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  • Great Product!
    These are fine diapers. They do what they are supposed to do, and the baby seems to like them!...more info
  • our best diaper
    For each of our 3 kids, Pampers were far and away their best fit as infants. Huggies and Luvs didn't work nearly as well until they got into about size 3 diapers or so. Both hospitals where my wife delivered our babies use Pampers for the newborns. I strongly recommend Pampers diapers for little babies -- in our experience they're the best fit and the best protection against leaks, blowouts, diaper rash, etc....more info
  • Excellent, non-leaky diaper
    This product holds the most amount of poop. Easy to put on or take off. Rivaled only by Huggies brand so far....more info
  • Best diapers for the newborn
    I bught this diapers for my third baby and can tell you... THEY ARE THE BEST. I reccomend it to everyone...more info
  • Great diapers, 3 years running
    I have a 3 year old who still wears papmers at night and a 7 months old who is also in pampers. They have been in papmers since they were born, other than a brief try of huggies and luvs. The luvs worked well when my son moved into size 3, but we started having problems at night in the morning when he got up the lining, soaked with urine would start falling out as he walked. So we quickly moved back to pampers. When we visit my sister-in-law, she uses huggies, we use her diapers. Whenever my kids are in huggies they start developing diaper rash, something I've almost never run into with pampers. Also my sister-in-law put diaper rash cream on her kids with every diaper change because he kids almost always have diaper rash. But she doesn't like papmers because she tried them once with her first and he leaked out. So instead she not only wastes her money on bad diapers but also on diaper rash cream, which she buys in bulk.
    As far as leaking both of my kids have had the occasional leakage, but generally its the kind of poop that it's so much it would leak out of any diaper. I love the swaddlers for newborns, they are extra soft for little ones extra soft and sensitive skin. Also the cruisers are great for when they start moving around a lot. The super elastic openings at the legs really hold up to whatever my little ones do.
    Also as a side note my kids we're delivered at different hospitals, both of which only used pampers diapers! And I know the hospitals all my nieces and nephews were born in across the country also exclusively used pampers... I'm just saying if it's good enough for them, it's definetely good enough for my kids! ...more info
  • Best diaper I have used
    This diaper seems to breath better than others seems softer than others and baby has never had a daiper rash using pampers swaddlers. I can't say that about huggies or store brands. A day or two of huggies=a rash for our baby. I will be sad when our baby outgrows the size 2-3 she is in right now. I am experiemnting with other pampers and so far cruisers seem a little scratchy or stiff, we will probably go with baby dry when we have to switch, they do keep her dry longer, but healthy skin is more imortant than being able to avoid changing a daiper longer....more info


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