Inside Moves

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Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 02/03/2009 Run time: 113 minutes Rating: Pg

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  • One of the all-time best
    After years of no movement on the DVD front, I finally purchased this film, which easily falls into my top 5 of all time. For those of you out there in doubt about it, or maybe put off by its theme of "handicapped people" rising above their circumstances, or friendship and it's rough patches, don't be. Give this classic a try. I guarantee after five minutes you'll be hooked.

    Although some may think it's going to be depressing after witnessing the beginning, it's not. It continues to climb uphill and finishes with a crowd-pleasing coda that still brings a smile to my face. I watched it last night for the first time since the 80s and time has not diminished it. Although David Morse has probably had the most commercial success in film and television since this film's release, it's John Savage as Roary who is the heart and soul of this film. Every feeling he has seems to be etched in his face, and his growth from failed suicide to successful businessman and great friend to all is a wonder to behold. Even though Savage has kept busy, he never seemed to hit the heights he had with this film, and The Deer Hunter.

    There are a thousand things I could say about this film, but it would be unfair to first-time viewers. Just get this film and simply let it wash over you. Just watch and by the end, your spirit will be soaring. It's that great....more info
  • Worthy Film Achievement...
    I saw "Inside Moves" in its first theatrical release, and was blown away. 29 years later, I am still blown away. The power of this film is in it's simplicity; a film about positive people who refuse to let life's slings 'n arrows get the best of them. Laughter is the best medicine, and the characters make no question that, despite their affirmities, they're glad to be alive. It's also a film about fond friendship, and about budding love; that honesty and sincerity are precious virtues that make relationships grow and become real. John Savage is appealing, and David Morse is very fine in a complicated, many-layered role. They center this film, and the simple basis of their fond friendship is well explored. Oscar nominated Diana Scarwid is outstanding inasmuch as she is ever-present, yet keeps it simple and focused. No histrionics or outrageous over-the-top carrying on. A sweet, appealing character.I can't imagine anyone not being moved by this film. Oscar-winner Harold Russell is on hand as a member of the ensemble buddy group. I won't blab away the plot, but if there was a bar like that in my neighborhood, I'd be there a lot. Director Richard Donner, after the success of "Superman", turned the tables and kept everything so low-key, yet intense; riveting. I'm so pleased to own this DVD; extras are few but insightful, especially the page to screen interview with Todd Walton, author of the source material. Most highly recommended!...more info
  • A Beautifully Wrought Film, Finally on DVD!
    Like so many folks out there, I too have been waiting for this lovely little film to be a more permanent part of my DVD library.

    A friend of mine who was a member of the great ensemble cast in the film (Bill Henderson) told me years ago what a pleasure it was to make a film with so many fine actors -- and some of our greatest character actors (like Bert Remsen) to boot.

    John Savage, who has always appoached his film roles with the sensitivity and intensity of a fine jazz musician, gives one of the greatest performances of his career here, as does the wonderful Diana Scarwid and the consistently excellent David Morse. The screenplay is on the money, the photography is wonderful and the music is perfect. All of these virtues in a little film that got great reviews, only to disappear unappreciated, except by a growing cult following over the years. Maybe the long overdue DVD release of this unpretentious masterpiece will restore it to its rightful place in American film history. ...more info
    Simply put, and nothing against Citizen Kane, On The Waterfront, A Night At The Opera, The Godfather, Ghandi, E.T., et al...this IS the greatest movie ever made and my fave of all time. Thanks to the genius that finally arranged to have this turned into a DVD...took almost as long as I had to wait for El Topo. Lox...more info
  • A Great Movie
    Not really much of a review, but this is a great movie. I have been waiting for a long time for this to be released. I originally saw it when I was a kid when they played it on HBO a lot. I had entered it as a favorite by title a long time ago on my DVR just in case it ever aired on television again. Thankfully, I will now be able to enjoy it on DVD. And for those who have seen it.....JerrrrrRyyyy...more info
  • A Beautiful Feel Good Film To See Over And Over
    Like Others, I have waited YEARS for this beautiful moving film to come out on DVD. It is a flawless little film with every performance perfect. A film that I saw at least 6 times when I had a VHS copy. It was my favorite film for years and now on DVD it will be again. It is a little known gem to be seen and savored for the deeply touching HUMANITY of it. You laugh and cry at the same time watching it. It puts you in a special place suspended with it in life in it's own beautiful emotional state. Buy it and sit back and be surprised and delighted....more info
  • Give top billing where it's due
    When I first pulled up this search I thought I had the wrong movie as it clearly should have stated "starring John Savage and Oscar-nominated Diana Scarwid." I've been waiting for this and I am ready to watch on DVD.
    I've always loved Savage (Hair, The Deer Hunter, The Onion Field) and followed Scarwid after seeing this movie, although my favorite moment on film for her comes in "Mommie Dearest" when she venomously spews "I'm not one of your fans!"...more info
  • Just a great film..
    Caught this flick on HBO years ago.. one sleepless night, looking for just anything to watch. Fortunately, I got to see it right from the first frame, so did not miss the opening. Obviously, I was hooked right there, but it is what happens after he (John Savage) tries to off himself that is what makes this little gem just that.

    Great characters, played with such believability, it is like you are more a fly on the wall, eavesdropping on these people's lives, than just watching a movie. First thing I ever saw David Morse in and was more than just a little impressed with how he carried off his role as the almost-loser upon whom everyone else in this quirky little family pins their own lost hopes and dreams. The entire ensemble, though, is perfectly put together and there is not one superfluous moment or character to be found in the entire production.

    Never going to make it onto anyone's top ten list, but it has and will remain in my top 100, no doubt. Well worth your time and will probably wind up worming its way into your heart, as it did mine.

    Can't wait to see the DVD!!!...more info
  • About darn time
    I have gotten a chance to talk to Todd Walton who wrote the novel the movie was based on and a gentleman involved in getting this film on DVD.

    Todd was interviewed for the DVD supplements, no deleted scenes or outtakes were found, which is no surprise considering the age of the film. Richard Donner did record a commentary for the film, the extra features will basically revolve around how the film came to be from novel to screen.

    The original plan was to do a bare bones disc with a VHS transfer. Thank god that plan was nixed and an original 35 MM print was found in England, it was cleaned up and we are going to get the best transfer possible. Copyright issues have been up in the air for many, many years which is the reason why it took so long for it to finally come out. Goes without saying that it's ABOUT DARN TIME!...more info
  • One of the BEST ever !!!
    Keith Flannery is Soooo RIGHT ON!!!
    This ranks as one of the best movies of all time!!!
    It rates in my top 10 !!!!
    Great comedy and has a touching character development!!!
    I have waited, and waited, and waited...for this to come to DVD. (I own it on VHS.)
    Every once in awhile, I would check Amazon to see if it was finally coming out in DVD format...ALAS!!!
    Put me on the waiting list!!!
    Strangely, there is no mention of John Savage or Diana Scarwid who play leads in this great film!
    Buy! Buy! BUY!!!
    Well worth it!!!
    ...more info