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When it comes to creating the life you want, Shakti Gawain literally wrote the book. Now considered a classic, Creative Visualization teaches readers how to use their imaginations to manifest their deepest desires. In a straight-talking narrative, Gawain uses the first part to cover the basics, with chapters such as "How to Visualize," "Affirmations," and "Creative Visualization Only Works for the Good." Once she shows readers how visualization actually works, Gawain moves on to loftier discussions, such as "Contacting Your Higher Self," "Meeting Your Guide," "Setting Goals," and "Treasure Maps."

Fear not; this isn't a spiritual-lightweight book for people with a severe case of the "gimmes." Gawain has her priorities in the right place, and she cautions readers that creative visualization will not serve greed or shallow-minded thinking. For example, she discourages the cycle of trying to have more money, so you can do what you want in life, so you will be happier. "The way it actually works is the reverse," she explains. "You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want." Yet she also writes an excellent chapter on letting go of the misguided guilt that inhibits readers from becoming truly prosperous. --Gail Hudson

This book, which helped launch a movement, has been successfully used in the fields of health, education, business, sports, and creative arts for many years. Skakti Gawain explains how to use mental imagery and affirmations to produce positive changes in one's life. The book contains meditations and exercises that are aimed at helping the practitioner channel energies in good directions, strengthen self-esteem, improve overall health, and experience deep relaxation.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great review
    I read this book when it was first released in 1978. I found it very inspirational. Now after reading it again I noticed it is similar to a few books I have been lead to recently, "Ask and it is Given" for example. The difference is that it is simple and clear. Very easy to follow suggestions given. I highly recomend this powerful little book. ...more info
  • A classic book on creating your life as you desire it to be
    Shakti Gawain's classic work, CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, truly stands the test of time. Although I read it for the first time in April 2001 (the original 1978 first edition version), I was thoroughly impressed with the way Gawain can write such a practical guide to the process of how we create our lives from our thoughts and feelings.

    Gawain includes many exercises which help readers learn how to relax, how to visualize, contact their higher selves, program prosperity, heal themselves and others, meditate, and state meaningful affirmations. I especially enjoyed her "pink bubble" manifestation meditation for bringing what you most desire to you.

    I feel very at home with the exercises and techniques outlined in CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, and highly recommend it to anyone interested in transforming their life for the better....more info

  • A great help
    This book sat on my nightstand for a year and when I finally picked it up, my life changed for the better...more info
  • What a book!!!
    This is an excellent book!!! With truly wonderful exercises in it to help teach your own creative visualization which in turn helps to change your life positively! I wanted desperately to do something creative to deal with all the disappointment and chaos I had been experiencing both directly and indirectly in my life in a short period of time. I needed to turn things around and redirect my energy. The information in this book is simple yet logical making it easy to adopt these ideas of thought. Then your life will transform just like magic and not because you control these renovations either. Because the ultimate challenge and the issue to deal with is the NOW. I highly recommend this book to EVERYBODY!!!...more info
  • Awesome
    Awesome book I also recommend the title "get off your loser fat rear and stop the bull crap hocus pocus"...more info
  • Awesome
    Wow, is all I can say. This book was fantastic. It was so helpful to me. I had always been such a negative, pessimistic person and this book just totally helped me see things differently. This book has truly worked wonders for my life. I started to actually accomplish things I never dreamt I would or could. After reading this book I felt a strong urge to suddenly share it with all my loved ones. I recommend this book to everyone. Like I said, all I can say about this book is "wow"....more info
  • Always inspiring
    Ms Gawain has been a source of information and guidance for me since I read the first Creative Visualization book so long ago. At that time I used her ideas and methods to make myself a stronger runner and athlete. After I used it to become more knowledgeable and energetic in my job. Now I am using it to write my own books on motivation.
    In this new book she has taken the labor out of applying the new knowledge to real life. This will speed the process and make it easier for the reader to use the great knowledge and power that is contained in visualization....more info
  • Easy to follow guide to visualization technique
    I have found my copy of the book in the library sale and it is the older edition. I found book to be very helpful in explaining how our internal beliefs can lead us to get sick or get well, attain our goals, or find spiritual fulfillment. I have never thought that one can picture or draw a "treasure map", outlining (our) internal desire on how to attain a particular goal.

    I found samples of meditation techniques and afirmations very helpful. The book also helped me understand myself better. I now want to get meditation tapes mentioned in the reference part of the book and relaxation music. I intend to read additional book on the topic from Ms. Gawain herself and also other writers in the field she is recommending....more info
  • Encyclopedia......... Creative Visualisation Rocks.........
    Encyclopedia of Visualisation Exercises...........Thats what I can say about this book.This book opens new dimension for fulmillment of readers desires.

    Shakti explained everything about creative visulisation Step-by-Step in this book.You will get your all answers about visualisation like what is visualisation,How it Works,Why it works,How to visualise?

    She also explains importace of Affirmations & how to use it.She gives many exercise,so that you can use whichever you think will be of great use to you.

    It is one of the greatest book written on Creative Visualisation....more info

  • first step in
    I bought this book at a library sale for $0.50. It was the best book I could've bought to change my life. It is for beginners, but it has the power to change your life, if you let it. What you put in, is what you get out of it. The healing chapter was very powerful and a huge weight lifted off that I didn't realize was even there! If you don't know where to turn for help, start with this book....more info
  • Worth It
    I recently bought this book to add some variety to my daily spiritual practice which includes meditation, prayer, and affirmations. The author explains everything here in laymen's terms which is refreshing even for someone like me who understands many spiritual terms. The techniques are simple and the author advises to keep everything open for interpretation and individual expression.

    The clearing chapter was fantastic for me, as I had so much vent up anger and animosity towards some people in my life. Previously I took the new agey attitude of ignoring it, but felt so much better feeling my "feelings" and then releasing them.

    This book is spiritual without being spiritual because it leaves you open to explore your own ideas and truth whether you are an atheist, agnostic, or theist.
    ...more info
  • Great
    This book was in great condition for being used. It was delivered in a timely manner. Thank you....more info
  • So light, so fluffy....'s almost not even a book! It's "reddi-whip!" If you want whipped cream in a can for the mind this is your book. If you want to get what you want start with "The Powermind System" -- it's a compendium of some of the best and most utilized self-help techniques. This Shakti Gawain is for lightweights only....more info
  • Simply the Best
    I first read this incredible book in the 1980s and it still remains the very finest, most practical, most kindly work on the whole subject of manifesting incredible change in our lives.

    It is so understandable with such clear instructions and written with empathy, kindness and genuine caring. Each chapter links to the next smoothly and without any unnecessary "padding", waffling or repetition.

    The outcomes are truly incredible - life changing, almost miraculous.

    Like all truly great coaches, Gawain remains very low key, guiding the reader to create their own success without ever using the book as a vehicle to take centre stage for herself. She is like a friend who wants only the best for you and shares gifts gladly.

    Gawain is admirably free of complex or obscure psychology or the worst excesses of New Age eccentricities.

    Importantly, the reader does not have to use all of the techniques offered but can select the ones that are most effective for them.

    If I could only have one book about creativity and manifestation this would be it.

    ...more info
  • I'm Finally Convinced
    Well, well, well, when I practiced these techniques three years ago, I gave them my best shot but didn't really think that anything would come of it. I was in a dead end office job and secretly dreamed of being an actor. I drew a treasure map as the book specified and put it away - in the picture was me with two very well known actresses. Three years later - I've been in two films this year, with both of those actresses!!! I'm still in shock!!! Thanks to Shakti...more info
  • Excellent book for creating the life you want
    This book is on my top 10 list of "create the life you want" books. I discovered it many years ago but still review it and use it in my teaching. The meditations are beautiful and powerful. I've used them many times to create what I want in my life. If you are serious about changing your life in positive ways, you will want to read this book!...more info
  • Creative Visualization
    This book was excellent!!! It has helped me to love myself more, and to realize the power of positive thinkng. It also has techniques to meditate and relieve stress....more info
  • So-So
    This book is very light for those who are engaged in Science of the Mind or Louise Hay's readings.
    It doesn't say anything new to what we already know. I wouldn't recommend buying it.
    ...more info
  • Awakening!
    I was given this book about fifteen years ago. Little did I know that it would change my life. Reading Shakti Gawain's words opened something between myself and a Higher Source. Creative Visualizations is responsible for my enlightenment to come to me, which has enabled me to put my own book out, The Spoken Words of Spirit: Lessons From The Other Side. If it wasn't for my introduction to Gawain's book, and being taught how to see or communicate with Spirit, I don't think my life would have transformed to such a positive path....more info
  • Life changing!
    This book comes across as being a little out there, but when a friend gave it to me, I read it and it literally changed my life!...more info
  • Visualization That Works!
    Creative Visualization is a gem of a book that really helped me to visualize what I want in my life, and it taught me exactly how to go about achieving it.
    Filled with wonderful techniques and exercises, Shakti Gawain did a remarkable job in putting this book together that is so easy to understand. It has made a significant difference in my life, and I believe will do the same for everyone that reads it. It deserves more than five stars....more info
  • OK
  • Thoughtfully Explained
    Contains 2 CDs. The first CD is an explanation of how to use the power of visualization to bring the things you want into your life. The explanations of steps to visualization, and guidance and tips is presented thoughtfully and matter of factly without particular reference to anything mystic. I would consider the material presented is consistent with Law Of Attraction. The 2nd CD is mainly guided meditations which are also very good. The voice is easy to listen to, and the it is very straightforward to apply the principles and exercises. Highly recommended....more info
  • Power of Visualization
    Our minds are visual machines. And the images that we hold and replay in our minds guide the direction of our life.

    This book shows you how to change your internal images so you can improve the quality of life.

    It is a great book that not only talks in depth about the power of your inner mind but how to use visualization to create the life you desire.

    Another powerful book on the subject is The Art and Science of Visualization: A Practical Guide for Self-Help, Self-Healing, and Improving Other Areas of Yourself. It also has a lot of practical techniques to help you manifest, change, and improve yourself and your life....more info
  • Amazing!
    If you want to acheive a goal in your life, give this book a try! The methods that Shakti describes are quite simple, and its almost like putting in an order for something and having it come true. Spiritual mail order, perhaps? This book is really handy, and you can change both a lot of things about yourself and a lot of things in your world with it. For further reading, her book "Living in the Light" is a good way to continue this process, but its a little harder to get into, especially if you're not a really spiritual person....more info
  • My personal Survival Guide
    I first started with Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization Techniques and Tape almost twenty years ago. I am by training an Economist, but I also am well versed in Physics. As a scientific type, I have found Shakti's Techniques astonishly effective. Her affirmations and no nonsense approach to centering yourself has grounded me on many occasions and in some cases have literally created miracles in my life. Her other tapes, such as creating True Prosperity are both thought provoking and insightful she really makes you look at how you can create your own life. She challenges convention and makes you think very carefully about what you want and how to get it. Every night, I play one of her tapes to put me to sleep and have done so since the early 80's. I think that says it all....more info
    Shakti has written a book that is both informative and loving. And even if you're not ready for the exercises, just read it to experience serenity and love. This is the biggest benefit I have received from reading this book.

    An important insight I have derived is that affirmations and visualizations go together. I used to recite affirmations by rote before I re-read it and realized that affirmations are most effective when recited slowly when your eyes are closed.

    I bought this book at Brentano's last April, and I revelled in closing my eyes and visualizing a wonderful future for myself. Since then I have moved into a new home and have started working full-time on salary. Practicing visualization and reading this book helped bring these improvements into my life. Thank you Shakti! for having written such a remarkable book!...more info

  • Useful and practical
    A lot many books on the subject of "consciousness" describe theory. Although it is good to know theory for the obvious reasons, unless one knows the practical aspect of application of theory, a theory is only a theory. It is here that Shakti Gawain's book Creative Visualization scores a point. The book is full of useful and practical tips, exercises and techniques devoid of voluminous theory on creative visualisation. If one does follow these techniques with the devotion which they deserve, one is sure to benifit immensely from them. I suggest everyone interested in self improvement read this book....more info
  • Creative visualization: Using the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life.
    Excellent book and it really works. I would recommend it to everybody....more info
  • One of the orignial Visualization books...and THE best

    Visualization is perhaps THE most powerful tool we have to create the life we want.

    This book has helped countless people, including me, realize a far more fulfilling life than we thought possible before reading her works.

    A very simple explanation of visualization is: See your objective in your mind; believe in your ability to achieve the objective; DO IT.

    When you are watching sports on TV and an athlete pauses and sometimes closes his or her eyes before taking a shot or kicking the ball. They are visualizing how that shot will turn out, and they won't start their movement until the visualization is right. they see it, believe and then do it.

    This technique works in all aspects of life....more info
  • A Belief-System that works
    This book tells it like it is. If you follow instructions you will see what "reality" really is.
    Use it and be one of the enlightened...more info
  • An all time best
    Find Me: How Psychic Detectives from Around the World Have Banded Together to Find Missing People

    I read this book 20 years ago and it is still one of the best!...more info
  • Shakti Gawain already knows The Secret
    Recently I picked up my copy of Creative Visualization and noted that I had written four big goals in March 2003 onto pages in the back of the book. By October 2004, I realized that three of the four goals were already complete and the fourth is still ongoing. I was so impressed with this that I have written two more big goals into the back of the book and I will order her Creative Visualization Workbook to enhance this experience. I don't know how it works, nor, according to Gawain, do we have to know -- just let the Universe manifest the details ... and it does. Easy to read; easy to understand. Shakti Gawain teaches, like the Buddha, with an "open hand" and no "secrets" held back....more info
  • Very insightful!
    This is a really good book for the simple fact that there are sections devoted to visualization and meditation exercises. Great for anyone trying to gain a better perspective on their life....more info
  • excellent, excellent book. must read over and over again.
    Highly recomended reading for anyone who can keep an open mind. If you apply the very simple principles described in this book it can change your life. Quick easy reading....more info
  • To Golden Dreams +++
    "Creative Visualization" seems to be a surprisingly rich and practical source of advice on taking meditation from centering to extending in positive directions.

    Shakti Gawain has created a very friendly manual of finding and making your positive creative visions come true. Major and minor topics and issues to be worked-out and worked-on are covered in an artful way. This book presents a very positive and gentle source of various methods to creatively envision and support small and large "Golden Dreams" -- ones that have "Inner Gold Value".

    With numerous recent "get-rich-quick" presentations, must-join insider-groups, pyramid-scams and wanna-be "Gold Gurus" -- it is all-the-more refreshing that this modest little work, "Creative Visualization", by Shakti Gawain -- allows seekers to follow their own good and true "Vision Quests" -- for far less "outer gold" -- but with a needed "investment" of "Inner Gold". To Golden Dreams +++...more info
  • a classic book
    This classic is an excellent introduction to fine tuning your own reality from the inside out. The exercises will open and strengthen your heart and mind. The positive power and potential of visualization is made accessible and real through Shakti Gawain's gentle simplicity....more info
  • Nothing new
    If you have read Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra you will have no need for this book - its a repeat of their books and others like it....more info
  • Get a life...the one you really want
    I first read this book in 1990. It changed my life. Since then, I've given it to at least ten other people along with the workbook. Although I still have my raggedy, dog eared, coffee stained, back cover missing, first copy, I've purchased back up copies for myself. I have re-read some sections many times.

    I stumbled upon my treasure map and workbook in the basement several years after the first reading. To my amazement, I had accomplished the majority of the goals I'd set. Most of the ones I had not met had lost their appeal by then, or were no longer relevant.

    Since practicing Shakti's visualization methods for the last 12 years, I increased my salary three-fold, well into six figures in the last nine years, we're practically debt-free, I've lost weight, and my relationship with my husband has completely and positively altered.

    I was laid off in a downsizing recently, and you know what, based on what I know to be true, "This or something better for the higher good of all" is in store for me. I see it as an opportunity for more growth!

    This book is not rocket science. Its simplicity is beautiful, but like most transformational work, it only works if you work it

    Rock on Shakti!!...more info

  • Reading this book 10 years ago changed my life!
    I too was a skeptic of some of these so-called self-help books, but abt 10 years ago, I was feeling very depressed after facing a health crisis, and my best friend recommended I read this book. Suffice to say, the results were almost miraculous. I put Gawain's teachings to the test, and wrote affirmations that I felt would help me achieve a sense of purpose, happiness and good health, and kept doing the exercises as underlined by Gawain in her book. Within a week, I began to feel better, physically & emotionally, and the process of healing from my surgery seemed to be better too. I have been doing the exercises for almost a decade now, and I find that they are very useful in helping me achieve a sense of calm, and restoring my peace of mind. Yes, the ideas seem to be just commom sense, but so do many other things in life. The point is, only when you put something to practice, would you be able to see the results, and for me this book has helped achieve positive results....more info
  • Creative Visualization
    I have read a lot of self-help books and this one is the best I have read. This book takes you through techniques of relaxation and visualization successfully. I am now practicing visualization because of this book, and I can tell you that within a few weeks after I started I have been seeing solid results. I now practices the techniques everyday. It makes you welcome each and everyday of your life....more info
  • Sounds Familiar
    This is easily a 5-Star rated book. It's an easy read. The author is gentle, kind and helps you along the way. However, I could not help but notice I had read these things (almost word for word) in 2 other books. One was by Florence Scovel Schinn called The Game Of Life and How to Play It, the other was by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Life. Well, all the ladies are wonderful reads, but they are all basically the same book. Now, Shakti does state that this book is more or less a culmination of all that she previously learned/read, and she MUST have read The Game of Life; Florence lived at the turn of the century, but (and it's a big but) Louise Hay does not credit any other author for her work and she wrote her book years AFTER Shakti. Hmmmm, what' up with that? Anyways, I've got all 3 books they are all absolutely great, and each one teaches you creative visualization in its own way. Get one or get them all. You can't lose....more info
  • Step by step visualization
    This book walks you through various visualization excercises. Really easy to use and I also have the audio version....more info
  • Excellent introduction to basics of visualization
    When i was in grad school in the 80's i bought this book because it was short and practical, and learning and practicing visualization made a good balance against the pure intellectual work i did as a PhD student. Though it is said: Ask and you shall receive, i dont' always get what i ask for; Visualization is not a "Santa Clause machine". But i did benefit by finding my mind clearer, calmer after meditating in the fashion described in this book. Its smaller size and strightforward simplicity appeals to me. Another book i found interesting on the topic of visualizing is The Isaiah Effect by Gregg Braden. It is a longer, more detailed book that includes the author's adventures in discovering secrets of prayer. One passage describes how a Native American prayed rain (not "prayed for rain" but "prayed rain" - an important distinction.) In contrast, Shakti Gawain's book has minimal material on her adventures in discovery, rather it is focused on the goal of being a practical "how-to" anyone can follow without a big time commitment. (BTW, for this reason it's not the book to take on a long trip to fill your time.)...more info
  • the ocean less traveled
    When my wife left me, I thought I would never be able to visualize anything again. Partly that was because of the burning acid. She left with all of my money, and I was unemployed without health insurance, so. Plus I hadn't eaten all day, which had probably more to do with my headache than my ability to see.

    What surprised me most was the depression. Thanks to this book, I was able to visualize myself un-depressed and prancing around in the surf, (which was made out of liquid gold), all the while admiring my rippling unicorn leg muscles. And that has made all the difference....more info
  • Spooky!
    A friend gave me this book years ago. Took me a year to get around to reading it. I am, by nature, a skeptical person. More out of boredom than anything I tried the treasure book exercises for about four months. Then gave up as nothing seemed to be happening. Then - bam, bam, bam!!! Everything I visualized came at me with no effort on my part. It was spooky!
    It changed the way I looked at the world and myself. I would discount the review that suggested this works for already successful liberals. That's certainly not me!! It's not about politics or income - it's about realizing the power of that stuff between your ears. Not for everybody but then what book is....more info
  • You must already be successful!
    I read this 17 years ago and found it interesting, though it really didn't help me much. Several of my friends have also read it and it seems to have worked miracles for them. I agree with a previous reviewer who said that this book will work for a certain strata of society (mainly overly educated upper middle class liberals)! Everyone I know who has experienced success thru reading this book was already living an extremely comfortable life. This book simply helped them succeed further in new areas....more info
  • Life changing
    I read this book when it was first published thirty years ago. It is a true classic. Shakti Gawain's book has stood the test of time.

    The techniques presented in this book literally opening my mind to a new way of thinking. I know that I am now living the life I dreamed about those many years ago, thanks in part to Shakti's teachings.

    God willing, I still have more adventures on my life's path, and I'll continue to use Shakti's techniques, so ingrained in me now, to fulfill my vision.

    Before reading "The Secret," read "Creative Visualization," along with "Ask and It Is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. An unbeatable combination....more info
  • This book is EXCELLENT
    I used this book for different areas of my life. Everything that I believed in my to be -- was! I changed my thoughts. I began to view myself differently--more postively and things in my life began to change. Instead of attracting the same type of negative energy I began to attract postive people, places, experiences, and events all because I changed my mind and began to experience love and loving for the first time in my life. Love is Good for me!

    This book is excellent I recommend it for people everywhere!...more info

  • A Timeless Gem
    Shakti Gawain was the original bearer of the big SECRET! I loved her book when it first came out, and I still love it, often referring to it whenever I need to get back on track, be it creative endeavors or simply when things go askew in the course of everyday life. A timeless gem. ...more info
  • Creative Visualization
    Book came on time and in condition promised. I have not read it yet but expect it to be a great help when I finally get to it....more info
  • Our Modern Pioneer for Divine Manifestation
    Shakti Gawain has had an immeasurable impact on my life, particularly during my early years of spiritual study. This profound book opened my eyes and my heart as to exactly HOW to manifest anything my heart desires. Her words have stayed with me, and have influenced my life to this day.
    If you are looking for a book that will teach you how to bring about what you desire most in this life, get this book!
    Thank you Shakti, for making such a difference in my life and spiritual evolution.
    From my heart,
    Barbara Rose, author of "Stop Being the String Along: A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE" and 'If God Was Like Man'
    Editor of inspire! magazine
    ...more info


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