Olay Anti-Aging Starter Protocol, Pro-x, 1-kit

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Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol

The Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol is your introduction to the three-part daily program. It contains starter sizes of Age Repair Lotion SPF 30, Eye Restoration Complex, and Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. Each product in the daily regimen contains a unique combination of the Alliance's highest recommended levels of proven anti-aging ingredients in a patented formula.

Product Details
Professionally Designed. Clinically Proven.
New Olay Professional Pro-X is a scientifically advanced line of skin care products created by an inspired partnership of renowned dermatologists and P&G Beauty Scientists (The Olay Professional Alliance for Skin Care Innovation). Together they took advantage of the very latest research, technology, ingredients, and thinking to create breakthrough anti-aging Pro-X products. It works by resignaling your skin to repair the moisture barrier and boost the surface-cell turnover rate. So you get younger-acting, younger-looking skin in 28 days. Guaranteed.*
The Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol
The Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol is your introduction to the three-part daily program. It contains starter sizes of Age Repair Lotion SPF 30, Eye Restoration Complex, and Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. Each product in the daily regimen contains a unique combination of the Alliance's highest recommended levels of proven anti-aging ingredients in a patented formula.
Olay Pro-X Age Repair Lotion
About Age Repair Lotion Spf 30
Pro-X Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30 is designed and professionally tested to help shield your skin from harmful UVA & UVB exposure. This Primary Solution also hydrates to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Apply liberally to skin in the morning, spreading evenly over the face and neck as needed.
Key Ingredients:

The core Olay anti-aging ingredient combination of Pal-KT and Pal-KTTKS Peptides, Carnosine, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), SPF 30 ingredients.
Size: 1 Ounce

Olay Pro-X Wrinkle Smoothing Cream
About Wrinkle Smoothing Cream
Pro-X Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is designed and professionally tested to smooth uneven textures with moisture, combating the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Transform skin at night by smoothing over the face and neck.
Key Ingredients:

The core Olay anti-aging ingredient combination of Pal-KT and Pal-KTTKS Peptides, Carnosine, and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3).
Size: 1 Ounce

Olay Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex
About Eye Restoration Complex
Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex is designed and professionally tested for the part of your face that communicates age the most: the delicate eye area. This Specialized Treatment hydrates to restore the area to its optimum appearance by improving the look of crow's feet. Massaging it in reduces excess fluids to diminish dark circles and puffiness.

Treat skin morning and night by applying Eye Restoration Complex to the corners, lid and suborbital eye area, massaging in thoroughly until absorbed. As with all facial skin care products, avoid getting into your eyes.
Key Ingredients:

The core Olay anti-aging ingredient combination of Pal-KT and Pal-KTTKS Peptides, Carnosine, Caffeine, and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3).
Size: 0.3 Ounce

Pro-X Starter Protocol treats these skin concerns

Pro-X Starter Protocol treats these skin concerns

Pro-X Starter Protocol treats these skin concerns

  • Pro-X Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30 – 1oz
  • Pro-X Wrinkle Smoothing Cream – 1oz
  • Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex - .3oz

Customer Reviews:

  • Smoother Skin
    After two weeks of using this kit, I've noticed an improvement in the smoothness of my skin. Dryness in the under eye area has also lessened somewhat. I have not noticed a reduction in "dark circles" however.

    The eye cream is a good base for concealer in the daytime, and a soothing evening treatment. The night cream leaves skin with a silky feel, and it does appear to "brighten" the complexion, at least until you wash it off.

    The SPF lotion is blessedly lacking in the nasty odors some sunscreen products have, and is fine for wear under makeup. (Allow to dry thoroughly if you're using a powder-type foundation.)

    Overall, the products are pleasant to use, but they are not inexpensive.

    I will have to give them the "bottom of the jar" test before I decide if I would purchase additional kits.

    For now, four stars for the noticeably smoother skin, minus one star for the non-brightening of dark circles. ...more info
  • Olay Anti-Aging Starter Protocol, Pro-x, 1-kit
    As always fast service with receiving this product from Amazon. Love the Olay products, feel great on my face, and really like this new Anti-Aging Starte Protocol, Pro-x Kit....more info
  • Better Bargain with Amazon
    This is the latest product from Olay for "aging" skin care. It is an excellent moisturizing system and very easy to use and keep up with. Buying through Amazon was a better bargain than at local retailers as well....more info
  • Wrinkles be gone
    I'm not normally one to use lotions like these -- it seems decadent, somehow -- but I am impressed with the results. The skin on my face looks less dry, which makes the small wrinkles I have look less noticeable.

    The three lotions included in this kit are not at all greasy. They are light and unscented, and blend easily into your skin. I enjoy using these products, and feel comfortable recommending them....more info
    My wife wasn't too impressed when I was first invited to join Amazon Vine, but she did such a quick turnaround that she almost spun when I gave her this Olay Professional Anti-Aging Starter Protocol. Of course, I qualified the gift by saying that obviously she didn't need any anti-aging product but just thought she could save it for later (Was that quick thinking or not?)

    Well, she did smile and nod her head. She also dashed off to the bathroom to begin using them! So far she's one happy Olay gal. She especially likes the Eye Restoration Complex as she says it keeps the skin around her eyes well hydrated. She's also favorably impressed with the Lotion because it contains SPF 30.

    She says you can't start too soon to protect your skin, and she's talked several of her friends into trying it, too....more info
  • Don't see difference, makes me break out.
    I don't see any difference in my skin.
    Instead it makes me break out.
    ...more info
  • Good stuff chaep!
    Finally an anti-aging cream that does what it purports to do at a reasonable price. No miracles but definetely a nice result. It is nice to purchase a product that delivers! Try this stuff before you spend hundreds of dollars! ...more info
  • Very nice, a little pricey
    All of the creams are white and unscented. They go on smoothly, are absorbed quickly, and left my skin feeling nice. The night cream is a little thicker and shinier. The daytime cream absorbed without any surface residue; good for under makeup. Most facial moisturizers with strong sunscreen have a strange texture to them, the Olay Pro-X does not.

    The big question is: is it doing anything? I'd have to say something is definitely happening, though I'm not certain what. My first use stung a bit, and subsequent uses have on occasion, depending on what I've cleansed with prior. After a few days two moles got inflamed. (Which was disturbing!) But then they settled down. After that I started to break out in a few places, something I almost never do. That passed again after another week.

    After a month now, what lines I have *feel* shallower to my fingertips, though I don't know if there's any difference visible. For reference, I'm 38 and look pretty young for my age. Possibly someone more mature would show more benefit. My skin also looks a little more fair, possibly? Though being in the middle of winter might be having its own effect too.

    The eye cream didn't do anything for the circles under my eyes, but nothing ever has, so probably not a useful test.

    Overall, I like the kit a lot, and I'm going to be sad when it runs out. I'm self-employed and work out of my home, so my appearance doesn't matter enough to justify the cost of buying more. But, if I was concerned about looking youthful, or it mattered to my career, I would definitely keep using it....more info
  • Olay Anti-Aging Starter Protocol Kit
    I like many of Olay's products but I don't feel that this one lives up to its hype any better than any other skincare products. It's a little pricey for what it promises to do. I have used this regimen for 60 days and have not seen any changes in my skin. The products were easy to use and apply. I did like the spf 30 in the day lotion. 60 days is plenty of time to see whether a product will work or not. For me it didn't. i think these products are better for women in their 30's and early 40's. I am 56. I have gone back to using Avon ANEW Ultimate skincare and am much happier with that....more info
  • Fantastic
    I've been using the Regenerist or Total Effects lines for years and have been very pleased, however I started using the Pro-X line and recently I was out with a group I got carded for the first time in many years, I'm 40 and one of the people in the group exclained "She's like the oldest one of all!" I guess it's working as an opinion from the outside, not just my own perception. Not too heavily perfumed, has worked well for my sensitive skin that tends to be on the dry side. A bit over packaged, but with the rebate offered it was a very good value. Will continue to use along with the Regenerist Serum which I won't part with....more info
  • Awesome Olay
    I had never used Olay products before. I often used Roc products.
    Thought I would give this a try after reading the reviews of other woman and seeing the Pro X ad in magazines and in the media.

    This product delivers. I've been using this protocol faithfully every day for 1 1/2 months and definitely see a difference in the overall appearance of my skin. Fine lines have diminished and my skin is soft and definitely moisturized. Fragrance is medicinal, but not overpowering. I would definitely recommend this product. The cost is nominal compared to some of the Rx products recommended by dermatologist. The key is to use this product faithfully. Way to go Olay.....more info
  • Excellent Program by an Excellent Company!
    Listen, no matter what anyone says, no one and no thing can turn back the hands of time! That said, there are things one must do to make that slide down that slippery slope a wee bit slower, a bit less painful. Stay out of the sun, wear sunglasses, drink water, wash your face with gentle cleanser and for goodness sake, moisturize! You absolutely must moisturize!

    Olay is an excellent manufacturer of moisturizing skin products. Olay is serious about it's research and not frivolous in it's stated benefits. It is a company that offers an excellent product for a reasonable price....no frills, luxury packaging, fragrance or pushy sales force. Olay is sold at drug stores not department stores.

    If you purchase the Olay Anti-Aging Starter Protocol Pro-X kit you will get three excellent skin care products for less than $65. This is about as good as you are going to get....unless you are going to a dermatologist who will prescribe Retin-A or Renova.

    If you use these three Pro-X products you will be using a very good moisturizing night cream, a soothing eye cream and an excellent moiturizing sunblock day cream. You will look better and you will be protecting your skin. Thats what you are going to get.

    Olay makes a confusing array of products. I have tried most of them and I have to admit that I find most of them impressive! As good as fancy, department store brands at many times the price.

    Is the Pro-X Wrinkle Smoothing Cream in this kit better than Olay's top-rated Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream? I find the Regenerist line excellent! The Micro-Sculpting Cream is a wonderful moisturizer. After using it my skin is soft and smooth and feels great. I have found almost no difference between the two creams.

    Olay also makes the Definity line of anti-aging products. I am a big fan. I find my skin is even and glowing and soft and smooth after using the Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer. Small spots lighten or disappear over time. I also like the Definity Eye Illumiator which not only moisturizes but somehow lightens the undereye area.

    So, I have confused you? I am confused myself!

    I think that the most important thing is to take care of your skin. You don't have to spend a fortune in the process. This kit is a good value and the products are excellent and they are formulated to work together. They will not make you younger but they will protect your skin and keep it healthy and attractive at any age. That's pretty good, isn't it?

    ...more info
  • Cheaper than a plastic surgeon
    I have been using the Olay Anti-Aging protocol for just about a month. I admit I do see a difference in my skin. I am 53 years old and have been finding my skin getting drier and drier as I age. The protocol system is complete and is beginning to restore the moisture and suppleness of my skin. I particularly like the impact the Eye Restoration Complex has had on the dark circles and crows feet which had been surrounding my eyes. I have noticed that minor wrinkles are beginning to diminish. The only reason I didn't rate this product 5 stars is because I think it is very pricey for what you get. I also have used the Biomedic line of products in the past and have found them to be even more effective. For a product sold by Oil of Olay to cost over $60 seems unreasonable, as I see O of O to be more of a drug store/ supermarket product and shouldn't warrant the price. If Amazon is offering rebates or specials on this product, then definitely buy, buy, buy....more info
  • Just OK.. not worth the hype
    Do yourself a favor and go with the Olay Regenerist. This stuff isn't worth it....more info
  • Great results over first 2 weeks, it's a good product but I am happy with my current Olay Regenerist Serum.
    With a name like Pro-X I am imagining that Olay has targeted this as a more serious and professional level product to compete with the luxury brands such as Dior, Elizabeth Arden. Certainly, the packaging is very upscale and the red color has a wow factor.

    I have had a great experience with Olay Regenerist Age Defying series of products. Especially [[ASIN:B0000CC64W Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Concentrated Amino-Peptide Complex, Fragrance Free - 1.7 fl oz]. I have been a fairly regular user of this serum for 2 years and love the results. I don't need it for wrinkle repair yet but it keeps my skin soft and smooth and really silky. People always comment on the glow when I use this product more regularly. I usually wear it at night and sometimes mix a small quantity with makeup for day time use.

    This Pro-X set seems to be essentially the same product as the Regenerist range. Perhaps it is a bit more concentrated and will give better results over time but it is hard to say after trying for just 2 weeks. I would prefer the serum if they made it without the SPF 30 factor, so it could be more colorless as that feels really silky (rather than milky) and works better with makeup. The night creme and the eye repair cream are both great products and are also irritation free.

    Overall, for 3 products I think it is a good value when you see the results. Over time I am sure this regimen will yield great results and diminish fine lines and would work especially well for 45+ women. A much better solution than Botox!...more info
  • Olay Anti-Aging Starter Protocol Pro-x
    I only began using these products about 2 weeks ago. I really haven't seen any difference in the physical appearance of my skin yet, as many other reviewers commented, but my skin does feel soft. All 3 formulas in the starter kit are easy to apply, feel silky soft and absorb quickly into the skin. The starter kit is a great option to be able to give the product a try w/o having to purchase full-size. This is a plus because the products are not inexpensive. The red box of products also contained a $10 off coupon for 2 full-size products which does not expire until 2010. I have been using Olay products for many years and I am hoping to SEE results soon. ...more info
  • Best non-department store products I've ever used
    Olay Professional Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol

    After working for a well-known cosmetic company in a department store, I had a hard time finding a "drug store" product line that I thought could compete. Finally, Olay did it. My skin feels really smooth as well as the fine lines around my eyes. I'll probably try the other products in the line....more info
  • It seems like its working
    This product seems like it's working. But it is really too soon to tell anything. I noticed a slight difference already though. I will update this as I continue to use this product....more info
  • Decent at the right price, but not full price.
    I let my wife review this product. She has used this starter kit for about 6 weeks and while she plains to continue using the moisturizer, she won't be continuing to buy the other products. She claims that her current eye care products from Suave work just as well for but she does like the facial cream. She said at first the cream caused her to breakout by after about a week this no longer was a problem. She thinks it works better than what she was using, but the cost of replacing the products has her on the fence. She's leaning towards continuing it because of coupons and promotions that stores and Amazon are running on the product, but at full price she doesn't think that they are worth it....more info
  • Anti-aging just seems like an oxymoron
    I don't know how much any of us can really "stop" aging, but I'm willing to give it a shot. The Olay professional line of products claims that it's scientifically proven to stop the signs of aging. So, do I look any younger? No. But my skin is soft, and it doesn't smell chemically, which is always a nice plus. But at nearly $50, this collection doesn't do nearly what I'd expect. If you're in the market for a reasonably priced anti-aging line with much the same benefits, I'd stick with Neutrogena. Their product reliability is comparable, and you won't have to shell out the big bucks....more info
  • Rich and silky

    I think this regiment is meant to be used over a long period of time for stable results but all ready I am enjoying a nice glow and even tone from this new super kit from Olay. I can tell right away if I like a cream, it really takes one or two applications to see that it's good and lush. Both the lotion and cream from this kit is very emollient and silky, it feels soothing and nourishing and I enjoy applying it in the morning and night. The eye cream is also good but I always need something thicker if I wear makeup, for some reason the skin under my eyes is really dry and if I don't apply my Burt's Bees Royal Jelly Cream right before it, I have dry and tight skin, especially if I'm at work, starting at the computer screen all day long.

    My skin is mixed but tends to be little dry and this is nice and rich, but might be little too much for those with oily skin, so keep in mind when purchasing this. Overall I just started using it but so far I love the products, can't wait to see my face next month ;P

    ...more info
  • Ok products, but not worth the money
    I have found the products to be more moisturizing and it seems to be helping with lines a a little bit, though not enough to make up for the much higher price. If they would lower the cost it would make it much more desirable....more info
  • Best thing that ever happened!
    Oil of Olay really out did themselves this time! Olay ProX is fantastic and worth every penny. In the first couple of weeks, the wrinkle cream really did smooth out the fine lines and after 4 weeks the eye cream really made a noticeable difference in the dark circles, bags and crows feet. Thank you Olay!!...more info
  • Cannot discern a noticeable difference
    I've been using this morning and night since receiving it. While I like that my skin stays hydrated and the red packaging is eye-catching, I cannot really see a difference in my dark circles, skin texture or wrinkles. The only thing that I don't like is that it doesn't seem to dry on my face for quite awhile so before using my mineral makeup I have to dust it dry first. I've been using Olay's mature skin therapy lotion for over a year and it works nicely. I'm not looking for miracles. I have dry skin and look for a product to keep me hydrated, stave off future wrinkles a bit and not offend me with a lot of fragrance. The cost of this kit would keep me from buying it. I'll use this up and then go back to my other Olay product. At least I'm a loyal Olay user. If I start to see a difference, I'll amend this review....more info
  • High quality product, for guy's as well! Results within a week!
    This review is from a guy's perspective - which might be unique.

    In today's economy, first impressions can be key- male or female. With the use of this product, I found similar results from those I get at a dermo Dr., and better than expensive department store brands.

    I found Olay's system to greatly reduce my problem area's: the forehead area,and under eye 'puffy' problems or circles.

    Fine lines were diminished, or eliminated within a week. The eye area looked better with the 1st application! I have found the results to be ongoing.

    The product DOES NOT have a scent, which is a huge PLUS.

    The products are easy to slip into a gym bag, or just use or share at home - this one is NOT just for the ladies! Trust me! This is a GREAT product!

    ...more info
  • Not as good as Olay Regenerist
    I have been using this Pro-X kit faithfully and as directed for 3 weeks. I've been waiting and watching for a noticeable change and I finally got it in the form of acne. I've used primarily Olay products for years and have not had this problem before. If Pro-X is meant to make you look younger by putting you through puberty a 2nd time, then I guess it works. I much prefer Olay Regenerist (less expensive too) and I will go back to using the complete line. My favorites are:

    Olay Regenerist Night Recovery
    Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum
    Olay Regenerist 14 Day Skin Intervention ...more info
  • Five Stars for Those in Need of Skin Repair. Two Stars for Those Already Invested in Their Skin.
    Summary: After using this product for three weeks, I have elected to stay with the regimen constructed by my dermatologist: Renova (for exfoliating dead skin and building collagen) and CeraVe (for moisturizing). While some may find this cost prohibitive, I will elect to invest a little more in my skin-care to achieve optimal results. A study recently conducted by Allure magazine agrees.

    The details: With Renova running about $200.00 per tube and Olay claiming comparable results, I decided to take a break from my usual regime and try Pro-X. The results simply paled in comparison. My skin simply lacked the luster and smoothness that Renova delivers. Moreover, while Renova is odorless, there is a slight medicinal note to the Pro-X products. (I'm curious if that scent is added to give the consumer a feeling that he/she is using a product that is comparable to prescription "medications" or if it's merely a result of the ingredients).

    Who I think this could see results from this system: I have always been devoted to proper skincare. When I entered my 20s, I began yearly trips to the dermatologist to ensure that I would never have "play catch-up" with time. Ten years later: Renova was/is worth every single dollar. (And when used properly, peeling is very rare). However, if you have been neglecting your skin for years (by sun-bathing, not wearing a SPF daily, smoking, drinking etc...) and want to change your habits as well as the quality of your skin, I believe you will see results with Pro-X. No, it will not be the same as visiting your local dermatologist, but it will be a close second. So, PLEASE, skip the expensive department-store creams (like Chanel, Clinique, Est¨¦e Lauder, etc...), they are nearly as expensive as Renova (if not MORE expensive) and do not have shared results. (Kinerase is the exception here ... dermatologists do recommend this product for diminishing fine lines and improving texture).

    If you do not have medical insurance and do not care to pay for a visit to the dermatologist (it can be pricey, I agree), try Pro-X and expect results.

    The caveat: Allure magazine recently conducted an independent study of Pro-X (which alleges to give similar results to Renova). (See this month's issue). The results: after 24 weeks of using Pro-X, subjects saw a 25% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles ... but the results were not as dramatic as those who use Renova. (However, subjects did not experience the potential dryness and peeling that can result from over-applying or overusing Renova).

    So it's pretty much about your expectations and your priorities (and the state of your finances). Pro-X will deliver results to those who have seriously neglected their skin. Pro-X will not deliver results to those who have been vigilant (i.e. obsessed with optimal skin health). If you are tempted, then I say, try this product ... and (whatever the results) return here and post your experience! ...more info
  • Olay Pro X
    Feels sticky. Did not help with dark circles under the eye. Would not buy again....more info
  • disappointed
    First let me say I do NOT have sensitive skin. I have never had problems with any product. But after only 3 days of using this product I started breaking out. I noticed little white hard bumps on my face and around my eyes. They are called Milia.

    Milia are deep seeded white bumps that form when skin cells become trapped rather than exfoliate naturally. The trapped cells become walled off into tiny cysts that appear like white beads below the surface of the skin. The most common reason milia forms is from smothering your skin with heavy skin care products or hair care items. Comedogenic creams and lotions may prevent the sloughing of dead epidermal skin cells.Hidden problem products include make-up removers not labeled oil-free or non-comedogenic, hair spray, hair mousse and gel, heavy sunscreens and some moisturizers.

    I contacted Olay to find out if these products where Non-Comedogenic. They replied That they could not say legally it was non-comedogenic but they didn't think it would clog pores, because it was tested by a dermatologist. Not sure what that means, tested doesn't mean passed. anyway, I stopped using the product. Started using a Avon Micodermabrasion product, made sure all of my moisturizers and make-up now say non-comedogenic or will not clog pores. The Milia has started to be go away, but this has been a very unpleasant experience.

    Never the less I was disappointed. Like I said I have never had problems before using this product.

    ...more info
  • My neighbor asked if I got Botox!!!!!
    Background- I am 38 and have been told I look good for my age. I have olive and oily skin but not prone to breakouts. I do have some discoloration from many years out on the beach and have some fine lines around my eyes. I got Botox and IPL treatements a few years ago before my wedding and I loved the results however I cannot afford to do that on a regular basis and I don't want to end up with a freeze face as I call it. Too much Botox is not a good thing.
    Fast Forward- The effects of my IPL and Botox treatments are long gone. I have tried many lines of beauty products, studied ingredients, etc. When I heard about Pro X, I decided to try it. For the price, it's really not bad considering what I have paid for dept. store brands. I had a $5 coupon and a $25 rebate so it was a $31 investment.
    I have been using the "starter kit" for just about a month now and this is what I have observed:
    *Tightening of skin around eyes/crowsfeet- yes, my neighbor asked my husband if I had got shot up with Botox! 2 other friends of mine wanted to know what I was using on my skin. They said I look refreshed.
    *My skin is more even toned and pores appear smaller- I say "appear" because your pores can't shrink and don't buy anything that says it will SHRINK pores. Also, my skin has better clarity and it's more even toned. This product does not claim to cure hyperpigmentation but it really has improved mine!
    *My skin is moisturized, glows- I have oily skin and these products are not oily at all. Also, I have psoriasis so fragrance is a NO NO! I don't need a break out on my face. I also like the fact that the product seems to absorb rather than SIT on the surface of my skin. It just feels good on my skin!
    All and all, I think this product, especially the eye cream and night cream are exceptional! The daytime moisturizer is great but I prefer a tinted moisturizer (my preference- MD Skincare Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20, worth every penny! ).
    I don't use Olay cleansers as I prefer Cetaphil, Witch Hazel and Baking Soda (YEP) for exfoliation. My experience with cleansers is simple is better. Also I believe their cleanser have fragrance.
    I will continue to use Olay Pro X religiously! Everyone will have different results of course but my experience has been nothing short of exceptional and NO MORE NEEDLES! It's the first time I have written a product review and this one I felt was worth sharing. ...more info
  • Not bad but haven't seen major results yet
    The eye cream feels really good on my skin. I have been using it for almost 28 days now and haven't seen any real life changing results. My skin feels soft but honestly that is about it. I feel my lines on my head and eyes do look the same with no decrease in the wrinkles.

    Probably will not buy this again....more info
  • Man's dream
    Now I know it sounds odd for a guy to review an Olay anti-aging product and so I'd like to stop you right here. I took this cr¨¨me for my wife and positioned myself as the observer.

    Quickly I started noticing a transformation. Within days her skin become more rejuvenated, her smile brighter and my heart more joyous. When I kissed her cheeks, I noticed an extra softness to them. I also noticed her face get clearer, its texture smoother. There was no longer oils and in fact I observed an air of new self-confidence. I have to say she is quite pleased with the product and is ready to order another package.

    I highly recommend it for your spouse.
    ...more info
  • Skin Care
    So far, I have not used the full ProX system. I was finishing Obagi products and mainly using the eye serum. I love it....more info
  • Inconsistent?
    I ordered this for my mother, whose skin has aged tremendously in the past few years as a result of sun exposure, lack of nutrition, and poor self maintenance in general. The quality/price ratio of this product leaves something to be desired. The eye restoration complex was by far the best in the three-pack, and within two weeks, there was significant improvement in the lines around her eyes, along with a reduction in puffy darkness, even on the little sleep she gets. My only complaint about the eye restoration complex was how small the tube is, even if a little does go a long way, the price of the package as a whole is a bit of a deterrent.

    Wrinkle smoothing cream did not seem to work very well on a consistent basis, and actually caused a break out as other users have reported. Some days the wrinkles seemed to be reduced while other days they actually seemed worse. No real appearance of overall improvement.

    Age Repair Lotion? As far as my mom reported it was really just sunscreen that helped soften her skin, but otherwise didn't seem to do a whole lot; or at least nothing evident.

    I think that the price of this package is not enough to get me to buy this for my mom again, based on the fact that she really only liked the eye cream....more info
  • Meh...
    Hmmm, what can you say about "Age Repair Lotion"? I mean it feels creamy & I'd love to think it's doing it's job, but don't you kinda have to question anything that takes natural wrinkles from aging outta your face? Or for that matter should I really be critcal if I don't see results over night? Sounds good on paper & all with the SPF 30 blended within, but... ? Same goes with the "Wrinkle Smoothing Cream". This is supposed to over time smooth wrinkling (not completely take them away, just smooth them), but so far in my experiance it's just made my face oily. Best outta the box is the "Eye Restoration Complex". If I were to purchase any of the products again singly it would be this one for sure. The "ERC" is supposed to take away puffiness & dark spots around the eye area (again, not completely), & I can definately see a differance since I 1st started using it. A little side warning out there for everyone, this definately doesn't feel good when you get it in your eyes, so be careful of that. In the end, would I buy the whole package again? No, probably not, not because I hate it or anything, just don't know that I wanna invest in something without any immediate results. I would however definately buy the eye cream again. In closing I guess it's really about what you need & what you're after, one things for sure though, the eye stuff works....more info
  • Not any better than regenerist
    I think that Olay has tried to come up with a way to make more money off of its highly acclaimed Regenerist line. Not only I can detect no improvement in ProX over Regenerist, but I've seen more breakouts on my face. I must admit that I'm 65 and have taken good care of my skin in the past, so perhaps I shouldn't expect any improvement at this point. Bottom line: don't waste you money on this higher priced line....more info
  • Love the product!
    I have been using this new Olay kit for a few weeks, I'm very pleased so far. It hydrates my skin better than any other brand I've tried. ...more info
  • ProX Treatment: good results in a couple of weeks of use
    The night time Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is very light and non-greasy.
    I have been applying it nightly on my face and neck. My skin feels a
    bit firmer and well moisturized after using this product.

    The Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30 is also a light moisturizer without
    much of a scent. I apply this all over my face and neck each morning.
    It does not leave a greasy layer on my skin and I apply make up
    over it without any problems. I like the SPF 30 in this cream so
    that my face is protected from the sun.

    The Eye Restoration Complex cream is also a thin easy to apply lotion
    that I have been putting under my eyes in the morning and before bed
    at night. I have noticed that my eye squinting wrinkles seem to be
    less noticeable. What I really like about this whole line is that
    the products do not have an overpowering scent and they are all
    non-greasy feeling....more info
  • Really works
    My wife loves this product, and i really feel her skin improved, she got this new glow and firmer skin. And i think her age spots also gone. I would recommend this product to every woman....more info
  • nothing really special
    so far as I can tell, This stuff does no better a job than other creams that are cheaper and more easisly available in the supermarket....more info
  • works great
    I started using this product about 3 weeks ago and I love it. I can see the results. I will continue to use this product...more info
  • You Know You're Getting Old....
    You know you're getting old when you start using products like this. Actually, I wish I had started years ago. Having oily skin well into my 20's made me winkle-free for most of my life...but now a new winkle appears here and there...as is normal...but you may be surprised that they start to bother you a bit,even if you're not the vain type.

    First, I love the pretty red packaging of this kit. Red is a beauty color to me, like red lipstick. Second, I love the fact the scents of the items are so mild I can actually use them. Any scent of beauty products that isn't citrus usually gives me severe headaches. The daytime cream with sunscreen actually smells a bit like a suntan product to me. And the winkle cream smells like a mild version of Solicane cream...a product I can't find any longer. And, oh, how I would love to have a bottle of that right now...not for my face, but for my dry hands. Nothing worked better. I actually tried the Olay winkle cream on my hands the first time I used it, including applying it to a crack in my finger. It burned!

    On my face, however, it does not burn; and it does a very good job of keeping my face moisturized, even in the cold winter, with electric heat everywhere. (I use to just use baby oil in the shower.) The daytime cream works very nicely, too. The eye cream, I can't really tell if it's doing anything. But I'm applying them all religiously, and will return after a month to edit this review, since one's face is suppose to show the difference by then. But really, no cream can get rid of winkles, can it?

    Over A Month Later:

    This kit obviously has made my skin look much smoother and softer. I think my skin color is better, too. It's a great kit to have in the winter, with electric heat everywhere drying out your skin. When it's all gone, though, I'm afraid I will not be able to afford the full size products. I'll probably just use a cheaper Olay cream...the one they keep saying is better than a $700 cream in tests. But it looks like it will be a while before I use up these sample products...like maybe months!...more info
  • Can You Really Tell...
    Olay makes some nice products. Often the scent added to them will make me break out. These most certainly did not. SO if you are looking for an anti-aging regimen and other products have irritated your skin, these might be a good choice for you.

    I never know exactly how to review a product like this. How can one tell if it has staved off the effects of aging? I can say that it was an easy regimen to follow and I do think my skin is softer and the dark circles under my eyes have lightened a bit.

    Do I look like a movie star? Nope (always think of that chunky woman with wild, thinning hair in Educating Rita who sat in Rita's chair and pointed to a picture of Princess Di and said, "I want to look like that.") But I suppose, I might look more supple than I would otherwise.

    ...more info
  • Olay Pro starter kit
    The eye lotion is light and goes on easily. The day lotion smooths into the skin well. The night cream is not too heavy. I like this starter kit also for the sizes. The eye and day lotions can be used for travel. I will probably still use a sunscreen with this set, but it works well, not too heavy.

    I've had good luck with other Olay products. I've tried more expensive ones (Lancome, Chanel, Natura Bisse) but Olay works well. I'm please with this set....more info
  • WONDERFUL non-greasy skin care product
    I am familiar with many skin care lines- Lancome, Nivea, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, La Prairie, to name a few. Sure, they are all nice, but the price can be high.

    About a year ago, a reputable group tested many of these skin care creams. The overall winner was Olay ( Regenerist I believe?)-big surprise. It won the No 1 spot over some very pricey creams. And they did make the point that high price did not mean better (they even tested the extremely expensive $250/oz creams).

    A few years ago, I started trying out more & more of the Olay products. They have gone way beyond that pink lotion from the 70's to 80's. Their skin care lines are lovely, rich, and absorb well into the skin. And they are quite remarkable. Their Definity & Regenerist lines are terrific.

    I was curious to try this new addition to their lineup: Pro-X. I am very pleased with it. As my skin has had some bad reactions to some high priced creams-discontinued due to rash or comedones (a.k.a. bumps or pimples) , I usually patch test a bit on my arm first a dot or so). If OK 24 hours later, I'll put it on my face and eyelids. So, I am happy to report that this is well tolerated & quite nice. No problems at all.

    I follow the directions for day & night use. Although, I have found that putting Olay's Regenerist under the ProX night care may provide added benefit. With this ProX line it is possible that the results might be quite good overall. (I'll try to update in a few weeks.) I have also applied this cream after using an exfoliant (other brand) and am quite pleased to note a new softness to my face. That's always nice!

    I am especially pleased that a small amount of this cream covers the skin nicely and is well absorbed. There is no greasy mask feeling to this at all-no smears on the pillow, either. So, if something isn't thick and greasy, I am more likely to use it steadily.

    A word about the packaging- I like the Red containers-more importantly, they are easy to store, open, & apply.

    In Alaska, it can be pretty dry in the winter. This is a great cream to combat winter dryness!

    I am very glad that fine skincare is accessible and more affordable!
    With skin care-high price does not mean better!

    Later on: Face looks good. No intolerance to product. No rash.

    I read a few other reviews. I'd like to add that I have been very diligent taking care of my skin since the teen years. Always used a good moisturizer. (not every night, but more so mid 20's). I guess I got spooked by a TV ad that said "For that skin over 25"-horrors!

    Even so, I would say there is a significant nice soft feel to the skin after exfoliation (a few times a week) & application of Regenerist serum, prior to use of Pro X (again, not every day). I'm familiar with most skin care lines and I find this to be quite good. Price certainly is an issue-especially these days! I am glad that Olay has expanded their line.

    ...more info
  • I Never Looked Better!
    I have tried other products but this one really seems to do the trick for me. My skin looks beautiful and I've gotten a lot of attention and questions about "what's my secret". I love it....more info
  • No results
    I bought the kit and then I went out and bought the color corrector and the deep wrinkle cream. I've been using them for almost a month and I've not seen any results or changes. I didn't see any reduction of pigments spots or wrinkles. Maybe it would make more of a difference if I had untreated skin....more info


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