Kundalini Yoga Cardio, Stretch, & Strengthen - ALL LEVELS - Ana Brett and Ravi Singh

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Transform your body and your life!?Experience fun fitness that you will always love to do. Live with HIGH ENERGY! Here is the best of both worlds: Kundalini Yoga's depth and high energy, with a complete total body workout, challenging, yet easy-to-follow cardio (with AMAZING MUSIC), and a high fun factor!?The Matrix menu option helps you to customize your workout based on the time you have. From the beginning yogi to expert, this DVD will be your workout companion for life and will keep you energized and happy! Ana & Ravi present a system of inspired fitness which helps people to transform their lives. They are?authors of 17 DVD workouts as well as a forthcoming?book. These A List & Teachers are known for their cutting edge presentations and the ability to make their DVD's accessible to all fitness levels. Their clients have included Olympic Athletes, Professional Sports Teams, and celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Sting, and The Red Hot Chile Peppers. Discover why Ana & Ravi's DVD's are always on Amazon's best-selling list and why their growing fan base would rather forego their morning cup of coffee that do without their Breath of Fire!

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent
    This DVD has it all. The "Matrix" menu to select your own workout. The exercises are streamlined. Ana is as graceful as a swimmer. The set is amazing; there is a background of a body of water, sky, mountains, and foliage. The music is amazing. Wow! It must be a difficult bill to fill to have great music with great Yoga every time. It is all coordinated. What makes this DVD unique, besides what I mention, is that the cardio segment is like dance movements. As usual, there is excellent instruction on proper breathing. Ana looks great as usual, and there are the usual pearls of wisdom by Ravi and Ana throughout. Aside from the usual tune-in, there are spinal exercises, and stretching exercises. There is a really great exercise, where you go from lying down to plow. Then more tummy sit-up exercises. Back to plow again, alternately. Then there are exercises on your knees, lifting the leg back, alternately with knees forward. There are brief meditation moments throughout, between exercises. Then, from a lying down position, Ana lifts legs and moves them apart, hand going through the legs. There are more unique tummy exercises, a variation of crunches. Then, on her tummy, Ana lifts her legs and arms. Then Ana demonstrates the cardio dance routines and exercises, after a warm-up. They all flow well. Very good direction by Ana and Ravi. She is a very graceful dancer. It is all doable. I need these for my bone density. There are modifications given onscreen. Again, great music. This goes on for several minutes. Then there is a flowing cool down. Then there is stretching. There is an upper-body segment with a variation of down dogs, and lifting legs back and up. Then sitting, lifting arms in different ways. Then there is deep relaxation. There is a mantra that you sing along with Ana, and the closing prayer before the credits. Now, there is a breathing meditation exercise. There is a segment where all the dance moves are broken down and explained.

    Excellent production! A great workout for all levels! Entertaining and fun!...more info
  • Challenging yet destresses completely
    This workout is challenging. The ab/core section with the rollover plow and variation could only be done with a little help...this one I need to work up too and I thought I had a strong core. I sometimes skip the cardio sections and do everything else (since I get alot of cardio elsewhere) which gives satisfaction in and of itself. If I am lagging on my other cardio I will include it (although I a not big on this type of cardio via dvds...I would rather go for a run or hike). I would like to reiterate how awesome all the other sections are!!! So so good :-). Yummy to the yogi tummy. This one opened alot of stuck energy in the upper shoulders and oddly I felt the surge of release in my muscle unlike any other opening of energies from other yoga sequences in the past. Therefore, I associate this workout with that release of tension and crave it in my yoga rotation....more info
  • Kundalini & Cardio Together as ONE!
    This is one fun DVD. It's got the new set, new music, and new look for Ana. (Keep your eye out for her in her white Doc Martens for the cardio segment!)
    You will probably want to wear shoes for the cardio portions of this DVD as they suggest. There is some impact in the cardio moves, and depending on the comfort & health of your feet shoes are a good idea.
    It's yoga and it's cardio. Great combo, great results.
    Read some of the other reviews for a break-down of the exact content of the DVD....more info
  • Yoga
    As usual Ana and Ravi have come out with an excellent DVD.Its perfect for all levels ...more info
  • Deserves more than five stars
    The exercises are great fun, the music pumps you up, and it is an all around work out. You won't regret this purshase...more info
  • Keeps the Tradition, But Amps Up the Fun!
    I got this 3 days ago and love it so much i have done it everyday since. I've been using Ana & Ravi's excellent dvds for a couple of years-- I didn't love yoga before their dvds but now, I am hooked! Recently a friend talked me into trying a week of different yoga styles and I have to say, while I found certain aspects interesting, I found I could do an hour of any style, from bikram to iyengar, and i didn't feel like i did anything! Nothing challenges me as much as Kundalini Yoga and afterwards I felt like I really had accomplished something. If you have done any of Ana & Ravis workouts none of this will seem too unfamiliar. This is a great Kundalini Yoga set that has an excellent section for the core and the dance is less free style than Dance the Chakras (which I love too!) but is definitely different from anything else you may have done and is as challenging as you decide to make it. There are lots of ways to make different workouts with your Matrix as well. Enjoy!!

    ...more info
  • Ravi and Ana have changed my life..
    I am completely devoted to Ravi and Ana's workouts and this most recent DVD is amazing. I own two of almost all their DVDs (in case one breaks). The moves are fresh and new, but still in keeping with the tradition of their older workouts. Every time I do this workout I just naturally feel happy and it puts a smile on my face (truly - it just happens). I also feel stretched, strengthened and vibrant. I watch all my friends go to spinning classes, do weights and run on the treadmill and all they ever say is how good I look! I just do these DVDs at home, plus some Callanetics, and I look better than everybody -- without any pain or wear on my body. I am 42 years old (with four kids) and feel and look better than ever thanks to these DVDs. Everyday I need a daily dose of Raviana to make me happy. ...more info
  • Oh My God!
    Kundalini Cardio is fabulous. Just absolutely-friggin-fabulous! I have never had a workout that I actually am so excited to do that I think about it when I wake up during the night...actually LOOKING FORWARD to working out!!!!! And whoa! I didn't expect the heart racing cardio and through the roof fun element ! The fun and sometimes funky moves remind me not to take myself so seriously. The modifications are very helpful too, as is the tutorial for the dance steps. I sweat, and I sweat, and hardly made it through the first time! But what a workout! Every inch of me is worked and I feel fantastic. And Ana looks gorgeous with her blonde hair and doc martens which are so cute I want them!!!! Ana lookes like she is having so much fun in the cardio it makes me have more fun too!
    Extremely well done!

    ...more info
  • Fantastic total body workout!
    I don't think there is a muscle inside my body that has not been moved by this workout! I enjoyed every segment of this workout immensely. I just finished it and I feel so full of energy despite working my butt off. I know some parts of me will definitely be sore tomorrow...

    I found the core and upper body segments to be very challenging. The cardio segment was fun to do and I found myself laughing a few times. I started to sweat while doing the core segment and I continued to sweat all the way through the cardio segment. There is a brief cool down, then back to sweating again during the upper body and tone segment. By the time I made it through that one, I couldn't do anything BUT relax. The deep relaxation was a welcome reward. I like that the deep relaxation seems to be longer on these new DVDs. I sometimes have to pause the old ones to allow myself a little more time to fully relax.

    I love, love ,love, the Ek Ong Kar mantra at the end. The music is awesome and really catchy. It feels wonderful to be able to let go and sing your heart out after doing all the hard work.

    These new DVDs may seem quite different to some people at first but it is so worth it to do them a few times and let them work their Kundalini magic! You may be surprised ;)...more info
  • Idiot Proof Cardio/Yoga Workout for Beginners & Beyond
    I've done a lot of DVD workouts and classes, but I still consider myself a beginner, because growing up, sports and fitness were the furthest thing from my mind (unlike gorgeous Ana Brett who seems to have been working out since birth). I love how Kundalini Yoga is sometimes similar to Pilates which I'm also interested in. This one, more than ever, with its great core section which feels almost playful with its rolling on your spine. They tell you everything you need to know to keep it safe. A reviewer mentioned their concern about Plow Pose, but the guidance here is so good that you are able to stay within your own comfort zone always. The cardio on this is so much better than other dance workouts. The moves are idiot-proof. None of the moves last more more than 30 seconds, so there's no boredom factor. They also throw in some fun funky little dancey rests. This is certainly all the cardio you'll need for a day. The yoga sets, as in every Ana & Ravi DVD is also a complete workout unto itself. Overall, this is a fabulous investment. It's a classic. One I look forward to doing again and again....more info
  • For advanced only!
    I think this is a great release, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone who didn't already have a strong, pre-existing practice. (No problem- Ravi and Ana have plenty of other releases that are appropriate for beginners.)

    The cardio portion is *not* straight up yoga of any school I have been exposed to, but they're pretty up front about that, so that shouldn't be a surprise. It's intense and varied, but on the athletic side (this is not Dance the Chakras 2). Absolutely, this will break a sweat.

    I love the warm up and the Upper Body Tone portion. Most of the warmup should be appropriate for beginners- and it's fun- more of the rotational movements that they added into their Super Radiance release. There were a bunch of movements in the upper body portion that will tone your back and chest- not just your shoulders- *if* you use proper form. Again, most people will probably need prior experience to use those movements effectively. The dolphin movements are also effective, but again, you're going to need a repository of preexisting upper body strength to do them without hurting yourself.

    The abs portion is probably what gives me the most pause. They use a Plough/Half-Teaser combination movement that is very intense, even with modifications. And Plough is something only the very experienced should go into- it's all too easy to roll onto the neck and not the shoulders. This is cued to, of course, and modifications are provided (but not shown).

    The meditation was lovely- Ana has a beautiful singing voice.

    Although I've been teaching yoga and Pilates for years, I think I'll only do portions of this release....more info
  • so fun it doesn't feel like exercise
    This DVD appeals on many levels. It is filmed in a beautiful setting. The music is upbeat and interesting. The yoga is doable and makes you feel great. The workout is varied to keep you challenged. It conveys the spiritual benefits of yoga through mantra without being heavy handed about it. It's great exercise and doesn't feel like a typical yoga class at all. This was my first yoga experience since shoulder surgery 4 months ago. It felt like coming home. Wonderful. ...more info


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