The Sneaky Chef: How to Cheat on Your Man (In the Kitchen!): Hiding Healthy Foods in Hearty Meals Any Guy Will Love

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The follow-up to the New York Times Bestseller!

The Sneaky Chef now targets the other picky eater in the family!

For parents of finicky eaters, The Sneaky Chef was the answer to their prayers, giving them solutions for hiding healthy food in the meals kids crave. Within a month of publication, it was a New York Times bestseller. But author Missy Chase Lapine knew another secret: the kids aren't the only ones in the family not eating their veggies!

Hundreds of women wrote to tell her how the men in their lives were consistently making poor choices when it came to their diet. Men know they should eat better, but the classic male perception is that fruits and veggies are "rabbit food" and don't seem to satisfy their appetite. Now "The Sneaky Chef" has donned her apron again and developed delicious recipes that are sure to appeal to guys. Recipes include "Macho Meatballs," "Love Me Tenderloin," and "Champion Chili." These hearty meals successfully cloak ingredients that specifically target men's health issues: foods proven to help the heart, lower cholesterol, ensure a healthy prostate, and other concerns. Now everyone in the family (kids and adults alike) can benefit from The Sneaky Chef's bag of tricks.

Customer Reviews:

  • Cooking for Rules girls
    Missy Chase Lapine has painted herself into a corner.

    Frankly, the premise of her first book was a little odd -- while it does the job of getting nutrition into junk food, what happens when it's time to wean the finicky eater off the sneaky stuff? As the introduction to this book makes clear, this may often not be possible. Honestly, I know people who eat like this -- I have an uncle who sat there and ate hot dogs at his son's wedding -- but there's something off-kilter if not outright wrong about this book.

    For one thing, this book is based heavily in the sexual politics of the 50s, with a woman taking care of her man, getting her way through subterfuge rather than partnership. Second, as a guy who cooks (obviously, if you've read my other reviews), to me the idea that cooking is woman's work is a relic of the distant past. There is something very wrong with the whole concept behind this book -- if you agree with Lapine's general idea of sneaking in healthy foods behind someone else's back, her original book is substantially less disturbing and should provide everything you need.

    As for the food? It's stereotypical guy food -- pub grub, barbecue, and the like. Nothing to get excited about. Give this one a pass....more info
  • Guys love great food - and the chef builds on her strengths

    mmmm...that's the taste of most of these recipes for guys like me -- we like standard fare, nothing too fancy, with just enough health consciousness to keep my wife from worrying what I eat -- you won't want to miss the wings, ribs, nachos, and other tasty meals -- the format of the book is easy to read - even a guy/dad like me finds it helpful. ...more info
  • Sneaky Chef: How to cheat on Your Man (In the Kitchen) is fantastic!
    Lapine does it again. I loved this book! Recipes are easy to follow. Great book for anyone who wants to eat healthier....more info
  • A great cookbook for anyone's collection
    I was so impressed by the first Sneaky Chef book that I just had to get this one. Once again, great, easy-to-make recipes with a wide variety of foods. My family enjoys the meals I make with the two Sneaky Chef cookbooks and I enjoy knowing that I am feeding my family good, nutritious food. My only comment to the author (I wrote Missy myself) was that it would be great to add page references for the purees, and nutritional information for all recipes. With those two changes, I would rate this a five-star cookbook. Thanks, Missy!...more info
  • A miracle!
    My man has never been the problem in the veggie-eating department; it's *me* who's the problem. I have such a powerful aversion to veggies that I just *can't* eat them. Even when they taste exactly like the dish that they're in, my illogical aversion makes it impossible for me to choke them down. But tonight, I ate chili that had cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, spinach, and peas in it--and it looked and tasted just like any "normal" chili I'd ever eaten. Not only did I eat it, I *enjoyed* it, which is just as important. There's only so long one can keep eating things one doesn't enjoy, but if they taste good . . .

    If the rest of the recipes in this book are as good as that one, then this book could be literally a life-saver for me. (I didn't know how I was going to get my cholesterol level down when I couldn't eat veggies!)...more info
  • Can't wait to eat healthier
    I just received this book and can't wait to try some of the recipes. I have the first book and love the fact that my kids are eating their favorite foods with a healthy twist added. Now the whole family can enjoy some great healthy foods....more info
  • How to Add Baby Food into Your Meals
    I think that should be the titles for this book, but then who would buy it?

    I love making fresh baby food for my kids when they were young. I stopped because there wasn't a need anymore. I'm glad this book came out and I've discovered making baby food blends is just as fulfilling.

    The book is about adding nutritious foods into your family's diet without their knowledge and it's not about revamping their diets. DH is borderline diabetic and I've tried to get him to eat more beans, cinnamon, fibers, you name it, but he has refused or claims, he can not eat those food (or too much of them).

    Last night, I made the 'Radical Ribs' with the 'Basic marinade for Fish, Chicken, & Pork', 'Sweet & Sour Sauce', and 'Re-vamped bottled BBQ sauce.' I made the Orange puree (carrots/yam) and got a bottle of pomegranate juice (at my local produce store) which were required to make the 'Radical Ribs' and the sauces. DH was really excited when I showed him his packed lunch: ribs, steam rice, steamed corn& peas and fruit salad. 7yr DS got a smaller version for his lunch and there was lots of 'Ohhs' and 'Ahhs' about their lunches this morning. They know how to make their mom feel happy.

    The ribs tastes like store purchased ribs, but it actually has about 3/4 cup of pureed carrots/yams on them. I can't wait to try out more recipes from this book. I also have checked out the 'kids' version, but my picky 7yr DS won't eat those recipes, he eats like his dad. The recipes in this book are better than the 'kids' version (MHO).

    In summary, it's about slowly adding more fiber & nutrients into your family's diet without added hardship. They are going to eat ... (ribs, fried chicken, french fries, chili, chowder, shakes, margaritas (adults only), etc.); why not add some baby food/juice in them and here's how! Nice book, check it out at the library if you don't believe me....more info
  • Another great cookbook!
    I love the new Sneaky Chef cookbook. There are some repeat recipes from her first but my whole family loves recipes from both books. It really does not take much of an effort to make her puree's ahead of time and if your family thinks they look gross, don't show it to them! :) ...more info
  • Great.
    I bought this cookbook about a year ago. I am a cookbook lover and this is a favorite. One of my favorite recipes is the peanutbutter and jelly muffins. They are great and my daughter loves them. In addition to the recipes, I like some of the ideas such as adding jars of baby food to recipes to add veggies to your diet. I also love the flour-blend, which is 1/3 whole wheat, 1/3 white flour and 1/3 wheat germ. I use this flour blend when I make banana breads and muffins. It really makes the recipes better while making them healther. ...more info
  • Great but the title attracts too much attention from your man!
    I collect cookbooks - more than 500+ and this one really stands out as one of the few I actually use because the recipes are easy, healthy, and delicious.

    Old habits die hard, and having your hubby change his bad eating habits overnight just won't happen. So if you can't beat them, join them, wink, wink.

    The first chapters of the book, which go into the benefits of the superfoods used in the purees, are eye-opening and might inspire your hubby to eat healthier - if you decide to share this with him of course. The author admits that he might run the other way or not eat the food, if he knew what was in it.

    Granted, the combination of flavors in some purees seems unusual but somehow they taste good - for example, baby spinach and blueberries in the "purple puree" works in both meatloaf and brownies. Would I tell my hubby these are the secret ingredients? No way.

    Although most recipes use purees that you make ahead, these are quick to make and inexpensive if you by frozen fruit and vegetables. A 3-cup food processor like the KitchenAid KFC3100WH Chef Series Food Chopper, White is all you need, although a blender like the Oster Fusion Oster BRLY07 600-Watt Fusion Blender with Food Processor Attachment, Black works equally well.

    The purees are frozen in 1/4 cup sizes - you can use "snack size" ziplock plastic bags (several can be placed in quart size bags according to flavors), or something like Baby Cubes 2 oz., which look like ice cube trays with 8 compartments with lids, each one holding 1/4 cup.

    If you don't have time to make the purees, 2 oz jars of vegetable or fruit baby food also work (carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, etc..) These are sold for less at baby retailers like BRU in 12-jar trays.

    In addition, dry mixes are also made ahead of time to replace white flour in baked goods, with oats and wheat germ added, for example. These mixes can be stored in recyclable containers with lids you get from the deli.

    The lack of nutritional information is a minus, and there may be some further proof-reading needed (sometimes the page numbers don't match when they refer you to a recipe). But these are minor things. My biggest concern is how to hide the book from my hubby while I'm cooking - having the contents of the purees listed discreetly in another page helps but the title of the book attracts way too much attention. I might have to cover it!...more info
  • Sneaky Chef: How to Cheat on Your Man
    This is an extremely helpful and well designed book which offers delicious, wholesome alternatives to calorie-laden, artery-clogging unhealthy meals which we have come to think of as "comfort" food. The men in my family (and the rest of us) are wholeheartedly enjoying her clever, creative ideas. The book offers recipes which are simple to make, seriously yummy, and accompanied by beautiful photos of the many tempting dishes. Our entire family is happily devouring delicious foods which are good for us and guilt-free! We learned a great deal from this author's first book, and even more from this one. We can't wait to read her next book!...more info
  • I have the most reason to know...
    I have never written a review for my wife's books, or anyone else's for that matter, but in this case, and for this book, I simply have to.
    Having lived through the development of her first book, The Sneaky Chef For Kids, I was proud but defiant that her brilliant disguises for foods that I simply am still not interested in 50 years later were not going to get me!
    And as I watched the hard work she put into the second book, the one she said was critical for my health and well being, I knew that although I was still to be completely independent minded, I was a goner when it came to resisting amazingly delicious meals that Missy had prepared for all of us, even though I knew very well what was going on inside.
    To this day I cannot be around when someone opens a can or eats sardines, yet I am fully aware that I am eating them in many of the foods Missy prepares, and that they are good for me, even though I detest even the concept of them.
    If you have already bought and read this amazing second work that my wife put every piece of her heart into, I urge you to share your comments and impressions with others. If you have not yet read this book, and even though I have every reason to be prejudiced about it, I cannot urge you enough to try it out on the people you really care about.
    ...more info
  • Live by this book!
    My husband and I are obsessed with food--the worse for us the better. So when a friend told me about this book, I was skeptical... until I opened it! The food looked delicious, the concept--simple, yet brilliant. I tried out a recipe that night--and my husband and I both LOVED it! We have abandoned our restaurant fast food binges (talk about sneaky chefs... who knows what McDonald's and Taco Bell are really putting in that slop!) and we anticipate making dinner together at home now! My husband actually looks forward to cooking with me, and the results really are amazing--you have to try it to believe it. I don't see myself going back to life before this book. My favorite foods are just as, if not more delicious, minus all the guilt!

    And get this! My husband and I have lost some weight, and we generally feel a lot better! More energy, more happiness! Give it a try!...more info
  • Keep Those Recipes Coming!
    OK-I'm not a big fan of most veggies....and the types of food I like best; burgers, wings and doughnuts aren't considered particularly healthy but taste great!
    So I was surprised to learn that my wife had been preparing some of my favorite meals with a slight twist with recipes from LaPine's new book. These recipes use less salt, sugar and contain less fat not to mention the added nutrition of fresh fruit and vegetables so it's great for me and the kids too. If anything, the food actually tastes better. Thanks and keep the recipes coming!
    ...more info
  • sneaky
    I've made a few recipes from this book so far. My fiancee as not suspected a thing. He enjoyed everything so far. I feel healthier just knowing I added some more vitamins to dishes that don't normally have them....more info
  • A sick title, a sick view of relationships
    What a poor, poor reflection on our society when anyone would author a book titled, "How to Cheat." Terrible. Is this dishonesty really meant to be out of love? Why anyone, male or female, would want to cheat at anything in their relationship is beyond me. What a shame. Why not try honesty instead? As a marriage counselor I would have much less work if more people did just that.
    A shame, on so many levels....more info
  • I loved it!
    What's not to like about it? Funny, great ideas, dealing with "real life" situations that are sometimes almost impossible to fix otherwise! The basic concept is brilliant. I only wish it would become understood in our public schools or other large institutions, that the food quality can be enhanced by such small modifications! Great work, Missy!...more info
  • Even better than the first one!
    I am a big fan of Missy's first book - we make the Cocoa Choc Chip pancakes (featuring spinach and blueberries) every week. I didn't think she could possibly surpass the original - she has. There are so many amazing recipes in this book that I can't wait to try! She has come up with a version of every "manly" favorite out there! Boosted Buffalo Wings - Top Banana Waffles - Slaw & Potato Salads - Onion Rings - Grilled Chicken Satay w/Peanut sauce - Chili - Burgers - Halftime Snacks - even Molten Choc. Cake! I'm off to make a grocery list so I can start cooking some new sneaky favorites!...more info
  • Great Gift for someone getting Married
    I bought this for my friend that is getting married. CUTE BOok,, but I don't konw about putting TOFU in lots of my FOOD,, doesn't sound to YUMMY,.,,...more info
  • A sequel which may surpass the first book
    On the evening that the new book arrived, my picky five year old daughter was disappointed when I didn't make something for dinner using the new cookbook. She loved the recipes in the first book and couldn't wait to try some of the new ones. So far we've tried both waffle recipes, stuffed french toast, manicotti, marinated beef, the bacon and cheese mashed potatoes, and the chocolate volcano cake. They are all easy and taste great.

    Exceptionally planned, researched well, and with greater breadth, this book is definitely as good (if not better) than the first book. My husband even gave the nod for the french toast and manicotti which contains tofu (which he normally detests). Although aimed at the man of the household, my kids have already tagged some meals for me to try. Lots of new suggestions, including a lengthy section on snacks. I can't wait to try more!...more info
  • Amazing results! My son can't get enough of the chocolate french toast!
    I'm opting for a family lifestyle change & this book is a fantastic tool! My 12-year-old son doesn't like food simply because he doesn't think he likes it. So for testing week at school, I sprung the chocolate french toast on him! He saw me pureeing blueberries the night before so he asked if the toast had blueberries in it. I just ignored the question by asking, "Do you not like blueberries?" He answered "no" and then continued to shove the breakfast down. I had to hide under a blanket to keep from laughing - he was eating not only blueberries, but spinach and whole wheat bread too! After school, he asked if I could make it for him the next day because it was the BEST FRENCH TOAST EVER! I even found out he was comparing his breakfast to his friends' breakfasts at school! What a hoot! I think I'll pass this recipe on to their moms!...more info


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