Vegan Lunch Box: 130 Amazing, Animal-Free Lunches Kids and Grown-Ups Will Love!

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If you think vegan lunchtime means peanut butter and jelly day after day, think again! Based on the wildly popular blog of the same name, Vegan Lunch Box offers an amazing array of meat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free meals and snacks. All the recipes are organized into menus to help parents pack quick, nutritious, and irresistible vegan lunches. Ideal for everyday and special occasions, Vegan Lunch Box features tips for feeding even the most finicky kids. It includes handy allergen-free indexes identifying wheat-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free recipes, and product recommendations that make shopping a breeze.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great ideas for school lunches!
    I ordered this book, because my son will start school this summer, and I had no idea what to pack into his lunch box every day. I want his lunch box to be a fun, colorful, and delicious surprise, and this book will surely help me to do this. The recipes are very healthy and also adventurous. I especially like that there are foods included from all around the world. There are some pictures in the center of the book, but I wish that more of the recipes had pictures included with them. Other than that, a great cookbook for busy vegan moms! ...more info
  • Imaginative and Informative
    Vegan Lunch Box is packed with recipes, antidotes, and information on more than the vegan lunch box. Yes, it is primarily a cookbook for elementary school kids when prepared as the menus suggested--but it is so much more! To read it through is to learn how to become a vegan, or to incorporate more vegan dishes into you life.

    Jennifer McCann became a vegetarian at age 15 and ate the same thing for lunch for a year. She decided things would be different for her son. Every menu had to be graded a "5" by her son to be included in the book.

    McCann packs the lunches in a clever bento-like box, allowing for lots of choices and minimal environmental waste, as they are re-usable. Very clever. The lunches are sure to appeal to kids because they are colorful and fun. McCall is aware that kids notice other kids' food and takes pains to create meals that become the envy of fellow students.

    Part I is divided as follows:

    * Quick and easy menus. For example, one menu includes lunch nibbles--vegan deli slices and cheese with rice crackers. Disigned for the kid to assemble.

    Sample menu: veggie burger, sweet potato fries, wheat free apple crisp and Amazake to drink.

    * Rise and Shine menus.

    Sample menu: coconut carrot rice pudding, black strap gingerbread with lemon sauce, applesauce and soy jerky

    * Ready and Waiting

    Sample menu: peanut butter and jelly muffins, frozen snack tube, popcorn, vegetable juice

    *Lunch box adventure
    Includes menus from around the world.

    * Special occasions
    Birthdays, Halloween and more.

    Part II is the recipes.

    While some of the recipes take a bit of time to prepare, many have multiple uses. McCall has smart suggestions like baking large batches of muffins and freezing them individually--perfect for the teen on the go.

    Highly recommend for all--vegan or not--for smart, fun and healthy lunches!

    From the author of Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify and Energize Your Life, Your Home and Your Planet.

    ...more info
  • Great recipes, not enough pictures.
    The book is great. It has given us lots of ideas. Would like to see more pictures though. Instead, we go online to view the pictures....more info
  • Slave in the Kitchen
    My kids need more variety for their cold lunches so I bought this book hoping for some easy alternatives to peanut butter and jelly. I have four kids and am willing to spend two or three minutes making each lunch. I will spend a little more time with this book to see if there is anything useful that I can glean from it, but a quick peruse through it just scares me--too complicated, too involved, too fancy, too cute... I want simple lunch alternatives that do not require a lot of time in the kitchen or shopping for unusual ingredients. Simple, healthy, quick, animal-free is what I am looking for. This does not seem to be the book with the answers/solutions I need....more info
  • Cooking for the lunchbox???
    I am not too happy with the purchase because I was looking for easy ideas, not for anything that involves cooking. If I want cooking, then I just cook dinner and take the leftovers the next day. I'm not going to stand in the kitchen and cook AGAIN for next day's lunch. Not what I expected....more info
  • Great ideas for Kids and Adults
    Love this book... it's written in an easy to read format, has tons of ideas, menus and recipes and it all sounds super-yummy. If I would suggest anything it would be to have more pictures of the finished products....more info
  • Wonderful Newbie Vegan Book
    I just bought this book yesterday at B&N - I can't believe how cheap it is on Amazon...I paid full price minus my 10% cardholder discount - still more expensive than Amazon.

    Anyway... I love this book - I'm brand-new to veganism and it's a great launching point for me. The kid-friendly lunches are easy and perfect for work lunch ideas!...more info
  • Highly-recommend
    Although my family is not vegan, I try to cook vegan at least twice a week. I have 2 elementary-aged school children with multiple food allergies. Jennifer's recipes are easy and delicious. Our family is eating much healthier thanks to Jennifer's book. There are so many choices for my kids to try. Since following Jennifer's recipes I have found that I like the taste of baked goods made without egg. Before Jennifer's book, I would often get heartburn after eating meals. Since eating healthier, I feel better and the kids often request food that is made with whole wheat or flax seed instead of processed flour. Jennifer...thank you! Food allergies can be dealt with much easier by following vegan recipes. You have improved the quality or my children's lives greatly. I had no idea it was so easy to bake foods without egg or dairy in them. A huge thank you!...more info
  • This is one of my favorite cookbooks. Great for lunches and much more!
    This was my first vegan cookbook, and I adore it. Although I actually don't have kids. The Ethiopian dishes are amazingly delicious, and it's worth buying the book for those recipes alone. I've used them successfully to impress company. There are a ton of recipes in this book that have become regular favorites, like the easy hummus, sweet potato fries, and cheezy roasted chickpeas.

    Another great thing about this cookbook is that it's clearly noted which recipes are nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and wheat-free. That's been very helpful when making food for people in my life with different dietary needs. ...more info
  • Cute concept, but not very useful...
    Cute concept, but not very useful. The amount of effort you would need to create these lunches for kids is exhaustive. I have the cookbook, but can't really see using it much....more info


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