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This steam cleaner uses steam to clean and sanitize your floor in one easy step. The cleaners square-shaped base easily reaches corners, so your whole floor gets clean. Features: Power 6.5 amps/800 watts Self Contained Adjustable Handle Cord Wrap No Chemicals required Color: Spearmint Breeze Dimensions: 12.5 W x 7 L x 49 H Weight: 5.4 lbs

  • Accessory Pak
  • Reaches Corners
  • Easy To Use
  • Cleans and Sanitizes
  • Cleans Hard Floor Surfaces

Customer Reviews:

  • Eureka Enviro steamer works wonders
    We love this product. It makes cleaning the floors a painless task. We use it on our entryway tile , kitchen linoleum and bathroom. Nocumbersome mop, sink or buckets of water. I pruchased and extra cleaning pads so I have one for every floor. It comes w/ two pads. I loke to go slow to ensure a thorough clean but it still cuts my time in half. It is like pushing a vaccum so no sweating!...more info
  • Eureka Eviro steamer
    Easier to use than a mop and a bucket of water, plus, it removes dirt that the mop usually leaves behind. Also cleaned to a degree my 10 year old car mats....more info
  • A pleasant surprise!
    When I started to research steamers I found most product reviews to be all over the place. I was looking for something without a big price tag to safely clean my finished hardwood and ceramic tile floors. The reviews for the Eureka Enviro Steamer were all positive so I thought I'd give it a try. It is easy to use, cleans well and my floors are dry and ready to walk on within minutes. I am very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Excellent Product compared to the Shark Steam Mop
    I bought the Eureka Steam Mop a month ago, after carefully weighing consumer reviews. My mom purchased the Shark steam mop so I had a chance to compare the two products. The Shark steam mop was definately flimsier and so light weight that it strains the back to push it around. The Eureka steam mop however is solidly build and heavier, which makes it easier to push around. We have hardwood floors and the Eureka mop left no streaks and left the floors looking clean. I even went over the floor again afterwards with a swiffer to see how it did. The pad did not pick up any dirt, so I assess the Eureka worked great. I would not hesitate to recommend this product over the Shark Steam mop. ...more info
  • Great Product
    The product works very well. It cleans and sanitizes my floors. I have a baby that can leave a pretty big mess and this mop handles it well.
    Only downside: I wish it were hotter.
    Positives: Great amount of moisture, not too dry or wet
    Great handling/turning radius
    Fits well under cabinets.
    Overall, meets my needs.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic floor cleaner
    We recently placed all hardwood or vinyl throughout our home, too much for me to mop or wipe up. This steamer does an excellent job of cleaning. I didn't realize how much dirt my regular mop had left behind until I used the Enviro the first time and found so much black on the cleaning pad. Just soaked the pad and then washed it in my washer, it's a nice heavy pad. The only reason I didn't give the Enviro a five star rating, is that it's a little hard for me to push over the floor. With more practice I'm sure I will get better at this. I can clean over 1400 sq. ft. of flooring with just two water fills and clean all my floors in less than 1/2 hr. Great floor steamer and you're going green, no chemicals needed....more info
  • No chemical cleaning!
    This is a great product for those who are trying to eliminate all the toxins in our environment from cleaning products. You may have to go over some spots but it certainly is worth the cleanliness you feel from the steam cleaning. Excellent product...highly recommended!...more info
  • Love it
    I really love my steam cleaner. The floors dry quicker and I feel they are cleaner than using a mop and bucket. The pads are easy on and off and I like the fact I can throw them in the washer which saves me money in the long run. ...more info
  • Leaves a wet floor, worked with a homemade pad
    This is my first steam mop. I bought this steam mop based on its positive reviews. It took minutes to dry instead of seconds. My neighbor has a Shark Steam mop and that dried in seconds, I decided against that one because it required more physical strength to push. Maybe if they improve the pad, the result would be different. I actually tested my theory and made a pad from a bath floor towel, the mop worked great, my floor dried in seconds. I suggest when they improve the pad, they also improve the pad clip mechanism. The side clips do not hold the pad in place when the mop is being used in the forward and back motion. Instead of returning the mop, I'm going to improve my homemade pad and live with it....more info
  • Nice Product!
    I've had the Eureka Enviro Steamer (313A2) for a couple of weeks now. I've used it 3 times and it's never left a drop of water on my (sealed) hardwood floors! It heats up within about 5 minutes and one fill (2 measuring cups) is generally all it takes to do my kitchen and laundry room (about 15 minutes of steam). Each area of the floor that I clean is dry within about a minute of mopping, and without any streaking.

    The mop seems sturdy and well made. Mop and handle swivel to allow access to difficult areas, and the mop fits right under cabinets to get close to cabinet base. The magic cloths are heavy duty, and easy to take on and off. I just toss them in the washing machine each time (air dry though). The tray that you set the mop in that protects your floor when you're not moving the mop is a great feature as well. Make sure you use it! Overall, quite happy with this mop. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is I think it would be nice to have a sort of "Shot of Steam" for tough spots, but leaving the mop in one area for about 10 seconds probably does about the same thing....more info
  • Great product
    The steamer is easy to use and cleans my wood floors without a mess. I have 4 dogs who leave foot prints on them all the time and a quick swipe with the steamer gets the floors clean and hopefully gets the yuck out of whatever they have been walking on outside.I love it!...more info
  • This steamer does not disappoint
    I ordered this steamer after checking reviews of several models. I'm SO glad I ordered the Enviro Steamer! It's easy to fill with water and only takes a few minutes to start steaming. It just glides over the floor, and I love the fact that my floors dry almost instantly, which means I can move furniture, clean the floor, and move the furniture right back. I use it on all my hardwood floors and on vinyl flooring in the bathroom and laundry room. It works great on both floors. I highly recommend....more info
  • Did Not Like It
    The steamer looked as if it would do the job, the large cleaning head and larger water capacity. But I was totally disappointed in it. My floors were left very wet and I could see little steam coming from the unit. It seemed as if the steam just wet the cloth and I was mopping the floor with it. I bought a Shark after sending this one back and I love it. Lots of steam and noticable cleaning going on....more info
  • Great steamer, just make sure you let it pre-heat completely
    I got my steamer today and when I first used it I was very disappointed. It left so much water on the floor and it was such a watery mess. I believe the problem was that I didn't wait long enough before to get it to start steaming. I gave it another shot a few hours later and it worked great! I was so relieved that it lived up to the positive reviews. I had been using the wet jet in the past and this was highly more effective and easier. Got rid of all the stains on our tile. I was able to steam 2 rooms before having to refill the water and heat the steam. Give it a push and it does all the work! Just throw the pads in the washer and let them air-dry so they don't shrink. Makes cleaning a whole lot more enjoyable.

    ...more info
  • Sorry I didn't buy this before
    This product more than lives up to its advertising. It does exactly what it's supposed to do and makes cleaning floors much faster and easier. I have hardwood and tile floors with carpet only in the walk in closet. I use it on everything and it's great. My only disappointment is with myself in that I didn't buy more of the cloths that go on the bottom of the steamer....more info
  • Awesome!
    I just received my steamer today. Used it immediately. It truly does what they claim. I had gunk on the kitchen floor such as dried on tomato sauce with seeds and various sticky stuff. It took it off. I even did a test run in my shop which had unknown stuff stuck on it that wouldn't even come off with a scrub brush or knife. It did the trick. Now I have to clean the shop so I can do the whole floor. I highly recommend this product. It seems very well made and so simple to use. I am pleased that I no longer have to use chemicals and dump them. Great to be green and have a product that does what is says....more info
  • Best floor cleaner ever!
    I am so happy with this product! I have vinyl floors and I never really felt that I could get them clean. We have 3 young kids so we have lots of spills, muddy footprints, etc. Over the years there has been dirt buildup and in our bathroom, hair product build up on the floors. I have a Hoover Floor Mate which was heavy, messy, and didn't seem to get the sticky spots up without a lot of work on my part. I then got a Swiffer Wet Jet and I liked this because it was light weight and easy to use. But I was still scrubbing the tough spots by hand. And- the chemicals left the floor sticky. I like the idea that the Enviro Steamer only used water and the pads were reuseable. I had it put together and working in minutes and boy, did it work well! For the bad spots, I just left it steam over those areas a little longer and my floors never looked so clean!! And for the hairspray buildup in the bathroom- this is the first thing I have used that could even touch it- it took a couple of times of going over the floors to get the years of build up off. But it did the job. I am so happy that I got this. It is sooooo worth the money!!!...more info
  • Great Product
    I've only used it a couple of times (not a good housekeeper).
    However, it does clean wood & tile floors nicely.
    I'd recommend this floor steamer....more info
  • Convenient and Effecient
    1. The baffle cloth does a good job of trapping dirt. On the flip side, it does shrink a little in the wash.
    2. The steam is sufficient to get your floor clean well. I use it on my counter tops too.
    3. I actually like the way the handle is. It allows you to swirl the cleaner from odd angles, which is helpful to get into difficult places. Also, the height of the base is lower than 4", which lets me use it under the cabinets.
    4. The steam holes run about 75% of the length, but that doesn't seem to affect the performance.
    5. In comparison to the HAAN, which I tried before buying this, the Eureka's cloth is better, the base is heavier (which I like), but the HAAN seems better constructed overall.
    6. I like the steamer so far....more info
  • LOVE this mop!!!
    Just received mine today and wow, I'm very impressed. It was easy to put together, it's very sturdy, and was easy to use. The pads are very durable...I can't imagine that they would wear out. The cord was plenty long, only needed to move it to another outlet once. The head swivels, making it easy to maneuver. I didn't have any problem with it fitting under my cabinet overhangs, but mine aren't that deep. This mop really is fun to use. My floors look and feel clean. Spots that my Swiffer WetJet has left on the floor for over a year were easily steamed off. Love that there is no chemical smell or residue on my floors and even more, that my toddler can follow me around without slipping and falling like he does with the Swiffer. My floors weren't left sopping wet or anything...just barely damp and they dried very quickly. The mop comes with two pads but I found I only needed one to do the ~1,000 sq. ft. of hardwood that we have, unlike the Swiffer that required about two pad changes to keep from pushing dirty liquids around. I'd recommend this mop over any other option....more info
  • The Best Fllor Cleaner we ever used
    We have tried deck mops, sponge mops, swiffers (made the floor WAY too sticky)on our tile floors....this is the best cleaner we've ever used. Very simple to use. The one thing we have learned that works great with this cleaner is if your floor is very dirty (which happens often here in AZ living in the desert)...just go over the floor once with one of the floor pads, remove, place on a clean one and go over it one last time. Very fast and easy claning and your floor will feel squeeky clean...more info
  • So much to like, especially at this price
    It's not on par with golf or extreme mountain climbing, but housecleaning has become something of a hobbyist sport for me. Because there are only about three hours to spend on it each week, I am picky, picky, picky about the tools and products in my cleaning cupboard. And the cupboard isn't big, so each piece has to earn its space.

    The Enviro Steamer is one of the most effective and, frankly, fun tools I use each week. At first, though, it was horrible to see how much gunk the thing picked up from our supposedly clean kitchen floor. It's not great for scuff marks from the Crocs I should have taken off at the door, but those aren't my biggest problem. Rather, the issue is dirt practically ground in by the last (and maybe final!) housekeeper's cleaning products. It's going to take a while and I'm not sure this vinyl floor can be saved, but the kitchen looks and smells cleaner since I've been using the steamer and nothing else on the floor.

    This might be true only for cleaning enthusiasts, but I think it's a real charge to run the thing around. First, the area it has passed over or rested on briefly is immediately, visibly cleaner. Second, the machine itself is light enough that it is pretty easy to maneuver. Third -- and I think this is killer -- it is QUIET. Sorry to shout that out, but this might be more quiet than the little slap and squish of using a conventional mop. Except for an occasional soft hissing that lets me indulge a fantasy of conducting a little locomotive, it is inaudible.

    And then there's the matter of the effort and expense one doesn't have to make in obtaining the cleaning solution, which happens to be water. Yup, plain old straight-from-the-kitchen-faucet water. Not filtered, not doctored up with expensive tinctures or other smelly additives: plain water.

    At its price point, Eureka has probably taken the design as far as it can go. But I, for one, would be happy to pay more for a retractable cord and a sturdier pan for the steamer to rest on as it's heating up and cooling down. It would also be nice to have the steamer engineered in a way that one would not risk getting burned when refilling it. And a place to store the measuring cup and funnel (maybe a funnel could even be integral to the design) would be welcome. Mine are probably about to disappear, victims of my absent-mindedness. Finally, it would be nice to have a construction that were less floppy. It really is unwieldy.

    Still, there is a limit to what a company can be expecting to engineer and manufacture at this price. Many of the things I suggest would certainly have an impact on production costs. For many of us, this method of cleaning is arcane enough that we wouldn't chance even $100 on a machine. Now, though, there might be enough committed users to pay more.

    In the meantime, take it for what it is: an effective, relatively user friendly cleaning tool that runs only on water and is quieter than any other appliance in my house, except for the stove. I would not want to be without my Enviro Steamer....more info
  • Great Steamer
    I love this mop. I use it on my hardwood floors for a quick clean! Leaves the floors a little damp but easily dries. The cleaning pads are large and even though not recommended, they are easily washed in the washing machine. Fabulous!...more info
  • First-time steam mop buyer
    I got this for my (small) office because we were told not to use Swiffer Wet or harsh cleaning products on our faux wood laminate. So far, the steamer has done a great job at removing most stains, the stubborn ones are still there. We did leave it on one time in one spot while trying to answer the phone and the pad got so hot it stuck to the laminates but it did come off after some scrubbing. I would buy it again, it still beats any chemical out there....more info
  • Goodbye, Swiffer Wet Jet!
    I just dreaded any time I needed to use my Swiffer Wet Jet. As convenient as the product was to use, I was forever annoyed at the results. I bought the Eureka Enviro Steamer and couldn't be happier with the product. My floors are clean and streak-free without the use of any chemicals! I no longer feel the chemical residue when I walk barefooted. I recommended this steam mop to my sister. She called today to tell me she is just as happy as I am. Our Pergo floors haven't looked this good in a long time....more info
  • glad the Enviro Steamer is back!
    Many years ago, I owned an Enviro Steamer when it was actually made by Eureka and adored it! Best appliance I ever owned. By the time mine finally wore out, however, it was no longer on the market hence I couldn't get a replacement. So I was thrilled to find it back in production via Electrolux and bought it immediately. My first "outing" with the new Enviro Steamer was a disaster, however, with bubbling, leaking and painfully slow drying! Then I realized that the culprit was ME...not the Steamer. I had over-filled the tank, something I regularly did on my original appliance without ill effect, but which one CANNOT do with the new Enviro Steamer. I now fill the tank only to the prescribed level and it works like a dream. Happy to recommend the Enviro Steamer to anyone who wants super-clean tile with minimum effort. ...more info
  • Satisfied Customer
    I recently purchased the Eureka Enviro floor steamer and couldn't be happier. Forget about the fact that it was a great price and arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The product work's great as advertised.

    The first time that I used it, it left the floors a little more wet than I would have liked. Subsequent uses worked much better with just enough steam to clean and the floor dried quickly. (Perhaps a little user inexperience the first time around?)

    I highly recommend it, especially on tiled floors or even wood floors with a high gloss sealant on them.

    Deb F....more info
  • This is awesome!
    The Enviro Steamer is great. It heats up fast, works great and doesn't make a sound. Very lightweight and easy to use. It even reaches under the kitchen counter. I only wish that it came with a microfiber cloth instead of the one it came with. Microfiber would do a better job of picking up hair and lint as you mop. Still, I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • works pretty well!

    Overall I'd say this mop works very well. I'd seen infomercials for the shark steam mop and was expecting huge plumes of steam to be coming out of the mop. that's not happened.

    BUT, it does clean very well.

    The only thing to watch for is if your floors are really dirty and you don't switch pads during the cleaning, when your floors dry there will be like, a grayish film on it. so be sure that if your floors are super dirty, you clean it once and then go over it again with the clean pad.

    ALos, you don't get steam for very long so if you are cleaning a huge room expect to have to refill. It does heat up pretty quick though....more info
    My older Eureka ENVIRO STEAMER model 310 gave out not to long ago. When I tried to replace it I was surprised they were no longer available. Thus I purchased the Shark. After one use I was so unhappy as it was no where near the quality of my model 310.

    The I learned that Eureka was coming out this this model. I quickly placed an order. It arrived today and I must say I was very pleased. It is so far superior to the Shark and much better than the older 310.

    Thank you Eurecka!

    Tampa...more info
  • Steamed the stress right out of my life
    This steamer has made an impossible job, a breeze. I have many cats and dogs and an all white tile kitchen floor. This was the combination for disaster until the Enviro steamer came to live here. It is easy to maneuver, really cleans well and is simple to put together when it first arrives. I am lovin the steam mop and all that it does. The pads are amazing and dry quickly when washed in the machine and hung to air dry. I don't know how I ever got along without this helper in my life. I have only floors, tile and laminate and no carpeting. I think they have made a new product that cleans carpet as well for a larger price. That wouldn't help me at all. This one is perfect. ...more info
  • Amazing and plan to use is everyday!
    After reading numerous reviews on the the competitions, I bought this amazing mop. Others had problems with the product like the handle breaking, leaking water everywhere, or just the amount of money that you have to fork out to buy the P.O.S's. This one was the best deal period! I got it yesterday. It is very sturdy, light, easy to put together and use. OMG, my kitchen floor was horrible. I have two dogs, and it only took me apx. 5 mins from start to finish and it was completely dry in seconds. It doesn't leave standing water, nor streak. I didn't have to even add more water. It has a super long cord and heats up fast! I have a baby that is getting ready to crawl and feel 100% confident to let her down on the bare floor now. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. *The only thing that sucks is that Eureka hasn't made it very easy to buy replacement pads. I guess since it is new on the market. However, you get two with your purchase and they are super absorbent and really lock in the dirt. I know my floors are very dirty and 2 would be enough for my 1300sf of hard floors.*...more info
  • I love this thing!
    I just received my mop today but I already know I am going to love it as long as it works like it did today and I have NO reason to believe it won't do so for time to come.

    Let's see.... the pads are great like others have said. It works JUST like other steam cleaning products I have been used but has been smartly reconfigured to work best on floors, go figure.

    The handle is comfortable. The unit isn't heavy and is easy to push around on the floor. I didn't feel like I needed to scrub or put lots of pressure ever. Knowing it was coming I had purposely NOT cleaned many spills and just let them dry on the floor.

    I have SIX kids so the floor was absolutely FILTHY when I opened the box, assembled the unit (that took all of about two minutes, really) and mopped. That poor pad was filthy by the time I was done and my floor was pretty.

    Someone else complained that you need to hold the mop in one place for a full 15 seconds to sanitize... not true. The instructions say to hold 8 seconds but no more than 15. I have 12" tiles and used this in my combo kitchen/dining about 200+ sq ft. Took me under 15 mins to do the entire floor. Grout was never sealed after the home was built and I haven't had a chance to really clean it after moving in but I am definitely SOLD on this mop and can't imagine ever going back to another way of cleaning floors. I am happy I chose this over the Shark as it is much better made.... to last....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I looked for quite awhile for something that would make mopping easier. I finally found the Enviro Steamer, and I love it. It is easy to operate, cleans the floor wonderfully with no chemicals, and barely leaves any water on the floor. It's usually dry in 5 - 10 minutes. The only bad thing I can say is that it doesn't get into those small space like around the toilet, but I usually do those by hand anyway. I highly recommend this mop....more info
  • Cleans well, holds a small amount of water, is a little heavy for home use
    I thought that this steamer would be the ticket. My wife's steamer handle had broke on her (Costco purchased unit) so I figured that this heavier duty looking unit would please her. Unfortunately, the unit took more work to clean the floor and did not go into the corners as well. She had to replace the water reservoir several times during cleaning. I ended up getting a free replacement for her broken Shark unit which had the broken handle. She still loves the Shark unit.

    As the husband, I believe that I would prefer this heavier duty Eureka unit myself. Now what to do with it? Maybe I will start cleaning the kitchen floor, but I doubt it... I would hate messing with her routine......more info
  • works pretty well!

    Overall I'd say this mop works very well. I'd seen infomercials for the shark steam mop and was expecting huge plumes of steam to be coming out of the mop. that's not happened.

    BUT, it does clean very well.

    The only thing to watch for is if your floors are really dirty and you don't switch pads during the cleaning, when your floors dry there will be like, a grayish film on it. so be sure that if your floors are super dirty, you clean it once and then go over it again with the clean pad.

    ALos, you don't get steam for very long so if you are cleaning a huge room expect to have to refill. It does heat up pretty quick though....more info
  • The BEST steamer!!
    This is a great way to clean hard floors! I've used the Shark steamer before, and I was pretty happy with it. Then, I used this Eureka steamer and had a whole new appreciation for steaming. Here are some great points:

    1. It has a larger water well. I only had to stop to add water once and steamed my large front room, kitchen, and bath. Our kitchen is medium-sized, but that is still an impressive amount of cleaning on only two tanks of water.
    2. The head of the steamer swivels so you can go through intricate alcoves and corners and gather any dirt deposits that form under the steam.
    3. It has constant steam and doesn't leave water spots. It is essential to let the steamer warm up (~3 minutes.) You'll know when it's ready because of all the steam that starts coming out of it when it's still in the holding mat.
    4. You can hold it on a tough spot for ~15 seconds and it will be instantly gone. The shark is designed so that you push down on the long handle to get spurts of steam. Whereas, Eureka is constantly steaming. So, instead of spurts of steam, you just hold it in one place to really work out the stains or dirt marks - this is just as, if not MORE effective!

    Like I said, I'm hooked on steaming. NO CHEMICALS and my hard wood has never shined like this. And, I'm someone who before is on hands and knees cleaning with Murphy's Oil.

  • Great Steam Mop!
    I just got this steam cleaner and have only used it once, but I thought it worked very well. I used it on my tile and dark laminate wood, and they both look great. It did not leave a lot of water on the floors and dried very quickly without streaking. This machine is very easy to use, and I was able to mop my entire kitchen and large master bath without it running out of water. Using this mop made cleaning my floors much easier!...more info
  • Love to mop!
    This product has been great. I feel like my floors are so much cleaner and I even enjoy mopping. It takes no time at all. I would recommend and have recommended this product to my friends and family. ...more info
  • Good, But Some Problems
    I bought this after reading all the glowing reviews. My notes:
    Pros: Relatively inexpensive
    Fairly sturdy and solid
    Heats up quickly
    Works well on tile, good on hardwood but water takes a little longer than expected to dry
    Pads are heavy, waffle weave and machine washable
    Works better than swifter
    Light weight, easy to lift and store

    Cons: Cord gets in the way, have to constantly reposition it
    Unit does not lock into a standing position when you store or have it on safety pad heating up
    Cord is not very long
    Handle sometimes seems to rotate when I don't want it to, others have mentioned this as a benefit - that handle and unit manuever to get under furniture, etc
    Does not clean edges or corners, so need to go back over them with rag to pick up line of dirt left after mopping

    Although I mentioned many cons, overall I'm still happy with it. It does a decent job cleaning and is certainly much better than dragging a pail and mop around. It does remove the marks on the hardwood floors, but from now on I will run the dehumidifier so the water doesn't take so long to dry.

    ...more info
  • Eureka Enviro Steamer - so far
    I would rate this Steamer a 5 but my main reason for getting it was its long term use. The last steamer we had only lasted one year. Reviews of this steamer suggested its usage to be 10+ years. If this steamer lasts 10+ years, I would rate it a 5. Time will tell.
    This steamer has larger pads, two that came with the unit, and a tray to set the hot steamer. These are all good. ...more info
  • A Wet Mess
    I'm sorry to ruin the five star rating of this product, but it does not work the way a true steam product should. Albeit the one I received may be flawed so I will be returning it to Amazon. The amount of water left behind on my hardwood floors is certainly not desirable. Water is a hardwood floors worst enemy. If you have to go over the entire area that you steam mopped with a dry mop then there truly is no point in owning a steam mop. I own a prosessional steam machine (made in Italy - cost $900.00) but it is bigger to lug around. This machine does not leave one drop of water behind. Obviously, the price of the two machines is quite different so I didn't expect the same results but I did expect something better than what I got. I was simply looking for something a bit smaller and made specifically for floors....more info
    Never having owned a steam mop before I did a lot of research prior to choosing this model. Well, I think I actually heard my knees sing tears of joy as I started cleaning my floors. The directions were easy to follow and as I started my tentative testing I quickly saw clear results. Three dogs and a husband who has constant projects that track grease and mud through the house mean I am constantly cleaning my floors. While I like to clean, it's easy to get frustrated when your floors are dirty again within hours of cleaning. Frustration gone, because of the Eureka! I have both hardwood and regular kitchen flooring and this worked great on both leaving no excess water behind (a trait typical in a lot of the others). I highly recommend this!!...more info
  • Great Mop!
    So far, so good. The cord is long enough for the areas in my home. It does not slop water; the amount that comes out is just right. It does leave some streaks behind; however, I blame that more on my floor. I washed (did not dry) the included pads, and they shrunk just a tad --- not really a concern.

    ...more info
  • Fantastic steamer
    I have tile floors in my kitchen as well as 3 bathrooms. The Eureka does a fantastic job. I am very impressed with how it performs. Just be sure to wait until you see steam coming from the unit before you start using it and you will be happy. Great product at a reasonable price!...more info
  • Great Steam Mop!!
    I just got my new Enviro Steamer and I really love it! I have been looking on-line comparing steam mops for the past 6 months and I finally decided on this one because of the reviews and price. It hasn't disappointed me! The steam works great and the mop pads are really heavy duty. Because it's so easy to attach the mop pads to the base, if I ever needed another mop pad to finish up a job I could easily just attach one of my own wash cloths or towels. The swivel handle works great and the base fits under all of my cabinets. I have a 4 year old house and there was putty and other stuff stuck on my tile floor since I moved in and I have never been able to remove it. Today it is gone thanks to the Enviro Steamer! The steam softened it up and I was able to easily scrape it off with a knife blade. The hair spray build-up in the bathroom is gone and the floors are shiny clean. I am very happy! You can trust the 5 star reviews! This is great!...more info
  • ENVIRO Steamer
    This thing is awesome! I like that it cleans without chemicals...very safe for my cat!...more info
  • Great little reasonably-priced floor cleaner
    Eureka ENVIRO STEAMERI bought this steamer about a month ago after paying mega-bucks to a company to clean my tile floors and grout. Now I may never have to do that again! I am very pleased with the steamer, although I can't compare it to other steamers, having never used one before. It is light-weight and easy to use, but the main thing is that it cleans beautifully. Always before (after cleaning with a bucket and mop, or with the Swiffer), the floor looked good, but when I wiped it with a wet cloth, I still picked up a lot of dirt. Not so with the steamer. It comes up perfectly clean! And we have two dogs so I really need a product that works well. The only downsides are that it does not swivel terribly easily and that the cord is not retractable (so it makes storage a little problematic). But the good news is that the cord is very long, so I don't have to be switching outlets constantly. The steam lasts for about 15 minutes, so I do have to refill it once to get all the floors done, since I have a lot of tile. But the operation is so easy - I don't even work up a sweat (new for me when cleaning the floors!). I wholeheartedly recommend this product....more info
  • Great item but not really for laminate floors
    No where could I find weather it could be used on laminate floors. It puts out quite some steam, so you have to move quickly or dry as you go. But the steamer itself is wonderful. I kept it because I think it is still easier than any other way to clean our floors. ...more info
  • Don't throw away your mop ... good product but ....
    This review is based on using the Eureka Enviro Steamer only once... I purchased this steamer after seeing an infomercial for the SHARK steamer. After a little research, I was convinced that steaming was something I wanted to try but that the SHARK was not the product to buy. I liked what I read about the EUREKA steamer so I purchased it. The EUREKA steamer did a very good job cleaning my ceramic tile floors. But I won't be throwing out my LIBMAN mop or my SWIFTER.

    Following the directions provided with the unit, I found the unit easy to use but it took longer to clean my floors with the EUKIKA Enviro Steamer than with the other options. I had to fill the tank twice to complete the cleaning of my kitchen and half bath. After cleaning the floor, I had to clean and air dry the pad which added time to the task.

    Eventhough the steamer cleans better than my mop or the very quick, convenient, and ultimately costly Swifter, I won't pull it out for cleaning my floors more than every other week. In between, I'll mostly use my LIBMAN mop and for occassional quick touch ups I'll pull out the SWIFTER.

    I do not intend to use the steamer on my hardwood floors. I am not willing to take the chance of ruining them.

    ...more info


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