Yoga for Beginners & Beyond: Stretch, Strengthen, Be Stress Free! - Ana Brett & Ravi Singh

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Transform your body and your life!?Experience a complete yoga workout that you will always love to do! Here is the best of the ancient and new: traditional yoga's spiritual depth and knowledge of body and mind, with the newest innovations in body mechanics and effective fitness.?Starting with the basics, this?flowing, fun workout will help you make great gains on all levels. Ana & Ravi have popularized?Kundalini Yoga, the perfect system for achieving optimum health and energy. Featuring the design your own workout Matrix menu option, This all-in-one workout features stretching and strengthening routines for total body fitness, as well as bonus material including chair exercises, a posture primer, and more! Segments include: Standing Warm-ups, Salutation for Beginners & Beyond, Hamstrings, Hips, & Lower Back Stretches, Nerve Strength & Core Power, techniques to Be Stress Free, & More! From beginning yogi to expert, this DVD will be your workout companion for life. Ana and Ravi's all-in-one yoga workouts are the ultimate cross training encompassing movement, strength, stretch, flow, with inner focus and fun! Their workouts are set to cutting edge music to keep motivation high. Their DVD's provide a total workout fully integrating body, mind, and spirit, delivering you to your top level of physical conditioning and well-being.

Customer Reviews:

  • incredible hatha/kundalini combo for ALL levels
    I was very skeptical about blending more traditional Hatha with Kundalini; I'm a bit of a Kundalini purist, which is silly because it's ALL yoga, but that's my nature. So I wasn't sure I'd enjoy this but I was completely won over within minutes.

    What I think is remarkable is that this DVD is both completely safe and approachable for an absolute beginner and offers enough challenge, variety and choice of levels and depth for seasoned practitioners.

    I give a detailed description below complete with chapter timing, and the DVD also includes some wonderful extras like a separate energy breath practice (30 seconds), some great posture work and a section of exercises that can be done seated in a chair (I did them at work, at my desk!).

    As with all of these new DVDs the new background is lovely, the music/mantras are really fun and it has all of the usual aspects of Ravi and Ana I love; the guidance, the sweetness, the playfulness, the positive energy. This is a DVD that I will enjoy often, even as an advanced practitioner, but I will also send one to my mom, who can only do the most gentle and safe variations.

    Here's the breakdown:

    Yoga for Beginners and Beyond

    Tune In (3:00)
    Standing and done to music

    Standing Warm Ups (6:00)
    Fingers interlaced overhead, sinking down into the knees & back up, repeat
    Slow side bends, coordinated with breath
    Feet hip width, knees slightly bent, lean forward, alternating arching/curving lower back
    Same position, now twist/reach to each side, looking towards the sky each time

    Yoga Salutation for Beginners and Beyond/the Challenge (17:35)
    Static plie squat w/prayer pose, deep breath
    Legs hip width, rest forearms on thighs, deep breathing, stretch down, hang & sway
    Repeat plie squat and stretch that followed (above)
    At the end of the stretch, walk hands out into downward facing dog
    Come down to hands & knees, child's pose
    Cow pose with toes tucked, untuck toes & stretch back into child, alternating
    Cow pose w/toes tucked into down dog, inhale as left leg rises, exhale knee into chest, step forward and come into a warrior variation with arms reaching up, lunging
    Come back into down dog, repeat to other side/leg, ending back in child's pose
    Sit on heels and meditate a moment
    Repeat the down dog/lunge sequence, ending in child's pose again, meditate
    The Challenge
    Standing, hands in prayer pose, sweep leg forward/back for balance
    Tilt slowly into a "T" pose, move slowly into standing again, extend leg forward
    Repeat to other side - great challenge for balance and core strength!

    Hips & Hamstrings (9:45)
    Triangle pose, held on each side
    Sitting, legs in front, feet flat, knees bent, spiral side to side on hips
    Continue as you add the arm reach on each side
    Deep inner thigh stretch w/long deep breathing while lying on the back
    Hamstring and calve stretch while lying on the back
    Bend knees, hold big toes, like a squat on the back, happy baby pose!

    Hips and Lower Back (7:00)
    Bring one leg in at a time, knee to chest, head rises, alternate coordinated with breath
    Hold knees towards chest, rock side to side gently, like a back massage!
    "Thread the needle": bring one foot to other knee, reach behind bent leg, pull towards chest for a fabulous, deep hip/sciatic stretch...repeat to other side
    Rock and roll on the spine (like a ball)
    Sitting up, one foot against opposite thigh with a deep side stretch over, alternate
    Now do alternating spinal twists with one leg kept along the floor each time/side

    Nerve Strength & Core Power (12:00)
    Sitting in butterfly (soles of the feet together in a sitting position), look up, stretch up and back, deep breathing
    Plank/platform pose (can be modified by keeping one knee on the floor)
    Reverse plank (sitting w/legs in front, hands behind, raise your torso towards sky)
    Seated forward stretch, legs extended, feet flexed, with Breath of Fire
    Sit cross-legged (easy sitting), inhale, exhale, hold breath out & pump stomach, continue
    Lie flat, raise leg and opposite arm, alternating, like walking on your back
    Sit in easy sitting/cross-legged, extend arms to side, parallel, forefinger under thumbs

    Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back Stretch and Strengthen (7:30)
    Down dog on the forearms, inhaling down into modified plank, exhaling back, continue
    Easy sitting pose, slow, deep, spinal and neck stretch with arms, foreword and back
    Sitting, look right and left slowly, shoulders begin to move with the head
    Alternating shoulder shrugs, inhale up/exhale down
    Full shoulder shrugs, both together, inhale up/exhale down
    Ext arm, palm foreword, use other arm to stretch fingers down, head to same side, switch

    Deep Relaxation

    1st Meditation - Be Stress Free (6:20)
    Sit cross-legged, comfortably, eyes closed, find your pulse by putting your fingers on your left wrist, and when you do mentally chant "Sat Nam" in rhythm to your pulse. This takes you into the vast reaches of inner space, and the world melts away.

    2nd Meditation - Sat Nam Chant (5:45)
    Sitting comfortably (easy sitting), both hands on the heart, eyes closed, chant along with Sat-a-Nam Wahay Guru

    Closing Prayer (2:55)
    3 directed breaths, long Sat Nam, as always ;)

    DVD also includes:
    Breath Primer with Energy Breath (5:00)
    Energy Breath (:30) (inhale in 4 parts, exhale in 4 parts)
    Posture Primer (6:15) (a really fantastic section for ALL levels)
    Chair Exercises (7:35) (done seated in a chair, or can be on floor, gentle&wonderful stretches for hips, legs, spinal exercises, shoulder, arms, breathwork)

    ...more info
  • Simple, thorough, enjoyable practice!
    This DVD is a perfect starter for anyone wanting to experience the powerful benefits of a yoga practice. Yoga for Beginners & Beyond is a great blend of Kundalini, Power, Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Pilates! I really appreciate that Ana & Ravi have taken the best of these practices and put them all on one accessible tape for us!

    This is now a favorite I look forward to reaching for because of:
    1. The unique sun salutation that strenghtens the thighs and core, accompanied by great music so I feel like I am dancing my way through.
    2. The great sequencing. They warm the muscles slowly and completely, build you to a pleasant burn, then you stretch your way through a cool down.
    3. You will breath with every move and this will make you feel simply wonderful by the end!
    4. I don't know what it is, but after a Ravi & Ana workout, you always feel like you got that little "something more" then any other workout gives you.
    5. The chair exercises special segment at the end is something you can memorize and do in your office or anywhere, to feel instanly refreshed and energized anytime!

    Every time I get an Ana & Ravi DVD I am assured it will be a great purchase!
    ...more info
  • Perfect for Beginners & Beyond!
    My sister is 59 and completely exercise resistant. I thought this would be a good choice for her and I'm ecstatic with the results. We did the chair exercises together, as well as the warm-ups and a couple of exercises from the core power and nerve strength set. The fact that she could actually participate made a big difference to her and has inspired her to try more of this DVD. For my own workout, I find this great, per its title,for its combination of stretching and strengthening exercises. There is so much to choose from on this that you can customize your own workout at whatever level you are: from a complete beginner like my sister, to advanced beginner like me. Ana & Ravi have done it again: they have created a powerful, fun, beautiful workout that you will want to make part of your life forever....more info
  • This Has To Be The Best Yoga For Beginners & Beyond Tape Ever!
    I really meant what I said in the title of this review. This DVD has so much to offer. The workout starts with some standing warm-ups, then it proceeds to a yoga salutation sequence which entails a horse stance exercise and a lunge sequence. My legs really felt it the next day. There is also a segment called The Challenge, which offers some very cool balancing poses. There is a stretching and hip opening segment, as well as a hip opening/lower back segment. This is followed by Nerve Strength and Core Power and Upper Body Tune & Tone. There is also a deep relaxtion, de-stress meditation, and another meditation. Bonus material includes: a posture primer, chair exercises, and breath primer. There are also pre-sets and a matrix menu option which allows you to program your own workout. What I love about Ana & Ravi's instruction is that they are able to convey so much without talking constantly. Some of their phrases and images are very profound but they also leave room for the great music and to let me go inside myself while I'm doing the workout. Overall, I would say that this DVD is a combination of the best of traditional yoga combined with cutting edge fitness all presented with Ana & Ravi's unique Kundalini Yoga style. As I said in my review for their other new title, the production values for their new titles are top notch. I am going to buy this as gifts for all my friends who have been resisting yoga....more info
  • Great for beginners
    It contains the right posture for beginners, easy to follow. Matrix menu option helps customize your yoga session very well. I like this one more than other Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond by the same instructor....more info
  • I love this DVD!
    This new DVD from Ana and Ravi is a great blend of exercises. I loved it right away. It's an all-in-one workout. It blends hatha yoga, power yoga, and kundalini in Ravi and Ana's beautiful way. It has MATRIX, so you can programme according to how you want to arrange it. And it has 6 sample routines ranging from 50 min. to 1 hr. and 25 mins. It's great for all levels from beginners and's set up to work for everybody.

    If you go straight through, it begins with STANDING WARM-UPS: small squats with arms overhead, standing stretching one side to another, a standing cat-cow type stretch, and twisting while squatting. Then, YOGA SALUTATIONS: an exercise of sweeping arms overhead, then holding a wide-leg squat, then a series of a forward bend exercise, Down Dog, child pose to cow pose, down dog to high lunge. Next, THE CHALLENGE: moving leg forward and back w/o touching ground, then balancing on one leg with arms and other leg stretched straight. Then, HIPS AND HAMSTRINGS: triangle pose, 2 hip openers, stretching leg while lying on your back, happy baby pose. Next, HIPS AND LOWER BACK: drawing leg into chest while lying on your back, thread the needle(hip stretch), rock on your spine, a forward bend stretch doing one leg then the other, gentle seated twist. Then NERVE STRENGTH AND CORE POWER: seated with soles of your feet together while looking up, front platform pose(kind of like the highest point of a push-up), a backward arch with your legs straight, seated forward bend with breath of fire, sitting while holding your breath out and pumping your stomach, then on your back raising alternate arms and legs, rock on spine, then seated with arms outstretched with breathing. Then, NECK, SHOULDERS, AND UPPPER BACK STRETCH AND STRENGTHEN: down dog on forearms into modified plank, then an arm movement while seated, neck turns, shoulder raises, a neck stretch. Then, DEEP RELAXATION. Then, BE STRESS FREE MEDITATION: find your pulse on your arm and say Sat Nam in rhythm with your pulse. Next, SAT NAM CHANT.(I love Ana's white outfit in this part...I want it!) Then, CLOSING PRAYER. There is also a BREATH PRIMER w/ ENERGY BREATH(4 breaths in and 4 out through nose), a POSTURE PRIMER which has standing stretches, exercises while lying on your stomach, followed by standing in mountain pose. It's like a bonus set of exercises really and they feel great! Then there are CHAIR EXERCISES: hip stretch in chair and upper body stretch movements.

    All the exercises are new, with only a couple you'll have done in other Raviana DVD's. The music is bright, pulsing, and happy. Ana looks fantastic and as always, they have their wonderful voice-over instruction and positive thoughts. Definitely, a new step in my emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. That's one of things I love about Ravi and Ana's DVDs is that each one does something new and different from the others for your mind and body(which is why I own almost all of them, so I can rotate them all! :) Their yoga works wonders inside and out. I've been doing their yoga for awhile, and have noticed the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. It's amazing. I already can't wait to do this DVD again! I love it and I'm sure it is going to be a new favorite!...more info
  • Message for complete beginners--
    I've got to say- I was enthusiastic but skeptical on this yoga DVD. I had tried yoga on the internet before and found it so difficult to do the poses that I never really benefitted.

    Yesterday I tried a beginner's set (they have pre-programmed routines you can play through if you have no idea where to start) and I can ALREADY breathe better. Just my FIRST HOUR of this DVD opened up the tightness in my lung and chest area (I spend all day cramped over a computer).

    I can't wait to see what hour 2 brings!...more info
  • A really great comprehensive Ravi and Ana DVD!!
    This is an excellent all around yoga DVD. In comparison to other ravi/ana DVD's I would say this one is moderate level, but can be adapted to beginner--it is challenging in a nice way. This particular workout is very well put together, is well balanced, and has plenty of options for the matrix to choose from. Although there is some minor glitch with the matrix option at times when it doesn't always work--but I think that may be DVD player compatibility issue. Overall, I would say that out of other 7 ravi and ana DVD's that I have, this one is at the top. Love it!...more info
  • Equanimity...
    This is a superior holistic workout that leaves you feeling very calm.

    As usual Ana and Ravi's attention to detail is perfect, music is brilliant, and Ana together with Ravi's instruction enables you to execute each move and, (importantly) understand why the position is good for you!

    The most notable outcome after completing an Ana and Ravi workout is no food cravings! Staying emotionally balanced all day and maintaining energy levels are an added bonus.

    Again, I would recommend without hesitation.

    ...more info
  • intense and challenging
    I have and love many of Ravi and Ana's dvd's as they have really impacted my life tremendously in the physical and the spiritual realms. I find this new one intensely challenging--perhaps a little too challenging for me as I can be a bit weak at times, and in some ways the dvd is a bit "busy" for my taste, as when I come home at night to do yoga I like to find a little more peace and simplicity, even if I am involved in movement. I do like the lovely set and I think Ana's new look is stunningly beautiful. However I think I will find myself doing some of the earlier dvd's more often--especially Fat Free/Lose Weight and Dance the Chakras, which I love. I also have several of Ravi's older books and I use some of the workouts from there. I think this one will work well for many people who are up to a greater fitness challenge....more info
  • Message for complete beginners--
    I've got to say- I was enthusiastic but skeptical on this yoga DVD. I had tried yoga on the internet before and found it so difficult to do the poses that I never really benefitted.

    Yesterday I tried a beginner's set (they have pre-programmed routines you can play through if you have no idea where to start) and I can ALREADY breathe better. Just my FIRST HOUR of this DVD opened up the tightness in my lung and chest area (I spend all day cramped over a computer).

    I can't wait to see what hour 2 brings!...more info
  • Inner peace, great stretches for those stress storage points
    Another a great product from the Ravi and Ana team. I have been practicing Kundalini yoga for the past three years through the wonderful dvds offered by Ravi and Ana. Thank you for another great dvd.

    For those new to Kundalini yoga, it is strongly advised for you to watch the whole dvd and then practice the whole dvd before going into the matrix options. Reason: Kundalini yoga incorporates a lot of breath work and hence I do believe you will need to incorporate some breathing option offered when you build your own shorter workout. Again, try it and you will see the difference! You will need to put aside 1 hour 42 minutes for the whole dvd workout that will take you through the breath work, the targeted release of stress pockets in your body and then the great meditation options. I always feel physically, mentally and spiritually renewed everytime I practice with the dvd. The matrix option offered me quicker focused workout in the mornings.

    the dvd focuses on stress 'knots' in your lower back, hips, shoulders, neck and surprisingly the spine. The moves are gentle for beginners, but effective enough to 'pop' those stress knots. If you have severe stress knots, I would recommend some deep tissue massage as well, but regular use of this dvd has seen a noticable reduction of massage trips for me.

    I particulary love the stress meditation as we are all experiencing very stressful events in our life that are mainly out of our control. I am having a very stressful personal experience, and the meditation options have really helped my mind and body some relief from the spiral of negative thought and fears.

    In sum, the combination of movements, breathing and meditation is the reason why I love the Ravi and Ana products. The gentlesness of their voices and messages are so comforting in a world that offers the contrary. For a convert, one had to buy it; but if you are new - BUY it and try it. I hope you will love the benefits that it will bring to you. ...more info
  • It's a keeper
    I enjoyed the work presented in this DVD. I tried it for the first time having just got over a terrible cold/flu, and I thought, what a great way to enjoy breathing again! The new set design looks great...I love the tranquil scene in the background and the new music; I found both to be very inspiring. I also like the addition of the pre-set selections. I like the matrix too, but with the pre-sets you can chose these "pre determined" workouts based on your needs/time.

    The additional sets, such as the posture primer, are quite useful. I think it is always a good idea to go back to the basics and check into your make sure everything is balanced. As a belly dance instructor, I could see myself using some of the techiques to correct posture in this DVD for my beginner belly dance students.

    Ana looks gorgeous and radiant, as usual! Her smile makes me smile...I almost feel like I am right there with her during the workout.

    Thanks again Ravi and Ana for producing a great quality DVD:-)
    ...more info
  • Grounding but with Kundalini twist
    This is a great dvd that will ground and relax even an intermediate or full fledged yogi. What I liked best was the familiar hatha combined with a Kundalini twist and take. This one grounds you nicely and is not too tough. Great when you are tired but want a solid yet simple workout to unwind....more info
  • Solid Beginner and Intermediate program
    I did Kundalini yoga many years ago in college and loved it. I also have many of Ravi's out-of-print videos. There was one I really like that combined power yoga with kundalini (called "Higher Power Yoga" I think...). This DVD is similar in that it is traditional hatha yoga combined with a kundalini. It is more beginner / intermediate though.

    The DVD is very well produced with great music and a clean bright set. They give a lot of form pointers. I also like the sound of the breath because it helps keep your focus while practicing. The holds are long here and it feels good.

    My favorite section with the neck and shoulder section which really unwound my tight shoulders. The final relaxation was "aahhh".

    I would recommend this DVD to beginners and intermediates to yoga. The meditation and breath work really bring home the most important aspects of yoga. And the DVD can easily be used section by section if you want a shorter practice. ...more info
  • Amazing & complete workout/yoga practice
    I own several DVD's from Raviana and this is by far my favorite
    Great workout gets your full body moving, cleans your body from stagnant energy and gets you ready to go!
    Great music, easy to follow

    ...more info
  • Another great workout!
    This is the fourth video I've gotten from Ana and Ravi and I enjoy it as much as the others. I really like the Matrix thing where I can select chapters and make my own workout. It is fun to do, challenging, but not overly, and really helps my back to relax. These videos are especially good for aging bodies as the asanas really warm up the muscles and keep your shoulders and neck in good shape. Don't let Ana's gorgeous body intimidate you into not buying! These videos are for every body type....more info
  • Another amazing DVD from Ana & Ravi!
    I am a proud owner of all of Ana and Ravi's DVDs. They have had such a positive impact on my life (and my husband's too) that we make sure to obtain all of their new offerings. Each one is truly different: Yoga for Beginners and Beyond does not disappoint.

    For those who are familiar with their series, you'll notice that Ana is sporting blond hair and the scenic background is a nice change. The incorporation of hatha and kundalini techniques is seamless and covers the fundamentals, which serve as precursors for more advanced practice.

    The poses are deceptively simple, but you get a real work out! At the same time, I feel more grounded and at peace after completing the exercises and meditations. This is particularly important given all the uncertainty that it going on these days.

    Innovative music in the background gives an uptempo feel and is a nice complement to the exercises. I am not sure but I think Ana is voice behind many of the songs in the DVD, well done!

    Thank you for this wonderful DVD, I can't wait to try Ana and Ravi's Kundalini Yoga Stretch and Strengthen, which my husband and I plan to do tonight!!! ...more info
  • Decent Yoga Workout
    I was excited to receive this video. I jumped right into it (being a non-athlete and somewhat non-graceful) and tried not to laugh with the chanting. But when she went from Downward Dog into sweeping her foot to vertical, I burst out in giggles. There was no way I was going to get my foot off of the floor. After a few days of working with the video, I can at least get my leg hip-height. It's a good workout with lots of cool down and refocusing at the end. Watch the tutorials at the end of the Matrix lists before you begin!...more info
  • Wring yourself out!
    This DVD is perfect for stretching your body in every direction from head to toe and the deep breathing which accompanies Hatha yoga has a very relaxing effect on the body and mind which makes it ideal for a Sunday afternoon or in the evening to unwind.

    Since I started practicing Kundalini yoga, I have been letting my Hatha yoga DVDs gather some dust because I have felt such profound effect from Kundalini yoga. But this DVD makes me remember some of the reasons that I do love Hatha yoga as well. I had forgotten how nice it feels to just balance within a pose and breathe so deeply. It is both challenging and relaxing at the same time.

    The chair exercises shown can be done with or without a chair but it just shows that you really can do Kundalini yoga anywhere. I love this little "mini set" and will probably memorize it so that I can "take it with me" wherever I go. I think it's a great way to rejuvenate and loosen up after sitting for long periods of time. The exercises Ravi and Ana chose for this segment give you a way to get a lot done in a short period of time.

    As always, Ravi and Ana have created an excellent workout with wonderful music and instruction. I will use this DVD whenever I feel I need to slow down and re-balance....more info
  • Great home workout!
    This a good alternative for going to the gym. I have not done yoga regularly for the past 5 years and found this to be a great re-introduction. It is challenging enough for someone who exercises 3-4xwk and needs to balance cardio/strength training....more info


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