LaCie Hard Disk 301313U eSATA/FireWire400/USB 2.0 External Hard Drive, Design by Neil Poulton
LaCie Hard Disk 301313U eSATA/FireWire400/USB 2.0 External Hard Drive, Design by Neil Poulton

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Product Description

The efficient 500GB LaCie Hard Disk, Design by Neil Poulton is extremely easy to use. Very compact for its colossal capacity, this lightweight storage solution moves around easily. Plug & play offering automatic formatting with LaCie Setup Assistant with customizable features. LaCie ‘1-Click’ Backup Software for PC and Mac users is also included for quickly saving files in one click. Created exclusively for LaCie by world-famous designer Neil Poulton, the LaCie Hard Disk’s one-of-a-kind, subtle all-black design blends perfectly into your setup. Adding sophisticated style to your desktop, it has a fashionable, mirror-polished finish and a distinguishing feature - a cool, blue LED strip on its underside that creates an ambient glow. With USB 2.0, eSATA and FireWire 400, the LaCie Hard Disk is designed to connect to any PC or Mac. The widely used interface USB 2.0 offers cross-platform convenience and hot-pluggable connection. For speed-demanding professional applications, eSATA offers an impressively fast transfer rate of up to 80MB/s. There are two FireWire ports so you can connect it to your computer and to another device like a second external drive, camcorder or camera. Even use it as a reliable data shuttle across platforms. Easily share and exchange your files and regularly back up your system or upgrade capacity when your hard drive is full. You can also conveniently save all of your digital photos, music files and videos in one central location for safekeeping.

Customer Reviews:

  • 3 laCie hard drives wnt down after 1 year of use
    I work with a lot of images, and about a two years ago purchased three laCie hard drives, 500 gb, 1 tb and 1.5 tb. All three are dead now, and they all died same way - after a long non use period of time (from a week to a couple of months) you turn them on and nothing happens, they are dead, the disk is not spinning and no means can help. If you are looking for something reliable, please find something else....more info
  • Great, Really Great
    This is the best external videocard I ever bought. The esata is great for HD video transfers. 1 year and stll very happy....more info
  • Rugged and Reliable
    I own 4 Lacies ( 1T, 2-500GB, 1-320GB ) and they are easy to set up and reliable. I highly recommend these drives. ...more info
  • Good drive at good price. Like eSATA capability
    I've been buying Lacie drives for the last few years. I now own two of these 1 terabyte drives. They've worked fine. My computer has one of the new eSATA ports which this drive uses -- which means the speed is much faster than a normal USB 2.0 drive. I need the large hard disks to handle video files. ...more info
  • decent value for the cost
    We goth this drive to increase the performance of one of our lesser media center pc's. although the drive is fast and adequate in size, it only is good for low bandwidth applications or media. If we record 2 shows, we can't watch a third. Also, when recording in High Def, the drive can't keep up with the data stream.

    Would only recommend this drive if you are needing medium quality media storage or as a backup drive....more info
  • Great Drive!!!!

    This device saved my files, when there was no hope!! I transferred all my files from safe mode and it worked perfectly!! Very user-friendly machine!

    ...more info
  • Spectacular Drive - Worth every penny!!!!
    I actually own 3 of these drives from Lacie and have had them for 4+ months now. If you are looking for a reliable external storage drive, look no further.

    The best features of this drive are ease of use, size of data it holds, and the multiple options to connect the drive. YES!!! - Lacie even includes all three cable wires for the different connection types :) - No need to run out to buy cables unless you need them to be longer.


    As with all electronics, it is completely possible to get a dead one out of the box or one that fails. Neither has happened to me. The key to performance and long life is how you treat the equipment. Keeping the drive well ventilated to prevent overheating is key. I would also recommend *not* handling or moving the drive when it is in use. This includes when you are reading from or writing to the drive.

    Occasionally, my computer does have problems recognizing the drive. This happens with drives from other manufactures as well. I think it has more to do with my computer and firewire connection than it does with the drive itself. Simply power cycling the drive or reseating the firewire connection resolves the issue.

    The only draw back to this drive is the overall cosmetics. Like most external drive manufacturers, Lacie opted for a HIGH GLOSS/SHINY enclosure. This finish is a magnet for smudges, fingerprints, and dust. If you are careless, it would be possible to scratch or chip the finish. Because of the finish, chips, dust, fingerprints, scratches and smudges will really stand out and be very noticeable. The drive also has very sharp edges and corners so be carefull not to scratch or mar other equipment while handling the drive. All in all very minor issues.

    One last point... I did purchase all three of my Lacie drives from AMAZON.COM. However, you may want to shop the drive on both AMAZON and NEWEGG. They appear to be in a price war over this unit and, at times, the price may be better at the other store.

    I will say this. Amazon's shipping was spectacular. Paid for 3 day shipping on all three drives. Had my unit in two days on two of the units and one arrived overnite. Great experience with AMAZON!!!! ...more info
  • Surprisingly bad experience
    There's a bizarre little piece of software that's required to format the drive, or else your computer won't recognize it. It comes already loaded onto the drive with the caveat: warning, don't delete this, or you won't be able to use the drive.

    So, hooked up the drive, ran the bizarre little piece of software--and, it immediately crashed the computer, instantly. The computer rebooted, and now--the bizarre little piece of software is gone. Tried turning off and on the drive, and now the computer won't even recognize it.

    But, no worries! The manual says that you can download the BLPoS (that's Bizarre Little Piece of Software) from the LaCie site. Saved! Right?

    Except the BLPoS isn't anywhere on the site. Anywhere. At all. Even other commenters on the Internet with this problem have remarked as such.

    OK, stay calm. They've got a contact number. I'll just call them up.

    Good, technical support. Press 1. Here we go.

    Ut-oh. Voice mail says it may take as long as 30 minutes. OK, well, guess I'll hold.

    (Cue Jeopardy music.)

    (For 75 minutes.)

    (Then realize that it's now well past their closing time, and everyone there gone home.)

    Guess what, LaCie? I've got a brick designed by Neil Boulton comin' your way. I think you could probably use it to stun a burglar or something. Or, put a headset around it, and have it sub in as your customer support. It really can't do any worse than what you've already got.

    ...more info
  • Intego Backup Assistant issue
    This LaLaCie Hard Disk 750 GB FireWire 400/USB 2.0/eSATA External Hard Drive, Design by Neil Poulton 301314UCie Hard Disk drive was easy to connect and use manually. However, the free Intego Backup Assistant is difficult to figure out & won't automatically backup my MAC's home folder, which contains all my photos, unless I pay for an upgraded version. So, I've been doing this manually. Not at all what I expected. ...more info
  • Good Buy
    I had this Lacie External 1tb HD from last 2 monts. Very fast data transfer. I would recommend to have this great size...more info
  • Perfect External Drive
    I've gone through about 3 external harddrives and this one is by far the best one I've ever had. The two external firewire ports allowed me to easily daisy chain my last harddrive to it so I didn't lose any ports on my computer. The drive looks sleek and runs almost silent, except for the noise of the drive head. If you ever need to take it somewhere it's compact enough to easily be carried or won't take up much space in a bag. Stop searching for harddrives and just buy this one....more info
  • Great way to expand your drive space
    I wanted to use Parallels to run Windows on my Intel Mac. This was the exact solution. ...more info
  • Great! (and stylish)
    Purchased this very Cosmo looking 1TB Hard Drive because it was going to be sitting on the component shelf feeding a WD TV HD Media Player. What a great looking, great working pair they make. Initial install of the LaCie included a nicely laid out formatting prompt giving you choices of NTFS, FAT32 or combinations of them for cross-compatibility. Speed is good and it is VERY quiet. Perfect for this application in an entertainment suite. The only thing that could make this any better would be a network connection....more info
  • Fail
    I got this drive for christmas and have saved very little on it until now. I needed to reinstall vista so I spent all night backing up 30 gb of stuff off of my hard drive. I just got vista back up and running and found that there was nothing to restore on my Lacie :( Depending on this external drive cost me everything I had. Prior to the reinstall of Vista disk manager showed the Lacie as healthy and my GB's of data there. Same Vista, same computer, same connections and software. No Data....more info
  • beautiful design
    I have always had good luck with LaCie, this seems to be no different. It is being used on a mac. Very "2001 space odyssey"in design....more info
  • LaCie newbie
    Using this to back up my wife's Intel Imac, my Linux Fedora 9 PC clone, and my kids HP EVO Windows XP box. After a couple of months, no problems. The drive has functioned and recognized nicely with all machines. Nice that on the Mac when you drop the disk Icon in the trash, the LaCie turns itself off. The speed of the Fire Wire is impressive, makes you wish you had that interface on on all your computers. Because of the slick case, I was worried about loosing my grip while carrying it. It is not too bad, since the bottom is waffled with air holes. I still try to stick it in a bubble bag when I transport it, just in case....more info
  • Awesome drive, just do it.
    Wanted something inexpensive but high-quality.
    This bad boy fits the bill. Looks great, fast drive, just awesome. It's my 4th LaCie and has never let me down....more info
  • LaCie only looks good
    We are professional photographers and were taken by the looks of the LaCie design. Having had two drives crash just after the warrenty was up and then finding one Seagate drive and one Western Digital drive in theother sort of turned us off to LaCIe. Tech support blew us off and it cost $2,300 to retrieve the data. Buyer be aware....more info
  • Works with a DVR too!
    Before I bought this product, I read through customer reviews to see comments on how this device works with DVRs. I didn't find any such comments, so it seems not many have used this as an external hard drive for DVRs. I gave in to the low cost, and purchased it.

    I have a Moxi DVR, and connected this device to it yesterday. I was so pleased to see the used space decrease from 50% (without this hard drive) to 6% right after it connected!

    Its a nice looking box (as nice as a box can be I guess - after all.. its designed by.. who?).. and the only negative I see is that the blue light is very bright. Hasn't bothered me too much yet, but then I've only used it for 2 days so far!

    This post is particularly for those that are looking to add it to their DVRs. It works!...more info
  • Great Product!
    I had this hard drive for about 2 months now and it's still working perfectly for me. I run my games and some programs thru the hard drive using a USB. Nothing bad so far. Excellent product!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great drive, not only looking but working.
    Recieved it and within 20 minutes was storing all my data. Great product, a little heavier than I thought but better looking. No problems transferring 300 initial gigs. The only flaw was the short USB cable but I can't wait to test esata port. ...more info
  • Quality product
    The hard drive came in the time promised, and it was absolutely brand new! It works great with my Macbook. Fantastic price from info
  • An affordable terabyte with firewire... it's been good to me.
    I have a home rig that's PC-based, but it's not ready to handle HD footage yet... as well as two PC based laptops equipped to do the same. A few months ago, I picked up a MacBook Pro and a deck-based HD camera from Sony (to go along with my two SD cameras and DSLR still cam). Needless to say, when capturing whole tapes (HD and SD), a ton of clips, or huge batches of RAW files, you really start to burn through gigs like they're megabytes from the the 90's (hope that makes sense). I wound up filling my MacBook's HDD up so much that it wasn't able to do it's OS updates.
    I picked up the LaCie 1 terabyte drive (with eSATA, FW 400, USB 2.0) and had it installed and ready to roll within 5 minutes of receiving it at work. I've read some concerns that it doesn't have FW 800, but for a $150-170 terabyte drive, you can only expect so much. Since the drive is dedicated to my Mac I haven't used the eSATA connection, but I know for a fact that it's a great connection (speed-wise) for rigs able to accommodate that connection. The only connection I've used is the FW 400 (there are two of these ports), and I've found that transferring roughly 150 gigs over didn't take an excruciatingly long time. I've found the connection to be fast enough to edit SD video- reading and writing to the external drive. There's a bit of lag, but barely enough to notice or have any effect on syncing audio and video.
    Design-wise... there's really nothing to say. I didn't seek a hard drive masquerading as art, I was looking for something with a decent rating, a good price, and 1 TB. There's no real design to speak of here... it's a shiny black box the size of a medium-largish print novel, and it has a blue LED that increases and decreases in luminosity as the drive does its job. You can't turn the light off, so if you really hate lights either turn the drive around or put some electrical tape over it. I don't find it distracting, personally. Pretty much everyone has mentioned that this thing collects fingerprints like Chris Hansen collects pedos, and they're all right. There's absolutely no way to handle the case without blemishing it unless you hold it from the bottom and pretend you're a waiter, which is probably not a good idea unless you've actually got the skills of a seasoned professional food service employee. It's too clean to stay clean, so if you have an obsessive compulsive disorder that causes you to make sure everything's spotless, stay away from this product. Personally, I don't care... it's a hard drive. A big fat terabyte of real estate.
    If you picked up the Swiss Army backpack with your Mac (the one capable of holding the 17" model), rest assured that this drive will fit in the center pocket of that particular backpack unless you've already crammed that with books or stolen fast food condiments.
    So far, the drive has worked flawlessly as both a drive to batch-dump massive amounts of data on, as well as work off of directly (as you would with most video applications, page layout and design apps, presentations, etc).
    One brief note... I've read reviews about this drive and its noise or lack thereof. The only time I ever notice a noise on this thing is when I turn it on (there's a brief wind sound up as it starts to spin up), and occasional HDD noises you'd expect when initiating the drive or putting it through its paces in one way or the other. It sounds quiet... err... it barely sounds at all to me. It's about as loud as a hard drive-based laptop (one working well)....more info
  • big g=bang fr your cash
    Great product. I use Final Cut Pro Studio on my Mac Book Pro. I have two external Hard drives connected with eSATA to my laptop. I use one for editing. And this LaCie for back up and storage. It looks very nice and it is very fast and quite. Easy to use.
    ...more info
  • So far so good,black,shiny and quite.
    I ordered this through Amazon, but the shipment came from
    The unit works right out the box. All cables are provided for the three different interfaces. It works with the USB (1.1?) port on my machine with XP Pro. The drive noise during transfer is from my internal drives.
    The required setup to format the entire drive took within a minute and its ready for use. Cons: Included short length of the USB cable. It is just enough to reach the USB port and have the unit sit on top of my mini tower. If you want it to sit on your desk you need to get/buy a longer USB cable. Fully format for 1TB, XP displays only 931Gs , where did the 64G go?...more info
  • Great Hard Drive
    This product is quite awesome, I have it with Linux, The first you must do is to connect it in a Windows OS computer, you format it with its own applications, use NTFS, I don't recommend to partition it.
    Then what i did is to connect it in Linux, downloaded the ntfs-3g and add a line in the fstab, that way you can use it from linux, even that anywhere says so.

    About the case, is really great, obviusly the dust is really visible because the case is completely black and shiny, but you can blow it away without using any cleaning device.

    No cons so far, everything is good, I have it for over a month now....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    My Brother suggested this brand and after I did some looking I decided on This drive. It is Definitely a "Champ" and I am Very, Very Happy with it. It is Very Simple to Use. I use the USB-2 connection. Lots of Room to store files. Thanks. ...more info
  • It does the job
    I have six external hard drives and this is in the top four. It might be higher, but three others are LaCies and they're just as good. This (and the others) are easy to use with my Mac with nothing more to do than plug them in and turn them on. For me, what sets LaCie apart from the others is their stable and stackable shapes.

    The only problem with them is they encourage me to find more stuff to keep in them. :-)

    If I need another external hard drive I'll look to LaCie first....more info
  • interface for Mac and PC
    I got this drive for home use with a Mac laptop (using the firewire connection) and a PC laptop (using the USB connection). The drive now functions well with both computers, but it took me some time to figure out that it can not be connected to both systems at the same time: the PC running Windows XP was not able to recognize the drive until I disconnected the firewire connection to the Mac. It then identified "new hardware," a USB drive, and made a connection that appeared with a new drive letter under "my computer." LaCie technical support, reached by e-mail while I was still trying to figure out why the drive was not connecting, replied promptly and gave me the needed information to troubleshoot this problem (although not a specific solution to my problem). I have only been using the drive a couple of weeks but so far it seems dependable and I am pleased with the level of technical support and information available on the LeCie website....more info
  • Good looking HDD
    I have never had an external HDD until now. I bought this as additional storage to my imac, installation is simple and quick, a few questions and thats it! Comes with many cables: usb, firewire, and the esata. I have it close by and hear it makes noise every once in a while, definitely louder than my imac's drive, but, like I said I have never owned an external to compare it to. Very good looking HDD with a nice blue light glowing, other than the tiny bit of noise you can't tell this is a HDD. I will get a longer cable and move it farther away to avoid the tiny bit it lets out....more info
  • Lacie supports Macintosh & also has backup software included
    This hard drive works great with my Mac G4 with Tiger, and it went beyond my expectations. The set-up was flawless and the software worked the first time, as long as you follow the easy user-friendly instructions.
    Please buy this hard drive and support Lacie, who is trying to support Mac.
    If you have a mac be sure and buy a mac-compatible drive, which is this one.

    Amazon's prices were the best, and they tracked it all the way to your door....more info
  • NICE
    This drive seems to work great. Test of time will tell how great it really is. I use it on mac and PC. The whole auto format thing is kinda lame because it makes you split the drive.
    I did a little research and found a free plugin/app that allows my intel mac's to read/write NTSF and BLAMO. NO SPLITTING THE DRIVE NECESSARY! Formatted Fully NTSF and running on a mac or PC perfectly. This NTSF for mac app IS GREAT because it allows me to use my other NTSF drives on my mac too.

    This drive is a little noisy, as others have said. Its nothing to extreme but in a quiet room you can hear it for sure (sounds like a subtle small fan blowing in the next room). All my other drives are quieter then this one....more info
  • Easy to use, Mac or Windows
    Great hard drive for either Mac or Windows, I used both. Now have just Mac stuff on mine. Very easy to use, format, etc. Very quiet, looks nice as well. ...more info
  • Software Problems
    I ordered and received the product and it works as advertised. Loved the fact that all three connection cables (USB, eSATA and Firewire)came with the product. The only problem I encountered is that I was unable to access the software included with the product and had to download it from the LaCie support website. Also, it doesn't seem to give the option of backing up your files at a time chosen by the user. In general a great hard disk with plenty of room for back ups....more info
  • Excellent
    This is the 5th one I've bought and I have had no problems so far. It is small and easy to carry along....more info
  • quiet HDD
    it is a wonderfully quiet HDD. it transfers data fast with no hiccups in the playback of movies. it was cheap and worth much more then what i paid for it. i would suggest this to everyone for what ever there computing needs...more info
  • Fail
    I got this drive for christmas and have saved very little on it until now. I needed to reinstall vista so I spent all night backing up 30 gb of stuff off of my hard drive. I just got vista back up and running and found that there was nothing to restore on my Lacie :( Depending on this external drive cost me everything I had. Prior to the reinstall of Vista disk manager showed the Lacie as healthy and my GB's of data there. Same Vista, same computer, same connections and software. No Data....more info
  • Impossibly Slow Write Speed
    I am a devoted LaCie user. I own 5 Big Disk, 2 Little Disk, and 1 Rugged. They have all worked flawlessly and have been consistently more dependable than any other brand I've tried. I've had problems with every other brand, WD, Seagate, Toshiba, etc. But never with LaCie. They're more expensive, but for me, def worth it. Since what the point of saving a few bucks for data backup and have issues with the security of that data backup.

    But these "black plastic" LaCie 1TB Neil Poulton Drives are the first LaCie's I've owned that have been horrible. They are noisy, very unlike the other LaCie's. But that I can live with. The real issue is their IMPOSSIBLY SLOW write/transfer speed. I don't mean slow, I mean "UNUSABLY SLOW". It is just "COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE".

    I've tried different cable I/Os. No difference. I've tried it on my iMac and MacBooks. No Difference. I've tried my other external hard drives to test transfering the same files. The other drives have no issues at all. So I'm assuming it has to be these drives. I've sent in an enquiry to LaCie, so if it gets resolved, I'll post an update. But so far, these drives are "TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE" to me....more info
  • classy and usefull
    this product is made very well, the only downside i see is i payed the extra 30 dollars for this hard drive compared to other 1 terrabyte drives so i could use the eSata port however i came to discover my computer only has regular sata connections, so word to the wise check your computer carefully. Still the fire wire and usb 2.0 are fast, and one great feature is the on off switch. Overall im very content with this hard drive and it fits my needs very well because of its large storage capacity and fast writing speed...more info
  • Noisy
    I've had the product for almost 2 months now. So far it's still working well; my computer still recognizes it everytime I plug it in.
    My only problem is the noise and the memory. It produces this weird crackling or popping sound. It's not loud, but it makes me nervous at times because it makes me feel that the hard drive will just suddenly stop working.
    The memory is not exactly 1TB. It's 900+ gb. I haven't used up the whole space yet, but that fraction of space it's supposed to have could have been 50 movies more for me. -_-...more info
  • Nice look, fast transfer but noisy and no standby mode
    I own this external hard drive for about a month and I can't say I'm fully satisfied.

    - Nice look.
    - eSATA port very efficient.
    - Great capacity.
    - Good value for money.

    - Noisy. My Seagate was much quieter.
    - No standby mode. I need to switch it off when not using it.
    - eSATA port was not recognized by Vista at first. I had to manually search for new HW to use it, but it worked. ...more info
  • Its a great product...fits my needs perfectly!
    So far the HDD is running great and has fit my needs perfectly. I don't like the fact that I had to format it for either windows or mac and not really universal. You can partition it for either OS however you can only designate up to only 20GB for the second partition. Other than that I love the external HDD its great....more info
  • Great drive / great price
    Picked up this drive after my second Western Digital failed - don't ask - I shouldve known not to go WD again after the first failure. Live and learn.

    Anyway, was delighted to find this well reviewed, and good-looking LaCie at a great price.

    The good: Sleek, minimalist, huge space, firewire 400, drive powers itself down when not in use.

    The bad: A little loud, no firewire 800

    All in all, this is a smart looking, sharply functioning drive. Big enough to dump heaps of music and photos, while also partitioning in a big enough chunk for system backup. ...more info
  • looks good. easy to use. a little noisy.
    This is a decent drive, especially for the price. I read about every review everywhere on a bunch of hard drives and it really seems like a hit or miss. I don't mind this drive... It looks great, has lots of connection options and I had it out of the box and set up in about 1 minute! Plug and play for sure! The only bummer about this drive is the noise it makes. Its quiet, but its not silent. I read that LaCie uses cheap fans, and I assume thats what's making the sound. The fan turns on and off about every 15 minutes, which keeps the drive cool, but its also a little annoying. I keep it off when I'm not using it, which is actually recommended, a lot of reviews I read said that if you leave any external drive on constantly they will wear out quick. So perhaps LaCie did this as a reminder. ...more info
  • My Little Black Box
    Well, finally got mine. Fingerprints like this little shiny black box, and cloths do not. The first thing I did when I took it out of the box was put a big smudge (from my big thumb) right on top of it. So naturally I pulled up my sleeve and started wiping. The print stayed put, and my soft shirt sleeve put rows of little scratches in the cover. Awesome. "Look, a nice shiny piece of functional art, oh wait, what's this? A smudge? Let me just gently SCRAPE some groovy shirt-sleeve tracks in there, give that sucker some character. Anyway, just be aware that it scratches easy, so if you're going to try and wipe off the smudges that you will inevitably decorate it with, use a microfiber cloth, or you can be like me and use this: M&M Green Screen Cleaner
    As far as the hard drive goes, it's a Terabyte of free space just waiting to be filled, and with the options of FireWire 400, USB 2.0, and eSATA (ROCK ON!) you will be doing just that, however you feel like, and with a very nice data transfer rate. Enjoy!...more info
  • Ordering another of the same...
    Great little drive, I was pleased by the light weight (weighs half that of my aluminum-cased G-Drive 500GB, but then of course one is going to sacrifice durability), and it's fast enough for my purposes (media storage).

    I'm buying my 2nd one today - exact duplicate of the first, simply to back up the first one, and to allow me to remove it, put it in a nice little shock-resistant box I made, and haul my media collection around with me for accessing from the laptop or wherever I go - currently storing a pretty serious collection - over 22,000 music MP3 files, several hundred TV episodes, a handful of HD movies, and about 2,500 podcasts - and room for more.

    Several reviewers have written complaining about different makes of drives failing, but I think it's not brand-specific anymore - they're all correct. Buying the first of these two LaCie 1TBs (and these are the sixth and seventh LaCie drives I've bought) was precipitated by a nearly brand-new Seagate Barracuda 1TB - very highly rated by all reviewers and use reviews I'd read - internal failing, and it was my primary drive running my entire business. That nightmare is another story, but my closest tech buddy had the exact same drive die on him two weeks later - serial numbers very different, and each manufactured in a different country - but after having been through the whole rigmarole with repair attempts, Data Rescue, DriveSavers, etc, every hardware technician or engineer I spoke with echoed the same story - that we customers are clamoring for larger and larger drives, and we want them priced them lower and lower.

    The truth is these large drives ALL have significantly higher failure rates than the drives of yesteryear - i.e. 80GB, 100, 120 etc. Multiple, stacked platters are a big part of the problem (and part of the reason why DriveSavers wanted $2,900 - yes, that second zero is not a typo - to get the data off of the last dead drive).

    Over the years, I've had complete data loss on two Iomegas, two LaCie's, three Western Digitals, three Hitachis (laptop internals), and one Seagate. But that's since 1985, when my IBM-PC had a 10MB hard drive! (which I would guess would still work if you dug it out of whatever landfill it's in). Only drive that seems unstoppable (so far) is that G-Drive (G-Technology), and that's probably because I just haven't owned enough of them, long enough.

    For me, the key is redundant backups, and off-site backups - because there are only two kinds of computer users: those who HAVE lost irreplaceable data -- and those who WILL.

    Incidentally, LaCie doesn't broadcast this prominently, but their web site claims that any of these drives entitles the purchaser to one year of UNLIMITED offsite backup storage (presumably on to LaCie's in-house servers, don't know as I haven't tried it yet, so I can't review regarding ease of access, upload/download speeds etc).

    But overall, my LaCie's have been rugged, reliable and fast enough, and always priced very competitively....more info
  • Great for me
    I needed to clear off my hard drive so I used this to transfer all of my music, photos and other large files. The instructions were clear and made it easy to set up. It's fast and I've never noticed a delay when accessing files off the external hard drive. I currently have it plugged into my FireWire 400 port on my iMac....more info
  • Great product at affordable price
    Works very well so far. The only issue I have is with the firewire card on my computer. I can only use one firewire connection at a time. If I connect two firewire devices at the same time, my computer will freeze up. In this case, I have to use the USB2 connection instead. I don't think this is the problem of the hard drive itself. ...more info
  • great product, great online backup.
    I got the hard drive and it worked great out of the box. Also great that it comes with the 1 year free online back-up....more info
  • Very good external drive
    I have been using this drive for almost 1 month without any problems works fine on Linux and Windows Vista 64. The software it comes with makes thing even more easier to setup. Speed is ok I use eSATA with my laptop and USB 2.0 with my desktop. No issues so far. Highly recommended....more info
  • just wooow
    Beautiful design extremely fast I connect it with e-sata cable and works like its integrated drive of my computer. For the price I paid for it its worth every dime I have been searching the net for a drive that have all the component and my friends said you will never find a drive that is low priced fast and beautiful but LaCie really nailed with this one for 99 bucks just woooow.
    Cons: none so ever I have it for few month now.
    ...more info
  • Great Drive
    This drive is set up with a Mac running Leopard. It's my backup for my startup drive and 2 other externals. It works great with Time machine. "Set it and forget it"....more info
  • Great Lacie Design meets subpar performance
    I've been using my Lacie drive for the past three months. The triple interface and great capacity is why I purchased this. If your computer has a firewire port, you'll take advantage of much faster real-world transfer rates over USB 2.0.

    However, less than one month in, my drive, which is used as my Mac's time machine backup volume, would not mount in Finder. I was unable to repair it with Disk Utility, or Disk Warrior. Lacie support would not service the drive without me paying for shipping both ways and would not swap the drive. I found this disappointing for a company that has such a good track record with customer service. I had to wipe the drive and ended up losing all of my backup data.

    The drive was good until today when the same symptoms happened. I will need to wipe the drive and start over. This is incredibly irritating and I'm not sure how to rectify this.

    There is a chance that I have either a defective drive or software interfering with the drive, which is why I still rated this 3 stars. I would recommend turning Time Machine off and only manually backing up every week or so, to cut down on write-time to the disk.

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Overall, this triple interface drive performs well. The LED light is a nice effect and like many other reviewers, I can attest that this drive runs a bit loud at times. Aside from my two major problems, the drive has performed ok....more info
  • Sharp, Smooth, and Fast.
    If you are in the market for an external sata drive, this is the one to get. I have been buying external HDDs for 5 years now and know a good one when I see it.

    - Lay down design. (Very sturdy. I don't think I'll be knocking it over any time soon.)
    - Supports esata, firewire, and USB.
    - Surprisingly quiet. (Awesome. All of my other drives are pretty noisy.)
    - Does not come with any sluggish and useless programs that you are forced to use.
    - Very nice looking. (Most people don't even know its a hard drive until I tell them. It looks like a shiny black box. Very minimalistic, and very Apple (if that's your thing.)
    - Includes all necessary cables (except USB, which you will not be using if you bought the version with esata. The USB only version probably comes with a USB cable.)

    - In comparison to other external HDD manufacturers LaCie does not provide as good backkup software. (For most this is a non-issue.)

    Overall I am very impressed. I researched heavily for the perfect external drive and chose this one; I have no regrets. After 2 months it is still running smoothly and quietly, looks nice, and blends in very well with my dark wooded desk....more info
  • No complaints here.
    I bought this as my new main backup drive. I've only had it a month but I have had no issues. The price is attractive and has recently dropped again. I may just buy another one so I can have a supplementary backup for off-site....more info


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