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The biOrb? combines the looks of a traditional fish bowl with the performance of a 'hi-tech' aquarium. The 8-gallon fish bowl incorporates a clever and easy to change filtration system that has been designed to provide maximum benefits and fish keeper. biOrb's stylish, globe-shaped design will prove an eye-catching feature in any location. Together with its low maintenance and strong, safe construction will appeal to all age groups in both private and business sectors.

Customer Reviews:

  • My fish love it!
    This aquarium came with everything to set it up. I was a very easy setup. It is streamline and looks great on my desk. I currently have 3 goldfish in it, and they seem very happy swimming in their bi-Orb....more info
  • Great First Time Tank
    This is a great fish tank for a first time buyer. It's easy to clean, the perfect size, and is attractive. The biggest problem is that it distorts the size of the fish (making it look twice as big). I would recomend small fish for this tank. Everything else is great, and the pump is quieter than an earlier reviewer states....more info
  • Very decorative, somewhat functional
    This Baby biOrb is designed to hold exactly the configuration suggested by the promotional picture: 2 aquarium plants and 2-6 small coldwater fish. It is too small for goldfish, so that pretty much leaves minnows (or you could add a heater). They recommend you add no more than 2 minnows every four weeks, which is unfortunate since minnows prefer to school with fish they're familiar with, but unless you have another tank to put the other minnows in, you're going to have to buy a new batch from the pet store every so often.

    It comes with its own special ceramic gravel, which is too light and shallow to root more than a couple plants in it. I find that my own plants keep drifting up to the surface because the gravel is so lightweight.

    The base of the tank is round and completely flat, so I recommend putting a trivet or cork pad under it to catch any water drip and prevent slippage. I use a Le Creuset trivet which fits perfectly.

    The filtration setup is pretty strange: it's a disposable filter made of a plastic sponge and some activated carbon. They want you to buy a new filter from their particular filter brand every four weeks.

    It seems like it would be well-suited for an office environment or a kitchen. Because of the hum of the filter and the quiet splash of the bubbles, it might be a bit noisy for a bedroom, though it's really not very noisy at all....more info
  • Lovely, just as described, good for novices
    Bought the baby biorb and set it up three weeks ago. This is my first aquarium and I have to say it was easy to set up by following instructions. I have a yellow guppy and a red platy currently and they seem to be happy and healthy. Will soon add two fish and that will be the max for the tank. It is very easy to maintain- did the first water change and no problem. It's a lovely addition to our living room and I'd recommend it to aquarium novices! Also, no problem with the air pump- it's on a carpeted surface and very quiet....more info
  • My first aquarium.
    I have to say that when I started with this tank, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. But now that it's "cycled" I love it! I have one male betta in there and he seems pretty happy. I tried to have two dwarf platies with him but they ended up dying. I think this tank is best for a betta. As for the cleaning, it's really not that bad. You just have to know where to suction out the water. You want to make sure you dig around in the gravel with your hose to get the gunk out. That will keep your nitrate levels low. Also, I have been changing 1/2 of my filter every two weeks. It keeps my bacteria levels good. The only complaint I have is the heater. I bought the heater made for the biorb and have it set at the lowest temp, but it still keeps the water at 82 degrees, and on a warm day, I have to unplug it because it gets over 85! They need to make a smaller heater for it. The only other heater I ever found was one that kept the water approximately four degrees over room temperature. But with that you have temp fluctuations that are bad for the fish. ...more info
  • Great for a beginners....
    Was my first official fish tank...comes with everything you need to start...
    eventually youll realize that you need real plants....real plants make a huge difference...dont bother with fake plastic plants, and don't over stuff your BiOrb with aquarium toys/decorations.
    The tank is fairly large for small group of small fish, but the bottom is actually quite small in terms of real estate.
    I would use the ground real estate for grounding real plants.
    Don't bother with the BiOrb volcano accessory or fake plants. Stick to real plants from your local pet store....more info
  • Perfect for a single male Betta!
    I'd give this product 5 stars if maintenance was a tad bit easier, as for now, I have to do water changes with a styrofoam cup. However, the baby biorb is perfect for my male Betta that I keep on my desk at work, and he loves his new home. My pump is actually very quiet, and barely even audible....more info
  • very nice beginner's tank
    I really love this tank and so do my kids. I've read most of the reviews on this site written to date and can address some of them, for those of you trying to make a decision.

    First the negatives:

    Basically this tank is too small for goldfish, yet tropical fish require water that is between 72-78 degrees, which means you need a heater, and this is the main issue that I don't think Biorb addresses very well. The heater they offer, separately, is ugly and expensive ($32). I bought a similar Tetra heater for $16 which is also ugly, but I put a plant in front of it and have learned to live w/it. And yes, that's one more cord coming out of the bowl.

    The other negative is the noise of the pump. I put our pump under a large stuffed animal and can still hear it 2 rooms away. I find it hilarious that it has the word "silent" on it. It's fine for our playroom, but I wouldn't recommend this tank for a bedroom unless you are a very sound sleeper. If the pump was quieter I'd give this product 5 stars instead of 4.

    The positives:

    I find the filter very easy to change. The replacements are expensive ($10 each), but according to most of the Internet, they shouldn't be replaced once a month anyway - that gets rid of all the good bacteria/algae that helps keep the tank clean. During water changes, I rinse ours out in old tank water and put it back. When you do replace it, only replace half at a time.

    Re not being able to see the fish, I agree that there is a weird optical effect with a completely round tank, but I can still see our fish! We have 2 platys, which are bright orange. If you had a few smaller light colored fish, it might be harder to see them. There is one "blind spot," which is the far left and right of where you are looking, but our fish are pretty active and don't stay there for long.

    Re the ceramic material for the bottom of the tank, it reminds me of coral, and having washed out my fair share of putrid goldfish gravel I love the idea that it becomes home to beneficial bacteria that help keep the tank clean. But, if you need neon gravel at the bottom of your tank, this isn't for you.

    ...more info
  • Worth the Money
    We bought this as a gift for my 4 year old for Christmas. It is the perfect size for her room. We liked the fact we could change the ring colors to match her room and the Baby BiOrb does a great job of keeping itself clean. It's even an instant night light for her. I would recommend this to anyone!...more info
  • Initially a problem but now fine
    I recently purchased a Biorb. I was totally disgusted with it.
    Noise - the air pump makes such a noise it can be heard 4 rooms away and is keeping the household awake at night.
    Advertising - none of the pictures used to advertise the product show the number of wires and tubes which are ugly.
    Light - the light that came in the box does not have the adjustable functions described in the poor instruction booklet
    Electric adapter - it is so large and heavy, that with the cords from the light and pump, is falls out of the socket.
    I sent this comment to Reef One. They responded by replacing the pump, now there is very little noise. They replaced the adapter with a smaller lighter one which does not fall out of the socket.
    So I am revising my initial rating of one star to 4 based on the after sales service. Well done on that!...more info
  • Fix for the Pump Noise Issue
    Many posts have been made on various forums regarding the noise of the pump that comes with the Biorb. In my case, with the Baby Biorb, our pump got progressively louder until I finally embarked upon an exploratory dive into the pump's internal workings.

    Much to my amazement I found it very easy to squelch the noise problem. Actually I ended up with a pump quieter than it was when it was brand new. I found part of the pump apparatus was vibrating against the case causing the loud buzzing sound. The fix was very simple.

    Step 1- Unplug the pump and remove the four screws found underneath the unit. You can now easily remove the cover. Inside you will see basically two components, the electrical motor and the pump apparatus (the piece with the rubber baffle attached).

    You may want to plug the pump in at this point being careful not to touch anything that might shock you inside the cover. At this point with the air tube detached from the unit you will probably find it relatively quiet. Put your finger over the fitting the air tube going to the Biorb attached to. You should observe the vibrating rubber pump apparatus begin vibrating more vigorously and perhaps make a louder noise. Now unplug the unit and proceed to the next step.

    Step 2- Look down between the two internal components and you will see another screw which you should remove. The pump mechanism will lift right out. From the middle of the rubber baffle you will see a small threaded rod with a small nut attached. Tighten this nut first. Then using a Drimmel tool, a metal file or a sturdy pair of wire cutters cut off or remove some of the end of the threaded rod the nut is screwed on to. Not the whole way down to the nut but about half way. You will not be removing very much metal at all. You may want to glue the nut to the rod to keep it from backing off again. I didn't do this but the thought crossed my mind as I prepared this guide.

    Anyway, the threaded rod is the culprit. As the screw backed off, the rod got closer to the side of the case and the noise was generated by it vibrating against the case. Tightening the screw doesn't allow as much vibration and shortening the threaded piece keeps it from hitting the side of the case at all.

    Step 3- Insert the pump mechanism back into the case with the single screw. You may now test it again if you wish before putting the cover back on. Reassemble and test again remembering to place your finger over the hole the air tube attaches to and hopefully you will find your pump is nice and quiet.

    If you find this fix helpful please do not hesitate to donate $1 via Paypal. This is a whole lot less than a new noisy pump. It also provides me with incentive to continue developing fixes for those irritating little annoyances life throws at us. Let me know if you run into any issues. [...]...more info
  • mega biorb
    This is a beautiful aquarium.Easy to set up and easy to take care of.You just have to be careful,what decorations are placed in the biorb,because they do magnify due to the roundness.For a 16 gallon,it is big.Looks like a big waterglobe.I am very happy with my purchase.If you want something different and do not have the room for a big aquarium,this would be perfect.It can fit on a small stand,like a coffee table.I have read some reviews elsewhere for this and some were bad,but if you have experience with fish,this aquarium will be no problem.It comes with everything but the fish and plants.It also comes with a sample of fish food,although mine didn't, but was suppose to.Great price.I probably saved a hundred dollars buying this one, instead of a regular fish tank because you have to buy a stand and filter with the other kind.I don't regret purchasing this tank at all and it shipped fast too....more info
  • Bigger is Better....
    I started off with a 8 gallon biOrb, but when I heard that the 16 gallon was available, I immediately made space for it.

    If you have the 8 gallon and you like it. Then the 16 gallon is 10 times better. It is beautiful.

    I am very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Fabulous!
    This tank was so great I bought a second one!
    I called for help and they were great!!!...more info
  • Great for one fish
    I have had my baby biorb for several months now, and it was home to my very first fish, my betta Elton, sadly Elton has gone to fishy heaven, but now it houses my second betta Anton, anyhow, I have the biorb set up on my desk at work and I get loads of compliments about how pretty it is, and how clean it looks. I am giving it four stars because it is a four gallon tank and they are saying that you can place up to four small fish in it, I strongly disagree, I think it is a nice home for my betta and one betta only or maybe a couple of neon tetras, minnows, or something else quite small, but def not four fish. Not to mention if you want to have a tropical tank you have to spend like an additional $50.00 for the heater, which I have always heated my tanks for my bettas, so that was an additional cost to an already pricy tank for it's size. The shape of the tank doesn't offer a lot of real estate so you really are limited to the amount of decorations that you can put in it, and lastly the shape also has the "lens effect" which is a positive and negative. Sometimes my fish gets at a certain angle he disappears, the positive sometimes when he is at the right angle he looks like 5 times bigger than he is and you can really see how pretty he is.

    Overall, I might recommend this tank to someone like me who loves bettas and just wants one little fish to care for, if you want a small tank with more than one fish I would recommend that you get one of those 8 gallon hexagon tanks, I got one for my mother and she loves it and has about 6 fish happily taking residence there.
    ...more info
  • Beautiful and easy
    I've set up a baby biOrb at work. It is far more visually appealing than a regular tank with a big black hood. The filtration and three plants are doing a great job of keeping it clean. It is quiet and my coworkers love it. The ceramic media and included chemicals make it easy to create a safe environment for the fish to live in (cycling the tank). If you want plecos or African dwarf frogs, which want to be on the bottom and need a smoother surface, this isn't the tank for you. If you want an attractive tank with as little fuss as possible and you're willing to choose appropriate fish, this is a excellent choice. The company also has top-notch, no hassle customer service. ...more info
  • Best suited for one goldfish....
    I previously owned the larger BiOrb, but decided to downsize. The baby BiOrb is described on websites as being good for Betas, but my Beta hated it, there was too much aeration, water turbulence etc from the filter. So I gave the Beta away and moved my goldfish from the larger BiOrb to the Baby BiOrb and my goldfish is happy, plus the Beta is happy to be in his stagnant little bowl. Tips: leave half the water in there when you change it, or else your fish has lots of poor health reactions to totally clean water.
    Don't wash it with anything like Clorox Cleanup, you will kill your fish as it would be absorbed into the plastic. Use plastic plants if you don't want to continually fight algae. My Baby BiOrb is on the kitchen counter and with the light on at night it looks very dramatic!...more info
  • Pain in the you know what to clean...
    Sure, this aquarium looks good, but when you go to clean it, it's ugly! I haven't owned a goldfish in probably 20 years, and bought this for my daughter for Christmas. When I went to clean it a couple of weeks after setting up as suggested, it was IMPOSSIBLE to find parts at any local Petco. NO ONE KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT, yet BiOrb lists Petco as a retailer in my area. So, I ordered the siphoning hose and filters online. Unless you are familiar with siphoning water, practice first, because unless you do, you will end up kicking up all kids of poop and goop in the tank. I thought the fish would be dead the next day! Since the tank looked so HORRIBLE with all that stuff floating around in there, I decided to change the filter the next day. SAME MESS! This is going to be way more expensive than i thought. I will certainly have to change that filter every 2-3 weeks. If there is an easier way to get the water out w/out stirring everything up, please let me know. Otherwise, I cannot recommend this tank.
    Another negative...the directions for the siphoning hose are pictures, NO WORDS! WTF? BiOrb needs to supply MUCH better directions for their products for sure....more info
  • Experienced Fishkeeper
    Okay, the people that are writing bad reviews for this product obviously have not followed the directions for the BiOrb tank. This is an awesome product! Yes, there is a limit to the number of fish that you can keep in this environment, but the amount of time that one would usually spend cleaning a fishtank is greatly reduced by the ease of the filter cartridges in the BiOrb tanks. If you understand the process and how the filtration system works, and you have the appropriate number of fish in the tank, and you do not overfeed the fish, you will have great success with this tank. In addition, it is such a beautiful tank. I have three of these tanks, one in each size (Baby BiOrb, BiOrb-8 gallon, and a Mega BiOrb) with two at home, and one in my office at work, and people have always complimented me on the tanks and want to know where they can get one themselves. Also, I would just like to note that I keep tropical fish in my tanks, swordtails, neon tetras and platys, and I have NEVER used the heater in either of my tanks. The fish do just fine in water that is room temperature and I live in the very seasonal northeast. I would only recommend using a BiOrb heater if the room you are keeping the BiOrb tank in is cold (unheated or if you keep your thermostat very low), otherwise, it is completely unnecessary....more info
  • VERY Unhappy with this Aquarium
    I have owned a Baby Biorb ($69.99) for 10 months now, and I am VERY UNhappy with it. Irreconciliable personality conflicts among fishmates prompted me to purchase a second acrylic tank (10 gallons at only $49.99) within 2 months of purchasing the Biorb, so I am able to report on the comparative performance of the 2 rival tanks. The Biorb is superior to the other tank in ONLY 2 ways: 1) Its silver plastic accents are more attractive than the standard black plastic accents of the 10-gallon tank; and 2) The Biorb's biological filtration system (the ceramic media foster bacterial growth and proliferation, unlike the plain gravel in my other tank) sped up the aquarium's cycling process, whereby the Biorb had fully matured in exactly HALF the time required by the other tank. Now for the BAD news: The Biorb's poorly engineered filter set-up necessitates lifting the soiled filter from the BOTTOM of the tank for replacement, at which time the disturbed filter releases appalling pollution into the tank. The replacement filter barely stands a chance of removing the residual pollution, let alone maintaining a healthy environment for the next "4 to 8 weeks." As a result, I am finding myself replacing the filter an average of every 2 to 3 weeks, which - at $9.99 to $10.99 a pop - becomes ridiculously expensive, and the aquarium's water is perpetually yellow and unattractive. The other tank, on the other hand, boasts a filter set-up on the SURFACE of the water. I simply lift out the soiled filter - only $6.99 a pop - and replace it. No harm done. While the makers of the Biorb claim that the 360-degree view it affords of the fish inside really places Biorb ahead of the competition, I find that my second all-clear hexagonal tank likewise boasts
    a 360-degree view. If I had it to do over again, I would NOT invest in a Biorb. The long-term expense is prohibitive, and the performance is poor. ...more info
  • Beautiful, but SO much work
    I would agree with the other reviewer that this 8 gallon tank is not for goldfish. I was a complete novice and received the tank as a gift, with little or no instruction. I mistakenly overloaded the environment with, originally 9 small goldfish, but now have 5 left. I must frequently clean the tank, on average once every two weeks, and at this point, I get algae blooms on a regular basis. The goldfish definitely overload the weak filtration system constantly, and there is no way of avoiding this mess. Only buy this product if you wish to have one or at most two very small fish. On a last note, if it wasn't so much upkeep, the product itself makes for a lovely small tank. ...more info
  • It is like a large Washing Mashing for Fish! This is a Zero star rating, not 1 star.
    If you want a relationship with your fish get an old fashioned square tank. Save your self money and you will have some very happy fish. This orb bubbles so much the food is thrown everywhere, on the the upper part of the orb and around the edges too, the fish have no idea it is you feeding them! Goldfish are like puppies, they come to you when they know you will feed them, it is a sweet experience. With this tank, they don't understand that you are feeding them. They don't see you or the food, it is like they have to eat a lot of bubbles to get to the food! I housed guppies and then goldfish in it and neither did very well. My fish ran into the walls and bruised their mouths. It is a terrible environment! A total waste of money, AND the noise!!!! The filter is much too loud. I have the thing in my basement, I was going to use it as a sick tank but now I am thinking it would be too stressful for sick fish. It is a piece of junk, I am not sure what to do with it. Any ideas?...more info
  • NOT for Goldfish!
    If you're looking to get this product, small fish like neons and those that don't grow larger than 1 inch might work. However, the photo shows goldfish in this "aquarium". DO NOT put goldfish in a "tank" like this! Many people aren't aware that goldfish grow up to (and likely over) a foot in length. They need *lots* of filtration, and 1 goldfish is required to have a *minimum* of 10 gallons; 20 gallons being the preferred *minimum* for *one* goldfish.

    Koi are another fish that would be inappropriate for this "aquarium", as Koi can grow up to 3 feet in length. 1 Koi needs a minimum of 100 gallons (or was that 1000 gallons?)....more info
  • Need input please...

    I haven't recieved it yet, but I believe I can gather what comes with it by reading the other feedback, but is there anything else I need to purchase before setting up that I would need as well as what I would need shortly thereafter? Also, currently, my fish do not live in a heated tank, so if this comes with a heater, should I use it? I see other items offered but can't tell if they come with it or if it is something I should get. I'd appreciate any advise under comment. Thanks!...more info
  • BiOrb 16 Gallon Mega
    I purchased this product in April and got my fish in the beginning of May 2008. All reviews I read said that you don't need to clean the fish tank in 6 or 8 weeks. I had to clean mine in less time, I think it all considered on the type of fish you receive. I have 2 types of gold fish and one betta (male). The 2 gold fish one is a fan tail, he poops a lot and that's what makes the water dirty. I enjoy my BiOrb even with the cleaning only took about an hour. The filter's are easy to change, I have 2 live plants in mine and it's relaxing to watch the fish swim. Believe it, I would recommend a BiOrb to friends & family especially if you have small children and want to try something for them. I would get the size below 16 gallon, but to me it's the experience of having one that's fun. Oh, I had previously read that if you need to remove the charcoal (if fish are sick) you run into the problem of putting it back in and it doesn't stay in. It's the truth, the charcoal was floating all over the tank. But, I got most of it out and had to use a whole new filter. Just remember to get the first aid and algae kit before getting your fish. Just incase you fish turns out sick. Like my first Male betta did. Drops should be getting also to condition the water. Oh, one more item: They provide a hole to place the food in, ours became messy over time. But with a little cleaning the mess was gone....more info
  • Bowled Over
    I've had various aquariums since I was a kid, but for some reason I've always like just plain, glass fishbowls instead of big, clunky tanks. To me, they are just more aesthetically pleasing but keeping fish alive and happy in a simple glass bowl is next to impossible which is why I am so incredibly happy with the bOrb bowl. It's a fully working aquarium with the pleasing, classic bowl shape.

    I've always had goldfish - the fancy kind, not the kind you win at a carnival- and this attractive setup really showcases the fish nicely. I like looking at it at night when all the lights in the room are off except for the light on the fishbowl. The gentle hum of the motor plus the graceful movements of the fish really relax me and put me in another place of consciousness. I'm sure that some of my more lucid dreamlike states have been brought on by meditating on my fish just before dozing off. Which, by the way, if you've ever experienced the bliss of a lucid dream, you'll never want to go back to regular dreaming again. Almost like how I probably will never own another rectangular fish tank again after being introduced to the biOrb bowl.

    I recommend this bowl to people who are thinking about getting an aquarium for the very first time as well as to "seasoned" enthusiasts. It really is a great purchase. The only real reason I'm giving it a four rating instead of a five, and it's a small gripe, really, is that I could only get it in silver when I would've preferred black. Maybe black is an option now but it wasn't when I made the purchase.

    Oh, well, it is what it is, huh?

    Not only is having an aquarium incredibly relaxing and a great conversation piece, it also can instantly change the "temperament" of a room without being that expensive. Of course, you have to do regular cleaning of the tank and making sure your little fish friends are fed and well taken care of, but for something that is relatively easy to take care of it does provide many moments of simple pleasure.

    I thought this review on aquariums went rather "swimmingly" don't you? But anyway, "tanks" for stopping by and reading it. Oh, man...I better stop with the fish jokes, I'm starting to "flounder".

    Peace & Blessings,
    john, "the Light Coach"

    P.S. They are now available in black...I'm such a "bass" for not waiting......more info
  • Hard to Maintain, Being Returned!
    I have only had this tank for five weeks, and have had to clean it four times, replace the filter twice, and lost two fish. I bought it for my son, and it has been a disaster. It is beautiful, but I hate the upkeep. It's going back this week, to exchange for a more conventional setup which takes less time. Don't buy it!...more info
  • I love it!!!
    I have the baby biOrb with a Pink Swap Top, and I just love it! It is just the right size and relaxing to have on my desk at work. I have a Betta in there with a few other small fish.

    I think this is a great tank for work or kids....more info
  • Biorb Mega
    Awesome tank! Easy set up great value and simple to maintain. I upgraded from 9 gal biube and LOVE it! Twice the size in the same space. Highly recommend all biorb products to first time or experienced fish owners....more info
  • this bowl is perfect
    i purchased the baby biorb to upgrade from my plain ole fishbowl. I did check out all the reviews and i bought it despite the the amount of bad reviews! It took me 10 minutes to set it up,and it is beautiful..despite the advice that all places give you ,i have never used chemicals in my water. I owned a 155 gal tank for 10 years and never used a single chemical!,and never lost a fish either! there are no chemicals in the biorb and my 2 goldfish are swimming happily. The water is clear,and i do a partial water change once ev 2 weeks,no big deal at all..i find this very easy to care for,and would highly suggest buying it! ...more info
  • Great fish tank for small spaces
    The Baby Biorb tank is great for any space, but it does great on small spaces. Do keep in mind that the filter is a bit noisy, so i would not recommended for a bedroom. ...more info


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