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Why bust the budget on pricey take-out during the week, when you can whip up fast, healthy meals at home? Make-A-Mix is perfect for working parents, two-career couples, and over-committed retirees.

Make-A-Mix is really two cookbooks in one. The cookbook begins with 67 make-ahead shortcut mixes for everything from all-purpose cake mix to meatball mix. These can be made on a weekend?or whenever there?s free time?and used to speed food preparation on busy days.

The mixes are a key ingredient in one or more of the 306 recipes that follow. The kitchen-tested recipes run the gamut from breakfast dishes to after-dinner treats. They include hearty dinner entrees, like enchilada casserole, onion pot roast, and shrimp & vegetable stir-fry; international fare like green chili burritos and quick chow mein; soups and other appetizers, like New England clam chowder, and even freezer treats like fruit slush.

With the Make-A-Mix method, home cooks can control the amount of sugar, salt, and preservatives in a recipe, and save money on store-bought mixes. This cookbook is the updated and expanded version of Make-A-Mix that sold over a million copies.

Customer Reviews:

  • great book and fast service
    I just love the recipes and mixes found in this book and was amazed at how fast I received it. I will always order my books from Amazon....more info
  • What AWSOME ideas!!!
    Now, if I can only find the time to make these mixes..... then I'll REALLY start saving time! Seriously, great ideas. This book would make a great gift to any bride-to-be or working mother....more info
  • Get this book!!!!!!!!
    I have been using both Make-a Mix and More Make-a-Mix cookbooks since they first came out. I have modified some of the recipes to suit my taste and dietary/allergy considerations.
    At one time I had over 100 cookbooks and these were among my most used and useful along with Joy of Cooking (1975 edition), Better Homes and Gardens (the new one), Betty Crocker (1950, 1961, 1969), Rodale's cookbook and Marguerite Patten's Every Day Cook Book. After I lost everything I owned due to a disability and subsequent betrayal of the "friends" who had promised to store my belongings until I could retrieve them, I searched for months I found replacements for all except the Make-a-mix cookbooks. I found them here on Amazon. Even, or especially, since I live alone now I still use them as much as ever.
    I will be purchasing the new one ASAP. ...more info
  • Just a new cover
    I had the previous copy of this cookbook. I love it. I bought this new copy thinking that maybe there would be some new recipies to use with the base mixes and maybe even some new mixes. Nope, just the same book with a new cover. They still haven't fixed the brownie recipe yet. Here is how I use the Brownie mix: 1/2 c melted butter or oil, 2 beaten eggs, 1/4 cup water (or less), 1 tsp vanilla, 2.25 cups brownie mix. Hope this helps anyone else out....more info
  • Simply Superb
    This book in SUPERB!!! I have used it many times and have loved everything I have made with it. I am a person who sometimes loves to cook and bake and sometimes wants the convienience items. This is a huge help with both. On the days you want to spend more time you can prepare the mix and make one batch that very day. A few days or a week or a month later you have the mix there to save you time. The other wonderful thing the authors have done is to let you know how to make the mixes more healthy, like whole wheat flours or cutting some of the fat. I have made the Slice and Bake Chocolate chip cookie Dough, the Slice and Bake Peanut Butter Cookies, the Whole Grain Pancake Mix (made waffles, delicious!!) and the Brownie Mix. For all of these I used King Arthurs White Whole Wheat Flour (which seems sweeter and not quite as heavy as the regular Whole Wheat they make but it has the same fiber content). I can't wait to make some of the Bean mixes. I am a Cook Book-aholic and this is one of my favorites. GREAT!!!!!...more info
  • I love cooking this way!
    This is my favorite cookbook! We are missionaries in West Africa and can't get mixes so now I have the convenience of mixes here in Africa--and the health of no preservatives. My book was falling apart so I had it Serlox bound and now even that is falling apart, so I'm ordering a new one for when we are in Canada. Please make a coil bound version.
    My favorites are: biscuit mix (although I haven't found a way to have it store well in this humidity--even in the fridge), pancake mix, brownie mix, pastry mix, white sauce mix, cookie mix, quick bread mix, and snackin' cake mix. ...more info
  • Love this cookbook
    I have used this book for years. Am ordering now for Christmas gifts. Fun idea to make making the mixes more fun. I get together with a friend and we go in halves on the ingredients and make a mix together and split. Half to her house, half to mine. We get to try more mixes that way and visit at the same time. More like fun less like work.

    The granola recipe is the best ever. I don't like granola usually and love this one. I make it for Christmas and put in pretty mason jars with ribbons. Everyone loves it....more info
  • Make-a-Mix
    I have tried the Chicken in Mushroom Sauce, page 167, with poppy seed and lemon zest; we loved it. My grandson, who isn't a mushroom fan, had second helpings! I also made the Mexican Meat mix, page 46, which was so flavorful, then used part of it to make burritos. My next project will be making the Quick Mix on page 21. The variety of recipes that used the quick mix looked good and I am eager to try it....more info
  • My favorite cookbook!
    This is the most used cookbook in my kitchen. About eight years ago my mom-in-law lent me her copy (the original Make-A-Mix edition) and once I found the newer version, I knew I had to have that too! Every recipe I've tried has been delicious! A few favorites include, Golden Corn Bread (pg 238), Applesauce Snack Cake (pg 273), pizza crust (pg 267), Melt-In-Your-Mouth muffins (pg 250), Taco Seasoning Mix (pg 36), and Freezer Pie Crust (pg 309). I have given this book to several family members and have also started giving it as my bridal shower gift. This is just a practical cookbook that yields economical and tasty food. You won't be sorry if you purchase it!...more info
  • Great Timesaver
    The minute I received this book, I sat down and paged through the recipes and had about 1/2 the book marked with recipes I wanted to try. Upon further investigation I found that many had the main "mix" ingredient in common. I have already made one of the meat mixes (took about 30 minutes) and used it in one recipe - delicious. The mix will actually make about 5 recipes in the book, so the rest is in the freezer till I try something else next week. This book is a great asset for people with busy schedules and don't like to plan too far ahead. You can make one or two of the mixes and then pick recipes to use the in for the next few weeks. After the mix is made the rest of the prep is minimal.
    The pros of the book include: ease of preparation, use of common food items that you already purchase at the grocery store, and variety of recipes. The cons: you will need to buy some things in bulk (5 lbs of ground beef for the meat mix) so make sure you have storage space for it, since mixes are prepared in large batches so chopping onions, carrots, and celery by hand can take quite awhile (I used a food processor and it worked great)....more info
  • lost pages
    Imagine my excitment when I found this book at a garage sale!!! I was especially grateful to find receipes for taco seasoning mix, chicken coating mix etc. as these are never on my kitchen shelf when I need them. However, what was my dismay when I found that instead of pages 17-33, I had two sets of pages 33-48.
    The maddening part of this was that when I looked in the Gift Section for ideas for Christmas (I like to begin to prepare in July)and found a Gingerbread mix, Basic Cookie Mix, Garden Vegetable Mix, I thought that I had hit the jackpot. Sadly, all of these recipes are on the missing pages. If anyone would be willing to email me the missing pages 17-33, I would be most grateful. Thanks Christine Please use "Christmas Gingerbread" as the subject....more info
  • Good food
    This is a great book for getting back to basics. With a little planning you can create shortcuts for the rest of the month. Food is great tasting as well, I can tell by the compliments I get....more info
  • Incredible book for busy people
    This book has changed the way I cook forever. I have several canisters of premade mixes in my pantry just waiting for me to decide what to make each night. It is easy and healthy since you control the amounts of sugar and salt. This is by far the best book I have ever purchased. It is covered in stains from the weekly use- but I will never give it up.
    The mixes take about 10 minutes to mix up- have your kids help! Our family of four goes through the usual meat mix, chicken mix, snack cake mix, and biscuit mixes about every month or so. The sugar cookie recipie is the best I've found. If you want to save money, eat healthier and feel better about the food you serve- then get this book!...more info
  • Make-A-Mix-recipes
    This cookbook is amazing. Some of my friends are going to place an order and, like I have done, order a second for their daughters and daughters-inlaw. I may order more for Christmas.
    Very basic recipes with the added bonus of having the mixes handy for baking ahead and for emergency company....more info
  • Make-a-mix I highly recommend
    Really great book. Not just for baking. I highly recommend this book. Enjoy!...more info
  • Awesome food!
    My twins (4) were eating Hawaiian Haystacks (pg. 93) and loved it! Tonight we had Western Beef Stew & even I (who doesn't care for stew) thought it was very good. I like it because it is easier to make mixes for the month in one day as opposed to making the entire dish. Then, on the day of, I have about 30 minutes of prep & cooking. I'm amazed at how tasty the food is - not bland at all. You could have company over & they'd never guess you hadn't slaved all day making it. Definitely worth the money!...more info
  • Pleased so far...
    I'm really excited about this book! So far all the recipes I've made have been great, with the exception of one - the Brownie Mix. The recipe does not call for any liquid, is this a misprint? It was crumbly - not even close to 'pouring' consistency.

    I'm looking forward to making more of the mixes & hoping someone can help me out with the brownie recipe! ...more info
  • Pleased to see book back on the book store shelves
    Like so many other reviewers of the book, I have used this book for a long time. My favorite recipes are the Mexican Meat Mix and the Basic Cookie Mix. One mix will make several different kinds of cookies. It's so easy to make the meat mix and pop it in the freezer to use later. Besides saving money by making your own mix, with this recipe, the most inexpensive meats can be used because of the long slow cooking. I was disappointed the Oatmeal Cookie Mix recipe was not included in the revised edition. The chocolate chip cookies from this recipe are so good they are almost adictive. I have received many compliments on the cookies I make and have used the Mix has gifts. When I saw this new revised book on the shelf at the store, I bought all they had....more info
  • this is the greatest
    I had this book back in the 70's and loved it i was so glad to find it again I am a busy person and this saves me money time and still i can eat healthy foods. every mother needs to own this cook more i make my mixes on the weekend and work hard at it but i only have to pull some thing out for a month and make easy meals that are good for the household get this cookbook you will love it...more info
  • Great timesaver and cookbook
    I bought this cookbook thinking that it might be helpful in creating meals more quickly but was a bit leery since it did not have nutritional info.

    I've slowly been calculating the nutrition on the mixes and recipes and am pleasantly surprised. No, not all mixes or recipes are all that heart healthy or low in fat, but overall, it isn't bad and it is a great compromise for my household where I am very health conscious and my husband wants comfort food.

    I've been very happy with the taste of the recipes I've made so far, and my husband is *very* happy.

    I've been making freezer meals for years now and can see this being a critical element to my future plans! I'd wholeheartedly recommend this cookbook to anyone. It is great to be able to take out some of the processed foods from our diets and replace them with homemade versions. :)...more info
  • A Family Must Have!
    I have to admit that I thought this would be another cookbook that I donate to charity. I was EVER so WRONG! My family of five, (with two always hungry pre-teen & teenage boys)was on the never ending phrase of "There is nothing to eat in this house!" I am a very big proponant of cooking in advance, but that only took care of dinner with some leftovers.
    I can whip up a snack cake or muffins in 5 minutes, and twenty minutes later, everyone is happy!

    This book not only lets you prepare mixes in advance that are VERY usable, it gives you recipes that work and are normal everyday eating. My favorite mix so far is the snack cake mix. It lets me pre-measure a snack cake packet with my own preference of flour, sugar, etc. My kids don't know it but they have been eating high fiber, reduced sugar, cake & loving it! I use a white whole wheat flour and substitute half the regular sugar for Splenda. Oh and get youngest has tons of allergies & now that I make my own mixes, his allergies are greatly reduced. His allergist says that cooking using less food preservatives may be helping.

    So my five star rating is THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE!...more info
  • Convience food at its best!
    I have used the 1980 edition of this book for years and bought copies for all my daughters. I highly recommend it. I especially love the Mexican meat mix for chimichangas. I was happy to see the new 1995 edition which I got from the library , but noticed the pages falling out which is very unpleasant. I have just ordered the 2006 edition which hopefully will have better binding. However, if not Kinko's can spiral bind it, which is usually better for a cookbook anyway....more info
  • Must have!
    I purchased this book several years ago, and was disappointed in the new copy that said it was 'updated'. The updated part was a new publisher and cover, but the book was exactly the same. That being said, this is a bible in my cooking library. I ordered this because my original copy is stained, ear-marked, pages falling out and full of notes! I love it! My daughter is getting married, so I ordered her a copy, and after her initial excitement, handed it back and said "but it doesn't have your notes in it!" So I'm busy putting my hand written notes in it for her! A wonderful 'hand-me-down' for the busy new bride-to-be!...more info
  • homeade mixes save money
    I really liked this book and have made a few of the things already. Everything has turned out great. I like the fact that the mixes don't call for wierd ingredients that are hard to find. I will keep this on one my shelf and use it more, I am sure; its worth the price to get the ingredients for so many of the packaged mixes we love and use-in the long run saving money AND being able to just make what you need in a pinch when you don't have the store-bought version....more info
  • Wish I'd had it a long time ago.
    My sister lent me her copy of the original book written in '78. I loved it and found one for myself here, along with a few copies to give as Christmas gifts. My husband and kids have loved everything I've made.There were some recipes in the original that I wish had been put in this edition too, especially the rice mixes. But it is a very good book, with enough ideas and recipes to keep your family happy for a long time. The recipes are very simple and are easy to change to suit your needs and likes, and to make a little healthier. I love knowing exactly what I'm eating,being able to change things to how I like them, and the money I save doesn't hurt either....more info
  • One of the best cookbooks for saving time, and making gifts too!
    I own the 1981 edition of this book which has over 200 recipes. I'm getting the new version, which has over 300 recipes. I can't wait to see the new recipes! My daughter also wants her own copy of this book.

    This is a great cookbook for not only saving time, but making mixes to give away for gifts at Christmas time. ...more info
  • Make a Mix is a BLAST
    Wow....this book has been fantastic...and I've pretty much boxed up the majority of my cookbooks, but this one is in the kitchen on the counter. My whole family have enjoyed the Mixes from this book...I like having the containers that hold the mixes readily available, thus making the mix speedy and grandkids really enjoy the rolls that "gramma" makes from the Make a Mix...I also made a memory for them to remember this gramma's cooking!!!! It's awesome!...more info
  • Recipe for success
    This is the second copy of this book that I've had. I was given the original back in the 80's by an American friend. When I took some mixes on a house boat holiday with friends recently they were fascinated and asked me to try and get a copy for them. That's when I found the new edition, and its so much better than the original with many more ideas and reduced fat versions. I use it even more now....more info
  • Fills a niche, but misses a mark
    Make-a-Mix is a great concept cookbook. It provides do-it-yourself recipes for mixes that you can then later turn into cooked dishes at a moment's notice. Ranging from slice-and-bake sugar cookies, to gravy mix, to a sweet quick-bread mix, you'll find everything from breakfast to dessert to main-dish meat mixes. The cover advertises 306 recipes made from 67 mixes.

    The layout of the recipes is fairly clear, although there's something about the font and placement of the "makes..." portion (the part of the mix recipe that points you to the other pages in the cookbook where you'll find recipes that use it) that makes it easy to overlook. There are no photos; most of these recipes are relatively simple, so that isn't a huge deal in my opinion.

    For a book founded on the principle of making things from mixes I guess I expected them to want to showcase the versatility of those mixes as much as possible; after all, I don't see the point in keeping a single-purpose mix around for most things---I doubt many people constantly make a single type of brownies or cornbread over and over. On the other hand, some of these are fairly versatile, such as the sweet quickbread mix.

    The one glaring omission we came across was in the "Our Best Brownies" recipe. We quickly found that there was just no way you could make a brownie batter out of the mix with the amount of liquid provided in the recipe---it seemed clear an ingredient had been omitted. We were able to add enough liquid to make it come out decently, but the brownies weren't particularly amazing. Luckily the cornbread recipe made up for it in terms of quality....more info
  • Really great ideas...
    This Make-A-Mix book is just what I needed. There are really great ideas in here & it's really good when you have kids. It's nice having meals already measured & mixed togehter so in the evening I can basically just throw something in the oven & spend more time with the kids or doing other thing. It's really nice that they give you a shelf live for the items & tell you how to store them. I also love the gift giving ideas/mixes as well. Great for the Holiday's. I'm not much of a cook & don't like spending much time in the kitchen so this book really helped me....more info
  • Mixes (still) make sense!
    This is a wonderful cookbook! I owned a copy in the 70's that got a lot of use. I now own a new copy. The latest edition has additional recipes and updates older ones so they are in line with current health guidelines. This cookbook helped me raise a family, and now, as empty-nesters, it's still helping us put dinner on the table! Everyone is busy these days and many are living on expensive and unhealthy takeout food. You can have delicious, thrifty and healthy meals with a minimum of fuss, using this cookbook. Periodically, I cull my cookbook collection and discard outdated ones - but I will never part with Make-A-Mix!...more info
  • Best Cook Book I have ever bought
    This book allows busy individuals to make wholesome foods from scratch while saving up to 75% on premade store bought mixes. The mixes are easy to prepare ahead of time and easy to use. I spend one day each month or so and do all the mixes I will need for the month. I love the Snack Cake recipie which uses less sugar than commercial brands and I can customize the type on snack cake- chocolate, applesauce(my daughter's favorite), and more! Buy this book!...more info
  • T. Atwell
    This is an awesome book. I would prefer to make things from scratch and this book is perfect for that. I love it, and everyone I know who has this book feels the same way I do. Buy it, you'll love it!...more info
  • An answer to prayer
    I have been researching recipes for creating my own mixes for some time. Our family is very concerned about the amount of preservatives in store-bought mixes. It is wonderful to be able to prepare my own mixes, using organic ingredients, which we can use when we need. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • Excellent!
    I have the original book written in 1995 and it is so well loved I had to get the newer edition.
    This book has been such a help with many excellent mixes to keep on hand to quickly prepare meals and special items. The book is well laid out and the recipes are terrific.
    Excellent value for the price! Great gift for the new cook and anyone wanting to save time and money!!...more info
  • make a mix cookbook
    This is a replacement book because I have had this book about 20 years ago on it's first run. It is a staple cookbook. If you don't have some convience mixes at home this is the book to have. It saves money. ...more info
  • Quickly becomes indispensable...
    I bought my first copy of this book about eight years ago, and just bought my second copy. Although my household consists only of my husband and myself, we entertain a lot, and this book has been of great help. I continually make up batches of their basic cookie dough, then make these into small portions (a half dozen cookies worth) of differently flavored cookies, then freeze these. When company comes over we can grab a few packs and have a selection of freshly-baked cookies to offer. Their bagels are awesome - I use our bread machine to do most of the work, then take them out, form them, boil, and bake them. Both cookies and bagels are something I do all the time, but the other recipes are equally quick and tasty. If your time is important but you still want homemade items, this book will solve the problem....more info
  • Terrific Book
    This is the third copy I've purchased of this book. I've been using it for nearly 20 years. Great recipes...more info
  • Great Book Needs to be spiral Bound
    Hi. I have this book also. I love it. It did start to fall apart fairly soon so I agree with the first persons comment on making it spiral bound. My copy is from 1995. It does not have the Shortening in the Brownie Mix. I was wondering why the second person added 1/2 cup of butter, mine says 1/4 cup of butter and doesn't mention any water at all. I love the beginning of the book where it talks about "The Ingredients". It gives you helpful suggestions on how to make the mixes healthier by using whole wheat flour. For the brownie mix I used King Arthur's 100% White Whole Wheat Flour (it is less bitter than the regular Whole Wheat, I find) for all the flour in the recipe. The Book says to use 1 to 2 tablespoons less per cup of flour and to increase the leavening agent (baking powder) by 1/3. They were yummy, and no one knew they were getting the added benefit of extra fiber. I also love the Snack Cake Mix using the same flour. I made the Carrot Snack Cake (I added canned crushed pineapple, drained and squeezed dry, and some golden raisins). If you cool the cake completely and frost it it freezes wonderfully. Love the Book can't say enough about it....more info
  • Reprint, but needed!
    I own the 1995 edition of this book & thought this 2006 edition was to be an expanded version. No, it's alike, page by page, with only an additional index entry for zucchini muffins. However, my old edition was falling apart and I am quite glad to have this reprint from a different publishing company anyway!

    On Brownie Mix: Yes, it has no shortening. Hurray, no trans fats! I add for the additional ingredients: 1/8 c. melted butter or Smart Balance, 1/8 c. applesauce, 1/2 c. egg substitute, 1 t. vanilla, 2 1/4 c. Brownie Mix. No nuts, because my husband doesn't like them in food, but I often add 1/4 c. mini chocolate chips. My brownie mix is half all purpose flour, half King Arthur Flour White Wheat flour. We like fudgey brownies, not cake style....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I LOVE love love this cookbook. I love to make things from scratch for so many reasons and this cookbook has changed my life! I admit that I've been borrowing the book from my local library but hope to get my own soon. This cookbook is saving me so much money because I am able to buy things like chicken breast (which can be quite expensive for us budget-conscious people) in bulk and make TONS of meal "bases". I have told my friends about this cookbook and they're getting into it as well. It's gotten exciting for us to tell each other how much we spent on our groceries and how many meals we'll get out of it.

    I'm thinking about holding a Make A Mix cooking class for my MOPS group if I can figure out exactly how to put one together.

    This might sound lame, but this is the most excited I've gotten about a cookbook EVER. Last night we had the sour cream enchiladas. My husband took one bite, closed his eyes and smiled. It was fabulous. I make the dinner rolls all of the time. I made meatballs for the freezer last night. I was able to make a menu for the next 3 weeks (included some dishes that I'll freeze) and it was so easy since I have several of the mixes already prepared or ready to put together.

    I can't recommend this book highly enough. I'd love to see another one come o...more info
  • Money saving mixes for the frugal home cook
    I own the earlier edition of Make-a-mix and More Make-a-Mix. Both copies were well used (pages falling out) but like most cook books I only used about one-third to one-half of the mixes in each book. So I ordered this new edition hoping to replace the two books that are falling apart.
    I was overjoyed to find that this updated edition is full of my favorites from BOTH previous books! The mixes that I have used over and over again. In the former books they used shortening in a lot of their mixes. They have updated these mixes buy leaving the shortening out and adding melted butter or oil when making the mix. It seems like an extra step, but I love it because 1) when mixing up the base mix I don't have to measure shortening and then mix it in to a 11-17 cup batch of other ingredients and 2) I can vary the oils or replace with applesauce etc. to make the mix even healthier! The exception to this is the "Bisquick" type mix. It still uses shortening.

    For anyone new to these books, don't be fooled by thinking this is just dry mixes! Oh,no! They have wonderful meat mixes that allow you to take advantage of great meat sales, cook it up, stick it in the freezer, and you have a huge batch of quick to fix meals just waiting. And yes, they offer a bunch of yummy recipes on how to use those meat mixes.

    How about freezer pie crust? Pudding and pie fillings? Taco, spaghetti, and chili mixes? Dip mixes? You bet!
    I use the cookie mix, brownie mix, snack cake and sweet bread mixes constantly.
    If you love homemade bread there is a mix for the breadmaker or a hot roll mix that makes anything from rolls and bread to lovely sticky gooey pastries perfect for a weekend breakfast.
    There are also whole grain mixes and tips on how to reduce fat even further.
    My all time favorite has to be the slice and bake cookie logs for the freezer. These have been life savers when I needed cookies in a hurry and they are delicious!

    If you are interested at all in cutting down on buying those prepackaged mixes at the store or you just want some quick and easy mixes to use this book is worth the money. You will not spend a ton of time putting them together either! The instructions are simple and there are pictures for some of the mixes.

    My only complaint: I would like to see a spiral bound version. It is hard to get the book to stay open. I'm sure like my other two books the pages will eventually fall out from so much use.

    ** About the previous review regarding the brownie mix: My original book is from 1978. The brownie mix used 2 cups veg. shortening. They have eliminated the shortening in this updated version and you add melted butter at the time of use. You also use 1/4 cup less mix. Hopefully that will eliminate the stiffness of the dough....more info


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