twenty years longer than the average man. So much for acid being bad.
    And the stomach what is that composed of? HCL, Hydrochloric acid, and if it did not, you would not be able to digest your food. Also that acid, destroys bad bacteria, parasites and yeast.
    In addition to this there are other acids which we need to survive on, such as Amino Acids, which are in every protein you eat. Also I am sure you heard of Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3's. Scientists will tell you they are some of the best things to eat, and are essential to the body. Still think acids are bad?
    The bottom line is the authors credentials are dubious at best, and he should have stuck to what is true in his book. That is that vegetables are the best thing for you and will help you lose weight and get healthier!...more info
  • makes extravagant claims without backing them up
    The testimonials are certainly compelling. Lots of people have apparently lost a pound a day on this diet. Not too hard to believe when you consider that you eat only vegetables.

    But Young makes some statements that seem completely unscientific. For example, he says that when bouncing on a mini-trampoline, "your cells will expand and contract." I'd like to see that under a microscope. He also says that sodium can convert into potassium in the body. Again, no sources are listed as proof.

    If I'm going to spend all the time and money is takes to do this diet, I'd have to first be convinced that he knows what he's talking about. Too much of it reads like a sales brochure, not a scientifically sound program. ...more info
  • The Truth is Out for You to Read
    The science Dr. Robert O. Young explains is profound,
    yet simple. I spent 25 years in conventional medicine and continue to wonder why disease is still prevalent in 2005.
    Everything is affected by the way we eat, think and live. I have first hand experience with the "New Biology" and it works.
    We are energetic beings and need to fuel our bodies with alkaline food. It's that easy. Dr. Robert and Shelley Young explain how and you feel it immediately. The more alkaline you become - The more alkaline you want to be. The chapter on drinking water is superb.
    We must go back to the garden and Dr. Young is paving the way.
    You will not only lose weight, it will save your life!!!...more info
  • We lost 35 lbs. each and regained our health
    A friend of ours cared enough about us to tell us about Dr. Young's program. My wife had been chronically sick with kidney infections and stones, chronic fatigue, Candida, joint aches and mental fog for 15 years and was overweight. She also had tried many weight loss programs and was never successful. In 8 weeks she lost 35 lbs. effortlessly by alkalizing her body and in a few months all of her health returned. I also lost 35 lbs. in 8 weeks and had my cholesterol drop 67 points in 1 month. I passed kidney stones I didn't even know I had and started waking up at 4 am with lots of energy.We are very grateful for this program and for Dr. Young's research and science of the Nw Biology. We are back in charge of our health. ...more info
  • This worked when nothing else did
    This is a "plan to use for life" system--I feel better than I have for ten years and lost 15 lbs. the first month--without sugar cravings, which still astounds me....more info
  • Not a good Kindle Book
    About half of this book are recipes, but they are indexed by page number -- which refers to the print version of the book. There are no hyper-links or other means by which to find the recipes. It is impossible to use. You would have to "next page" endlessly to get to a recipe. The print version might be a good book -- the first part was interesting -- but the last half is USELESS as a Kindle book. Better to buy the print, and hey publisher -- you can't just take a book and format it for kindle, especially when it references page numbers continuously. All in all, I feel that maybe the whole program is a scam... it's obviously about selling books, not about selling useful books. NOT RECOMMENDED....more info
  • A MUST READ for anyone wishing to reclaim their health!
    I have read all of Dr. Young's books and this one is his best yet! Dr. Young has brought the reader straight to the heart of his new biology...simply and with the gentleness he shows every person who is blessed to meet him. This book allows the reader to learn about the new biology with clear instructions on how to follow his protocol, while giving them a true feel for the man behind the science. Dr. Young brings it all order to be successful in achieving your goals you MUST be willing to change the way you think, live and eat. It is a true mind-body connection and he took the time to give examples on how to begin reconnecting to yourself to live the life you dared to dream possible. You don't have to suffer, be ashamed of what you eat, how you look or depend on drugs to get the results you want. You have a choice and reading this book will be one of the best choices you can make for yourself and loved ones. No matter what your situation is...Dr. Young's book will help you to achieve your ideal life! I am personally grateful for his work and energy he has put into each book. Because of them I have been living a life without chronic diarrhea, pain, high blood pressure, and GERD. Together my husband and I have lost over 42 pounds and are in the best shape of our lives. Thank you Dr. this book--it is the answer for anyone truly ready to live again. Any parent out there wanting to save your child from a life of depression, being an outcast, developing diabetes, heart disease and all the things associated with being over weight will benefit from reading this book. It is never too late to help our children! ...more info
  • Not just for weight loss.
    The book does address weight loss throughout, however it also does a good job of educating the reader in how to balance and maintain pH balance in the body. There is a short chapter educating the reader on blood including slides of blood viewed by a microscope before and after the body is alkaline. If that doesn't convince us to embrace pH balance in the body then the slides of blood after being on the most popular diets will. The book details how different brands of bottled and munincipal water affect body pH. It expounds on the value of fat in the diet. A short chapter indicates optimum foods to eat followed by another short chapter on fitness. The supplements chapter is very well done and supports what I have learned after many years of informal study. There are nice encapsulations throughout the book and nicely done in Chapter 11 "Take Seven: Steps to Your Ideal Weight" pages 190 - 211.

    This brings us to page 212 to 340 that includes recipes and recommended foods.

    All in all, a good job of educating the reader without getting off point or being boring. I recommend this book for readers who want to understand the importance of pH balance in the body and lose weight....more info
  • Scientific Health is Yours!
    Great Book, Buy it right now, but dont buy the supplements that are recomended. guys at have the right stuff. ...more info
  • Alkalize Your Way to Health
    MediaCritic may not have gotten results because he/she most likely did not follow the protocol outlined in The pH Miracle for Weight Loss. MediaCritics "review" was more of an MLM bashing, attempting to divert people's attention to a false idea of schemes and scams rather than present the truth written in the book, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, by an earnest microbiologist who has presented the age-old truth of health and vitality. Dr. Young brings to those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and overweight an easy to understand book about how to make sense of why we become dis-eased and "fat" and how we can allow our body to do what it does naturally, heal itself.

    I, for one, had Graves disease since 1973 and over the years underwent treatments with meds, meds and more meds, radioactive iodine, ending up Hypothyroid and at my wits end. My medical bills mounted even though I had health insurance (which I privately paid to the tune of thousands yearly). My health kept me from working at my fullest potential.

    In 2001, at a time when I was ready to call it quits, I was introduced to The pH Miracle. I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a try. It's now 2005 and I've never felt better in all my life! I no longer take Synthroid. Anyone who knows anything about this med knows once on it, never again can you live without it or so the doctors say. I no longer carry health insurance at $1700.00 every three months, as I haven't used the deductible since I began alkalizing.

    As for the weight loss, I went from 147lbs and am down to 125lbs, am 5'1". At age 55, many mistake me for being in my early 40's. Not only did I lose the weight and keep it off, but I also have incredible energy, vitality and joy!

    You don't have to MLM it to enjoy the benefits of alkalizing and following a protocol that is life-saving. MediaCritic, sad to say, sounds very acidic. Don't let your life continue in an acid drain. Read the book, follow what it says and you may get the same wonderful results I and many others have gotten. Don't let some "media critic" burst your bubble before you give it a read. It's your health, don't give up. The truth will set you free!!!

    11-5-05 Additon to original review
    Anyone can lose weight on just about any diet but the question is "am I healthy"?
    The Atkins diet works for weight loss but in my profession as a microscopist, the blood of those clients I've educated reflects the unhealthy state of that individual and the need for dramatic change before the damage becomes evident. Diet for weight loss and appearance only masks what's going on within the person's body which eventually manifests as ill health. This book gives a wholistic approach to dieting. With the information in this book one learns how to feel good, look good and be healthy all at the same time. What good is a slender, sleek figure when one is fermenting inside, that is, rotting from the inside out? Some have said that it is impractical for the average persons lifestyle but I ask: Is it impractical to live a healthy lifestyle? The book is so precise in how to benefit from the dietary changes suggested and the science is flawless! The heart of this book is such valuable information for anyone who has become discouraged from bouncing from diet to diet and professional to professional.

    As for the supplements, some say it's too expensive so buy from a health store or vitamin shop. I've taken and compared price to size to QUALITY and have yet to find anything comparable. I've spent thousands on supplements only to find they were expensive urine and did very little to reverse my blood results. I've spent the least with these products as compared to others and gained the most healthwise.

    I've had my own personal success with losing the weight as well as losing the medicines I used to take for thyroid challenges by using the protocol fromt this book. My mind is sharp. I feel like I'm 30 (although I'm 55) and many think I look 40! The steps I've taken in changing my lifestyle have been progressive and I find it wonderfully uplifting. Friends see the difference and I educate them as Dr. Young and his wife have done to the pH Miracle for Weight Loss and the pH Miracle for LIFE! I highly recommend this book not only for weight loss but for any health challenge they have experienced or are experiencing.

    One of the reviewers here disputed Dr. Young: " 'birds reabsorb their urine into their bodies instead of eliminating it.' Again, not true." Just ask an old-fashioned farmer about chickens and their urine. I grew up in the South, knew farmers and still do and many won't even eat a chicken for this reason.
    ...more info
  • shipping time frame
    They should have shown how long it was going to take to get the book better, but it came in good condition....more info
  • Excellent wealth of knowledge! No one should be overweight!
    This book explains step by step how to get your body into an alkaline state. You not only get good scientific evidence of how the body works, but you also get great easy exercises and meals to make.

    I would recommend this book to everyone! No more excuses for bad health or being overweight! You now have the instruction manual for your body!

    Just go and do it!...more info
  • Weight Loss Miracle
    In his book, The PH Miracle for Weight Loss, Dr. Robert O. Young presents compelling information directed at the cause of weight gain. His information is fresh, and makes practical sense. He points to the harmful physical effects of acids formed in the body, resulting from foods that have been eaten. He also demonstrates how maintaining an alkaline balance in one's systemThe pH Miracle for Weight Loss: Balance Your Body Chemistry, Achieve Your Ideal Weight, promotes weight loss. The information in this book empowers readers to take charge of their own health destinies. After reading this book, everyone will know what foods help, or hinder wight loss and good health. ...more info
  • Wonderful, Informative & Truly A Miracle!
    First off, I am a 35 year old female with a weight problem (65 lbs over ideal) and have tried most all the popular diet programs out there. I came across this book as a referral from another diet book and thought I could stand nothing to lose by reading this one too. Glad I did!
    Yes, Dr. Young's program is very different from the Standard American Diet (SAD) that most of us are used to and it does take some effort to prepare for starting this program, pantry & refrigerator cleaning out big time.
    The book is all most people will need to get started but if you are more a visual type person, the DVD's offered on their web site are very helpful and very affordable. Shelly Young, Dr. Young's wife has 3 DVD's that are great. There is one where she takes the viewer through a health food store and shows what to buy and what to look for as far as freshness. She is awesome and very helpful. Her other two are just as fun and informative. She has cooking demonstrations using some of the recipes found in the book.
    The book & DVD sets couldn't lay it out any easier.
    I really loved all the great testimonies that were added on just about every other page! I found that it was hard to put this book down once I got started. I hated for it to end.
    The Young's are really on to something here. Scientific proof is there to back it up.
    Common sense is like a brick wall sometimes when we are so brain washed by the media into thinking that the food we find in our conventional grocery stores are good for us. This book knocks down that wall and restores the "right & wrong" of food choices.
    I have been following this program for two weeks and have lost 13 lbs. That's more than any other program I've tried, including personal trainers at the gym. I have loads of energy everyday. I'm a walking, talking testimony that Dr. Young's program does work. It's not a magic pill or potion, it's common sense and it DOES take effort but what in life that's worth much doesn't? We Americans have such a laid back approach when it comes to weight control. If it's not sold in a bottle with a fancy label or some type of exercise gismo that looks easy, we're not interested. We've got to change that mind set. We are suffering more and more and teaching our children our same bad ways of thinking about food and nutrition.
    I encourage anyone who wants more quality to their life, more hope for a healthy future and more energy from day to day to pick up this book and make the transition to the Alkalized side. It has been my missing link that I've searched high and low for. I believe with all my heart that following an Alkalized lifestyle will add years to my life without worry of dying of cancer or wasting away in a nursing home from dementia or disease.
    My book shelves in my office are 3/4 filled with health and nutrition books, all of which have some great information but when it comes down to it, this book sums it up fully.
    Thank You Doctor Young and Shelly Young. You are truly a Saving Grace. Thanks for spreading your wonderful knowledge to all that will listen. May God give you long and prosperous lives and many, many Blessings along the way.
    I hope to come to one of your retreats in the near future.
    See you then! ...more info
  • The Best I've Read
    I've read a lot of diet (i.e. good health) books and tried a lot of diets. This is one of the best simply because of the evidence put forth regarding his work with blood under the microscope. It has explained to me why so many other things have worked well for regaining good health. The Hallelujah Diet is very heavy on the green drinks and promotes a similar diet minus the alkaline water. Linus Pauling promoted ascorbic acid (vitamin C). While vitamin C is an acid it forms an alkaline ash in the body thereby making it alkaline for dietary purposes. Lemons and fresh lemon juice added to water are highly recommended in this book because of their high ascorbic acid content. If you haven't been feeling on top of life you ought to give this a try....more info
  • I lost 20 pounds on this diet
    I love this book, and all books by Robert Young. I needed to lose 20 pounds and lost ten pounds the first month and then an additional ten pounds. I felt better, had more enery. I am a nutritional consultant and just finished my doctoral dissertation in Holistic Nutrition. This is the healthy way to lose weight, help reverse chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia (I did when I consumed an alkaline diet), and have more energy. ...more info
  • saved my health, my life
    Dr Youngs message saved my life!! I began his program as someone who had completely lost their health. I was made sick by perscription medicine and found hope and health by following Dr. Youngs science. Among a very long list of symptomology, I had lost a very dangerous amount of weight and could no longer keep weight on. I learned how to heal the damage that was done and now maintain a wonderful 112 lbs! To anyone who thinks this is too extreme, my hope for you is that you look inward and find the courage to truly bring wonderful health back to your life....give it a real try and you will never go back....true healthy living feels to good!...more info
  • Not ONLY for Weight Loss
    The pH Miracle for Weight Loss is an incredible resource. The reason behind why diets fail has finally been revealed in an easy to follow sensible approach. The science at the books heart will revolutionize health in this world. If you would like to reveal the mystery of how to obtain life long health as well as achieve your optimum weight this is the ONLY book you will ever need. I use this book as a resource for my clients regardless of what their challenge may be. I have actually placed a sticker over the words Weight Loss and called it The pH Miracle for Lupus, today that client is no longer doing Lupus thanks to Dr Robert O. Young.

    Wishing the world the best!
    Sean Fuller
    ...more info
  • Extreme diet
    This book is the most extreme that I have ever read about. It advocates eating ONLY alkaline foods, citrus,avocados, bananas, almonds, etc. It eliminates your freedom to ever eat any quantity of acidic foods all red meat, pork, most fruits, and everthing processed. The flaw in this author's theory is the fact that the body is able to moderate its internal PH by excreting extra acid through the urine.Yes, I agree with him that over eating acidic foods all the time will cause your body to retain water and body fat and tax your eliminating organs. I also agree that following his diet plan of drinking greens, 5 liters of water a day and eating only vegatables and small amounts of fish will cause you to loose dramatic amounts of weight, but who can live like that for an extended amount of time? Read The acid-alkaline diet by Christopher Vasey, N.D. for a more realistic and balanced approach. Read Mastering the Zone by Barry Sears for a diet you can live with for the rest of your life. I went from 209 to 151 on the Zone diet and have never gained it back.Read the Superfoods Healthstyle for a truly realistic healthy lifestlye. ...more info
  • Loved this Book-I've Lost 30 lbs in 6 Weeks !
    This is a great book written by a nutritionist who has studied alkalinity and its effects on the human body! If you are someone who is not familiar with the importance of maintaining a healthy acid/alkaline level in your body, this book will explain it all clearly and concisely.

    If you want to jump on the alkaline band wagon like I did, there are some great recipes in this book, particularly if you enjoy largely vegetarian fare. For those who don't, there are some excellent, easy recipes with fish and others that could be easily modified to add animal protein.

    This book does several things:

    1. It explains why maintaining a slight alkalinity improves your health and how to achieve that fairly easily.

    2. The author recommends rebounding as a primary mode of exercise and explains why more vigorous exercise can be counter-productive to the weight loss process. There is also a section of detailed instructions of how to begin with rebounding, and a series of starter and advanced exercises on the rebounder. The book recommends Needak rebounders, but Amazon offers many lower-priced alternatives. Rebounding is really fun and it changes your body and improves your health quickly, at least in my experience.

    3. Dr. Young shares nutritional supplements that aid the weight loss process and the best time to take them.

    This book is a fairly quick read, not overly technical, and you may very well read it cover to cover like I did, and then go back and highlight the areas that strike you as most important at the moment.

    In addition to a quick and easy weight loss, this program in combination with Hypnosis has given me flawless skin, tremendously renewed energy, and a program NOT A DIET that's designed as a way of life for ever-improving health.

    If you want to lose weight easily, feel better, and look better, this book is for you !...more info
  • Productive!
    This book is inspiring and educational. I used the principles in the book and started feeling better within a few days. My stomach is noticably smaller. I've even shared the book with my mother who suffers from multiple symptoms mentioned in the book. ...more info
  • Dr. Young is revolutionizing my outlook on Health (& life)
    Dr. Young continues to enlighten me and I am simply awed by his brilliance, dedication and commitment to Health and Vitality. His newest book is OUTSTANDING and it builds upon his previous books(I've read all of them, "Sick & Tired-Reclaim your Inner Terrain", "The pH Miracle", "The pH Miracle for Diabetes" as well as his recipe books,co-Authored by Shelley Redford-Young, "Back to the House of Health I & II".

    His writing just keeps getting better and better, with each book building up more insight into the basic principals of health! And as I follow his direction, I keep feeling better and better too!

    I have lost 35 lbs and I continue to have tremendous energy and vigor thanks to his message, "There is only one disease - the over acidification of the blood and tissues", about how to alkalize through dietary choices, lifestyle and thinking.

    The book is easy to read and understand because his message is very simple. Hippocrates (the Father of all medicine) and Dr. Young agree "LET YOUR FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE & LET YOUR MEDICINE BE YOUR FOOD"... very simply put... "you are what you eat" and Dr. Young has changed the way I view nourishment today. I have no desire to eat food, I have a desire to nourish my body, mind and spirit.

    THANK YOU PROFESSOR YOUNG and BRAVO on your latest text!
    ...more info
  • DON'T TAKE THE BAIT - Yet Another pH Miracle Book - **YAWN**
    If fat is an acid problem, why doesn't vinegar make you fat? Perhaps because there are no calories in vinegar? The products behind the ph Miracle can only be sold by word of mouth and in your home on a table or shelf, sort of a shrine. Why? Why can't you sell it on eBay or in your own health food store? Maybe because that would mean price competition, and at $80 a pound for some powdered veggies you can understand why competition is unwelcome.

    Beware when manipulative marketing organizations, no matter how many scholarly credentials they have, ask you to open your wallet for products or tests designed to confirm the need for the products. They're trying to help you while helping themselves to your wallet. There are plenty of watchdog sites to explain the aggressive marketing tactics used by some MLM charlatans. Books such as "Combating Cult Mind Control" by Hassan, or "Dangerous Persuaders" by Samways, or Butterfield's book on Amway ... With any MLM, you should first ask HOW will I recover my initial sales kit investment? WHO will buy these products at these prices? Take it from a Long Distance Marketing vet who took a bath ... MLM is set up for and by the people at the top of the pyramid who milk the profits. And if you encounter any alternative marketing strategies, like some warmly seductive member of the opposite sex who comes on to you in a major but false way - DON'T TAKE THE BAIT - YOU'RE BEING HARASSED - they won't give you the time of day when you're not BUYING something so report it to the company, the MLM marketing association, and any appropriate authorities. The public is not required to tolerate any form of harassment in sales, marketing, or employment situations. Complaining long and loud is the only way to put manipulative people where they belong. If you don't, you too could end up feeling USED and PLAYED by the GREEDY motivations of manipulative people. And there is nothing moral about pulling people's heartstrings to line your own pockets. Don't let someone in a position of professional trust, when you are under their care, take advantage of a business relationship to play with your heart or your head. It is immoral and it should be stopped. I'm certain that Dr. Young and his fine company would never tolerate such behavior because of superior moral leadership. Beware, however, unscrupulous individuals within certain professions.

    Finally a word about weight loss. A nurse advised drinking ice water during the winter for weight loss to boost the metabolic rate and burn calories. In America we eat heavily all year round. In the summer we store fat when the heat reduces our metabolic rate, and in the winter we're supposed to burn the stored fat to stay warm, but instead we keep eating and live in warm homes. Then we complain we're fat. ...more info
  • PH diet
    A lot of chemistry and I like chemistry. I tried it for about a week (not long enough) and couldn't stick with it. I think the book needs more food lists and repititious on the listings. Tough diet to stick with. I think anyone would lose weight it you ate primarily veggies all the time. Not a bad idea don't get me wrong just not so easy to do....more info
  • The Ph Miracle for Weight Loss
    I have tried many diets, and many alternative healing products. This is positively the BEST of EVERYTHING....more info
  • Looking for a change?
    I was already on a vegetarian/near vegan diet. I read this, and only drank alkaline water for five days (not even as much as they recommend) and added one supplement and changed my diet over a weekend...I lost 3.5 pounds in that first week. I have been on an alkaline track since. I have gone down one pant size in three weeks.
    Try it...What have you got to lose... (pardon the pun)
    ...more info
  • Not a good Kindle Book
    About half of this book are recipes, but they are indexed by page number -- which refers to the print version of the book. There are no hyper-links or other means by which to find the recipes. It is impossible to use. You would have to "next page" endlessly to get to a recipe. The print version might be a good book -- the first part was interesting -- but the last half is USELESS as a Kindle book. Better to buy the print, and hey publisher -- you can't just take a book and format it for kindle, especially when it references page numbers continuously. All in all, I feel that maybe the whole program is a scam... it's obviously about selling books, not about selling useful books. NOT RECOMMENDED....more info
  • Unrealistic and Rigid, but if it works-go for it.
    The problem I have with this book over his earlier one is that it is so very rigid and, at times, quite unrealistic. I do NOT want to become a vegan/vegetarian again because when I tried it for almost 10 years, I nearly died from malnutrition because legumes and other vegetarian proteins do not have complete amino acids required by the body chemistry according to my M.D./H.M.D.

    There is no getting around the fact that it requires absolute rigid self control and total self absorption to follow it to the letter. For me, I would rather pop vitamins than eat carrot sticks and raw foods every day for the rest of my life. Been there, done that, no thanks.

    Personally, I have used the pH diet myself (his earlier book) and have had amazing and lasting results. I eat lobster, steak, chicken and other goodies like chocolate in sparing amounts. I consume those foods separate from any other, and follow a meal with a "chaser" of alka seltzer gold which has the potassium needed to offset sodium imbalance, rx'd by my physician. This simple step alkalinizes the body chemistry. In the two years I have used this "modified" pH diet, including my "chocoholic" munchies and other dietary "sins", I have experienced zero weight regain or any other negative health consequences. I use only virgin coconut oil because it is a medium chain triglyceride and the only oil that does not store fat in your body. The research on it is amazing, and I have so much energy, that at 68, I feel and act like a much younger woman.

    I have long used Peltier electrolyte concentrate added to Evian to raise the water pH and continue to get positive results. I use the green drink very often and it is wonderful to feel such a blast of energy in your system after a glassful. I agree with the one reviewer about the noxious marketing of some companies in the food supplementation industry with their MLMs and other overpriced machines and nutrients. I refuse to pay for their research and development costs. My own research has led me to pharmaceutical grade supplements from Life Extension Foundation and organic herbal supplements from Nature's Sunshine. Both have been extraordinarily beneficial at a fraction of the cost of those listed in the book appendix. Research is easy to do online. For me the bottom line is always common sense....more info
  • Disappointed
    My opinion is the food plan will work but this book is not laid out well. I found myself going back and forth trying to locate the info I needed. The book refers to info in previous written books which I do not own. This info should be included in this book! The first 4 chapters tend to cover the science aspect of the diet...For me a simple statement would do since I don't have any interest in the rest or even understand most of it to be simply honest.
    Moving ahead...I did begin the cleanse process, only using 1 of the supplements suggested...(taking herbal lax's 3 x's daily is not healthy in my opinion so I chose not to use that portion of the cleanse) I did lose 6.5# my first week.
    Even though I have had success with the cleanse part of the diet, I am disappointed in the book as a whole. ...more info
  • Take it slow if you have other health problems!
    I also read the Ph Miracle book by Dr. Young. Both books were written well and easy to understand. I do feel that the sequencing of the book isn't very user friendly when I was trying to look up meals for the cleanse compared to the meals for after the cleanse. The cleanse was very hard on my body. I was only able to stay on it for 5 days. They recommend the cleanse for 2 weeks if you have less than 50 pounds to loose and 3 weeks for more than 50 pounds to loose. I was in such pain last night and had such terrible anxiety that I almost admitted myself to the hospital. I believe that people need to be warned that the cleanse can be too harsh for some people. They really push you to buy their own products which are very expensive. There are many other sources for products that aren't as expensive. Do your research before you buy products from the Youngs.
    I do feel that most of the book is very worthwhile and easy to understand for any person. His ideas have made me look at what I eat in a new light. I now grow my own wheatgrass and sprouts. I do believe that I have made a life time change for the better because of reading the Young's books.
    ...more info
  • Best of the pH miracle books so far
    I agree that this one surpasses those that came before it. Unlike another reviewer, I found this book difficult reading. I read very quickly, but it still took me a week to get through it all. The first 4 chapters are the obligatory why-my-diet-works-and-yours-doesn't portion that every diet book has, chapters 5-10 go into the nitty gritty of each individual component of the plan (water, beneficial fats, emotions/spirituality, excluded foods and included foods, supplements and exercise), and chapter 11 sums up the entire plan into a cohesive whole including sample menus. Chapter 12 is the recipe section. I give this book 4 stars because the program itself is quite complicated and requires a hefty monetary investment. It states numerous times throughout the book to implement the changes either all at once, or one at a time for a more modest lifestyle transformation. If you were to follow this program as outlined, you would invest $250-300 for a mini-trampoline (rebounder), $650 for a water ionizer (I'm not certain this is the best way to treat water), and hundreds on supplements (7 different ones, not including the green drinks and pH drops). I commend the authors for not including blatant marketing but at the same time listing names of distributors for those who need the help. I think alkalizing is the missing link not present in other diets, and it provides true help to those of us who haven't been able to lose previously. A sacrifice must be made in the name of health, so put down that milkshake and pick up a green drink. Overall this diet is effective, but a difficult one to implement fully considering today's hectic lifestyle and the pricetag involved. I wouldn't let that stop you from getting started on the program. Young may not have invented the wheel with regard to this program (others came before him), but he presents it in a comprehensive way that most can understand and follow (at least partially) in order to get results....more info
  • Achieving your ideal weight and optimal health!
    Many diets may deliver results in the short term, but at the expense of your health. This book is about looking great and being truly healthy on the inside too. Dr. Young delivers information to help you change the way you approach eating and living. If you open your mind and think about it logically, it is so simple and makes so much sense. It is about choosing a healthy lifestyle and gaining the results of ideal weight, great skin, vitality, and an overall improvement in your health. Most importantly the food you will be eating tastes great and is easy to prepare. I highly recommend the raw soups and shakes. I would also recommend ordering a Vita-Mix to prepare them. Read the book, try the recipes, and change your health and weight forever!...more info
  • Informative but too restrictive
    I found the information helpful in understand the acid/alkaline science, but the proposed diet would be extremely hard to incorporate into ones life unless very motivated and dedicated to change....more info
  • The pH Miracle for Weight Loss
    By far, this is Dr. Robert O. Young's best achievement in explaining the real way to gain true health, weight loss being one of the benefits. His concept of the "New Biology" has been the key I personally have been searching for all these years, and my discovery of the pH Miracle has been exactly that!

    Very well written and explained, Dr. Young outlines the real reasons for weight gain and with documented proof, shows us how to get on the path to health and vitality.

    I have personally changed the way I eat and think and am living proof (lost 35 lbs!) that an alkalarian lifestyle is right on!!!...more info
  • healthy Way !
    Wonderful ! after I read this book I feel that how easy we could saty healthy and our food will lead us to health. I recomand you to read and follow this book....more info
  • Bad Science
    As soon as I read the body converts sodium into potassium I had to put the book down. This man is supposed to be a physician? Did he fail chemistry 101. Converting one element into another is a process that takes place in stars and nuclear reactors, not the human body. There are so many other inconsistencies through out the book that it is pure rubbish.

    I have no doubt however; that someone following this plan would lose a tremendous amount of weight quickly. Your only food options are green vegetables and the occasional bite of fish. Not sustainable for long term health, but good for fast weight loss, which is what most people want anyway.

    Oh and he compares the human body to the equestrian variety, suggesting that horses are muscular, and they don't eat meat, so humans don't need to eat meat to grow muscle either. If you want a good laugh this book is it. If you want fast weight loss this plan will get you there, but if you want health, try something else....more info
  • Truly a Miracle
    May 13th 2005. THis is the only diet book I have read that promotes true health and a sustainable life-long diet. I lost my entire goal of 30 pounds in 6 weeks!! I feel great. I did not increase my exercise beyond my usual 30 minute daily walk.

    Update: It has now been 16 weeks and I have effortlessly lost an additional 10 lbs. for a total of 40 (227 to 187) . Most significant learning is the paradigm shift I have had from weight loss to a sustainable healthy diet (finally at age 55). This diet seems daunting at first but you will find it easy to follow once you retrain your eating tastes. I say retrain because I had a life-long aversion to vegetables and the more I have eaten the more I like them. The way you feel after "pigging out" on vegetables is a far cry from the sugar hanovers and bloated feeling I have experienced in the past with other foods. I have found my pallate has made a permanent change and I have aquired a taste for alkaline foods. (You can still eat bread and pasta with spelt flour). It is now effortless and sustainable. What a permanent gift. Do yourself a favor and test it yourself for 90 days. Loose your goal and enjoy a lifelong new weight and size. Dr. Young's science is easily tested. Judge from your own direct experience not from others or your own skepticism.

    As Jane Clayson of CBS Early Show said " The crew at The Early Show jokingly refers to it as my "swamp water": the concoction of GREENS I drink every morning, first thing, at 4:30 A.M. I know it sounds funny to say I drink my greens, but it's a quick, natural, oxygenating boost--healthier than any jolt of caffeine." (from the foreword to pH Miracle)...more info
  • Should be Mandatory Reading
    The pH Miracle knowledge is producing books that should be mandatory reading for all health, fitness and sports professionals; and everybody envisaging the well being of living beings. The concepts unlock the mysteries of fatness to replace the miseries of loss-gain cycles with the joy of being probably healthy for the first time since conception....more info
  • A great program!!
    I know DR. Young and Shelley personally. They went to school with my dad and are great people. I have been to their home and retreat center Rancho Del Sol, and it is a great place. I also have been on the Ph Miracle diet for about 6 months now, and it works! I have lost over 20 pounds since then and I have cleared up some nasty protein pools in my blood that Rob found six months ago when I started the program.
    At first I was a bit skeptical and hesitant to go on the program, but after time I felt that it was working and it was great. The food - which is cooked by a good friend of my family's and is also on the Ph program - is excellent, and the program is great.
    And, those jerks that attack Rob and Shelley personally are nothing but low-life jerks. Rob and Shelley are wonderful people and great friends of mine. On their retreat to Rancho Del Sol, they went so far out of their way to help me and all of the others on the retreat.
    And, when you watch Rob do a live blood test, it is fascinating. He presents his findings in conferences that are followed by a great Alkaline lunch. And the findings are very interesting. He bases most of his work on the work of A. Bechamp, an 18th century scientist that was an understudy of Louis Pasture. The facts are there, and quiet fascinating. He (Rob) is brilliant, but a bit excentric. But that is understandable considering his passion for his work.
    Over all, this program works. I love the alternative path way to health, but do admit that Western methods are needed at times. I just feel that you don't need to "Dope up" on Px drugs at the first sigh of trouble.
    So I give this 5 stars not just for the program, but for Rob and Shelley as my good friends.
    Do this in moderation to other healthy lifestyles. Don't just go 100 percent Alkaline all of the sudden. Slowly work your way to that wanted PH and be moderate with other health practices.
    So 5 stars for me.
    The book presents it all. A great read on the Ph program for weight loss! But do not assume something until you have read the book. And forget what you might think about the program until you read the book and have a sound understanding of Rob's theory.
    Thank you Rob and Shelley!! ...more info


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