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From award-winning filmmaker Spike Lee comes Miracle At St. Anna, the story of four black American soldiers who are members of the US Army as part of the all-black 92nd Buffalo Soldier division stationed in Tuscany, Italy during WWII. They experience the tragedy and triumph of war as they find themselves trapped behind enemy lines and separated from their unit after one of them risks his life to save an Italian boy. Praised as The best war movie since Saving Private Ryan (Pat Collins, WWOR TV) and One of the year s best (Ben Lyons, E!), and filled with epic battle sequences and action, the film explore deeply inspiring, powerful story drawn from true history, that transcends national boundaries, race and class to touch the goodness within us all. Now even more revealing with exclusive Blu-ray bonus features that bring you even deeper into the world of these unsung heroes.

Every major American filmmaker has a war movie inside them. After the twin triumphs of When the Levees Broke and Inside Man, his biggest box office hit, Spike Lee puts his distinctive stamp on World War II. Though Miracle at St. Anna begins and ends in 1983, most of the action takes place in 1944. The segregation of the time leads to the Army's African-American 92nd Infantry Division. In Italy, four of these Buffalo Soldiers, Sergeants Stamps (Antwone Fisher's Derek Luke) and Bishop (Barbershop's Michael Ealy), Corporal Hector (Jarhead's Laz Alonso), and sweet, superstitious Private Train (The Express's Omar Benson Miller), get separated from their unit while fighting the Germans. On the way to higher ground, Train rescues a boy from the rubble. With nine-year-old Angelo (newcomer Matteo Sciabordi) in tow, the soldiers secure shelter in a Tuscan town, where they band together with the villagers, including lovely English speaker Renata (Artemisia's Valentina Cervi), nurse the delusional boy back to health (he has an imaginary playmate named Arturo), and prepare for the next attack. Like Inside Man, Miracle marks one of the few times Lee has drafted an outsider to write the script, in this case bestselling author James McBride, who adapts from his novel. The combination of sensibilities results in a film that alternates, sometimes awkwardly, between cynicism and sentimentality. Tonal irregularities aside, Miracle at St. Anna pays overdue tribute to the 15,000 men who fought for freedom in a country that showed them greater respect than their nation of origin. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • Buy this movie. Be a hater.
    Because if you buy this and watch it, you'll hate the movie, you'll hate Spike Lee, you'll hate the actors and everyone associated with the making of this piece of crap, you'll hate 1944, you'll really hate 1983, you'll hate Americans, Germans and Italians, you'll hate the post office, you'll hate "the sleeping man" and, most especially, you'll hate the 2-1/2 hours of your life that you wasted and will never get back.

    Don't say you weren't warned....more info
  • Miracle at St. Anna
    Sure this movie has a few mistakes. Not to many movies don't. Why some of the language and high fives were thrown in was definitely bad, but I looked past that to the basic storyline that runs through this, and it was good. The movie starts with a postal worker selling stamps. He recognizes a customer and shoots him with a Luger. Next we see four Buffalo soldiers barely survive German and friendly fire during a barrage and take shelter in an Italian village. Meanwhile the Germans are looking for a deserter that saw his commander order another village massacred when they could not tell him where a Partisan leader was hiding. When the Germans assault the village, the Buffalo soldiers try to keep them from killing everyone including a small boy that seemed frightened of one of the Partisans. The story unfolds over the course of the movie and by the end we know why the postal worker shot the man and why he has a priceless Venetian statue head, and an interesting story that should keep you glued. Good quality DVD with discussion with some surviving black flyers and soldiers of WWII and a documentary. Decent replayability. If you enjoyed this catch The Tuskegee Airmen.

    CA Luster...more info
  • One of the worst movies ever!!!!!!!!
    Nothing to review here other than the fact that this movie was torture. The only miracle happening was the fact that I made it through the whole movie without falling asleep (I fell asleep 30 minutes into it the first time I tried to watch). Absolutely awful movie and Spike Lee should retire if this is all he can accomplish. ...more info
  • Guilt Ridden
    Truth is I can honestly say that I enjoy both Clint Eastwood's and Spike Lee's films. But there are those of you that can't tolerate the guilt that comes with the truth of Spike Lee's films. You want him to smooth over the rough spots, but he is gonna tell it like he see's fit. The truth is the 92nd was treated like s**t and Spike exposed that. He got his information from men in the 92nd. If you can't take the guilt associated with the truth then stop watching his films!

    But once again our Caucasian brethren have decided to negatively critique an excellent Spike Lee movie not understanding the culture of African Americans. And the reason why is mostly because Spike criticized Clint Eastwood for not putting enough African Americans in his last War movie. If you're open minded and just enjoy watching a good movie this is it. Don't believe the Hype!

    Sure there are always going to be those that have different opinions on movies or whatever. But as an african american, I'm not going to sit back and watch biased people pile on because of their racism's or whatever, jump onto Amazon and try to ambush a good movie.

    ...more info
  • views on story telling
    Mr. Lee has done it again - created a well-crafted, well-told story that makes history human and exciting....more info
  • Spike should have paid me to watch this mess!
    If I could give this movie a "0", I would! I would have thought that Spike would have matured and grown as a director but he still sucks as a director. This movie is an utter mess. Bad writing, matched with bad acting, bad music that did not match the scenes and actions - made this move a waste of my valuable time. I felt like I was watching his movie - "She's Got To Have It" again. The actors spoke (lines and phrases) as if they were in THIS time period, not in this war time. The Germans did speak German very well but I believe the force and brutness of the delivery was not there. So many things about this movie is not accurate and just distrubed my movie watching experience. I believe this movie was directed by an amateur. Spike Lee couldn't direct himself out of the bathroom, let alone out of this movie. If you rent it for $1, you would have paid to much. Save your time and your money!...more info
  • Form Your Own Opinion
    I almost didn't get this due to the negative reviews. I'm glad I gave the movie a chance. I agree that the dialog was a little pathetic at times, but the the story and the history behind it was very good. If you get past the conversations and get deep into what the story is really about, you realize that this is a very important movie. I know it's long and takes a lot out of your day or night, but I would suggest that some of you that hated it go back and give it another chance. ...more info
  • A very DEEP Movie!
    In order to understand this movie you must be well versed in understanding how past behaviors and experiences shaped beliefs. You must understand how every action causes a reaction. If you focus only on the comments made by characters in the movie you miss the real meaning! This was truly a good movie. ...more info
    I know what the miracle is!!!!

    Its the fact that I got half way through before returning this masterpiece of garbage back to Blockbuster. There isnt anything I can say different that all the other reviewers who were forced to give this 1 star because we couldnt go any lower.

    Terrible. Me and me give this pile of poop 2 thumbs way down....more info
  • It's a Must See Movie
    Miracle at St Anna [Blu-ray] I highly recommend this movie. Too much is lost in America's History. This movie show a story of such....more info
  • I Want My 160 Minutes Back
    I'll not waste more of my time on this bad movie writing a review explaining in full detail the many ways this move sucks. Basically, it's slow, too long, often boring, annoying, pretentious, confusing and silly. Central characters aren't developed well, there are too many unnecessary minor roles, scenes draw out while annoying background music never stops.... and the story is just a mess. Some of the negative customer reviews do a good job pointing out issues I had. Trust me, they're mostly right. You wont believe in a miracle after witnessing this fiasco of a film. You'll just find it's a bunch of nonsense with some silly "mystical" bull thrown in with another Spike Lee 'joint' about racist America. Imagine it is not a portrayal of black soldiers in WW2--take out that part-- and then it has nothing going for it. It's a shame that when blacks finally get a film tribute for their service in the war and white America reminded of it's racism its in a poorly made movie. Pass on this Spike Lee joint....more info
  • Perhaps Spike Lee Needs More Focus...
    MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA got panned pretty severely. And I can see why. Lacking cohesion and hopscotching around like a child with A-D-D, the story is tough to follow. And what about the title? Exactly what is "the Miracle"? Some might say it's that this film ever got made. But there are some upsides to it that I think make this a semi-watchable flick.

    The first plus is that it focuses on a little known regiment of black WW II fighters called "The Buffalo Soldiers." Spike Lee had apparently been aching to do another "black story" and found his muse in Nazi occupied Italy.

    Although there's been some bashing related to overacting on the main characters' parts, I didn't find that to be the case. Derek Luke, Michael Ealy, and the rest of these band of brothers did fine in my eyes. Although Spike did have them doing things that weren't being done during this time (specifically the "high five" which wasn't realized until the late 70s), I did find their delivery of the story to be engaging enough, and kept me watching during its entire, lengthy, 2 hours and 40 minute run time.

    I also really liked the on-site filming locations in Italy, which gave the entire production a very real quality. The cobbled streets, twisted landscape, and ancient-looking buildings were all well-shown in the film and had me ogling at various times.

    But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Although Spike Lee tries admirably to keep the story together, he too often wanders off on tangents that have nothing to do with the story. One particularly infuriating scene involves John Leguizamo (THE HAPPENING). He's in modern day Italy with his lover and his only use for being in the film is that he throws a newspaper out a window so that it lands on a man's table. Why couldn't the man have simply seen it at a newsstand? Why the whole set up with Leguizamo and the hot chick? Sex for the sake of sex, perhaps?

    The other, less infuriating, item that shows Spike wandering away was when he films the Buffalo boys being refused food service at a place back in the States before they were shipped overseas. Why this played a role in the film and what it had to do with the Miracle is anyone's guess.

    Finally, there's the tough sell of the Miracle itself. Although people can debate what qualifies as a miracle, I think most would say it equates to something supernatural that cannot be explained by normal evidence. And here lies perhaps the biggest problem for Miracle at St. Anna. There really isn't a miracle. Perhaps it's well enough that one of the Buffalo men made it home and found his way to peace. Perhaps it's that the world spun and allowed the last surviving Buffalo Soldier to avenge the people of St. Anna and his fallen brothers. Perhaps ...but not likely....more info
  • Miracle that it was ever released to the public
    This has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I fell asleep about 30 minutes into it the first time, and then the 2nd time I had to keep myself awake. This movie could have been interesting, but Spike Lee did his usual "political" offering which was tiresome at best. This movie is not the best since "Saving Private Ryan"....if SPR is considered a "10" in terms of great movies, then Miracle comes in at less than "1". This movie is literally hard to watch and the characters are about as exciting as a root canal. If the Germans wanted to use torture on the Jews, POW's, Gypsies, etc. during WWII, this movie would have done the trick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Good story, Worst possible execution
    Plainly speaking: I'm not a fan of Miracle at St. Anna. While I believe that Spike Lee's self-described "untold story of courage and brotherhood" deserves to be told - I don't think Spike Lee should have been the one to tell it. He shouldn't have been let anywhere near it. If you trust the dialogue spoken by the characters within, James McBride's source material was racially polarized before Spike got anywhere near it. Allowing Spike Lee to emboss it even further with his own brand just makes the film all the more intolerable to watch - ironic really, considering how forcefully Lee and McBride hammered the film's message of intolerance into our skulls with each and every frame.

    Spike Lee still hasn't learned that you don't win support or - as Lee was aiming for - regret by preaching at the audience. But Spike Lee doesn't preach, I'd be lying if I described his approach in such lofty terms as "preaching". Spike Lee condemns. Spike Lee damns. For the two hours and forty minutes of this filmmaking atrocity, if you aren't a black man who served in WWII Spike Lee wants you to feel horrible.

    That's a lot of people.

    Spike Lee takes the story of the U.S. Army's all-black 92nd Infantry division as they find themselves under siege from the relentless Nazi troops and the incompetence of their own white commanding officers. The story would have been fine had Lee (and McBride) insisted on the overboard abrasive racial conflict which pervades every moment of the film.

    The film's plot, as stated by both McBride and Lee in the Extra Features, was to illustrate how these black soldiers, deprived of key human rights at home, went abroad and found the citizens of a foreign country to be more accepting than their own country. On this note, I agree with Lee and McBride as to the importance of such a theme being shown on film. These men were unsung heroes performing a duty under the most incredible circumstances. When a solider can't even rely on his own artillery to provide him with support - where can he turn? In Miracle at St. Anna you turn to a group of people undergoing the same oppressive regime you've lived under for years.

    The idea behind the story resonates strongly with audiences of every age and race. The problem with St. Anna wasn't the underlying message. It was Lee's overt message which threatened to drown out all else.

    Derek Luke, Michael Ealy, Laz Alonso, and Omar Benson Miller take the stage alongside more notable actors like John Turturro, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and John Leguizamo who all take backseat in honor of the 92nd Infantry's notable legacy. Of the former four actors mentioned you might have noticed that none of them are really household names. The more film-minded folk in the audience will certainly recognize their faces - but the fact remains that Spike Lee drove the point home even with casting. Message over substance. Derek Luke and Michael Ealy save the film from devolving into an incomprehensible mess void of any real redeeming quality. Providing steady performances and elevating a near-worthless script, Luke and Ealy offered the only beacon of hope throughout the entire film. Whereas Laz Alonso, who we see at the film's beginning and end masked as an older version of himself, gives us nothing but a laughably horrible run for our money.

    If I didn't at least value what Lee and McBride were attempting to do for these unsung heroes I'm not sure I could have made it all the way through. The opening scene is just so horribly executed (worthless makeup and acting) that I was tempted to click it off. Slight regret.

    Blu-ray Extra Features:

    "Deeds Not Words" Featurette

    Spike Lee, James McBride and a handful of veterans from WWII (all black, of course) recount their stories of discrimination and hardship during their service. The featurette is easily more interesting than the movie itself despite being only a fraction as long. Even having to endure Lee's prodding questions and McBride's zealous "Spike Lee turned my book into a movie" puppy dog eyes doesn't hurt as much when there're real people with meaningful experiences to be recounted.

    "The Buffalo Soldier Experience"

    We're treated to a documentary in History Channel form concerning the famous regiment of the army known as the Buffalo Soldiers. Yet again, the extra proves itself more valuable than the feature film it accompanies by giving meaningful testimony from living soldiers. This may be the first DVD or Blu-ray I've watched where the main feature looked worse in comparison to its supplementary materials.

    If you like Spike Lee - you already know it and if so you think his suffocating style to be anything but. In which case the film is critic proof to you and you, assuming you read this, disagreed with my negative slant on the director. For the rest, you can sleep sound without ever having watched Miracle at St. Anna there's nothing here worth noting. Sure it has a purpose that we ought respect but the purpose was outdone by Spike Lee's inability to put political outrage aside and film the feature as a solid period piece war epic. Talk about ruining a good concept....more info
  • A total disaster
    This film contained too many historical inaccuracies to count. It is irritating, disconnected, and promotes ridiculous racial stereotypes. Thank God this was not Spike Lee's first film. It would have been his last.
    Do not waste your time. ...more info
  • Spike blows his tribute to the Black soldiers of WWII
    Since Spike Lee has slammed renowned director/actor Clint Eastwood for his lack of utilizing Africain Americans in his two war movies--I was curious to see how bad after reading the many reviews on this film was. The verdict? This has to rank as one of Spike's worst movies right up there with "Jungle Fever", "Girl Six", "School Daze", "Mo Better Blues", etc. You would think after he made two successful films like "The 25th Hour" or "Inside Man" but unfortunately he loaded this movie with his racial polemnics, stereotypes, irrevelant subplots--it's like he threw in the whole kitchen sink in this one!! Also the Black soldiers in this are depicted almost without exception as street types rather than the trained battle worn soldiers they truly were--what a disservice. What really surprised me was when the english speaking Italian Renata beds down with the most unsympathetic character in the movie!! Don't get me wrong there is some good acting in this film particularly from Derek Luke who has been in better movies than this like "Spartan" and "Antwone Fisher" and also the Italian actors were excellent too. In fact I found the segments with Italian partisans more involving than the subplots of the infantry--figure that out. What this film needed was a better story and director perhaps John Singleton, Carl Franklin, Bill Duke and even Mr Eastwood himself. I've heard that many of the Italian survivors of the atrocity are angry at Lee and James McBride, the writer of this story for taking liberties to the story. If you want a better film on the contributions of Africain Americans to the war effort, rent "Glory". Oh and by the way, in the early scenes of "Flags of Our Fathers", there are some Black soldiers shown as ambulance and stretcher bearers!!...more info
  • Confusing, Slow and Generally Disappointing
    I had read a review of this movie from some well-known critic who raved that it was one of the best movies he'd seen all year. Naturally, of course, I decided to try it out. I am glad, now, that I only rented it from Redbox.

    To be honest, I felt that there were a lot of unnecessary characters that jumbled together in one confusing mass. For instance, there is a scene where one officer meets a superior in their headquarters to discuss the battalion. It lasts about 5 minutes and they only discuss things that the viewer already realized. These two men are never revisited. What was the point?

    There are also a lot of villagers that get face-time, when really, the movie should be focusing on its main characters. Because of these extra characters, I feel like one never really gets to know about the 4 men in the movie. You never know anything about their past, their thoughts or beliefs, what drew them into enlisting, etc. I didn't understand why those 4 men were basically hanging out in that village and, astonishingly, going to parties and just walking around like they owned the place.

    Another thing that annoyed me was the need to show nudity in the film. Spoiler Alert: there is no overly explicit sex scene, rather the Italian female just takes off her shirt while she's doing laundry and lets one of the guys look at her. I mean, who DOESN'T strip while their doing laundry?? Another opportunity was showing a dead woman's breast who had a baby. The camera zoomed in on it as if saying, "Look! Look! Boob!" There also seemed to be something of a love-triangle going on between her and 2 of the guys, but it was never realized. It just confused me even more from the plot.

    The camera angles were strange and distracting, cutting from one person to the next as a variety of people are praying. It didn't draw me into the film, it just made me realize more fully where I was.

    Finally, the thing that totally confused me was the ending. Another spoiler alert: a German officer just gives his gun to one of the severely wounded men. What?? It's nice that there was a spark of humanity in war, but you have no idea who this German officer is and why he would give this man a GUN, never mind taking him prisoner or something. Was that the miracle??? I don't know. I never figured out what the miracle was. And why did that guy get a Purple Heart? What did he do except survive?

    After writing all this down I've just realized that I want to change this rating from a 2-star to a 1-star. I'm never watching this again, I can tell you that. If you're curious, go rent it - but I recommend Redbox. It truly is unfortunate. I loved the overall premise of the movie - to focus on men who fought just as hard and bravely, but are forgotten not only on film, but when we learn about WWII in school. Unfortunately, this movie will be forgotten. ...more info
  • quality parts don't add up to a satisfying whole

    Over the course of the last few decades, war movies have become so unflinchingly brutal and authentic in their depiction of life on the battlefield that they've become all but impossible to sit through - and I say this as a compliment, not as a denigration. They SHOULD be impossible to sit through. This IS war we're talking about after all.

    That being said, it should also be pointed out that "The Miracle at St. Anna" - a highly fictionalized account of an actual event - devotes only a minimal amount of time to carnage and bloodshed as it unfolds its story of four African-American soldiers (Laz Alonso, Derek Luke, Michael Ealy and Omar Benson Miller) trapped behind enemy lines in Italy during the closing days of WW II. The film recounts their experiences with sympathetic villagers, anti-Fascist partisan fighters, Nazi soldiers (of both good and bad stripe), an orphaned boy they take under their wing and, of course, the requisite beautiful Italian peasant girl (Valentina Cervi) who wears tight sweaters and has a steamy encounter with one of the men.

    This latest work by Spike Lee certainly has its heart in the right place and there are scenes of undeniable intensity and power where he once again demonstrates his bona fides as a director of genuine vision and power (the brutal massacre of a group of unarmed villagers at the hands of the Nazis - the one truly nonfiction moment in the story - is the emotional high point of the movie).

    Yet, the movie, as a whole, adds up to much less than the sum of its parts, a victim of both overreaching and over-length (the movie takes a full two hours and 40 minutes to tell its story). Interestingly, the screenplay by James McBride (based on his novel) suffers from trying to do too much and too little at one and the same time. At some points, it seems as if he is doing his best to throw everything but the kitchen sink into the narrative mix, while, at others, the movie feels thin and underdeveloped, with the characters stuck for long stretches of time in a storyline that doesn`t seem to be going anywhere all that interesting or dramatic. The diffuse and meandering plot drains the film of much of its narrative and emotional energy, and the movie is further hampered by the use of an uninteresting murder subplot - set in the 1980s - as an all too conventional framing device for the main story. It is in these scenes, in particular, where Lee's grand opera style of filmmaking - bolstered by Terence Blanchard's melodramatic score - most threatens to fall over the edge into pretentiousness. Moreover, the bathos and low comedy that frequently creep into the writing, as well as the fact that the four men seem more like clearly differentiated "types" than fully-rounded human beings, serve to undercut the generally fine performances by a large and gifted cast.

    Apart from the gripping war-is-hell scenes, "The Miracle at St Anna" is at its best when it's focusing on the bitter irony of men being called upon to do their patriotic duty of fighting and dying in a foreign land - all for a country that forces them to serve in black-only units in the field and to eat in segregated diners back home. One of the characters even confesses, at one point, that he feels more "free" and accepted in Italy than he does in the United States.

    There's probably a first-rate two-hour-long movie buried somewhere in the midst of "The Miracle at St. Anna." A pity Lee and McBride weren't able to fully ferret it out. ...more info
  • miracle at st anna
    To me...this film portrayed brotherhood and love in the midst of brutal warfare and mankinds passion for hatred.

    Spike Lee is an artist, a creative spirit... We align with a creators' works, and their message, because we can connect ...in some manner.
    We are moved, in spite of any flaws... Escape from the populist mainstream culture, in order to see what a particular artist is trying to convey because usually there is a deeper meaning that is outside the realm of common perception.
    Peace....more info
  • BAD
    This movie was just gawd awful bad. It took an honest effort on my part to get through the whole movie. ...more info
  • Not impressive, not good...just bad
    I was excited about this movie as I enjoy war movies..Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, etc. The story line had real potential, but failed to deliver. This movie was so poorly done I feel bad for the actors that were in it. Bad camera angles, bad acting, bad editing....just bad. The other negative review unfortunately are all accurate so i will save your time in saying the same things. Thanks Spike for wasting more than 1.5hr's of my life....more info
  • I didn't find it hard to follow....
    I think you have to have an appreciation for the making of this movie. The producer and director was trying to break the mold of the typical WWII movie... Haven't we seen enough of the same thing? Whether it was a blockbuster or not, I think its about time something was put out there about the Buffalo Soldiers. It was not meant to be a true portrayal of the massacre of St. Anna, as the book this movie was based upon was a work of fiction. ...more info
  • Spike Lee at his best
    For those of you who are familiar with Spike Lee's movies, this a quite different for him and unexpected. For me it was absolutely his best. It was a great movie that kept me riveted to my seat. I felt that this movie did not get the accolades it deserved and should have been nominated for an Oscar. This movie is definitely one to add to your collection....more info
  • I loved it
    With few exceptions, I've enjoyed Spike Lee's projects. "Miracle" is some of his best work to date. ...more info
  • Potent Experience
    I must admit that going into this film I was expecting what many here have mistakenly interpreted as a movie laced with purely racial overtones. I'm incredibly embarrassed upon realization that such a ignorant idea should be the reason many will not see this.

    This entire movie is so indescribably beautiful. Reviews of it should be locked and deleted forever, including this one.

    Miracle at St. Anna encompasses everything. No one is excluded or coddled. The ugliness of a innocent town's blood mixing into the dirt is reflected from the beautiful face of a young child as a metaphor denoting what I only hope you can see for yourself. I will not soon forget it....more info
  • The best movie I have seen in years!
    This will be very short: It is a great World War II movie (it is very violent) with great moviemaking and storytelling on all levels. One of the best movies I have seen in years. I truly do not understand the bad reviews.

    If it wasn't for an unfortunately silly and unbelievable last scene (maybe 2 minutes), this would be a perfect movie, albeit very violent.

    You don't have to be white or black to like this movie. It is just a great film....more info
  • In spite of my bias
    towards Spike Lee, never having had a great fondness for his work, I was amazed by this movie. For me, it changed my views of his work, and opened up a chapter to my understanding of the "Black experience".

    Initially, when the movie came out, I bought the book to read prior to seeing the movie, a good read, though at times a bit confusing. I wondered if it would translate well to the movie screen, but it does. It left me wondering to the very end. If I have a criticism, it would be the very end, but for the finale 2 minutes, I will forgive him, because the whole event prior to the end is a worthy watch.

    Miracle at St Anna depicts the cruelty of war, and is its main focus, especially as to the Black experience. But the cruelty of war I feel is paramount. Not for the sqeamish, especially for its blatant and honest portrayal of overt racial hatred, more than the blood and guts.

    If a sign of a good work it to make you uncomfortable and to think and re-assess yourself, this works....more info
  • Forced viewing
    I wanted to fast-forward through the unnecessary scenes, but my friend forced me to watch it. I want about 30-45 minutes of my life back!

    I really wanted to like this movie. I'm very interested in movies depicting World War II especially in the European theater. This was in Italy, so I took a gamble on it. About halfway into the movie, I figured the Italian boy was the man who dropped his espresso earlier in the movie. I even predicted the ending correctly. I honestly felt the movie could have cut out maybe 30-45 minutes (mostly the bigoted back stories). I felt most of it wasn't needed. I also felt that the nudity scenes had no place in this movie. Now this is far-fetched, but seriously folks, the language spoken by the black officers sounded like present day speak. This was just another typical movie by Spike Lee. So much promise in the beginning, but it was all downhill from there....more info
  • Boring at first but drama at the end
    Well, the start of the movie was VERY slow. It was slow but I didnt leave the theater since I couldnt get a refun. XD
    The main character just pulls a gun and shoots the 'victim' and you are taken back in time in WW2.
    It was VERY slow at first and you see the BAD treatment african ameraicans get durin world war 2.
    The plot is slow and wierd at times when the child keeps refering to his 'friend' who is invisible.
    Im use to slow movies, especially documentries with no action, or books like war and peace.
    Towards the end the plot thickens and you witness betrayal between comrads and family.
    I felt it odd how only one military person remained *and the little boy ran away* in the village after the germans killed everyone, but then in WW2, they actually did.
    I dont want to give away the plot, b/c you can watch it or find the ending online but after that fateful day, that one survivor remembers the traitor and kills him in 1983.
    He made bail by the person who he help saved.
    After that final line "I was that boy" it all comes together and thats why I like the movie b/c of the PLOT!!
    Also, another review does point the cons of the film, that I also noted. "contemporary language, modern topics of discussion, poor acting, and endless preaching about the evils of America." I did my best to ignore the visible poor acting and tried to focus my attention to the main plot, which was pretty good.
    But forgive me but the acting and language, I couldnt understand what the american soldiers were saying, I had to put sub titles on to try to understand them. =/
    Yes, I live under a rock, but I didnt know that "Spike Lee had scolded Clint Eastwood for not having any African Americans in Iwo Jima and had wanted him to rewrite history."
    Its bad b/c not only were african americans were treated badly in WW2 but the japanese americans*which we put in 'concentration' like camps after the bombing of pearl harbor, the indians *windtalkers* the hispanics, who also werent white and faught in WW2 and were treated as bad. Maybe we should scold SP for not having hispanics in the movie.
    And as other says 'what was the miracle?" The kid survided. I didnt think about it after the movie.
    Besides that, I always say, peoples taste in movies varies. To me, I figured it was somehwat better then SPR. Dont get me wrong, I liked SPR but the ending was kinda TOO 'hollywood' but its a MOVIE based on historic events.
    As for the 'american propaganda, check the old WW2 american propoganda that are REALLY something to talk about.
    Besides my poor review, I liked the film *and all films have flaws* and if you feel unsure about it, borrow it from a friend.
    ...more info
  • Too Much of Nothing
    I like Spike lee movies, but not this! It seems he was going in over his head on this one. I understand he wants to evolve his filmaking skills but this subject matter just doesn't suit him. I got the impression he was overthinking the whole project and tryint too hard. It was like he wanted to finally make his grand sweeping epic. This was like Spike lee trying to do The English Patient or Titanic. After 2 hours of trying to absorb this film, I became exhausted with all the tired, drawn out meaningless dialogue and the cast of thousands! there were just WAY TOO MANY characters and subplots and too many points trying to be made. And the languages! There were like 4 different dialects, italian, german, puerto rican, jamaican, aagh! I also didn't like that 2/3 of the movie seem to be subtitles. I don't mind if a whole movie is in subtitles, or just a few scenes here and there. but this movie had every other scene in subtitles, it's like make up your mind! And if one more character said "boom boom", I was going to boom boom on the dvd. The scenes with the child and the buffalo solider were borderline disturbing calling him a "chocolate giant", and the other soldiers constantly offering "chocolate" to everyone, chocolate, chocolate! It almost seemed like there was something else goin' on. I think this film would have been fantastic if it shed alot of the characters and dialogue and just focused on one subject. LESS IS MORE. I did like the scene where the nazi woman broadcaster was talkin' sh** while the soldiers were crossing the river, that was classic Spike Lee. The rest of the film had no focus and was ill-conceived. BOOM BOOM! ...more info
  • Wow - This is Bad!!!!
    Miracle? I suppose one could perceive that to mean: If you can make it through 60 minutes of this "film," it will be a miracle! Racial propaganda about sums it up! ...more info
  • Well On Its Way To The 99 Cent Bargain Bin
    This was a horrible movie. I believe Spike threw this together in attempt to prove a point after blasting Clint Eastwood on Flags of our Fathers.

    Spike did the Buffalo soldiers no justice since this movie was more of an agenda of proving all whites are bad and cause wars. How about people in general cause wars, Spike?

    In my opinion, "The Tuskegee Airmen" movie, starring Laurence Fishburne, is a much better movie about real people who did real things.

    Yep, this movie is well on its way to the 99 cent bargain bin, but even then I wouldn't waste my money on it!...more info
  • Overdone, Overly Subtitled & Boring
    Typical Spike Lee, not sure why I even gave this a chance. Poorly written (and inaccurate at times), jumps all over the place, mostly subtitled and way too long.

    2 1/2 hours later, wasn't sure what the miracle was.

    Don't waste your time on this one....more info
  • Could have been better
    Miracle at St. Anna is a story about 4 men in the 92nd Buffalo division of the United States Army. To be blunt and straight to the point, Spike Lee could have made a better attempt at staying true to the book. In many cases, there are major discrepancies between the book and the movie (both as the characters are concerned and with certain events). In my opinion, this is an average WWII flick (although it was a nice change of pace to see authentic languages being spoken instead of English merged with bad accents). It would have been nice to see more detail and background information in the interest of character development; although I do understand that there are time constraints and budget issues with movies. I was not able to connect with the characters as well as I did while reading the book. Overall, the movie is worth watching; however, if you read the book first, like me, you may be disappointed with the overall feel of the movie. ...more info
  • Excellent movie. Glad I did not read the reviews before seeing it...
    If I had read all the reviews of people slamming this excellent flick then I might not have bothered watching it. I would have missed out on one hell of a movie. I want to watch this movie again; actually purchasing it after I am done with this......more info
  • Wow - This is Bad!!!!
    Miracle? I suppose one could perceive that to mean: If you can make it through 60 minutes of this "film," it will be a miracle! Racial propaganda about sums it up! ...more info


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