KOR ONE BPA Free Hydration Vessel (Blue)

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Product Description

With 70 million plastic water bottles consumed each day, we are proud to introduce an eco-liquid bottle unlike any other. It's hip, it's stylish, and you won't leave home without it. The KOR ONE is made from Eastman Tritan, which is free of bisphenol-A (BPA), a leaching toxin found in polycarbonate bottles. The easy carry handle transports your bottle wherever you need to go and a non slip bottom secures it to its resting place. Simply press open the cap for a large mouth opening to quench your thirst.

The average U.S. consumer discarded 167 single-use water bottles last year. Of these 167, only 20 were recycled; the rest of the oil-based bottles went into landfills or wound up as litter. Now you can do your part to promote a greener lifestyle--and enjoy a strikingly beautiful design in the process--with the KOR ONE hydration vessel. Offering everything you want in a multi-use water bottle, the KOR ONE boasts an elliptical shape that's inspired by the organic beauty of blown glass, with a sparkling body that stands out in a crowd. More importantly, the bottle eagerly quenches your thirst thanks to the "no-worry-cap" swivel, which opens with a press of a button and a twist of the wrist. Not only does this reveal a mouth wide enough for a satisfying flow, but it's also designed to minimize splashing. And users will appreciate the bottle's slim, ergonomic design, which fits in most cup holders and water-bottle pockets.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
Most refillable water bottles are made of polycarbonate, even though scientists have known for years that Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical used in the polycarbonate manufacturing process, leaches into whatever liquid goes inside (BPA is a known hormone disruptor that's been linked to birth defects). That's why the Kor One is made from Eastman Tritan, which offers the clarity and performance of polycarbonate but without the dangers of BPA. It's also safer to refill the Kor One than to re-fill single-use bottles, which tend to act as breeding grounds for bacteria. Many single-use bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which studies indicate leaches potentially harmful amounts of antimony and other chemicals, especially as the bottle breaks down from re-use. The KOR ONE, by contrast, is easy to clean and stays safe throughout its lifetime.

Perhaps the most important benefit that the Kor One provides, however, is an immediate delivery system for your body's most important substance: water. Your body contains up to 70 percent water, and every metabolic system depends on it. Even minor dehydration can have significant effects, ranging from fatigue and headaches to indigestion and muscle cramps. The KOR ONE helps overcome these problems by giving you instant access to water, helping keep your muscles and joints happy and lubricated, distributing vitamins and other nutrients throughout the body, and helping remove lactic acid, dead cells, and toxins that would otherwise slow you down (or worse).

A Sustainable Choice
According to the Pacific Institute, the amount of petroleum required to make, ship, and distribute the average single-use water bottle would fill 25 percent of the bottle itself. So when you drink a bottle of water, you're also consuming the equivalent of a quarter of the bottle's volume in oil. The Earth Policy Institute estimates that bottled water consumption is the global warming equivalent of three million cars driven for a year. Drinking from a reusable water bottle, however, is a simple but empowering change. You may not be able to reverse global warming single-handedly, but collectively we can make a difference by changing our water consumption habits.

Additional Features:

  • Hinged opening makes drinking easier and more enjoyable (no cap to lose or fight with)
  • 750 ml capacity
  • Tapered shape fits hands of all sizes and most backpacks, briefcases, and laptop bags
  • Ergonomic handle for easy carrying
  • Soft rubber base makes for easy landing
  • Wide mouth for strong flow, adding ice cubes, and easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher-safe in top rack (hand washing with soap and hot water recommended)
  • Measures 3.54 by 11.36 by 2.58 inches (W x H x D)

  • Eco-friendly multi-use water bottle made of BPA Free Eastman Tritan material
  • Elliptical shape with sparkling body is inspired by organic look of blown glass
  • Hinged opening makes drinking easier and more enjoyable (no cap to lose)
  • Tapered shape fits hands of all sizes and most cup holders or bottle pockets
  • Dishwasher-safe in top rack; measures 3.54 x 11.36 x 2.58 inches (W x H x D)

Customer Reviews:

  • Say goodbye to spilled water !
    I love this water bottle it is made of very thick plastic and holds plenty of water. You can hold it upside down with water in it and no leaks at all. I got tired of buying cheap $10 water bottles that leaked all over the place when tipped over. Yes, it is expensive but its well worth it. This water bottle is very well made and should last a long time. Some of the features I liked are the rubber bottom, flip open top, carrying handle, and its BPA free. In the long run this will definitely save you from having to buy bottled water that is expensive....more info
  • Solid construction. Never leaks. Lots of water.
    Like my title says. This is a well-made water bottle with great design. It's got a big mouth-piece that lets water gush out, which I love. When the lid is closed, it never leaks. Great product. A little pricey though....more info
  • Sexy
    The picture doesn't do this justice, this is about as sexy as a water bottle can get!

    This is truly a functional piece of modern art. The cool blue color, the trendy "iWhite" accents and the one-hand open top makes this one a winner. The flip-top means you don't have to worry about the cap and the opening is wide enough to get a decent flow but not too much where you have to worry about overspill. The bottle is oval in shape so it doesn't fit well in cup holders but that's not a problem since it seals tight with a click. The bottle measures 11.36" and holds 750 ml. You'll drink more water with this and look great doing it!...more info
  • KOR water bottle, neat and convinent.
    This product is great. It is sturdy, convinent, and really neat to look at. Features an easy to carry handle and overall friendly shape. It also has a rubber ring on the bottom to prevent sliding. The mouthpiece is wide and comfortable to drink from. Also BPA free and fairly easy to clean. I read that BPA is a chemical in water bottles that absorbs any other chemicals it comes in contact with, and it can even cause birth defects. I know it's a little pricey, and im not the type to spend a lot on something but i think this is the best water bottle you can get. ...more info
  • Form meets function
    This water bottle is well designed, well thought out, well constructed and incredibly elegant. The loop at the top allows you to carry it around with one finger. It's easy to open, the water flows out of the opening perfectly (the lip is rounded out) and it snaps shut and seals with total ease. It is made of very high quality plastic that does not impart any taste on the water nor is it porous and thus susceptible to germ absorption. The white plastic sides lend an easier to grip surface that keeps the clear plastic free of palm prints. The bottom has a rubber ring that adds a cushion and grips the table. It's made in the USA and they even give a small percentage of their profits to non-profit groups that help with water issues. What more could anyone want from a reusable water bottle? ...more info
  • Coolest water bottle
    The coolest water bottle. It doesn't fit in small cup holder because of the oval shape of the bottle. Has a large opening to allow you to put ice in the bottle. The light blue color is very classy.
    This is not just another water bottle. It will stand out among all the bottles on the shelf. A little pricey but worth the money....more info
  • Fresh & Cold
    This is a great product, not too heavy, but keeps what ever you put in it fresh and cold. Easy to carry and nice looking too....more info


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