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Studio: Wea-des Moines Video Release Date: 02/03/2009 Run time: 101 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Totally Fit totally kicks butt
    I have tried a lot of workout videos, and many of them have been disappointing in that they're not difficult enough or too short. I definitely did not expect this former Spice Girl to crank out anything extraordinary, but I was wrong! She should have been doing this back in the 90s instead of music. Seriously.

    Thinking it couldn't be all that tough, I decided to do the entire workout. Again, WRONG! Mel B had my muscles burning and my heart pounding more so than any other workout DVD I've tried. 100 minutes of awesomeness. The abs section was a killer! If that's what she does to get that washboard midsection, count me in.

    I only have two complaints about this otherwise fabulous workout:

    First, by doing exercises in sets of reps with one leg first and then the other, the second leg in line does not get as good of a workout as the first. She always starts with the right leg and then complains that her left side is her "weak side". Duh. I simply alternated legs/sides and found that I felt much more balanced and was able to work out both my left and right sides equally. Also, sometimes the reps can be too fast, especially if you're using 5 pound weights like I was. I just simply slowed down the movements and it worked just fine.

    Secondly, the camera guy had a hard time showing her full body in the frame. At random times the shot would be of her abs, her butt, or zooming in on her boobs, all while I was trying to see what exactly I was supposed to be doing. It was confusing and distracting sometimes, but not much of an issue considering once I figured out the moves, I was sweating like crazy in no time.

    Over all, I love this workout! You only need to watch or do it once to get the hang of it and by adjusting the intensity of the exercises to your fitness level I'm sure you'll find that this workout is amazing!...more info
  • Very motivating and allows for diversity in your exercise.
    Mel B is hilarious and keeps you going. What's great about this DVD is that you can select the exercises you want to do each day and it automatically rolls those you selected. The diversity of the body regions gives you the ability to create 1/2 hour work out 7 days a week working different parts of your body....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I've never used an aerobics DVD before but I have used a ton of dance ones. I used to be really in shape but kinda fell outta practice and well lets just say...I could really use this DVD.

    I bought it for the Mel B signing in LA and I was surprised at just how great it actually is. The menu is nicely designed unlike every other work out DVD I've ever owned and it has the neat featured where you can select which sections you want to do in which order instead of making you do it the way they laid it out (like most DVDs).

    Its pretty hardcore too! I mean look at Mel B who wouldnt want to look like her?!?! The first time I popped it in I barely made it through the first cardio set. I did it again and made it through both cardios and found it was a little easier. Its a VERY good DVD...I forsee major weight loss and toning with this.

    I'd also like to add I like how she doesnt use anything complicated like other work outs. You 'pretend' jump rope (no rope required) and use water bottles and such for weights. Also the scenery and cinematography are perfect. Some people have reviewed they didnt like the camera angles and found that hard to follow. I didnt have this problem. She usually explains what shes doing and you see her do it a few times before the camera gets fancy. Fantastic DVD! It could have been a really cheap silly thing to make some quick money but credit must be given: she put some thought into this.

    Interesting side note for non Mel fans: before she was a Spice Girl she worked at the local gym as an aerobics instructor for a day job. Apparently it was a very popular class...not hard to see why!...more info
  • Motivating!
    This is the best work out video. It is fun, motivating, challenging and informational. I like the fact you pick out your own routine on the DVD and it plays through. It is also encouraging to see everyone on the video huffing and puffing as well. I am a massage therapist and would recommend this to most of my clients....more info
  • Oow and Wow
    Love the dvd, Mel is hilarious! The work outs are fun and not too lengthy. Have yet to determine if they are doing any good. Only time will tell. I will give it a month and get back to you....more info
  • Motivating and Fun
    I love that you can mix and match workouts. I also love that even when you are working arms you are working your legs at the same time. No time is wasted. Even my husband likes doing this workout because it is athletic, effective and fun. The scenery is beautiful overlooking the ocean (no stuffy gray gym). Mel B is fun to workout with too. I've tried all the Biggest Loser workouts and I get bored to tears, but this workout is actually fun....more info
  • Amazing DVD...
    I got this DVD to add to my workout DVD collection after I read all of the amazing reviews. I decided to get the DVD to aid me in losing some more weight. While pregnant with my first daughter, I went from 125 to 203. After I had my daughter I started running and working out at home to the FITv. I went down to about 140 in about 6-7 months just by working out at home. After getting pregnant with my second daughter, I went back up to 200. Once again I started working out at home to the television and got down to 160. Now I am giving this DVD try. I did it for the first time today and it was Amazing....I can feel muscles being worked that I haven't felt in a long time! I plan to do this about 3-4 times a week and eat healthier to see how much progress I can make on my weight loss journey...Many people say that don't see how I lost the weight but it takes time and dedication. Since I have been working out and trying to stay in shape after the kids, I can see that my body s more toned then it had been prior to the kids! Give the DVD a try, what do you have to lose other than "your jibbly bits"....LOL...more info
  • Mel B Totally Fit
    I love this dvd! Mel's crazy style is very funny and she's very motivating. The exercises are very easy to follow and I felt pain in my muscles after the workout. One of my favourites!...more info
  • Great work out video
    Love this video. I have just started working out on a reguar basis, and I like that you can customize this DVD to set up which part of your body you want to work out, and how long of a total work out you want to do. It has a quick fifteen minute cardio, and you can add legs, abd, bum, arms etc. and in what order you want to do them....which I think is the best part of the video. Mel B is very engaging, funny and the work out is easy to follow. You get a really good work out. I hope that she comes out with another video.....I give this an A+, not to mention her figure is awesome and inspires me to keep working in hopes to look half as good. ...more info
  • Excellent Workout!
    Like many of you, I have a collection of workout DVDs, some more challenging than others. I would classify myself as more advanced so I was excited to read other reviews about how this DVD was definitely not for beginners. I have worked out to this DVD for 4 days now and I have to say those reviews were correct! Mel B had me sweating like nobody's business. Working out is not always something I look forward to but I really enjoy working out to Totally Fit. Mel B is REAL! You see her complaining and whining about all the reps (an entire minute of each rep) just like we do at home and I found that so refreshing! She is funny and relatable and I think that is a huge plus for the DVD. Like a few have mentioned, there are times when Mel doesn't talk while doing the reps. But like she even said herself, when she's not talking, she's concentrating on the moves and I do the same thing so I have no problem with it. Overall, this is an excellent workout and it's not often that you can say you enjoy the instructor so this DVD is truly unique....more info
  • This video is EXCELLENT!!!!!!!
    This is my new favorite video!! By far the most challenging, FUN, upbeat and enouraging video in my entire library. The only thing that compares is Taebo and the only other instructer that I enjoy equally are Kelsie Daniels from The Firm (also completely in love with her Pump, Jump & Jab) and Billy Blanks. My heart was pumping during the warm up (and I'm an advanced exerciser). I love the variety, the scenery and her upbeat spirit. There are may segments to choose from in whatever order you'd like and which ever ones you wish to do. Eventhough it's tough, you actually WANT to do it. My goal is to do the entire video at once after about 4 weeks. I also love how she uses every day equipment (water bottles, soup cans, chair) and doing 1 minute of everything keeps you from being bored. Lots of changes - I LOVE it!! The nutrition segment is also good. If you go on her website (, there is a deluxe video that includes Lifestyle section and secret Abs & Back workout.
    I had being doing Jillian Michael's two new videos - BFBM & NMTZ which are great videos but not quite as motivating. I was literally running to do this video after going through and watching it the evening before. As an experienced exerciser, a workout has to be FUN in order to keep me coming back to it and THIS IS IT!!...more info
    This rocks!!! I am not of the "jumping up and down" Peppy Cheer Leader school of working out. I like to get it out and get it down. Mel is "cool as ice" and motivates you to just "get it done". It is in rotation at my house because the results are quick and BLOODY AMAZING!!!

    She is the BOMB!!! ...more info
  • Excellent and convenient home workout
    I've had this DVD for about a month and have really enjoyed it. I'm a mom to a toddler so I just do not have the time (or drive) to go to a gym anymore and have started working out with DVDs at home in order to stay in shape. This is definitely my favorite for a few reasons:

    * Mel is not annoying. I've tried some other workout videos where the instructor is so obnoxious (i.e. Denise Austin) that I just can't make it through the video. Mel is funny, motivating and she seems pretty real. She admits when things hurt and laughs at herself during the workout - which is nice to hear.

    * The video is broken up into segments: warm up, cardio, advanced cardio, arms, legs, bums, tums and cool down. The warm up and cool down are 5 minutes and you should do each time. The cardio segments I believe are about 15 minutes and the other ones are 10 minutes each. In the DVD menu you can select as many of the segments as you want to do which means if you have a lot of time to work out you can do all of them but if you only have 30 minutes to you can just do a couple.

    * Finally I really like this product because I can actually feel it working. I am not using it because I want to lose weight so I can't speak to that, but I do want to be more toned and healthy and it is definitely doing that. It is challenging but fun and I can feel myself getting stronger as I do it.

    Overall I really do think this is a good home workout and would highly recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Great Workout
    Mel B is a wonderful workout instructor.The workout is exciting and slightly challenging.I would reccomend this to anyone.I can't wait for number two! ...more info
  • Mums Approve! Mel B blasts tums and bums!
    Mel B has the perfect personality for this! She looks gorgeous and like many Americans I am a sucker for that British accent. Her humor and charm make it easy to get through the workout... she keeps you from wanting to give up. I workout pretty regularly yet I still felt sore the next day. As a mother of a toddler it felt exciting to be guided by another mother. With the intensity and diversity of moves offered in Totally Fit, I look forward to wearing a two piece this summer!...more info
  • Boring
    I found the Warm up, the Cardio section and the "Total Body Workout Section" of this workout extremely boring. I can't stand the music at all and it seemed like the counts were off with the beat as if the music were added later. I agree with some of the other reviews that the camera work was really bad. Even though some of the moves are basic aerobics moves, it would help if there wasn't a close-up shot of her abs or something else when the moves are changing.

    The minute long exercises become very boring which makes it seem like an eternity for 1 minute.

    The only part of this DVD I'll be using will be the toning segments as add-ons to my workouts. ...more info
  • I Really Like This Workout!!!
    I have only done the warm-up, the first cardio, and the cool-down and just those three segments which amount to 25 mins. was a good workout. Mel B makes it a lot of fun and although it is a tough workout it is not done in a fast or uncontrolled manner. I really had fun with this and look forward to doing the other segments on the DVD. I highly recommend this workout. Try it you will like it, too....more info
  • Bought it based on the reviews ....
    and I was not disappointed - this workout is different from everything I have so it is a nice add to my workouts. MelB can get a bit distracting when she is EVEN complaining about the exercise, but in a way it makes me feel better that I'm moaning! LOL

    The minute circuits are trying - I would not say boring but it's amazing how long a minute can be. But in an odd way it does make it go by fast. The cool down is OK could have been a bit better.
    ...more info
  • Better than expected..
    At first I thought this was going to be an easy non-athletic work-out, but I was mistaken. Mel B works out hard!
    The first cardio segment (after the 5 minute warm-up) would be a good place for beginners to start. All movements are repetitive lasting about 1 minute each, so it's easy to catch on if you get lost. No fancy dance moves. The second cardio segment (about 20 minutes long) is geared toward the intermediate excerciser using resistance (bottles/cans/light weights) during the segment. There are also more high-impact moves during this segment. One thing I wasn't to fond of was the plank/mountain climber series. During cardio, I would much rather stay standing the entire time and then do planks during the ab sessions, but since it was only for a minute or two, I did standing crunches and side bends to keep my cardio up.
    The upper body segment (about 10 minutes) uses light weights and lower body movements to tone and keep the heart rate up at the same time. It was a lot harder than it looked, but I used 3 pound weights during the whole thing and not 1 pound cans or 2 pound water bottles.
    The Lower body segment (about 10 minutes) was a series of squats, side lunges and leg lifts. Again, I used weights to make it a bit more aerobic.
    The Bums (10 minutes) and Tums (10 minutes) are both done on the floor. Your standard donkey kicks, side leg lifts, cruchches, etc. I felt the burn.
    During the workout, Mel is encouraging and I felt suffering through it like I was ;-) She kept the talking light and not to much chatter. I felt she could have given a bit more instruction for beginners as to how to do the exercise safely, but anyone who has done a few DVD's knows all the clues and tips.
    Overall, a nice surprise....more info


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